5/24: Side effects

5/24: Side effects

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The quote from Mary Baker Eddy's book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is on page 141.

"In healing the sick and sinning, Jesus elaborated the fact that the healing effect followed the understanding of the divine Principle and of the Christ-spirit which governed the corporeal Jesus."

  1. Thank you soooo much, Norm, for “Side effects … understanding is the effect of prayer, which leads to healing as the side effect.”

  2. Thank you Norm for this excellent Lift. I love the idea that as we better our understanding of God and our relationship to Him, healing naturally results, or as you stated, becomes "the side effect." The human, mortal view, which we may appear to be struggling with, conforms or yields to the spiritual. It is not the mortal picture that we need to focus on but rather, God, and the truth of His creation. As our spiritual progress becomes our destination point our mortal sense of life becomes relegated to our rear-view mirror.

  3. Thanks so much, Norm. Wonderful thought. I'll take it with me camping, playing my clarinet, doing the dishes, in my musical comedy class, wherever!
    Sorry we missed your lecture in Bellevue.

  4. What a fresh concept! Welcoming side-effects will be a new day!

  5. Gentle persuasions are so healing, Norm. Thanks so much for this 'side-effect' of tenderness and strength all in one healing package.

  6. Thank you Norm for simplifying this profound metaphysical point so beautifully that healing is byproduct or side effect of strengthening our relationship with God.

  7. Thank you Norm, for this wonderful lift. Is that not exactly Solomon's prayer: "Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart" (1 Kings 3:9)?. And God's answer followed swiftly: "Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart" (1 Kings 3:12)!
    Thank you for reminding me that we should pray for understanding, rather than for healing - a concept I have long struggled with and am only slowly coming to grasp (and the healing so longed for is kicking in accordingly). To pray for healing implies that we have already accepted that there is a 'broken situation' of whatever sort in the first place - the worst possible starting point for effective prayer! As Mary Baker Eddy puts it in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: "If the body is diseased, this is but one of the beliefs of mortal mind ... Discard all notions about lungs, tubercles, inherited consumption, or disease arising from any circumstance, and you will find that mortal mind, when instructed by Truth, yields to divine power, which steers the body into health" (p 425, or citation 20 of this week's bible lesson). Man is spiritual, not material!
    Discord at first may seem very real indeed, but it could be used as an impuls to recognise that there is something else we are not seeing - the harmonious reality we live in here and now overlooked. Prayer shows us this harmonious Truth and once we see that, we are healed, the most beautiful side effect indeed!

  8. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you dear Norm reminding me my true spiritual identity through Jesus Love and work. Daily, it liberated me to understand my/our relation to the All-governing, All-protecting and All-loving. Have a nice weekend.

  9. Thank you.

  10. I love this thought. Thank you.

  11. Yes, Christian Science is a healing system, and yes, it has side effects ―also healing.

    Although we are not "what we eat", as people said, what we think absolutely influences the lives we lead.

    The side effects of prayer through the study of this Science are the result of its understanding, which in turn brings the demonstration of the power of God in our lives.

    Sí, la Ciencia Cristiana es un sistema sanativo, y sí, tiene efectos secundarios ―también sanativos.

    Si bien no "somos lo que comemos", como se dice, lo que pensamos absolutamente influye en la vida que llevamos.

    Los efectos secundarios de la oración por medio de esta Ciencia son el resultado de su entendimiento, lo que a su vez trae la demostración del poder de Dios en nuestras vidas.

  12. Splendid! Much thanks for elaborating so effectively on this subject.

  13. Thank you. This is indeed a wonderfully clear Lift. The simpler the statement in Christian Science, the more profound its meaning and the more we need to study it. God is Love. Love one another. Thank you to all for inspired comments and especially to Martin #2 for the concept of relegating the mortal sense of life to our rear-view mirror. Just where it should be. Get thee behind me...! Or, actually, out of my sight!

  14. May the people in the world have Christian Science "side effects." Thank you, Norm.

  15. Awesome!

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  16. Love this!!

  17. Thank you, Norm, for a fresh (to me) insight. I had never thought of healing as a side effect, but as you so clearly explain, the effect of prayer is a deeper understanding. When we get that, the healing follows.

    Dank u wel, Norm voor deze mooie ideeën. Ja, er zijn neveneffecten van het bidden - dat zijn de genezingen. Eerst krijgen we meer inzicht in wat God is (het effect) en dan volgt de 'neveneffect' - genezing.

