5/15: Simple prayer

5/15: Simple prayer

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  1. Thank you Brian for this helpful and heart-warming Lift. With the realization of God's love firmly established in our thought, we are well on our way to making our demonstration. Often a simple declaration of the truth is all that is necessary, for whatever is troubling us, to "vanish into its native nothingness like dew before the morning sunshine." (S&H page 365)

  2. Dear Brian,

    Your "two-some" message is great. Just keep it simple! Thank you.

  3. It is also my first prayer as a child and it often reconforted me several times. The Lord's prayer is for me a natural extension of this little but absolute children prayer but I go on saying it every night. Tks

  4. Thanks Brian, I needed to hear that, God loving me!

  5. Brian, thank you ... these truths are powerful even for the very 'grown up'! You are right the truth is simple, only mortal mind would tell us that it is complicated or out of our grasp. God just loves us - that is the whole of it.

  6. Thank you very much Brian what a beautiful prayer - and yes so simple but powerful
    and oh so lovingl.

  7. Grow love today

  8. Dear Brian and Micah,

    Simply put, and well done! A good team, you two.

    My face responded with a wide grin, while my heart beat with joy and gratitude.

    Thank you so much for really delivering during "kid's week."

  9. Thank you Brian for taking me back to my childhood when I too was taught to say Mrs Eddy's prayer for little children.

    I accepted without question that the word sleep referred to human sleep but as I grew up I began to think of it as my knowing that God was guarding me even though I seemed to be asleep in matter.

    Mrs Eddy tells us;
    519: 25 (only)

    God rests in action

    If we accept that God is divine Mind, divine intelligence and omnipotence, then we accept that God is always aware of His own Being, and it automatically follows that His perfect idea, man, must therefore always be aware of his own being. This involves work and rest, not toil and sleep so the child of God expresses his right to rest, not his right to sleep in matter. We read:

    Ps 121: 4

    4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

    So in reality neither does His idea slumber nor sleep in matter. The Bible uses the word sleep to describe the state that Adam was put into when all the material misunderstandings and illusions took on the appearance of reality, and it is such a comfort to know that God is guarding His perfect expression of me even when the mortal appearance seems to have some reality.

  10. Thank You for this lift.

  11. Like '8' this gave me a great big smile - perfect for tinies and grown ups too, thank you Brian and all at the BoL for establishing the idea of these Daily Lifts for children this week, and embracing the child-like Christ in all of these pod casts.

  12. Thank you Brian for that very helpful lift which was just what I needed. Because of a seeming problem I had just been saying to myself the words of the Christian Science hymn no 53
    Everlasting arms of Love
    Are beneath around, above:
    God it is who bears us on
    His the arm we lean upon.
    and the last verse
    From eartth's fears and vain alarms
    Safe in His encircling arms
    He will keep us all the way
    God our refuge, strength and stay.
    What a joy these DLs are. I am so grateful

  13. Nothing, absolutely nothing more joyous than a little child’s voice praying, it assures us that God does exist!
    “Jesus loved little children because of their freedom from wrong and their receptiveness of right. While age is halting between two opinions or battling with false beliefs, youth makes easy and rapid strides towards Truth.” S&H 2328

    We might think that God is everywhere, a little child KNOWS God is everywhere, that is trust!

    Nada, absolutamente nada es más glorioso que la voz de un niño pequeño orando ¡nos asegura que Dios sí existe!
    “Jesús amaba a los niños por estar libres de mal y por su receptividad a lo que es justo. Mientras la edad Madura claudica entre dos pensamientos o lucha contra falsas creencias, la juventud hace progresos fáciles y rápidos hacia la Verdad.” CyS 236:30

    Nosotros podemos pensar que Dios está en todas partes, un niño pequeño SABE que es así, ¡eso es confianza!

  14. I pray that prayer,,when i was a child ,, too ,,, still do ...thanks for such a sweet Daily Lift.

  15. Thank you so much. As I am new to Christian Science, and not a child - this message was so very wonderful!

  16. thank you Brian for sharing your grand child's lovely message

  17. love this lift thank you

  18. That was beautiful - thank you !

  19. Thank you for this helpful Lift. Very often the most complicated of human situations have the simplest of divine answers readily available to us if we turn away from the self-importance of the human mind to the humility of the Christ to know what to do. I am very grateful for Rosabelle's (#7) simple instruction. It has lifted my thought of how I am going to spend my day and given me fresh perspective. Thank you as well to Tony (#9) for very helpful clarity on the issue of sleep and rest and to all for inspiring expressions of gratitude and comments.

