5/28: Don't get drawn in

5/28: Don't get drawn in

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  1. Thank you Chet, what a great Lift. Mortal mind constantly tempts us to get drawn in to the mortal picture, but to sympathize with error is to be in agreement. We know that in Christian Science things are not as they appear. Standing up mentally for what we know to be true not only protects our own thinking but helps others to get a glimpse of true spiritual reality. Changing our base of thought from the mortal to the spiritual is the first step to healing. God has given all of us the wherewithal to take that step.

  2. Chet, thank you for this wonderful lift. I have been working on a seeming problem and even though I thought I was alert and standing porter at the door of my thought somehow something was getting past me. Now I know I need to be more alert to not getting drawn in to thoughts and situations around me. This idea helps me to get back upon the mountain top!

  3. Don’t get drawn in… (being by a movie or by a negative medical diagnostic) remain aloof, at a safe distance where you can still recognize your true identity as a son or daughter of God, always safe.

    See matter as a fiction novel that doesn’t come from God and its effects won’t harm you.

    No te dejes absorber… (ya sea por una película o por un diagnóstico medico negativo, manténte separado, a una distancia segura dónde todavía puedas reconocer tu verdadera identidad como hijo o hija de Dios, siempre a salvo.

    Mira a la materia como una novela de ficción que no viene de Dios y sus efectos no te harán daño.

  4. Thanks for this reminder Chet. I am sure it will be appreciated by so many listeners today.

  5. so simple. so powerful. awesome...thank you Chet, really helpful.

  6. Simply brilliant Chet. Thank you for the reminder!

  7. So a wonderful comparison, thank you so much for this Lift, it is so helpful for all and me :-)

  8. A young "tweenager" at Sunday School told me how cool it is that she can change her dreams if the dream is bad - she was comparing that to how we can do the same in our wake state... we were all touched by her clear understanding. THANK YOU, Chet! (_)

  9. Thank you so much - that was exactly what I needed to hear, and obey, today!

  10. What a perfect comparison! thank you, Chet, for this most helpful lift; most appreciated. Excellent!

  11. Thanks Chet it has been an inspiration for me today.

  12. Exactly what I need to hear at this moment as the email I opened
    Just before listening to this Lift made me feel completely 'drawn in'
    To a situation I just don't know at this time how best to resolve.
    I am sure the right idea will present itself which will Bless all
    concerned. Thankyou again and again. Betty

  13. A dear friend at church recently found himself reading the SPAM he had received in his email box - it painted a very different picture of the man he is to the man being portrayed as a recipient for SPAM advertising - right there and then he broke from the distraction of being mesmerised by the false picture his computer was presenting to him; likewise I checked my SPAM - but only momentarily as it told such a LIE....and then erased it ...we can break daily from the SPAM in our thinking,(just press the delete button) by not being drawn in by suggestion rather than the facts of a true, beautiful God created being. Thank you so much Chet for this Lift today - and all the BoL - I love the music...

  14. Thank you, Chet, for this lovely Lift which so nicely compliments the Lesson and reminds us to stay alert against any form of mesmerism or magnetism.

  15. this is very well said and very well pondered, I appreciate that, thank you

  16. Wow!! A great reminder Chet! So helpful for me today

  17. Thank you, Chet. Fiction! That's just what error is...an illusion to what is true. Your reminder to "not get drawn in" is so helpful to keep in the forefront of my thinking. Much appreciated...

  18. Many thanks Chet for this great reminder. Yes. "Stay awake to what is true!" "In atmosphere of Love divine,/ We live, and move, and breathe;/ Though mortal eyes may see it not,/ 'Tis sense that would deceive." (Christian Science Hymnal #144).

  19. Perfect lift for my day! Thank you

  20. Oh! Dreamer leave, thy dreams for joyful waking.
    Thank you so much Chet, one of those LiftsI knew from the title was going to be beneficial.

    Daily Lift Team:
    The first line is from the first verse of Hymn 202 in the Christian Science Hymnal:

    "O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking,
    O captive, rise and sing, for thou art free;
    The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking,
    Unloosing bonds of all captivity."

  21. Just so helpful today for me. It reminds me of something Mrs Eddy said about Jesus walking over not into or with the currents of mortal mind.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Reference is made to Mary Baker Eddy's book Unity of Good, page 11, line 3:

    "Jesus taught us to walk over, not into or with, the currents of matter, or mortal mind."

  22. Drawn in. The following visual image struck me immediately like being boxed in.
    .| o |
    .| /|\ |
    .| || |

    This morning I'm working on thoughts of illusion, allusion and elusion, a good fit for this topic.

