5/3: Wholehearted protests

5/3: Wholehearted protests

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  1. Thank you Robin, your lift remindes me of the years I spent protesting and seeking a political solution to the injustices around the world, until I realised unless we begin from a spiritual base which I was priveleged to learn about in Chrtstian Sciense and follow the Great Master's teachings, ToLoveThyNeighbour As Thy Self, nothing of lasting importance will change. Your references from Mary Baker Eddy were wonderful. Strengh,love and blessings to all struggling hearts today.

  2. Thanks, Robin. It is certainly true that we each must protest against wrong or injustice --- and we each need to find the way that is best for us. "Prayer, watching and working. . ." work best. That gives us the combination of the spiritual foundation and the practical action.

  3. A very blessed welcome Lift! Thank you!! "No one is left out of the grace of divine Mind."
    1. "Have you renounced self"? 2. "Are you faithful"? 3. "Do you love"? I plan to remind me of these often.

  4. Love this right idea of protest Against injustice Robin. Thank you. Also Science and Health mentions Jesus prayers which were conscientitious protests of Truth, of man's likenes to God and his unity with Truth and Love.

  5. Unmistakable!

  6. Thank you, Robin, for bringing me back to focus on the Truth, spiritually. Love hearing your moving, calm, sincere love in your voice. It helps me :-)

  7. Thank you for this - just what i needed to hear this morning with a family member seemingly the recipient of a great injustice in her work, Grateful to be reminded of where I need to fix my thought.

  8. What good questions you have presented as we "protest" for our God-given freedom, joy, healing. Thank you, Robin, for this strong, but gentle reminder of what "protesting" is all about in our spiritual journey.

  9. Centuries of protests and marches, some audible and some very quiet within the heart, have made very little advancement in the world’s history.
    MBE's struggles “evidence a heart wholly in protest and unutterable in love" MY 134:3, she never gave up, She felt the importance of rejecting anything that tries to separate us from God or from each other.
    Her unselfish requirements were to renounce to self, to be faithful, and to love.
    Go forward! Ready to combat the upcoming injustices, wholeheartedly and selflessly.
    Siglos de protestas y marchas, algunas audibles y otras silenciosas dentro del corazón, han avanzado muy poco en la historia del mundo.
    Las luchas de MBE “evidencian un corazón totalmente bajo protesta y en inefable amor" Miscelánea 134:4, nunca se dio por vencida.
    Ella sintió la importancia de rechazar cualquier cosa que trate de separarnos de Dios o de cada uno.
    Sus desinteresados requisitos eran renunciar a sí mismo, ser fiel y amar.
    ¡Adelante! Dispuestos a luchar contra las próximas injusticias con todo el corazón, desinteresadamente.

  10. Thank you for this reminder of what we need to protest and come in contact with God and follow His direction.

  11. Many thanks Robin for your very inspiring lift. Yes. "Let our spiritual love move every righteous protest to rightful healing." And doesn't fear often appear to be at the bottom of so many protests! "I fear no foe, with Thee [Love] at hand to bless;/ Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness;" (Christian Science Hymnal #8).

  12. Wonderful - thank you!

  13. This is one I'd like to have transcribed.... there's a lot to think about in there. Thank you.

  14. Thanks Robin.

    I so agree with contributing to the solution. As you may know that is a thought that many workplaces push. They do not want to focus on the problems but on the solution to the situations so that there is harmony. Thank you for reminding me of this.

    Supporting this not-for-profit organization has forced me to look step by step at the solutions, they are there, I just do not always see them. Some mornings I leave home at 4: 30 a.m. to catch the sunrise. Some days I am unable to photograph it...not because it is not there, but because a cover of cloud prevents the camera from photographing the sun.

    The sun is there but the camera lens lacks the ability to pierce thorough the cloud to capture the sun and all of its glory. I often pray to see beyond the matter veil and see and feel the Truth that I know is there.

    Some days, when I am not able to capture the sunrise, I wait patiently for God's direction and when I do, there is always some other unique event to capture with my camera, an event I would not have seen had I not left home that morning. In every situation, there is always a healing thought waiting to be discovered.

    Thanks Robin.

