5/25: Harmonizing conflicts with divine law

5/25: Harmonizing conflicts with divine law

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  1. thanks Jose, abiding in Gods love and not letting anything else in...just what I needed to hear. Thank you

  2. A practitioner of Christian Science used to remind me, "For every look at sinful man, take ten looks at the Christ."

  3. Thank you, so much. Harmony and music make of one accord.

  4. There’s no conflict, there’s no competition between God’s children.
    I met someone lately who seems to be in competition with me, I find no reason for this, we don’t even work together, even our beliefs are different in many aspects.
    We have different upbringing, different goals mostly.
    Although he seem to be quite proud and said to have the same goal I do, he has shown that we are in different paths.
    My way to handle this? I’m working towards seeing the good in this man, towards seeing his relation with Our Father, just like mine own.
    I am ready to find God’s humble image in him… because my goal is reached only with humility.
    No hay conflict, no hay competición entre los hijos de Dios.
    Hace poco conocí alguien quién pereciera estar en competición conmigo, yo no veo la razón, ni trabajamos juntos, hasta nuestras creencias son diferentes en muchos aspectos.
    Nos criamos de manera diferente, practicamente tenemos diferentes metas.
    Aunque parece ser un hombre orgulloso y dice tener la misma meta que yo, ha mostrado que vamos por caminos diferentes.
    ¿Mi manera de manejar esto? Trato de ver el bien en este hombre, de ver su relación con nuestro Padre igual que la mía.
    Estoy lista para hallar la humilde imagen de Dios en él… pues mi meta solo se logra con humildad.

  5. Thanks, great lift...so comforting>>>

  6. Thank God and thank you.

  7. Thanks ...perfect !!. Yes, we are not competing with any one ..the christ walks with us on our paths. Each one of us are naturally progressing reflecting His qualities. Simply an inspiration that harmonizes everything.Thanks Elena #4 !! :-)

  8. Thank you Jose. What a great reminder of how we should view others.

  9. Muchas gracias Jose,

    A veces los conflictos son inevitables entre las personas, por eso es tan importante lo que tu mencionas... "no perder de vista que todos somos hijos e Dios, todos iguales, y todos uno con Dios"... me encanta !!! suena maravilloso...

  10. Many thank Jose for this great reminder. Yes. "Find our peace, and the right [Love's] solution for every situation." "Come to the land of peace;/ From shadows come away;" (Christian Science Hymnal #44).

  11. Jose,

    Your advice is excellent for corporate boards and church boards - for all professional, social and family relationships.

    Your advice is lovingly presented and lovingly based. When I engage this thought, which on occasion is difficult to do , I even begin loving myself a bit more for practicing Truth and Love, not just reading or studying the words.

    The workplace illustration you gave is so very common. Not meaning to be cruel one might express themselves in a less than productive manner. We are in charge of our feelings, we stand porter at the door of our thought. We can allow some comment or someone to upset us or we can refuse to allow the false illusions of "hurt" or embarrassment to upset us and weigh us down.

    Your unknowing conversation with the fellow's wife must have been interesting in many ways. I attempt to keep in mind as best as I can, how God sees all of us. Sometimes I focus my thought on someone as how they might have looked in the second grade of elementary school. They don't appear so ferocious after that.

  12. What grand lessons mankind has to learn! And too, the analogies are beautiful. I didn't want him to leave. But I did wish to complete my work timely. He appeared to be where I would need to be. Then in prayer these words came to thought, "Love is my refuge." Quickly came the editor saying to me, "Love is our refuge." Yes, words from Mrs. Eddy's poem we sing as hymn (# 207). His, God/Love's habitation is meant to be shared by all. There is space and room enough for all. It is both high and near. For the rest of the morning he moved about as I was about to move with the lawn mower, but the beautiful robin remained near, within 20 feet radius. No angst.

    Thank you Jose for the healing message.
    Eddy's poem and hymn

  13. Thank you. Love is the universal solvent always

  14. Seeing with God's eyes, we seek and see only the Christ in others. Thank you Jose, all lifting and carrying good.

  15. Thank you, there is much to think and concentrate on.

  16. Thank you for your Lift, Jose. As someone involved in a long term family conflict, I feel unbounded gratitude that it has been resolved by wholeheartedly turning to God. The Law of love and lovingkindness replaced self-justification and self-righteousness. how wonderful that through Christian Science we can understand how the Christ fills every consciousness at all times and in every place. God said "There is never a good reason to be angry."
    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lift happy family.

