5/29: A tree planted by the water

5/29: A tree planted by the water

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  1. Thank you John, so beautifully articulated. It is not material conditions that cause God's creation to grow and prosper, but rather it is their nature, through their spiritual reflection and identity, untouched by mortal beliefs, that gives them their unfathomable beauty. This certainly applies to us. As we detach human beliefs from what is really God's creation we will begin to see, in Mary Baker Eddy's words," this true likeness and reflection everywhere." (see S&H pg. 516) Thank you again. P.S. I enjoyed meeting you on your trip to California.

  2. Thank You

  3. Thanks, John! I will be like that tree.

  4. Thank you. A lovely analogy.

  5. John, Thank you.

  6. Many thanks John for this inspiring symbolism. Yes. "Our vertical growth will steadily rise with no ceilings of limitation... into the realm of spiritual dominion." "O perfect Mind, reveal Thy likeness true,/ That higher selfhood which we all must prove,/ Joy and dominion, love reflecting Love./ Alleluia! Alleluia!" Hymn 66.

  7. John Thank you

  8. Thank you for this lovely, healing Lift. I found the words "that bringeth forth his fruit in his season" which you quoted from the Psalms, particularly helpful in relation to my expectation of others (and of myself!).

  9. Thank you, John. Trees are such a beautiful expression of Soul. With leaves, the trees are full, green and beautiful. When just the branches are showing, they show outline and strength. Trees never stop growing. A lovely lesson for us all.

  10. Lovely thought. Trees put forth their roots to reach the water and draw in all they need to make them flourish and bring forth fruit. When we put down our roots in the spiritual soil of the Christ understanding, we will find and draw up all the water - or spiritual inspiration we need to bring forth the fruits of the Spirit.
    Those beautiful trees, planted by the rivers of water, give shadow and shade, and to me they are reassuring and give a feeling of stability and strength. How much more useful in this respect are we than trees when we put down our roots into the rivers of spiritual understanding, and extend our branches to our fellow man to give them shadow and shade from false fears and false material beliefs.

    Thank you for this really lovely lift. I look forward to more uplifting thoughts which this lift provokes.

  11. The metaphor of "a tree planted by the water" seems to resonate with Mark 8:18 and 21from today's studies of this week's Bible Lesson which reads, Having eyes, see yet not? and having ears, hear ye not? How is it that ye do not understand?
    Thank you to all of the contributors listed above and below this one.

  12. Thank you John,

    I loved it. Thanks also to Martin and Malcom; I do love hymn 66/423.

    Time is illusive. I have been to the base of some great redwoods and was just blown away by the height and width of these trees. Being there I never thought of the age of the trees I was too distracted with the majesty of their growth. I am glad you pointed out that the trees in the Great Forrest were over 2000 years old and deep rooted as a demonstration of their "lasting greatness".

    Thank you also for sharing Psalms 1:3; an important Psalm to carry with us as we embrace ourselves, our families and Church work. As we think of the growth of the tree, it has no evidence that it will still be there 2000 years later, in fact as you said it may face drought, flooding, fire, lightning etc. but the tree does not know discouragement - it knows light and that it must reach for the light. It must keep rooting itself, digging and digging just as we do when we study, work and pray.

    The tree does not think of itself as being old, tired nor having had to persist through countless problems, it just knows it must grow no matter its age. When we first see these trees we see their magnificence, not their age nor any 'sorrow' from the past; in fact they shade us! We see them as they are, manifestations of growth, constancy and divine supply

    Time's only role is to remind us that it did not happen all at once; there was unfoldment, patience & persistence. Sweet!. Keep Growing!

  13. Thank you John for your affirming lift today.
    I love your ending words: "Rise higher and higher into the realm of spiritual dominion."
    This is, of course, the path each one of us is
    troding to "the upward way" as we all realize
    that it is "in God we live and move and have our being". God is our Life, Truth and Love.
    Thank you.

    And thank you Daily Lift Team!

  14. Thank you John for giving us the image of the giant Sequoia tree standing tall and standing down adversities, just like we can do with God's help. Thanks for helping me see I am the reflection of God's love, untouched by outer circumstances, pure and free.

