5/2: Never a prisoner

5/2: Never a prisoner

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  1. Many thanks Marie for this great reminder. Yes. "God wraps us in Love where our true home is and where we always live...We are always free!" "For this Thy gift unspeakable,/ The beauty of Love's holiness,/ We lift our hearts in grateful song/ And would be always praising Thee." (Christian Science Hymnal #45).

  2. THANK you.

  3. Thank you for this reminder that we are always free when we know that God is always with us.

  4. Thank you so much for this practical Lift. Error would surround us with walls of limitation and stop us making progress - going forward. But it fabricates these walls out of its own substance - lies - and that is why they are illusions. Praising God - an activity we are enabled to do under any circumstance because it is a reflection of his thinking that we, His creation, are 'very good', is a reflection of His own power, and the movement does liberate us, taking us outward and upward, through the walls, leaving them behind us - no walls.

  5. Thank you so very much for this Lift Marie. Just last night I was remembering a healing I had when about 7 years old. We lived in an undeveloped area of north Dallas. The girls bedroom closet was in the hallway. I remember seeing a family of field mice in that same closet months earlier. On this particular day as I was looking for something to do I looked in this closet and found a balloon in this box of clothes. I grabbed it and started to blow it up. Almost immediately my lips and mouth started to burn. I knew this was not right. I don't remember my thought process but I do remember getting on my bike and riding round and round our driveway saying 'God is Love, God is Love, God is Love'. I don't remember how long I rode my bike repeating those words, I just remember knowing that those words were the truth and that whatever had been on that balloon, rat poison or moth balls, could not hurt me. I didn't call my mom for help, I called my Mother. Needless to say, my mouth stopped burning, I stopped riding my bike and started playing something else. As I was thinking last night about how wholeheartedly and innocently I immediately turned to Divine Love for help I felt so wrapped in Love. The only way to describe it is that I was wrapped in the glowing presence of Love. In that moment it was a very tangible, freeing sense that 'Love alone is Life'. Your lift this morning is just icing on the cake!

  6. Merci! "God wraps us in love" and "goodness will erupt in our lives today" will carry me through this day - just wonderful - thanks!


  8. Thank you.

  9. A Beautiful reminder of our Divine right to Freedom! Thank you!

  10. Thanks for this lovely lift. Recently I was thinking about this story myself and how the earthquake did not injure Paul and Silas but freed them. In the same way, earthquakes in our lives (great upheavals in work, relationships, etc) are actually often the open door to a needed change for the better; at least, that has been the case for me.

  11. Thank you Marie, for that reminder of our freedom; that only our own erroneous thought keeps us in bondage.

  12. Thank you so much! This is a beautiful reminder that nothing can keep God's love from reaching us.

  13. Thank you Marie for such inspired thoughts. I appreciate your bringing this bible event to us at this time. It proves to us God's power in our life when the mortal thought gets out of the way. I will hear your message many times as it is so very healing.

  14. What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you Marie

  15. Nunca prisioneros, Les contaré de una experiencia que tuve ayer: Por razones de salud mi hermana tuvo que dejar su casa y vive conmigo, ayer fue incendiada su casa con pérdida total. No me importa lo material, de hecho siempre la he asistido en sus necesidades, pero aun así fue necesario un gran esfuerzo en oración para que no me atrapara un sentido humano de pérdida. Ninguna ha perdido nada porque nada es lo material si bien se necesita para vivir dignamente. Hoy puedo, gracias a Dios y su infinita bondad, sentirme libre como de hecho lo somos todos,nada ha enturbiado mi confianza en Dios porque he comprendido que de Dios viene lo bueno, lo que no es bueno, no es de Dios. por lo tanto nada hay para afligir, sino siempre para agradecer, aunque en el momento no comprendamos, la proteción divina obrará y lo que parece trágico se convertirá en bendición, por esa libertad que tenemos de ser hijos de Dios. Libres de la aflición humana y material,

    Muchas gracias Marie, por el mensaje. Somos libres.

  16. Terrific message to help the struggling heart...! Thanks so much...! Freedom is one fo many of the blessings that all Gods' children have as one of their birth rights, and is free for the taking...! Thanks again for the reminder...!!!

