5/31: The one creative Mind

5/31: The one creative Mind

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  1. GREAT seeing you Evan. I'm glad Holland held such meaning for you, and thanks for your inspiration, and thanks for the visual documentation!

  2. Thank you Evan for the simple and profound truth expressed in your daily Lift. All ideas come from God, the creative Principle of all that is real. We individually express the infinitude of this one Mind. In this one Mind, infinitely expressed, are all of God's ideas. Mary Baker Eddy points out in S&H page 266, "Man is the idea of Spirit; he reflects the beatific presence, illumining the universe with light." Creation is ever unfolding and expressing "the one creative Mind."

  3. Sometimes we marvel when we see a great floral arrangement, a realistic portrait, maybe a majestic bridge, and wonder why don't we have that talent?

    But we do! Maybe yet undiscovered. Each one of us is God's image and reflects our Maker's infinite, marvelous and creative qualities.

    So next time you look at a nice work of art, remember that you too have what it takes to come up with something wonderful and begin using those qualities.

    A veces nos maravillamos cuando vemos un gran arreglo floral, un retrato realísta, tal vez un puente majestuoso, y nos preguntamos ¿por qué no tenemos ese talento?

    ¡Pero lo tenemos! Aunque tal vez aún por descubrir. Cada uno de nosotros es la imagen de Dios y refleja las maravillosas, infinitas cualidades creativas de nuestro Creador.

    Así que la próxima vez que vez una buena obra de arte, recuerda que tú también tienes lo que se necesita para llegar a hacer algo maravilloso y comienza a utilizar esas cualidades.

  4. Thank you, Evan, for praises to that creative Mind, Maker of Earth and Heaven!!! Thanks, too, for sharing the sight of those beautiful floats!!!

  5. Thank you Evan. I love seeing the beautiful creations in your video and I'm so grateful to be reminded that we each abundantly share God's gift of creativity.

  6. Thanks Evan. I've recently been engaged in helping people navigate a part of our world filled with odd acronyms, strange names and LOTS of assumption from the deliverers (health care providers) that the receivers (life-long Christian Scientists) fully understand what is being said. I have had to tap into that ONE, creative Mind so that I can assist but not become engaged or be taken in by the whole scene. And, as you note, I know that this ability to separate the wheat from the chaff comes straight from God. Thanks again for this great reminder.

  7. Have just been there last week, Evan. So beautiful in Holland with all the flowers and tulip fields. Praise now creative Mind!

  8. Thank you, Evan, for “The one creative Mind … we all have the one creative Mind in common.”

    I was inspired to refer to and will continue to prayerfully consider the following:

    “... there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit ... the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal ... to one is given … the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith … to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit … to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues … as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free … For the body is not one member, but many” (I Cor 12).

    I loved the video of the beautiful flower floats in so many different shapes and sizes and colors. What fun! And every single flower - a necessary part!!!

  9. Thank you so much, Evan, for this lovely message this morning with the amazing art work for the flower parade. A favourite hymn in the CS hymnal is no. 3 "A grateful heart a garden is ...." and I am so full of gratitude for being able to see these beautiful ideas of the Divine Mind being expressed and shared. With love to all for a lovely day.

  10. What fun, and a great simple message.

  11. Evan,
    Thank you

  12. Excellent Evan! Videos are always fun too! A great reminder of the one creative Mind, I'm be smiling all day now!

  13. Thank you once again Evan for your cheerful "Uplift" as always. We often recall your last visit to our church in Manchester, which inspired each and everyone of us. Keep up the good work and lots of love to all.

  14. We all have the one creative mind in common ! Thanks Evan, what a lovely place to be at this time of the year !

  15. Thanks you! That was wonderfully upbeat and inspired. What a wonderful way to start the day

  16. Beautiful, Happy Weekend Lifters, and thank you BoL for all the love and Truth emanating from these mini-lectures each day. Thank you Evan, the apple trees are in full bloom this week, bursting with flowers too. A promise of the fruition ahead.

  17. Thank you for this wonderful LIFT and the video was great., many thanks to all the lifters. Have a great weekend.

  18. Many thanks Evan for reminding us always "To think from God creative Mind." Yes, "We can all express creative Mind in our own individual ways." Every year our Christian Science Association speaker shares the platform with a large floral arrangement of beautiful fresh spring flowers. "For this Thy gift unspeakable,/ The beauty of Love's holiness,/ We lift our hearts in grateful song/ And would be always praising Thee." (Christian Science Hymnal #45).

