5/21: The inspired Word

5/21: The inspired Word

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Hear some Christ's Christianity podcasts on this issue with Shirley Paulson and Chet Manchester.  Bible translations: Part 1 and Bible translations: Part 2

  1. What a great Lift, thank you Shirley. The word of God, as found in the Holy Bible, gives us an understanding of our present immortality and dominion. The inspiration of the Bible fills our heart with a love that nothing else can satisfy. Mans eternal quest is to understand God. The inspired Word gives us that understanding. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 46, "The divine Spirit, which identified Jesus thus centuries ago, has spoken through the inspired Word and will speak through it in every age and clime. It is revealed to the receptive heart, and is again seen casting out evil and healing the sick."

  2. Shirley,
    Thank you

  3. Nice!

    Thank you Shirley!

  4. "...the Bible declares, without the Logos, the Æon or Word of God, "was not anything made
    that was made." S&H 335:10
    How much grief could we have avoided if we would have looked for ideas on the Bible instead of trying to fix our own problems.

    My new friend asked, "What if it was an antique fictional book?"
    I asked her, "What other book had changed so many lives for over 2000 years and guided so many people to adoring one God?

    There's a solution for everything in the Bible...

    "...la Biblia declara, sin el Logos, el Eón o el Verbo de Dios, "nada de lo que ha sido hecho fue hecho". CyS 335:11
    ¡Cuánto dolor nos hubiéramos evitado si hubiéramos buscado ideas en la Biblia en vez de tratar de arreglar solos nuestros problemas.

    Mi nueva amiga preguntó, "¿Y si era un libro de ficción antiguo?"
    Le contesté, ¿Qué otro libro ha cambiado tantas vidas por más de 2000 años y guidado a tanta gente hacia adorar a un solo Dios?

    En la Biblia hay una solución para cada cosa...

  5. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for this great reminder that the Bible does give us the solutions to ever thing.

  7. Thank you for this vital and important Lift. No mediumship; - the belief that somehow some part of good can be lost (in translation!) as it makes its way towards us from a remote or even nearby, but separate, source. God is immediate. Here before us and we are with Him. When we turn to the Bible and listen for His undivided Word, the Christ, we realise that we are both correctly formed and perfectly informed. Forever.

  8. Thank you for that good lift. Ist was the Bible which brought MBE to find the answer for all the problems and the bible led her to discover Christian Science, its principles of healing. It's all in there.
    We are grateful for this discovery!

  9. thanks Shirley.
    It is so good to know that where ever you are, whatever your understanding you have a way to God to direct you and give you understanding

  10. We understand God as All-in-all infinite divine Love. When it appears that the Bible deviates from this fundamental truth and we are not being inspired, that is when we turn our own thoughts back again to the one true God [Love], and realize the absolute Truth. "We are Thy children, Thou our Father-Mother,/ And we would ever follow Thy behest:/ Help us to understand Thy holy counsel,/ For in obedience lies our active rest." (Christian Science Hymnal #356).

  11. Thank you Dear Shirley for your wonderful Lift today. Serendipito(u)sly! ... Funnily enough..... I have been giving a bit of thought about The Bible and how my Mum was so familiar with it. Growing up, I took in what she told me...and; through my life, there is always some-one in my orbit, who is embracing theology.....The Bible is never far away from me, though, I'm not doing the reading; but it's still alive in my life. Many heart felt thanks again Shirley and all the Lifters.and Nate and everyone x

  12. A needed , rather reassuring and timely thought for the day . Thank you Shirley .

  13. I understand your daily lift after listening it several times, Shirley. It´s EXCELLENT but, for the futures Lifts speak it more slowly. This spanish speaker will apreciete it more intensely. Thank you.

  14. A great lift, Shirley. We do hear the inspired word when we quiet mental chatter and just listen as we read the Bible. We each hear what we need for that day or even moment. We can't be like the Pharisees picking at what is said and thinking of it literally. It IS divine inspiration to each one of us as we pray and LISTEN to those angels that bring us the spiritual meaning. Thanks for making this so easy to understand.
    Much gratitude!

  15. Thanks Shirley and thanks Eleanor (7 above)! We have a Bible reading group in our branch church. At present we're working our way through the Old Testament and this month we're studying Ezekiel. When we meet to share the fruits of our study it's interesting to see how the inspired word comes to each of us in individual ways which are practical and healing for every day situations, personal, national and international. This Lift is so pertinent to our discussions.