    A practitioner cannot help if they are drawn in, sucked into the patient's illusion. They see the spiritual man is not circumscribed by matter, not trapped within a whited sepulcher or coffin (false material belief) and never boxed in. Like a chick pecking from within its shell, the spiritual man cannot be confined, but breaks free.

    Sometimes error seems to have a gigantic pencil trying to draw us into the mortal picture, but God has an even bigger eraser to free us from any false boundaries and wash us clean.

    You are NOT GUILTY. Don’t let error FRAME you.

  23. This is really great, Chet. We have to immediately get onto the spiritual picture and the healing treatment. I was at Association one year and there was a bit of a gathering the night before where everyone was catching up and speaking of our past year. A friend came in and listened for a very short while and then said, "I'm going back to the real thing." and left the room. It wasn't long before most of us left to prepare for the following day. A big lesson and lovingly shared.
    Thanks to all who share here, and to the producers of this great podcast, a regular part of our Daily Life.

  24. Found this lift so helpful thank you

  25. Thanks, Chet! I was taking time yesterday to get a better understanding of "watching" - and your lift really clarified it for me! Very grateful.

  26. I am going to remember your words when I wake up at night and worry about ... whatever. Anything or everything. I am not going to be 'drawn in' on any of this senseless, useless worry. Thanks Chet, your lifts are always good ones !

  27. Thank you, this is just what I needed to hear. Many thanks.

  28. Waking up in the middle of the night worrying about what appeared to be a threat to health, peace and harmony in my family, I tuned in to this Lift, realized where I had been drawn in, resolved to keep my attention on "perfect God and perfect man", and it has been very helpful. Thank you.

  29. Thank you for the reminder Chet. It is so easy to be drawn in that we often don't realize its happening to us. I will watch myself more carefully from now onwards and make certain that I'm not being drawn in by some subtle form of mortal mind.

  30. Yes, Chet, thank you! I loved it. Very well expressed. I also loved the comment about the young Sunday School girl who said the good thing about dreams is that you can change them at any time time if you don´t like them and the same applies to wake states. We don´t need to accept what mortal mind is trying to tell us about the greed of the politicians, or the apparent lack of honesty around us, or the difficulty to solve a physical problem that has been bothering us for a long time... We must stay aloof as # 3Elena said, break free, don´t get drawn in.

  31. Excellent and so clear and simple. Thanks, Chet! It's exactly what I need on a few things I'm praying about.

  32. A wonderful, needed message. Thanks for the "lift".

  33. Thank you for this clear ideas, it reminds me to look steadfastly to the only true picture, which God sees from me and others.(His image and likeness).That is the right watching in all directions. Dorette from Hamburg

  34. Thank you, Chet. Mornings for me are my moments for reading the Daily Lifts. Often the thoughts conveyed are enough to re-direct my thinking for the day and beyond. Lately one of my newest prayers is the first sentence of S&H: "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." It is short but to the point, and enough to keep me from becoming "drawn in."

  35. Thank you Chet

  36. Thank you, Chet. A perfect angel message to negate the drama that is always on the periphery ready to jump in to create disharmony. Nothing can control our thought unless we allow it, and your lesson today affirms that truth. I wish I had had the depth of spiritual understanding years ago when you and your team were here.!!!
    I am delighted that you are able to reach so many people with your clear and meaningful lectures and daily lifts!!!!!

  37. How nice, Chet!
    It's like a parable:film and unreality illustrating the way we get drawn in when we don't have to, don't need to.
    Thanks for the comparison and the reminder that we can use when unreality and disharmony try to get us drawn in.

  38. Thank you.

  39. Thank you, Chest, it is all I needed hear in this exact moment.

    Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken
    Salm 62:6

  40. Thank you Chet. For this lift it is a good reminder that we are God''s perfect child. That we do not need to believe lies.

  41. Thank you, Chet, for this wonderful lift. I have had a recent experience where I found I was 'drawn in' to respond to an unkind remark. The expectation of only good comes from God. I pray for understanding and that good and love will prevail. I will also be more vigilant not to be drawn in to what mortal mind is trying to impose. Love is All.

  42. Sometimes you can get a horse to step into a horse trailer by having another horse go before him. He can be drawn in by his basic desire to stay with the “herd”. A piece of cake for the horse trailer owner. But - not so much, the donkey!

    Now I would never suggest that spiritual students, even Practitioners, are donkeys, but I do notice that they look with kind eyes, listening ears – and are not moved without their (apparently) own inspiration.

    Thank you, Chet. Great point. We will keep our feet grounded on Truth and feel no apologies for not getting into the box!

