5/15: In our Father's arms

5/15: In our Father's arms

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  1. Beautiful thank you

  2. What a comforting feeling to have, that we are always protected and cared for by our Father in whatever we are doing! Thank you Ginny!

  3. I am grateful to be there too and to see my fellow man there. This correct view is at work healing the worlds wounds.
    Ginny, we can't assure ourselves and one another often enough how cherished man is! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Thank you Ginny, for a lovely lift. Such a comfort to know the Father love is always with us as we pray "Our Father" that means everyone, everywhere. No one is fatherless, nor for that matter, motherless!

  5. I have a 6 month old baby and when I hold him sometimes I think how wonderful it would be to have someone hold me the same, so I could feel safe, protected and loved. Then I realize that God embraces us all the time and we are taken care of, protected and loved, always.

  6. Thank you Ginny, what a wonderful way to start, and live everyday. I've already shared your lift with a friend whom I am supporting with C.Sc. prayer - thanks from both of us!

  7. Thank You, And God is my Father who Loves me, and He is real. He includes me in His Plan of Goodness forever.

  8. Thank you, Ginny. My Dad was not affectionate or at home very often when we were growing up. It wasn't until I "discovered" for myself CS in Sunday School that my identity was with my Father-Mother God and not a personality.

  9. It was just the right idea for today's need. What complete safety we can feel, in His/Her arms! Thank you.

  10. This is wonderful Ginny, thank you so much, a lovely way to start today.

    I am grateful for the blessing :-)



  11. I have that feeling too, Ginny. I woke this morning to Andrew Brewis' new setting of CSHymn 109, and it has continued right through the day. God is busy 24/7 making certain all is well. All is safe and secure. When I was touring on my bicycle I seemed to be just passed around from loving arms to loving arms, which is really great because I didn't know any of the people previously. They were just there when I needed them. Then the next wonderful people welcomed me. And yet there was always that feeling of being secure, which is wonderful since I didn't meet my own father until I was almost 30, and only for four days. He died soon after, but I always have the certainly that God is here. Thank you, Nate and the team for the great Lift; thanks to the BoL and lecturers; and to the Lifters.

  12. thank you so much-beautiful and so true- we feel His presence wherever we are.

  13. Good to know it does not have to be a struggle - instead our Father is carrying us home, into our consciousness of Truth and Love.

    The same is true for each homeless child. He makes the street children feel as loved children of Father-Mother God and provides them with a safe place to live and develop.

  14. Unfortunately the thought of God as Father (or Mother) is strange to me. I grew up without a father at all and psychologists have much to say about fatherless girls' lack of confidence etc.
    Listening to this happy sounding podcast made me feel a bit sad, actually.
    In the Christian Science textbook I found this definition: FATHER. Eternal Life; the one Mind; the divine Principle, commonly called God.
    I like the idea of one Mind in connection with my Father. Hmm....

  15. Many thanks Ginny for this gentle reminder of "where we all can find ourselves - loved and safe in the Fatherhood of Love's care." "Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected,/ Walk thou with courage each step of the way." (Christian Science Hymnal #278).

  16. I am so grateful for Christian Science...
    Since I was very young I heard that we were God's image and likeness, but I was never taught the actual meaning of that phrase.
    In Christian Science I learned that an image has to be loyal to its original and reflect it, therefore there is no separation between God and man.
    So I finally can relax in God’s arms, just like a rag doll, knowing my celestial Father will take care of me in every situation.
    Estoy muy agradecida por la Ciencia Cristiana ...
    Desde pequeña oí decir que éramos la imagen y semejanza de Dios, pero nunca se me enseñó el verdadero significado de esa frase.
    En la Ciencia Cristiana aprendí que una imagen tiene que ser fiel a su original y reflejarlo, y que por lo tanto no hay separación entre Dios y el hombre.
    Así que por fin puedo descansar en los brazos de Dios al igual que una muñeca de trapo, sabiendo que mi Padre celestial se hará cargo de mí en cada situación.

  17. THANK YOU!

  18. How grateful I have always been that Christ Jesus taught us that God is our Father. I am also very grateful for my Dad who found Christian Science for our family after many years of spititual searching.
    Thankyou Ginny and all the team and for the helpful comments each day.

  19. Though I did not lose my father until in college, I have always felt badly for his short life, now I know just where he is, where I am. Thank you Ginny and Margaret(No. 11), all of you testifying and all at the DL. Safe indeed.

