5/6: God can set you free

5/6: God can set you free

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  1. Dear Elise, thank you for such a beautiful healing message this morning.

  2. Wow!!!! Thanks SOOOOO much!

  3. Yes, thank you. God is the active component. It's not us trying, trying, trying to do something. Let God. Thank you so much for making this clear.

  4. Thank you for sharing this experience. It is encouraging to know that once we are really and truly ready God can set us free from human emotion and erase even the memory!

  5. Thank you for this message because it makes me stop and take stock of where I am on the "setting
    you free continuum." Nothing comes to mind on the side of the ledger where I have to forgive someone
    else but I have to keep working on instances where I might need to be forgiven. The smaller the incident, the more difficult it seems to erase it from memory. Moreover, it has likely long ago been
    forgotten by the other individual(s) whom I project might have been offended. Perhaps it is an ego
    exercise in thinking my action must have been so significant. That's a freeing thought.

  6. Many thanks Elise for this great reminder. Yes, there are times when we have all felt like victims, but in Truth "We are all free spiritually!" "''Tis Love that leads us on;/ As wider yet and wider,/ The rising splendors glow,/ What wisdom is revealed to us,/ What freedom we may know." (Christian Science Hymnal #65).

  7. Thank you Elise. Let go and let God set you free.

  8. "Someone has hurt me", "is their fault", "they ware not fair to me", "they ruined my life"...
    NO one can ruin a life, God is Life.
    By holding on to the past we invite it into our future .

    If it wasn't our fault is not our burden to drag along, why not letting "the other person" carry his own burden?
    "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened " Matt. 7:7

    "Alguien me ha hecho daño", "es su culpa", "no fueron justos conmigo", "me arruinaron la vida"...
    NADIE puede arruinar una vida, Dios es Vida.
    Manteniéndonos atados al pasado lo invitamos a nuestro futuro.

    Si no fue nuestra culpa no es nuestra carga para llevar acuesta, ¿por qué no dejar que "el otro" lleve su propia carga?
    "Pedid, y se os dará; buscad, y hallaréis; llamad, y se os abrirá." Mateo 7:7

  9. A wondergul Lift for the begining of a new week . Yes indeed ,acceptance of the truth of our spirituality will set us free . Thank you .

  10. I really loved it ! A million thanks

  11. Who has not a problem lingering?! Well, I have, but since today I know for sure how to handle it and that a blessing is lingering instead, waiting eagerly to enter into action. Thank you so much, dear Elise, for
    sharing. A happy day of regained liberty to all of us.

  12. Thank you so much for wording so clearly what had happened to me, too, some time ago - it is that easy, it just dissolved in a short time- that massive heaviness, thank you for the company of experience!

  13. LOVE is the Liberator

  14. great lift - thank you very much

  15. Thank you. What a great way to start the day and week. It gives me a lot to think and pray about.

  16. Dear Elise, thank you for this beautiful and healing message!
    We all have "bad" memories - so let God set us free!
    With love from Austria, Nina

  17. so appreciated this testimony Elise - thank you. In the past I felt mortal mind almost indulged in the feeling of having been wronged and victimized. The consequent mental step was one of righteous anger. Prayer elevates the mirror image into the right sphere and the right perspective.

  18. And I had a similar experience, Elise, but mine was a lovely blessing. On a trip to another country my daughter was chosen to be with a special family, and I had about 10 minutes of really great fun with them before they went off, and I went off to my family for the weekend. This memory came back recently, and was so pleasant I 'entertained' it at odd moments, and while driving when I should have been praying. But then I realized it was occupying my thoughts, when God should have been welcomed in. I thought of Abraham when he had to be prepared to sacrifice his beautiful son. This memory was nothing to compare with Abraham's obedience to be ready to let go of everything he held dear to him. He needed to be prepared to ready himself for the big decisions. I had to be ready to leave the mortal for the immortal. I could see this very clearly one day, and the memory doesn't worry me now. It's not in my consciousness. I'm very grateful for the beauty and love of that brief time, but I read one day of "casting down imaginations." And God has done that, and I am very very grateful.

  19. thank you.I had exactly this happen to me this last weekand couln,t get away from the hurt,so i called a dear practitioner for help,and it came and here it is again,just conferming Gods ever present Love and guidance for us ALWAYS. Isn,t Christian Science wonderful.Love ever with us.love and peace to all.

  20. I love what you say about willingness. Years ago in a Journal a writer said we can never underestimate the issue of willingness in healing. Jesus asked, "Art thou willing?" "What wilst thou that I do for thee?"
    It can be so humanly gratifying to be a victim, but there are no victimes in God's kingdom, nor are there victimizers.We must break down our resistance and accept, accept the all-embracing Love that heals and makes us free, us and also anyone claiming to harm us in any way.
    Thank you for this wonderful Lift.