  20. Yes. "As we listen, Love will guide our thoughts into all that is good." See how infants accept unconditionally simple truths, with the spirit of the Christ, without becoming confused by the conflicts of the letter." "I will listen for Thy voice,/ Lest my footsteps stray;/ I will follow and rejoice/ All the rugged way." (MBE Christian Science Hymnal #304).

  21. Thank you .This Lift is a great reminder that God is always with us and available to all every moment .

  22. Being an old grandma it was lovely to hear the childs voice again a keepie and repeatie for me thank you Brian and Nat.

  23. Father, Mother, God
    Loving me
    Guard me while I sleep(play, dance, at school, do homework/chores, on the bus, color, think, etc..)
    Guide my little feet
    Up to Thee

    Thank you Brian for reminding me of this simple pray Mrs Eddy gave all of God's little children. And many thanks to our BOL for this weeks and all of the Daily Lifts. What priceless gifts we receive every day! ( And more on Saturday when I listen to them all again!)

  24. Very helpful, thank you

  25. Thank you Brian,

    Just Sunday I was praying that prayer & yes Hymn 304 (Malcolm). Also thank you Martin (#1), Tony (#9) & Elma (12) as well as the other Lifters. I feel so emotional this morning as I reflect on my days at Sunday School. My grandmother was not a member of our Church as she attended another Church but she use to pray that prayer with me over and over. Her persistence in prayer and the demonstrations she and my mum made all helped shape my faith in God.

    As I now reflect on my days in Sunday School and think back to the hymns and simple prayers that were available I realize that I was forming a closer relationship, through understanding, with God. I never felt He was far off. Our prayers at home, growing up, were always about asking God to help us see the way - our way of trying to listen to what we have already been told.

    Fast forward to today, as I have already mentioned, a close friend of mine was shocked to hear that I seldom ask God for anything because it is illogical. As a loving mother already knows feeding time for a child, so God already knows our needs. Our prayers therefore are not about begging God to be merciful but the creation of a quite time for us to listen to what we have already been told.

    Sometimes we have to physically block out all materiality and Church and our Reading Rooms are excellent places to focus on the substance of prayer. Prayer is about listening to & obeying God WITH expectation and focus.

    Again thx.

  26. A demonstration of the faithful, childlike innocence of the love of God. Thank you.


  28. Thank you for this wonderful lift

  29. I never learned this prayer as a "little girl" but I have learned it as a "child of God". It's one of several thoughts I go to sleep with and awake with in the morning. Thanks, Brian.

  30. I was so inspired and encouraged with Ideas like Father Mother God,Loving me,after years of feeling unloved,uncared for, abandoned and in a society hostile to me in my state of poverty. And this little Child prayer also inspired me.My four children benefitted from me finding Christian Science practical wisdom
    and grace. I could see the great benefit to little children learning about how they reflect the goodness of God. And were protected .

  31. Thank you,

    This gave me sweet memories of when my daughter (now all grown up) was learning her first few lessons about the nature of God.

    It also reminded me of my own experiences of learning these truths, coming into Christian Science in my mid-twenties.

    My feet weren't so little by then, but I have learned to let them be guided.

  32. Thank you, I is beautifully comforting any time of day, any age. My children learned this early. It brings a great sense of peace. Really enjoyed hearing your little one.

  33. Thank you Brian for this very touching DL. I, too, love this prayer. It comforted my children and now my grandchildren. Often at night I find myself saying this prayer when I'm alone with God. How wonderful for so many of us all over the world to stay connected thru the Daily Lifts. I love so much reading the comments. God is good to all and answers our prayers.

  34. Thanks, Brian, for sharing your message with such a cheerful little voice. It took me back many years to my first class as a Sunday school teacher. I had the littlest ones and it was such a pleasure. They were so receptive to the simplest truths. Out of the mouth of babes came many inspiring thoughts. A wonderful memory!