  43. This is just what I needed to hear this morning..thank you!

  44. Wonderful lift, Chet. The perfect timing for me, but then God's timing is always perfect. I realized how I was being drawn into a number of things and the recognition was so freeing. I also loved the story about the Sunday School girl who changed her bad dreams and likened that to our physical world experiences that we can change by changing our thoughts. I do that with my dreams too and had thought of the comparison with physical life. It's great to hear someone else voicing and affirming the same true idea.

  45. Thank you Chet. This is wonderfully profound.

  46. Thanks so much, Chet, for this great DL! Such a great analogy to help one handle the aggressive suggestions that present themselves each day. This will be part of my armor (re: this week's Bible Lesson) today (and everyday). :)

  47. I like to remember what the greatest dramatist of all time, William Shakespeare, said about the mortal mind drama: "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing."

  48. So simply put that it's easy to understand and put into practice - don't get drawn in. I had just been thinking about that before I sat down to my computer and here I found it beautifully put to stay with God and not let the mortal senses try to control me or anyone!
    Thanks so much Chet.

  49. Thank you Chet again and again. Also thanks for all
    the comments. This is great and so helpful.
    Love to all.

  50. Wendy Duffy Western Australia.
    Thank you so much for this gentle warning, and so timely family-wise.
    It is not possible to express in a few words just how wonderful and
    powerful these Daily Lifts are. Thank you very much Chet Manchester

  51. Great lift....thank you!!

  52. Dear Chet this was just what I needed this morning. I've been drawn in by experiences of two friends with vacant rental properties and all of the problems they're having. Then Thursday the gal renting a cottage on my property gave notice she's breaking her lease a month early to move to another town for a better job. I was happy for the progress she was making, but devastated at the thought of having to find another tenant. I am trying to correct my thinking and know that all things work together for good to those who love God, and I do love God with all my heart, and soul, and mind, and strength, for in Him I live and move and have my being. I just love the 3rd verse of hymn 154:

    In Thee i have no pain or sorrow,
    No anxious thought, no load of care,
    Thou are the same today, tomorrow;
    Thy love and truth are everywhere.

    And to Jana #13, I just delete and never open anything I can't identify.

  53. Thanks so much, Chet, for this powerful analogy of relating watching a movie and watching our thoughts --- of not getting drawn into the story. So important to be on high alert in this regard. I also loved what Michael (No.22) said: "Sometimes error seems to have a gigantic pencil trying to draw us into the mortal picture, but God has an even bigger eraser to free us from any false boundaries and wash us clean." Another very helpful analogy. Love these Lifts and Lifters ... A new gift each morning! Many, many thanks to all who contribute, and to all of you who make this possible behind the scenes every day.

  54. Thank you so much Chet.
    Your message is straightforward and powerful!

  55. Wow......that was just exactly what I needed to hear today. Somehow the Memorial Day weekend in America tends to try to draw me in to sadness and sorrow, even sickness......there seems to have been so much loss lately........but your lift is just the reminder I needed to be lifted out of that and know that the Christ is there, as you said. We don't have to be drawn into the false belief in a power opposed to God--or a mortal mind.. Thank you so much!

  56. Thank you Chet. Although I arose about an hour ago I am now AWAKE!

  57. Firm, yet gentle message. Thanks!

  58. These Daily Lifts fulfill the Bible promise: "[And his allowance was a continual allowance given him of the king, a daily rate for every day, all the days of his life." II Kings 25:30 Always timely, always fresh and new, always needed! Thank you Chet, the team, and the Lifters!

  59. Wow! So good, Chet! Thank You! This Lift goes so perfectly with this week's Christian Science Bible Lesson, where we are learning how to Defend ourselves from the subtle, sly whisper of the carnal mind which seems to always be looking for a chink in our armour! I spent a wonderful, quiet day yesterday, doing some studying and listening to Lectures online. I was awakened in the early hours this morning with the suggestion that maybe all the study was for naught, that maybe I really should have gone out and done things, that maybe I will never really "get out of the box" anyway, so why try.......and On and On Anonymous! HA! I almost fell for it....and then I remembered our Bible Lesson and tuned into this Lift and Ah Ha! Gotcha! Also, I thought of where it says in the Bible (I think it's Isaiah): "......with lovingkindness have I drawn thee." Who draws us? Our Loving Father-Mother God! Thank God!

  60. I want to thank everyone for this wonderful place to start my day. Very, very helpful!!

  61. Innocent......indeed. Thanks.

  62. What a great way of putting it Chet when you said (a motion picture of the human mind.) That's classic! Thanks so much.