  15. If we are to fulfill the prophecy, and follow our Master, we will meet the ills of the flesh with compassion, lift faltering faith and overcome discouragement (Matt.12:20). This is not accomplished through worry or popularity, but rather like the Servant's work in Isaiah 42:1-4. We work within our own consciousness, our closet, right where we are. Jesus said, "He shall not strive, nor cry; neither shall any man hear his voice in the streets." (Matt. 12:19).

  16. Whole- hearted protest againgt any error is needed to lift the clouds and allow us ti se Him...to reflect Him...!

    Thanks for the reminder of that, Robin

  17. Thank You . :-)

  18. What a wonderful tribute to the spiritual legacy Mary Baker Eddy left the world.

  19. Thanks Robin. Just what I needed. John

  20. Thanks for the reminder that true peace in the world begins with one - oneself! Jesus did not protest the hatred and injustice did him -although he had harsh word for hypocrites, he loved as His Father,God did because he saw through the mortal illusion and saw what limited human hating thought could not see - the "perfect man" of God's creating which heals and does not divide.Two thousand years later he remains the example for us all. Mary Baker Eddy received this blessed message of the power of love over hate and each of us can follow her example and declare in our hearts each day that God, who Mary Baker Eddy defined as Love, Principle, Soul, Spirit, Life and Truth and Mind is still in control of His universe and will correct and overturn the injustice so long as we are faithful to Him.

  21. I got some peace from Ms Eddy saying, That Spiritual and Material are opposite.It helped me to accept the irreconcilable differences and understand a little better how the Deuteronomy law points out these differences." In all thy getting get understanding"I feel like a slow learner sometimes but without the right information to work with, futility would continue to be the sum total of the equation of life.I thank God that Jesus said to "Be of good Cheer" that he has overcome the world. I can remember some of the ridiculous conclusions i came to before factoring in Spirit more properly. I can't help but feel some of the protestors could benefit from doing the same.

  22. Thank you Robin. What a wonderful message. Let us love in protesting, thus erasing injustice.

  23. Por todo protestamos en reclamo de un derecho que en la mayoría de los casos no hemos adquirido aún, sabemos que se cometen muchas injusticias, pero no siempre reclamamos por un derecho ya adquirido, porque que nos dice la Biblia, " busca primeramente el Reino de Dios y Su justicia y todas las cosas os serán añadidas"
    Si estamos en Su camino todo nos será dado y no habrá necesidad de marchas, hoy se reclama por derechos y no se habla de obligaciones y siento que antes que nada para tener derechos debemos cumplir las obligaciones y que nos pide Dios que hagamos, que lo sirvamos a Él, porque en Él rodos los derechos se cumplen, porque en Él, pedir y recibir es la misma cosa , porqie cumple la Verdad que es justa en sí misma, olvidándose de si mismo como hizo Cristojesús en Bien de los demas, y ejemplos nos son dados por quienes por amor a los demas sacrifican todo lo humano incluyendo "la vida" por justicia para todos, como el niño pakistaní por nombrar uno reciente.
    "No ha de haber mancha alguna en el escudo de nuestra semenjanza a Cristo cuando presentemos nuestra ofrenda en el altar" y es claro el concepto de Eddy, nada que reclamar y sí mucho que ofrendar, por eso el reclamo de conocerse a sí mismo y saber que es lo que nos convoca a actuar.

    Muchisimas gracias Robin y a todos por poder compartir, aunque a veces por razones obvias me desvíe del tema.

  24. Thank you so much. I sure needed those thoughts today. Mortal mind can quickly label us as outsiders or as unworthy. We can certainly protest wholeheartedly and have the divine right to do so. I will go forward with those loving thoughts today.

  25. Thak you - MBE as a portestor - I love that image!

  26. This really cut through discouragement this morning. Many thanks for the substance of it.
    And thanks to Troy for taking time to share his clear thoughts.

  27. Thank you, Robin, for your Protest for Righteous Protest! I'm thinking that at the heart of righteous protest must be: "What are our motives?" Jesus overthrew the money changers in the temple out of his Love for God. His motive was righteous! To protest out of selfish anger and hatred would not be wholehearted or righteous protest. Yes, it IS right to protest against anything that would deny our, Man's, birthright of dominion! It always has to come back to honoring the spiritual laws or Divine Principle and then we are protesting wholeheartedly! Fight the GOOD fight! XOXO!! P.S. Love the Spanish, Flemenco tone of the DL music this week!