  35. Es imposible negar la pureza-niño, sería como negar a Cristo o a Dios, la receptividad a confiar en Dios, que los niños en su inocencia mantienen, y son felices haciéndolo, por ello la importancia de mantenerla y preservarla, y ello depende de la fidelidad a Dios de los adultos.
    "Instruye al niño en su camino, Y aun cuando fuere viejo no se apartará de él" Proverbios

    Cristo Jesús fue más allá, se refirió a que nosotros mismos conservaramos la pureza de niño, fue imperativo en su demanda, dijo: "De cierto os digo, que el que no recibe el reino de Dios como un niño, no entrará en el reino de Dios" Marcos
    Esas palabras están reflejando la importancia de preservar, mantener y obrar de acuerdo a ellas, siguiendo siendo niós en inocencia y pureza y si nos hemos confundido, volver a ser niños nuevamente, desechando lo aprendido humanamente, preservando la pureza con la que llegamos y aun ampliándola, con todo nuestro esfuerzo, para volver a la certeza de la inmarcesible pureza, el Amor.

    Muchas gracias Brian, por darnos inspirados mensajes.

  36. Thank you, Brian, for wonderful childhood memories. Your lift gives me comfort to know that the simplest prayer of my childhood is still a most powerful prayer for me and my family now as a grandmother. Love the sweet little voice - so happy! Inspiring Lift!!

  37. My 1yo loved listening to your grandson sing. We listened to it twice and each time he started to sing along. He also loves the children's voices at the end of the lift. Great idea to do a week of kid's lifts!

  38. Yes, thank you so much Brian, and here's another hands up for having learned this prayer when I was very young. I asked God for a prayer for my grandchildren - it was for my granddaughter Darcii, actually, and He said, "Thank you for loving me." Another short and very easy prayer, but can be instantaneously effective!
    Thank you to all who produce these Lifts, and especially these Lifts for children both bigger and little.

  39. I too, said this prayer as a child. What wonderful, comforting memories it brings me. At times when I am at a loss as to how to pray and feel child-like in my spiritual growth I resort to the beginning and use this prayer and I feel comforted again that God always there and loving me.

  40. Thank you Brian. The lift is most appropriate for my current situation.

  41. Thank you for this precious and simple reminder.

  42. Ok. Hands down the sweetest DL ever!
    I,too, sang this to and with my three as they were growing up. And it is still often the start to my prayers during the day. It settles my thought and helps me to listen for truths particular to any situation.
    And thank you to Tony, #9, for such a helpful insight!

  43. Oh, I love that Children's Prayer that Mary Baker Eddy gave from her Child-Heart to All of Us! Thank you, Brian, and thank you to your 2 yr. old grandson, Micah! So simple and innocent and healing and comforting that little tiny prayer is! I say it often to myself at night just before I slide into "slumber-land" and it gives me such a sense of security! Thank you, Father-Mother God for Guiding and Guarding All of Us!

  44. I also learned this prayer as a child and taught it to my children and to children in my Sunday School classes. I still pray this prayer every day. It never ceases to bring peace and comfort to my thought and to encourage me to trust all to God.

  45. Thank you. Just what we all need each moment. It reminds me how a sense of God's fatherly presence with me at night healed me of fear of the dark when I was a young child.

  46. thank you. What a delight it is to hear this precious child's voice. It will be my prayer today

  47. How precious! Yes, knowing that God is loving us right now and meeting every need right now is so important. Thank you!

  48. Loved your grandson 's lyrical baby voice, making it even more special! It reminded me of my daughter when she was three. I asked her to pray for he Uncle who was having a back problem. She was on her knees in a second, head down in fervent prayer with " Father mother God, Loving me, Guard me while I sleep, Guide my little feet, Up to thee" No reference to the context, but I'm sure it got to God faster than ever! Such beautiful innocence!THANK YOU for the wonderful inspiration!

  49. Precious!

  50. I remember my grandma teaching me this prayer. I am not a member of Christian Science now but I still use Christian Science everyday. Thanks for your message today. I had forgotten the prayer but will use it everyday.

  51. Brian, indeed I heard God talking to me through your sweet little voice´s grand son!
    Today, everything is perfect and bright because, besides God´s communication through the innocence of His child, the day is really wonderful over here!
    Thanks, Brian for your inspiration!