  16. Thank you for a great Daily Lift, Shirley!

    Since the inspired word of The Bible speaks to the heart, it doesn't matter which Bible version we're reading or listening to. When we allow the Christ - the divine idea of God - to speak to our heart, then we'll get the message we need in any language from any Bible.

    The Greek dictionary in Strong's Concordance of The Bible defines "grace" as "the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude." When our heart is beating to glorify God, then as we listen for divine impulses, our daily listening is reflected in spiritual direction, for which we can be grateful. Some folks refer to this as "living a life of grace."

    My Muslim friends at Interfaith meetings live a similar life even though they refer to Allah as their Creator. The "reflection in the life" is as wonderful for them as for their Christian and Jewish friends, and for all the other faiths at our meetings.

    I purchased a New International Version Side-by-Side Bible. This takes the world's best selling Bible (NIV) and pairs it with three classic versions of the Bible: (KJV) King James Version, (NASB) New American Standard Bible, and (AMP) the Amplified Bible. It's wonderful to cross-reference these translations. I find the inspired word of the Bible speaking to my heart from each of these Bibles.

    Our Interfaith hearts from many countries join without the sometimes confusing, for them, British translated words thee, thou, or thine, etc.

  17. Since Jesus and Paul did not speak English and probably never will, I depend upon King James poetry for the inspired Word to speak to me today.

  18. Lovely and precious. thanks.

  19. Thanks so much, Shirley. Yes, the inspired Word is mighty! Not long after I began studying Christian Science, I turned to the Bible in a moment of great need. What I turned to was an account in Acts that not only inspired me, but gave me precise and exact guidance, just when I really needed it. I'm still in awe of that holy moment, years later.

  20. The Words of God are his inheritance to us. Many times I read the bible and not getting anything, the words seemed empty. I found out that it was because of my state of mind....of my lack of honesty fidelity and commitment toward God....at that point I was not loving God above all ... way down deep inside the core of my being. Now that I am convinced of the importance of the 1st commandement and know that my motivation is Love for Him based on the understanding of the only true reality, the comprehension of His words seems to flow easily. It is like we are on the same length wave...it is alive. Bless you all.

  21. A very thought-provoking lift. With so many different translations available today, this is a much needed message.
    It reminds me of a Christian Science lecture I once attended. When before starting, the lecturer asked if everyone could hear her, one woman said that she could not. The lecturer adjusted her microphone and spoke louder. When the woman still couldn't hear, the lecturer said "We are dealing with ideas, and not words, and you cannot be kept from the ideas."

  22. Thank you so much for reminding us all that the Bible is God speaking to us. Where else do we need to look first. I shall read with new insight.

  23. There is never an occasion where a verse from the Bible doesn't come to comfort, guide, or inspire. I am very grateful for a healing I had when a student in Sunday School where our class assignment was to read the book of Isaiah. I really delved into it. This deep study resulted in a physical healing of many warts on my hands that I wasn't even thinking about. It was just the result of the inspired word in action and really impressed me as my first healing on my own in Christian Science.

  24. Thank you, Shirley, for “The inspired Word … for guidance, assurance, healing … salvation … the authority of Truth, the presence of Love …”

    Christian Science proves God / Good / Love-itself! and what it means to be in that image and likeness – living the “inspired Word!”

    “Your dual and impersonal pastor, the Bible, and 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,' is with you; and the Life these give, the Truth they illustrate, the Love they demonstrate, is the great Shepherd …” (Mis 322).

    Mrs. Eddy explained, “the Bible was my only textbook. The Scriptures were illumined; reason and revelation were reconciled, and afterwards the truth of Christian Science was demonstrated” (S&H 110).

    “The exact degree of comparison between the effects produced by reading the above-named books can only be determined by personal proof” (My 238).

    “What mean ye, that ye use this proverb … The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge? As I live, saith the Lord God, ye shall not have occasion any more to use this proverb … Behold, all souls are mine …” (Ezek 18:2-4).

    “And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest” (Heb 8:9).