  17. Thank you so much Marie and Pam. What a wonderful message, "Nothing opens a mental prison more rapidly than grateful praise to God, our Father the Almighty."
    Thank you to the team and the lecturers and the Daily Lifters.

  18. "I love Thy way of freedom Lord, To serve Thee is my choice, In Thy clear light of Truth I rise And, listening for Thy voice, I hear Thy promise old and new, That bids all fear to cease: My presence still shall go with thee And I will give thee peace." This is the first verse of hymn 136 and it ends with "Thy presence ever goes with me And Thou does give me peace." All three verses of this beautiful hymn have given me encouragement, peace and comfort over the years. These are the first words that came to me when I heard your inspiring message on never being a prisoner. We can never a prisoner with God always present to comfort and guide.

  19. Thank you for this powerful lift. I am most grateful for this message. How blessed we are to hear these Truths, and to know our right to praise God. and experience God's healing love, everywhere.

  20. Thank you Marie for this helpful lift and for all
    the comments. Praise God.

  21. Thank you so much for this wonderful lift, Marie. Your message has given me the idea to sing praises to God the moment I feel bad, imprisoning thoughts so that I stop those thoughts and break their claims of bondage on me. I particularly love hymn #3 "A Grateful Heart a Garden Is." Thank you.

  22. Oh, thank you. I've been praying about the prisoners at Guantanamo, who seem caught in cruel hopelessness, fear depriving them of rights with no window of freedom to return to their wives and children. But here's an example of the omnipotence of Love, the conscious ever-presence of good, the omniscience of Truth, establishing all justice, filling all time, all past, presence, future, shining light here and everywhere!
    I'll be singing hymns of joy and praise too.

  23. What a lovely acknowledgement of our spiritual dominion over any mental or physical or aggressive issue that confronts us. Lifting our song to praise God, even in silence, and giving God gratitude for all does bring good into our experience

  24. As I listened to the daily lift, I saw how it reached out and encircled a tired world, seeking freedom from fear, sin, disease and death. And Christian Science can reach the "teeming universe" (S&H, MBE) and heal and bless all of mankind.
    Thanks for this inspiring daily lift.

  25. Merci Marie and Pam! So amazingly true how we mortals, over the centuries, have built our own "mortal thought prisons" and have bound ourselves with our own "mortal thought chains"! But when Jesus erupted on the scene, the Truth broke through and we found a path to Freedom! Then Mary Baker Eddy followed this path and through her, we were given the gift of divine Science as a way to demonstrate our original God-given Freedom! Hallalujah! Praise God! Free At Last!!

  26. Thank you, thank you! This is absolutely what I needed today! The doors open as we embrace, see, and claim the supply that God has given, and that is already here and available in so many ways. Happy, happy sigh :}

  27. Beautiful. We are children of God, wrapped in the arms of ever present Love. We can open the mental prison doors by singing and praising God. Wow! Is that ever a recipe for sweetness! Thank you for this full bodied Lift. I am joyous in my heart and uplifted to sing and praise my way through this glorious and full day. PRAISE BE TO GOD AND GLORY TO ALL!

  28. Wonderful lift and reminder of the healing power of gratitude and praising God. "My heart is singing, I have found the way"...(phrase form hymn no. 64, first verse, From Sense to Sout). Thank you.

  29. lack of any kind is a binding spirit.praise is my freedom through the power of "I AM". thank you Ms. Marie for reminding me of my divine right.

  30. Wonderful!!!!!! Thank you... dearly.

  31. Truly this lift is a gift from God, Thank you for bringing it to us. I have been in a prison of wrong thinking and now the light is coming through.
    Thank you!! Marie

  32. Thank you for the freedom from imprisoning thoughts. Much freedom and peace to all.

  33. Thanks for wonderful lift.It reminded me Hymn no. 371 especially the verses-We lift our hearts in praise, O God of Truth to thee, And find within Thy perfect law Our liberty.When we praise & glorify our Father-Mother God, we get freedom from any kind of mental bondage. Thanks again.

  34. A wonderful thought - I will save this lift for future reference - it is a reminder I will refer to often . . . "prisoners of binding thoughts . . . God wraps us in Love .. . frees us . . ." Now I'm ready to start my day . . . Merci beaucoup!