  21. Thanks for sharing this important fact. As Paul declared, "I was free born." Acts 22:28
    We came that way, every one of us, and we remain in that holy relationship with God.

  22. Thank you for the Wonderful lecture in Flint, Michigan this past Saturday.
    Your message was God sent.
    Today is Big with Blessings!
    Thank you!

  23. I had a similar experience. At a time when I was working out a physical problem, I awakened one night in pain. I began to pray. Suddenly it was like a voice said "You have to forgive your Mother." I had been unable for more years than I care to tell, been unable to forgive her for a small incident concerning my two daughters. In that moment it was gone, completely healed. Your Lift reminded me of this healing and how grateful I am for Christian Science which meets all needs. Thank you.
    PS The physical problem was not healed that night, but was eventually met through Christian Science treatment alone.

  24. Dear Elise, Thank you so much for this DL. I have gone through an humiliating experience many, many years ago and although I decided to forgive and said out loud that I had forgiven, the memories of the incident keep coming back from time to time. Sometimes after a couple of years. It never occurred to me to ask God to set me free. I always thought it was my duty to forgive... Yesterday I heard something that made me also think: If someone painted an ugly image in your room, would you leave it and be angry every time you enter your room? Would you not just erase it and leave your wall clean? But this job is far easier when we humbly ask God to help us. Am I willing? Today my clear answer is: Yes, Father, set me free, make me clean and erase the bad memories from mortal mind. Much love to all the Daily Lifters Family around the world.

  25. Es fundamental tener claro que los sucesos humanos por muy fuertes que sean, son sólo esos sucesos humanos, Dios nada tiene que ver con ellos. Les conté del incendio de la casa de mi hermana, ahí hay un buen ejemplo de la aptitud que debemos tener cuando un suceso de esa naturaleza nos sacude, porque tenemos la libertad de actuar y entendí, que no debía denunciar el hecho aunque era claro que fue intencional y la razón es simple. Entendí que ese acto me llevaría por caminos de confrontación con alguien, y mi pensamiento iba a estar pendiente de un castigo, castigo a quien lo había perpetrado, y no pendiente del amor divino que todo mitiga en su infinita bondad, y les cuento que me siento libre, sí libre, porque no me permití buscar venganza del hecho, castigando al culpable,lo dejé en manos divinas, no el "castigo" sino mi libertad de amar.

    Muchas gracias Elise, como siempre tus mensajes edifican,sí somos libres de obrar bien, nadie nos lo impide, dependemos de nosotros mismos.

  26. Such a much needed message - thanks Elise! I love how hymn 412 puts it, "He comes to give thee joy for desolation, Beauty for ashes of the vanished years; For every tear to bring full compensation, To give thee confidence for all they fears." I especially like the idea of full compensation, not just partial, for every tear, not just some. The hymns bring us such comfort and inspiration.

  27. Thank you Elise! I had a similar freeing from a false conviction I had to unlearn; by first shaking free of the enthrallment of it, even what was debilitating my demonstration in Life. I had to go to God first for the willingness to let it go, for the fear of how to proceed without the "crutch" it afforded! As God finally became more prevalent in my thought than the wrong conviction, Love enabled me to just put it down for good.
    All blessings to you, all Lifters, and to all!

  28. Exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks.

  29. Thank you, Elise. A timely message direct from God! Thanks for carrying it. Forgiving is the easy step; forgetting seems harder, but, after your gentle reminder, I know this is the way to handle the second part as well as the first. The key is to place the problem in the right perspective and watch it vanish, never to return. Like other material claims, they have been washed clean by Spirit. They are unreal and never existed in the first place! Thank you so much.

  30. Thanks.
    Mrs. Eddy writes, "If you have been badly wronged, forgive and forget: God will recompense this wrong, and punish, more severely than you could, him who has striven to injure you. Never return evil for evil; and above all, do not fancy that you have been wronged when you have not been." (from article called Love Your Enemies, p. 12:5 in Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896)

  31. Elise, love and thanks so much to you and all our
    Lift family. The lift and comments are great.

  32. THANK YOU ELISE! This lift as so needed. I have felt that same message from God and it did set me free. It is a great reminder to always let God do the work in every challenge. Human will just doesn't cut it. God's idea is never a victim or victimizer and we are always free. Thank you.