  18. Norm, thanks for another very clear and uplifting lift (Is that lift to the lift power?)

    Whenever it is our true desire to get closer to God, to live to glorify God, to have our heart beat for God, then our path is straight and the distance shorter to the goal of feeling at one with God. When we're there, the result of prayer naturally reveals the outcome of this divine work and holy action. The blurred and distorted view gets replaced with a clear high fidelity vision.

    When a false and limited perspective is replaced by the divine presence, then man in the likeness of God is revealed, without any form of disease. Such is the law of Love.

    As I mentioned the other day, a spiritual definition of grace (from Strong's Concordance) leads to living a life of being directed gracefully: "The divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude." The side effects of prayer are healing, with beauty, joy, and order expressed in the life.

    Thank, again, Norm for the best view!

  19. Thank you for this very special 'Lift'. This is a new way of thinking of prayer for me.

  20. Thank you what a great way to start our weekend. Pray for understanding. Many thanks to all and have a blessed weekend.

  21. Thank you Norm for this wonderful lift. Not a prayer and wish to be healed solves problems or sickness, but a prayer for better understanding. To look at God and to look away from matter. Thank you very much!

  22. Yes! That inner consciousness of selfless love [divine Love] is what instantaneously heals both the sick and the sinning. "Let love, in one delightful stream,/ Through every bosom flow;/ And union sweet, and dear esteem/ In every action glow." (Christian Science Hymnal #126).

  23. Much gratitude for a wonderful and timely lesson .

  24. Norm, this is such a great Lift! It fits in exactly with a recent CSSentinel article "Seven synonyms: steps to healing": by Hal Shrewsbury, There's certainly no guess work about prayer based healing. And it isn't for a particular person, excluding some and including others. Prayers enfold and embrace all, those present, and those in every other place, because Mrs Eddy always included praying for the world. So the changes that have already taken place, will continue to bless everyone, and the good effect will increase until each and every one is aware of and responsive to their understanding of their perfect and complete identity as a child of God.
    Thank you Nate and the crew; and to all who make this such a great podcast five days a week.

  25. Great explanation! Thank you.

  26. What a great lift! Thank you so much Norm.

  27. Really helpful - thanks very much!

  28. I'll remember this! A real gem! Lovely to meet you in London! It's nice to feel the warmth of good thoughts encircling our cool world!

  29. Some times prayer is listening.

    Think that, is to say, quiet the mind, for two minutes and just listen for direction(s). practical solutions. . . for our Father knows what we have need of even before we ask.
    For His Will is to bless and save.
    Also see Dicky article, God's Law of Adjustment.
    Much Love.

  30. Simple , to the point and easy to apply . . . Good medicine for the soul . . .Thank you Norm.

  31. Just wonderful Norm! So clear & easy to grasp. Actually CS healing is not complicated, it's mortals that make it difficult. If we stick to the logical explanation that you give of prayer, then healing makes so much sense. This lift will stay with me today, and in the future. A million thanks & bless you for this clear insight!

  32. Thanks for the insightful message on the side effects of prayer. A wonderful perspective!

  33. Thank you all so much lots of information and direction in this lift and from the comments

  34. I've heard this concept explained many different ways over the years of studying Christian Science, but none as clearly put as this. Thank you! It's so important to not have the healing be the goal but go get closer to God and align your thoughts with God's.

  35. Thank you so much! This says it all. What a clear and concise way of summing it all up.

  36. Great Lift. I loved it. This understanding will remain with me and I will enjoy its side effects. Blessings to all the family around the world!

  37. Thank you for your Daily Lift on spiritual healing. Praying for understanding and seeking to know God better reveals our true nature as God's image and likeness and the myth of matter disappears. Thanks to all.

  38. Thank You for this lift.

  39. A huge thank you to Norm and commenters! Thank you for strengthening my growing understanding of the proper focus of prayer.

  40. Thank you Norm for your logical reasoning about the so called "side effects"! Your words made me think more clearly about the effects of praying and healing. Wonderful!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community

  41. Thank you so much!! We love this lift !
    with gratitude,
    Evelin e Talban

  42. This truth of Christian Science -- that the healing is incidental to growth in spiritual understanding -- is illustrated by the many accounts of healing in Fruitage, the last chapter of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. The writers were reading the book, most never having known anything of Christian Science before. Some read out of curiosity. Some read never expecting healings to result. They didn't know how to give "treatments" and they didn't go to practitioners. They just read, and understood enough of what they read to see wonderful changes in their lives, testifying that "...the healing effect followed the understanding of the divine Principle... "

    Thank you, Norm. Thank you, dear Mother Church for our daily lifts of inspiration.