    God loves each one of us! By living the Old Testament's Ten Commandments and the New Testament's Golden Rule, we prove Life is Good! :-)

    “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.” (S&H vii:1)

  25. Sin desconocer la influencia de las palabras, entiendo que más que eso Es un sentir verdadero, sentir a Dios a Cristo Jesús en toda su dimensión, porque en realidad, ¿qué nos trasmitió Él? Nos dijo que obraramos, porque sin obras las palabras son vacías son como ojarazca que se lleva el viento. Entiendo que tu mensaje quiere decir eso mismo, el compromiso de llevar a cabo esas inspiradas palabras, sin dudas que la Biblia es Un libro abierto al aprendizaje, lleno de palabras muy inspiradas y que como dice nuestra amiga # 4, Elena en quien me apoyo con frecuencia, las palabras de la Biblia son panacea para todos porque allí está todo lo que podemos aprender para progresar y ser, no sólo oidores olvidadizos de la palabra, emocionados con ella, sino hacedores de ella, como así lo han demostrados los propios personajes bíblicos que han sido hacedores de la palabra, inspirada en los ejemplos que han trascendido más allá de creencias, reglas o dogmas, siendo hacedores de preceptos divinos y que han inspirado, siguen inspirando y seguiran hacíendolo, como es fácil comprobarlo en el accionar nuestro de cada día. En la generocidad que da sin pedir nada, en el esfuerzo de la tarea de espandir el pensamiento cristiano, que inspiró a Eddy a dedicar su esfuerzo para lograr una mejor comprensión y darla al mundo continuando "la cadena del ser científico" como lo había demostrado y lo sigue haciendo Cristo Jesús, y la Ciencia Cristiana.

    Muchas gracias Shirley.

  26. I lived for many years where people didn't own a Bible, and certainly didn't read them. They would ask "Do you really read the Bible?" It was the time of Women's Liberation. "Yes," I told them, "the Bible tells us God makes women and men equal." With cattle starving out west I opened the Bible at random and read Psalms 36: 6 - 9. Our daughter certainly listened and agreed. Science and Health illumines Genesis in Exegesis pages 501 - 557. Whenever I need direction or confirmation the Bible is the place to go.
    Thanks to the Daily Lift team, and all who play a role in the production. It's coming up to 4 years.

  27. Thank you for this inspired DL. I´ve been going through some problems at work that have to do with legal issues, contracts, attorneys, etc. Last night I was put under great stress and it did not occur to me to turn to the Bible. This morning I woke up and there was the DL speaking to my heart. Suddenly I remembered Solomon in 2 Chronicles when h e asks God for wisdom and knowledge... and how God answers him granting him wisdom and knowledge. So once again Thank You for this Inspired Daily Lift. It came to me right when I needed it most. Blessings to all the family of lifters around the world.

  28. Thank you.

  29. Thank you, dear Shirl! I believe God speaks to each one in the way they need - the way they can understand. First, I must establish a solid Trust in God's Love and Care for me. I must trust that God has my best interest at Heart. I must Love God for Loving me! It's not really the written Word by itself - it's the sincere longing for Love in the Heart that receives God's healing inspiration. I believe the writers of the Bible had that experience and wanted to share it with us - even before Jesus appeared on the scene. Then Jesus polished and shined God's Word even more for us - so it became clearer and brighter than ever! Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy shines even more Light on the inspiration of God's Word in the Bible. I'm so Grateful for all the inspiration available to us through the Bible-based Divine Comforter of Divine Science or Christian Science!

  30. Yes! The inspired Word of God is still speaking, has never stopped, and always has specific messages for each of us as we need to know Her presence and power now. It is said that God is closer than the air we breathe. A friend who was having a problem with a skin irritation heard the words: "I am closer to you than your skin." Now that is our dear God, spot on!

  31. Thanks, Shirley, for more helpful inspiration from and about the Bible!

  32. Thank You for this moment of inspiration.

  33. Thanks. Just up this morning. This reminder about the Word will spill over into my morning study even more.
    Good morning and good day.....

  34. Thank you for this lift which brings us to basic, foundational study in the Bible. I love Hymn 113-holiness becomes my house....and following is #114, a hymn about the power of the words of the Bible and their effect on us. I appreciate the comments and enjoy what is written also in Spanish, as I am studying very hard this year to learn to speak. Fun! To learn words of Spirit in Spanish adds a lovely dimension to the feel of saying them. I am grateful every day for the Word of Truth in my daily life. Thank you for this connecting factor through the Daily Lifts.

  35. Thank you, Shirley!!
    Thank you, #23.
    Keeping our thought with God; "absent from the body and present with the Lord" [1] brings us all we need. "Take no thought..." [2] for me, truly means I need to take no thought - God will provide all the thoughts I need which then appear as I need them. All is one Mind - omnipotent [all power] and omnipresent. [all presence]. I am so grateful.