  15. John, thank you for helping lift us all up the tree to spiritual dominion. Revelation 22 verses 1 and 2 came to my thought too.

  16. Thank you .I have seen some of those trees there in California and thy truly are beautiful. To be like those trees is God's will be done.

  17. I love this thought! Growth in grace with out any limits and only prosperity. Thank you.

  18. "And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper." PS 1:3

    The psalmist compared us to a strong tree's lasting greatness, maybe like the giant sequoia trees in the Sequoia National Forest in California. (One was proved to be 3,210 years old and there were found even older trees.)

    I'm sure not expecting to live that long, but I'll feel quite accomplished if I can live ―even a part of my life― rooted as firm as a tree planted by the water, in my trust in God.

    "Será como árbol plantado junto a corrientes de agua, que da su fruto a su tiempo Y su hoja no se marchita; En todo lo que hace, prospera." Salmo 1:3

    El salmista nos compara con la duradera grandeza de un árbol fuerte, tal vez como los secuoias gigantes en el Bosque Nacional Sequoia en California. (Uno de ellos fue resultó tener 3.210 años de edad, y se encontraron árboles aún mayores.)

    Claro que no espero vivir tanto tiempo, pero me sentía realizada si logro vivir ―aunque sea una parte de mi vida― arraigada firmemente como un árbol plantado cerca del agua, en mi confianza en Dios.

  19. Thank you for that beautiful Lift. Your phrase " where the Sequoias live" reminded me of the Bible verse
    "for in him we live and move and have our being." ( Acts 17:28). Like the giant Sequoias, we also live in the realm of God.

  20. Thank you!

  21. Forgive me for what may seem a comment unrelated to CS, but perhaps it may uplift someone, somewhere. Here in the UK, apart from the occasional redwood in an arboretum, my only connotation for the sequoia is in Johnny Cash's song 'The Talking Leaves' relating to the Cherokees, from his unforgettable 'Bitter Tears' album. John, your words reminded me of Johnny, his appreciation of the environment, and his spiritual depth. Thank you.

  22. Thank you, John, for this inspired and helpful lift!

  23. Another great daily lift...Thank you John..and to all who comment so lovingly to encourage one another to keep on growing in the TRUTH.

  24. Beautiful thank you!

  25. What a wonderful seed planted for the day, Thank you John and Daily Lifters who will carry nurture it and carry it with them and spread the word. Joy be your day!

  26. "Our vertical growth" -- our spiritual increase -- strengthens us to be able to face any adverse circumstance. Here is lovely poem from the Christian Science Sentinel, Jan. 6, 1945, titled "As a Tree". It reads in part:

    As a tree sends roots
    Deep and deeper into the earth
    Standing entrenched
    While the stormwinds blast,
    So he who grows strong
    In understanding faith
    Stands firm
    In the consciousness of Truth.

    We will stand firm today and every day, knowing our roots spring from Mind. Thank you, John.

  27. Thank you. What a wonderful analogy, beautifully expressed!!!

  28. Just Beautiful John!!...my family 2 summers ago made a stop to the Sequoia National Forest.....oh Wow!...we were all so moved and humbled by the majesty of them!...and to think they have been growing when Jesus was here!..my youngest son at first thought they were not real they were soo large..he said.." They were as big as a dinosaur!"..we laughed!...I was also moved to tears when we went for the walk to see some of the oldest of them!...for these trees never thought to stop growing....just continue no matter what was happening around them!....I love what (12) Troy spoke of..about the trees only seeking the light just like us..no matter the influence of fire or storms!!..I just love this lift!...Thank You fellow lifters for your wonderful words of Truth!
    Love to All with Bountiful Growing!! : ) : ) : )

  29. As a recent movie character said "To infinity and beyond". ;)

  30. Yes indeed ...a super lift.
    Rooted firmly ..deeply connected to the earth ..a tree stands steadfast and strong through all types of challenges and weather.
    It provides a comforting shelter to all sorts or animals and insects.
    When we stay rooted firmly, connected to God, and stand steadfastly, knowing the truth that we "rise higher into the rhelm of spiritual dominion", and are indestructible, eternal"
    as so wonderfully expressed by you.
    Thankyou John, for your uplifting , lift!

