5/16: Good thoughts from God

5/16: Good thoughts from God

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  1. Thank you Lindsey for this reassuring Lift. God supplies us with thoughts that give us a sense of joy and peace in our daily lives. These thoughts protect and guide us, comfort and uplift us with the strength of a Father and the tender love of a Mother. They keep us from harm and give us the quiet assurance that God is ever with us and that all our needs are forever met.

  2. Thanks, Lindsey. It was good for this BIG kid and little kids too :o) I'll play it for the "little kids" when they come home from school!

  3. Thanks!!!

  4. These thoughts are exactly what we all need to meet the challenges of the day. It helps us with our constant prayer to let God direct our every step and action - to be more like Him/Her, and to love more. Thanks for "the Lift"!

  5. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you, Lindsey!

  6. Thanks Lindsey. A little child shall lead them. Childlike leaning on Father Mother God for every thought and action.

  7. “Our Master taught his disciples one brief prayer, which we name after him the Lord's Prayer. Our Master said, "After this manner therefore pray ye, "and then he gaveth that prayer which covers all human needs.” S&H 16:7
    “Our Father…” Matt. 6:9
    Didn’t say “father of Jesus” nor “our master” but our father, our closest relative; so now when we pray we can be sure we'll be heard by “Our Father.”

    “Nuestro Maestro enseñó a sus discípulos una sola y breve oración, el Padre Nuestro, que llamamos en su honor la Oración del Señor. Nuestro Maestro dijo:"Vosotros, pues, oraréis así",y luego dio esa oración que abarca todas las necesidades humanas.” CyS 16:8
    “Padre nuestro…” Mateo 6:9
    No dijo “padre de Jesús” ni “nuestro dueño” sino, nuestro padre, nuestro pariente más cercano; así que ahora cuando oremos podemos estar seguros que seremos oídos por el “Padre nuestro”.

  8. Lindsey,
    Thank you

  9. God does not make us sad. God makes us happy by giving us (our family, our friends, everyone) what we need. The Lord's Prayer reminds us every day that God is very near to us and takes care of us in this way.

  10. thank you for your sweet lift, looking forward to your up coming lift in east Sussex
    love to all lifters, Kathy..

  11. Lindsey, this is delightful, and your voice is like a comforting 'blue blanket' wrapping us all around, big and small. Thank you so much.

  12. We as adults, parents and grandparents are blessed from this Lift. Easy to understand, being childlike in thought and knowing who we all with our Father-Mother God. Thank you, Lindsay

  13. Well done Lindsay - a lesson for the big kids in your Daily Lift too!

  14. Thank you, Lindsey for this gentle, peaceful, and well grounded Daily Lift!

    What a powerful focus to have each day - rejoicing in the presence of God, responding to the Christ idea with the direction of grace.

    This is God's action plan for each of His children, to enable us to know Him, to feel His guidance in every step we need to take, and to be assured and reassured along this path, free of hesitation, weakness, or fear.

  15. Yes Lindsey, how true. "Be patient and kind; truthful and loving. Feel Love's love." "Where the floods of trouble flow/ Find Thy perfect, calm reflection;/ On the path that has no turning,/ Patience, courage, meekness learning." (Christian Science Hymnal #85 ).

  16. Thank you. Yes this prayer is one of the best it sure helped me last night (2:00am). I was able to go back to sleep and was up a little after 5: am. Many thanks to all.

  17. Thank you.

  18. Thank you, Lindsey, for “Good thoughts from God …”

    When I was a child, my dad told me that to be truly happy in my life, I needed to be truly good. Wow! That’s pretty straightforward; but, I wanted to make sure I understood, so I asked him how to know good from bad. He told me to ask myself, “If everyone else in the world was thinking what I’m thinking; talking like I’m talking; behaving like I’m behaving, would I really like that kind of world?”

    My mom added that it’s necessary to match our thinking with what we understand about God as all Good and Love-itself! She said that it’s not as hard as it might seem because, after all, we’re made in God’s image and likeness. So, as God’s children, it’s the most natural way to live. She also likened goodness to happiness.

    When my children were younger, they shared with me a little game they learned in the Christian Science Sunday school: “Knock! Knock! Who’s there? I’m a thought that says, __________ (fill in the blank). Will you let me in?” The object of the game is to let into our thinking only good thoughts. I’ve been having fun with that “Knock! Knock!” game ever since all those years ago.

