5/24: More than a tweet

5/24: More than a tweet

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  1. Thanks Mary a very helpful exposition on that saying of Jesus 'ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free'

  2. If Jesus would have had Tweeter, could he have said much in 140 characters?
    Though Jesus taught for a brief period of 3 years, his teachings were so substantial than 2000 years later we are still pondering his words: "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” John 8:31,32
    "The divine Spirit, which identified Jesus thus centuries ago, has spoken through the inspired Word and will speak through it in every age and clime. It is revealed to the receptive heart, and is again seen casting out evil and healing the sick" S&H 46:7
    Si Jesús hubiera tenido Tweeter, ¿podría haber dicho mucho con 140 caracteres?
    Pese a que Jesús enseñó por un breve period de 3 años, sus enseñanzas fueron tan sustanciales que luego de 2000 años aún reflexionamos sobre sus palabras: “Si vosotros permaneciereis en mi palabra, seréis verdaderamente mis discípulos; y conoceréis la verdad, y la verdad os hará libres” Juan 8:31,32
    “El Espíritu divino, que así identificó a Jesús hace siglos, ha hablado por medio del Verbo inspirado,
    y por medio de éste hablará en toda época y en toda región. Se revela al corazón receptivo y se ve de nuevo que está expulsando el mal y sanando a los enfermos” CyS 46:8

  3. Thank you.

  4. How interesting to explore ... for hours and hours....thank you, Mary!

  5. Many thanks Mary for this great reminder. Yes, " Deep contemplation of divine reality as Jesus taught...frees us from sickness and wrong doing." "Love frees from error's thrall, — Love is liberation./ Love's way the Master trod; /He that loves shall walk with God." Christian Science Hymnal #179).

  6. Thank you for this reminder, hymn #179 is one of my favorites. Let us all walk with God.

  7. Thank you, Mary for this very up-to-the-minute podcast, your message to share with our world family of Daily Lifters. Somehow I find it hard to see our beloved Christ Jesus blogging and tweeting on his tablet as he walked among his flock. But I agree, his outpouring of love was certainly right to the point, with instantaneous healing blessing all within his Father's kingdom. But I feel sure Calvin Fry would have been the first to have an Iphone in the Pleasant View household! To be honest, I'm not yet a graduate of Twitter and Facebook but perhaps I'm only delaying the inevitable.
    Thank you Nate and the producers; the BoL and the lecturers; and our Daily Lift Tweeters and bloggers.

  8. thanks for the lively music.
    Walk with Christ in GOD. Thank you for your lovely Lift, dear Mary!

  9. Thank you Mary,

    Fue muy inspirador para mi... muchas gracias...

  10. How often Jesus requested something. That thing that he was looking for was receptivity, To those at the town of Mary and her sister Martha, he said, "Take ye away the stone:" He required receptivity, for he said, "I knew that thou hearest me always" showing that he himself was receptive to God. His own receptivity to God came first, then followed the receptivity of the onlookers and family of the man Lazarus. Lazarus was healed.
    (John 11).

  11. Sometimes no words are neccessary to feel the love, the understanding and the miraculous presence of God . . . To be peace and to surround ourselves with that ILLUMINED spirit is a guarantee for a joy filled day. Thank you for your lift this morning and carefully chosen words which carry that spirit.

  12. Thank you for the lovely and modern Lift, Mary. I agree with Margaret #7. Perhaps we are trying to avoid the inevitable but as Robert # 10 said, the thing that Jesus was looking for was Receptivity! Your message and the comments made me think... A good start for the day. It will stay for me for hours and hours.

  13. As an English teacher, I find I often advise my senior students to keep the grammar simple but the thinking profound when they write essays. Jesus was a master of language in exactly this way. But, of course, his mastery extended beyond just words as he demonstrated the spiritual underpinning of metaphysics and people realised the results in healings of all kinds of problems. Thanks for the great message, Mary!

  14. What a blessed Idea, to be aware of God all day. Thank You

  15. Imagine getting this tweet after seeing the 6 o'clock news report! "Our friend Lazarus sleepeth” (27 characters)

    Later (for those of us that didn't quite understand the Lazarus tweet) he assures us... "But the Comforter..shall teach you all things" (45 characters)

    Fun to think about. I don't tweet or twitter, but I eagerly check for angel messages of Truth, which are usually quite short one-liners and remind me of how connected we are!

  16. Hoy hay muchas formas de “comunicación” pregunto: ¿estamos más comunicados?

    Podría contarles varias experiencias en que la comunicación se dio sin ni siquiera nombrar a Dios, sino expresando mi sentir por medio de otras palabras pero con el sentimiento de confianza en Dios que es quien obra.
    Un domingo yendo para la iglesia dos chicas se sentaron al lado mío venían de un baile, me pidieron disculpas por estar ebrias, les contesté, son estudiantes entonces conocen la física cuántica que dice que la materia no existe así que la embriagues tampoco, por lo tanto tampoco es necesaria para sentirse bien, después de un rato me dijo, es verdad yo no lo necesito para sentirme bien de allí en más se tranquilizó y dejó de hablar no solo conmigo sino también con sus compañeros diciendo disparates.

