5/22: If I know, you know

5/22: If I know, you know

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  1. I liked as well Jen :-)

  2. Brilliant !!

  3. "Gods Love expressed thru me & as me". Thank you! I've listened to hundred+ DL's...this one is top 5 on my list. Infinitely grateful that we are forever "in the presence of Devine Love manifesting itself...we can recognize God everywhere because God, Good, expressed IS us...the REAL us". What a powerful message you've shared!

  4. Thank you, Beth, for this reminder. My family and I have had innumerable healing experiences along these lines: a lost dog, a missing wallet (returned from the finder 3000mi, away), finding a home, employment, etc. Such powerful truths about God and our relation to him.

  5. Thank you, Beth. I could feel the closeness with God as you spoke - to know this closeness is a wonderful thing - it truly brings healing! Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a wonderfull Idea to be God expressed, Thank You

  7. Thank you for this divine inspiration coming to you straight from God...If God knows then I know...of course. God doesn't go through chanels of time and space but He/She speaks directly to our thought. It couldn't be more simple or more absolute. God's thoughts are our thoughts. We are the constant recipient of Divine Love speaking to us every moment. I cherish this reminder...if God knows then I know. Today is big with blessings and I am greatful for these daily reminders of His love and care for each of us.

  8. Wow! I could apply that to a hundred different things!Thank you so much. I'm inspired.

  9. How beautiful. Thank you so much. I treasure this lift and will save it as a favorite and ponder often.
    The simple Truth of being one with Love, one Mind, dissolves all seeming problems, comforts, restores, renews. Nothing, no one can ever be lost to us, all is safe in Love's constant presence.
    So grateful for your soft voice/saving message that I, too, feel the closeness with God as you speak (beautifully expressed by Deb #4), grateful for this treatment that I so need at this time in my life.

  10. Thanks Beth for that lovely thought and reminder that we are God's expression.
    Greetings from London England. Ann K.

  11. Lately I've been striving to hear God's voice, and this simple message reminded me that it isn't really a matter of effort. I can't help but see God's presence all around me.
    P.S. Every time I hear "Hey, hey" I just have to smile; that's God speaking too.

  12. Thank you, Beth, for that lovely clear spiritual fact. Much appreciated.

  13. How true is that!! Spot on !! No comment to add .. your lift said it all!!

  14. God will let us know what we need to know.
    As a teenager I spent more than I had to buy my mom an ostentatious ring which she never wore, then without her knowing it I "borrowed" it for a trip —loosing it there.
    My mom never knew I took it and never missed it, but I lost much sleep over it.
    Then I learned the power of prayer.
    The following year I vacationed at the same place, and sightseeing I stopped at the same spot and found the ring waiting for me on the road.
    Years later my mom got to pound this ring and lived out of that money 3 long months during Argentina's huge inflation.
    Dios nos hará saber lo que necesitamos saber.
    De adolescente gasté más de lo que tenía para comprarle a mi mamá un ostentoso anillo que nunca usó, luego sin ella saberlo lo tomé “prestado” para un viaje —y lo perdí.
    Mi mamá nunca supo que lo tomé y nunca lo extrañó, pero esto a mí me quitó el sueño.
    Entonces aprendí el poder de la oración.
    Al año siguiente, me fuí de vacaciones y me detuve de turista en el mismo lugar en el camino y allí en la calle me esperaba el anillo.
    Años más tarde mi mamá pudo empeñarlo y vivir de ese dinero por 3 largos meses de gran inflación en Argentina.

  15. I'm so grateful for this precious idea. Thank you.

  16. How wonderful Beth, yes we are always in God's care.. I receive this inspiration every day ! He never lets me down !
    Great to hear from you beth.

  17. Very moving and beautiful.

  18. Thank you Beth. That message was so beautifully and clearly communicated. I am presently doing some writing about Spiritual Identity and Image and Likenes and what you have said today could not have been more relevant to me. I am full of gratitude.
    ' What I know, you know' says it all.
    I also loved visualising that little baby goat and how wonderful it must've been finding him right there in front of you.
    Thank you so much again, Beth.
    Love Mandi :-)

  19. Thank you Beth, such warmth and comfort out of that image you relate so beautifully

  20. Thank you for this reassuring and clear lift, and for all the comments following it. How marvellous to know that God's love expressed is us! We are all in the same place, living and moving and having our being.