  28. Very timely for me and my country. Thank you for the wonderful music this week.

  29. I confess, I have not been too helpful in the matter of public outrage. Who wants people trying to convince us of what is terrible? Thank you, thank you, Robin, for a push in the right direction.

    Now I must get busy and protest my incorrect sense of protest!

    I am starting my protest with the signs: “Have you renounced self? Are you faithful? Do you love?” (Mis. 238:22) Then with self (self righteous fear of “accepting” error) out of the way, with faith (trust in God) raised much much higher, and love (giving to another) in place, I can see that exposed injustice is one big outreach to Truth for healing. OK, I am a protester now! -- well, maybe profess-er.

  30. Nelly in #18 makes an excellent point that if we are on His road all will be given to us and there will be no need for marches. She says that today we demand our rights and don't talk about our obligations and she feels that before having rights we should fulfill our obligations. We should do what God asks us to do by serving him because in Him, asking and receiving is the same thing. There is nothing to demand and much to offer.

    So true and right in line with Robin's lift. God only creates good and anything else is an illusion, part of the Adam dream. It always comes back to standing porter at the door of thought--rejecting the lies and staying focused on Truth, Love, Principle and the other wonderful synonyms we have for God. We are so blessed!!

    Gracias Nelly por tu perspicacia. (Thank you Nelly for your insight). And thank you Robin for this wonderful lift!

  31. Thank you so much. Shared this one today with much joy and gratitude with those who received it.

  32. Thank you.

  33. I love these ideas! Thank you Robin. Standing porter at the door of thought (S&H pg 392) is the mental protest, barring all harmful and unwanted thought. Binding up the strong man is another form of protest, not accepting another creator or guide other than God and his perfect idea. We should keep our minds "so filled with Truth and Love" (My pg 210) that nothing bad can enter, and by eliminating the foothold of error we protest against its existence. Through "deep and conscientious protests of Truth" (S&H 12), as Jesus taught us, we claim our perfection.

  34. Thank you, Robin. You changed your photo. Thanks to all the comments and music.

  35. What clear thinking, thank you, Robin, so to put it in perspective, if we are about our Father's business we are fulfilling our obligations to Him and marching to the music of Soul.

  36. Good, important thoughts, Robin. Absolutely true. Healing oneself spiritually must precede all else.

    With that said, those other issues like Wall Street / CEO greed and corruption, capitalist excess and environmental degradation aren't going to vaporize by themselves. But to reform unjust social systems requires a spiritual perspective. Mary Baker Eddy financially supported many causes. She wasn't against protest and healing the world but she knew we have to heal ourselves first or the rest is mere vanity.

    Thanks to Robin and thanks to Mary Baker Eddy.

  37. Thank you so much Robin. Mary Baker Eddy said "The new birth is not the work of a moment. It begins with moments and goes on with years; moments of surrender to God, of childlike trust and joyful adoption of good; moments of self-abnegation, self-consecration, heaven-born hope and spiritual love." Misc Writ 15: 13. We need to start right here in our own thought, and keep extending our prayer to include all. It is effective, and will bring the changes needed.
    Thank you Nate and the producers; the BoL and lecturers; and our Daily Lifters.

  38. Some are not sincerely protesting anything, they are anarchists (as the TV news called them here in Seattle) breaking windows and creating havoc. MIndless protest is not true protest. I love this lift: protesting against error is our duty as Christian Scientists. After all we have enlisted to lessen sin, disease, and death and we do this by knowing the allness of God and the nothingness of evil is whatever guise it takes (see Science and Health). That's the protest I'm signing up for! Love #33's reminder of Jesus' protesting prayers: his "deep and conscientious protests of Truth". Now that kind of prayer is truly an agent of change. And this change will only bless (even the anarchists).

  39. This is the BEST!

  40. Yes, Faith is certainly what I have been working on, thank you for the reminder...

  41. Thank you Robin, I confess, I've always liked to protest, whenever something doesn't seem quite right to me. I know that we do have the right to protest against anything unGodlike in our experience. But your Lift, today has shown me that one needs to lift up the activity of protest to express more grace in that activity through the 3 questions asked by Mary Baker Eddy, that you quoted in your Lift! Thanks again to all the Lifters too!

  42. Thanks so much Robin! This is a peace-and-protest march to be active in!
    Thanks also for Mary Baker Eddy's challenging questions you quoted...
    Renounced self? Faithful? Do you love?

