5/30: Eternal freshness

5/30: Eternal freshness

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  1. Thank you John for giving us an understanding of our dear Father's unending source of supply, forever meeting our needs. As we turn our thought to God, we realize that in fact the supply was always there, before we even perceived of our need. This is how God works, He has already met all of our needs. There actually is no waiting, it is simply the human perception. When the human coincides with the divine we see this as the need having been met. This is why we give gratitude to God before we see the human picture change. Just as healing is know before it is made manifest on the body. Thank you again.

  2. Many thanks John for this inspiring lift. Yes. "God is pouring forth goodness, freshness and inspiration continually for everyone, everywhere and always." "May Love its holy influence pour/ To keep us meek, and make us free;/ And bind its tender blessing more/ Round each with all, and all with Thee." Hymn 214.

  3. Often I have to fight the feeling that I am opposing my own good, as if I were struggling with some mental force that says that I am not capable to accomplish whatever I need to accomplish.

    Then is when I take a few moments to listen for God-thoughts, and soon enough I find the inspiration I need, without much effort.

    God's love gush freely, like water flowing from the rock. Isaiah. 48:21

    To me those occasions are quality time with God.

    A menudo tengo que luchar contra la sensación de que me estoy oponiendo a mi propio bien, como si estuviera luchando con alguna fuerza mental que dice que no soy capaz de lograr lo que necesito.

    Entonces es cuando me tomo unos momentos para escuchar los pensamientos de Dios, y pronto encuentro la inspiración que necesito, sin mucho esfuerzo.

    El amor de Dios sale a borbotones, como agua que fluye libremente de la roca. Isaías 48:21

    Esas ocasiones son para mí un momento de calidad con Dios.

  4. Thanks for providing quietly

  5. thank you

  6. Lovely and inspiring - thanks very much!

  7. Quiet and refreshing. Thanks John.

  8. Thank you John. This is such a beautiful Lift. "Just pouring forth, continually, for any and everyone" When I heard those words, I immediately thought of Church - those springs of water refreshing humanity for any and everyone. I may post in this forum a poem I wrote called "Confluence". It was a way of saying thanks to the Christian Science Publishing Society for some assistance they gave.

    John, your friend introduced you to the spring and took you to not only see it but to taste what it has to offer. We can do this when we invite someone to Church or share an article with them or this Daily Lift or when we walk into a Reading Room with a friend.

    Your friend cherished that spring; we all must dearly and lovingly cherish our church, its members and its activities. The spring was hidden to human view yet freely available which is a bit like the Truth of Christian Science, while available to all, not all will open their eyes to see this Truth.

    There was purpose; you felt the refreshing and/or sustaining effects of that water; it was awakening enough that you shared it with us in this Daily Lift, thus it became a spring to us even though we did not see what you saw.

    Of course, there was also Source. The spring reflects the substance of its source, directly and indirectly. Christian Science Churches reflect this divine Source healing and refreshing everyone.

    Like the spring, we can go to Church, enjoy it, take some with us, share and reflect on it. Thanks

  9. John, here is the poem I wrote called Confluence (where two or more rivers join to become one). I kept thinking of the Christian Science Churches as individual streams, with God as our divine Source all meeting up at this Confluence of Purpose.

    This was the image that helped inspire me as I wrote the poem, as I took this picture I immediately felt the presence of Church and its God-led activities.



    At the Water's Edge
    Melding its way
    through lands
    arid with understanding
    hopeful of healing

    Waters filled
    with Individuality
    Soul-inspired love
    with renewal.

    Paths unknown
    yet traversed
    by distant pioneers
    tiding their way forward
    calmed with constancy
    flowing with Love's wisdom

    Healing waters
    sometimes two...
    sometimes three...
    …..with God
    Rays of Hope
    break the night
    the unknown path
    now aglow
    with Direction

    Ocean's Love
    greet these
    purposed-filled waters
    with renewed vision
    at the confluence of hope

    Blended voices
    Healing waters
    Our Churches
    Streams of Individuality
    Meeting now,
    meeting ever more

    the Confluence of Purpose


    Again, thanks John. This Lift was precious.