  19. Such beauty. Thank you for sharing Evan. When we keep out thoughts on God, His/Her beauty is revealed to us in so many ways.

  20. What a fun and beautiful lift! Thanks to all for sharing these ideas with the rest of us who could not attend. Yes!!

  21. How lovely and inspirational this lift is! Thank you.

  22. Thank you so much Evan, for this really magnificent video, with those perfect blooms. It reminded me of our Floriade in Canberra, and the Chelsea Flower Show in Brisbane, and the Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba. It amazes me that all the flowers have to come out at the exact same time, and the floats for the parade have to be finished and ready on that one Saturday morning when the parade starts! One perfect Mind, God, is in total command of all these perfect wonders, and when people see the glorious displays their thoughts naturally centre on God and His infinite Creation. Everyone smiles when the flowers are on display! Thank you for the amazing video of the warehouse and the beautiful floral creations.

  23. Thank you, Evan.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  24. A celebration. Certainly we each have an infinite number of reasons to express gratitude for the bounty of love that has blossomed in our lives. And while we are struck by the enormity, a warehouse full, of these beautiful blossoms arranged by man, nothing we can do with an infinite number of blooms could ever equal the beauty, grandeur, order that God has performed with each individual bud and blossom.

    As children of God we are all unique flowers, reflections and expressions of Soul, in His infinite garden. Sometimes it may seem we get lost among the bouquet of flowers or overlooked in the grand parade of life, but when we recognize we are part the infinite picture, our place becomes essential and assured.

    Your assigned place cannot be empty because the vacancy would be spotted. One single red blossom in a sea of white blossoms would immediately be detected as out of place. Thus your place is assured and no one else can be in it.

    So let's celebrate individually and collectively. When we are in the parade, the parade never passes us by.

  25. Truly a lift - full of joy, beauty, love for the wondrous gifts of the one creative Mind there, here, everywhere for all! Sincerest thanks, Evan, for all your unselfed work, including your site, Spiritview, and to all lifters!

  26. Thank you very much. Avery important msg. Thank you.

  27. One Mind, infinite expression ...as flowers forming a complete picture.

    Thank you Evan for the colorful reminder of the real source of what we call creative talent. There is plenty enough for everyone!

    Happy Weekend all.

  28. Thank you.

  29. Thank you for this lovely Lift 'on-the-go', and to Michael #24 for emphasizing the unique place we each have in God's creation. If we are tempted to feel that perhaps we aren't 'very creative' it may be important to differentiate between the human process of 'creating a good impression', be it a good meal or a work of art, and God's harmonious and permanent expression, as the one Creator loving and unfolding his perfect manifestation, in which we are all included. Each of us is a unique expression of Love's inherent qualities. We reflect the one Creative Mind just by being harmonious and spiritual (blossoming!) moment by moment.

  30. The one creative Mind is always operating and always available to everyone. I loved the beautiful flowers in the video and your inspiring message. Thanks so much!

  31. Thanks for making visible those incredibly beautiful creations of flower floats for that celebration in Holland.
    It is the Christ that fills the empty space or replaces the disturbing image with beauty, making us feel satisfied and complete.
    Mary Baker Eddy describes this feeling of self completeness:
    "As mortals gain more correct views of God and man,
    multitudinous objects of creation, which before were
    invisible, will become visible."
    (S&H pg. 264).
    Besides the visual feast you have shared, I can only imagine the sweet odours in that warehouse.
    Thank you Evan.

  32. The infinity of God's is ours, too, by the law of reflection. Infinite talent, inspiration, divine ideas, goodness fill our being. Evan's lift has given me a better sense of infinity. Thanks, Evan! Thank you, dear Mother Church for our morning daily bread. May it nourish the world as we send out its sweet message to all in our prayers.

  33. Thanks Evan. Your creative "Lift" has helped put me on the right track today. I love the recognition that creative expression originates with Mind!

  34. Okay! I'm going to just wait expectantly to see where God inserts me in the flower parade today.

    I might not get to be up high, as part of the reclining blue monkey or the beak of one of the swans. I might be placed on a lowly border with a lot of other similar flowers at eye level of the children along the parade route. But I'll still be colorful and fragrant and part of the whole effect. Unique, even when going along with God's plan. Delighting the children.

