5/8: Roll out the goodness

5/8: Roll out the goodness

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  1. Thank you Frank for this inspiring Lift.The demonstration of Christian Science, in our individual lives, is the fulfillment of God's promise. Demonstrating and expressing the qualities we have from God is both our duty and a privilege. Mary Baker Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings page 69, "Christian Science is the unfolding of true metaphysics; that is, of Mind or God, and His attributes. Science rests on Principle and demonstration. The Principle of Christian Science is divine. Its rule is, that man shall utilize the divine power."

  2. What a wonderful reminder to use what has been given to us! Thank you!

  3. We have beautiful, durable God given qualities to develop and use, but we are so worry about what we don't have that we are not fully aware of what we do have... but a Christian Scientist knows better... yea,
    "Our gratitude is riches,
    Complaint is poverty,
    Our trials bloom in blessings,
    They test our constancy.
    O, life from joy is minted,
    An everlasting gold,
    True gladness is the treasure
    That grateful hearts will hold." CS Hymn 249

    Tenemos hermosas y durables cualidades otrogadas por Dios para desarrollar y utilizar, pero estamos tan preocupados por lo que no tenemos que no estamos plenamente conscientes de lo que sí tenemos... ah pero los Científicos Cristianos bien saben que...

    "Las quejas son pobreza,
    riqueza es gratitud;
    benditas son las pruebas,
    exigen fortitud.
    La vida es oro eterno
    que en gozo se acuñó,
    el gozo es tesoro de grato corazón."

  4. Just what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Frank for that wonderful coloured carpet history !

  6. Thank you Frank. This important daily lift prompted me to examine the difference between what I know to be true about myself and how much of what I know to be true I actually use.

    How many of His qualities does God keep hidden so that He does not express them?

    The answer must be none because if God did not express Himself completely there could never be a complete man.

    The world needs to see the complete beauty of what God is expressing and this is why we must not find excuses why we should bury our spiritual talents in the dust of the ground which is matter. Nor must we hide our our light of spiritual understanding under the bushel of a mortal appearance.

    I must take notice of:

    Mark 16:15 Go (to 2nd ,)

    15 Go ye into all the world,

    and roll out the God given goodness in my life!

  7. thank you Frank, yes, we all have alot of Godgiven qualities, which we should roll out to share with our next, our friends and people, who needs. I whish you a colourful day

  8. Thank you for your great uplift!

    I love the music - is it possible to find out if it;s from a particular cd?

    Daily Lift Team:
    All the music for this program – excluding the first few weeks of stock tunes – was composed especially for this program. Nathan Frederick and his friends continue to compose and record original music for your Daily Lift in The Mother Church recording studios in Boston, MA. Many of these musicians are local musicians who have CDs for purchase.

  9. Tolles Gleichnis, danke!

  10. This is a really beautiful message today, thank you. 'Roll away the stone' springs to mind, that as we become clearer about the Truth of our being and remove only surface evidence of limitation we have infinite qualities of Soul to share and express. Recently I have been thinking about the 'attributes of Soul' as described by Mrs Eddy and how they are permanent qualities of each one's character. Rolling away limits and expressing our own spiritual qualities of being, however long held hidden, is a radiant, divine and gracious experience. The Spring here has seemed like that too, tightly held buds are now free to burst and dance in the Spring. Lovely music today too.

  11. Thank you Frank

  12. thank you Frank, a good lesson to learn!
    I like what Tony says too, in comment no. 6.

  13. Many thanks Frank for raising this important question. "Do we make full use of the wonderful blessings pouring forth from divine Love?" "The tender Christ is here to bless,/ And all the storms of earth are stilled." (Christian Science Hymnal #34).

  14. THANK YOU, FRANCK !!!!
    Very simple and so INSPIRING !!!

  15. Thank you Frank - that is a really beautiful concept, one to really work with. We all have God-given talents, and they need to be revealed and utilised so that they can bring beauty and healing not only into our own lives, but in the lives of our fellow man. They need to be practised so that all their hues can be brought out, and I am going to set about finding more of them that I can express and share. I can also look for them in others.

    There is an old song "Roll out the barrel - let's have a barrel of fun" which came to my thought immediately. Let us discover and roll out all the beautiful qualities and ideas which God is giving us - fresh and new and vibrant with spiritual colour and spiritual joy.