  35. Thank you Marie. Your reminder to start gy praising God, brings me to Psalms145 which is such a wonderful prayer for praising God. ALSO thank you #22, Dilane for indeed prayer is the answer to all these unpleasant human circumstances. AND thanks everyone for sharing. Thanks to the DL production team and Pam for reading.

  36. With only God as our Mind, we are treated to fresh and original thoughts each moment. In the infinitude of Mind (God), there's no repetition, no repetitive claims on our time or routines, no entrapment in any cycle.

    This freedom requires self-abnegation!! Looking only to God and saying "Thy will be done." I am free and I am safe in your arms. What's the next right idea You are imparting in my consciousness?

    God's fresh, pure ideas reach everyone, no matter what their present circumstances seem to be.

    Hymns 238 and 239 in the Christian Science Hymnal have this line: "every land a Palestine." Expansiveness, freshness, and freedom are lawful and universal, the actual conditions of the male and female of God's only creation (Genesis Chapter 1).

  37. Thank you! Such an uplifting and important reminder.

  38. Thank you Marie and Pam.

    And thanks for the inspiration from the comments. It is so good to have these thoughts to pray with, for the tough situations in the world, such as Guantanamo prison. See #22.
    One hymn #64 resonates as in #28 comment

  39. Thank you Marie and Pam.

  40. Thank you, Marie, for “Never a prisoner … nothing opens a mental prison more rapidly than grateful praise to God, Our Father, the Almighty … ill thoughts do not have … power … to God, you are always free.” … always free to praise Him right through whatever circumstance …

    “If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there” (Ps 139). Heaven and hell being states of consciousness, praise focuses on the only “powers that be” – God/Good/Love-itself! so that heavenly states of consciousness reign, in which hell cannot exist.

    Thanks to the spiritual strength that Christian Science affords, I’ve learned to more consistently praise God through however difficult the circumstance. Once a dear friend, who wanted to help me, thought I needed a “reality check.” She said that I was in “denial.” And she was right! So, I checked: What was I accepting as my reality? What was I denying?

    “Are we irreverent towards sin, or imputing too much power to God, when we ascribe to Him almighty Life and Love? I deny His cooperation with evil, because I desire to have no faith in evil or in any power but God, good. Is it not well to eliminate from so-called mortal mind that which, so long as it remains in mortal mind, will show itself in forms of sin, sickness, and death?” (S&H 348)

    If we are never in prison; then, we are always free. We are free to prove our freedom.

    Praise God!!!

  41. Thank you.

  42. Fantasic Marie, Thank you so much and to Kaye 12, Bevi 25, Carol 32, all so well said... thank you and love sent to all today!!!!!

  43. P.S.

    Adding a little something to my other comment:

    The freshness and freedom that God imparts are distinct from restlessness, a need to "just do something," or change just for the sake of change. These could be counterfeits. That's why subduing human will is so important.

    The newness and freshness and freedom of God's impelling often comes with a sense of peace, spiritual stability, rootedness in Soul--even when the new instruction involves a big change on the human scene! I have the impression that Paul and Silas weren't afraid during the earthquake. Nothing could move them, because they were already "in the secret place of the most High" (Psalm 91). They were just filled with trust in the Almighty's benevolence.

  44. Merci Marie.ne pas prisoner.....tres bien

  45. Thank you.

  46. "Grateful songs of praise" brought freedom from a physical prison for Paul and Silas.
    As I opened my Daily Lift this morning I found my Christian Science Hymnal open on my desk.
    The last thing I did last night was to "sing a grateful song of praise". In my case is was
    "Our God is All-in-all,..." Hymn 268 by Emily Seal.
    All good ideas come from God. Rejoice in them.
    Many thanks for these good ideas shared by Marie, and all the Lifters.

  47. I shall exercise this Lift starting right now, right where I am, the chains don't have a chance with this God-given dominion! I rise..

    Avec humilité, merci beaucoup, Marie..

  48. I love this. Thank you Marie....tres bien, aussi - also

  49. Thank you again, one and all! Such love and inspiration and what a family!

    And a P.S. from yesterday to Momo from Bogor, do you know you can listen to the Sunday service at the Mother Church on line, hymns and all :)

  50. What a hopeful and helpful thought! Thank you very much for this message.

  51. J'aime tellement ce daily lift vraiment utile pour moi: jamais en prison -la liberté de Dieu étant toujours présente, merci beaucoup!

