5/19: God expresses

5/19: God expresses

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  1. Lovely
    Thank you

  2. Thank you Maryl, what a great Lift. Mortal mind may try to tell us that we are not worthy, or that perhaps a great struggle awaits us in order to be more God-like, and express more of the spiritual qualities that we may be longing to feel in our lives. We learn in Christian Science that this is not the case. God, the one Mind, expressing Himself through man is the most natural thing in the world. Opening our heart and mind to the Christ is what allows us to feel God's love and direction come into our lives as the true nature of God and man comes to light-"forever developing itself". Thank you again.

  3. Thank you, Maryl, for honestly sharing your earlier struggle - and the insightful overturning. So many good ideas packed into this short lift. "God expresses in (me)....(qualities)" Can work with that all day.
    I especially like MBE's thought from an unpublished letter, " The design of CS is to open the human heart to the direct influence of the divine nature."

  4. I so enjoyed this lift, thank you!

  5. If we know it or not:
    We are at-one with God, just as our image is one with us ―without being us.

    We can stop struggling to be more spiritual or trying to be more God-like, we need only to open our hearts. God is constantly expressing in us the infinite idea of spirituality.

    Our part is to keep our hearts available for Truth and Love to be expressed in us and to let the direct influence of the divine nature to enter in.

    "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis. Mind manifests all that exists in the infinitude of Truth"" S&H 258:13

    Si lo sabemos o no:
    Somos uno-con-Dios, tal como nuestra imagen es una con nosotros ―sin ser nosotros.

    Podemos dejar de luchar para ser más espirituales o de tratar de ser más semejantes a Dios, sólo necesitamos abrir nuestros corazónes.
    Dios está constantemente expresando en nosotros la idea infinita de la espiritualidad.

    Nuestra parte es mantener a nuestros corazones disponibles para que la Verdad y el Amor se expresen en nosotros y dejar entrar la influencia directa de la naturaleza divina.

    "Dios expresa en el hombre la idea infinita, que se desarrolla eternamente, que se amplía y eleva más y más desde una base ilimitada." CyS 258:14

  6. Many thanks Maryl for this inspiring lift. Yes. "God expresses in man the infinite idea..." (S&H 258:13). "You are God’s purpose, His great design./ Beautiful, blameless, His child divine./ Holding your thought to the good and the true,/ Spirit will form you anew." Hymn 453.

  7. That is so helpful, Meryl - many thank-yous!

  8. Very, very helpful reminder. This means to me partly that if we are challenged in our efforts to remain spiritually minded, we should not react and try to justify ourselves. The most effective way to meet every challenge to spirituality is to turn to God who cannot be challenged, and let Him express as us the spiritual idea we need at that moment. I think it needs much humility and trust in God as ever-present and "semper paratus" - i.e. "always ready" to help us. Best to give up the struggles and let God do His own work.

    Thank you, Maryl - and thank you Carolyn for the idea of how to work with this all day.

  9. Maryl, Thank you. Knowing that God empowers us is very helpful.

  10. Thanks, Maryl, for discussing my very favorite sentence in SH for the past many years! We need not fear that eternity will get boring when we "get there." Since God really is infinite, we never run out of new and fresh ways of understanding and expressing Him. We're already in the kingdom of heaven, expressing the eternal now through God's infinite omni-action.

  11. Thank you!

  12. Thank you.

  13. Thanks Maryl for that helpful lift and Amen. To all the comments which followed ! Let God express Him/Herself in us in boundless ways.

  14. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. It really gives a sense of the unity of man, God's expression, and lifts the burden of a personal sense of expression off our shoulders.

  15. Thank you Maryl, this is so helpful a lift as we continue on our Spiritual journey. The way can appear difficult at times so it is always helpful to know that we are not alone in our "trials" and as the beautiful hymn by Violet Hay reminds us "The loveliness of Love is all around". Much Love to all and I for one can't wait to see what plans the team have for future daily LIfts....at this stage I can't see how you can possibly improve on what you are doing now.....but we shall see!