  63. Mantenernos apartados de la apariencia del, error y de la imagen que crea en nosotros cuando por distintas circunstancias nos enfrentamos a él, y la necesidad sí, de borrar toda imagen erronea con la Verdad del ser.
    Aprendemos en la Ciencia cristiana que debemos sólo permitir imagenes verdaderas, las que vienen de Dios, las ideas divinas que edifican no confunden, porque son Verdad, contrariamente a lo que la imagen humana-material nos presenta, a veces adornadas de justicia, otras de derechos, y otras las más preocupantes con rasgos de verdad, como la mantira a medias, que de eso se trata, confundir, pero sabemos que hay Una sola Verdad y de ella tenemos que formar nuestro accionar dándole realidad, a lo que Es Real, Dios, la imagen verdadera, y cerrarle los caminos al error con todo n uestro esfuerzo.

    Los Evangelios y la Ciencia cristiana están colmados de ejemplos de como proceder para erradicar las imagenes distorcionadas del error, probando que son sólo eso, errores de imagen, que desaparecen cuando aparece la Verdadera imagen que es sustancia de la Verdad.

    Muchas gracias Chet, como siempre tus mensajes inspiran, gracias nuevamente.


  65. Chet by the way, you hit my point!
    I was chatting with a friend about a chalenge my brother is going through, which medicine calls a degenerative disease. He lives in another state but sometimes I travel there to spend some days with him. And so my friend asked me what is it like to see my brother in such a situation? So I tried to explain her what you post in your lift: I try not to "get drawn in the picture" and see God´s presence exactly, through my brothers´life. He is still abe to express pacience, courage, strength and inteligence and these are God´s spiritual qualities, forever present and never fail, no matter how bad the situation appears to be.
    I´m always very grateful to Christian Science that is teaching me to realize God´s presence in my earthly experience!

    Thank you so much Chet!

  66. Just what I needed as I pray for a beloved cat this morning. The downward pull of human sympathy has been making it difficult for me to see the Truth about his origin and being. Your Lift reminds me not to be drawn in by human pity, and its sense of helplessness, but to rise to the view that recognizes only Love's creation and so heals. Thank you.

  67. Wow! A wake-up call for sure. Thanks so very much, Chet!

  68. Thanks so much Chet for this great reminder.... this is a thought I work on and pray about everyday....This is a terrific lift!!

  69. Thank you, Chet, thank you all!!! Stay away from the messages of the physical senses. Let us keep our gaze in the right direction. [Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy page 248:25]
    "To remedy this, [Fearful, etc. thoughts.] we must first turn our gaze in the right direction, and then walk that way. We must form perfect models in thought and look at them continually,or we shall never carve them out in grand andnoble lives. Let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice,health, holiness, love — the kingdom of heaven — reign within us, and sin, disease, and death will diminish until they finally disappear." How grateful I am for Christian Science that teaches us the truth of God and man.

  70. "Don't get drawn into..." the story of the animal magnetism!!! This MUST BE out daily prayer, according to what Mrs Eddy has perfectly taught us in her books. In Miscellaneous Writings she says "Not to know that a false claim is false, is to be in danger of believing it; hence the utility of knowing evil aright, then reducing its claim to its proper denominator,--nobody and nothing." (108: 11-14)
    So, don't get drawn into a false claim, because it's nobody and nothing!
    Thank you Chet for your inspired words!!
    Lots of Love to the DLCommunity!

  71. what a present ! during the day we can read the thoughts and greetings from each other - dear lifters from different countrys! What a present! And thank you Chet - the whole morning I came back to your lift. Thank you very much!

  72. Chet, just excellent, excellent, excellent! Thank you also to all lifters!

  73. "A motion picture of the human mind..." That phrase was a lightning bolt for me. A wonderful description of mortal mind and all its material claims. That phrase makes it so much easier to separate oneself from the movie of pain, separation, lack, and things seeming to not be in the right place. Thank you, Chet, for sharing that spiritually inspired description.

  74. Thank you, Chet, for your great and insightful Lift!

  75. THANK YOU Chet. A good alert!

  76. Thank you.

  77. Excellent Lift and comments. Thank you all.

  78. Answer to my prayer how not to be so taken in by the drama
    of most movies...as a teenager awed by thbe a total horroe glamor of hollywood and leading actress like Betty Davis, modeling how to be an outstainding horror show of a woman :)

  79. Thank you Chet. This is a wonderful reminder to always turn to God first and not be taken in by material messages trying to influence us.

