5/2: Daddy's face

5/2: Daddy's face

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  1. Beautiful! That's what I'll do - look for the "face of God" in all I meet. Thank you for this uplifting Lift.

  2. Thank you Laura, what a great Lift. You answer such an important question here. When we turn away from a material, mortal sense of life, where is it we are suppose turn to? Where precisely should our gaze rest? Why on the face of an all-loving God. The expression on that face is of a tender, loving parent. An expression that tells us that it is hear that we find safety and the assurance that all is well. Thank you again.

  3. Thank you, Laura, for “Daddy’s face … the face of our Father-Mother God … the divine presence … in the face of everyone we meet.” … to “behold” God’s man, as Jesus did. I love it!!!

  4. Thanks for this inspiring lift, Laura!

  5. I love the story and the analogy. Thank you.

  6. I can still picture my "Daddy's face", although he has been gone many years, and it was always reassuring! I can see our Daddy's face with my spiritual sense and always feel divine Love and Truth ever active and present in my experience. Thanx 4 sharing this loving lift---Jim D in TX

  7. Thanks so much for this comforting Lift. I couldn't sleep, thinking of a few upsetting things in my life, so I got up and clicked on my computer and there was your wonderful Lift. It made me smile and sigh with relief knowing that we can always count on our Father Mother God for everything. I indeed will be looking at "my Daddy's face" today.

  8. Good morning, Laura, I am so grateful to start the day hearing your gentle voice sharing this beautiful message. Seeing all the lovely qualities of Divine Love in each one we meet face to face today will be so uplifting, this has met my need. Thank you to all for the loving work makng these podcasts available.

  9. Illuminating!! Thank you!

  10. Excellent. A great proof that fear is mental and the remedy spiritual. Thanks.

  11. What a wonderful message. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely look at Daddy's face today.

  12. Many thanks Laura for sharing this great truth with us. Yes. "'Seeing God face to face' is an expression for experiencing the divine presence...Let's look and see that beautiful presence [expressed] in the face of everyone we meet." "Man is the noblest work of God,/ His beauty, power and grace,/ Immortal; perfect as his Mind/ Reflected face to face." Hymn 51.

  13. This lift has brought to mind a time years ago when I took a flight which was right the other side of the world on my own. This was quite a challenge for me as I was not fond of flying and had not done much, and then only in company of my husband. Suddenly we encountered a very bad storm and the flight became very bumpy indeed, and I found it really frightening. So I turned to a little booklet that had been recommended to me by a friend:- "God will take us all the way" - an article from a CS publication. I just kept concentrating on the thoughts in this little booklet, and eventually we were cruising smoothly once again. This was like seeking "Daddy's face" I suppose, and was so reassuring. I knew we were all safe because God was taking us all, all the way to our destination.

    I was asked afterwards by a fellow passenger how I managed to stay so calm - I was not aware that I was being observed. I explained that I was trusting in God to take care of us. By looking upon someone who seems calm in a scary situation, and that person is looking to God, our Father, for reassurance, that person also gets to feel the presence of God's love for us and therefore our safety.

    Thank you for reminding me of this, Laura.

  14. What a beautiful way to start each day--with the assurance of really seeing our Daddy's face and responding to it. I understand the term our Master used, "Abba", has been translated by some as Daddy. I love our Daily Lifts, and I love the sharing tenderness and dedication shown by each of Daddy's messengers.

  15. Such a beautiful and learning Lift. Thank You!

  16. Paul reminded us that it was “God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” [it] has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” 2 Cor. 4:6

    We too can experience the divine presence of “Our Father,” our loving daddy, as Jesus taught us.

    We’ll see God’s face when we look further than a material creation full of trouble, and search for the glory of God, in the face of every beloved son and daughter of our Creator.