  16. Thank you Maryl! Our part is to be open and available to Spirit, to express it! As usual, your lifts are wonderful!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community!

  17. Thank you,as always,Maryl for this strong message of Truth. I love your sense of humour. Some difficulty in the middle where on the technical side, you hesitated. Perhaps was my computer.

  18. Hey, I've listened to this calming and inspiring 'Lift' in beautiful stereo sound. My day has had an abundance of right thought and activity this morning and the birds are singing too. Thank you Maryl and the whole Christian Science Lecture team. God bless you all.

  19. Thank you Maryl, Said it so well, wonderful.

  20. Thank you What a wonderful way to start our week it is so very helpful. Thanks.

  21. Thank you!

  22. Thanks so much - that was really helpful.

  23. Just thinking this morning of all the ways that Mary Baker Eddy's heart was open to God expressing in her the infinite idea of revelation and demonstration and feeling so grateful for her. I always love to read all the comments from around the world. God is doing a lot of expressing!!

  24. Today sure is the day to do it. Thank You

  25. This is very helpful and beautiful. Thank you very much for this Lift, and to all involved in making the Lifts possible. I appreciated the recent announcement that there will be some changes for the future of the Lifts, and since I know the love and sincerity of all involved, I will fully support whatever changes are made, with gratitude for all the good accomplished.

  26. Couldn't help but notice your references to an "open heart" Maryl and realized that being receptive to having God's qualities expressed in us (instead of us having to express them ourselves) is the best "open heart surgery" any of us could ever need or experience.

    Thanks tons for such a helpful Lift. What a wonderful way to begin this day!

  27. The thoughts 'God expressed through you' today have been, just of late, dawning on my thought and, I must say, it does bring the comfort of the Comforter when you realize it.


  28. Thank you Maryl. The comments following are gems as well.

  29. Maryl, what a wonderful lift! While reading this weeks lesson I could see your lift expressed in so many citations. What came to me is that I don't have to depend on matter to move me about or that a more pleasing form makes me a better image of God. I already am the 'expression of Soul'. My existence as a child of God is effortless, "forever developing itself". God is doing the work. He is knowing me. There is not one thing I have to do!. I can be receptive to this and let God's qualities shine through me. I really needed this.
    Thank you so very much Maryl and the DL Team for producing these Daily Lifts so we can each have these 'aha moments'!

  30. Thank you Maryl for expressing divine presence IN, AS and THROUGH you, your words and this Dialy Lift message.

  31. Thanks for this seminal idea

  32. Thank you Maryl and thanks to all the comments. This is just what I needed today.These past weeks I have been away from home taking care of my dear mother and there are times when I feel burdened by opinions and different points of view so opposed to spirituality. But this DL opened my thought. God is expressing in me the infinite idea of spirituality forever developing itself. My part is to be open and available for Spirit using me. I will keep this with me all day long.

  33. This is perfect, Maryl, for struggling hearts - something I've been going through lately myself. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, which so plainly expresses that all we have to do is love God, see the good in life, be patient and let God move us in the direction He chooses for us - and not struggle with ourselves. This is exactly what I needed.

  34. These ideas couldn't have met my need more and helped me understand better what I was praying about. Much gratitude for expressing them so clearly...

  35. Thanks for sharing your own discovery of this vital truth, Maryl. We are given victory, too.

  36. Lovely, Maryl
    Thank you for your encouraging words.
    Exactly what I needed as a loving reminder to always turn to God during sensations or thoughts of struggling

    God is a thought away ...infinitely within ..along our pathway
    His love and guidance endureth forever

  37. Sin duda, si nos dejamos guiar por Dios expresaremos lo mejor y más generoso, siguiendo sus pasos, haciéndo lo que Él nos insta a hacer, porque seamos claros, nada hay fuera de Él, así que la única alternativa es, hacer lo correcto, lo demás es vano e inutil.