    This reminds me of what Science and Health p.12 says about Jesus.
    "...whose humble prayers were deep and conscientious protests of Truth--...
    -- of man's likeness to God!. That's us and everyone!

  43. Right on, Robin. One injustice worthy of wholehearted protest is the Springtime imposition of allergies owing to airborne pollen from plants. What an imposition of ridiculous logic is the notion that God creates beautiful plants and trees to plague his creation man.

  44. Many folks do not realize that one of the definitions of "protest" is: "a solemn declaration". An excellent example of this solemn declaration can be found in our testbook. "It is neither Science nor Truth which acts through blind belief, nor is it the human understanding of the divine healing Principle as manifested in Jesus, whose humble prayers were deep and conscientious protests of Truth, --of man's likeness to God and man's unity with Truth and Love." (S & H 12:10)

  45. Thank you Robin, A very dear young relative is going in for heart surgery today and this Whole-hearted
    message is the prayer that is lifting the cloud, so each one can see the Perfect Child of God.

  46. Wonderful. Thank you.

  47. Thank you for quoting Eddy's words, clear proof of her universal and Christly thought, always
    blessing the world. They epitomize Jesus' words and works for us today to demonstrate, go and do likewise. We can love locally, act locally, pray locally, and also bless the world as commanded.

  48. Humanity's most powerful and effective protestor and radical revolutionary was/is Christ Jesus. Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Science and Health, page 12, lines 11-15 "... the human understanding of the divine healing Principle as manifested in Jesus, whose humble prayers were deep and conscientious protests of Truth,-- of man's likeness to God and of man's unity with Truth and Love."

    Our prayers lived are our conscious protests for the allness and infinite goodness of God and the nothingness of evil. This feeling loved by God and this love for God and love for our true self and others is what makes us aware of, caring about, daring to change our thinking/acting, and graciously sharing to bless all. This constant protest protects us from the blandness of evil that would hypnotize us to be smugly stuck in the rut of manipulated status quo or popularity, ignorant and apathetic or self-justifying, or put us to sleep to our duty and joy. Love reveals and removes the sin/suffering, heals the sick and sad. Love and Principle make us aware, care, share, dare, be fair. To envision and demand and work for a better world, beginning with our own thought by thought, and not waiting until we ascend before we assist another. Church, The Christ comforts those that mourn and discomforts those who need to be roused from comfort in matter/sin, and awakened to the dawning morn of a new day in which all are blessed. With Life, liberty, equality, and justice for all-- in the unity of Good

  49. While in college, I read an article in one of the Christian Science periodicals by Clem Collins that included the line, "Spiritual vision is our ultimate protest." I've spent several decades since then involved in community organizing and protest activities, led by that passage and Mrs. Eddy's guidance on protest, which you shared today in your lovely Lift. Guided by spiritual vision and motivated by and united with divine Love, we unite with our fellow humans far more effectively and are more likely to make a difference, so the human is seen as coincident with the divine.

  50. Those three questions...truly grounding. Thank you!

  51. Thank you Robin and fellow Lifters. Let us love each other and ourselves as God loves us!
    Wonderful day to all!

  52. Oh my . . . what a waterfall of blessings . . . First your clear thoughts, Robin, so lovingly and confidently expressed. Then the chorus of comments, echoing and magnifying and enlarging the Lift ideas . . .thank you, one and all.

    I hear so clearly the call to my assignment for today: answer these questions (and renew my answers as often as needed): have I renounced self? am I faithful? do I love? (any "no" answers will give me yet another lie to protest!)

  53. I often think of this quote from M. K. Gandhi "YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD." I agree Edie # 48. That Jesus Christ was the most powerful and effective protestor of Truth and Love. Thanks Robin

  54. Robin, this is a good Lift any day, but especially after yesterday's on side-tracking wrong thoughts. Except for wrong thought, nothing would need to be protested for or against. As we avoid or eliminate a thought that didn't come from God, it isn't enough to just replace it with a mild declaration of truth. We need to wholeheartedly protest for why a right thought is true, and insist on effects reflecting it. Stating truths in the face of error's strong claims, is half the effort. I'll be wholehearted and successful in my efforts, if I self-examine daily, and again when I feel motivated to take a stand. Am I renouncing self, being faithful; do I love? When I was protesting to the State Education Dept. for my daughter's right to graduate without taking a one semester health class, I surprised even myself, because I questioned my motivation, and our rights, including was I going overboard in what I felt Christian Science required and deserved, much more than I questioned their determination that the class was required. Not aware of the questions then, I think that was renouncing self, and being faithful. I know I wanted to pursue in the most loving way possible, and came face to face seeing they, in their own way, were just as sincere seeking what was best for our daughter, as I was. Seeing that, with love, opened final steps to victory that lasted 23 yrs. to our youngest's graduation, and has helped others since. #15 Robert, thanks, you opened the Isa. verse for me.