  43. Thanks for this very clear message, Norm! It's been unfolding to me that God's constant abiding with each one of us has little to do with religion or church. It's just mostly about His/Her Love and Care for each of us - and our Love for Him/Her! God works so beautifully in every tiny aspect of our human lives, when we simply surrender and align our thoughts with the divine Principle, Love. Christian Science is for Everyone! Happy Weekend to All! And thanks to DL team for a Wonderful Week of Lifts!

  44. I am glad that you addressed “side effects”. It is sort of epidemic as a catch-all excuse for medical advertising. But the spiritual side effect is a horse of a different color!

    I see a similarity in this: “Your true course is to destroy the foe, and leave the field to God, Life, Truth, and Love, remembering that God and His ideas alone are real and harmonious.” S&H 419:4. Although this is aimed at those who are prayerfully supporting others, I find it helpful for two reasons: First the foe is destroyed BY REMEMBERING that God and His idea alone are real and harmonious. We remember this because it is the fact of our being; part of us, original spiritual man. And, secondly, like a side-effect, the field is left to God, Life, Truth, and Love, which takes care of the false.

    Thanks Norm… and all the gang for these wonderful daily pauses of shared listening.

  45. Thanks Norm - a very clear explanation - a great one to share with anyone!!!

  46. Thank you for pointing that out for us. Never thought of it quite that way. But I love the idea.

  47. Really loved this explanation. Very helpful. Thanks.

  48. Norm, this is such a clear and simple explanation of how healing occurs. Thank you for sharing this with the world. Also, congratulations on being elected Second Reader of The Mother Church. I can't wait to hear your reading in June.

  49. What a gift from the medical community; the expectation of side effects. And how good of you, Norm, to turn it around and agree. Yes, of course. Scientific prayer does have lots of good side effects. Prayer gets results. And so will this Lift!

  50. Thank you. This was a great lift and something as Christian Scientists we can sometimes lose sight of.

  51. Thank you so much Norm and I wish you a wonderful and exciting term as 2nd Reader. Your message was so clear and is a "keeper" to be referred to often. I find myself asking "where is my focus?" If it is not on God, then my job is to change my focus or as Mrs. Eddy says "a change of base" on page 162 of Science and Health. When thought is focused properly then the result is the side-effect of healing and growth.

  52. Thank you Norm and to all the responding lifters!! Beatrix, from Berlin, thank you for your heartfelt comment that provided a great deal of encouragement.

  53. dear lifters, it is wonderful to know, you are there - and I can read your little letters with your deep thouhts. thank you!

  54. A side effect we are glad to have! Now that is worth praying for! Thank you, Norm!

  55. Yes, the lift and the comments are very helpful. It is always good for me to think about a starting point for prayer!

  56. Norm, a great illustration of healing and the "signs following" as the "side effects." Thanks!

  57. Wonderful lift Norm. You found such a great example to explain how the physical healing or change comes from the spiritualization of thought. In my own mind I understood the healing to be a by-product and the word "side-effect" describes it even better. Focus on being spiritually minded and Love does the work. Principle is in play, putting order into the disorderly, first with thought and then thought manifests physically because you replace mortal mind thought with spiritually true ideas. The mortal mind and physical body are one and the same and must yield to the Divine Principle.

    My son is not a CS, but I've shared with him many spiritual ideas, sometimes hitting a brick wall and other times where he openly accepts ideas. As I mentioned recently in another lift, God sent the thought for me to just love my son and love the goodness in him rather than speaking with my son about spiritual ideas. So, I've been following God's guidance and the most amazing "side effects" are occurring. Since my son is going the medical route, I've had to help him with that because I respect his wishes (which is hard because I rely on prayer for healing). The other day a heath care provider said she could possibly get a discount on a medication insurance didn't cover. When I told my son, he said, "Maybe I'll just get well without it. Maybe even today." Love is at work. I love is the spiritualization I'm seeing. If there is a physical healing, it truly will be just a side effect.

  58. That's a keeper! Thanks. Really helpful.

  59. So clear. It rings so true. thank you, #7 Beatrix from Berlin, for saying just what I was thinking: that if we pray "for healing" we are already stuck, because our premise is faulty (we are praying to fix something). But ah . . . to pray for understanding . . to know God more clearly and nearly and dearly, and then ourselves as Her pure reflection . . .understanding as the effect, and healing the side effect: wonderful. Thank you, Norm.

  60. I just love this. Thank you so much.

  61. Thanks, Norm, for the fresh explanation!

  62. MBE dearly loved and appreciated the Bible verse which concludes the gospel of Mark: "They went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with SIGNS FOLLOWING."

