5/17: Up, down, all around

5/17: Up, down, all around

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  1. Thank you Lesley for this very helpful Lift. The only activity that can emanate from God's ideas is infinite, divine Love. The direction of thought is always from God to man; therefore, our interactions always involve the infinitude of God's being being expressed. In other words, Love being reflected in love. This true spiritual activity, whose origin is God, can only serve to bless.

  2. This is a lovely way to think about God, as being up, down, and all around. God is with each of us every day and wherever we are.

  3. thank you Lesley, what a lovely way to heal the arguments between your Mum and yourself! To just know that LOVE was everywhere present, so there was no place where its opposite could be. ,In fact in a Lift we had recently from Mark Swinney, he reminded us that there is no opposite to GOD, good, so there was never really anything there but LOVE ! What a blessing we have these Daily Lifts, thanks to all the Lifters, those who comment and to Nate who presents them,,,oh and not forgetting the musicians with their jolly introductions and the little people who sign off!!

  4. Yes; there is never any room in thought for fear, worry, mistakes, regrets, ruminating or imaginations of any kind in the allness and oneness of Spirit, the Mind that is infinite divine Love.

  5. Thank you, Lesley, for this comforting thought. "Everlasting arms of Love/Are beneath around, above" (#53, CS Hymnal) has always been so reassuring to me, and I love your way of putting it.

  6. Thank You for this lift

  7. Thank you Lesley for reminding me that God is Love and that this Love expressed becomes our love reflected back to God. If ever love seems to be absent I just know that man never created love. Love still belongs to God and we cannot alter the fact that it is this Love that we reflect and have no way of stopping any more than a mirror can refuse to reflect the sunlight. The demonstration of divine Love helps to complete my prayer that:Thy kingdom of Love has come; it is ever present. (Based on the spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer in Science and Health Page 16)

    Mrs Eddy also tells us in Science and Health that:

    "there can be nothing beyond illimitable divinity"

    It is therefoe impossible for us to be beyond this Love which is up, down and all around:

    For all mankind and me (See:Hymn 135)

  8. Thanks, Lesley, for this simple yet strong truth that resolves all disagreement. All of Love's ideas have to agree with their Principle, Love.

    much love to you,
    Anne x

  9. Dear Lesley,

    Thank you for sharing that "personal experience." What lessons we are learning, moment by moment.
    Super title which can be used by all of us.

    The intro music this week has made me laugh each time. I love it. Such wonderful Truths for all "us" children.

  10. Lesley,
    Thank you.

  11. The lesson in this Lift is so helpful, applying, as it does, to the healing of all the arguments that ever seem to have taken place between anyone about anything. Love is Spirit, the undivided Word. That which is undivided cannot have two sides. Love is complete, harmonious, infinite, whole. Being Mind and Truth, Love includes the true meaning of everyone and everything and sustains all in the pure atmosphere of Love's own undivided understanding. Thank you.

  12. Thank you, Lesley, for “Up, down, all around … everywhere Love … only …” It’s powerful and provable. The Truth of our being!

    I had a very rough beginning to my teen years. Although I had an absolutely wonderful childhood, quite abruptly, I found my whole world falling apart. My parents broke up and I was devastated! It didn’t make sense to me, at all! But, I was truly grateful, at least, for the loving family life they had provided. They had given me a firm foundation.

    But, I was scared. The teen years were notorious for seeming to bring out the worse in what used to be very good children. Without my family to help me through, what would happen to me? I was in a new neighborhood; didn’t know anyone at all; and was entering high school as a freshman. Ugh!

    Through their own problems, my parents were as loving and attentive as they could be; but I knew that I was very much “on my own.” Drawing on my firm foundation, I prayed like I had never prayed before. I hoped it was true that above all else, I’m God’s child, in the image and likeness of God / Good / Love–itself! And only God defines me / us!

    I prayed to be guided and protected, as I set out to prove, “up, down, all around … everywhere Love … only …” And I did more than just “get by.” My teen years were happy, productive, active, and academically successful. Truly wonderful!!! And I was quite prepared to continue into a fulfilling God-centered adulthood.

    "... make strong demands on love ..." (Mis 250:16)

  13. We say that God is All powerful, that He is everywhere, all around us; but we still pray telling God what we need and tell Him what we think is good for us to have.