    I’m truly grateful for these and all the teachers I’ve had throughout my life. Of course, that includes Jesus and Mrs. Eddy! I’ve learned to live a life of valuing Good and thanking God for only all Good unfolding, uninterrupted. And yes! The more I choose “Good thoughts from God,” the happier I am! :-)

  19. Thank you.

  20. Thank you ! Lindsey, Our father , it is such and perfect, complete and harmonious prayer.

  21. Thank you Lindsey. We are looking forward to more good thoughts when you share them with us tomorrow. Much love from Altrincham

  22. Wonderful! Thank you so much.

  23. Thank you Lindsey.I am just another big kid too and can wallow in this beautiful lift full of advice.Have a GOOD day everyone.love and peace to all.

  24. thank you lindsey

  25. So timely for me, Lindsey. I just went from teaching the high school class to teaching Kindergarten and first grade. Thanks for this God-sent message. It's just right for me and the little ones.

  26. Thank you so much ! So good and so lovely!

  27. Thank you so much, Lindsey. What a wonderful call to unceasing prayer - and Father- Motherly love! I had to listen several times, it provides such nourishment & reminds of the great banquet that is the Lord's Prayer.

    I have so thoroughly enjoyed each and every lift and the music this week . The child-like spirit of the lifts have been very warm and embracing. The music is so festive and fun spirited!

  28. Thanks, Lindsey, for explaining the Lord's Prayer in such a simple, yet profound way - especially explaining that grace means good thoughts from God. We all certainly not only need "grace for today" but to listen and obey.

  29. Wonderful Lift Up, Lindsey! Thank You! There is such simplicity and child-likeness in the Lord's Prayer and yet such depth, too! It is a Prayer that is sweet and cool and deep like a Well of Water! Everyone - from the tiniest child to the wisest elder - can drink from it and find comfort and love!

  30. Thank you, Lindsey, for your uplifting thoughts. I love the way The Lord's Prayer is prayed in Christian Science churches, slowly and thoughtfully. It truly is a healing prayer.

  31. Thank you for this lift

  32. Simply lovely! Thank you, Lindsey, Daily Lift staff and lifters. May these Christly thoughts go forth to speak to all children of all ages with its healing message.

  33. Thank you Lindsey for your lovingly delivered lift. For kids and adults alike another wonderful message.

  34. Lindsey, Thank you very much for that perfect and simple reminder of God's ever presence... and thank you Nela for the knock-knock game.
    To all lifters, gratitude for all the inspiration that you provide as daily bread for others!

  35. Lindsey, thank you for the beautiful message. And Nela thank you for the knock, knock game for Sunday School, car rides etc. May God's blessings be with all of you.

  36. Thank you for this helpful Lift. As well as the myth of being born into matter on some past date, mortal thought would encourage us to believe that we have somehow 'grown up' in it and are therefore no longer children. I am so glad that we are taught in Christian Science the true meaning of the words of Christ Jesus, when he told us to "receive the Kingdom of God as a little child" (Mark 10:15) and Mrs Eddy's clear statement that what we most need is "the prayer for growth in grace". So much more wonderful 'growing Up' to do!

    Daily Lift Team: The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (p.4)."

  37. Thank you, so much, for this Lift, too. I am especially grateful to hear it now.

  38. Just right. Thank you Lindsey and all who have shared.

  39. The Lord's Prayer covers the whole ground of what God is, what God does and how God takes care of all his creation. The middle part of The Lord's Prayer with MBE interpretation, "And give us GRACE for today, feed the famished affections." Just tells the child as well as the adult to let God be understood so it may feed the thought of God's everlasting protection.

  40. Thank you so much. The Lord's Prayer is one of the earliest things my son learned. When he was about three years old and I thought I was having a headache, he told me to sit down, bow my head and he proceeded to say the prayer. Afterwards, he looked at me, told me I was okay, and that now we could play! And we did! Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas.

  41. Thank you Lindsey -- so practical!
    Reminds me of the little book by Joy Dueland written for very young children years ago, called
    "Filled up Full"..with thoughts from God.
    This week of "kids" Daily Lifts has been wonderful for the big "kids"too. That is all of us!
    Thanks to Nate, the band, the lecturers, the producers, the Board,and all who listen to these messages -- the Daily Lift family!

  42. Thank you, Lindsey. listened twice and felt so loved. Nela, loved hearing about the Knock-knock game and plan to try it this Sunday! As always, these Lifts encourage and cheer and start my day right.

  43. Such a sweet and calming message for children in every stage of life. Thank you for this thoughtful Lift.

  44. Thank you for that childlike graceful thought.

  45. I recently visited an airport chapel. Three men came in at different times, and each had a different way of praying: One man knelt on a wooden structure and prayed silently for a very short time, then left. The next man knelt on the floor and prayed aloud at some length, though very quietly. Then he looked up, called me "Sister" and asked if I had any prayer needs. This opened a lovely conversation, and after I returned home, I e-mailed him the link to an online Christian Science lecture. The last man came in and plugged in all his electronic gadgets. He, too, offered to pray with me, and I said yes. He prayed aloud, asking for daily manna on my behalf. As we walked out, I gave him some thoughts about his upcoming sales trip that seemed very arresting and comforting to him. Needless to say, I felt very loved and companioned by these encounters. The universality of family was shown to me by these loving brothers.