  10. Thank you John! I loved the part when you say that God is providing quietly, unobtrusively, exactly that inspiration we most need. A cup of cold water for us and for us to give to others. This message came to me exactly when I most needed it. Blessings to all and thanks to all the comments.

  11. Such a comforting lift. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for this lift. The constant supply of goodness from God is fresh and freely flowing for all.

  13. This is a wonderful Daily Lift, John, and delivered in your own quiet, modest way of telling us how God loves us with immeasurable tenderness, supplying each and every tiny detail of whatever we think we need before we are even aware of our need. I needed to know a, perhaps insignificant, fact tonight, and by listening quietly the correct information came immediately. As it always comes, even if I am not as alert as I should be, and "listening for His voice" more than cluttering up my consciousness with other things going on in the lives of our family and friends.
    Thank you so much Nate and the production team; The Mother Church; and our amazing Daily Lift family. I wonder if you are already on holidays, with Annual Meeting on Tuesday, and how wonderful that we can have it online immediately - at the very moment! when Lyle declares the meeting open!

  14. Two lifts confluence for us today... John's and Troy's. Thank you gentlemen. Drinks all around!

    Good weekend all.

  15. Thank you John. I will take this idea with me today and know that inspiration and goodness are in my path.

  16. A wonderful lift...thank you.

  17. Thank you, so refreshing a reminder....just what I needed to hear! Love!

  18. John - you poured forth to my heart this morning just perfectly. I will try to find some soul I can pour forth to also

  19. So pure and fresh message for today! Thank you, John!

  20. Thirsty for more, Taking it all in, Drinking it all up!
    Thankyou John
    Thank you Troy for sharing your poem

    Love to all

  21. John, your lift was like a cup of cold water in a 100 degree desert...could feel the cooling, healing balm of its message. Troy, your poem about rivers was lovely. Please submit to the Christian Science periodicals! Our family supports an orphanage in Kenya whose well recently ran dry. The children were without a dependable water source for almost three weeks for their crops and their drinking water. Needless to say, all the sponsors were praying (all the sponsors are Christians). Miracles happened! New wells up and running. The drought broke! We are all, children, teachers, sponsors praising God and His heavenly waters, meeting the human need. Prayer brings us into alignment with reality. Pure ever flowing waters for the children of God in Kenya and everywhere.

  22. Beautiful, John. Thank you.
    This week, I have been praying with a favorite verse from Malachi 3:10.

    " ...if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. "(New International Version)

    Just think, God has opened His FLOODGATES which pour forth blessings, inspiration, spiritual ideas. I am so grateful.

  23. Thank you, John!

  24. Dear John, this is a wonderful lift!
    Thank you!

    9.Troy from Barbados

    Thank you for your poem too!
    It is really beautiful!

    What great gifts for today!

  25. Nada hay más refrescante que estar consciente y pendiente de Dios, a mi por ejemplo me genera incertidumbre, no tener la convicción absoluta que lo que estoy haciendo, certeza en lo que a Dios le agrada, obvio sabemos lo que a Dios le agrada, pero cuando nos enfrentamos a una situación donde no está claro el límite de nuestro accionar puede generar dudas, hacer el bien no genera duda, hacer lo correcto tampoco lo hace, entonces... Encontré esta definición en Isaías: "Porque misericordia quiero, y no sacrificio y conocimiento de Dios más que holocaustos" Entonces comprendí que lo que hagamos en las circunstancias que sean, debe hacerse por misericordia, no por un sentido de sacrificio, como quien se inmola a sí mismo en holocausto, "sacrificio" sino por amor, por misericordia, en una real entrega al bien-misericordia, sin otra visión, que agradar a Dios.

    "Todas las cosas terrenales deben ceder finalmente a la ironía del destino, o bien quedar fundidas en el único Amor infinito. Así fué cuando llegó el momento del enlace del corazón con una existencia más espiritual" MBE

    Muchas gracias John, muy refrescante, e inspirado.