    "The Scriptures say: "Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. "That which we desire and for which we ask, it is not always best for us to receive" S&H 10 :27

    Don’t we get along with a loved one? Let’s ask ourselves, can there be something negative between us in a space filled with God’s Love ?

    Decimos que Dios es Todopoderoso, que está en todas partes, a todo nuestro alrededor; pero aún así, cuando oramos le contamos lo que necesitamos y le pedimos lo que creemos que nos conviene recibir.

    “Las Escrituras dicen:"Pedís y no recibís, porque pedís mal, para gastar en vuestros deleites". Lo que deseamos y pedimos no es siempre lo que más nos conviene recibir.” CyS 10:30

    ¿No nos llevamos bien con un ser querido? Preguntémonos, ¿Puede haber algo negativo entre nosotros en un espacio lleno por el Amor de Dios?

  14. Very moving Lesley!

  15. "Love is up, down, all around!" Yes, the first lesson to be learned by a two year old. So why is it lost so soon among adults? "I reach Mind's open door, and at its portal/ I know that where I stand is holy ground;/ I feel the calm and joy of things immortal,/ The loveliness of Love is all around." (Christian Science Hymnal #64).

  16. Thank you Lesley for this lovely lift. It may have been Kid's week but I'm sure all the grown up kids have enjoyed these lifts as much as the little ones. Our grandson is too young to listen but I've been able to embrace him too as I listened.
    Thanks for all the lifts this week. We all need to let 'Childlike trust be ours today'.

  17. Perfect for me today, thanks Lesley

  18. Lovely! Thank you, Lesley.

  19. Thank you. When I saw this Lift I remembered 'yes I haven't heard that in a long time. it is something to really know that no matter where ever we are God is truly with us I have been very grateful these Lifts.

  20. Thank you Lesley for this simple reminder of Love being 'up, down, all around'. I still have the children's cassette from the 90's with the same title. I agree with other commenters that these lifts are such a blessing. I so very much look forward to reading all the comments to see how each lift inspires individually. Much love and hugs 'all around!'

  21. Thank you, Leslie, for this rhythmic Daily Lift!

    Even though you didn't sing the tune, or play the music, I felt in thought the traditional sounds, steps, clapping, and rhythms of kids singing while dancing on sidewalks over and under multiple jump ropes.

    Up, down, and all around describes the presence of God and the nature of the Christ idea, always with us to guard, guide, redeem, teach, and save.

    It is the nature of Soul to animate God's ideas to activities of wholesomeness and goodness. This motion of Spirit and grace to move man to actions that glorify God is our rhythm for each day.

    May we live and dance each day with “Up, down, and all around.” Man and mankind, men, women, and children, as emanations of God, will never become tired of this rhythm, dance, and presence.

    There can be no permanent mistakes. If we get out of step and get tripped up, we just need to watch, listen, and learn, and then jump right in again. Even Double Dutch, though challenging, can be very instructional and can be fun!

  22. Thank you.

  23. A wonderful reminder of a simple but powerful fact. Thanks Lesley.

  24. Dear Lesley, Thank you so much. And thank you all Lifters and responders! For we are in heaven right this moment and every moment. Cherished, loved. Every detail of our day taken care of in the most wonderful way. Now to refuse any thought that says otherwise. And we have the power of refusal for Love is here - up, down, and all around!

  25. What a lift! Like a child I fee l this with great joy and happiness.Love all around like a sunny day.Amen

  26. Thank you very much, dear Lesley! Such clarity and simplicity - it cut right through the wrong trend for arguments! Wonderful! :-)

  27. Thank\s you Daily Lift team for a very special week, though designed for kids, enjoyed and inspired by all as shown in the many comments from around the world. I especially liked the joyful, cheery voices at the end.

  28. Thank you Lesley for this comforting Lift, reaching the child in me.

    Your recent tour in Canada touched many hearts of newcomers to CS.
    Your Lectures made us feel the one infinite Mind .
    The "Everlasting arms of Love, beneath, around, above; ...our ever-present guide with His arm to lean upon... Safe in His encircling arms, He will keep us all the way, God, our refuge, strencht and stay." extract from Hymn 53.

    It's so good to hear your voice again teaching us how to feel our true nature as God's children remaining always in the "Everlasting arms of Love."

  29. What a perfectly LOVELY lift, Lesley. Thank you so much There seem to be more and more situations today needing this affirmation..