  35. Ohhhhh, I wish I was in Holland right now! Thanks for bringing the color, design and yes, even, smells of those flower floats, right into our living rooms or offices this morning! It's all really Thought, isn't it? One Mind expressing itself in outline, form and color. What we see is really Mind's expression of itself - of which we are all a part of, as It's ideas! Happy Beautiful and Colorful Weekend to All!

  36. All those beautiful colors and just think they are from God's creation, one creative Mind. We are that beautiful and unique too as the child of God's creating. The video puts you & those beautiful floats in my study, how fun.
    Thank you so much Evan.
    Claudia from Colorado

  37. How wonderful to be in Holland with you and see the gorgeous flower creations! Your lift reminds me how very grateful I am to recognize that all right ideas come from God. In my craft business creativity is most important. When I am still and listen for God's angel thoughts, the most creative ideas come to me. Thank you!

  38. I love comment #8 1st COR. 12, which the Bible brings out as to the many diversities of gifts, (talents), that man has. It just frees us from the belief that we are less than the other guy, from wishing, "Oh! Gee look at him/her, why can't I have that talent?" 1st COR. 12, proves beyond a shadow of doubt that we all posses certain talents, individually that is from God. Jealousy needn't be expressed at all. It's even one of the 10 commandments, "Thou shalt not covet."
    By Tobias A, Weissman

  39. Thank you Evan for sharing these Truths and reminding us of our God given individual talents. Love traveling with you!!!

  40. Thank you, Evan, for this visual picture of God,s creative ideas
    In a far off land!
    Two very young members of my family will be traveling to Amsterdam in a few days to visit their father who is employed there.
    What a comfort to realize that they will be surrounded by such
    heavenly beauty and will never for an instant be separated from
    God,s love.
    Praise now creative Mind, ..Glory and power to Him belong..from
    A lovely hymn no. 275 in the CS hymnal.

  41. Thank you for the visual reminder! I'm a painter and I do believe some of those colors will find their way into my work today. The vividness and purity of the bright color in Soul's pallette is a reminder that sometimes full saturation is called for and that odd combinations might be just the thing.

  42. Hi Ewan, thanks so much for this true reality about us, sons of God perfects, intelligent and creatives enough to reflect God's talents.
    Warnest regards from Sao Paulo, Brazil

  43. Beauty, loveliness, fun, originality, creativity! Thanks for the message Evan!
    God is the One Creative Mind, and we are His/Her beautiful ideas!!!
    And we can see them everywhere.

  44. God loves us with complete and eternal devotion. Such love fills every fibre of our being. What wonderful, creative tapestries can be woven from such esteemed fibres.

  45. Beautiful Evan. Thanks so much for the video and reminding us that we all reflect the one Mind. How wonderful that there is not just one type of flower, but many, each displaying a particular color, shape,
    beauty and fragrance special to it. I love each and every flower in my garden and value them because they are different. The same goes for all of God's ideas, each one special and reflecting his goodness.

    Thanks also to the BOL and the team that brings us these beauties every week day morning. What a beautiful bouquet we get each week.

  46. Really beautiful and, as you said, so creative! I'm thinking of the courage, patience, discipline, and stamina this scene expresses also. As well as the idea of each of us being in our right place at the right time. All harmony and goodness from God. Thank you, Evan!

  47. A charming way to express a lovely idea. Thank you for this Life. It brought beauty and creativity to my day.

  48. Thank you Evan and lifters for this lovely inspiration for the day! You remind me that we are all beautiful flowers reflecting God's love and placed by God directly where we need to be to further define His loving plan. Mrs. Eddy states on page 301 in "Science and Health": "The belief that man has any other substance, or mind, is not spiritual and breaks the First Commandment, Thou shalt have one God, one Mind."

  49. Many thanks to ALL!!! Evan, the words & images will continue to bloom in thought ~ how grateful we can be for the One Creative MIND!! Michael, #24, thanks for your encouraging perception ~ we are each essential. Blessings to ALL!

  50. Thanks Evan. I love this month, because it is the "blooms" of "caps and gowns" as we watch the graduation parade of Creative Mind's achievers march across and receive their diploma.

    You are right, it doesn't matter where we are, Creative Mind is forever unfolding beauty, intelligence, harmony and JOY. The aroma is sweet smelling always.

  51. Divine Mind. The creator of all that is beautiful, harmonious, intelligent, wise, loving, kind, gentle, lawful, honest, joyful, free, eternal, infinite...

    What a glorious Lift -- in sight and sound (message).

    Thank you, Evan.