  26. Thank you, John. How familiar that spring house scene is......... and how refreshing1 Just what I need this morning.

  27. Thank you!

  28. Be refreshed with this wonderful lift and our special Daily Lift Team. Enjoy your time off, you deserve it. Much love to you all.

  29. John, I was about to go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, but your message was much better. A cup of fresh inspiration to start the day!! Thank you.

  30. Yes, John, -- daily, hourly, continuously, -- for each and every one of us, our very own cup full of the inspiration, encouragement, guidance, strength, and joy that we need every moment. And these Lifts remind us every day!.

  31. Love the Daily Lift. Thank you, John!

  32. Thank you for a beautiful lift!

  33. Dear John

    Thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift

    Love in Christ


  34. This is a very helpful and healing Lift. Thank you so much.

  35. This lift helps me to realize that in the stillness lies the greatest power. ThanksJohn for the comforting words and illustration. The Bible verse that comes to mind is Psalm 34:8 "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good".

    Thanks Troy for your beautiful poem and to all of the lifters for their inspiring comments.

  36. This DL is 'revealing, cleansing and healing.' So very helpful to me today! Thank you John. And thanks to Troy from Barbados #9, your poem is lovely!

  37. Thank you, John, for such a wonderful reminder of the ever-presence of God's inspiration.

  38. Thank you, John, for once again providing a perfect example demonstrating how the Christ inspiration is always beautifully practical and complete, and forever expressed. Have a wonderful summer!

  39. I'm grateful for the strength and power of your inspiration. Thank you John

  40. "Eternal freshness" what a beautiful and comforting thought. Thanks so much John. And thanks to Troy for your inspiring poem.

  41. A wonderful lesson today and thank you Troy
    for such a beautiful poem.

  42. A refreshing message of love and so needed today. Thank you for this uplifting message.

  43. Thank you for this lovely Lift so tenderly told, John. Great comments - what a perfect hymn you found to share, #2 Malcolm! Troy, what a gorgeous photo and beautiful poem - valuing our branch churches that way is a treatment for them. #13 Margaret, I always appreciate your comments -often jotting down phrases from them and today was no exception. #14 Nancy, you made me laugh as you so often do....I'm sure our Daily Lift "summer break" means we won't be able to comment in the present, but I know we'll still feel connected. I'll be thinking of everyone as we enjoy revisiting the old ones that I am certain will refresh in new ways! Much love to all! Tracy

  44. Perfectly inspirational.Thank you.

  45. Such a lovely, helpful Lift. T Y, John, so very much!

  46. Thank you John and everyone for sharing. This is so familiar having enjoyed fresh spring water myself . Such a lovely message of the abundance and freshness and beauty and presence of God's ever present care.

  47. Thank you for this uplifting lift! A gentle reminder that God is always present,always providing,always loving.Closer then breathing nearer than hands and feet.Such a comforting thought thanks again.

  48. Precious Lift family, I wish I had words to express the depth of comfort and support I feel from this Lift community. I haven't been commenting lately like I used to, but oh . . I hear the lifts each day and read as many of the comments as I can. Lots in my life, humanly, is changing. But underneath is the steady sure sense of God and Her infinite presence. I find so very much that is strengthening in these lifts, and in the chorus of comments that swells to support and expand each lift. You are all balm to my heart. Special thanks to you all--but today I will send an extra thanks to Troy--your poem and photo are Spirit-gifts to us all.

  49. Just as we wake up in the morning and brush our teeth to feel that fresh taste in our mouth, we also study the weekly C/S Bible Lesson to receive and keep that eternal freshness of thought throughout the day in order to stay alert to cast away all unGodlike thoughts that may try to intrude upon our conscience.

  50. great image to go with the verse from Malachi quoted in #22. Our inspiration is Fresh, not stale; Abundant, not limited; always available -- it hits the spot!