  21. Many thanks Beth for this very inspiring lift. Yes. "In an act of kindness we are in the presence of divine Love, manifesting itself." "O he who trusts in God's protection/ And hopes in Him when fears alarm,/ Is sheltered by His loving-kindness,/ Delivered by His mighty arm;" (Christian Science Hymnal # 216).

  22. .... really, really good. Very helpful. Thank you.

  23. sehr sehr schön und einleuchtend!

  24. Dear Beth, this is more than a lift, it is full flight. Gratefully,
    Nan in New York

  25. Lovely message, Beth. It applies to everything we are working through each day. Nothing can separate us from God's lovve and presence. Thank you.

  26. Thank you Berth for such an insipiring lift. Yea l move, live and have my being in Him/Her. Awesome. Thank you again

  27. Thank you Beth so much, this beautiful message brings so much clarity to my understanding of UNITY with God and In God. "Love expressed as us" We certainly live in the Infinite Allness of Divine Love, every moment, everywhere and every NOW. Wow what a Lift!

  28. Thank you so much Beth. What a great Lift. What a difference it made to my thinking when I realized that God expresses Himself as us. And as the universe, including all creation. How comforting to understand we are all connected through our relationship as God's beloved children, His own expression. Staying with this understanding families are re-united - harmoniously - and misconceptions, fears and doubts are corrected.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the Board of Lectureship; and the Daily Lifters.

  29. Thanks a lot Berth i needed this ...Infinite Love/Goodness is everpresent..........Thanks # 9 Saved :) ..The simple Truth of being one with Love, one Mind, dissolves all seeming problems, comforts, restores, renews. Nothing, no one can ever be lost to us, all is safe in Love's constant presence...Thank you all for sharing !!!


  31. THANK YOU this Lift is truly a lift in thought. Many thanks to all Lifters.

  32. Lovely thank you!

  33. thank you very very much, Beth, for this loving and healing DL. As I do seek something since weeks, I do need this very much. And also this closeness to God is so clear! Can`t say how grateful I am for your Lift.

  34. Wonderful ,, thank you ! :-)

  35. Thank you Beth. Christian Science is all about recognizing our oneness with the father...that knowing is what heals...that knowing is having the mind which was also in Christ Jesus. The best article I have ever read on this subject is "Oneness" by Briknel Young.....he was one of Mrs. Eddy's students. This article is one you study not just read. If it were possible to put "Class Instruction" in to one article this would be it.

  36. I liked your message so much I transcribed it! The simplicity of Truth is always powerful.

  37. "Nearness, not distance" always characterizes our relationship with God and with whatever part of creation is within the focus of our caring... Thanks for this touching reminder.

  38. Thank you so much for sharing Gods angel message with us. Just what I needed this morning.

  39. God's ever-operative connection to us as divine Mind (all knowing) includes the joy of helping others – kids, colts, and kittens!

    Finding things we believe are lost can often “turn us like tired children to the arms of divine Love.” S&H 322:26. I sometimes don't know why I have waited so long to make the turn! Elena #14, I feel your joy at the restored ring and recognize as you do, the grander lessons we are to learn..moving us from the ring to the loving supply it finally represented.

    What a great lift! Thank you.You shared so clearly the instant connection between God ideas and what we see before us. I am looking forward to "listening" for today's findings!

  40. this is lovely, thanks Beth.

  41. Wow! Thanks for making that so clear to me on a morning when I really needed it! Excellent.

  42. 29 suchi reminded me of the 4 R's, restore. renew, refresh and redeem. Thanks Beth for sharing the lovely story of the little kid and the inspiring message that God already knows whatever we need to know. We just need to listen to that still small voice, and be receptive (another R) to what we hear and follow through with action. I am so grateful for these Daily Lifts - thanks to everyone - producers and fellow listeners.