  55. Thanks, Robin. "...injustices...a heart wholly in protest...will these protests accomplish any long-term progress?" Well for sure, whole- heartedness is way more effective than half-heartedness! :-) With today, Thursday, May 3rd being our National Day of Prayer, a day set aside to pray for our leaders and our country, your Lift has inspired me to pray wholeheartedly with the knowledge that God's government within individual and collective consciousness is the only and true power that can overcome mere human politicking, past mistakes, wrong motives, selfish ambition, etc. I've learned that Christian Science prayer includes total commitment to optimal outcomes and will let Mrs. Eddy's words in Science and Health (p.106) guide my prayer, "Like our nation, Christian Science has its Declaration of Independence. God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience. Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love." In my prayers today especially, I will wholeheartedly protest any thought that challenges proper self-government beginning with my own consciousness. Proper self-governement is vital to our nation's/our world's health and well-being, "that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." (Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address) Thanks again, Robin.

  56. An excellent and inspiring 'lift' - thank you Robin

  57. We may well be deceived by the world's ways of protest, but the example set by Jesus and our leader, Mary Baker Eddy, point the better way. I'm delighted to see this so well stated, Robin. "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord."

    Just had an opportunity to put this into practice at a facility where I share Christian Science one-to-one. There was an attempt to limit this work last week. Through prayer alone a great deal of anti-Christ sentiment was revealed. When I returned this week, it was as if it never happened. More good was accomplished with an enormous amount of support from those who work there.

  58. Thank you, Robin, for this lift. A call to see more of the activity of divine Principle backed up by divine Love on the scene! Learning about and then knowing these ever-present spiritual truths from Science and Health, brings clear solutions and the practical human footsteps that open wide the best way, bringing blessings to all. How beautiful to bring our protests before the throne of Love, and watch them dissolve into Love's Allness and everywhereness. That's all that can be going on in God's kingdom, here and now, and we have a right to see this kingdom manifested. There is no outside to divine Principle, Love. Thanks to you all for a marvelous job - we so appreciate the work that goes into these lifts. And thanks to the bloggers too - really good stuff...

  59. I think that this is the adequate march of protest nowadays . the one that really takes everybody towards freedom to claim our divine rights specially to have peace.
    As we are able to read in Science and Health; "the march of time bears onward freedom`s banner" Thanks! this is a worthy occassion to show our inner protesting feelings.
    clarae. from Cuernavaca, Mèxico
    Pienso que esta es la forma de marcha adecuada en el presente tiempo. Es la marcha que nos lleva hacia la libertad de reclamar nuestros derechos divinos, especialmente para traer paz al mundo. Podemos leer en Ciencia y Salud pg. 225: "la marcha del tiempo lleva hacia adelante el estandarte de la libertad" GRACIAS! considero que es de alta estima el que se nos dè la ocasiòn de mostrar nuestros sentimientos que protestan ante toda clase de mal que siempre es injusto.
    clarae. de Cuernavaca, Mèxico

  60. What is so wonderful about C/S prayer, is that we don't have to go out to burn cars, create havoc, or beat up our fellow man. Doing all the above is much like a child having a temper tantrum. How many protests worked in all of history by protesting in this fashion, and failed. All they did was cause one dictatorship to fall by replacing another in it's place, and this is what all of history should of taught us. Ah!, cometh the discovery of Chistian Science by Mary Baker Eddy, with it's teaching of how Jesus protested and won every time.