  16. That's so lovely, thank you for sharing it, Frank!

  17. Thank you. This Lift gives me much to think about. We do have much to be grateful for and a lot to share.

  18. I have had relatives who felt many things should be "stored", as your friend's aunt. What a good reminder this is. I also remember reading an article or testimony in a Christian Science magazine that someone was healed when she took good ideas "out of the attic of theory" and put them into use in everyday life.

  19. Thanks, what a way to start the day, It was funny to think of his Aunt looking at the rolled up rug, I'm looking forward to sharing God's love today.

  20. And to me, this suggests how valuable our interior decorator's are, by asking, may I look around your home and see if you have anything already here. . . that we could use??
    Frequently the answer is Yes!!
    An old rolled up carpet, perfect for the library or office.
    And or praising God for finding what we need for a price we can afford.
    His healing gift is freely given to all, Hymn #?
    Thank you, Frank and all.♥, I inserted s heart:)

  21. Frank, this was a very fresh Daily Lift. Thank you!

    It made me think of how unnecessary it is to hide our individual inner beauty from others - perhaps from friends in the community, or from co-workers at the office, or friends and fellow members at church.

    If we hide this inner beauty in layers of dry protocol, procedure, hierarchy, or fear, then it is difficult for those vibrant true colors and patterns to be seen and enjoyed by others, and for them to find their expression in the world.

    Having fellowship with others is not difficult. It is natural and normal to want to share joy and peace with others nearby. We just need to first unwrap a few outer layers that would try to conceal our God given expressions of His purpose for us, and our partners in fellowship.

    In the last year or so, my fellow branch church members have approved the use of our church auditorium for weddings, and for celebrations of life. We have two church picnics every year. Our community response committee organizes food drives to benefit those in need, and asks the membership to pray to heal hunger in the community.

    These Christian fellowship opportunities help us share our inner beauty with each other, our community, and the world. They make us relevant to each other and to the community around us.

    This is simple. We need to have courage to pray and to break down the walls that were allowed to go up while hiding inside a beautiful rug where we mostly spoke to each other.

  22. Thanks. This applies to our branch church too!

  23. Love this!!! Thank you for this message, that we can use and express all of the beautiful qualities that God has given us as His/Her beloved children-- to bless others as well as ourselves. Thank you so much!

  24. Love it, Thank You!

  25. Thank you for reminding us not to hide our light under a bushel or keep beauty rolled up in a corner. Through sharing, blessings grow.

  26. Thanks Frank! Lovely lesson....

  27. Thank you Frank ! " Give of thy heart's rich overflow " hymn ?

  28. Thank you for the wonderful start to my day! I will be adding this to my daily prayers!

  29. Me costó mucho esfuerzo comprender el concepto de abundancia, y también díría algún "revolcón", en el buen sentido de la palabra.
    He entendido que la abundancia es tener lo necesario en el momento adecuado, por lo tanto no es una necesidad es un hecho real que nos permite, no preocuparnos por las "carencias" porque no necesitamos correr detrás de ellas, si unidos a Dios, hemos comprendido que las necesidades reales se cubren sin otra acción que la confianza en la bondad divina, si tenemos claro que hay una realidad que supera cualquier otra creencia, y que el esfuerzo que se realiza en procura de bienes materiales lo único que hace es retrasar nuestra comprención de la magnifica abundancia del Bien-amar, que no exige esfuerzo sino la certeza de que Es... así.

    "Es, pues, la fe la certeza de lo que se espera, la convicción de lo que no se ve" Hebreos.

    Obviamente, no lo vemos ,pero, como dice Mary Baker Eddy: "Mantened vuestros pensamientos firmemente en lo perdurable, lo bueno y lo verdadero, y los experimentaréis en la medida en que ocupen vuestros pensamientos" Sí. sin ninguna duda, experimentaremos la magnitud de la abundancia de los bienes espirituales que hacen posible cubrir el resto con lo necesario, porque de los "bienes" material, con lo necesario es suficiente, si queremos hacerlos dignos.

    Muchas gracias Frank, por el mensaje. Podemos comprender la amplitud divina, en Su plenitud, que hace posible verlo en todas partes donde estemos.

  30. Thanks so much for this inspiring message to roll out and use the goodness we have. It reminds me of when my daughter was little. Her father and I had separated and I was working long days to support us and we had many quick meals. But every Sunday after church and Sunday school, I set the dinner table with a table cloth, candles, china and sterling silver even though it might be a very simple meal, so that my daughter would know there was a finer way to life than what we were experiencing in our daily life. She really looked forward to these special occasions and the leisurely time together. Dinner was usually followed by a long walk through the country side. God was supplying our every need and beauty surrounded us. I am so very grateful!