  33. Thank you, thank you! This was just what I needed today!

  34. Five stars for this lift! Even when some healing has transpired, it is all too easy to remember (if not believe) that something really bad occurred. When our sense of reality is resting in the spiritual now, the creeping thoughts or visual memory has no ability to raise our hackles or stir up some new trouble.

    I have smiled at this many times: “The human history needs to be revised, and the material record expunged.” Suggests Mrs. Eddy in her biographical notes “Retrospection and Introspection” (22:1). Not your normal self-portrait.

    But here is what counts: “Let neither fear nor doubt overshadow your clear sense and calm trust, that the recognition of life harmonious — as Life eternally is — can destroy any painful sense of, or belief in, that which Life is not.” S&H495:16

    Well said Marita #24, thanks.

  35. Thank you Elise. What a freeing message that is very timely. May this Lift be a blessing to all.

  36. Yes! Yes! Yes! I woke up this morning still fussing over a comment said to me a week ago. As I prayed to let go of the 'mental quackery' [Rudimental Divine Science p.12:11] , God's angel thought came, 'Thy kingdom come'. It is starts the Daily Prayer and is the third line in the Lord's Prayer. I thought about 'Thy kingdom come' for two hours.

    God's kingdom is all that there is, and, as someone said recently, 'That's that!"

    Thank you, Lori #26. Such a beautiful hymn to hold to.

    And thank you all!!

  37. Thank you, Elise, for sharing something that is personal and practical and that everyone can relate to! I think so much of this dream of mortal existance is about overcoming ego or "personal sense"! Often hard to break out of our shells of "what happened to me in the past"! And sometimes even harder to drop the sense that the past has an effect on our present or on our future. Wonderful to know that when we are ready, even just willing to be ready, that we can ask God to set us Free! WooHoo!!

  38. Thank you.

  39. Dear Eiise,

    What a timely and wonderful message. What a way to have an experience washed clean by responding, "Yes," to the question you were asked. Thank you so much.

  40. Perfect for my prayer today. Thank you so much for the message that God will help - now, today.

  41. Thank you Elise,
    This is like banging on the door of our jail cell with a tin cup demanding the jailer set us free. Then discovering we are often our own jailer, our own judge and jury, bound by our false admission to error or accusation of someone else. Don’t plead guilty to error. When we stop clinging to the thought of the past having reality or power over us, we set ourselves free to move ahead.

  42. Thank you, Elise and for DL comments. I just finished listening to your mini lectures on Curing the Incurable. There is a law of God that can be applied to any human situation and I'm grateful for all that I am learning about God and His laws which reveal our true nature as His perfect and beloved child.

  43. Thank you for this wonderfully relevant and practical Lift. Mortal thought's claim in the present that because something appears to have already happened or been said, it must be a 'fact' and therefore we are obliged to accept it and can't change it, and therefore can never be free of it, is of course only a false claim in the first place. God, good, alone is forever true and alone is forever unchanging and we are free to know only what He knows about ourselves and everyone.

  44. Thank You for this lift...

  45. When the damage was done humanly, we were safe in God's hand spiritually. This fact opens us to restoration, freedom and progress.

  46. Oh Elise, you captured and shared with us so well those moments where God does all the work. It's like you don't even know the moment when it happens and I suppose that's because time is material and has no spiritual existence. Recently I was helping my son with getting insurance. The emotion was so heavy and full of despair that it was palpable, as though every molecule in the air was expressing the confusion, barriers and burden. He couldn't reach on the phone any of the various financial consultants who were helping him . When I became aware of the thought "Give up and die," I mentally declared "No!!" I turned my thought to God, asking "God, please help us." I just sat there and within a few minutes I noticed my mind was clear and I felt at peace. The thought came to call a financial consultant my son had tried calling ten minutes earlier. She instantly picked up the phone. The conflicting information about insurances disappeared. The decision was simple. When I hung up my son told me that his negativity had been so heavy he couldn't even reach anyone on the phone. Yet, I just picked up the phone and instantly reached the person. I told him it wasn't me. I'd simply asked God for help. God did all the work.

    We can study and work hard for spiritual understanding and we should do that. Sometimes troubles disappear with an epiphany. But sometimes, the prayers are that simple -- just asking God for help and letting his will replace yours.

  47. Thank you, Elise!

  48. Elise, some moments I have felt like a victim , when my husband passed. Being left with business' , just plain being left alone. Who was to take care of me? I took care of him. Mostly I have worked out of this victim mentality. Everyonce in a while my gratitude slips and I go to that pitty party. But with your lift I want to permanently rid myself of such memories. I am the beloved and complete child of God, as I know he is RIGHT NOW.

  49. "Yesterday is history...tomorrow is a mystery" NOW are we the children of God...living is His kingdom of harmony.