  30. Sweet and Lovely! Thank you, Lesley! Claiming that Up, Down, All Around Love for ourselves each day can help to keep us encircled in it. Why do we seem to step outside the circle of Love? I think it's called Human Will and the push and pull of animal magnetism or aggressive mental suggestion. Sometimes it's hard to trust that God's Will of Love for us is better than our own desire to argue or fight or push our way into something we think we want! Learning to really Love and Trust our God more, can help to keep us inside that protecting circle of Love! Happy Joyful Kids Weekend to All! It's been a Wonderful Week of Child-Like Lifts! Thank you to All!

  31. This is a lovely way to think of God as up, down, all around. We can know God is with is every day wherever we are.

  32. Thank you Lesley for your Daily Lift. It reminds me of what I used to tell my kids and now grand kids - there is no spot where God is not. Thank you Eleanor #11 for your helpful comments too and to all commenters and to the DL team.

  33. Dios está en cada rincón, rodea todo, Es Todo. ¿Donde, en que lugar o situación? Allí donde está el amor, aprendemos que Él es sólo consciente de si mismo el Amor, el resto lo desconoce.

    Por lo tanto allí está Él, donde está el Amor, y lo rodea, lo cubre y lo ampara con infinita bondad. Entonces, ¿donde estamos nosotros?, evidentemente en el mismo lugar o en ninguno.
    Entiendo que las escrituras son muy claras al respecto. ¿Cual es el legado cristiano?, renunciamiento, sacrificio y, ¿hacia donde apunta?, justamente a erradicar todo lo desemejante al Amor, para estar sólo consciente de Él, y sin ninguna duda se manifestará, en cada lugar, en cada ocasión, en cada oración, y lo hace en cada uno de nosotros, para ser puesto por obra, para que de fruto intachable, como lo Es el fruto del Verdadero Amor. Sí "Reciprocamos el Amor", como con acierto nos dice Marý Baker Eddy, busquemos entonces, en nosotros al fiel, paciente, y amoroso que obra según el verdadero sentir, y lo veremos manifestado en toda ocasión, aun siendo apenas un grano de arena en el inmenso Universo, ya que el grano de arena por obra y gracia del Amor divino, puede convertirse en una duna gigantesca, que expande granos, los frutos del Amor, que pueden ser fecundados.

    Muchas gracias Leslie, por el mensaje.

  34. IIf this is a "kid's Lift" then we are all kids! Lovely, just lovely. How important to love more. It feels good to love. It does not feel good to hate or argue with those we really do love. Obedience to God makes us loving and lovable.

  35. Thank you Leslie and all who have shared. Somewhere through the years, I've heard a 2nd line to that lovely phrase, "God is up, down and all around, in and out, and all about." Thanks DL team for this sweet "kids week" theme. As others have said, it's been a very rich week for all listeners.

  36. This is a wonderfulg message to hold close when visiting family. It also applies to everything! While reading the news headlines this morning, I read that members of a certain political party "continue to damage the economy and society" by smearing the President. How can this ever happen if we each know in our hearts that divine Love is up, down, and all around? Love fills all space in our nation's capitol and in every nation of the world. This Love brings solutions, healing and peace. My prayer today is to know that Love guides every politician, every president, every citizen. Thank you, Leslie, for this healing message.

  37. Thank you.

  38. Great message. Also, I love the new music with these pod casts!

  39. Thank you, Lesley. THis was so simple but so powerful. I'm going to use it well, and appreciate your sharing it in such a clear and lovely way.

  40. From the Lord's Prayer we have the powerful line that says "Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors". Mary Baker Eddy's interpretation to that line says, " And love is reflected in love." What a wonderful guidance this provides for us all at any age. To love our neighbor as ourselves. That too guides us to treat others with kindness and generosity. My mom taught me to treat all folks equally, not to look unkindly upon certain people but to try and love all that I come into contact with. This was very important to her and she made a good impression on me with that. I remember praying the
    Daily Prayer with others in mind because it says there, ....."and may thy word enrich the affections of all mankind". To learn a few prayers, ones that you learn to love, becomes a great gift throughout life. So enjoy what you learn in Sunday School and remember always that God loves you.

    Daily Lift Team: The Daily Prayer can be found in the "Church Manual" by Mary Baker Eddy (p.41).