  31. Thank you Frank for that wonderful Lift. God's goodness and beauty are indeed all around us, ready to be unrolled (reflected). Thanks #14 mjs, I also immediately thought of that song! Also thanks to #17 Marilyn from Maine, about taking ideas "out of the attic of theory" - great analogy!
    Warm thanks to all our Lifters!

  32. Thank you for this lovely lesson.. spring is appearing here in Maine and it made me think of rolling out some turf bountifully filled with gorgeous flowers...

  33. Thank you for that wonderful reminder of goodness all.around. Sometimes it is easy to forget the blessings being provided to us and the blessings we can express.

  34. Great lift!! It reminds me of this experience: A young boy was observed pushing his brand new, shiny bike. It was right after Christmas, so was probably a gift. When asked why he wasn't riding it he replied, "I'm saving it!".-----NOW IS THE ACCEPTED TIME----today we can all ride and roll and enjoy--no postponing good.

  35. I can directly relate to this. After twenty years of being rolled up in the attic, an oriental rug that we'd inherited was brought down and unrolled in our living room. It transformed the room beyond our expectancy and beauty filled the room. So today I'll work on seeing the unfoldment of Soul- qualities as the day unfolds. Thank you.

  36. Once we have seen how others respond and relate to our expressed goodness, we cannot hold back. It would be selfish. Love reflected in love is reflected in even more love. Thanks for the beautiful illustration, Frank.

  37. Wonderful message... thank you!

  38. I love that, Frank! "Let your colors shine and be of good service to those around you." I'm feeling like I need to unroll some of my qualities and put them to better use right here where I am! Instead of feeling like I need to move to another State or City, maybe I just need to let the Good Times Roll right where I am! I think I'm getting ready to Roll Out The Carpet! Much Love and Gratitude to All who share and to the DL Team! XOXO!

  39. Thank you, Frank, for “Roll out the goodness … not … noticed in its rolled up condition …”

    Inspired by your Lift, I remember a time as a young adult, when I realized that I was, as you say, “rolled up” like your aunt’s carpet. I felt very vulnerable and didn’t quite trust that I had the strength to keep the world "at bay." So, I chose to be “safe,” by rolling myself up in intellectualism and sophistication, keeping my guard up with sarcasm, a quick-wit, wry sense of humor, and sharp tongue. And yet, I could still be counted on for helpful advice!

    One day a friend came to me with a very serious problem. After we talked, I was surprised that he was surprised! He said that he had witnessed a kinder side to me that he had only hoped might be there! I hadn’t realized I had gained such a “hard” reputation and appreciated how brave he was to have come to me at all! He said he was very grateful that I was so empathetic, gentle, caring, and wise in my advice.

    After he left, I went with great humility to God in prayer. In wanting to protect my Godlike qualities from being trampled on by “the world,” I had hidden them too well. It was revealed to me that if I really wanted to protect goodness, I had to muster my moral courage and trust in God’s guidance (the best protection!) and to share goodness as my way of living. To share goodness is to protect goodness! It was a real turning-point for me, as I went forward to, as you say, “roll out the goodness.” :-)

  40. Beautiful

  41. Terrific! Thank you!

  42. Thanks Frank - such a wonderfully simple idea to work with.
    It reminds me that when I was growing up we always had things we kept for "best" - like the sitting room we only used on special occasions and clothes for church on Sundays. We didn't get the best use of these things and grew out of the clothes before they wore out!! We don't do that now I am glad to say, everything we have is used and appreciated.
    We should use our God given talents and improve them.

  43. Everyone speaks of their aunt like that, Frank, but actually her husband probably has three or more sheds full of treasures he only wants to show us on the days he can find a young man to start all the engines. My aunts had boxes of gorgeous hand embroidered, or crocheted pure Irish linen handkerchiefs. But they certainly shared their recipes and cures of the day. Wear an onion around one's neck; or was it a potato? But the one who shared most with my mother, was the lady on the tram when I was three. No holding back with her! She smartly tapped my mother on her knee, and told her she must come to the Christian Science Church on Sunday! And we all did: Mum and the three boys and Margaret, the little girl. What a fortune she gave my mother, and it has lasted for all time.
    Thank you Nate - that harmonica was often played during the depression, and at war. A great sound. Thanks to the lecturers: it's our time for lectures next week. And the wonderful world of Lifters. Peter, I've told everyone about your cold shower and the mending of the boiler! Brilliant!

