5/3: No more war

5/3: No more war

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  1. Thank you Lesley for this powerful Lift. Divine Love unites us to one another in heart and mind. When we identify ourselves and others as the reflection of God, the Divine Principle that governs the universe, not only will war cease, but it will be an impossibility. When I read of people joining a cause or side to make war against others or advocating violence I think of Mary Baker Eddy's statement in S&H page 102, "There is but one real attraction, that of Spirit. The pointing of the needle to the pole symbolizes this all-embracing power or the attraction of God, divine Mind."

  2. Oh this is such a wonderful Lift! Thank you!!

  3. S H 467:9 "It should be thoroughly understood that all men have one Mind, one God and Father, one Life, Truth, and Love. Mankind will become perfect in proportion as this fact becomes apparent, war will cease and the true brother‐hood of man will be established."
    This thought came immediately after sending first comment so am sending it now.
    I dearlly appreciate this Lift!!

  4. Many thanks Lesley for taking such a strong stand for peace in the world, "But let it begin with me." God, divine Love is All-in-all." "Day by day the understanding/ Of our oneness shall increase,/ Till among all men and nations/ Warfare shall forever cease,/ So God's children all shall dwell/ in joy and peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #157).

  5. Prayer does change things as we know that God is at the helm. Thanks

  6. Thank you Lesley for pointing out that true peace on Earth is divinely inevitable as we understand more of God's kingdom of harmony which we call heaven. Peace will come to all men when we strive to demonstrate this divine harmony on Earth. Peace must begin with individuals who are at peace with themselves and then they can be at peace with others.

    Mrs. Eddy does write about warfare but it is a warfare with the flesh and this is the warfare we should recognise as our daily duty. She writes:

    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 324:13
    "The way is straight and narrow, which leads to the understanding that God is the only Life. It is a warfare with the flesh, in which we must conquer sin, sickness, and death, either here or hereafter, — certainly before we can reach the goal of Spirit, or life in God."

    Then we will have warfare with the flesh and not between the flesh.

  7. Oh thank you Lesley. That is really beautiful and touched my heart.

  8. Lesley,
    Thank you.

  9. Thank you for raising this issue in the Daily Lift, a perfect reminder.

  10. Thank you, so goodto hear good news! The news from Norway, that conflicts are becoming less
    And so, Spirit not matter will always prevail.

  11. The Bible has so much to offer that when we take it to heart will supply all our needs. Let’s put it to practice right now:
    “[N]ation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more” Isaiah 2:4

    Through the ceaseless influences of divine Love, and the recognition of it, the thought will move increasingly toward spiritual harmony, peace and brotherhood.

    Prayer helps discern this divine reality, “on earth as it is in heaven.” Matt. 6:10

    This is not inevitable:
    “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Luke 11:9

    La Biblia tiene tanto que ofrecer que cuando la aceptamos de corazón suplirá todas nuestras necesidades.

    Pongamosló en práctica ahora:
    “[N]o alzará espada gente contra gente, ni se ensayarán más para la Guerra” Isaias 2:4

    A través de la influencia incesante del Amor divino, y el reconocimiento de la misma, el pensamiento se mueve cada vez más hacia la armonía espiritual, la paz y la fraternidad.

    La oración ayuda a discernir la realidad divina “en la tierra como en el cielo." Mateo 6:

    Esto no es inevitable:
    “Y yo os digo: Pedid, y se os dará; buscad, y hallaréis; llamad, y se os abrirá” Lucas 11:9

  12. Thank you, Leslie, for this peaceable Daily Lift. As we consider the nature of God and His idea - man, it is important to uphold man and all mankind as the pure outcome of an infinitely peaceful impetus. We need to maintain in thought man's role - to express the qualities of God each day, to glorify God, not self.

    Since man is the pure expression of God, there is no basis for mistrust, pettyness, jealousy or anger, and there is a basis for trust and an all inclusive view of the family of man.