  80. Exactly what I needed to hear today...thank you from my heart!

  81. What a wonderful way to start our day. The Daily Lifts are much more refreshing than a cup of coffee, don't be drawn in, don't get involved with the media presentation of our world and mortal ideas on how to fix it. Erase, delete, mute , and sometimes just Hang Up
    To avoid being drawn into seeing and hearing the dream.
    Then Start Over with the basics , the Bible and Science and Health.

    Last weeks bible lesson had a reference on page 68:4.
    Spirit, the great architect, has created men and women in Science...
    and to cherish nothing which hinders our highest selfhood,

  82. Thank you, Chet, for “Don’t get drawn in … into the story … being presented to us … Jesus … stayed with what he knew was true … about … perfect God and perfect man … stay … clear about what is true.”

    As a child mesmerized on a Saturday morning by one television program after another, I kind of didn’t hear my mom call me a few times because I was just “drawn in.” Finally, my mom just shut off the television! It was a great teachable moment …

    She kindly mentioned the beautiful day I was wasting. She needed my help with the chores and errands, and then later, I could go outside and play! Much better for me and our family than just watching television!

    Without the distraction, I really heard her. As we happily worked together, she talked about not getting “drawn in.” Pay attention to the story you’re telling with your own life. We’re each “writing” our own life story!!! What will it be? The best stories are about Good overcoming evil. God / Good / Love-itself! and we in that image and likeness, so that our life stories are testimonies of our own spiritual adventures in proving the Truth. How?

    “When … illusion … tempts you, cling steadfastly to God and His idea. Allow nothing but His likeness to abide in your thought. Let neither fear nor doubt overshadow your clear sense and calm trust … Let Christian Science … support your understanding of being, and this understanding will supplant error with Truth …” (S&H 495).

    In the beginning, it's called "dominion!" Take it. :-)

  83. Thank you.....and all.

  84. Thank you for your brilliant message. I was dealing with a false belief , that I was boxed in the church. And suddenly, realized that there is not box.

  85. I liked that, thank you!

  86. Thank you Chet for this clear and superb Lift! On page 403 of 'Science and Health' under the marginal heading"Error's power imaginary" Mrs. Eddy refers to it as '....the gossamer web of mortal illusion'!!

  87. Thank you, Chet. This is excellent!

  88. Thank you this is just what I needed.

  89. Right on! A very helpful message for me to hear today. Thank you.

  90. Chet,

    Thank you so much for this lift. Terrific

    Mike Mooslin

  91. These Daily Lifts, along with the listener comments, are a real necessity for me. Indeed, they arm and protect me to be equipped to meet the challenges of the day. And, if I listen properly, the flow of these challenges quietly come to an end as the flow of blessings and God's ever-present thoughts close out the untrue and present a wonderful, productive day, without distractions. Thank you, Chet for your jolting reminders. Needed them!

  92. Thank you very much!

  93. Thank you so much for this inspired reminder. I know this very well but had forgotten it AGAIN. I love living in Reality; it's the difference between darkness and light. Thanks again, Chet, and thanks to all whose insightful comments lift us. Love you.

  94. WOW...what a perfect analogy
    love #22 DON;t LET ERROR FRame ME!!!!!
    & ALL lifters insightful comments!

  95. Thank you, Chet! A perfect and practical lesson for today's moments and every moment.

    Thank all those who support these Lifts. I look forward each day to sharing these inspirations with all of you.

  96. Thank you for this powerful, clear Lift. I realised recently that it wasn't so much that error had power over me - it is after all 'inert helpless negation" - but that it was inviting me to draw pictures of myself in thought based on its lies about God and Man, tempting me to picture 'see myself' in terms of what so and so had said, or might do, and if I wasn't alert I would find myself mentally agreeing and drawing the mental pictures myself - fill in the blank! - No! Turn again and again to God for the Truth He is knowing, the beautiful, intelligent, peaceful, harmonious reality which He has created. The true picture!

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote above is from Blanche Hersey Hogue in a "Journal" article called 'The Allness of God.'

  97. A most excellent way to start the day EVERY day. Thank you so much for this wonderful lift of thought. As I stand here reading others wonderful comments I fear nothing as my son sits in court an innocent, precious Godly creation of God. I know all will be and is well because God is in charge. Thank you for this profound & timely lift. I shall keep my thought on Him a d know we/he is not in bondage. And I will send my son this lift so he may share the harmony of Truth and God's perfect Love.
    Thank you Chet and thank you all for our daily lifts & you wonderfully uplifting support through you comments. Maria from Florida

  98. Love it, Chet!

  99. Love it. Whether it's pleasant or unpleasant, if it's making the mortal material dream more real, if it is not progress, we need to hear the message "Don't get drawn in!" I also think of David's message in Psalms 25:15:
    "Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net."