  17. Perfect for me today, thank you.

  18. Gracias, amigo! I am grateful for these ever-abiding thoughts of the Christ which unites every single one..

  19. Jose, it's so nice to be reminded that CS can heal personal conflicts not just physical problems!
    Thank you!

  20. What a beautiful thought for all our daily activities and family relations! We are always serenely poised in Soul. Thank you.

  21. Turn away from the conflict and see God's presence. Wonderful.
    Thank youro

  22. Wonderful ! Thank you ! :-)

  23. Thank you for this message, I will take it to heart today as will others, that conflict is resolved harmoniously by divine law. How small a slight between two people, a hurtful word can seem to magnify into war, separation and grief for so many. The law of divine Love you employed, a simple sweet solution so powerful, that instead of terrible feelings of isolation, justification or regrets resulted into harmony and brotherly love -God's law of harmony completely reversed the unhappy position you experienced.

  24. I really love this story. Thanks so much for sharing the idea. Harmony and friendship replace discord and error. Yes!!!

  25. Thanks for such helpful thoughts.

  26. thank you so much. this relates to what I am going through at work.hits the nail on the head!

  27. Thank you for this message. It really is important to see each individual in the way God sees them. I am glad to hve been reminded of this.

  28. Thank you Jose for your honesty and purity. This is so inspiring. It is good to hear that is no conflict that cannot be instantaneously harmonized and turned into a wonderful adventure of love. I really needed to hear that.

  29. Thank you, great lift to start our day!

  30. Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!!

  31. Wonderful, Jose! And what a perfect and concrete example of where the harmonizing of conflict takes place - in our own thought! Thank you, Margaret #16 for sharing your healing of a long-standing family conflict! This is something my own family is presently working on...... There seem to be sometimes so many human hurts and feelings that get in the way of our receiving God's Love for us and thus allowing us to share that Love with our family members. Asking for all the Lifters' support in our family having our healing, too! Thanks for all your Love and Prayers! Happy Peaceful Weekend to All! Much Love! XOXO!!

  32. Thank you Jose for reminding of this rich and powerful message. Thank you daily lift team.

  33. Perhaps this thought goes with your idea: In the Church Manual on page 40, A Rule for Motives and Acts states in part: "...divine Love alone governs man...reflects the sweet amenities of Love, in rebuking sin, in true brotherliness, charitableness, and forgiveness." For me, the fact that sin must be rebuked first puts out any thoughts of 'false witnessing'' and allows us to see the truth of another or a situation and then apply the last three admonitions. Just a thought. Thank you, Jose!

  34. That was so right on! Thank you Jose.

  35. Thank you.

  36. Perfecto Pepe. Muchísimas gracias. A wonderful reminder to see the Christ in everyone.

  37. Thank you Jose. That was a great healing you told us of in that relationship with the other man.
    This is a lesson the world needs
    Must come back to the Golden Rule to think and speak of others as we would want them to think and speak of us.
    Let there be this peace and harmony in all families, schools, churches, communities, and the world.

  38. Thank you, Jose, for this perfect healing Lift.

  39. What great timing. I clicked this on because a business conflict seemed to appear this morning and I needed help. Thank you !!!

  40. Me encanto Jose, muchas gracias! Un abrazote

  41. Thank you, Jose. Today, right before the Lift, I had read and pondered this from Science & Health 337:5 "Material personality is not realism;" and further down in that paragraph "The truth of being makes man harmonious and immortal, while error is mortal and discordant." This Lift is a fine example of healing a discordant situation through humbly agreeing with the immortal law of Love rather than accepting the erroneous idea that someone has a difficult personality. Bless your heart, Jose - what a humbling moment that must have been and isn't it interesting how quickly you turned and wanted to drop that view once you glimpsed a new view - this man is someone's beloved husband - which led you to seeing each of you as the beloved of Love. How wonderful that you were all blessed with friendship, not just harmony in the work place. What a great tool the Science & Health citation can be for us to identify quickly when we are seeing the unreality of personality in ourselves and others and how harmony is restored with the correct view of our immortal selves - in the law of Love as Jose spoke of. Very helpful; thank you. #28 Bev, my prayers are with you - perhaps working with the passage I mentioned will be helpful. I always enjoy your honest, enthusiastic comments.
    Have a harmonious weekend everyone!