  51. Thank You, what a helpful message...

  52. I had forgotten that this was the last Daily Lift before your summer break and I'd just like to add a special note of gratitude to everyone: all of the lecturers, all who contributed comments, and all involved in the production of these daily inspirations. THANKS!!!

    Daily Lift Team:
    Reruns begin next week on Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

  53. I am reminded of Mrs. Eddy's comforting comment, "whatever blesses one blesses all." [S&H 206:16]Thank you John for this tender cup of cold water.

  54. I am so grateful for your sharing of this "drink of pure water" John. It reminds me of "A clean mind and body" mentioned in Science and Health where Eddy writes:
    "We need a clean body and a clean mind, — a body
    rendered pure by Mind as well as washed by water." (pg. 383).
    I liked Gail's mention of finding this lift better than cup of tea.
    Nothing can be more refreshing than "- a body rendered pure by Mind...."

  55. Thanks John, simply Love and perfection, completeness, pouring forth!

  56. Thank you for this cup of fresh cold water!

  57. What A lovely Lift for today, may be the last of the original before the reruns.. we all are so great for these lifts for many it starts our day with such fresh uplifting thoughts for the day and week. ;''a cup of cold water" how the all abundance and beauty with us all... Troy thanks for the poem and when I visit Barbados I will be sure to be at Church.. thanks all Lifters and also John for the great lift

  58. Thank you for this very refreshing Lift.

  59. Very beautiful message. Thank you

  60. Thank you John for the inspiration. You helped me realize that when I take a cool refreshing cup of clearness that I am refreshed with Love's perfect presence, peace, purity, and beauty of holiness. This refreshment makes it so easy to let go of mortality, and let love lead to reality. There is no tea (t) like Divine reality.

  61. What a delightful Lift! Thanks, John, and to the wonderful DL family for the inspiration, joy, gratitude and laugher you all so generously provide. Special thanks to Troy for sharing the precious poem and photo. Yes, you should submit those to the Periodicals for publishing! Happy day, happy weekend to all.

  62. Thank you John for such a helpful analogy.

  63. I woke up this morning John, and I feel totally uplifted and graced with God's eternal freshness. God's freshness comes in so many facets of situations. A couple of days ago, I was not feeling fresh at all; a temptation that tells me to stay in bed and rest. Well, that didn't go over very well with me, as I got out of bed instead and tackled the house cleaning, washing clothes, etc. I wanted to express that trials are indeed proofs of God's care as Mrs. Eddy tells us in S&H. I continued to feel not great, but not so bad either. I prayed and hummed throughout the day. Yesterday was hubby's birthday and the same thing; I was told to stay in bed when I first opened my eyes. And again, I jumped out of bed and took a shower and we took him out to a very beautiful spot for lunch. Baked his birthday cake later, and we went out to dinner without a hint that I should stay in bed. Now I know again, and again, that this is proof of God's care. I felt so
    inspired of this "eternal freshness" of God's goodness. He is always with us and we in Him. Thank you John and all the wonderful support of our Daily Lifts. We will contrinue to pray and know that the Daily Lift is like the brightest light that guides all of us daily throughout the world. I am truly grateful and blessed and looked forward to the renewed Daily Lifts, and I know that it will continue to light our way. For now, we will read and still be inspired with all the past LIFTS!!! With deepest thanks to all!!!

  64. Thank you, John, for “Eternal freshness … just pouring forth … everywhere in our path … exactly that inspiration we most need … a cup of cold water …” Ahhhh! To humbly trust in and yield to the sustaining infinite!!!

    Thanks to everyone for the inspiring insights that you all share in our Daily Lifts - the speakers and commenters and everyone, who makes these Lifts possible. How blessed I am for being in this amazing worldwide family of spiritual thinkers and honest seekers, who share freely with such love!!! Recently I realized more than ever God’s “absolute immediacy,” as I am more deeply understanding the meaning of “a very present help.”