  52. Thank you, Brian, for “Simple prayer …” Going to God in prayer, I’ve learned, is not going to a mighty and terrible "Wizard of Oz," like in the movie, where Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and the Lion are shaking and quaking and begging for help. In fact, I’ve learned, I can stay right where I am and just want to be good and do right and show loving kindness – and ask God, “How?”

    And yes! Our Father-Mother God does guide our little footsteps and our big footsteps and our running, jumping, skipping, hopping, playing, working - in everything we do! And even when we sleep, God never sleeps. God is always taking care of us! God loves us and wants us to be happy and healthy!

    Sometimes I don’t even use words when I pray. I just want very much (desire) to live as God’s child, thinking about what that means, and then doing it. It’s a knowing and an understanding that God guides and protects me and all of us in all ways, always! God has given me exactly what I need when I need it, right through even the scariest times! I’ve learned the most important thing to learn: We can trust God to love us.

    If prayers don’t seem to be answered the way we think they should (and it’s happened that way with me)? I’ve learned that our God answers my prayer in a way that’s best for me and everyone else!

    “Desire is prayer; and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds.” (S&H 1)

  53. How precious little Micah's prayer is. Thank you Brian and blessings.

  54. Simply prayers are the best.

  55. Thank you, Brian, for your very dear and helpful reminder.

  56. Oh thank you.

  57. Love this prayer. And hearing Micah's sweet voice gives it an even more precious sense of Love. Thanks for the simple clarity of this lift.

  58. Precious and profound. Thank you Brian!! And thank you dear Micah!

  59. Simply wonderful!

  60. About your grandson's age, I learned that simple prayer from my mother, and all my 4 children as well from us. It has guided us through generations, thank you for this beautiful lift and reminder of how important this simple prayer and truth is.

  61. Thank you. It really is all that simple. It is staying firm in that simplicity that is important for me, currently -- well. Always. Thanks again.

    Cheers of gratitude and joy,

  62. Brian, just ADORABLE!!! I agree, Tony and Elena! Betsy, great sentiments... thanks go out to all lifters again!!!! What a perfect way to be wrapped in God's presence.

  63. A simple prayer could be just "God." It's what is behind the thought that really counts if Prayer works or not. Much like a young child of 2 mimics what he hears. 2+8=10, the 2 year old repeats, not having any idea what that means, he can not put it into action. So a wordy Prayer means nothing unless an understanding of God is behind it.

  64. Thank you for reminding me of this lovely prayer. As an adult I have not remembered that I could receive comfort and healing from these sweet child-like thoughts. I am now dwelling in the thought of my Father-Mother God "loving me."
    It was such a treat to hear the child's voice as we don't have little children in our family any more.

  65. Para mi la oración simple, es tener a cada momento en nuestro pensamiento, que el Cristo esta
    siempre presente. Entonces podemos afrontar muchas dificultades, tratando de sacar esa inocencia,con
    que el Amor divino nos ha bendecido a toda la humanidad.
    Creo que debemos relacionarnos más con Dios, tratar de entenderlo, y ver por medio de la oración
    las bendiciones que nos envía.
    Gracias por el mensaje " simple" y muy bueno

  66. I remember hearing a testimony at Wed. meeting. A tall lawyer had a new job at church as the teacher for 3 and 4 yr. olds. He said he was scared to death the first day and the childrens prayer came to him as he bowed his head and looked at his size 13 shoes and said "Guide my little feet up to thee." He also said he learned so much from these little children and was so greatful for the opportunity. The simplicity and the purity of little children is so precious. Thank you God for this Lift

  67. What a beautiful prayer. One reminds themselve all the times they have repeated it to their own children when sharing with them and of course that was their nighttime prayer. Thank you I needed to hear it this morning. Thank you for these Daily LIfts. Love to the world. We are all children of our Father Mother God..

  68. Thank you.

  69. Thank you for this tender reminder of God's love. All of us children of God need to be constantly reminded of his loving care.

  70. Thank you

  71. Oh, how deeply this Lift has touched my heart. And thanks to all who have supported the Lift with their comments so far.