  42. Great lesson! Thank you very much!

  43. Maravilloso Jose!! Muchisimas gracias!

  44. Hymn 30: Brood ore us with thy sheltering wing neath which our spirits blend. Like brother birds that soar and sing and on the same branch blend. The arrow that doth wound the dove darts not from those who watch and love. I remind myself that the stronger I stand for Truth, the more I will be challenged. Why? Because God provides us with the challenges that we can meet. It is amazing how there can be conflict when there seems to be absolutely no call for it. I am working through purifying and uplifting the relationship I have with my lovely daughter. I can not just simply trust. I have to be watchful and apply specific ideas or God given truths. Thank you for this lovely lift. We can all relate well to this one, I am sure.

  45. Thank you, Jose. As I contemplated these ideas that you've shared this morning: "Harmonizing conflicts with divine law...the law of Good...we are united in God's love...in complete harmony..." it came to me quite clearly that Harmony is a great way to understand the concept of Oneness not being equal to Sameness. I'm in a chorus that sometimes performs with an orchestra - lots of people, parts, instruments, etc. and yet the audience hears one beautiful number at a time (We get lots of compliments - last time even a standing ovation! - and they keep coming back, performance after performance). How many people are blessed by the exercising our right and responsibility to harmonize!!! Thanks again, Jose.

  46. Thank you, Jose, for sharing this beautiful Lift. I love how you focused on removing the "discordant concepts we might be holding about ourselves and others," rather than trying to fix a discordant situation. The conflict is always in our thinking, never a reality, because God, the only power, is Love. When we "abide in God's law of Love," then the situation must reflect the progress taking place in our thought. As Hymn #7 in the Christian Science Hymnal puts it, "Abide with me; fast breaks the morning light. Our daystar rises, banishing all night."
    Exactly what I need today!

  47. Many thanks. Great way to start the day!

  48. Thank you so so much for sharing this experience - the honesty and humbleness of your sharing this is so very instructional and inspiring! A wonderful reminder of how aligning our thought with God's view and unconditonal love for each of us restores harmony. Thanks so much, Jose.

  49. Thank you for highlighting the importance of turning to God immediately to harmonize discordant
    situations.It helped me the moment I read you lift.I also would like to thank all responders and producers.The lift is a gift to us all!

  50. Thank you Jose. Your reminder of God's love for us all will, I'm sure, benefit the progress and harmony of a necessary business negotiation I am a party to. So timely.

  51. Thank you Jose. This is exactly what I needed to hear today, as my workday begins! I am dealing with a belief of conflict in my work place, and am grateful to be reminded that this conflict only exists as a belief in thought - not as a reality between God's united ideas. Muchas gracias!

  52. I have mentioned before in past daily lifts, I have 24 hour nurse aide service, 4 aides taking care of me. Amongst 2 of them there has been great conflict. This has been going on for about a year now. With my understanding of prayer in Christian Science, I prayed for harmony to prevail with this simple prayer. "The spiritual identity of NAME is intact and can never be separated from God. " As I pray this way, I mentally see man's harmony to his fellow man. Needless to say these two nurse aides are getting along better than before.

  53. Thank you Jose for giving such a clear illustration of applying the divine law to harmonizing conflict.
    We can become familiar with the letter of the divine rules and laws, and then neglect to put them into practice when faced with discord.
    I've always loved Mrs. Eddy's statement in Science and Health;
    "Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil."
    This daily lift shows how this is put into practice to harmonize conflict.

  54. Thank you, Jose, for this substantial lift. It is part of the ongoing fruitage of the healing work which you did when you met your colleague's wife on that occasion, and it is blessing us as well. The law of Divine Love is applicable to all relationships, whether they appear to be very brief or of long standing, business or family. It sets the highest possible standard for our approach to our fellow man, for it requires us to see them in a purely spiritual light. Thank you to all for the helpful comments.

  55. Today is Friday, and the subject - Harmonizing Conflicts! And - tomorrow I have a community meeting; the chairman has called me and said she is in the middle of a conflict, and because of my history in the area, she is counting on me to solve the problem! (Now - HOW could she have known that I would be working from "Harmonizing Conflicts" spiritually! Thanks for the help!