    We need to understand and defend that there is no warrior gene or any kind of devious abberation with power to divide or incite. We need to establish the community of peace on a global basis. This can lead thought beyond the limited trust of a clan towards a national and international discussion and practice of peace - not war. We need to practice this view, and pray for peace each day.

  13. Thank you, just keep praying for peace and harmony on earth!

  14. Thank you for this wonderful LIFT. Peace will rule all nations when we know that God governs.

  15. Oh Lesley, thank you so very much for this Daily Lift. My youngest son recently returned from Afghanistan. He was the Crew Chief on a Medevac Unit having flown well over 100 missions during his deployment. Some of those were in 'hot zones' to pick up wounded. The morning he returned he informed us that in ALL of his missions he was never fired upon. A couple of days later I heard a report on the local news covering his units return that there was not a single casualty in his unit during their 9 month deployment. Talk about gratitude!
    Each time we sent him a package, along with the next months full text quarterly I made a small card using quotes from the lesson, a Daily Lift, the Bible, S & H, Hymns and poems. It was small enough he could put it in his pocket along with his pocket Bible and S & H which he took on each mission. When he came home the cards remained behind in his room for the next soldier.
    My prayers for his defense included everyone. I prayed to see the innocence and receptivity to Christ in each heart. This Daily Lift along with each comment has such gems of truth I will use to go deeper in my prayers. We must be insistent in our prayers for peace.
    All of this weeks lifts have been so inspiring for me. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and humility for each Lift, each comment & especially for Mrs Eddy's discovery, Christian Science. What a gift to the world she gave us!

  16. Dear Lesley - I accept your loving invitation to join our Leader in her prayer. No more war. I can start with the war in heaven - those conflicting ideas in my own consciousness. An exercise that can't help but make my prayers more universally effective.

    Thank you for the Lift!

  17. Leslie,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful and inspiring Lift...!

  18. To JD in Texas, my heart overflows with gratitude for you and your son. My grandson had 3 tours of duty in Iraq as a tank mechanic with the First Calvary. I sent short verses from Psalms and Proverbs - one each day via email. Even though he's not religious, at one point he said he had all 139 of my emails and had shared them with his buddies. They were all grateful. He will be officially retired next month after 20 years in the Army and no injuries having served also in Kosovo and Bosnia. I am deeply grateful!

    As we are instructed in the Manual, I pray the Daily Prayer each morning before I get out of bed: "Thy kingdon come;" let the reign of divine Truth, Live, and Love be established in my, and rule out of me all sin, and may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them!" I like the exclamation point at the end of the last sentence. To "enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them" certainly would end all wars as well as all crime. What a powerful tool Mrs. Eddy has given us to bless all mankind!

  19. Pienso que para que no haya más guerras tenemos que contestar a la agresíón con amor, esa es la clave, no basta con que Dios sea Amor si nosotros no lo practicamos. y digo esto no porque crea que Dios no es omnipotente, Sí lo es, pero al no conocer el mal solo es consciente de sí mismo el Amor y responde a la agresión con Amor. Si hacemos lo mismo como Cristojesús y Eddy prácticaron y nos han enseñado que la única senda para erradicar la violencia es la del Amor, no habría guerras, si a la agresión respondemos con amor, comenzando en nuestro propio relacionamiento diario en las disputas caseras o de vecindad, porque se hace necesario un gran y profundo amor, comenzando por nosotros mismos dando ejemplo de bondad cuando se nos agrede. No creo que haya otro camino, ni más efectivo que éste, sino en cada circunstancia, por sobre toda otra consideración, el afectivo.
    Sin dudas que hay una gran biblioteca sobre el tema pero lo más importante es aferrarnos a la Única palabra, la que habla del Amor y sus efectos sobre toda la humanidad, y prácticarla todos los dias y en toda circunstancia, mayormente cuando ésta más adversa parece.

    Muchas gracias Lesley, bello mensaje que ayuda a elevarnos para comprender lo impotente de las guerras si nuestra arma es el Amor.