  43. I love it: God isn't passing information on to us, we are at one with what God knows... God's love expressed thru us as us. Beautiful. Seeing God in all the good we see....God good expressed is us, the real us. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, Beth. I am going to listen to it a few more times.

  44. Awesome lift. So meaningful to me. Thank you for the reminder. Peace.

  45. Joan P. NJ
    Dear Beth, Your Lift today helps me to focus on "In God's world nothing can be lost". Lately this quote has been in my ear most every day, due to all my joyous daily activities, and I find it a real Blessing. Nate love your new music.

    Joan P. NJ

  46. Imprecionante, si yo se ud sabe, no hay conocimiento para uno y otros no, hay Un sólo conocimiento el espiritual que nos lleva a entender que nada hay oculto y que si nos esforzamos lo abtendremos y sabremos diferenciar entre creer y saber.
    "El sabio de corazón es llamado prudente, Y la dulzura de labios aumenta el saber" Proverbios
    El Amor aumenta el saber y nos conduce por maravillosas sendas y nos encontraremos como dice Eddy con "Las evidencias de progreso y de espiritualización que nos saludan a cada paso" porque a cada paso encontramos pruebas de ese Amor que nos inspira a esforzarnos en saber y no en creer.

    Muchas gracias Beth, sabemos que estamos en el camino correcto por sus frutos porque hemos aprendido a amar más.

  47. It is so true that we can't be deprived of knowing what God is knowing because we are at one with God and what he knows we know. Thank you Beth for this wonderful reminder and thank you daily lift team for the daily inspiration.

  48. Oh, thank you....

  49. Thank you Beth. A beautiful thought to carry with us every day. Yesterday after listening to the Lift, I had to make the 1 1/2 hour drive to Boise. As I was leaving the house I noticed a dove sitting on my deck railing, and a sense of peace came over me.
    The trip was so beautiful through the canyon and everything I needed I found easily and everyone I met was cheerful and pleasant. I felt God's presence with me the whole day and thanked Him on the long drive home.

  50. So comforting! For months I've been pondering Mary Baker Eddy's words "The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." We might add "AS man." Thank you for the inspiring lift.

  51. THANK YOU!


  53. What clear Truth, Beth! Thank you for sharing what God knows! Love the music this week! It has such a vibrancy and constancy! Sometimes I think that all the Bible and Science and Health (and most books of a spiritual nature) are really saying is: "Drop the false, material sense of yourself as an ego or a mortal, and come into the realization that you are God in expression!" As a dear spiritual friend of mine used to say, "Your only problem is that you still think you're Beverly!" I think this is a lifetime or eternal mental/spiritual journey - but what a Joy to have this thought always before us! Good on Ya!

  54. Thank you for such a clear thought about the all knowing, everpresent God that we always express.

  55. Thank you.

  56. Hello Beth Packer down under. I am with you on this one. Every day I look for God's presence in what I am working with. I am handling a rental and went to a small local hardware store to pick up business cards. I trusted God's safekeeping and went forward finding all good new people to work with and best of all a happy tenant that seems a perfect fit. I am increasing my skill and level of anxiety is lessening. This is because I rely on God more and look for evidence of his care at every turn. Life is humbling and exacting. God is great and full of abundant giving, guidance and love. Thank you for your warm contribution to this Daily Lift Community today. To down under from up over.

  57. loved this mini- lecture and this powerful way to stay safe and strong in Gods present Parenting Power!!!

  58. Thanks for reminding me that I've experienced that "knowing" in similar circumstances. Love the sincerity of proof in your lift. Many thanks.

  59. Fantastic Beth, Overflowing GRATETUDE for reminding me, that, all I need to do, is keep my thought in line with God's Goodness, His perfection.When I start criticising, myselves or others, I'm sinning and my thought is not with God and thus I'm not hearing God's thoughts, BUT, ever realizing that I, and everyone, is God's Child, sinless, God is ever expressing Himself through me, through everyone when we are only ENTERTAINING GOD'S THOUGHTS, the only REALITY, I and all are free, not standing in the way of God expressing Himself through me or us. GLORIOUS APPRECIATION for all of you who make this wonderful uplifting, inspiring greeting each weekly morning.