  56. Thanks Jose. What a humbling experience. So relevant in so many situations. Amen. I love the reminder to turn from conflict (or whatever lie appears to tempt us) and abide in God's law. The image of abiding in God's law is so real. thanks.

  57. Wonderful lift reminding us that it is the purpose of divine law to bring harmony. It is irresistible! Thank tou so much!

  58. Thank you for sharing this, Jose.

  59. Thank you - just what I needed!

  60. Thank you very much for sharing with us this wonderful lesson. Thank you.

  61. Excellent ideas ! Exactly what I needed to hear and read !

  62. Thank you Jose

  63. Thanks Jose for your wonderful sharing today. I had an experience many years ago in a working environment were I faced another gal's desk and was having a difficult time getting along with her! At the time, my Dad said to me: "Love it out of her" (any problems or disagreements, etc., etc.) ... and that's exactly what I did...and it worked beautifully! It goes along with Mrs. Eddy's comment that we should "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE"....or her exact statement: "The heart and soul of Christian Science is Love".
    Also, #31 (Bev from ID) and #44 "name"....I have worked with family issues and have been helped by the idea of "just let it go".....and I have this reminder on my mirror in the bathroom....where I look often! We feel "we" have to "do" something....but, healing comes when we "let go, and let God"....
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone....and a lovely Memorial Day.

  64. Thank you Jose, very uplifting. We have to face up to many conflicts daily!!! "Turn away"...yes!!!

  65. Thanks so much #41 Tracy and #62 Diane for both of your comments re. Family Healing! Love the simple idea of "Letting Go and Letting God"! Much Gratitude and Love!

  66. I must admit to doing a double-take when I read the title. It has 2 opposite ways to read (and outcomes). I 1st read "conflicts" as a verb, instead of noun, and thought, "What??" I knew that wasn't what you'd tell us, so re-read it correctly, but had to wait until I could hear it by phone. You gave me my Lift and my laugh for the day! A serious thank you, Jose, your 1st wonderful sentence proved what I expected from you and from the DL.Your testimony was appreciated, and will help me remember to stay alert to minor conflicts as well as strong seeming ones. I shared the strong negative opinion many in the community had of a middle school principal after the very negative attitude he displayed toward parents, law, and our Christian Science immunization exemption when we first met him. A couple of years later I had to go to his office during summer break, when parents could see state test results. I prepared with prayer and it was a harmonious meeting, with extra kind comments from him, and little clues of a man who cared deeply about all students learning and character growth. Ever after, I saw much good in him and he always smiles and speaks when we meet in town, after his retirement. Oh, I need to treat my thought more often on others! This Lift is a great reminder.

  67. Very good, thanks so much!

  68. Thank you so much for sharing this needed reminder to see each one as God made them to be. We will not be bearing false witness, but true witness.

  69. Very useful advice, Jose! THANK YOU.

  70. 28 Bev, we here, are family, as you know. Family, like fountain, cannot bring forth sweet and bitter. Cling to this proof of true family, and that which claims to be of blood or through marriage cannot corrupt any sense of family. The wrong claims of disharmony must yield to right ones, and even the traditional sense of family will yield to this higher sense. Your relatives don't know they are related to so many of us around the world, who are loving you and yours as our own.. So I'm paraphrasing, and praying, Father forgive them for they know not what they have.

    52 Tobias, Similar to my remark to Bev just now, we are your nurses, too. Round the clock some of us are listening to, or thinking of the Daily Lift and reading or remembering comments. We are grateful for or praying to support user names or real names, by which we know commenters. We are supporting the ideas in the Lift. One definition of nurse is to care for tenderly, to cherish. When you have need, or see conflict, lift your thought to the outpouring of healing love coming your way. You will not see this love/power walk through the door, or hear our words, but you can feel and receive practical blessings from them, even when we don't know which moments it is happening. Also the love you've shared with us ( like your testimony today) carries divine power and shines back to benefit you, without exhausting it's potency, because it didn't originate by you or by us, but universally comes from our Father.