  46. Thanks for this great lift. I use the "feed the famished affections" when thinking of the unhappy people and things in the world. We all need to know we are loved.

  47. Thank you, Lindsay for this most comforting Lift which I listened to several times This simple and profound message -- along with your honeyed vocals are a perfect start to my day which has encouraged me to ponder the Lord's Prayer in depth. I have gotten so much from the 'lifts' this week geared to all of God's children: big and small!

    To Nate and the Board: Greatly appreciate the exuberant Celtic music, a huge part of my heritage (fiddles, etc.), such a rousing wake-up call to rejoice each morning!!

  48. thank you Betsy #30. The way the Lords Prayer is prayed at C.S. church services, slowly, thoughtfully and lovingly is so very noticeable. Having the spiritual interpretation is such a blessing. A Pastor I know recently tried to shorten and hasten and change some of the wording in their recitation of the prayer and she met such opposition from the congregation. She humbley went back to the original after she found out just how much they cared about the Lords Prayer. It even seems to be recited with more thought and love since then. Thank you Lindsey, your voice is so lovely.

  49. Grateful thanks Lindsey!! Just happy to be one of the "children" of God.!

  50. Thank you Lindsey for such a happy message, - and happy music - and a happy prayer:
    "Give us this day our daily bread"
    "Give us grace for today"
    I might add:
    Give us strength to feel and express Your love, no matter what."

  51. Thank you Lindsey, for the pure reality of it.

  52. Gratitude Lindsey, This lift filled me with happiness for the love of everyone's Father Mother God. What a sense of peace for each one, worldwide.

  53. Oh I really love this, caught it later than usual today and all the comments are a joy. So many thanks.

  54. Merci beaucoup Lindsey; what a wonderful way to start the day with the Lord's prayer 'Our Father', everyone and all of our Father, and all is harmonious.

  55. Thanks so much. This one is going off to my two sweet great-grands who are active in the Christian Science Sunday School! Rachel and Shay, here it Comes!

  56. Thy will be done, Lord, today and everyday. How comforting, how releasing, how miraculous! God bless!

  57. May we each feel the "Big Love," as one child in juvenile detention put it. I think she did, since she didn't return after many visits previously.

    Thank you #50. I needed that reminder today and everyday...

  58. Thank you, Lindsey and thanks to Nela for the Knock! Knock! game.

  59. Such a great reminder to consider, and retain, that definition of "Grace." I will now try to remember Grace every time I see bread!

  60. To make room for God's good thoughts - in the face of bad or scary pictures - that's our prayer/work. God enables us to pray in this way.

    Good thoughts came to me today while doing some editing, a task which I don't usually do.

  61. When our children were young, grace at our dinner table was "Give us this day our daily bread" spoken by child 1; "Give us grace for today" child 2; " Feed the famished affections" child 3. Thank you for your lovely lift.

  62. Thank you, Lindsey! We big kids can use this advice very well,

  63. I recently lost the last of my spiritual mentors - last night I was praying and wondering how to cope with that - this morning I realize that for now, at least, the Daily Lift "team" has stepped up to the plate . . . in Him I live and move and have my being . . . thank you for being out there!

  64. A recent lecturer talked about The Lord's Prayer, in our city lecture, addressing every line's importance to all mankind and to us as individual ideas of God. She gave me an entirely different concept of "feed the famished affections" from Mrs. Eddy's spiritual interpretation. To address the famished affections within ourselves as well. Now I ask myself what am I needing to see and change in my own thinking...And also declaring God's goodness available and present for all mankind...my brothers and sisters everywhere.

    Thanks for the messages for children this week, but then aren't we ALL children of God? YES, WE ARE!

  65. This 75 year old "kid" needed that lift and my guardian angel must have made sure that I waited until today to listen because today is when it was particularly helpful. Thank you so very much.

  66. beautiful lift thank you

  67. One of the best lifts I ever heard because it ennunciates the True state of affairs by feeding It & not the counterfeit, dream-world condition. Also, it denies the fake claim by not giving it any lip service.

  68. Thank you LIndsey, what a great way to start this Sunday. Truus Leader
    Napoleon, Ohio

  69. Thanks, Lindsey, and also #60 Renate Lohl and # 64 Friend in Traverse City, MI. I came back to this Lift and your comments were very helpful.

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