  60. Now I'm ready to start my day - thank you for the beautiful lift.

  61. Thank you, Beth, for this gentle, thoughtful, and very helpful Lift.

  62. Simply beautiful, so powerful. Thank you.

  63. Beth,
    Thaks sooooooooo much for the truly inspiring lift...! This reminds me of a thought I learned in Sunday school, "there is no spot where God is not."
    Thanks again Beth...!

  64. Absolutely wonderful lift. Acts 17:28 "For in him we live and move and have our being." Our only existence is in and through God. We are indeed his creation. God is All. Ever since I read that Bible passage I've striven to understand more deeply our spirituality and connection with God. A week or so ago I was reading a CS article and the word "exist" popped out at me. Suddenly I realized on a deeper level that "I exist in God." It was such an epiphany,and no words do it justice. This is one of those concepts that unfolds more and more as your awareness grows. Your lift just provided another dimension for grasping this truth. If I know, you know. Lovely! Thank you so much Beth for bringing this idea home and making it so clear.

  65. Many years ago on a trip to our family home area my brother and I went hunting for wild mushrooms as we had done when growing up.The time in the woods yielded no mushrooms,but the quiet and peace I felt and my closeness to and oneness with God was beyond telling-so palpable!
    So back home we went,me feeling full but with no mushrooms.
    Then...the early the next morning a local farmer who knew nothing of the events of the previous day called and said,"Overnight our pasture has become COVERED in mushrooms.Did your family want to come picking?"
    We did and filled baskets full!!
    What an unforgetable feeling of God's presence I felt.Your loving message today reminded me of that.Thankyou!

  66. Excellent!

  67. Although not a Christian Scientist I receive the lifts and read many of them. I am always surprised and inspired by the originality and insights that the readers provide - as in this one today. Thanks, Beth, I shall be a slightly different person as I go about my activities tomorrow - and somewhat more insightful.

  68. Thanks, Beth. "If I know, you know." is so powerful!!! I've had similar healings. “As an idea of God/Divine Mind, I know what I need to know when I need to know it.” has been very effective for me, in finding what seems to be lost (tangible or intangible), as well as in gaining new knowledge or whatever else is needed. Also, it has been helpful to discipline my thought in this way: “If ‘it’ isn't Good, then ‘it's’ not created by God and God doesn't know it, so I don't have to know ‘it’ either.” Concentrating on what is Good, better prepares me for overcoming the unGood with God’s ever-present help. Your Lift has expanded my “knowing” with a renewed emphasis on: there is only One Divine Mind, not many mortal minds; that we are each God's ideas/reflections; and that God is "speaking" to/through each of us. That’s all easier to say than to apply on a daily basis, especially when “at odds” with someone. But, from now on I will go into my relationships purposefully with this understanding: “If I know what God wants me to know, then you (and you and you!) know what God wants you to know, too.” This use of "If I know, you know," frees me to stop worrying about what others are thinking, saying, or doing; mind my own business; really listen, and then follow through with what God is telling me - just trusting God to be God. Oneness is not equal to sameness; but each has/is a piece of the puzzle/part of the whole. Wow!!! Weight lifted!!! (So, that’s why we call them, “Daily Lifts!)

  69. Thank you for this wonderful lift that was incredibly gentle and loving. I felt loved, cared for and reassured. I appreciate all the comments, too - even single lines and simple thank yous were stated in ways that touched my heart . For me this Lift addressed the aggressive sense of a lost, depressed individual and helped me understand that this person is God's expression. Expressing God, this person knows the Truth of what God knows about him/her. We each know ourselves to be the constant expression of Life, Truth and Love. This was a very powerful, healing message. I can't thank you enough.

  70. Thank you for this very inspirational lift. What a wonderful gift to receive first thing this morning.
    I am so grateful for Christian Science and for all the various ways The Church has made available to me and the world for receiving this kind of inspiration.

