5/8: True beauty

5/8: True beauty

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  1. When we replace the false material concept of beauty for the true ideas of Soul we begin to think FROM GOD and not LIKE GOD.
    When we see through the material appearance, we wait on God and let our Father-Mother, good itself, show us the true beauty, then we begin to discover the beauty of purity and of holiness... and thus we obtain a glimpse of heaven.
    Cuando sustituimos el falso concepto material de la belleza por las verdaderas ideas de Alma comenzamos a pensar DESDE DIOS y no COMO DIOS.
    Cuando vemos a través de la apariencia material, esperamos en Dios y dejamos que nuestro Padre-Madre, el bien mismo, nos muestre la verdadera belleza, entonces comenzamos a descubrir la belleza de la pureza y la santidad ... y así obtenemos una visión de los cielos.

  2. Thank you to share that special moment with us Marie,
    Who beyond us , hasn't felt that overwhelming state of peace and gratitude being a permanent spectator of the earth and the universe art gallery for free,
    Cause God give us everything for free much more than any of us could do to our children . God blesses us all.

    Eve from South France

  3. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. I'm reminded of the first snowfall on some trees near where I live, it was so beautyful.

  4. Thank you so much Marie, and thank you Pam for your translation. Very often true beauty is not apparent to the casual observer. Recently I visited an area of agriculture only 150 kms - almost 100 miles - from where I live on the Sunshine Coast. For many years this land had been struggling through drought, but now it is gloriously green, bountifully productive, and everyone is smiling. The cows came in to be milked, and cousins and siblings became reacquainted. Driving home we headed straight into the most breath-taking moon I have ever seen. Someone who saw this land during the drought wouldn't have believed that it could ever be so beautiful, not as a pastoral scene in Europe, or the tiny fields of Britain and Ireland, and not as China or Africa. But beautiful for this land which is so often dry and desolate. At this time of history Australia is being described as a garden continent, with water in rivers and creeks everywhere. What a privilege to be able to witness such beauty.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters, "all glorious within."

  5. Its always pure at heart....reflects true beauty. Reflecting HIS qualities brings peace and progress. Thank you Marie!!

  6. Many thanks Marie for this very rousing lift. Yes. "To witness clearly the true beauty of all things - The higher right view [of Soul]." "Praise the Creator. Let all within me sing!/ For that’s what I am made to do,/ and goodness it will bring." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #462).

  7. How lovely that you taught me of Psalm 139 Marie..because I am a gardener,and when I travel or move anywhere about; all I see is the gardens,trees and surrounding landscapes...I am blind to the houses. Thanks for pointing out why my heart goes where it does! x

  8. How beautiful are the hills, the mountains of inspiration! How beautiful are the shimmering waters of reflection. All the portrait of reality by the Master Artist. How wonderful for each one of us, His very own, to be known and found within its unbounded borders.
    Thank you Marie for your brush and pallet.

  9. Perceiving beauty means recognizing ideas with respect - in the best sense.

  10. Dear Marie & Pam,

    Thank you for such a beautiful Lift. Many thanks also to Margaret #4 for sharing that sense of family, togetherness and goodness of God. The thought of restoration was coming to me in all you wrote and the passage from Psalms 51:12 came to thought "Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation".

    A few weeks ago I walked through a gully known as Welchman Hall Gully in Barbados in awe. (http://www.welchmanhallgullybarbados.com/)

    I have visited this Gully many times but for the first time I realized how through the 100s of years, the many droughts, floods, bouts of heat and sunshine all contributed to the beauty and peace one feels when you are in the Gully. There is individual beauty in much of the flora and fauna but regardless of the "challenges" the Gully faced through the years, all it reflected right there and then was ageless beauty. Naturally I thought of humanity and how we too can address past problems and success.

    Age never enters your mind when you are in the Gully just the sense of peace, beauty and growth. As Mrs. Eddy wrote "Let us then shape our views of existence into loveliness, freshness and continuity, rather than into age and blight" The Gully was demonstrating just that.

    For me, the Gully was and is a metaphor for the Truth. As Einstein once said, "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."

    Thanks again Marie, Pam and Margaret.