    I grew up praying both the prayers Mary Baker Eddy shared, for both the Little Children and the Big (Father-Mother Good, lovingly Thee I seek, patient, meek, in the way Thou hast, be it slow or fast, Up to Thee.) I taught them to my three children, and now, with children grown and gone, and me finding my way living alone with God, I pray both these prayers almost daily. I can never outgrow them, because I am forever a child of God (not an adult of God.).

    I find the Little Children's prayer to be so tender in asking God to help me. Then the Big Children's prayer helps me ask God what I can do for Her. As I continue to grow Spiritward, and wonder "what I should do," I remember all over again that it doesn't really matter WHAT I do, whether it seems slow or fast, as long as it is in the "way Thou hast," and leads "up to Thee."

    And a special thanks, Brian, for pointing out the most important part of the Little Children's prayer: Father-Mother God, loving me . . . Amen.

  72. That was precious! Thank you so much.

  73. Many thanks for that children's prayer that has meaning for adults alike.

  74. Your message today says it ALL, Brian. Thank you so much ! It reminds me of a Sunday last year when mortal mind was trying to tell me that my back was all messed up and I couldn't get out of my seat for the last hymn. I admit bursting into tears (albeit quietly) while attempting to stand. A precious usher saw me and came over and put her arms around me during that hymn........and then graciously helped me to my car. She spoke so kindly and compassionately ------and the one thing that stuck with me for many days after that was her statement, "God loves you !!" The situation was healed that afternoon.

  75. I love this simple prayer, brings such fond memories of praying it with my children many moons ago! It's still my nightly prayer, with a slight change, instead of saying 'feet', I pray with ' guide my thoughts up to thee'! Keeps my helter-skelter thoughts focused on God!!

  76. Reading this lovely, loving, "Lift", is like being refreshed while bathing in a waterfall of Divine Love !
    What a glorious renewal of gratitude for all Christian soldiers expressing joyous praise to God for
    His loving, everpresent goodness! Gratefully, . . .

  77. Gentle but inspiring Lift! Thank you for sharing!!

  78. Beautiful message Brian. Thank you for sharing your precious grandson with us!!
    Nothing sweeter and purer!!!
    Love to all

  79. Yes, Brian, what we do need is a sweet sense of the DEAR Mother-Father's loving kindness. It is so, we just need to spiritually sense it. Once having injured a toe, I felt a warm glow right there and it was done!

  80. Thanks Brian for the great lift!
    I remember a similar instance with my little grand daughter, Ruth, who lives a long day's drive away and doesn't get to Sunday school often, but she and her little brother amaze me with their spirituality. One night when she was 2 or 3, we were visiting, and I crept into her bedroom after the lights were out. I said, " Ruthie, are you awake?" out of the darkness, came a little voice,"I am now grandfather" I asked her if she'd like to say a prayer with me, to which she answered that she' like that very much. I repeated the same prayer your little grandson recited to you, and felt a great sense of satisfaction. For a moment all was silent in the darkened room. Then out of the darkness, the little voice said,"But Grandfather, what dows that mean? I don't have enough data." The air went out of my self-satisfied balloon, but after a while, I gave her an explanation somewhat similar to yours, and added that, not only does He have his arms around you, keeping you happy and safe, 24/7, but He does the same for all the other little children in the world, - and you can be a good neighbor by remembering that. I stopped , incredulous that all that had come out as a result of her question, but there was the silence again. After thinking about that for a few moments (Ruthie is a thinker), the little voice again: " Well grandfather, I guess that must mean that God is Love." I said, "Goodnight, Ruthie", and left, shaking my head.

  81. Thanks Brian. You had powerful ideas, but your grandson stole the show.

  82. I love that you included your grandson reciting the Prayer to the Little Children. It's great when they learn so young that God is right there, loving them, guarding them, guiding them. What a wonderful gift. (=

  83. Precious! Thank you... and thank you, Micah. God bless one and all, alway-- Rob of the Rockies

  84. I, too, said that "Little Children's Prayer" when I was a little girl. Your little grandchild sounded so sweet. Thank you for recording that pure, innocent little voice! We are never alone and are always loved! Isn't that wonderful!

  85. thanks, needed simple Truth

  86. Thank you Rob...innately Children are KNOWING
    and we grownups listen to them happily!!!.

  87. Kids will love this.

    The prayer for the little children became a part of today's testimony meeting. And afterwards I shared the Daily Lift telephone number with a member.