    [1] II Cortinthians 5:8 and [2] Mathew 6:25, 31, 34

  36. Thank You for this lift

  37. Thanks, Shirley, this is a very helpful insight.

  38. Each week as I study the Bible Lesson, I realize the Bible and the Bible stories are not outdated. That they are for me and everyone right now as well. Thank you for your clear, healing thoughts on this that God is speaking to us!

  39. It is the spirit that quickeneth. Thank you!

  40. Thank you for your inspired thoughts. And thanks to Eleanor #7 and all the commenters for sharing. Truly The Bible is the impersonal Word of God speaking to us in a language each one can understand. The Bible inspires me daily.

  41. Thank you so much Shirley for this very insightful Lift....I love reading different translations of the Bible and knowing the inspiration is from God thru those words....no matter what the language...

  42. Oh my goodness, Shirley, what wonderful thoughts and messages you have sent... The Bible is available to all to send the Word, the true word, as a manual to spiritual life. Welcome to so many listeners that seem to be new to the daily lift family from all over the world!!! So many comments touched deeply...Elena 4, Eleanor 7, Helga 8, Janine 11, Andre 20, Thank you again everyone....SO grateful..for everyone's comments.

  43. I was thinking about this concept this morning....The Bible IS the word of God... to doubt there is something that God cannot help us with is to dishonor God not matter what the human picture is. Thank you for this affirmation and uplift!

  44. Just terrific! Thank you!

  45. Thank you Shirley. I found much inspiration from the Lift, and from the comments. Many wonderful thoughts from God

  46. Precious WORD. So very close
    and COMFORTING. Thanks for sharing

  47. Thank you so much for inspiring lift...

  48. Lovely message. Thank you.

  49. Thank you f!or this logos message of our Holy Gift from God---the Bible---:" His Living Word." What a gift we receive with this understanding ...."assurance of healing Truth." Merri

  50. Our church sponsored a Christian Science lecture recently which brought out the healing power of the Bible in such a transforming way that it healed someone physically who attended the lecture. I love this quote from Revelation. "..and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." I read a commentary recently which said the "leaves" were the pages of the Bible representing God's healing Word. The Science of healing that Jesus lived is still healing today and we can expect to heal and be healed. It's Jesus' promise throughout time. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." John 14, verse 12.

  51. Thank you much!

    I have relied on the Bible often for a message of comfort and healing. Some of the quickest healing has been a result of the "sunshine method." This is when on opening the Bible a light has designated the message, and the result is illumination of thought and healing. The Word is God communicating with healing power.

  52. Thank you for bringing me back to the"tap root",the bible,of our faith and understanding of God.It presents the Word that guards,guides and governs us.A great blessing for mankind.

  53. I am so thankful for this lift. I help a lady, dear lady who sometimes is not grateful for the C.S Bible lesson. Sometimes she will ask did I get anything from it, because she did not. I always let her know that I did and it is always something to be learned from it, even if there is some good thought from the Bible. She has not asked in a while so perhaps, I hope my thought has had some effect on the negativity I sometime get from her.

  54. Shirley, thank you for sharing that inspiring healing from opening thought to the true Logos. I'm having a remarkable adventure opening the Bible at random on a daily basis to hear that "Logos" word for my day. Sometimes I use the KJV but more often more contemporary translations like The New Living Translation or Eugene Peterson's The Message, or the NRSV. It's just the freshness of the text that is helpful sometimes.
    Over the weeks and months it truly feels that God is speaking directly, knowing exactly my needs--often before I do.
    Isn't it the most astounding thing that the Infinite, the Creator of all, actually meets our individual needs and is so ready to direct us through the Word?! Blessings to all Bible readers everywhere who are also discovering this Living Word, regardless of denomination.

  55. When there is some verse in the King James version I don't get the meaning of I turn to various other translations until I do. I am so grateful to have access to all of them. God is good. Thank you so much for this Lift.

  56. thanks for the lift, and such good comments too -- I was particularly inspired by Kay Keelor's comment #50.