    Thanks Elise.

    Daily Lift Team: Quote above is from a poem by Alice Morse Earle.

  50. Quizás deberíamos tener más claro que es la libertad. Casi siempre oímos hablar, disertar sobre ella, pero se refieren a la libertad, de hablar y hacer lo que se nos ocurra; esa es la libertad material, humana
    Pero nosotros hablamos e la verdadera, de la "Libertad de los hijos de Dios" porque este es nuestro
    l legado divino, y entonces estamos libres, para ayudar, para compartir y sobre todo para amar

    Gracias por el mensaje

  51. Thank you so much Elise for this essential lift and thank you to Delores 5, Elena 8, Michaela 12, Dani 17, Marita 24 and Wren 27, for all these pearls and to everyone else, thank you for the warm and lovely shared thoughts. All were illuminated with the sense of letting God help let it go...

  52. So timely. Thank you.

  53. Thank you for this housecleaning hint to sweep our clutter out of our thinking. This idea reminds me of the phrase, "...when tear or triumph harms..." (From the poem "Feed my Sheep" by Mary Baker Eddy). I once thought it odd that the word triumph was in there, how could triumph harm? But like Margaret, #18, I had an exceptionally pleasant experience. Mine was a courtroom experience where I played a key role in having a case dismissed against my son. Afterwards I couldn't stop rehearsing and reliving every moment of the courtroom experience. After three days I realized my daydreaming could be hazardous to myself or others and I should stop. A quote from that week's Bible lesson came to mind, "Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord, for he shall pluck my feet out of the net." (Psalms 25:15) That broke the mesmerism and I took a big step out of a personal ego into the freedom of the Lord.

  54. Oh thank you so much!! I needed to hear it just NOW. What a timely lift. Thank you again!

  55. Thank you so much! That was a great message! This is really applicable to a situation we have recently been through. Thanks again. :)

  56. Thank you so much.

  57. Dear ELSIE,
    Thanks soo much
    it's exactly what I needed to know today!

  58. Thank you, Elise, for “God can set you free … once and for all … ‘Are you really willing to never think of this again?” … stop feeling like a victim … permanently … let go of the past … turn to God …”

    Inspired by your Lift, I'm especially drawn to "permanently!" ... a great reminder that Good is unfolding uninterrupted as the Truth of our being. Living in that Truth establishes and maintains our freedom “as in heaven, so in earth” (Luke 11:2). Only one reality!

    I'll be referring often to these citations: “… God requireth that which is past.” (Eccl 3:15) and “Mere historic incidents and personal events are frivolous and of no moment, unless they illustrate the ethics of Truth. To this end, but only to this end, such narrations may be admissible and advisable … The human history needs to be revised, and the material record expunged. (Ret 21)

    This morning I'm understanding “revised human history” as alignment with our true “sonship” through obedience to the first commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” The second commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image” corresponds to “the material record expunged” as how to live in the first commandment. Acknowledge and apply only God and Godlikeness. Acknowledge and deny everything unGodlike.

    With this, I can "grow forward" with increasing spiritual maturity, knowing that only “… goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life …” (Ps 23:6)

    Freedom can be enjoyed - permanently!

  59. Thanks Elise, thought provoking and so necessary. As Mrs. Eddy tells us in Retrospection and Introspection (page 22: 2) "the material record expunged". Not alway so easy I have found out, but as you say the results are woth the effort. Thanks so much --great way to begin the week!

  60. This was such a tremendous lift. Thank you, Elise, so profoundly.

  61. Wow. For me, this is an extremely potent lift. Sometimes it feels as if I have so many rags and tatters of memories hanging on and around me, that I can barely move. They indeed have a prisoning effect. How deeply grateful I am to have your calm confidence, Elise, that I can ask my dear FatherMother to set me free. Thank you, too, to all the fellow Lifters who have echoed and expanded Elise's words.

  62. A gentle healing message to start one's day! Thank you!!

  63. AMEN AND AMEN and you have spoken the absolute Truth!
    Thank you for reafirming this.

  64. Thank you Elise, this is just what the Practitioner ordered take it to God and leave it there!.

  65. Yes I am willing to never think of those hurts again! I kept thinking, well the ball is in their court now because I have done my part in forgiving and trying to reconcile. I am willing to let go of a bruised ego and be free and know others are free too. Thank you God for this Lift, it has opened many eyes and is a blessing. with love to all

  66. Thank you for a very helpful lift today. Just what I needed!

  67. I have a situation that I keep discussing, that keeps coming up, that keeps making me feel like a victim. I too want to not think about it again. Thanks for letting us know we can take this to God, to not even think about something again.