  88. Thank you Brian for this Simple Prayer Daily Lift. And thanks to Micah and the other children's contributions too. I pray this prayer with my grandchildren frequently and they love this prayer as much as I do. I also grew up praying it. I also pray this prayer with them:" Father-Mother Good, lovingly, thee I seek, patient meek, in the way thou hast, be it slow or fast, up to thee."
    Once when one of my grandchildren was crying and wouldn't stop because he didn't want to go to bed. I went up to him at his bedside and started saying quite a number of prayers including these. He quieted down when I did this and then he said, "More". I did tell him more. He was only about 2 years old, I believe. He was able to rest after this. I was very grateful to see how receptive he was and am thankful that all of my grandchildren are receptive to the Truth.

  89. Thank you, Brian... and I love this, too:
    For the Big Children, Mrs. Eddy wrote:

    Father-Mother good, lovingly
    Thee I seek---
    Patient, meek,
    In the way Thou hast,---
    Be it slow or fast,
    Up to Thee

  90. Your sweet Micah singing the Children's Prayer inspires incredible joy today. Such rapture, such
    light to hold to and appreciate.

  91. willingness to become as a little child makes it possible for us to enter triumphantly into God's kingdom and all the benefits that entails..

  92. Like so many others, I, too, learned this prayer as a child and like #39,. still often resort to it when my understanding seems childlike.. Thank you, Micah, for sharing with us all. You might enjoy knowing that I tuck my Westie (d0g) in at nite, saying that same little, but powerful prayer. Loving thanks for all the Daily Lift(ers).

  93. Beautiful! Thank you, Brian.

  94. Thanks for talking to the child in me. How important it is to remember that we ARE the little children of our Father. So simple. So helpful. So much appreciated.

  95. Loved it. thanks

  96. Thank you!

  97. I love how Micah didn't just say his prayer, he sang it. Isn't that what we should always try to do - pray with a song of gratitude in our heart? Thank you, Micah and Brian. And thank you, DL crew, for this wonderful Kids' Week.

  98. Very reassuring and heartwarming!

  99. Carol, Switzerland
    This prayer was the first I'had learned at the Sunday School in Montreux, Lake of Geneva.
    Since then I've always kept it with me, at school, on my job place,on holidays, everywhere and God always have answered with LOVE. Thank you dear Brian.

  100. Thank you, Brian!
    This is sooo beautiful!
    The simplicity and purity of your grandson's voice may never be lost!
    Father-Mother-God loving me ... is one of my favorites, too!

  101. Thank you for reminding me of loving moments shared with my grandparents who frequently said this prayer with me. I am very grateful for those moments and many others with them as they practiced Christian Science daily, providing inspiration for me and now my children. Thank you, Mrs. Eddy, Mom-mom and Pop-pop!

  102. I, too, must add my thanks. And the smile and joyful peace it made me feel. That small, simple, beautiful voice reminded me of when I taught it to my own children and how they said it at bedtime every night. It is a simple and strong foundation as they build their relationship with God.

    What a Joy! :0)

  103. I sing this prayer to my son every night along with the "prayer for the big children." It settles him as he drifts off to sleep safe in the knowing that his Father Mother is with him always. Thanks

  104. Thank you so much for the Daily lifts through the week for the little ones which of course includes each and everyone as God's children. My grandchildren say this prayer too even though they are not students of Christian Science. My granddaughter told me recently she had said her prayers to help her through a situation which unfolded harmoniously and then said "I remembered to say Thankyou, too, Nana! We are all so blessed with our dear Father -Mother God loving us every moment. With love to all for all the sharing.

  105. I have returned to this Daily Lift several times. Its simple message of assurance that God is with us, loving us, and that "everything will be all right" means a lot to me. I've prayed this prayer all my life, and the Prayer for the Big Children too, teaching it to my children, and relying on the power of these prayers for myself as well. Thank you.

  106. Thank you Brian for this lovely Daily Lift. I am working ion this simple prayer all the time.

  107. How beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing that most touching Lift. Your Grandson has done more for me than i could have asked for! That sweet innocent voice. Reminded me of how, i am just that little child to our Father Mother God! Most Grateful.

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