  31. I love the thought of "no ceiling of limitation"! The door is always wide open when we put our trust in God. Thank you, John, for another inspiring and comforting message.

  32. After we were married, I started to grow lots of big trees in what became my garden. They had to be protected from the frost, and watered with drips during the dry months. The first 15 years were the slowest, and then they started to find their way deep down into the moisture. They were great for birds to build their nests, for cats to climb for safety and for goannas when they were looking for eggs. It was lovely to see the trees flower each year, and grow quite huge in 50 years, and when I hugged them I was sure I could feel their response stir deep within. We just need a few more thousand years to come up to sequoia size. Thank you, John, for this wonderful Daily Lift. The sequoia are without doubt the most impressive in majesty, conformity and grace.
    Thank you Nate and the team - I always think of Shannon having to get out of bed at 2.am; and the Daily Lifters, all eager to stretch in order to rise higher and higher to spiritual dominion.

  33. Thank you.

  34. Wonderful, Thankyou.

  35. Thanks, John, for your message today. To think that these trees have endured so much -- including drought, as you mentioned. Yet there they still are. And to # 21 "Seeker" -- oh I love Johnny Cash, too. So glad to be reminded of him.

  36. So beautiful and healing! Thank you John!

  37. "being like the trees....... AMEN. Powerful and lovely. Thanks 21 and 26! thanks everyone for sharing. Thanks DL team.

  38. Your closing comments, "our vertical growth will steadily rise with no ceilings of limitation. Rise higher and higher into the realm of spiritual dominion." This lift was so powerfully delivered. Thank you lifters for the inspiring comments. I am also lead to remember the passing of one of our greatest poets Maya Angelou and her poem 'Still I Rise".

    John, thank you for the reminder that I will continue to grow onward and upward, "rising in the strength of spirit to resist all that is unlike good. God has made man capable of this and nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man." (S&H Chapter XII - Christian Science Practice)

  39. Thank you for this meaningful symbolism of the giant sequoias. Very strengthening towards helping us grow to a deeper understanding of who we really are, spirituallly.

  40. Absolutely wonderful on all levels... Much gratitude to you for expressing it so clearly...

  41. Thank you John, a lovely message.

  42. I'm glad to hear that your giant-friends kept you safe as they did for me 39 years ago.

  43. The Word of Wisdom providing all need. John, thank you so much for today's thoughts and all those who daily watch and pray.

  44. Oh my! What a beautiful analogy. Trees provide many lessons for spiritual seekers. Renewal, growth, indestructibility, dominion, strong foundation, etc.Just imagining you standing next to those red giants made me sit up straighter in my office this morning! ! Thank you, John. Your lifts are precious. Onward and upward, Christian healers!

  45. Thank You, John Q.! Yes, spiritual understanding is the soil in which to sink our consciousness deeply, each day. Only from building on the Rock of Truth can we truly grow to great heights! Lovely Lift and thoughts from Lifters today! Let's keep reaching Higher and Higher...."grounded and rooted in Love." !!

  46. Ese simbolismo me deja esta reflexión: Nosotros plantados, aferrados a la corriente cálida divina, donde ha sido plantada la semilla, germinando, creciendo, hasta dar flor que se convierte en fruto sustancioso, que alimenta permanentemente a toda necesidad, porque el fruto que es abundante, se expande y da el 100% por 100%, generosamente y parece gratuito porque ha sido plantado en buenas corrientes de agua, pero sin una buena semilla dificilmente se reproduzca, a pesar de las circunstancias propicias, se hace necesario el cuidado permanente, quitando las malezas que pueden entorpecer el crecimiento y desarrollo para que haga al fruto sustancioso, abundante, que colme toda necesidad.

    Así veo al reino divino, ha plantado la buena semilla, en buenas corrientes de agua, pero nos ha dejado a nosotros el cuidado de quitar las malezas que puede hacer perder el fruto.