  100. Thank you Chet for not being drawn in and what we used to call Annie Mag :) short for a term used by Mary Baker Eddy, Animal Magnetism.

  101. I live in Oklahoma. I was watching as the storm trackers were reporting the path of the tornado on television. When I heard the announcement that the tornado hit a school I realized the mesmerism I had been drawn into. My son was in school at the time, only 8 miles away, with no storm shelter for protection. I turned off the T.V. and turned wholeheartedly to the Bible lesson. The Bible lesson speaking of the building of the "house made without hands, eternal in the heavens" was like a prayer custom made for the circumstances. After we read the lesson we turned on the T.V. and found the tornado had lifted. Looking back at the time line of events, I realized later that right at the time I rejected the material picture the worst of it ceased, and within a short time the tornado went back into it's native nothingness. Thanks for the lift!

  102. Thank you so much Chet for this outstanding message!!!! So helpful and the comments too!!!
    Love to all

  103. Many many thanks Chet. I have been struggling with the error of hurtful remarks made to me by a loved one for a week.

    Your wonderful lift was the healing truth I so much needed.What a wonderful relief. Thank you to all the world family of "Lifters"

  104. Very important point, Chet. Thank you!

  105. Thank you Chet. Thought of you when I saw three blue eggs in a nest in the top of my Gardenia bush.
    Several days later I no longer saw the dear eggs. A couple people suggested a snake (serpent) had gotten them. I was drawn into the picture, however continued to pray for each of God's perfect creations.
    Several days later realized the dear protective mother robin, on a cold evening had covered them with bites of dried grass. She returned each day to fed the tiny mouths. These precious ideas of God's creation have now grown and fledged. I will be more alert to being Drawn In to false illusions. A wonderful daily lift has lifted me.

  106. What a wonderful, simple reminder! To actually implement this can be a huge challenge, but so important! Thank you

  107. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. This is much more challenging then it sounds, but so worthwhile!

  108. I appreciate being reminded!! This is a very crucial step in prayer. Not only does one get off the stage of each drama (as a very wise Practitioner reminded me one day) but better yet? Get out of the theater of illusion!
    Thank you!! I also appreciate dearly being reminded to "stay out of the story entirely"..."staying out of someone elses dream" as you are knowing they are fully awake to His Word!
    Aren't these Lifts terrific?

  109. Thank you. That was very helpful.

  110. Thanks so much to you, Chet, for this excellent Lift. Thanks also to the other Lifters for your helpful comments. And thanks to the BofL and the Daily Lift team for continuing to provide us with this blessing. Loved the music.

  111. Thank you Chet for this wonderful Lift and for all of the inspiring comments. I can relate to those who are praying and concerned for others; especially being awake at night. Sometimes it seems hard to go on and enjoy life when others are suffering, but this morning it came to me that it would be denying God (denying joy, happiness, healing) if I felt this way. So hearing this message about not being "drawn in by the human drama" was very helpful. We have the divine right to stay in the light and know that safety, joy, love, and abundance are true for all mankind.

    Also, thank you for your part in the Northern California Church Alive Summit - very inspiring!

  112. Thank you, Chet for this important reminder. It is so easy to slip into the moral mind pictures that surround us and to become discouraged. And it is vital not to listen to those suggestions. Sometimes it is hard to 'pray without ceasing' as we read in First Thessalonins, and as Eddy reminds us in he chapter on Prayer in Science and Health, but as we work with that demand, progress is assured. Thanks again, it is always good to hear from you!

  113. Good stuff Chet. Thanks.

  114. I'm so grateful for this message. It relates directly to a false picture of a loved one, which I battled with last night. Not getting pulled in is a better way. Wonderful comments. Fiction should not trouble us.

  115. Thank you Chet for this very wise advice. This is the problem with Television for me: I do tend to be drawn into the story and then can't sleep, etc. therefore I just don't turn tv on and rather read the latest We knew Mary Baker Eddy volume which is more fascinating than any movie. And it is so precious!

    By the way: can anybody explain to me the signs at # 22 ? I just don't understand them. :-)

    Daily Lift Team:
    The drawing is of a person (stick figure) in a box (we can't connect the lines to make the box). We've tried to improve on the image, but our comment software just isn't designed for drawings.