  61. While a student at Georgia Tech, more than 50 years ago, the state governor forbad our football team to play in the Sugar Bowl because the opponent, U of Pittsburgh, had three black players on their team. This caused a campus protest which quickly became a downtown Atlanta "shirt-tail parade," and then grew to a march on the governor's mansion. Highway Patrol were called to the scene from as far away as Athens, GA, to quell the disturbance. Ultimately the governor recinded and we played and won the Sugar Bowl, but an investigation resulted and I was among students called for questioning about promoting a "riot." If we were found at fault, state law could demand the death penalty. The dean of students talked to us prior to the questioning and gave us advice about what to say. His wise intervention placated the situation. I have continued to be a "protester" to this day, but more in line with Robin's clear and higher spiritual approach. "Aditate, agitate, agitate" were words of a contemporary of Mrs. Eddy during years following the civil war. I am thinking of her words: "A few immortal sentences, breathing the omnipotence of divine justice, have been potent to break despotic fetters and abolish the whipping-post and the slave market; but oppression neither went down in blood, nor did the breath of freedom come from the cannon's mouth. Love is the liberator." S&H p.225.

  62. What a lift! Thanks Robin! Thanks staff, daily lifts are a blessing!

  63. Loved this. So clarifying with concrete action I can take using the three ideas to keep in mind. Thanks

  64. What a lift! Thanks Robin! Thanks staff, daily lifts are a blessing!

  65. Nice! Spiritual solutions. Worth my attention. Thanks.

  66. Currently,my struggles continue with those who reside above me.This incessant noise seems endless,and my headaches are very painful.It appears that whenever my protest to make some noises myself the situation becomes somewhat calm.Thanks for your lift......

  67. Thank you Robin for this wonderful Lift! You hit the nail on the head with this one! It was wonderful!

  68. What a lift with the key word - WHOLEHEARTED - genuine or sincere heart! As #54 noticed sincere protests and our steadfast intentions wholeheartedly to root out all ungodly thoughts and love for good is a great reminder to start and and finish our day. Thanks wholeheartedly, Robin and all.

  69. Robin, this lift was so thought-provoking. It brought out just the right kind of activism. Thanks so much!

  70. What an appropriate lift for those of us NOT looking forward to the upcoming election cycle here in the US! I'm so grateful Mrs. Eddy used those words, and you reminded us of them. I'm vowing to start each day, and during every newscast, to affirm 'protests for Truth and Love. Thanks again

  71. Whenever i keep my prayers along , Christ presence is there. Truly, "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord." Thank you All !!

  72. Oh great - thanks, Robin. This should inspire a line of protesters for Truth! But, looking at the comments above, some apologize for being protesters and for others, 'protesters' seem unpopular. Perhaps this is reflected in the reduction in numbers of comments once again, when this subject is raised as a Lift? (unless the trend goes down for Lifts in the next days, too). Is peaceful protest not seen as a civil right.in the US? It is highly respected as a positive action in the UK, so perhaps I am misinterpreting things from afar. Anyway, we have good examples, don't we? Like Jesus, Mrs Eddy was definitely a protester.

  73. Thank you Robin. Yes, a whole-hearted protest! -- remembering the difference between the relative and the absolute in thought -- a peaceful protest, not a riot. To protest against an injustice is our divine right and duty. Let's get up and get to work! The world needs us to voice Truth and Love.

    protest - a solemn declaration of opinion or dissent; a complaint, objection, extreme disapproval.
    riot - public violence or disorder

  74. thanks Robin and everyone for contributing. AND thanks DL team for putting these on and holding them up here all week. Thanks to our Father-Mother God, to Jesus Christ and to Mary Baker Eddy for this practical, operative, universal religion we call Christian Science.

  75. Profound thoughts, thanks so much

  76. To #74 Margaret, I'm not sure by the wording, if you're fairly new listening to the DL, but just in case, or to anyone new, the BOL holds ALL Lifts more than a week! Step 1- Above this day's Lift title at top, click Your Daily Lift. Step 2- Scroll to bottom of page and click "Next" to take you to Lifts preceding current ones. Each page daily changes to make room for new Lift(s). This moves at least one from the bottom to the next page. Lifts given in more than one language, replace more. Repeating Step 2 takes you farther back. Instead of "Next", clicking the highest number (today it's 93) skips to the1st Lifts. None are outdated! The whole collection along with comments from around the world are a treasure! Week-ends are a good time to review past Lifts. For extra special ones, save, or note title, date, and lecturer's name for "search" at the top right of this page. Page #'s change as Lifts are added. Lifts are a blessing,!

  77. Thank you for the nice wake- up, Robin!

  78. Thank you.

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