  57. Thanks, Shirley. I find in opening the Bible for God's message, God's Word for the day, or for the particular issue I'm dealing with, that I even laugh sometimes at how clear and direct the message is. It is through the Bible that I feel God speaking to me the most clearly. As a brand new and very concerned mother, I reached out to God when my three week old baby was ill, and the Word that spoke to me, straight out of Scripture, was "As one whom his mother comforts, so am I comforting you." It brought me into such a sense of oneness with the divine, such relief! And brought an instantaneous healing to my baby. Have loved the Bible with a special love ever since!

  58. Thanks, Shirley. It is always good to be brought back to what is real. We are supplied within our own consciousness with the Logos or Word of God constantly when it is the only desire we have to hear God and know beyond a doubt that He is here and now!

  59. Thank you, Shirley. One of my first physical healings on my own (without a CS practitioner on the
    case) came one day when I decided to BELIEVE what I was reading. In that case, it was an article in the Christian Science Sentinel about a healing of allergies...the same belief I was suffering from. I realized that I would often read about physical healings in the periodicals with an attitude of doubt...believing that somehow I wasn't included in the laws that heal. But that day, I wanted to trust that scientific laws are laws: They apply to everyone. I read carefully, slowly, and believingly. Very soon, I was up and off the couch, completely free, and I have never had a return of seasonal allergies.

    Thanks for the reminder to read the Bible with that same trust in God's omni-active Love...not only for Gideon, Moses, Isaac, Hagar, Ishmael, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Daniel, and all the people healed by contact with Jesus and his disciples, but for all of us, here and now, today.

    Oklahomans, you're in my prayers today. Good is present, knowing and acting everywhere. God is so much bigger and more real than any tornado.

  60. Thanks for letting people know about the great conversation going on around the two podcasts about the Bible on ChristianScience.com. I get email notices when anyone posts to those blogs and someone posted there this morning about this Lift. It's nice that community builds around both the Daily Lift and the blogs. I have appreciated all who have contributed on CS.com over the years and the excellent podcasts you and Chet have done will be useful for all of us!

  61. Thank you! Thank you!!

  62. 10 continued. For all the human disasters portrayed in the news media today, including the Oklahoma tornado; Is there anyone who cannot be "...redeemed through Love, return to Zion?" (Hymn # 356 continued)

  63. What a wonderful book, the Bible. I like #7 by Eleanor when she mentions "Translation." What I have found in many new translations of the Bible, is that the original inspired word is, was, never lost. How can it be? God inspired the original and also the many modern translations that one can find today.

  64. Thanks to the Daily Lift for directing our attention to the related podcasts by Shirley and Chet Manchester. Food for thought

  65. Thank you

  66. O, yes, the Bible! Thank you Shirley for sharing your healing! I have always loved the Bible. Very soon I bought The New English Bible besides my German Martin Luther Bible; later I got a copy of the J.B. Phillips translation of the New Testament (did you know how he translated 1.Corinthians 13:6? (Love) "does not keep account of evil..."- no memory!), and I remember how I walked for at least one hour downtown Manhattan to find that book store where I could buy the James Moffatt translation which is quite wonderful ! And of course I have several different translations in German, above all a very new one of the New Testament by Klaus Berger and Christiane Nord; it is a complete edition of the oldest writings of original Christianity. Quite phantastic!
    I am so grateful that M.B. Eddy gave us the Bible and Science and Health as our PASTOR. They are real treasures - never getting old. I have had a number of healings through Bible messages.
    Again, thank you Shirley!
    Much love to everyone!

  67. Thank you very much!!

  68. Thanks, Shirley! I think this addresses questions many of us have had.

    I'm touched by something in #63. Every translation is God-inspired, and done with love for the Word. What a sweet thing to keep in mind!

  69. My sister is feeling negativity in her life and I am wondering how I can lead her to positive thoughts of hope and happiness through Divine Love.
    Even as I type these words, "Divine Love", I can feel the weight lift off my shoulders and I feel laughter and happiness pealing through! The mesmerism has lifted and I am free again. I know God will give me the answer. What inspiration! What joy!

  70. when I read the lifters comments, so it ist for me like to go through a fresh water. how wonderful all this comments. you are in the world, but not from the world. i am full of gratitude. And I will say thanks all persons who speak the "daily lift". Thank for this daily bread! Excuse my Engish.