    My former understanding of “divine intervention;” has grown into a new understanding of “divine ever-presence!” To wait for God takes no time at all. What took forty years from Egypt to the Promised Land, actually could have been an 11-day journey!!! Why? Not because God wasn't available and accessible; but, because after being bound for so long, I think, the people didn't realize what freedom really was ( not even when written in stone ;-)!!! Maybe they were waiting for permission from former taskmasters, instead of accepting the freedom that was always theirs as God’s children.

    John, since your May 20th Lift, “You are HERE!" my human view of, “You can’t get THERE from here!!! is replaced with "BUT you can get there from HERE!!!" :-) HERE, right where God is - NOW!!! Why wait an extra 14,589 days??? ;-)

  65. John, Thank you.

  66. Thank you for a "cup of cold water in Christs' name!" (=

  67. I couldn´t let to be present on this very special moment, when inspiring words pour out goodness and freshness coming from the only possible and reliable source,our Father-Mother God!
    Now I can come out of what seems to be another tough day, to a renewed one, full of radience and good purpose, like Troy suggests in his beautiful poem!
    Thank you so much, John!

  68. Very beautiful and so practical for my inspiration today. Thank You, John.

  69. Thank you John, a wonderful metaphor. The kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a rock that constantly pours forth sweet water.


  71. Thank You for the cool and peaceFULL lift John!!.....Troy, the poem was beautiful! ; ) ....Thanks to everyone who comments with such inspiring words!.......and Deep and Humble "Thanks!!!!" for the inspirational Lifts given by our dear, dear lecturers who have daily "Blessed" us with their wonderFULL messages!!!!!....I loved how some of the lectures took time out to comment to the listeners!, it was so appreciated!!....and of course to Nathan and his team for showing us the beauty in music and voice!!......I will deeply miss these "fresh" and bountiful lifts this summer but hoping the past lifts will be newly inspiring!

    Much Blessings and Love to All!!! : ) : ) ; )

  72. I loved this inspired and helpful message of God´s eternal freshness. Thank you very much, John.
    And my deep gratitude to the Daily Lifts Team for making this daily spiritual awakening possible, and the opportunity to share, to learn, to love. Much gratitude to all. .

  73. Thank you John, this approach to God's goodness is refreshing and inspiring.

  74. It is so helpful to hear each 'Lift' and read the comments which lift us further. Thank you.

  75. I felt a moment of immeasurable tenderness, yesterday, towards my nearly two-year old grand-daughter.
    The feeling washed over me and through every pore of my body!
    How I long for more of these moments.
    May God bless each and every one of you.
    You are all friends to me!

  76. Thank you.

  77. Danke, Hans - this is really very special.
    I experienced this freshness and quietness, plus peace and beauty just 4 weeks ago. I had gone away for just a hand full of days to a lake in the middle of the woods in purest naturalness. The weather was just perfect and I went for a little walk in the morning till I found a spot near the lake, away from the path, where I could sit down and take out my Misc.Wr. from MBEddy plus a pen for notes. And then I just sat there and listened to the beauty around me, the singing and chatting birds, the soft and silky green on birch trees which moved gently with the wind. And then the messages from our Leader - - It was sooo refreshing, so inspiring, so relaxing. Next day I went to the other side of the lake and found new beauty, fresh little violets and refreshing winds plus sunshine. It was to me as if I were at the fountain of Life. So calm - so deep with divine messages - something quite special.
    thank you Hans ! :-)

  78. A First Class simple message John ..... loved it!

  79. You have painted such a beautiful picture - and it is so comforting to learn that Spirit, the fountain of inspiration, is always springing and refreshing us!