    "Ruego hoy para que el Amor divino, el Principio vivificante del cristianismo, despierte prontamente la larga noche del materialismo" MBE

    Y podamos corregir todos los horrores que proboca tal creencia nefasta, y sabemos como hacerlo, y estamos capacitados para hacerlo, hagámoslo entonces, edificando con Amor.

    Muchas gracias Maryl, estoy felíz de retornar después de estos días sin poder acceder a la comunicación con el Daily Lift.

  38. Wow. I am overcome with the beauty and simplicity of this divine idea. Thank You.

  39. Thank you Maryl. I have been working with this concept of being an expression of God for the last few days. The timeliness of this lift is incredible. You nailed it for me when you said, "forever developing itself". This portion of the quotation was the missing piece that I have been overlooking the last few days. Thank you for providing the adhesion and cohesion of thought.

    Many thanks to the Daily Lift Team for the daily inspiration and creativity used as an expression of Christ consciousness. I look forward to the refreshing reminders of thought that I will receive throughout the summer months. Keep up the great work. I am filled with gratitude.

  40. Letting God express Himself Herself through us is really what we are all about. It is our purpose and employment right at this moment and all moments. Thank you, Maryl, for this wonderful reminder that we are about our Father Mother's business today.

  41. Thank You Maryl,

    Thanks also to Elena, J. Monks (that is one of my favourite lines in a hymn), Martin and to the other lifters. Much gratitude also to the DL Team.

    I have been working really hard to keep my thought elevated and focused on the sense of ever-present love, working to see that expression in man that God has already imparted. You are so right Maryl, the starting point is oneself and I've started with me. The the key success factor is not to be distracted.

    Whenever I go riding and my thought gets filled with past or even present events, I find that my speed reduces. When that starts to happen, it seems to build up a sense of resistance to even go to the next step; sometimes I even want to go back home. One day I did.

    I realized that to achieve my riding goals, I must remain focused though no ignorant of what is happening around me; I still must be aware of traffic, the stop signs, road junctions and other wisdom-led events. Being aware of the these external events does not mean my riding experience has to be interrupted, even if it means waiting patiently at a traffic light. Patience is a part of riding.

    As I focus more and more on Godliness, seeing the true identity of man and keeping focused on everything that is lovely my spiritual progress strengthens. The term 'spiritual progress' is something I use carefully because we ARE already perfect. The progress is in aligning our thought to see that fact.

    Much Love & Thanks!

  42. Thank for this sweet reminder and sharing Mrs Eddy's letter. I will enjoy putting this lift into practice.

  43. Great insight. It is good to be open to God's messages rather than let fear and personal sense set up a road block which in turn creates struggle. Thank you!

  44. Thank you Maryl... and oh....Wonderfully expressed! :)

    "I know no life divided, O Lord of life, from Thee; : - Hymn 135

  45. Thank you so much for helping me let go and let God do the work.

  46. Thank you, Maryl, for this precious, awakening thought! I find myself saying, "Yes, but.....how do I DO this?" I feel like I am constantly up against my mortal, ego identity - things that have been stamped on my personality from a very early age. These images of what happened to me in my past, as a child, growing up, seem to have formed the "me" that I am today. It seems very hard to let go of that identity. All I know to do sometimes is just to say, "I'm willing to be willing, God, show me how." Will that work? If God knows who I really AM and is expressing Him/Herself thru me - then I just need to learn how to get out of the way and LET! Is this right? Thanks for your feedback, Maryl, and for anyone elses, too! Much Gratitude for the support of these Lifts!

  47. Thank you Maryl! Perfect thought for today!

  48. Thank you Mary and all commenters...love to all

  49. Thank you so much Meryl. Thanks for all the comments as well! This is exactly what I want to do, open my heart to be the expression of God and to see this expression in everyone everywhere.