  41. Wonderful.

  42. I thought I was much too sophisticated at age 17 to still be going to Sunday School, so I left. When I returned, somewhat sheepishly after about 9 years, my fellow Sunday Schoolers were still there, smiling and welcoming, and not one single word of "Where have you been?" Such forgiveness, such joy, such love has never varied in the 55 years since then. Though I lived too far away to attend more than two or three times a year still their love remained unwavering and unlimited. Certainly "Up - never down - and always all around: - constant and loyal and so generous with their own abundance of goodness.
    Thank you Nate and the kids who helped with the production this week; the Lecturers and the Board; and the ageless youngsters in the Daily Lift family.

  43. Thank you so much Lesley! to all the lifting family...thanks and enjoy the week-end, full of God and love and joy and kindness......

  44. Ephesians 6: 11 "PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD, THAT YE MAY BE ABLE TO STAND AGAINST THE WILES OF THE DEVIL." What a protective statement. LOVE being the "WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD," up down and all around. With that understanding my children are safe and so am I. Nothing can harm us. We're safe in the arms, ARMOUR, of Love.

  45. It is Love reflected that heals and leads us forward. Your experience, Leslie, touched my heart, and I know it will stay with me as I tend to a family member who needs help.

    This reminds me of a young Sunday School student's non-verbal reply to a question about Love's omnipresence. He simply used his thumb to indicate the four points of the compass. I can still see him doing this. It was so refreshing and still is.

  46. That was lovely Lesley with proof positive. A wonderful, simple reminder that is so healing.

  47. Last day of "Kids’ Week???” Since we're all God's kids, can't EVERY week be "Kids' Week" in our DL community??? It’s VERY kid friendly!!! No matter what the chronological age, we’re all growing to overcome evil with Good, as we challenge "every ill that flesh is heir to!" ( Adults just describe "the false claim" in two to four syllable words. :-)

    "While age is halting between two opinions or battling with false beliefs, youth makes easy and rapid strides towards Truth" (S&H 236:29)

    "Beloved children, the world has need of you, — and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world. What grander ambition is there than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to know that your example, more than words, makes morals for mankind" (Mis 110:4)!

    I’m just realizing that unless anyone mentions it, we have no idea of the chronological age of anyone in our DL community. Focus is not on person; but, where it belongs - on the ANGELS (S&H 581:4), we share with each other!

    Thanks, Kids!!! :-)

  48. Thank you Leslie, and also 11, Eleanor for comment regarding how this lift applies to every argument ever. Thank you daily lift team and other commenters as well. Thank you for this week of children's lifts.

  49. Me too!!!!

  50. Lovely thought and story. Thank you.

  51. Thank you Leslie for your sweet delivery of this lovely message. As a Sunday School teacher this has always been a staple in teaching the little ones. I now see how important it is to apply it to the older students. What a wonder way to teach them how to diffuse arguments at any age! "Since Love is up, down, all around..."Love is all that can come between" us and others. No room for arguments! (=

  52. God's honest truth ! While almost finishing my lesson with our Pastor, your Daily Lift announced its self from my cell phone beside me. Further proof that " we live in
    The realm of Spirit".
    Thank you, dear lady-
    This 'Lift' is one to remember.

  53. Powerful ideas and proof. They blessed me today, when help came in an unexpected way.

    Thanks and love also to all commenters and lifters.

  54. This lift really spoke to me! It was the answer to my prayers! Thank you, Lesley, and thank you, Ginny # 4. God's blessings!

  55. thank you lesley

  56. And you proved it - awesome!

  57. Wow, that's a great uplifting message to hold onto today and every day.
    Thankyou to all who have contributed through this week.

  58. Thanks Lesley. Powerful thoughts.

  59. Reminds me of the Sunday School prayer from many years ago: "There is no spot where God is not!"

  60. Thank you, Lesley, for that comforting thought. I was dealing with a problem during the night. I got up from my bed and, as it was cold, I wrapped myself in a blanket. As I was praying I felt so much that the blanket represented the presence of divine Love and I felt wrapped in that Love. As a result I was able to go back to bed and to sleep feeling much better.

  61. Yes, up down all around even on Saturday morning, And beyond. Thanks forever!

  62. Great lift! Thanks. Thanks too for the children's voices at the end. Heart warming.

  63. Thank you for the reassuring lift!

  64. Loved it!! Thanks for sharing that with us... what a wonderful feeling knowing that Love is all around...
    “God is Love.” More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go." Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures - page 6:17

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