  71. Oh, this moved me deeply! The lamb was right in front of you and you saw it the moment you knew that you were God's knowing. Simply precious! Thanks so much. :)

  72. Such a WONDERFUL thought! Thank you.
    Janet in NC

  73. Touching, sweet, and more importantly: helpful. (An interesting sidelight - it made me feel how united you all in NZ are with those of us "further away")

  74. Thank you for this inspiring message. We all need to be reminded of this truth,that God in within us and we in him always. Love is the answer.

  75. Beth: Thank you! Really liked this...Bob, Raymore, MO

  76. Thx Beh - exacly what I needed to get on with the day's work

  77. Such a clear expression of the truth that we have spiritual sense, not material or personal sense, directing our lives. This is God's presence fully operating in and as our lives, and what inspired blessings result! Thank you for sharing this beautiful evidence of God's active, ever-operating omnipresence, which each of us can expect to find in our own life experiences.

  78. Thank you SO much for your inspiring words! Many of the Daily Lifts have touched me, but your divine words in today's lift totally re-minded me about the true nature of my connection with all good. God bless!

  79. Beth, Lovely, just lovely. Often we who study CS will say or hear, "simple, but not easy!" referring to the unlocking of that opening of thought which results in the healings we seek. Now, with podcasts such as this, I am increasingly seeing that the flooding in of Truth and Love which carries into consciousness the power of the healing Christ is not only simple...but indeed easy! Thank you!!!

  80. Amen and Amen. Just as Christ Jesus affirmed, spoken for us today, and sent out to the world. Thank you Beth for this precious sweet reminder of God's all presence and tender care. Loved the music, too!

  81. Thank you Beth.

  82. Thank you.To me,this is the most perfect and complete understanding of Oneness with God.I will listen to it many times.Bless you for sharing.

  83. Precious Word! Thank you.

  84. What a great reminder that there is only One Mind.........very inspiring.........thank you.

  85. Simple, beautiful, powerful. Thank you, Beth, and thanks to the production team and to all the Daily Lifters and your comments.

  86. I loved this. Thank you!

  87. What a delightfully simple and profound message that helps awaken the fact of our oneness with God. Thank you.

  88. Thank you!! So very grateful!

  89. Thank you Beth....thank you #14...thank you daily Lifters.

  90. So simple. So powerful! So comforting. I love it!

  91. What a sure way to "bind the strong man" of mortal opinion [this week's Bible Lesson] -- divine Mind, knowing Its own ideas, has no concept of "lost." Thanks, all.

  92. Thank you Beth for that lovely Lift. so powerful yet simple. So grateful for the comments from all; especially appreciated #68 Nela - if God doesn't know it, we can't either! What an inspiration!
    Judith from Reno NV

  93. I love this message. I love the idea that every good deed, act of kindness or intelligent idea that we see exhibited by our fellow man, is proof of God's ever-presence with us. Thank you for that beautiful reminder!

  94. Thank you...very important message!

  95. Beth, thank you for that very clear message. It will bless us all.

  96. If God knows then I know!!!!! That takes care of it all. You think something do simple , but it's so right so true. I am sitting on my patio , had been weeping I missed my husband so. He recently passed. And then listened to your message. And felt so at peace. Thank you .

  97. What a good, clear lift! Perception, or the definition of eyes in the Glossary in Science and Health, as "spiritual discernment", is a thought process, so it fits your visual revelation, Beth,when you discovered the little kid. We reflect God's knowing.

  98. Thank you Beth - for revealing the Oness
    of our Being - so susinctly.So UPLITIINg

  99. Yes!

  100. Dear Jan (#96),
    God is knowing right this moment that your husband continues fully active and fully loved and loving. Because God knows this, so do you. God's knowing us defines who we are -- immortal and fulfilling, without interruption, His purpose. Hugs to you.

  101. reminds me of something from a James Spencer article: "We are God knowing himself".

  102. Never thought of this idea in this way. What a wonderful and comforting Daily Lift!! Thank you Beth! Nate and Team, great music! Thank you all comments.
    Beautiful day to all!

  103. Thank you for your Lift today, Beth. It is exactly what I need as I have struggled with a situation and not known what course of action to take. Thanks to all who sent comments. They have been so helpful, too!