  116. Thank you Chet for an eye-opening (thought-opening) lift. The movie comparison is such a powerful way to wake up from the mesmerism we don't have to accept. We laugh and cry over things we know aren't real on the screen and the disturbing claims of error that confront us have no substance behind them either. What a lovely thing is a daily spiritual lift.

  117. Thank you, thank you...the world wants to fool us with its false pictures non-stop and it really does take constant alertness NOT to get drawn into the mental, as well as physical pictures constantly making themselves present in consciousness...Fabulous lift!!!!

  118. I like comment #3 where Elena mentions a wrong medical diagnose.
    I need to do that constantly, to unsee the medical picture. Though I am a Student of C/S, I still find my self at times under the medical profession, which I am working my self out of. I view myself as going up JACOB'S LADDER, one rung at a time, not being drawn in to the false picture that's being presented. I have no doubt to my ability to see this picture of myself as being false and demonstrating it, like somewhere in the Bible it says, and I paraphrase, "Here a little, there a little, line upon line." God bless C/S and it's founder, Mary Baker Eddy.

  119. As I read through your comments, I feel the Spirit speaking to all of us just as I did that day by the television. Reminds me that it is indeed the Spirit that we are most hungry for and that these Daily Lifts are a perfect vehicle for expressing it. But surely not the only vehicle! Thank you ALL!

  120. Thank you so much, Chet. This is exactly the message I needed right now. Grateful.

  121. Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious! Thank you, Chet! :-)

  122. Really, this was so good to hear. Thank you.

  123. Your Daily Lift today made me think of the passage in Science & Health, with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Page 392:24 Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously. I so appreciate your reminder today...it was helpful in a situation I have been working on...It is really important that we don't let ourselves get "drawn in" to that which is not God's true creation. Thank you, Chet.

  124. Thank you Chet for your support to us all in this vital matter. It is so easy to be drawn in, at the wink of an eye, into mortal thoughts. It is so good to know that there is a Christian community of believers out there cheering for us to live freely in God's truth and supporting us all the way! Hallelujah!

  125. Just HOW CAN we be made to accept the tawdry, the malcontent of mortal scheming and play-
    acting of the mortal ?? GOD provides all Good constantly and nothing else will do for us as
    students of MBE/TMC....... Praying to be constantly AWAKE to divine Mind will assure our happy
    days and secure nights.... not getting aboard the mortal mind express train roaring off into a mental
    hell-journey is our main means of keeping spiritually PURE and FREE !! many thanks, Chet for
    this important message of thought-management and Spiritual Grace!

  126. Thanks. I listened while muckin' out the stalls today.

  127. If you don't get drawn in, you don't have to break out. I'm grateful for that small voice (spiritual consciousness) that tells us when to be on guard. Love this lift. Many thanks.

  128. Thank you so much, Chet, for this vitally important message, so vital to one's successful practise of Christian Science. This ties in to a recent article by Michelle Nanouche in the May 6, 2013 Sentinel
    entitled "Staying on top of the news". She writes, "If we aren't alert, bad news can be intoxicating, luring us into tales of horror that paralyze us mentally." Every day I access the Internet on my computer,
    and the front page of my internet server pops up with multiple "news" items often of a sensational nature that would just tempt us to be drawn in to some "mortal drama" at the click of the mouse. I'm becoming more alert to this ploy. Don't go there!

  129. Good thoughts! We just got drawn in (almost) to a silent movie!

  130. Thank you Chet, and to all who have inspired us with their loving comments that followed today's "LIFT". Such daily inspiration is so needed; and how blessed we are to be able to share these kind and loving ideas which strengthen us on our Spiritual pathway. LOVE to ALL.

  131. I really appreciate this helpful lift and all the comments too.

  132. Thankyou for this today. I have felt very drawn into the death of a troubled young person I used to know and memories and history surrounding that person. Hearing these kinds of messages certainly helps me to step back and view myself with compassion and the memories around this person.

  133. Hey, Julie #130 - you know lots of us pass through the daily lifts after the day is gone. Your young friend is not loosing anything, but circling around also to added inspiration. Michelle's Lift today (the giving equation) is just what we know to support our neighbors today.

  134. Thank you for a truly great uplift. (one day later)

  135. Right on target, the target of Truth and Love. Thank you Chet.

  136. THANK YOU, Chet, for keeping it simple and clear and keeping us on the path to peace and joy! When we do not get drawn into the mortal scene, we remain perfectly calm and full to overflowing with Love...