    "¿Quien como Jehová nuestro Dios, que se sienta en las alturas, que se humilla a mirar, en el cielo y en la tierra?" Salmos

    "Para nuestro Maestro, la vida no era una mera sensación de la existencia, sino una acompañante sensación de poder que subyugaba la materia, sacando a luz la inmortalidad. La vida como la definió Jesús no tenía comienzo." MBE

    Entiendo la semilla tiene vida en sí misma y debe frutificar aún en situaciones adversas, sin duda que en condiciones faborables se reproduce con mayor fruto.

    Muchas gracias John, sigamos regando la semilla, para que de mayores frutos.

  47. Living among these giant Sequoias, it also came to my mind that they were here when Christ Jesus was preaching here on earth. I have a large one outside my office/den here at home which was probably planted about 60 years ago, but showed measurable growth after my husband dug a pond close to its base. I also have one in our side yard I planted 24 years ago that towers over our house. Oh, if only my spiritual growth was as deeply routed and growing as fast! But it is growing and I'm so deeply grateful for these lifts which nourish this growth - thanks to all!

  48. What a lovely lift, thank you, John. Each morning, I look forward to the Daily Lift and reading the Bible Lesson. Trees also provide safety and home for the birds. As our thoughts become more Spiritual, we feel the safety and security of our dear Father Mother, God's tender care. "..and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." Rev 22:2. Let's reach for the Divine light and perhaps, do a dance of gratitude around a tree today!

  49. Beautiful! What more can be said. Thank you, John, for this lovely uplifting prayer to begin my day.

  50. Thank you John for today´s DL and thank you Troy # 12 for your comments. The tree does not think of itself as being old, tired or having had to endure difficulties... The role of time is to remind us that there was unfoldment, patience and persistence. WE must keep growing seeking the light...

  51. Inspiring Daily Lift, John. I shall be like a tree; and, like a tree, I shall lift myself towards the light. Thank you, John.

  52. I love the metaphor of the tree, thank you John, and I loved the grittiness of your lecture when I heard you speak several years ago! Again, thank you. And thank you to all the listeners and responders,and the team who does this inspired work (Troy, I have one of your photos as my screensaver, thanks!
    Years before coming to CS, during a particularly difficult time in my life of recalling very painful childhood memories, I found myself with my family in the lower Sequoia grove in Yosemite, facing "General Sherman", a particularly ancient, enormous tree. God often has spoken to me through the natural world. As I gazed in wonder, I started hearing this voice that went something like, "Look at me, take it all in, do you see those fire streaks, do you see the lightning strikes which fractured off parts of me, did that even faze me in the least? NEVER! SUFFERING, DID IT HAVE ANY POWER, NO!, AND IT HAS NO POWER OVER YOU EITHER..
    I was in awe, drifted away in a daze, falling into a deep sleep when I got into the van, but somehow the deepest, unfathomable darkness of the memories was falling away...and I found myself able to take up the journey towards the light...

  53. Thank you, John. That is a beautiful thought to enjoy throughout the day.

  54. to John , thank you so much for lifting me up , i cannot look back at all i can only look forward thank you ,
    from Australia , Frank

  55. I have always loved this poem I thought others might enjoy it.

    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.

    A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
    Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

    A tree that looks at God all day,
    And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

    A tree that may in summer wear
    A nest of robins in her hair;

    Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
    Who intimately lives with rain.

    Poems are made by fools like me,
    But only God can make a tree.
    Joyce Kilmer

  56. I love that idea of rising higher and higher with spiritual dominion and without a ceiling of limitation. I've got a lot of trees in my yard, and when I go out there today I'll think of this.

  57. A great analogy! A tree planted on the rock secure with no limited growth and assured progress. What a great way to start the day! Thank you, John!

  58. A lovely metaphor, thank you, John!

  59. Thank you, John, for “A tree planted by the water … deep-rooted and standing tall … as God’s own image and likeness, indestructible and eternal … no ceilings of limitation …” Powerful imagery!!! The Truth of our being!!!