  104. Oooooh, that is such a good message that you got, Beth. Very cool.

  105. Oh yes, Beth! Perfect. Kind of like the Sentinel program speaker told us
    last Sunday, God said "You must love him the way I love you!"
    Thanks so much.

  106. So humbled by this precious message. thanks ever, ever so much.

  107. This Lift has a profound message! Thank you Beth. While we aren't God, we are so at one with Him by reflection, that there is no delay or relay in receiving and using His loving power and intelligence. Recent storms gave me this analogy: The time between lightning and thunder tells us how distant is the storm. As it approaches, the interval lessens until thunder almost instantly accompanies the lightning bolt. The storm is here! God is never distant. We do not have to petition and wait. Bible promises are not outdated words. His word is not void (Isa.55:11) so it cannot be temporarily void until it achieves what it was intended to do. God's love, work, or words, are not put "on hold" like when we call for help from a telephone or other company. His words are not recorded computer messages, for Him to later go over prayers left on voice mail to access our needs, and afterwards a reply will be sent to us. "If I know, you know." is a prayer affirming our closeness to our Father, of truly living and having our being in Him (Acts 17:28). I thank you for this prayer, Beth, in addition to the rest of the Lift. I had not before thought about the immediacy of His word, or His knowledge. I'll be using this Lift, this prayer often, including using the prayer when I don't seem to be after a particular solution. It will be so useful during study of the Bible and Science & Health, our pastors. #14 Elena, WOW! #65 S. Sawitsky, Thanks. #67 Michael That was a special sharing!

  108. Thanks so much! Great ideas!

    "If I know, you know"

    "He doesn't pass it on to me, I (am) at-one with what God knows."

    "I (am) that knowing."

    "God, good expressed, is us."

    Wonderful, just wonderful healing thoughts! (=

  109. Thank you Nela #68, I got so much out of your comment. Blessings to all and dear Beth.

  110. Just gorgeous! Thank you.

  111. Fabulous! Thank you. xxoo

  112. Ah, the radical joys of oneness, not twoness. Thank you and blessings to all.

  113. Thanks for sharing that tender & powerful experience and for the ideas you gleaned from it! How beautiful, comforting and practical are the thoughts that are ours from the one divine Mind, our only Mind, by reflection. That sense of oneness and of always being in the divine Presence brought out in the DL said it all.

  114. Loved it! Thanks!

  115. Absolutely one of the best I've ever heard - thankyou thankyou thankyou!

  116. Dear #96 I hope you got to read #9, very comforting too. Love and hugs! (=

  117. Thank you for the simple powerful message. I had a similar experience this past weekend. A large valuable object has been lost for over 15 years. I have always said about anything misplaced, "It is not lost, but, it will find me." This weekend, the long missing object was returned in the middle of the night on a porch. It was there to be found in the morning. This was effortless and delivered without promise of reward. I did not give up knowing, it would find me. I am grateful to the unknown messenger. All is well.
    csw seattle

  118. Beautiful experience, Beth! Thank you.

  119. Thanks Beth...that was great and well put. Often when I get frustrated when doing a task or lose something, I forget to acknowledge God's presence sometimes but when I do the right thought comes to mind leading to a solution. As your lift explained it is God expressing himself through us.

  120. Yes, brilliantly true! Thank You!

  121. What a succinct, power-packed Lift. It gets to the very centre of it all: God, good , expressed, is US.

    Reading this after midday on Wednesday, I have the advantage of reading all the insights and shared joy of all the contributors as well. What a delight!

    Thank you Beth, and all commenters, and the DL team.

  122. Have long loved the power of AS! Thanks, Beth, for boldly entering the throne of grace with this Lift!

  123. Thankyou Beth a beautiful profound idea.

  124. Wonderful! We walk tall in the I AM ALL!

  125. What a inspiring lift..."God expressed is us" ...I love your sweet quote!!! Thank you.

  126. Very reassuring and practical!

    This experience came to mind: Two turtles are living in my parents' garden. A couple of years ago, one of them had not been seen for a couple of days. That is unusual because they normally march through the garden several times a day. There is a fine-meshed fence around the garden so they can't get out. My parents had searched under the bushes but hadn't found it. Hearing the story, I turned to God who is all-knowing. I went into an area with some high bushes and saw something moving. It was the turtle lying on its back and wiggling its feet in the attempt to turn over. It was not long after they had emerged from their winter rest and so he was not strong enough to turn himself back on his feet. The other turtle may have turned it over. So I put him back on his feet and he was fine.