    Pablo nos recordó que “Porque Dios, que mandó que de las tinieblas resplandeciese la luz, es el que resplandeció en nuestros corazones, para iluminación del conocimiento de la gloria de Dios en la faz de Jesucristo.” 2 Cor. 4:6

    Nosotros también podemos experimentar la presencia divina del "Padre Nuestro", nuestro amoroso papi, como Jesús nos enseňó,

    Veremos el rostro de Dios, cuando miramos más allá de una creación material llena de problemas y busquemos la gloria de Dios, en el rostro de cada amado hijo e hija de nuestro Creador.

  17. Laura, Thank you.

  18. It's overdue now to once again say a heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful daily lifts which provide me with such clear, practical hints how to start the day.
    The assurance that all is well, really all, given by our heavenly Dad, the all-power, the only there is, is so good, so reassuring. It does not leave any room for a possibility of a plane (or anything else) not to reach its destination safely. Thank you so much, dear Laura!

  19. What a simple thought - to see only the face of our Father-Mother God in everyone we see each day and always. Thanks so much Laura for reminding me of this!

  20. Thank you so much Laura,
    My daughter and I are attending our Association tomorrow. When we do we will be seeing our Father, Mother, Gods face in the guest speaker and all we meet. Much love to the you and all the lifters x

  21. Another really practical 'Lift'. I was on the bus yesterday and a little one in a push chair was making a big noise! Her Mummy spoke kindly and firmly to her and the little one looked across to me. I smiled and said perhaps we play 'I Spy' beginning with M. The little one looked straight around to her Mummy. The Mum smiled and all was well and quiet to their destination. Your 'Lift' helped me realise we can mentally pray, look and listen to 'Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious, [which starts the spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer on page 16 of S and H] to continue our journey with peace and grace. Thank you, Laura.

  22. Oh, thank you Laura. What a lovely story and message for us all. "….wee thee face to face" . What are we accepting, rejecting and rejoicing over.

  23. Thank you Laura for a rather encoraging Lift

  24. Thank you. What a wonderful way to see people and know that all of us are the expression of God our Father-Mother. Many thanks.

  25. Thank you Laura, tenderly loving.

  26. This is lovely, Laura. But for me it was my mother's face. Usually when I went back home to my mother, to visit or to stay for a while, calm soon ensued. My mother was a Christian Scientist and had brought up her children to attend the Christian Science Sunday School, but there were some years when I went my own way. But as soon as I visited her, or as soon as my mother visited our home everything quickly settled down. She didn't rush around doing things, she was a very loving presence and mostly sat in a comfortable chair with the children all around her.
    Just as we have settled down with Your Daily Lift, and share our news and views each day and this brings peace and calm into our life.
    Many thanks always Nate and the team; TMC; and our Daily Lift family.

  27. Thank you! I Loved it!

  28. Si Dios es Todo en Todo, no podriamos ver su Amor si no amamos como El!

  29. What a lovely, heartfelt and powerful lift Laura. I thank Susanne for her thoughts from Munchen. No matter what the material senses makes us feel or see in our neighbours, it is vital to see our Dad's heavenly and calm face, giving us strength and hope that He is around to hold us up in his bosom and will take us all the way. Thank you my dear Laura what an immense uplift.

  30. Thank you my dear for such a lovely and vital lift. Indeed we all have our heavenly Dad's face to see, in everyone around us. His face always shines on us even if we do not really take it in. He is Love and in all in all.

    Thank you again Laura, simple and profound indeed.

  31. Very lovingly put! Thank you for this reminder of the nature of our Father and Divine Love . . . always with us.

  32. Great reassurance that God is our salvation for every need. Enjoyed your daily lift.

  33. Thanks so much. This is just what I needed today.

  34. Thank you! Look away from (the body) and into the face of God -- sound advice!

  35. Laura, Thank you. So enjoyed the story of the father on the plane who cleary demonstrated love, reassurance, patience, kindness, as does our Father whose divine love, kindness, reassurance,patience is always there for us, always present.
    I once read fear described as
    F ..false E..expectations A appearing ..R..real

    Turning to God, our All and All, Father, Mother God, every time we have sensations of fear or worry is the way to cast those false sensations aside..knowing he is always there, just a thought away, and every moment of the day is very reassuring.