    If I accept this beautiful lift as the only truth about me and mine and all, how would I BE today? The world tries to impress us with our vulnerabilities and scare us with how fragile “life” is!!! But Christian Science serves to remind us of our right and responsibility to live in God’s own image and likeness with “no ceilings of limitation.” We are guided and protected by Our Father / God Almighty as we refuse to have any other gods before us and just let God BE God to us.

    Under the marginal heading “Man unfallen,” Mrs. Eddy reminds us, “Man is incapable of sin, sickness, and death” (S&H 475:28). I heard those words as I listened to my audio book, and then I heard them repeated in thought, as, “YOU are incapable of sin, sickness, and death!!!” I was startled, but got the message that I am "that man.” That's "nice," but ... "No buts about it!" It’s the Truth of our being!!! It's how God designed us to BE! Healing is the revealing of the Truth that is always the Truth. Agreeing to, insisting on, and persisting in BEing "that man," who is incapable of sin, sickness, and death, is living Christ’s Christianity.

    Deep rooted. Standing tall. A sequoia is a good image to hold in thought.

  60. So beautiful and, as it ofen seems with these DL, so timely! Thanks John for your inspired and inspiring words, thanks to the DL team, and to all that CS offers so generously. With deep gratitude, Maria

  61. Thank you john for your wonderful message.

  62. Just Beautiful! Thank you so much!

  63. thank you John, si visual and inspiring, and I was thinking that it is God's power and life strenght who is growing us and lifting us also like those trees, like evrything around us, we ARE SO BLESSED

  64. uust Beautiful! Thank you. And thank you to Kathy #54. That poem has been on my mind so much in the past few days, but I only remembered the the last 3 stanzas.

  65. Thank you, John!
    Just wonderful!

  66. I really like your "rising higher and higher into Spiritual Dominion." That is my inspiring lift for today. Thank you John.

  67. Thank you .

  68. Years ago I brought home an apple tree seedling from an abandoned homestead nearby. I planted it among the Ponderosa Pines trees that cover the land. It has never been intimidated by its small size compared to the big trees but has become what it was meant to be. Today it is in full bloom and radiates Soul in all its beauty, not knowing or
    caring about its age or where it came from, just being what God meant it to be.
    Thank you so much John for this Lift. I shall follow and rejoice on your ideas and the wonderful comments from our family of Lifters.
    Thank you so much John for this Lift.

  69. Thank you John for this inspiring message.

  70. Thought provoking, spiritually uplifting, life sustaining, truth evoking, love enticing, God revealing, mind transforming,and evil destroyed. Thank you.

  71. A thought planted in the water of Life, gives us living water, not infected by mortal opinions or laws, but the actuality of God's law giving us the Grace we need for the given day, God understood.

  72. Thank you John,

    Trees have always been a favorite subject of nature for me. Loved making their branches grow taller and wider with a special art trick I learned.

    Way back when I was in seventh grade we were studying metaphors and I wrote: The roots of a tree are arms reaching out for life. It got published in our yearbook. I was so surprised and joyful. I guess even at that young age I could see the tree as a special symbol of Life. Hadn't even seen the Redwoods yet.

  73. Thank you, John, for that inspirational lift; and thanks for all comments, esp. Kathy #55, Seeker #21, and Margaret #32 for sharing their unique perspective. Brother birds who on the same branch bend. :)

    Daily Lift Team
    "Like brother birds, that soar and sing, And on the same branch bend." is from a poem written by Mary Baker Eddy (and is a hymn).

  74. I have the same qualities as the Redwood, dear John, always soaring to the light.

  75. What a great metaphor comparing the majestic giant Sequoias to the time of Jesus and the Christ he lived. Thanks so much John. Just as the mature Sequoias have survived nature's adverse conditions - fires and winds - so the Christ enables us humans to overcome our fears and terribly inhumane experiences.
    My local newspaper this morning describes two individuals who I would describe as giants worth taking a look at and taking a "leaf" from their lives. One is Maya Angelou, who became a master of the use of the english language and the art of forgiveness, gratitude and compassion. With her passing I cannot imagine her not standing tall and dancing with Moses today.
    The other is Canadian Liberal Senator Romeo Dallaire, a peacekeeper, who is in the news for resigning (not retiring) from the Canadian Senate. He wants more time to pursue "causes close to [my] heart that are related to defence of human rights in the international arena. I have an awful lot of work ahead of me...."
    Really, don't we all have a lot of work (growing) to do?