    Según la Biblia Cristojesús no necesitaba ver a las personas las sentía y las personas a Él, tampoco dejó nada escrito, todos sabemos porque, nos dejó su legado, sentir a Dios no solo amarlo sabiendo que está presente no porque lo nombremos sino porque Es y así lo sentimos.
    A pesar de lo dicho agradezco la comunicación por Internet que me permite cada mañana escuchar la lección Sermón semanal y muchas cosas más y el Daily Lift con sus mensajes que nos ayuda a elevar el pensamiento y demostrar que no es una cuestión de lenguas o palabras sino Un solo sentir.

    Muchas gracias Mary, por el sentir que anula barreras demostrando que no existen.

  17. Fabulous ,, thank you . :-)

  18. What a beautiful and simple thought--"God is just a thought away." We just have to know that this simple truth, or angel message, is effective and does bring healing; it does not have to be complicated. Thanks!

  19. To be aware of God all day. Yes, perfect. Many thanks.

  20. Mary,
    Thanks ever so much...! It is the little things...the still smalll voice...that seem to really get our attention and get things done.

  21. I like the thought go "holding on" to Jesus' teachings to make them part of our experience. And to think of Jesus' teachings.all day today...a wonderful plan...yes, I'll do it today!

  22. Hooray! Another deeply contemplative "tweet" from Australia! Thank you, Mary! As we all know, it's not really the technical device we may choose to use - it's the deep thought or spiritual reality behind the communication that harmonizes and heals. I guess we could say that Christian Science Practitioners are "tweeting" all day long as they engage in deep prayerful, healing treatments for their patients and the world! I think Mary Baker Eddy was probably the best "tweeter" of all! I'm an emailer, not a Tweeter or Facebooker, but I did send a non-Scientist friend this thought yesterday: "Focusing on the Good today!" And she took it and ran with it and thanked me for it! Knowing the Truth brings Freedom! Tweet! Tweet!

  23. The expression of simple truth ... very refreshing. Thank you.

  24. Thank you so much, Mary!! Deep contemplation, keeping thought on God's universe, seeing the good and magnifying it. There is a lot to do and the blessings come with it showing we are listening and acting, and speaking as God does!!! Thank you all for your contributions to profound thoughts!

  25. Thank you.

  26. Thank you for this lovely lift. "The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." (S&H p 284) God's ways of communicating must be unlimited and always loving, informing us perfectly. It is this truth of our pefection in His likeness that we need to be receptive to. Realising it, we can experience it, and share it. Wonderful! Thank you!

  27. "We shall overcome!" Thank you Mary for making me ponder over some other short phrases that
    immediately pop into mind and/or tumble off our tongue, like "Thank you Lord!" There are physical
    signals often accompanying these phrases such as rolling our eyes heavenward. "This too shall pass."
    "I am healed!" And for me, "I need to listen to the Daily Lift!"

  28. Thank you, Mary, for the great and helpful reminder!

  29. Thank you, Mary, DL team & lifters everywhere!! Love the message ~ we'll make the "KISS principle" Keep It Serenely Simple!! Have a simply divine day, one and all!

  30. Great point to remember, pray without ceasing! Thanks for that lovely reminer!

  31. Thank you Mary for this lovely lift. Deus está sempre se comunicando com Sua criação. Muito obrigada.

  32. Thank you Mary, I love that you are all the way aound the world, and we are all "one". That we are all helping each other through Jesus Christ, doing the work that he taught us to do.

  33. So good! Thanks Mary.

  34. Thanks, Mary, simple and full of thoughtful practicality.

  35. God has been "tweeting" me with his angel messages just when I need them. I am always thankful when an answer comes to a question or problem that I've needed answers to. The Daily LIft has certainly been another of those angel messages that start the day on a beautiful path.
    Thank you Mary for your message and many thanks to all who make these lifts possible. They are so appreciated.

  36. Thank you so much, Mary. 1) Plenty of inspiration. 2) Very few words. 3) Divine Power behind the words. 4) Illumination of consciousness. These four points from your Lift are helping me to consider how to improve my own communication skills. Surely, I need to use only words that support the healing of sin, sickness, and death – any claims against the sovereignty of God / Good. Jesus used words only to explain and encourage healing. He successfully lived the Good Life and said that we can, too. With today's communication technology, it's too easy to hit SEND without first "proofreading" for right motives. In "Improve Your Time" (Mis. 230), Mrs. Eddy wrote, "All successful individuals…spend no time…talking when they have nothing to say...” So, if it’s not healing, there’s “nothing to say.” Also helpful is, (Manual 40) “A Rule for Motives and Acts. SECTION 1. Neither animosity nor mere personal attachment should impel the motives or acts of the members of The Mother Church. In Science, divine Love alone governs man; and a Christian Scientist reflects the sweet amenities of Love, in rebuking sin, in true brotherliness, charitableness, and forgiveness. The members of this Church should daily watch and pray to be delivered from all evil, from prophesying, judging, condemning, counseling, influencing or being influenced erroneously.” Thanks, again!!!