  20. Thank you Lesley. Such an uplifting DL you gave us today. I received a message from my daughter living in Europe who could hear to it earlier, making comments and sharing her ideas with me. She said something she had read in an ad in the US had called her attention: It´s good to be you! This reminds me that peace begins within our consciousness. Yes, Druscilla # 16, I agree with you. We can start with ourselves and this exercise will make our prayers more universally effective. Thanks JD #15 for sharing your experience with us. Also #12 We ARE God´s expression and there is no basis for jealousy, mistrust, anger. My heart overflows with gratitude for Christian Science and Mrs. Eddy and this great family we have around the globe. The prophesies will be fulfilled.

  21. Thank you, Leslie, and thank you JD above, whose son recently returned from Afghanistan. It is so helpful to be reminded of how to pray on this subject, of the naturalness of the coming of "on earth peace," as it is in heaven, and of how to support those who are out in those areas of human effort that expose them to harm.
    And a seconding of JD's gratitude for Mrs. Eddy's great gift of Christian Science to the world. Our prayers are felt "in dark places of human fear." They are truly world-encircling, and we can know this, and abide in a peace-reflecting consciousness of God's all-presence and all-power.

  22. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you so much dear Lesley, that is true, I accept also to join our Leader in her prayer for all the
    Mankind, as much as possible. Have a nice weekend.

  23. All-important subject. Love's conclusion is peace to war-like thinking. Thank you Lesley.

    15, JD - Thank you! for today's comments and others in the past. A living example.

  24. Thank you so much Leslie, and while peace comes to families and family members there is always the possibility of peace in our larger family. Our own family has overcome a time of anger, fury and merciless hatred until now we can speak with each other, and exchange lovingkindness and patience.At times police were called in, but mostly there was solid prayer during the night, with peace totally restored in the morning, and discussions continued reasonably. Most people said there would never be peace. It was an impossible situation, but wholehearted prayer, still continuing, has brought us to a good place. Members of this Daily Lift family have also passed through their valley of the shadow of anger and frustration and come through into the light of love and reconciliation. Since it is possible for any two, anywhere, it is possible for all.
    Thank you Nate and team for a great week; the Board and lecturers; and the very peace keeping Lift family.

  25. Lise, Montréal, Québec

    Thank you Lesley...loohing forward to greet you in our city! Happy travelling !

    «THERE is no WAY To PEACE


    Daily Lift Team:
    Quote is by Reverend Abraham Johannes "A.J." Muste.

  26. Pienso que lo mejor de todo es quitarnos primero toda situación de discordancia en nosotros mismos,y de ahí, al apoyarnos en el amor de Dios por nosotros y,poner en practica nuestro reflejo del Amor divino eso vasta ,lo demás se logra solo.Gracias por tu exposición,es clara.

  27. Fear seems so often to be at the root of conflagration...fire, anger, hostility, war.

    So we're doing our bit every time we "allay the fear" when praying for ourselves and others. Fear can be stifled so easily in the presence of the cooling Christ. May we all trust the only Reality: Love.

  28. This lift and all the comments are much appreciated. Thanks to Druscilla, #16, for her interpretation of "war in heaven." There are usually plenty of issues to resolve right in my own thinking. I can learn to stay alert to them and pray to see the harmony that really is going on in me, a child of God. The one Mind alone possesses me and governs me and all. In this way, I cannot have conflicts in me, or with others. I love receiving these nuggets of Truth each day!

  29. Eddy also wrote this prayer: "Each day I pray for the pacification of all national difficulties, for
    the brotherhood of man, for the end of idolatry and infidelity, and for the growth and establishment of
    Christian religion — Christ's Christianity." (My 220) That will surely bring about world peace.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Quote is from "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" by Mary Baker Eddy often abbreviated "My."