  76. As a "work in progress" I find the DL's to be the most important part of my morning. I am some day hoping to be able to join my local church, but for now, I am studying as much as I can. I find Troy's statement, "It doesn't happen all at once. There is unfoldment, patience, persistence" to be incredibly helpful. And, every now and then, some spark of understanding does seem to "happen all at once" I'm grateful.

  77. Thanks!

  78. Thank you John for connecting us to "unlimited spiritual growth".

  79. Your message today prompted me to realize the similarities and differences between the giant sequoias and the giant redwoods. After years of visiting both species of stands, I'm seeing and appreciating their subtle distinguishing traits and relationships to the differing climates in which they thrive.

  80. Like Lori in Crescent City, I am also from there and I appreciate the analogy of the strength of the wonderful trees. Thank you, John.

  81. I Was just thinking that to be over two thousand years old and still be poised,graceful ,and useful not too mention beautiful and still serving your highest purpose. Thank you John for speaking so lovely about trees. I see so clearly their likeness to their creator. When my children were small they had a lovely book which we read frequently entitled "The Giving Tree" by Shell Silberstein if memory serves me correctly. That is appropriately what all trees should be called for their generous nature of sharing their gifts always.thanks again John

  82. This lift brought back memories of when I was a leader in the 4H program. Instead of cooking or sewing I had a program on forestry. My children and all local children planted trees where ever we could in our rual community. All kinds of types are growing beautifully for over 20 years. If you split an apricot seed you will see a little apricot tree in it. I love your message today and thanks to all the wonderful comments. with love.

  83. Sincere gratitude for this Daily Lift, John, After 9/11 a number of Second Grade students from five different religious schools gathered and planted a small pine tree. "A Christmas Tree?" "No a tree of Peace." Students from these schools gather to 'cooperate' 5 times a year and witness the growth of this "PEACE" tree.

  84. Thank you John and lifters for this marvelous lesson of growth in grace. The "tree" ? Of Life? of good and evil? Thank God, Christ and Mrs. Eddy that we may distinguish what is of God, good. LIFE/light and what is not of God. "I AM the vine" Jesus said of the Christ which animated him. This lesson reminds me to reach for the light and partake of the infinite blessings of Spirit, casting my net on the right side of the infinite, and trusting Him that made all that is made, to lead us to know as we are known.Wow what a wonderful journey.....Peace, Love and understanding to all.

  85. Thank you, John!


  87. Thank you very much!

  88. Thank you John for your lift and reference to that lovely verse Psalm1:3. I found it so uplifting and comforting. And trees are beautiful!

  89. Thank you John. Obrigado John.

  90. Beautiful! -B

  91. Just beautiful!
    Thank you for this inspiring lift!

  92. These lifts are all desideratum.

  93. Thank you John for this great analogy!

  94. Thank you for the thoughtful images- I'm from Sequoia Land!

  95. Such beautiful imagery ... I am always in awe of the fact that the spiritual realm that we live in is so beautifully visible - how can this possibly be mortal!

  96. Thank you so much, John, for this inspiring gracious Daily Lift and for all the uplifting comments from "Brother birds" #73, they are joy to read and so helpful. All love to the Daily Lift team, thank you dear friends.

  97. Thank you.

  98. Thank you, John, for this moving analogy and the accompanying strengthening comment.

  99. Super, thank you John.

  100. Beautiful uplifting message. Thank you.

  101. Having read all the comments, I say "Well done." John. And big thank yous to all the commentators and the DL Team.

  102. Thank you, John, such a helpful message!!!

  103. Thank you so much, John. I will remember the glorious way you brought out the spiritual idea of man liking it to the Sequoa trees. I live in South Calif. and often go to see that forest - it is magnificent to view. What a wonderful promise is given to man to eventually see our spiritual dominion.