    Love to All

  36. Laura, Thank you. So enjoyed the story of the father on the plane who cleary demonstrated love, reassurance, patience, kindness, as does our Father whose divine love, kindness, reassurance,patience is always there for us, always present.
    I once read fear described as
    F ..false E..expectations A appearing ..R..real

    Turning to God, our All and All, Father, Mother God, every time we have sensations of fear or worry is the way to cast those false sensations aside..knowing he is always there, just a thought away, and every moment of the day is very reassuring.

    Love to All

  37. Thanks Laura:)

  38. How dear and how helpful. Thanks.

  39. Thank you Laura. Your Lift makes me think of the Sunday School teachers that I had many years ago. It was those teachers that gently guided me into my love for God, Christian Science and my fellow man. I have been blessed and am very grateful for my wonderful "angel teachers".

  40. Thank you a lovely message to easily remember. Children react more to their parents reaction than to what is going on around them. So we should react more to Gods truth than what we see around us.

  41. Wonderful reminder , I truly needed this lift !
    Thank you !!

  42. I am so grateful for this beautiful Lift. Thank you for such wonderful inspiration.

  43. Thank you, Laura! "Look here, look to me". Our Father gently turns our face. What a wonderful reminder this morning.

  44. Lovely, lovely Lift, Laura, thank you! It so beautifully complements the article in "A Christian Science Perspective," entitled "Infinite Blessings" in the Monitor's Daily News Briefing today. The article cites the blessing God asked Moses to have his brother, Aaron, bestow upon the Israelites, "The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee; The Lord lift us his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace" (Numbers 6:24-26). What a beautiful benediction of "Daddy's face" upon all creation! Thanks all for these inspiring Daily LIfts!

  45. Yes, we can see God everywhere because He is there. We cannot see anyone who is not Her likeness.
    Goodie! Thanks to Laura and the DL team and Board.

  46. Just beautiful! Thank you!

  47. Thank you...loral

  48. Wonderful !!!! thank you... :-)

  49. WOW

  50. Thank you so much, Laura! Your Lift ties in so well with yesterday's Lift on the Presence of God! In the Bible it says: "I girded thee, though thou has not known me." "Girded" in this sense means to be all around, ever-present. This is what Prayer does - it brings our thought into the consciousness of God's Presence with us here, now, always. I attended our Community's Nat'l Day of Prayer Service yesterday and was delighted to see so many people of All Christian Denominations praying together and acknowledging our Father's presence. We listened to different Pastors of various Churches and said "Our Father's" Prayer together. This act of praying together brought us into a unity of brotherhood and also into the presence of our Father-Mother God. Thank you All for a Wonderful Week of Lifts and for every single precious comment. We truly are all One in our Father's Love!! Happy Weekend to Everyone!

  51. WOW! Love it!

  52. Thanks for clearing my thoughts. A fresh go.

  53. Thanks Laura for that beautiful, gentle Lift - we only need to turn from what is frightening or mesmerizing us to see God's face and His love for us, and all is well. Loved your comment, Susanne #18 - yes, everything (and everyone!) reaches its/their destination safely. Love that thought!
    Judith from Reno NV

  54. Evils, errors, are called 'waking dream shadows'.....whether we are awakened by
    sharp experiences, or gentle nudges, it is wonderful to know we are waking to
    the face of Love- a mommy and daddy tenderly caring for all our needs, firmly
    guiding, protecting, providing the fulfillment of our true and real desires, as children
    of God.

    Thank you, Laura.

  55. God's face
    In Biblical language, seeing God's face means: Experiencing the divine presence

    No fear, disapproval, disgust, worry, anger
    Only love, peace, and satisfaction with us

    Seeing God face to face is an idea I have been contemplating for some time. So thankful for the lovely, sweet message in this day's lift.

    Love and blessings to you, Laura, and everyone everywhere being lifted higher and higher above all mortal sense as each individual thought turns to a spiritual sense of Life.

  56. Thank you Laura for your clear message of trust and Love it is much appreciated and goes out to all mankind to bless.