  71. Thank you so much for the lift. I had a feeling of being neglected also by my principal so what I did was to commit/rely on God for harmony and I always manifest God given love every time we meet/converse. I always showed to him that I am a good follower. After 2 school years we are already in good relationship. We are now open to each other. Just again yesterday I felt worried about a colleague that she is discriminating me and my sister-in-law but after listening to your lift I corrected my thought so my worried was met/answered that God given harmony will always prevail. Thank you so much Mr. Jose Mata-

  72. Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (p291) "...man is found having no righteousness of his own" and in the Bible there are hundreds of references to God's righteousness not man's, including Dan. 9:7 which says "O Lord, righteousness belongeth unto thee." With conflicts it is helpful to know there is no "right" side, only God's infinite divine righteousness expressed in harmony for all.

  73. thank you for this lift and I want to say a special thank you for Bev's comments and no. 63's response. thank you Diane. Exactly what I needed tonight. Bless you all for participating on this wonderful site.

  74. Gracias! Struggling through human efforts seems ungratifying and discouraging, worst still conflicts appear even more aggressive and demoralizing ever since I started at this new place of work. I turned wholeheartedly to God for help and was reminded I live in God's Kingdom of Love; I give up "trying" to "please others" let God do the work. This wonderful mesage so timely given indeed is what I need. Today I witness a "friend" instead of a "foe" and the feeling of "working together"- cooperation and friendliness became evident in my thoughts and more beauthifully the fellow worker I was struggling with declare "we work on the basis of trust" and know All is Good now. All I could say is "awesome" to her but I know Love is present to heal every discordant situation. Thank you for your healing thoughts, it blesses all that turns to God for every need.

  75. The second stage of mental development is humility. This virtue triumphs over the flesh; it is the genius of
    Christian Science. (Mis. 356:22)

    Jose, precioso, you have certainly illustrated our Leader's words to perfection. Thanks to you and all!

  76. A lovely lift-thank you do much for this inspiring message from God!

  77. Yes, I'm relying on God's dear love to see that "we are united in God's love." I don't think there is another solution to inharmonious relationships.

    Gracias al maximo, Jose, and to each of my friends.

  78. Thank you so much Jose for the very helpful lift. I need this today.

  79. Thank you, Jose, for clear instructions on how to think and what to think.

    It is so helpful to be able to play and replay. Listen and listen again. To be able to take notes. I just love this FREE help to help oneself by learning from a God-inspired Christian Scientist.

  80. I know I am a bit late, but I wanted to thank you Jose for this lovely Lift, I hve rally taken the message to my heart.

  81. My computer is now in service, thanks to someone here at an assisted living facility my husband and I moved to in March. Since 2008, I've had a strong hatred for some politician and although I would mention to some people/family member that would express hatred for (a/an) individual, that hatred is like a cancer, and the claim that goes along with it, I didn't apply that to this hatred I felt VERY strongly about to myself. And seem to be experiencing the so-called "end result" of that false claim. Also, here, it seems that the residents here, sit at meal-time, watching others, saying many unloving comments about each other and it has come to me over and over from the Bible, "not what goes INTO a man's mouth, but what comes OUT of a man's mouth, THIS defileth a man".
    Thus, the lie appears as a belief of sin, sickness, and/or disease on the body. This has opened my thought to "practice" what I think/preach; obey our Manual which tells us in Article VIII A Rule for Motives and Acts. Section 1."
    Neither animosity nor mere personal attachment should impel the motives or acts of the Members of the Mother Church. In Science, divine Love alone governs mand; and a Christian Scientist reflects the sweet amenities of Love, in rebuking sin, it true brotherliness, charitableness, and forgiveness. The members of this Church should dailly watch and pray to be delivered from all evil, from prophesying, judging, condemning, counseling, influencing or being influenced erroneously.

  82. To continue on, in reading Jose's DL, it came to me that I could interject, lovingly, that we don't have to hold unkind thoughts of anyone, keeping us from having a joy-filled day. Including MY OWN THINKING!!!!
    "Come, walk with Love along the way, Let childlilke trust be yours today; Uplift your thought, with courage to, Give of your heart's rich overflow, And peace shall crown your joy-filled day. Come walk with Love along the way.
    Thank you one and all for your comments. It's wonderful to be back with you. This is such a help.

  83. Thank you. This is a very helpful message.

  84. thank you for this insiteful teaching. i have been in a holding pattern trying to figure out how to deal with peeps who have expressed overt jealousy and antagonism toward me. as i have always tried to do what i think is the very best, others have resented my success instead of being happy for me as i have been for their success. the results weren't what mattered to me as much as doing the right thing and i still don't understand why they would attack me but i have a better way to think about it now.