    The Lord himself confirms the word with highly desired "side effects". "Glory to God in the highest". (Luke 2:14)

  63. Thank you so much, Norm. One of the thrilling things about prayer and spiritual growth is the healing that is the natural result. And another wonderful surprise is often healing of something that you weren't expecting or praying about. My husband calls it "collateral healing." God's love is all-encompassing and the side-effects are always a blessing!

  64. Thank you.Simply stated,with powerful results.Just wonderful!!

  65. Thank you Norm. What a clear and effective message and one that I really needed. My prayers now will be to "Love and know Thee more". I am so grateful for these Daily Lifts that really do expand our Love of God in so many ways.
    The family of Lifters and their comments are the pearl of great price and to be treasured. As always my appreciation goes to Nate and his team for all their dedication and work.

    Daily Lift Team:
    "To love and praise Thee more." is from Hymn 224 (John Ryland)

  66. Thank you Norm for bringing up this topic of side effects. Even the materialist make jokes about the long list of horrible side effects of some pharmaceuticals which can be worse than the disease they are supposed to cure! I believe the advertisers include the list of side effects in order to reinforce in the public mind that these material drugs have a lot of power. But this power is based on a false concept of dualism, a god that is two sided.
    I love your conclusion that healing with Christian Science prayer occurs through the one "Christ-Spirit", whose "side effect" is an understanding of one God and her man as the perfect reflection. There is no other side.

  67. Give me, O Lord, an understanding heart, That I may learn to know myself in Thee...Hymn 69 in CS hymnal.
    Thank you for this wonderful thought to start my day.
    To sing a prayer seems to acknowledge the joy that
    Comes to us day by day.

  68. It is an interesting phenomenon that at the turn of this century, the advertisements for medical drugs will tell you the benefits of taking the drug and then right after list all the dangerous side effects of that particular drug, as if to tell you, and I paraphrase, "Think twice on taking this or that drug, it may be dangerous to your health." Now scientific prayer has absolutely no dangerous side effects, quite the opposite. I am glad to see that there is more truth telling in the medicine advertisements than before the turn of the century.

  69. Thank you Norm! Good side-effects from this Daily Lift too.
    A fresh view of what prayer is -- increasing spiritual understanding of God -- and then the side-effect of healing follows!

    Thanks to all in the Daily Lift community!

  70. DEAR Norm, May 24,2013

    Your lift had a beautiful side effect on my husband (who Listens to M.L, but is not yet convinced).
    He commented,"never heard this explanation; very well presented" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Joanne and Charlie Isaac

  71. Now I realize that sometimes I pray for the side effects of prayer when I should be praying for truth, which is a revelation of God. Thanks so much for your lift.

  72. These profound thoughts simply said have moved me to appreciate more fully the value and purpose of prayer treatment. Thank you.

  73. A Bull's-Eye!! Thank you so much Norm, for this wonderful lift, reminding us where our focus should be! The side-effects of getting to know and understand God each moment, brings showers of blessings, joy and healing! Thank you,thank you!

  74. Thank you Norm for illumining this lift and clarifying. It helped me to pay more attention to this passage in this weeks lesson; 390: 4-9 "It is our ignorance of God, the Ultimate
    harmony divine Principle, which produces apparent discord, and
    the right understanding of Him restores harmony,"

    Daily Lift Team: The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  75. RE: "...understanding is the effect of prayer, which leads to healing as the side effect.”

    Norm, you have really put some pep in my spiritual step with your Lift!!! It's clear and concise and it's inspired me to the point that I've been "working with" this all morning!!! Sure. Sure. I've known "understanding of 'God with us' and healing as 'signs following'" at some level; but not quite so deeply as today, so that it will greatly improve my scientific approach to prayer.

    Dear Daily Lifters, you also have expanded my consciousness, so that I might adjust to better focus my prayer, according to all these inspiring insights you've shared today.

    Special thanks to #24 Margaret Sunshine Coastal Australia for recommending, "Seven synonyms: steps to healing": by Hal Shrewsbury. I had never read it before. Excellent!!! For anyone else, who would like to read it, here's the link:


    I also read God's Law of Adjustment by Adam H. Dickey, which I hadn't read in years. Wow!!! Special thanks to #29 loves good for that recommendation. Here's the link for anyone else, who would like to read it, also:


    How grateful I am for the Lift, the comments, and that "miraculously" :-) I had the time to delve so deeply into these transformative perspectives.

    Thanks again, BOL, Nate, DL team, and band!!! :-)

    We are so blessed!!!