  57. Thank you so much Laura! Thank you all for your beautiful comments!

  58. Laura, just beautiful in thought and inspiration...your lift brought out the most touching and tender responses from the family of lifters!!
    And this is a pretty sweet group to start. :-)

  59. Thanks, Laura, for this most delightful way to see God and our fellow man.

  60. Laura...good job!

  61. A sweet heart-filled lift!...Thank You Laura!...it met my need this morning!....If we are "face to face" with God we are truly within each other's sight or presence!!..(as defined in dictionary)..what a beautiful thought!...we are really "mirroring" God!..or in "direct contact" (as another dictionary defines it).....Wow!...what a healing thought!! ......If God can't know fear than his mirrored image certainly does not!!....Thanks again to all!!....I look joyfully every day to each lift and comment!, I always find a "pres(ent)ce" waiting for me to open in my thinking!!......Yeah!!
    Blessings of Love to All!! : ) : ) : )

  62. Thanks so much! What a beautiful thought. :) I shall enjoy looking at my Daddy's face today.

  63. Thank you Laura for this very dear story and the spiritual lesson!
    Turn away from the disturbance, and look at Daddy's face.

    Thanks to all who produce this wonderful Daily Lift program.
    I echo Margaret #26 "Many thanks always Nate and the team; TMC; and our Daily Lift family."

  64. Thank you, Laura, for this bright and healing view. It is supporting the meeting of our countries' leaders in Washington today.

    No fear, willfulness
    Yes: appreciation of good, understanding, justice, wisdom, good compromise, farsightedness

  65. As I fall asleep, I always know that mental malpractice can not harm me while I sleep and also when I awake. My day goes smoothly with maybe a little turbulence seemingly caused by mortal mind trying to break through the above knowing. But it can't for I rely on my true Daddy, that I and every one else is supremely protected from the mischievousness of mortal mind. Thank God for this realization. It really is always working as long as it's realized.

    Daily Lift Team:

    Mary Baker Eddy writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" on page 442:30 "Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake."

  66. wonderful! Mot important to see Dad's face in everyone we meet!!! Thank you!

  67. Thinking a bit more about "Daddy's face" ... I think about the face of my human parent, the "Daddy's face" that could show many different emotions, ranging from great anger to amazing grace. I was really frightened of the angry "face" and longed for and was so very happy with that "face," which clearly shone forth with pure love. Let's face it!!! What's going on inside shows on the outside.

    This brings to mind the importance of not inadvertently making God into man's image - that anthropomorphic god that may seem to have but really has no real power over us. Our real ONE-and-ONLY God is Love - unconditional, uninterrupted, and everlasting is the only "powers that be."

    As we pray to see "man:" all the people we know well, not so well - even strangers and especially the people we know, who seem to be acting "strange," we can hold steadfastly to the image of Love ONLY and ALWAYS, until we can behold that "Daddy's face" every time. Why? Because there is only the face of Love for everyone, beginning with our own selves! Man in GOD’s image and likeness.
    Thanks again, Laura and all!!!

  68. Seldom offer a comment. This lift brought tears.
    That is good.

  69. Laura, I've heard that story before and think it's a lovely illustration of where we should be looking for comfort and where to get our information concerning any problem -- right from our Father-Mother. Thanks for sharing.

  70. Way to go, Daddy!

  71. so beautiful!! Thanks!!

  72. Such a sweet lift today! This is a really perfect Friday lift. We can practice this all weekend...at least! Thank you!

  73. Thank you Laura. I once had an instantaneous healing by realizing that same thought. Wonderful idea!

  74. Thank you, Laura, for this lovely lift. It reminds me of a wonderful Bible verse I love: "When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek." Psalms 27:8

  75. How many times does the Bible say, "Fear thou not!"?

  76. Looking at our Daddy's face, what a sweet and precious subject. Just feel God's love in such a tender way after listening.Thank you, Laura!