  30. Such a wonderful lift Leslie. Thank you so much. Also thanks to all for sharing your insights. JD#15, I cried with happiness when reading your testimony, also with Lori #18. God's goodness indeed makes our "cup runneth over." And Drucilla, yes, so true that the battle for peace begins in our own consciousness. In fact, all spiritual gains are made through thought, which is prayer. As Mrs. Eddy explains at the beginning of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures "Desire is prayer." I always wondered how you could pray without ceasing. Of course, you do it by standing porter at the door of thought.

    There's a wonderful Journal article entitled "Being what We Wish to See Expressed" written by Grace Channell Wasson that speaks to the power of prayer and how changing our own thought blesses all around us.

    The author spoke deeply to me, especially when she said, "Let us be what we want to live with, be what we want to work with, be what we want the world to be like. Let us cherish spiritual qualities, love them, and live them, and we shall find them expressed everywhere. This living blesses the whole world. Let us be joyous; let us be the man God sees."

    We can all sing from the bottom of our hearts, "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" even if singing quietly in our thought or in the shower, It's the thought that blesses. Our heartfelt desires, our thoughts change the world.

    Daily Lift Team:
    "Let there be peace" lyrics by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller

  31. So timely, loving and relevant, Lesley! Thanks. AND a big thank you to all who have shared. Your comments are so heartfelt and genuine. We can all offer our prayers and I'm "on it," with you, as well.

  32. I enjoyed your reference to the English newspaper, The I. It reminded me to let thine eye (“I”) be single. These words of Jesus are recorded in Matthew 6:22, "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."

    There is one God as the first commandment declares and as Jesus expounds to say the most important, next to loving our neighbors. There is no duality, no conflicts of opinion and personality, no warfare, no error (terror), where love is present. And that's where we live and abide today, in God's omnipresence and omnipotence. Great peace and joy abide there and all mankind is welcome. And, like the law of Dodge City in the old West, we must check our guns at the door before we are allowed to enter in.

    That means removing any mental armament (argument), any calloused thoughts, any prejudice, preconceived notions, labels, fear, doubts or any false belief in a need for material defense for God is always present and all is love.

    Clad in the panoply of love is like standing under an umbrella in the rain. Warfare is unfair and cannot touch you under the shelter of love in the wings of the Almighty. As Gene Kelly sang, "I’m singing in the rain" because he knew he was in love and Love was in him. Nothing could dampen his spirits. Why should we let anything dampen our Spirit? If it can't touch God, it can't touch us.

  33. Thank you, Lesley. I am so grateful for this directive. And all the wonderful sharing of thoughts. Thank you all. My two children were raised as I was I without CS. More and more I find that as I pray to see their true selfhood existing in Mind governed by Principle, divine Love they express more and more of God's love for man. And this is being carried forth into the world. I am deeply grateful for Christian Science and for Mary Baker Eddy's life work committed to helping mankind through Christ Jesus' words and works that are with us today. We can both know and see them.

  34. Thank you for this very helpful message and reminder that our prayers heal and bring the everpresent good and peace out.

  35. Praying for peace with Hymn 135

    I know no life divided,
    O Lord of Life, from Thee;
    In Thee is Life provided
    For all mankind and me;
    I know no death, O Father,
    Because I live in Thee;
    Thy life it is that frees us
    From death eternally.

    "_ as in heaven, so on earth, _ God is omnipotent, supreme." S&H p.17

    Merci Lesley for this inspiring message to pray together for progress and peace for all mankind.

  36. Thank you for this lovely Lift and for all the inspired comments. It occurs to me that there will always be a sense of war where there is a sense of good as limited and personal (borders) because what is beyond the limits of good in that false sense but something we may take exception to? We must be activists in the spiritual, true sense - 'sans frontieres'.

  37. Thank you for this very important Lift. I love joining this Lift community in praying for peace in the world and being reminded to start with my own consciousness and interactions. Terrific comments with many inspiring hymns and citations and personal sharing - very grateful to all!