  11. Yes, What a wonderful reminder for me to translate, and then Praise all of God's Goodness..

  12. .........Haga Dios "resplandecer Su rostro sobre nosotros....! Gracias, muchas gracias por recordarnos esto!

  13. Thank you for this LIFT and for the reminder that our souls view soars beyond all the beauty of this world and carries us to heavenly realms.

  14. Thank you for this tribute to the "Glory of God".As His perfect reflection,we can only see the beauty and lovliness of all His creation!

  15. Sí...La Verdad es bella, por la simple razón de que es Verdad y en ella están definidas todas las bondades porque hay una sóla Verdad que se manifiesta en una Unica razón de ser, Amor.

    La verdad conmueve al mundo porque se pregunta ¿Qué es la verdad? porque perdidos en la maraña de vanos pensamientos y sentimientos engañosos, ignorando el verdadero sentir, sentir a Dios, en esa inconmensurable presencia que da consciencia de la Verdad, que apenas somos capaces de sentirlo y eso nos parece poco y desearíamos verlo, y lo estamos viendo sin darnos siqyiera cuenta, en cada acción de bondad, en el esfuerzo por oirlo y poner en practica toda Su sabiduría que hace bello cualquier acto nuestro.
    La Verdad nos hace libre dicen las Escrituras, por lo tanto si practicamos la Verdad y lo seremos.
    "La Verdad eterna está cambiando el universo. A medida que los mortales se despojan de sus pañales mentales, el Amor frabante de generosidad baña todo en belleza y luz" MBE

    Muchas gracias Marie sí la Verdad es bella, y gracias hoy y siempre a todos por demostrar que el Amor es Verdad.

  16. I love that -- "ready to be praised"! And we are so ready to do the praising. Thank you, Marie, and thank you, Pam, for your clear, sweet reading of the Lift today.

  17. What a beautiful reminder is your quote from Psalm 139:14 "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." A very dear practitioner gave this to me to work with when I was struggling with a physical problem and I think of her every time I see this through the years since. It has been a constant inspiration to know I am "wonderfully made."

    "Marvelous are thy works" reminds of seeing the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, at sunset and again as the sun was rising. The view was spectacular and I felt so close to God. I was driving from the East Coast to the West Coast with my 11 year old daughter in the summer of 1962 on our move to California for a fresh start in life. We saw so many beautiful sights which made it a trip to remember and cherish. And I am deeply grateful to God for His protection throughout this adventure. His presence was with us in the beauty and the dangers we encountered. What a great companion to have!

  18. Thank you.

  19. Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiration, Marie! And thank you for reading it so beautifully, Pam! I am just so grateful that we have Christianity and Christian Science to show us how to see things from a higher, spiritual view. Learning to see God in every moment! All, all is well! Spring Forth!

  20. How true and how wonderful. thank you so much!

  21. Thank you.

  22. Thank you, Marie, for your inspiring Lift. "...beauty...as the manifestation of the One Creator..." is always part of our experience. When we expect it, we are more likely to witness and express it.

  23. Thanks Marie. A Verdade é sempre bela.

  24. Thank you so much for The Daily Lift AND the comments...Both are so appreciated...and I loved the surprise thought of Snow on the Trees.

  25. The French word "beau" from which the English word "beauty" came, means beautiful, good, harmonious. One's "beau" is dearly, dearly loved. What we love we see as beautiful. And what we see as beautiful, we can't help appreciating, loving, and protecting. Hence the efforts to use photography and sound recordings of nature and people to appreciate the beauty and our resultant sense of inner awe, peace, joy, rightness, wholeness, united holiness so that we do not destroy, terrorize, impoverish, criminalize, or kill them. The way to have the safe, healthy, nourishing physical and social/economic environment we need is to see the beauty, goodness, our connectedness. This makes us naturally insist on just, merciful, beneficial political/economic policies, prevent and end wars, restore goodness. We could never impoverish, starve, poison, imprison, beat, rape, kill those we know are good and beautiful like us, alerted to pray more purely and act more humanely. To the degree we obey our Manual's reason for The Christian Science Monitor, we will protect and expand on journalists, scientists, locals showing us the humanity and beauty of those we currently oppress/exploit, we would immediately stop the hate speech against workers denied rights (named illegals, criminals, enemies, terrorists) or those called the wrong political label. We would not allow wars for oil/methane/uranium, gold/etc. We'd refuse to see others as the enemy or as less than. We'd live the Golden Rule.