  137. Julie #130, Mrs. Eddy states in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures "All forms of error support the false conclusions that there is more than one Life; that material history is as real and living as spiritual history...Such theories are evidently erroneous. (page 204:3--5,18) This has been helpful for me to let go of disturbing memories... because in reality there is no material history! Knowing this we can let go of them because they were never any part of our true history or theirs. They are only a dream of life in matter. So, we can wake up and let them go! (=

  138. Thanks for this great, helpful and simple message.

  139. Thanks for the helpful reminder not to get drawn-in, and for the wide range of comments this lift prompted from around the globe.
    I was also awake in the night, "tilling the soil" of mortal mind suggestions re circumstances that seemed to unfairly hem me in -- and was helped by two CS pamphlets "Target out of Range" ( L. Ivimy Gwalter CS Sentinel Oct 15,1955), and "Handling Animal Magnetism", containing reprints from spiritual articles in the Christian Science Monitor. A backhoe started work across the street at 7 a.m. as I was about to sleep, and I watched out my window, mesmerized and discouraged -- when the thought came to ask if he might set up his dumping equipment elsewhere, which he kindly did.

    I was rested enough to later help a reading room visitor concerned about being attacked by others' thoughts, sharing a copy of The Mother Church Manual, in which a former owner had noted Sc&H. p 442:30, and underlined protective work Mary Baker Eddy gives in Discipline/Guidance of Members (Article VIII pp. 41-49, especially sections1, 4 and 6). These "dailies" helped us both.
    We found tapes of relevant chapters in Science and Health to listen to if up in the night - ones I can also use to lift thought above "false fears" I'd been rehearsing (not always reversing).
    One recent CS article mentions a bird, hunted by a snake, flying in smaller and smaller circles towards its gaze, until a stone thrown between them breaks the mesmerism.The bird flies free -- "target out of range".

  140. Dear Chet,

    I love listening to these daily lifts and sharing the ideas with others. A fellow band member of mine sent me a note to remind me to "stay focused on the music and leave everything else at the door". That idea reminds me of what you are saying, about not getting drawn in to outside interferences. False fears and concerns should be parked and abandoned! All motivation, if for the sake of good, will generate everything we need. :)

  141. Yes! God's Mind made all...reflecting harmony. I must keep my state of mind ...in harmony with Him...otherwise I expulse myself from the ever present garden of eden.

  142. Wanted to send a heartfelt - thanks - too, for your willingness to serve as President of The Mother Church for a year. You seemed to be climbing lots of mountains during your tenure!!


  143. Having just had news of two dear friends passing on at relatively early ages, I was saving this "Lift" for a few days, until I could listen. Thank you so much for a great message that perfectly fortifies the Bible Lesson from the C.S. Quarterly this week. Mesmerism cannot be guarded against too often or too diligently and I thank you for waking me up to seeing that I NOT get drawn in to the belief that we can die out of life, when Life is God and He/She never dies! His arms encircle me and mine and all...as the C.S. Hymn states. One of Mrs. Eddy's finest poems. Thanks again.

  144. Thanks Chet, for this and ALL that you do!!!

  145. Thank you Chet! you're right. this is a wonderful message

  146. Thank you so much Chet for the comforting and helpful message.

  147. Great lift. I have kept it on my I phone to listen to for the last couple of days. It has helped me to remember to stay focused and stay out of the scary drama in my life. This drama makes me afraid. Your lift has been a God-send reminder.

  148. I Love You Chet!
    -Daniel L. Early

  149. I would not argue with any of that and I agree with all of it. Ray

  150. So brilliant as I struggle here in Idaho with being drawn in to small town drama and gossip.
    I will listen now to that still small voice inside of me knowing it is God speaking the truth ...
    It has suddenly become so much easier to hear the voice of God rather than the error of unkindness.
    Thank you so much Chet

  151. Thanks so much for all the great comments. Thanks#101 for the beautiful testimony. I sometimes click off the television and start to pray whenever I see footage of fires, floods, conflict. Other times, I do seem to get drawn in, but I'm trying to be alert.

    I have a star-shaped Post-It note right on the edge of my t.v. screen, which states: "The only Mind I have cannot be mesmerized."

  152. The Daily Lift is a huge blessing!
    Chet, thank you so much for being "tuned in" to the spiritual stream of consciousness in which we all flow! Today I needed to be reminded... actually... needed permission to "not be drawn in" to the human drama, of mortal mind chaos that sometimes presents itself as real. Thank you for your words that help keep reality in focus... that help us all stay tuned to the loving, creative, consistent spirit of the universe.

  153. Thank you so much Chet, for this lift! It was just what I needed! We have referenced this lift several times in our family when physical existence gets a little pushy and is threatening to pull us in. From Dental work fears, to broken bones, this lift was spot on to put my and my family's thought pointed back to God~