  38. Mary Baker Eddy writes "Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress" (Science and Health 57:1). The more we have of this cement, the easier it is for all people to refrain from regrettable acts of anger, passion, maybe even war.

    We simply don't have to give in to any base impulse. God is in control of every situation, and God is Love.

    Chastity is an active quality of thought--an activated, consistent purposefulness. It's more a right identification of self and others than a "not-doing" (although protection from wrong doing can be one of its outcomes).

    "Acts of chastity" might be (first and foremost) examining and guarding thought, but also engaging in purposeful activity, planning for innocent fun, enjoying balanced days, and perhaps practicing a meaningful skill. Supporting young people in this "active chastity" seems vital for their well-being, because they are surrounded by pressures to look "hot" and to focus on the body as their identity.

    Real safety probably isn't found in scheduling days excruciatingly tightly, but teaching ourselves and young people to identify properly as spiritual ideas, pure and perfect, and with much to offer, is a gift we should give. Are we helping enough? Young people need quiet times in a safe spot where they can journal, discuss values, and articulate their own values. If they're not in our Sunday School, we can go out to them.

    By activating chastity, we cherish peace

  39. As a reflection of God, who is Love, we express love. And when we express love to others they in turn will pass it on. "Love is reflected in love" (S&H pg. 17) When you love you cannot hate, be envious, covet, or bear false witness, so there can be no reason to war.
    Thanks Lesley for reminding us to pray for peace in the world.
    Thanks DL team, you are truly a "pearl of great price".

  40. Thank you Lesley! Tony 6, Druscilla 16 and Tracy 37, --thank you for the inspirational reminder that it begins with our own consciousness and touches all, JD 15 and Lori 18 (wonderful!) and to all other lifters,
    Thank You!!!

  41. Oh thank you, Leslie! Peace is truly the natural state of mankind - and not war! And yet we seem to have all fallen under the spell of accepting war as inevitable and as just a part of life here on earth. I love your courage to address this issue and to help all of us to wake up and see that Peace is actually the spiritual reality right here and now - as in heaven so on earth! Happy, Loving and Peaceful Weekend to All!

  42. Thank you Leslie for leading us in prayer for the world today, much needed. Thank you JD for sharing your story and for continuing your selflessness in thinking about the next brother. Mrs. Eddy indeed leave behind this wonderful religion for us to practice and know.

  43. Thank you, Leslie, for this DL which will inspire us all to pray for the world. And thanks to #30 for mentioning the Journal article. I just finished reading it and found it to be so very helpful. Many good ideas one of which is - achieve harmony by being what you wish to see. Thanks for all the comments and a big thank you to the DL team.

  44. I have a number of Grandsons and they talk to me on the phone often.. It is so easy tell them a few little truths and they seem very receptive. They aren't being raised in Christian Science but now are college age now. They must appreciate knowing that God is good and that God loves them and that they can turn to Divine Love with any problem. Thanks for all the outreach the Lifters are doing and knowing our prayers for world peace begin with each one of us. We should not be afraid to stand for the truth. God Bless All.

  45. I, too, wish to thank Leslie for your contribution today. I was pleased and truly uplifted to hear your comments.

  46. Thank you Lesley for this much needed daily lift.

    Our Metaphysical Committee at church is supporting the Global Day of Prayer on May 19, by reaching out in prayer all month to all peoples and nations to recognize that only Love is present, everywhere and at all times. This unconditional divine Love is omnipotent and is leavening world thought day by day as we diligently acknowledge the irresistible attraction of this power in everyone's life. Supporting the unity of God-like thought throughout the world will displace the fear behind all inharmony and war with the peace of God that passeth all understanding.

    Many thanks as always to everyone on the Daily Lift team. What treasures you bring to our spiritual growth every day.

  47. Sincere peaceful gratitude, Lesley. As each one is a pure example of peace in all we do, we will instill this sense of peace in our very youngest children. Let all grow in peace each moment. Let peace begin with me. Hugs of peace for all mankind.