  76. Wonderful explanation, Norm! Congratulations on selection to TMC Second Reader; we'll be looking forward to hearing you read God's word.

  77. Thank you! What a wonderfully clear presentation of God's truth, profund and simple.

  78. Thank you so much Norm for this wonderful lift!

  79. Thanks, Norm, for helping me think a little more clearly about "side effects". I've been thinking there ARE no side effects to a Christian Science healing. How wrong I was. What a joy this will be to turn that thought upside down.

    My congratulations to you too! Looking forward to hearing you read.

  80. Thank you, Norm! We hear too much about negative side effects and it's great to hear about good ones.

  81. Thank you so much Norm. I'll certainly share this one as it's so potent , simple and universal.
    HEALING IS the side effect!
    Love it!
    I'm taking it to my next Interfaith Mtg.

  82. Thank you Norm for your succinct message! Your clarity with your words "side effect" explain the "...accompanying...consciousness..." inherent in "...the heavens and earth to one human consciousness, that consciousness which God bestows, are spiritual, while to another, the unillumined human mind, the vision is material." (Mary Baker Eddy "Science and Health" 573). Prayer and God consciousness solves all.

    Also, thank you Daily Lift Team for your hard work!

  83. Hello, Lifters everywhere. As usual you've added so much to this, especially your gratitude for each other's comments. This truly was a fully-formed idea that came to me as I responded to a question following a recent lecture. I love that you all recognize and appreciate the simplicity of it.

    Truth is not complicated. We have the opportunity and the joy of demonstrating it every day.
    Love to you all,

  84. Thank you Norm, and thank you Beatrix, #7!

  85. Thanks Norm. Powerful thoughts.

  86. thank you norm

  87. How helpful this was today. It's one of those a friend of mine would refer to as a "keeper", something to come back to often and remember. Thank you for this Lift and love from Derby.

  88. As usual....CLEAR AS A BELL... THANKS NORMAN...

  89. Dear Norm,

    I am so grateful for your clear message, that healing is the only side effect we could possible experience. We must not accept anything else!

    Edna Craft

  90. I love the "take" that healing is the side effect of prayer. The biggest effect is the change in thought from a halfhearted trust or belief in God to a full blown certainty that disease, lack, anger, depression just don't stand up to God's all power! When you really see that you are free.

  91. What a lovely idea to think that prayer brings the "side effect" of healing. I'ts simple but profound.

    Thank you so much.

  92. Dear Norm,
    I am also extending my thanks and appreciation for this powerful and clearly stated truth. To Nela (#75) thanks for sending the link. Looking forward to reading it.
    Happy Memorial Weekend to all....we have so much to be grateful for :-)

  93. Thanks for your precise, concise use of words to explain what Christian Science is all about.

  94. What a wonderful clarification of the relationship of prayer and healing, and sometimes the forgotten element of growth in spiritual understanding.
    We will miss you from the lecture circuit and these lifts, but what a wonderful choice you are to read in The Mother Church. Enjoy!

  95. Thanks, Norm.

    It is quite moving to read responses to your Lift from all over the world.

  96. Y E Sssss Norm this truly explaines the
    SCIENCE of the CHRIST perfectly...

  97. Dear Norm,
    thank you! Yes, you are so right. Although often one prays to have the healing in the first place and the mental renewal as the side effect. But, of course, it is the other way round.

  98. Oops. Forgot to listen yesterday. So glad to get it this morning,Saturday. This is a good message to share w/ my Sunday School class tomorrow in connection with the healings in the Bible Lesson. Thanks.

  99. " Understanding is the effect of prayer and healing is the side effect."
    Wow. Thank you, Norm!

  100. Fantastic!!! I never heard that before! Understanding the power of healing through God, we experience kinder side effects. Thank you DL Team and all responders.

  101. Lenore from Lakewood....."Understanding is the effect of prayer and healing is the side effect." This will be entered into my Prayer Journal. I am grateful for this very clear explanation.

  102. Great message! Thanks Norm.

  103. As Mrs. Eddy explained t one of her students, we cannot simply wish to patch up the old man, because then we just may want to keep him. The old man must be dropped for the new man, the real one.

  104. Thanks so much Norm for this meaningful and important Daily Lift. I believe this is like saying that healing is the added thing rather than the sought after thing. In other words healing results from the spiritual understanding gained. The Bible puts it this way: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matt.6:33

  105. Thanks Norm - an excellent perspective towards complete well being.

  106. Thank you so much Norm for the great lift.

  107. Thank you for this helpful lift!
    I love it!

    With love from Austria, Nina

  108. Wow.

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