  26. The beauty and grandeur of nature surely can point our thoughts upward! Merci bien, Marie!

  27. Thank you for the visualization of "true beauty".

  28. What a lovely 'Lift' today! It reminds me of Isa. 52:7 "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, thy God reigneth!" Thank you!

  29. Thank you Marie! When you mentioned lifting up your eyes to the view of the beauty of the mountains,this verse from Psalms came to mind- " I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth," Psalms 121: 1& 2
    Thanks again for all the wonderful comments from Lifters worldwide ! xo

  30. Thank you Marie!

  31. Wonderful! Thank you!

  32. How nature is a natural teacher to us all about the breath of beauty. It is a mother to those who never felt wrapped in beauty and a father to those who have felt deeply the lessons of endurance in the wilds. While in Savannah I couldn't help being in awe of the moss laden trees, majestic, twisted, thick, gigantically spread out over the earth. If one were just to view its flaws, there would be too many to report. Yet standing in its presence and viewing it in its whole gave me such a feeling of beauty, majesty, and endurance. It had me pondering how we need to view ourself and others in the whole, beautiful, sturdy, enduring nature God has endowed us with regardless of outward bumps and bruises from life's falls. Thank you for your vision handed to us.

  33. When I have been hiking in the hills of New England, I have found beauty in a simple lean-to shelter during an unexpected blizzard, because I was filled with gratitude to to find it. We are God's witnesses and as we are holy and act as God's representatives and reflection, we see beauty where it has already existed forever, in our consciousness. Paul wrote, "Ye are witnesses, and God also, how holily and justly and unblameably we behaved ourselves among you that believe:" Filled with gratitude for God is giving God the glory, and this is perfect beauty without blame.

  34. A lovely transcendent view of beauty. Thank you for this inspiring Lift.

  35. I enjoy these opportunities to hear the Daily Lift in French as well as English.

  36. This brought to mind a day we were driving and we saw a beautiful sunset. My little grandson, in amazement, said doesn't God paint pretty! Oh yes. The grass is greener, the sky is bluer and all nature is bathed in light when we see the source. I am in awe every day. Thank you lifters.

  37. Thank you.
    You brought to mind my mother who, when we were children, always pointed out the natural beauty around us and engendered in us an appreciation of all the beauty that is around us all the time. Later on I did the same with those children who were my charges.
    How marvelous it is to lift our gaze upward and feel the calm and peace that is there always.

  38. Thank you, Marie, for a poignant example of Christly seeing, which is seeing out from God, with God's eyes, as He made it, and not up to God or wishing God would fix something, but acknowledging His/Her perfect work, right here, right now and forever. That's true perception...the only perception. What a gift we have been given!

  39. Thank you entirely for this beauty-FULL lift and each and every enhancing thought.

  40. Lenore from Lakewood.....Solo Deo Gloria! Thank you Marie. I am also reminded of a train ride I took in Japan on the train. I was with a journalist who was busy writing while I was sitting there overwhelmed in a state of peace and gratitude. I knew we were going to pass Mt. Fuji in a flash and if we were not paying attention we would miss it. I told my friend to put her pencil down and just sit back so that she wouldn't miss Mt.Fuji. It was, indeed, a heavenly view! The sun was shining on Mt. Fuji! We were filled with joy. The train did pass in a flash, however, that view is with me forever. Thank you for transporting my thoughts upward.

  41. Lori's mention of the Grand Canyon (#17) made me remember hiking to the very bottom with my wife. For East Tennessee and West Virginia mountain folks, like us, the easy part of a mountain climb is coming back down. The easy part of the Grand Canyon is coasting down --- but then you may find yourself having to crawl out. During the climb/crawl out we met a young girl who had an obvious physical problem that makes even walking seem unnatural. But of all the people we encounntered, she was the most joyful --- and beautiful. It was her joy that gave that beauty, and beauty was all you could see. I'm glad to remember this long-ago experience and the inspiration it brings.