  80. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  81. Thank you so much John . So grateful to God to know he hears our call before we ask .Many years ago i used to go to a recreation place in the gardens .I wasn't in C S then but i loved going to sunday school at another denomination. I would go to these gardens Sunday afternoon . The teachers would put a blanket on the ground and tell us stories from the Bible . One day they had a picture of a lovely river with beautiful trees the words on it said Be strong in the Lord . I loved it so much . The teacher said if anyone will sing the song and do the actions to "My cup is full and running over" they can have the picture . I put my hand up> It was hard for me, I remember but i wanted it so much . I got the picture and took it home and my sister put it on her wall where it stayed for many years . That was over 60 years ago . I didn't know then how grateful i would be in years to come to know our cup is truly full and running over . I have only been reading lifts last few months, grateful to M B E for The Mother Church . Thanks to D L team and all the comments that have helped me so much . Happy weekend to all . Lovely holiday to all with family and friends . Looking forward to reruns . Much love to all from Australia x .

  82. Loved this John,,,don't we get hung up on thinking goodness is wasted and there can be loss when goodness just pours out... how we need to change the way we perscieving things. Thanz so much for the reminder!

  83. Much gratitude to all reaching out & blessing everyone

  84. Very Very helpful....wherever we are ...this pure gift of love constantly flowing for all.

    Thank you John.

  85. thanks John!

  86. Joan P from NJ - 5/31/2014

    "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite,
    to-day is big with blessings"
    Mary Baker Eddy
    Thank you John and thank you Nate and
    the Daily Lift Team for all your LOVE.

  87. Thank you, John and all who comment. "God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth."John 4:24. We must see the spiritual excellence in every scenario, whether it be large or small. There is the real Truth. When we see this, it can feel so freeing as #64 Nela suggests and so embracing of all mankind! Our "cup runneth over" (Psalm 23:5)

  88. I could just taste that water, John! Thank you.

  89. HI JOHN! I really liked your message today. They
    are all great.

  90. II love that verse in Science and Health about giving a cup of cold water in Christ's name. I love sharing Christian Science...and just last night I went with a friend to her niece's birthday celebration. Two people I spoke to mentioned their problems and I had the opportunity to share CS, They were BOTH very receptive and wanted to know more...and took away the CS website and info I told them of the online lectures. They loved the logic and explanation I shared with them. I included how it had helped me and others. There needs were great and you could see what I shared helped them...

    "His arm encircles me and mine and all..."

  91. Perfect word at the perfect time. Thank you.

  92. Sooo fresh, so simple, so dear of God to provide this message to you, to us.

  93. Excellent analogy-what more can I say other than "Thank You"

  94. I have not been able to connect for a day or two, but am now back on line - and it is wonderful to catch up.

    Thank you, John, for this wonderful lift (I had forgotten this was the last one for a while too) - and for all the wonderful comments it brought forth.

    I would like to add my thanks to Troy for the beautiful poem - I look forward to seeing the picture next)

    Nela's comment about the children of Israel taking so long to realise that they were free reminds me of when we purchased a cockatoo from a pet shop because we couldn't bear to see her in such a confined space. She was very shy and uncommunicative when we got her home, and we spent many hours talking to her and reassuring her. Eventually she became tame enough to sit on our hand when we put it in the cage, but when we opened her cage door to let her out, it took her some which - possibly weeks - before she would venture out. When she eventually plucked up the courage to come out she never looked back. She was like a different creature. So loving and joyful. We enabled her to have the freedom of the garden and she would sit in the tree at the bottom of the garden and enjoy everything including heavy rain. I was not a student of Christian Science at that time, but I can see how we can get a false sense of security in our mortal "cages", and putt up with the dull routines of a material existence. "Let's accept the glorious liberty of the children of God and be free" this is our divine right.

  95. Thank you so much for each and every one of the Daily Lifts.

  96. Thank you, fellow Lifters. I cherish each of you. Thanks, #64 nela for "You can get there from HERE" (from already inside the kingdom of Heaven...the place you can't get outside of or be lost within.) Your conviction met a need for me.

    I'll meet you all next week when the Lifts return for more abounding and expansive waves of inspiration!

  97. This is a wonderful image of what and how and when Love pours!
    Thank you so much, it is so helpful.

  98. Thank you so much. This idea came at the perfect time.

  99. Thanks also to Pearl, for uplifting thought, both in regard to myself, and 'our' dearly loved bird. Not caged, are we?