  71. Shirley, thank you. We are still remembering the Summit here in NW Florida and your whirlwind trip to make sure we could be enlightened by your message ! Thanks again, Mark Gibson

  72. Your searching and asking God to "speak to you" reminds that this is why I often go to a contemporary version of the Bible—usually the NRSV—because I want to hear God's voice talking to me like a conversation with a friend, which God is. In my prison ministry, I can use any version—most of the time it's NRSV. Like others who grew up on the KJV, I love it, but here's an example of how contemporary versions can help. The Hebrew words, sedaqa and mispat, (righteousness and justice/judgement) can be used interchangeably. In KJV judgement was frequently used where justice is given in newer translations. Which word appears in a text can send quite a different message to a man/woman praying for God's justice—and one doesn't have to be in prison to appreciate this!

  73. Thank you, Shirley, for reassuring us about God's word!

  74. Thank you Shirley for using the word "Salvation" in your message today. This Lift today will appeal to all our Christian brothers and sisters. I am saying this because we had a CS lecture this week, and two ladies from another Christian denomination came to the lecture and questioned why there was no mention of the word "Salvation" in the lecture. However on speaking to the lecturer afterwards they went away satisfied, because the lecturer was able to explain the nature of salvation as demonstrated by her examples in the lecture.

  75. amen !

  76. Beautiful!!!

  77. Just so inspiring and wonderful! thank you!!!!

  78. It takes more than just readng the bible, It requires an open communion with God; what I describe as a relaxation; removing the daily material fall-d-rall which clog up our thoughts; a cleaning out of our conciousness so that we can let God's Truth, his "inspired word" shine forth from the pages as we read them.
    This way the "inspired word" can comfort us and Love us and give us peace, understanding and guidance.
    Thank you for reminding us of the importance of our mental preparation before our study of this wonderful book, the Holy Bible.

  79. The Good Book, for us all. When I was in elementary school a Sunday School teacher mentioned several times that God would give us the help we need, if we just opened the Bible. After some stressful school days, when I went to bed not peaceful, I remembered, and tried it. The first verse I read I understood and felt at peace. This happened four or five times in the following months. Bless her!
    Thanks to all for sharing their insights.

  80. Thank you, Shirley, for sharing this truth with us: the Bible has been my wellspring for living since I was first able to read, and it truly breathes Life into life. One translator says that all scripture is inspired by God. I understand the word 'to inspire' to mean 'to breathe': so I know that all of The Holy Bible is God-breathed - from Mind and purposed for me, and mine, and all; for all time and in all circumstances, this is The Living Word, yes, The Logos, the very Christ. ('In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God' - John's Gospel, chapter 1). Let us be the open, receptive well, and then we shall be the fountain, expressing God to all!

  81. I love the Bible (including all of the translations with which I am familiar). Regardless of the messenger, the Word does come to its reader when an expectation of and desire for the wonderful truth is within one's heart. There were literally thousands of hands touching that holy book as mankind's concept of God and the Word evolved over the centuries, and each individual writer and/or translator came to it with great or small differences within his/her slant on theology, but the Word could not be dissuaded by the hand that penned it, and the holy light shone and continues to shine through its pages--regardless of translation or language used to share it with mankind. Mary Baker Eddy has brought all peoples the inspired Word that Jesus understood and practiced. She put it into her book--Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures. It is the highest "translator" of all times. This book, together with whatever Bible one chooses, can transform one's life beyond his/her greatest expectations. Combined, the Bible and Science and Health are the "Pastor" who promises to bring each reader into the kingdom of heaven, within.

  82. Dear Joan #69, you are on the right track! Divine Love IS the answer as you are already discovering. Put her in the arms of Love (God), know she can't be separated from this Love, see her the way God made her...spiritual and perfect, in His image and likeness. Then listen for Love's directing. God will lead you to the best way to help. Love and hugs to you both. <3

    Thank you Shirley and all the "lifters" for the helpful ideas.

  83. Shirley, This is awesome! As I read the Bible each day this is what I am praying for too! So this is helpful and hope-filled. Thank you, so much for sharing your blessed experience. Our God is good!

  84. Hi Shirley,
    I remember the first time I was reading the Old Testament from cover to cover. I was a new CS. All the wars and killing were really bothering me. I reached out to God in distress and said something along these lines: Dear God, This is so full of killing that it is hard for me to read this. Please show me how this is relevant to my life now. I didn't hear any answer. But a few days later, I realized that I hadn't had anymore trouble reading about the killing etc.. And I loved reading it! And I still do - even more so. Thanks again.

  85. Very helpful Shirley and I thank you so much.

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