  127. Dear beth,
    Looking through all the comments of thanks I noticed that they are from around our world. The inspired thoughts you have given us are universal truth available to us all. Thanks for showing us how practica Truth is even in the goat world ........God ...loving and caring and caring for all His ideas.

  128. Thank you Beth for this beautiful truth. A reminder of Gods ever present care right where we stand.

    Just Perfect

  129. Love this message! Thank you.

  130. I would just like to feel what that little goat felt! I imagine a sweet pool of divine light surrounding the kid. I hope someone paints this scene.

  131. I just had to come back today, to re-read this comment, which is such a beautiful and inspiring testimony...

    "14.Elena Shideler, California (San Diego)- 5/22/2012
    God will let us know what we need to know.
    As a teenager I spent more than I had to buy my mom an ostentatious ring which she never wore, then without her knowing it I "borrowed" it for a trip —loosing it there.
    My mom never knew I took it and never missed it, but I lost much sleep over it.
    Then I learned the power of prayer.
    The following year I vacationed at the same place, and sightseeing I stopped at the same spot and found the ring waiting for me on the road.
    Years later my mom got to pound this ring and lived out of that money 3 long months during Argentina's huge inflation..."

    I am so moved by the Love that guided and protected your exploration of how best to honor your mother...and how the gift finally was used in a most practical and wonderful way. Love's purpose seemed lost and then, no matter how long it took, was found, intact - blessing all concerned
    ( including me :-)!!! Wow!!! Thank you so much, Elena!!!

  132. Wonderful, inspiring message, Beth. Thank-you!

  133. Many many thanks for the message and all the comments . . . so many tender moments, all echoing that magnificent truth: If I know, you know. That truth will feed me for many days.

  134. Powerful - I know I am in the Presence of The ONLY True IDENTIY KNOWN TO MAN - LOVE!!!


  135. What a beautiful thought--even on the 23rd of May and for all time. I love the immediacy of the thought of knowing because it identifies with the all-knowing Mind right now, wherever we are. Thanks so much!

  136. Dear Beth, Thank you so much that was so clear and defined so well our unity with divine Mind. We can each take this into our experience and see the beauty of God's revealing to us

  137. Fantastic Lift, thank you so much. We are God's knowing. I love it.

  138. Absolutely one to share! Thank you, Beth!

  139. Thankyou Beth - I loved it.
    It expanded on the inspiration I gained from an article in the March 2012 Journal by Sylvia Messner where she was trying to gain clarity on 'reflection'.
    she says:
    "The first major breakthrough came when I decided to look up the word reflect in the dictionary. I found that reflection isn’t just an image seen in water, a mirror, or some other reflective surface. Webster’s dictionary defines it, in part, as “to make manifest or apparent
    . . . to realize, consider . . . to think quietly and calmly.” It was the last few words that really opened the door for me. Everything changed as I realized my identity was actually as a calm, reflective thought, in and of God, one Mind. Complete identity is found in His contemplation of all His ideas, coming out from Mind, perfect and complete."

  140. Spot on. Just lovely. Thank you. Reminded me of a experience I had when I changed my thought from panic and totally lost to oneness with Mind, when I prayed to regain my sense of peace with God and feeling and being in His presence, then the idea came to me to do exactly what I needed to do, and I found my way back again to where I needed to be, and in time to catch the bus. So grateful.

  141. Very uplifting Beth,and I thank you.

  142. So very special...thanks bunches!

  143. Dearest Beth I'm beginning to think you are getting ready to change water into wine.God can manifest anything.Thankyou for the hope that comes from the certainity of God you are expressing.

  144. All the "beauty of holiness!" thank you so much !

  145. I was catching up on my daily lifts and when I heard your message I thought of a diamond earring that I lost yesterday. I knew I had to know where is was. There it was on the floor in front of me. Thanks.