  52. Wow. And that is just a hint of the beauty of Gods creation. Thank you so much for sharing.

  53. What a wonderful Lift Evan! Your video is beautiful.

  54. Thank you Evan for the beautiful illustration of the floats along with the daily lift. Yes, we all have those creative qualities and should know each day that we include and possess the qualities of creativity, originality, intelligence, etc. as an integral part of our being.

  55. That is totally awesome! God's infinite ideas expressed in so many beautiful ways!
    Thanks Evan.
    Vonne Anne Heninger
    Walnut Creek, California, USA

  56. We are truely unlimited. We can do all things through God.

  57. Thank you Evan! Yes, God supplies our every need! Whenever I prayed for creative direction with this statement from Science and Health, page 258," God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself ,broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis" it brought wonderful and inspiring results!

  58. You are welcome! And thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts, ideas and comments!

    Have a Mind-creative day...

  59. What an overflow of beauty! Thank you, Evan. :) I have long thought that since God identifies Himself as the great I AM, that makes Him the great Are-tist . . . and we reflect that divine Are-tistry . . . as we surrender to God every moment, He paints us into the world . . .

  60. Beautiful, so many creative ideas all from one source, divine Mind. Hugs of peace. c

  61. BEAUTIFUL.....and thanks SO much for this visual and verbal blossoming!

  62. How delightful to share your experience--and of course to know we all reflect the one Mind, giving us an infinate number of ways to express our unique creativity. Thanks so much the video was beautiful.

  63. So fun and attractive!

    Reminds me that Jesus presented the ultimate gift of healing, and we each and everyone reflect that indispensable gift. Mrs. Eddy started her life work and ended it on that basis. We are doubly gifted!!

  64. thax for bring holland to life in this thoughtful and loving way

  65. Excellent. Thanks, Evan.

  66. What a gorgeous floral display to share with us in addition to a spiritual lift. Thanks, Evan!!

  67. Beautiful floats and beautiful message... thank you!

  68. What a beautiful way to illustrate the one creative Mind. Thanks for the reminder of where our good ideas come from! (=

  69. Thank you for today's lift. How wonderful to know that Divine Mind originates all ideas.

  70. Nice, Evan. Thank you. Your enthusiasm and God-appropriate comments continue to bloom in harmony giving all of us great things to ponder and to identify with.

  71. Daniel from Switzerland - many thanks for this helpful "Daily-Lift" and all these beautiful flowers!!

  72. Hi,
    And thanks for your time to give the Daily Lift. I love being able to see so much beauty and creativity in those floats. Here I am the day after the initial posting, enjoying that lift again. Absolutely, exquisite!!
    Thank you God for Evan. And of course, thank you God for being God, the great Creator.

    With gratitude,

  73. Thank you. Evan, for the great visuals!

  74. thank you Evan, such a beautiful example of the unlimited creativity we all express, and brings back to me our visit to the Arlsberg(I think I got that name right) flower markets in Amsterdam - just awesome, supplying the world with the beautiful blooms on an incredible scale.

  75. This lifts me out of a heavy dark house full of dark paintings and into the light.

  76. Thank you Evan. And thanks to all the Lifters.

  77. Thank you for showing: We live and move in this beauty, I just have to look around and see it.
    Hartelijke groet,

  78. a belated thank you. What a lovely surprise and treat to have you share your adventure with us. And, the sincere message of Our Creative Mind. Thanks everyone for your comments.

  79. Wendy Duffy Western Australia.
    Thank you so much Evan. Your message was powerful to me in its simplicity
    The thoughts expressed will help not just for today but as often as I remember.
    Many thanks.

  80. Thank you so much Evan for the useful and helpful lift.

  81. Thank you Evan, In thinking of creativity the idea came that each synonym of God is part of the perfect, complete expression of every other synonym. This is what makes them omnipresent and omnipotent. viewing the synonyms as separate makes them appear to us to be limited, finite, and mortal qualities. So there is, in spiritual truth, no possibility of Love that is not also perfect Principle, Life, Truth, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. Unlimited creativity has to be the result of experiencing the synonyms of God. Like a hologram on apiece of film; if you cut the film into pieces the complete hologram is on every piece. this defies our everyday logic of thinking things and qualities are separate. Is the example of the hologram one of the cracks in this material logic through which we can start to see what inseparability can be.God's creativity can only come from the infinite one, and we must reflect it. We don't have a choice to defy the laws that made us. The clay can't reply to the potter, Isaiah saw it!

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