  48. So grateful for these truly helpful comments and oh, so precious experiences.

  49. Thank you, Lesley for this wonderful daily lift. Thanks to Tony, J. D. and to all for their comments!

  50. Thank you Lesley, and all who joined this conversation
    and our prayers for peace.
    Thanks to the Board of Directors, the Lecturers, and to Nate and the whole production team!
    These Daily Lift messages are daily bread!

  51. Thank you, Lesley, for “No more war … What will help bring this about? First, the recognition that this outcome is not only possible, but inevitable … Second, prayer to see God’s kingdom come …”

    Possible? Inevitable? I had to prove it for myself …

    As a teenager, I realized I wanted “no more war.” But, what could I do? There was not a day in which I wasn’t dealing with emotions ranging from “mildly annoyed” to “really angry!” I had enjoyed many peaceful moments throughout my life; but, sustainable inner peace? Peace as a way of life? What did that even feel like? How could I make it my way of living? Without inner peace, how could I contribute to world peace?

    I wrote the Christmas message, as an equation: Peace on Earth = Good will towards all. I considered the commandment Jesus gave us: “Love one another” (John). I reasoned that Christians were given these high standards as a code of conduct because it’s “doable!” Is peace that simple?

    Encouraged, I prayerfully practiced applying peace to every “mild annoyance,” no matter how mild! Healing happened. With every annoyance eliminated, anger lessened and then, too, was gone. Through Love’s leadings, challenges became opportunities. After two weeks, what I feared impossible became possible with God. Inner peace is heaven! But, world peace?

    If Love-itself is everywhere, always; then peace, a quality of Love is always everywhere! Seek and find that heaven is on earth!!! Commit to "no more war." World peace is inevitable.

  52. Thank you Lesley, how we all need this reminder to pray for PEACE in the world, but as several lifters have already said, we must find our inner peace ( already within us) and then we can share it with our brothers and sisters everywhere. LOVE to ALL and once again So many thanks to the Daily lift team..

  53. Thank you for this perfect prayer for peace.

  54. The tools of war need to be seen as impotent on the path to peace. They are suppositions that pretend to have power over life. What a fallacy!

    There is only one power. Thank you for this wonderful daily lift.

  55. thank you Lesley

  56. O Lesley, I would like to hug you for this lift! It is so necessary and important. I totally agree with you! Both our countries know what war means - we both have suffered from the hate and ignorence and carelessness of our polititions and so on. It has been my life's desire and aim to let no war happen again. Unfortunately it could not be realized worldwide but don't we have to start with our direct surroundings? Thank you so much for this wonderful lift - it is a real wake-up. Though I need to go to bed now. :-)

  57. This was so rewarding thank you for this jewel

  58. Thank you.

  59. Great Daily Lift, Lesley! I remember being a war protester way back when! Prayer is best, tho!

  60. Thank you Lesley!!

    And thank you SO much JD and Lori, for sharing your stories. I am so grateful, it brought tears..amen! And only love n peace to all, even as we all demonstrate peace n love in our individual ways..

  61. ..and thank you #38 for the wonderful inspiration on chastity, and I whole-heartedly agree!!

  62. What a wonderfull daily lift.
    I wish it would be given in french, spanish; portuguese !!!

  63. The only war that there is, is the war of the flesh, between Spirit and Matter, between what is true and what is a lie. This mental miasma causes the discord that we call war. What a waste of thought, since all causation first originates in thought. So how do we annihilate war altogether? By knowing (in the secrete place) in thought that God is Love, to pure to know evil, to pure to know strife and most of all to know that since God Good is our Father and Mother where strive and discord is impossible.

  64. Thanks Lesley for the invitation to join the PEACE TEAM ! Will do better in future

  65. Thanks Much!!

  66. Thank you - a loving thank you to you for this one.

  67. Thank you so much Lesley for the great lift.

  68. Thank you.

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