  50. Thanks so much. Spot on.

  51. Amen to this wonderful lift and all the comments. Very inspiring start to my day and study. Love this.

  52. Yes, these lifts are priceless! Gems of practical truths. Love and blessings.....all!

  53. God is Love, and we are continually expressing that love to others when we let God lead/direct us. Putting Him first answers all our prayers. Thank you Maryl for this needed and inspiring Lift.
    Many thanks and much appreciation and love to Nate and his team for bringing us these daily treasures.

  54. Thank you, Maryl, I love this lift, it reminds me of a poem.

    The heart is a garden, where thought flowers grow
    The thoughts that we think are the seeds that we sow,
    Every kind loving thought bears a kind loving seed,
    While a thought that is selfish is just like a weed.

    We must watch what we think every minute, each day,
    And pull up the weeds of thought and throw them away.
    And plant every seed thought so thick in a row
    That ill not be room for the weed thought to grow.

    , Thank everyone for the good thoughts!

    Daily Lift Team:
    This poem "Hearts Garden" is by Katherine Merrill. We found it on the Web.

    My heart is a garden where thought flowers grow.
    The thoughts that I think are the seeds that I sow.
    Every kind loving thought bears a kind loving deed,
    And a thought that is selfish is just like a weed.
    So I must watch what I think each minute each day,
    Pull out the weed thoughts and throw them away,
    And plant loving seed thoughts so thick in a row,
    There will not be room for weed thoughts to grow.
    By Katherine Merrill

  55. Wonderful expressed and reassuring that we always guided as the channel for the divine expression of Spirituality through our destiny to be one some day with all there is. Our part is to be open in heart and soul to receive, feel and act accordingly - prayer are the tool to open up more and develop faster. Thank you, Maryl!

  56. Thanks Meryl great lift and loved the happy music thank you

  57. Thanks, Maryl, for the new way to look at it! And to do it, too!

  58. So very helpful! Thank you!

  59. I knew as soon as I saw the title of today's "Lift" that it was going to be about one of my favorite statements in Science & Health! I sometimes substitute the word "me" for "man" as I read the sentence. Or...as my sons were growing up, one of their names! The sentence reveals not only our spiritual nature, but also our potential! Thank you! In the words of Pharrell Williams, "I'm happy." So happy!

  60. Thank you! This was most helpful. Enjoy this beautiful day.

  61. Dear Maryl, your phraseology in reference to a familiar statement is helpful to me and the inmates in our prison ministry. Many thanks.

  62. It's so comforting to know that God is the only Do-er and we the expression of His/Her Doing/Being. We don't have to "do" anything except "let" God work in us. And listen for all the divine messages being directed at us constantly, and only for Goodness' sake. Thank you, Maryl! And many thanks for all the comments as usual. What a lovely start to the day this Lift is.

  63. I am ignited by this wonderful point: that GOD does the expressing, and man is the direct result! Yes, we do have to silence the false mutterings of mortal mind that are constantly telling us otherwise, but that is what Christian Science does for us! As Maryl says, get quiet, find that good closet time in prayer and CS will reveal the way to cast off whatever illusion appears to bind the "boundless basis" we are really operating from. That's what the "unpublished letter" that Maryl quoted promises. I think it said, "The design of Christian Science is to open the human heart to the direct influence of the divine nature." That is what Eddy gave us - the way to open our deepest thoughts to be influenced, to receive directly (and only) the expression of our divine nature - through the understanding of Christian Science.
    Dear Daily Lift Team, can you provide us with any MBE Library information about this letter quote?
    Thank you thank you, Maryl, DL team, and commenters!

  64. Thank you so much Maryl for such wonderful enlightenment. As so many others have stated, I too, find this message so pertinent in my life right now. So many things seem 'up in the air' but yet a burden to trying to figure out what * I * am supposed to do and what direction to take. Knowing that God has a plan sure helps lighten 'my' load.
    Also, thank you to the DL team, Nate and all who share, for all of the helpful lifts and for brightening each day. I can't imagine how these lifts can be improved. They are such a blessing as they are. Thank you all for sharing such unique expressions of Love.