  37. Several years ago, I had two broken bones from a fall. The ankle bone healed quickly, "like a teenager" said the surprised bone doctor, but the bone in my foot was resistant to healing as stress occurred in my life regarding my mother's medical condition. In the Christian Science weekly Bible Lesson, I read and pondered a passage from Jesus' disciple Paul as he spoke to the saints in Ephesians. Paul, said, "Aeneas, arise and walk. Jesus Christ hath made thee whole!" And so it was.
    I then put two chairs together, just a few feet apart, took off my boot (used in place of a cast), said my name out loud, "'Saved', arise and walk. Jesus Christ hath made thee whole." I turned away from the wince of pain/discomfort and sat in the opposite chair. I did this up to 10 times spaced out during the day with as much confidence as I could muster. Every few days, I moved the two chairs farther apart until I could walk outside, adding a house to the length of my walk each day until I walked a half mile pain free. Jesus Christ did make me whole. When doing this treatment, it is important to clear up any resistant feelings you or the person you are helping heal might have about being included as a saintly disciple of Jesus. Not only was I healed in two weeks (the surgeon the bone doctor recommended was impressed), but two others were healed with my coaching in the years that followed. This is a lovely treatment to save in your repartee of wisdom from the Word of God.

  38. A wonderful thought. Thank you.

  39. "Know the truth and the truth will set you free."
    "understand and feel the divine power behind the words of Christ Jesus."

    Well said. Only 150 characters! Tks, Mary!

  40. Thank you Mary for the brief immediacy
    Jesus expressed in healing -soo inspiring & helpful.

  41. I love it. So beautiful, so nourishing. Thank you.

  42. Absolutely Mary! CLing  to the Truth! Be a clinger! Clingers have the shield of Salvation protecting them! So "baloney stuff" just bounces off them! 

    And quite frankly, I am tired of the naysayers, that tell me, "you must have a lot  time". Not true. We are all given the same amount, just what we choose to do with it. Choosing Good! 

    And I listened to Nate  Talbot's audio chat on JSH online, from March called Reliable Healthcare,  he chooses to read the Bible through yearly. And that is why, he could explain clearly to me, why " sin can be as simple as being frustrated about things and feeling angry over things". And we know what Master Clinger would say to sin, "Get Thee Hence!"

    So grateful for the Truth to cling to and share and learn from!

  43. The wonderful saying, "Keep it serenely simple" is one of the reasons that very young children can heal using Christian Science. Of course this applies to each of us as God's perfect peaceful child.
    Love and peace to all. 'KISS'

  44. Yes, STICK to the TRUTH and it Will set u free!

  45. Mary....thanks SO much for this Daily Lift! And thanks to ALL for your comments, as well.
    Nela (#36) -- since you mentioned the "Rule for Motives and Acts" from our CS Manual, I can't help but share with all of our Daily Lift followers about the EXCELLENT article in the April 2012 JOURNAL breaking down and explaining this article.....it is outstanding!!

  46. Thank you for this lovely lift!

  47. Thanks to you, 45. Diane Ward, St. Petersburg, Florida- 5/24/2012, I just finished reading the article. You're right. It is EXCELLENT...outstanding!! Without your thoughtful recommendation, I would have missed it and I’m glad I didn’t. Thanks again.

  48. thanks, Mary.......indeed it's more than a tweet and for more than a second; all day, everyday and forever.

  49. Thank you.Your sweet and loving voice delivered healing truths I especially need.A perfect "tweet".

  50. Thank you Mary, this is interesting & pleasant. I don't do Tweet or Facebook, but got a good message to work with. Like most everyone, I get short and long angel messages. Those familiar with my comments might guess my communication with the Father also is in mental "longhand", not shorthand. He won't see,"OMG, hlp!" typed from me. Jesus has some brief directions, but to prayerfully study them, and also get the most from his demonstrations, takes too many mental characters to fit in Tweet. I liked your Lift, because it confirms my thoughts on a recently read article indicating we repeat too many truths, instead of yielding, so should stop the thoughts. I'd thought (here's one from me already) my thoughts came from divine Mind. I don't want to silence them. It's yielding thoughts of negativity, worry, anger, acceptance of my or others' flaws and problems, or frivolous thoughts that cater to my pleasures. You mention concentrating on Truth. That is holding, continuing in Jesus' word, which enables us to receive blessings by knowing truth is true. It brings insights & blessings additional to any single purpose I may be reaching for. I don't do this to convince myself Truth is true, I am convinced already, or would not be listening to, or repeating truths. Deep contemplation of divine reality is hungering for truth. It's holding fast to the fact God is Truth, Life, & Love. It's day-long conversation with the Father, not just doing so when I need something. #36 & #37, Thanks.

  51. Thanks Mary!! # 42 Thanks for perfect explanation in a b'ful way.

  52. Thanks Mary

  53. My heartfelt thanks!! Beautiful for today....:)

  54. Good, cheerful thoughts! Thank you, Mary

  55. The thought of "holding to the truth" is a lovely and useful explanation of the King James Version of the Bible, "continue in my word." This gives me a new perspective and I'm grateful.

  56. Still, I am listening, sharing and appreciating the ideas in the Lift and comments.

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