  42. I also like hymn 139. Thank you very much for sharing.

  43. Merci, chère Marie ! Mille fois par jour, je remercie Dieu pour tout ce qu'il présente à notre regard, que ce soit des paysages ou de toutes 'petites' choses. A cette beauté, Il ajoute la diversité, le renouvellement par le changement des saisons qui transforment la nature. Même l'hiver, quand tout semble mort, Il déverse sa neige qui révèle son éclatante pureté. Sachons apprécier ce qui se voit facilement par notre regard humain. Mais, mieux encore, utilisons notre Regard spirituel qui nous permet de discerner la véritable Beauté de Tout cachée derrière le voile comme le brouillard qui parfois 'efface' tout. Ne soyons jamais celui qui cherche ce qui ne va pas, mais celui qui ne remarque que ce qui est bien dans la nature et aussi chez les autres. Ayons le Regard pur, parfait, plein d'Amour qui rendra beau celui qui n'apparaît pas comme tel à 1ère vue. N'avez-vous pas remarqué comme l'expression d'une personne change et comme elle devient belle quand vous la regardez avec amour et lui faites des remarques positives sur elle-même ? Voilà ce que l'Amour peut faire ! Calquons notre Regard sur celui de Dieu et nous serons heureux ! Mieux encore, NOUS RENDRONS LES AUTRES HEUREUX ! Aimons notre Prochain comme nous-mêmes, SOYONS LES TEMOINS DU CHRIST ! Révélons la beauté et la bonté de Dieu ! Mille mercis à notre Père ! Chers frères et soeurs, que la beauté du monde vous soit de plus en plus évidente de même que la vôtre !Je vous envoie toute ma tendresse de mon beau pays de France

  44. Thank you! That was perfect for tonight when I came home from our downtown reading-room literature table for inviting to our upcoming lecture and so many fashionable, beautifully made up people where to be seen. So as I am about putting all the encounters and impressions on a higher thought-level this lift is a very present help!

  45. A beautiful Lift! Thank you Marie, and also Thank you, Pam, for reading it to us. The special words that grabbed me were, "untouched by man". I got instantly that it is true of us, too. The physical origin and mortal man's opinion, history, package of sin and woe, etc. have not touched God's true man, which is the only man of creation, both male and female (Genesis 1). The Bible words, "worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness." (1Chron..16:29) filled my thought instead of all the false beliefs that follow in the Adam dream of Gen.2. Also Acts 17:28 says we live, move, and have our being in God, so we are in His beauty of holiness. A dictionary definition of holiness: "state or character of being holy., which is " spiritually whole; of unimpaired innocence." Beauty is: "That quality or aggregate of qualities, which exalts the mind or spirit,; spiritual loveliness." Because of her discovery of the Science of Truth, Mrs. Eddy has given us a spiritual bath that restores our soul to our origin, made in God's image and likeness, described also as David realized in Ps. 23:3. This spiritual bath water does not drain away, even if it has seemed we, or someone, has pulled the plug. We owe it to ourselves, to God, and to Mrs. Eddy, and also, owe it to our fellow man, to take time to bathe in and refresh our consciousness daily, of the untouched beauty that is ours to be and to live within.

  46. Thank you for another way for us to view our homeless friends... from the higher spiritual view, so we can see their true beauty and identity as the beloved sons and daughters, the very expressions, of God. (=

  47. Thank you Marie, and Pam. So picturesque and spiritually illuminating.

  48. Thank you so much for your inspiring lift

  49. How great~~~
    Like a trip to the Moon...cherie~What a great vision.,,,Patreek

  50. Merci beaucoup chére Marie, et merci beaucoup chére Michéle (43) pour ton commentaire.

  51. Thank you!!

  52. Glory to God...to His beauty...and to the Internet, so this can be shared by so many!

  53. Beauty is wholly spiritual !! Yes... Thank you !

  54. When we see the material landscape, Trees, Flowers, Mountains, Sky with it's clouds, aren't we seeing symbles of God's true beauty? Every THING that we see, that's beautiful to the eye is a symbol of God's spiritual creation, and as we see things in that light of spiritual ness, harmony reigns.

  55. Thank you.

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