  65. It shifts one's view from "burden-like" feelings and "effort" to express good qualities to "yielding" to God's expression of His goodness, doesn't it? Thank you for getting us off to a right and good morning beginning.

  66. What beautiful expressions of thought today!!...Thank You so much Maryl!!...just what I need to be achieving in my thought today and everyday!!...the comments today are such treasured gems I've added them to my notebook already!.....No struggling!!..just BE with GOD in each moment!!.....just Love this focused thought today!
    Much Joy and Love to All : ) : ) : )

  67. What comes to me is the word "conscientious". As we take our desire for spiritual growth seriously we find lessons to be learned in our failures, learn more about the ways of animal magnetism and how to defend ourselves against it instead of letting the accuser put us down. Thank you Maryl, always a joy to ponder your expressions.
    Lots of good responses as always.

  68. Thank you. Loved this!

  69. Thanks Meryl, a perfect thought to begin my day; boy it sure lifts the human struggle into the un-pressured realm of yielding to God's continuous unfolding of my being. I needed to hear that today, ok, every day. Thanks again.

  70. Outstanding Daily Lift! It succinctly shared a powerful idea that can readily be applied NOW! I feel this Lift was a great example of what the Daily Lifts should be. Thanks so much.

  71. Oh, Maryl, this is just what I needed this morning. And as Elena said so beautifully, "We can stop struggling to be more spiritual or trying to be more God-like, we need only to open our hearts. God is constantly expressing in us the infinite idea of spirituality." I love how hymn 82 puts it, "God is working His purpose out." As I struggle to take the right human footsteps, these ideas are so helpful and uplifting. Thanks to all - Maryl and commentors!

  72. Cyndy's comment above prompts me to report I am sending written notes from these Daily Lifts to my friend who is incarcerated now for many years. He was thrilled that I would send him some of these ideas gleaned from these gems.

  73. Thank you, Maryl. You made so many good points that I had to go over it a few times and still may not be done. I like how the use of the mouse and cursor on the time-bar lets us readily play over any phrase, just like in re-reading written text. On struggling --> I can see how less struggling can be more comforting and more efficient, yet there must be a balance or a right sense of struggle as in "struggle for Truth" (S&H 426:10), the "habitual struggle to be always good (4:12), "Jacob's struggle" (309:7), "mighty struggle" (407:8) and other references. Isn't language fun? Thank you for the lift -- much better to be soaring above the flood or inferno than wallowing in it.

  74. Thank you for this thought! Yes indeed, God is expressing Him/Herself in His/Her idea - me! So this is liberating. Thank you so much!

  75. Thank God! There is no need to zero in to human errors and focus on them as much more to focus on their expressions of God good. That destroys the false view which in no way benefits. God expresses in man his infinite idea of himself going up higher than lower.

  76. Today IS the day. Thank you so much for lift!

  77. Thank you Maryl.
    The idea you share here is so much of a wake-up!
    A great combination; Page 258:13 in Science and Health -- and that line from an unpublished letter, by Mary Baker Eddy -- " The design of Christian Science is to open the human heart to the direct influence of the divine nature."

    Thanks to all who produce and contribute to this marvellous Daily Lift every day of the week! It is good to hear that we will at least have reruns during the summer-- they are all GOOD, and worth hearing again. I hope the Daily Lift continues in September with the freshness and vitality that it offers at present! A message from the Daily Lift is so easy to share with the hungry hearts, who have not heard of Christian Science previously.
    I am grateful!

  78. Very Cool! I like this...I like how you remind us that we need to reflect what we have already available to us v.s. struggling to get it, obtain it--hold onto it or mess up and forget to express who we are as God's
    image and likeness altogether. Thanks very much for this lift and for all the Daily Lifts from the Daily Lift team.