  52. Thank you for this joyful, loving message.. It is helping me to express improved mobility today and enjoy my God-given freedom. I send great gratitude for all the healing thoughts sent forth from the Lifters. And thanks for the lovely clear reading of the message.

  53. I get so much inspiration from these daily lifts and the comments that follow, therefore I would like to share something from my schooldays. We had been asked to learn a poem by heart "And not the shortest one you can find!" said our teacher so why did I as a twelve year old void of any "religious" interest choose the following, written by Richard Lovelace in the 17th century and get away with its brevity! Stone walls do not a prison make...Nor iron bars a cage...minds innocent and quiet take that for an hermitage; If I have freedom in my love...and in my soul am free...Angels alone that soar
    above enjoy such liberty! At the time I had no idea what it meant, but gradually the TRUTH as taught by Christ Jesus and his faithful followers especially Mary baker Eddy the TRUTH of those few words
    is becoming clearer to me for which I am SO THANKFUL. Thank you Marie and ALL the Daily lift team

  54. daily we can choose greivance or miracles....I love that we are reminded to lift up our voices, our thoughts in praise....There is no room for fear, appearance, suggestion in that Holy moment. Omnipresence....

  55. Thank you!!

  56. Thank you Marie, thank you so much .... Your freeing message came to me in the right time. An answer to my prayers. God bless you all .

  57. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I will send this to a friend who is not CS and needs this. Daily Lifts are so usable to anyone.

  58. I know the miracle is there,always, but yesterday I was too directional to see it.When disappointment and frustration set in, as a result of apparent lack of ability on my part or some-one else on whom I depend, I must still give thanks to God in humility and strive to seek the common ground and more importantly, the common good. I did not do this yesterday. Reading this lift, I can feel myself lifting off these self-imposed prison chains and allowing God's energy and goodness to flow out! I must trust in God and in his direction for me. Yesterday' I failed to get the desired outcome, but came very close which is what was bugging me.Thanks be to God.

  59. This lift made me cry with joy and a brighter understanding of who I am to God. #53, thank you also for the poem and your story. Freedom in thoughts nearer to God rule my thinking.

  60. Thank you very much!

  61. Thank you.What a wonderful freeing lift.

  62. Thank you for this very helpful message today. Appreciate all of the comments too. Will share it as well.

  63. Thank you all: I am awe with what I just heard ---then read. THANK YOU. How I needed ALL. Thank you.

  64. MBE writes, "You must control evil thoughts in the first instance, or they will control you in the second. " S&H 234:26

    Paul and Silas freed a slave fortune teller by nullifying her divination powers. She was ignorant that she had divine authority to control her own thoughts.
    Though the apostles were jailed, the metal bars couldn't hold them, they exercised their God given freedom... and went on to do great deeds... Acts 16:16

    "The dawn of all things real is breaking o'er me, My heart is singing: I have found the way." CS Hymn 64

    MBE escribe, "Tienes que controlar los pensamientos malos en el primer momento o ellos te controlarán en el segundo" CyS 234:27

    Pablo y Salas liberaron a una adivinadora esclava anulando sus poderes de adivinar. Ella no sabía que tenía autoridad divina para controlar sus propios pensamientos.
    Pese a que los apóstoles fueron encarcelados, las barras de metal no los pudieron contener, ellos ejercitaron su libertad otorgada por Dios... y de allí en adelante hicieron grandes obras... Hechos 16:16

    "La senda sube, acércase la meta, se eleva el pensamiento en libertad; eterna y clara es la visión perfecta, la orla toco de la eternidad." Himno de la CC Nº 64

  65. Merci beaucoup Marie!

    I praise God daily and thank Him for the many blessings that surround me. I am enfolded and protected by love, never can be in a state of lack.

    Blessings on your day!

  66. The Material Body cannot hold God's perfect creation in bondage.
    Man is never a Prisoner to man made discord. God has made man free from material, matter based subjections to discord.

  67. What Joy to know that we are enfolded in Gods Love

  68. Thank you for the beautiful thought of freedom, Marie.

  69. I keep all my lifts in as folder that I can dip in and out of and today it was yours Marie when I felt I most needed it I am in a prison of my own making one of fear it has been very helpful thank you kathy

  70. Thank you Marie.This is the inspiration I was waiting for. I'm enlightened by your daily lift.

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