  77. Comforting. Calming. Assuring.

    Thank you, Laura

  78. Thank you Laura for the great uplift. If we see Daddy's face in everyone we meet, then surely we will be seeing the perfect man as Jesus did, and as 'Daddy's' image and likeness. I will definitely be working on this today seeing that I will be having lunch with old friends whom I have not seen in a long while. Thank you daily lift team.

  79. Laura, your Lift is so inspiring! It reminded me of the peaceful and happy meeting Jacob and Esau had after Jacob had wrestled all night with an angel and then said; "I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved." All were in the loving presence of their Father-Mother-God. Gen.32: 24-30

  80. Perfect! Thanks so much.

  81. Thanks, Laura. This is a lovely thought, and very helpful.

  82. A lovely, sweet thing to pass on today. Thanks to all

  83. I thank you so much for the helpful lift.

  84. Wonderful, Laura ----- simply wonderful. I will share this with friends who desperately need this message today.

  85. JUST LOVELY!!!! Many Thanks.

  86. I love this! Thank you Laura!

  87. Thank you for a clear, refreshing example of God's presence.

  88. Dear Laura, your words filled my heart with a great joy and satisfaction! I wonder if the efect of your ideas made it possible for me to "see Dad's face" once more again!
    Thanks a lot!

  89. Thank you Laura. Very inspired message!

  90. Laura, thank you for seeing and sharing a moving spiritual analogy in the story of a sweet relationship between a daddy and his little daughter.

  91. Thank you.

  92. What a sweet story with a strong and memorable message. Thank you.

  93. Thank you, Laura for this lift about God,the Father.
    For many of us, this is the emotional struggle that was really unnecessary.
    We don't have to prove to God that we are worthy of being loved, but those of us who felt rejection in early childhood (for whatever reason), continually feel that we have to do so!
    God cannot be a Love simply for those whose fathers were present. His love transcends all human scenarios. His love has many faces!
    The parable of the lost sheep is so comforting to those who feel "on the fringe", as it shows that each one of us is unhesitatingly special to God and that He is actually incomplete without our love for Him!
    Luke 15:3-6
    “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’
    Most people can identify with that marvelous feeling of riding on "our daddy's shoulders" and feel the exhilaration and closeness and warmth that ensues!
    Let us always seek an opportunity to be a strong, constant and loving presence in the lives of others, so that the bereft can catch a glimpse of God's love.
    God's unconditional love removes all feelings of mistrust, shame, doubt and guilt, but we must be active in bringing the joy of God's love to others in whatever way we can!

  94. Thank you, Laura! When I had nightmare, Dad was usually the rescuer!

  95. Thank you very much for this wonderful lift.

  96. Truly beautiful Lift.Thank you.

  97. Thank you, Laura. Sharon :-)

  98. The Bible has 45 references including the words Fear thou not. Many of them include references to the Father.

  99. Thank you Laura, what a wonderful lift, and to Malcolm 12 for the beautiful Hymn.

    What joy & inspiration the daily lifts have bought into my life.

    Big thanks to the lift team!

  100. I love this! When I was a child in Southern California, my daddy often took us for long scenic rides on the beautiful sunny days. I would sometimes fall asleep on the way home and when we got there, Daddy would pick me up and carry me into the house. I would often wake up, but would keep my head on his shoulder, pretending to be asleep because I didn't want to be put down. I trusted that he would get me safely inside the house. This is the same way we can trust our Father-Mother God to safely see us through whatever we are experiencing at all times.

  101. Many thanks for this beautiful and encouraging Daily-Lift

  102. Laura, thank you for the inspiring story. It is a perfect example for us to teach our children and to remind ourselves of God's unlimited protection and Loving wings all around us and the world!

  103. Many thanks for these inspiring words! Peter Faas, The Netherlands.

  104. LOVELY THOUGHT1 Thank you!

  105. I just love this! Still thinking about it!
    Thank you

  106. Beautiful lift. Thanks, Laura!

  107. Really nice Lift. Thank you so much!

  108. Thank you.

  109. Great lift!
    Thank you!

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