  79. Thank you so much Maryl! This message arrives just on time for me. God expresses! I'm his perfect and pure image and likeness; the very expression of Spirit. I don't have to force myself to be a better reflection. Thank you again for this inspiring Lift.

  80. Thank you .

  81. To Bevi, #46: I think that one of the problems we have with making progress is that mortal mind tries to evaluate, or be the judge of our progress. This means it tries to keep us focused on how quickly or slowly our material conditions are changing. This is bad because when we focus on the material we lose sight of the spiritual. When in fact, as we learn in Christian Science, it is the spiritual that determines our outward and actual. The material has no jurisdiction over us and cannot make any conditions, other than what comes from God, seem real. MBE says that every step we take toward spirituality puts us further away from materiality. Our natural attraction to Spirit makes these steps natural and unburdened. I hope this may be of some help.

  82. Love this Lift and all of the thoughtful and inspired comments with it! I too am grateful that we will get to listen to encore Lifts throughout the summer. I am also looking forward to September to see where our new Lifts will take us! Thank you Daily Lift Team!!

  83. This is so important to do, to open our heart to God in order for Him to
    express his qualities through us.
    Thank you so very much Maryl.

  84. Thank you, Maryl, for “God expresses … ‘in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.’”

    I recognize “the struggle.” Once when I wanted to be more consistent in expressing God, I made up a list of things I should STOP and/or START doing. After about six weeks of my “self-improvement” plan, I felt absolutely wretched - less like God’s expression than ever, let alone consistent!!! Going tearfully to God in prayer, I learned that I can’t add to or take away from God’s perfect creation. I'm not about my opinion of myself. I’m all about God’s definition of me as God’s uninterrupted expression. “In Christian Science mere opinion is valueless” (S&H 341:11). I can only discover that true and only self and rejoice and be glad in it, as I let God be God to me. “Fear not … it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32).

    Abandoning my “self-improvement” plan, I focus on “self-acceptance” of who God has already created me to be – the very best of anything I could ever come up with on my own – and then some!!! Struggling with “me” becomes yielding to “God expresses in man …”

    The lame man lay, waiting in a line he felt he could never be first in and so he never really believed he could be healed. And yet he arose instantly, right on the spot where he had lain, when the Christ touched his deep desire to be whole (John 5:6).

    As in every there and then, “God expresses” here and now.

  85. A seminal moment in life, too, Maryl, realizing this. What a great load off our shoulders! And indeed, today IS the day to do it--thanks for lifting the heavy-lifting belief! I also feel the truth of what Gary #66 has to say.Thanks to all for writing, organizing and reading!

  86. Thank you Maryl for this helpful lift. Just what I needed to hear this beautiful morning. Joy to all.

  87. Maryl, I enjoyed this Lift very much! I will listen to it again and again until I understand it more. Thank you, thank you.

  88. Thank you...so much healing in both the Lift's message and Daily Lifters' comments! A humorous image came to thought: When I look into the mirror, my reflection never looks back at me and begins telling me why it cannot possibly reflect me today! So, why do we sometimes attempt to do something similar with God, by "telling" God why we're not His full expression because of this or that imperfection? The idea of Mind doesn't "talk back" to Mind!!

  89. That hits home!

  90. I want to add my gratitude for those beautiful ideas that really lift the burden from us. To #46, it sounds like you're on the right track, and I really love your prayer of being "willing to be willing" since it shows great humility and trust in God's love to guide you. Much love to you and all!

  91. Thank you to dear #81 Martin! Your kind response brought tears to my eyes! Yes, what you said is true and makes spiritual sense! The fellowship of the Commenters on the LIfts is so sweet and precious! I hope we can continue with this connecting with each other - in some format in the future - whether the Lifts survive the Summer or not. (BTW - Martin, how on earth do you manage to be #1 every day on the Lifts?)