  68. Thank you for this thought-provoking message. It speaks to my need today.

  69. Oh this is just what I needed to erase the "victim mentality" I have carried as well. I thank you for this everpresent freedom that is ours if we are" willing to yield to the healing Love of God. " Thank you Elise for your clarity and your"willingness..to help the world "with this hanging on we might do and limit our true potential for serving, Love, Merri

  70. I love all the quotes and comments that people are making here. Your healing experiences are so rich and encouraging to others. Thanks everyone for sharing such clear, beautiful thoughts.

  71. Elise, this is such a great reminder of how forgiveness and freedom are linked in thought, and in our lives. Someone once said to me, "Forgive, and then forget that you have forgiven." Being willing to consent to never again thinking about some hurtful situation is SO freeing!

    Love this statement in Science and Health: "God’s being is infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss" (481:3-4). Thanks for sharing this beautiful Lift today.

  72. Thank you.A most inspiring,freeing,joyful lift.

  73. This is exactly what I need, dear Elise! There is something I have been praying about a lot and thought it is finished and over. But just three days ago I suddenly mentioned this to a friend in a tone that surprised me a lot. And I knew I had not totally forgiven and "filed" the thing. The thought keeps coming: it was unfair! So thank you very much for your lift - it will help me to really finish the thing and know that I have been immune to hurt ALWAYS.
    Thank you very much !!!

  74. I thank you so much Elise for the useful lift.

  75. Thanks so much! Beautiful! Just wanted I needed today!

  76. Thank you for this truly wonderful lift.
    Thank you for the beautiful music!

  77. Dear Elise, Thank you so much! What joy to be free of a wrong sense of self - Free to be God's child!

  78. thank you elise

  79. Thank you. Just what I needed today.

  80. Thank you, Elise.

  81. Elise, thank-you for this very helpful lift!

  82. This is such a great message and helpful lift, thank you, Elise!

  83. Thank you Elise, this could not have been more timely!
    Susanne Best

  84. Dear Elise , this message (DL) has been very revealing to me, thank you so much. My gratitude to the dear family of lifters, sharing their experiences and liberating thoughts.

  85. Thank you, Elise, and commenters. These have been truly helpful.

    61 Maureen from Spearfish, thanks for your honesty...I can certainly relate to that feeling. And to those who reported letting go of excess POSITIVE thought baggage, thanks so much for that wake-up call. Any temptation to rehearse the past or obsess about the future takes us out of "the reliable now" where we can be listening for fresh and healthy thoughts from our divine Parent, God.

    So many comments were helpful to me!

  86. Thank you Elise, very uplifting and comforting lift; it seems hard lo let go of the past, yet, the wonderful news is that with God's help we could do it! and be free!

  87. Dear Elise, Loved the message shared at the lecture in Flint. With the recent news coming out of Cleveland this evening, I just felt like WOW! how true it is that we can experience God's law of freedom and see others be SET FREE. Thank you so much for this lift today.

  88. Very helpful for us all! Thanks!

  89. Yes, it IS just that simple, Elise! "Easy?" Perhaps it doesn't "appear" to be for many of us, and "error thoughts" would say we have to "struggle." But we know that SPIRITUALLY, it IS always that simple! Thank you for sharing your own personal experience and beautiful example of healing!
    We always appreciate your Daily Lift messages..... what a blessing! :-)

  90. The best way that I found to not let a word said to me to make me ruminate is to know that I reflect God's goodness, and that I couldn't do any one else wrong. To control my thinking is upper most in my thought. What others might think, I have absolutely no control over. God is the only controller. I can pray to know that God frees me of all wrong thinking and free others also, thereby setting all of us free, myself included.

  91. Thank you so much, Elise. This is so helpful to me.

  92. When I think of my sincere desire to follow Jesus "in all his ways," (S&H), and when I think of the recorded fact in the New Testament of Jesus forgiving within minutes those who nailed him to a cross, "forgive them, for they know not what they do," the cross which they made him carry, I realize that forgiving those who have "wronged" me is easy. Not one 'wrong' kept Jesus from his path to God, and not one wrong can keep me from my path to God. My difficulty lies in forgiving myself! "Forgive me, for I knew not what I was doing!" is both a human cry as well as a plea to God. I humbly wait for signs from God, as well as verbal responses from those whom I've wronged. And I know the key to this evidence is reformation, Go, and sin no more..

    ..only love to the DL gatherers..

  93. Wonderful Elise! Thank you. A lovely example of "giving consent".....

  94. Thank you.

  95. Thank you for such a clear "lift" message. I have reached the stage where like you I just want to get rid of it... never think of it again.