  44. Frank, just a perfectly portrayed message to send us off to express ourselves with the extraordinary gifts with which we were given ...
    Love to all...

  45. Thank you.

  46. Thank you Frank! This reminds me of Matthew 5:15 where Jesus said not to hide our light under a basket, but let it shine and give light to everyone in the house. What beautiful stories are shared here by the Lift commentators, like Nela #38. Thanks to all.

  47. Lieber Frank, danke für die praktischen Beispiele, ich dachte dabei an die Farbtöne der Gottheit, die wir sichtbar im Regenbogen - "ausgerollt" haben - haben und dem Wissen, der Bogen der Verheißung bleibt, Dorette

  48. While contemplating home, I mentally furnished my spiritual dwelling place with all God has given me. A strong foundation of Truth, illumination by Soul, security provided by Principle, the warmth and comfort of Love. Now I can add a beautiful carpet of unlimited possibilities provided by God's infinite, tender care.

    Pilgrim on earth, thy home, the home is heaven; stranger, thou art the guest of God."
    (Science and Health, p.254)

    Thank you, Frank, and thank you, Nate, for the delightful music.

  49. Often we hear moanings and groanings of how this one can't do this or this one can't do that. I say "Fiddle sticks." There is nothing "Under the sun" that one can't accomplish if one understands that GOD is behind every thing we think, do or say. One just has to desire it and realize that desire is coming from God, and if it is coming from a good desire, it is coming from God, and it will be accomplished.

  50. A great boost to let God's light really shine through us! Thank you! And Bevi, #7...I have struggled with that same thought so many times until it came to me to "bloom where you're planted!" I love the Hymn from the Christian Science Hymn Supplement, #445..."I awake each morn" by Susan Mack.

  51. Thank you for letting your light shine and sharing this wonderful idea with so many today who clearly appreciate it and needed to hear it! Wonderful!

  52. Beautiful. Thank you so much.

  53. thank you. I am so often afraid to be myself, for myself hasn't always been so good, certainly didn't display attributes of a Higher Power, or god. thank you for this lift and comments. Through the share of Nela and others, I can see how shut down I have been, afraid to cause offense, lest god's name be defiled. However, it came across to me, that I was , also, trying to protect the good.
    I have a very nice apartment, I rent but the outward apperance of this 125 year old house, isn't so great. I shared with a counselor, this face, and she likened it to the therapy I am getting, the outward appearance looks shabby, but inside is the good stuff. thank you to all

  54. A wonderful lift! Viel dank

  55. Thank you Peter (21) I am so glad to see what you are doing in your church. As a community we have had a weekly night supper for anyone and everyone at a local protestant church. All the various faiths take a turn at providing the meal at no cost. One woman remarked ", I don't come for the food but for the love ", another said that it was wonderful not to eat alone. It has made a difference in our community to roll out the carpet. We can't have our heads in the clouds all the time, we have to practice and love humanly. Thanks for the wonderful Lift.

  56. An unforgettable message! Thank you. It has deep meaning for me about expressing and not just collecting. It applies to all areas of our experience.

  57. What a great metyphor for ALL of our
    talents from GOD which are infinite......
    USE THEM or LOSE them Richly!!!!

  58. Thank you so much! And those that we sense we have but don't use because fear says we won't be able to use it .. yet it is God that does it all! Thanks for this very needed reminder.

  59. A joyful Lift! Thank you!!

  60. Thank you so much Frank for today's beautiful lift. How it has inspired our family of "lifters" to open up and share their different experiences. I loved hearing about the days gone by when "things" were kept for best, it's quite true, but fortunately or unfortunately I never experienced it as we only had what we stood up in, but Hey we had a beautiful Mother who no matter how hard times were would always remind us "That GOD's Good, we'll get through" and do you know we always did! She knew nothing of Ch, Science but now, I thank God every day that a kind neighbour let me borrow her copy of Science and Health by Mary baker Eddy which led me out of darkness and into the light of TRUTH. LOVE to ALL.

  61. I loved this story of using the rolled up carpet, rather than just saving it rolled up. Being unrolled you can enjoy it's beauty and blessing. You can even imagine sitting on it and playing with children and making it fly!
    The same applies to Mary Baker Eddy's book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. In writing about her book, she mentions that the technological progress of her day " ...remind me of my early dreams of flying in airy space, buoyant with liberty and the luxury of thought let loose, rising higher and forever higher in the boundless blue....mounting higher, mortals will cease to be mortal." (Miscellany pg 110)
    Anyone can unroll the pages of Science and Health and go for a ride!
    Coincidentally this week I'm visiting an old friend with an elegant dining room. Their new carpet blended in beautifully and I didn't notice it until it was pointed out at my second meal. What a blessing, and thanks for this abundant food for thought.