  92. Thank you very much Maryl - perfect for me today - will follow your instructions. Agree with #15 & #64 - don't know how the Lifts can get any better, but will wait and see. Thanks also to Nate & the team for bringing such beautiful Lifts every day. Love to all. Also thanks to Troy - always nice to hear from you.

  93. Thanks SO much Maryl....the receptivity is the important part, to me! Keeping our thoughts OPEN to God....and quieting all negativism or doubt!

  94. Beautiful lift and wonderful reminder. Thank you, Maryl !

  95. Dear Maryl, Thank you very much for your expression of love. I enjoy thinking about your explanation of how to do our part by opening our hearts to the direct influence of Spirit, Truth and Love. How very sweet and kind and generous of you to offer this wonderful direction for our atonement with God.

  96. Reading these individual comments to the individual lifts are always a great lift and positive experience providing good feelings of comfort and joy! Thanks very much everyone!

  97. Thank you, Maryl.
    Thank you, # 84 Nela.
    Something touched me when you mentioned how God touched the lame man's deep desire to be whole!

    I think of you all as supportive voices. I do hope we can continue to connect!

    I have to be careful not to be browned off by the mooted discontinuation of the daily lifts, as I feel rejection easily.

    I know that all right decisions must lead to bigger and better things!

    We cannot be selfish!

    God bless!

  98. I have struggled, as well. Thank you for these super lifts, Meryl.

  99. Thank you for this message today. It is indeed with open hearted receptivity that we are and will be able to express the spiritual qualities that enable us to be obedient to God and trusting in HIs omnipotence and be guided rightly at all times and under any circumstances.

  100. Very encouraging. Thank you.

  101. To #91,Bevi-To answer your question I'm really not sure, and actually tend to be a little self conscious about it. The only thing that I would add would be that whenever we think of progress mortal mind wants to use the word struggle in describing it. We need to understand that "struggle" is a human concept not a spiritual one. We learn in C/S that progress is a law which cannot be denied its outcome.

  102. Maryl,
    As I sat pondering your Lift during lunch this wonderful thought came to mind and I have been using it all afternoon.
    Father Mother Love,
    I will open my heart so I can be
    all that You are expressing through me.
    Thank you again for this Lift and to all if the inspired commentors for their loving thoughts!

  103. Thanks, Maryl, for this uplifting message. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks also for the other comments.

  104. This was just what I needed today, Maryl; thank you, thank you, thank you! Feeling as if it were up to me to solve all the issues for family, friends & church, you set me straight. "For it is God which worketh in [me] to will and to do of his good pleasure." Phil. 2:13. Now I can relax, and listen for God's guidance.

  105. Thank you Maryl for this precious reminder !!!
    I feel deep gratitude for these daily lifts.

  106. A heartfelt Thank you to Meryl and all...These Lifts are much appreciated.

  107. Thank you, Maryl.

  108. Thank you, Maryl, for reminding us to stop strugglling!

  109. Humbly thank you for your thoughts expressed. It sometimes does take "time" to learn that God is the doer, and each one of us is a be-er. When we do this and feel the real sense of quiet because God is expressing Himself in our individual experiences is a priceless spiritual experience that words cannot express but we KNOW that He's right with us. It took a long time to learn how to listen and I do a much better job now. Thank you, God, for providing yet another way in which we can love and honor You.

  110. Thank you, Maryl! This takes the sense of burden away.

  111. Wow! do you know how powerful that is? It is not us expressing God. It is God being the Source and expressing Himself in us.

    I never heard anyone in any other denomination say that. It's totally biblical.

    Jesus could do what he did because his Father was his Source. If we want to be the full image and likeness of God, like Jesus, we too let God be the Source of our actions. Let God be the motivation.

  112. So comforting, thank you! God expresses His nature in us, we only have to know that, and even with that knowing God helps us through the Holy Spirit.

  113. Thank you so much Maryl for the helpful message.

  114. Thank you so much Mary for such an inspiring and beautiful lift.

  115. That was what I needed to hear!
    Thank you for this wonderful message!

  116. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

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