  62. Thank you for reminding us that as Christ Jesus says in his beautiful Sermon on the Mount (the Bible, Matt. 5:16)"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.". What a great reminder today to "roll out the carpet of blessings and share them with others"! I love this and will share it with others so that they will be blessed too! One continuious "tapestry" of God's beauty and blessings to us all! This is another "keeper"! Thank you Frank!

  63. Yes, we must show forth all of our divine hues, our spiritual qualities, which are forever available to heal and bless.

    Loved this upLift, dear Frank and Lifters.

  64. I am very grateful for the simplicity of this lift. We must show forth our true colors and enjoy them in the sharing with others. I am so very happy and so very grateful to be alive and sharing this world with all of you. Have a great day shining your myriad colors and subtle variations of hues throughout the day today. Aloha from Haleiwa, north shore of Oahu

  65. Nice thoughts Frank. Thanks.

  66. This lift speaks to me at a time of clearing things out to downsize... finding items meant to be gifts, or greetings not sent, or projects still to be completed that no longer hold the spark they once did... so important to consistently do what matters in a timely fashion, and not store up good "for later"... reminds me of the saying Mom used to quote - attributed to Theodore Roosevelt- "do what you can with what you have where you are" (she'd add "now"). A dear practitioner friend said to ask "does if take me closer to God?" when needing to make decisions as to what to keep or to do. The Children of Israel, in their wanderings in the wilderness, had to trust that there would be sufficient manna each day... provision that could not be squirrelled away- but had to be used.

  67. Beautiful! Thank you

  68. A great lesson. Thanks!

  69. Perfect!! Allow the mental habit patterns to be removed. Watch what we already are unfold and surprise us. MB Eddy said we know no more of man in God's image and likeness than we know of God.

  70. Thank you for this important reminder to make use of the God given attributes we have, and to appreciate them in others. And thank you to all for inspired comments. In English the phrase to 'roll out the carpet' means to have a celebration and we should certainly celebrate all our blessings from God. I really turned to God this morning to understand what I should do today as there didn't seem anything very obvious. I am amazed now at the end of the day with what I have achieved; far more than I could have planned myself. It just unfolded.

  71. Thank you. Exactly what I needed to hear today. Appreciate #66 Ruth's comment, also. Today's message reminded me of a relative who covered our large beautiful sectional sofa in plastic to protect it and later protected the plastic with covers. She nor the rest of our family ever really got to enjoy sitting on the sofa. I make it a point now to thoroughly enjoy whatever good comes my way and share so that others may enjoy, too!

  72. Another great message, and so appreciated!

  73. Ties in beautifully with the previous Lift of actively acknowledging the good around us, the good of God's creation.
    Thank you for the encouragement to roll out the good God has given us. No fear that there will be any damage to the good gifts or to us in the process!

  74. Wonderful! This is such a vital reminder to not hold back our inherent and inherited goodness!

  75. Thank you Frank for your great message. Your story of the beautiful carpet so effectively explains the sound and durable basis for our confidence in daily representing our God-like nature more fully in our lives.

  76. As Christian Scientists, just like the Master Christian, who never sought privacy except to refresh his spiritual outlook w God, what is there to ever hide from?? Only fear or a false sense of ego would prevent us from letting "God be magnified!" "A light on an hill cannot be hid." We don't put a lit candle under a bushel as the Sermon on the Mount wisely states. And we are ALL lit expressions of God. John says, that the Christ is the "true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." So everyone of us has the Light to shine! So let us abandon "so fast as practical"(S&H) anything that would divide us, anything that would prevent us "from coming out from the material world and being separate."(S&H)

  77. coming back to enjoy this site again today and I am glad I did. thank you to Ruth #66. for I, too, am downsizing and can relate so much to what you shared. I appreciate your friends, wisdom, asking will it bring me closer to God, as well. thank you for taking time to share this.

  78. loved the lift, comments and the music Thaks to everyone

  79. Thank you, Frank for the enjoyable reminder about our ever-present gifts and goodness, and that we use to SHARE them!!

    I enjoyed reading in one of the comments that the music I was also enjoying is originally produced just for the Lifts program. I was wondering about it, and voila, read my answer :-)

    Karen in OK

  80. Thank you for helping me remember beautiful visions!

  81. Thank you.

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