  20. Hi Ginny,
    Thank you for the loving, peaceful, comforting thought. Will hold on to it!

  21. Thanks. That is a very comforting and uplifting idea.

  22. Thanks so much for thar reminder that our Father is ever present for us all.

  23. Thank you Ginny. That is so meaningful to me. Beautiful thoughts.

  24. Thank you so much Ginny for this comforting message. I will hold to it whenever I feel I need to be cared for.

  25. Thank you so much for your vivid recollection of Father Love and Care. I, too, have a vivid memory of the largeness of Fatherhood to a little girl. It was a hot summer day and my father, a farmer, had walked into our living room to speak with our mother. In his big brimmed straw hat, overalls, and steel toe work boots, he towered over me. I could only think of power and strength, protection and care - qualities of our Heavenly Father given this day, this moment, to my father. Often whenever I think of dad and that old farmhouse - I feel that same power, strength, protection and care divinely bestowed on me. Thank you for reminding me of this treasure.

  26. Thank you for this lovely lift and the reassurance that we are cared for eternally.

  27. Thank you so much for THIS message right here, right now. Perfect.

  28. "His arm encircles me, and mine, and all." (Hymn207) This has been such a comforting prayer for me and part of my prayers for the world.

  29. On the day after the passing of our beloved granddog, this is a blessed message!
    Thank you

  30. As a counselor I have seen both men and women who were abused and abandoned by their earthly fathers, find the forgiveness and therefore freedom in their faith to believe in a loving heavenly father. Their healing came from their relationship to Truth and that truth is that God is Good and God is Spirit. Thank you Ginny for sharing your truth.

  31. I thank you so much Ginny for the so beautiful, comforting and useful message. I need these thoughts today. Thank you again.

  32. Descansar en los brazos divinos, u obrar desde ellos, es hermoso tener la certeza en la bondad de Dios porque nos inspira a confiar abriendo el camino para transitar la senda del Bien. Que sencillo parece dicho así pero esa senda que es... sí muy gozosa pero ardua porque exge despojarnos de todo lo humano para que aparezca el ser de Dios el único ser verdadero que refleja a Dios.
    "Guárdalos en tu nombre, para que sean uno, así como nosotros" Juan. "Y haced sendas derechas para vuestros pies" "sin la cual nadie verá al Señor" Hebreos.
    Y Eddy nos dice: "La mano divina me condujo a un nuevo mundo de luz y Vida" "La Ciencia Cristiana revela a Dios y Su idea como el Todo y lo único" y digo siguiendo el inspirado mensaje de Ginny para caer en los brazos del Amor y naturalmente para continuar en ellos. en esa que gloria que Cristojesús dijo que tuvo con su Padre antes que el mundo fuese y que es también nuestra.

    Muchas gracias Ginny

  33. Thank you, Ginny! This is kinda like a preparation for Father's Day on June 17 - here in the U.S.A.! Humanly, most everyone has had some issues with either their father or their mother, as they go thru this earthly life. I know I have experienced much healing with both my father and my mother and it has all been through the grace of my Father-Mother God. So much heart-softening, so much growing beyond hurts, so much finding the Love of God! Perhaps all that we endure humanly is just a means to help us open our hearts and find true Love! Happy Father's Day! Much Love!

  34. From sense to soul is where he carries us. From darkness into light. What a ride

  35. Ginny,
    Thanks for the beautiful Lift.
    What a wonderful place we all have at our disposal...the safety of "HIS arms".
    Thanks for the reminder, it is a gr8 place to be....!!!

  36. Ginny, good one.

    14 – I smile because you hit an important point for us. Sometimes even the best human parables or parallels guiding us to spiritual awareness can aggravate a thought of lack. Even Jesus’ parable about seeds falling on good soil might lack pizazz to a listener who has lost his seed corn.

    Israel was a strong tribal society with social responsibility falling squarely on the biological fathers. How important that this sense of provision is released back to God. Biological fatherhood – sounds like a bad rap to me. Jesus gives us a push when he refers to God as “Abba” and was the first to do so. (Mk 14:36). Abba is an Aramaic term of endearment used within the family. His perception of family was expansive because his understanding of fatherhood was already translated. Our turn.

  37. Just what I needed to lean on today - my heavenly Father's infinite strength and love, which I abundantly reflect. I am nursing a case right now where the need to know this, both for myself and the family, is imperative. What a gift these lifts are. Thank you all so much.

  38. And, as a father, I also know how wonderful it is to be the father in that situation, picking up your little ones, comforting, protecting and loving them dearly. That Love is truly a two way street, our feeling the comfort of God's protection, and God undoubtedly feeling the joy of Love holding dearly His loved children.

  39. Thank you Ginny, for a lovely dayli lift. Obrigada Ginny pelo amoroso pensamento de hoje. Sim, podemos confiar, inteiramente, na proteção e no cuidado do nosso Pai-mãe Deus todo amoroso. Descansamos nos braços do Amor.

  40. Thanks for the memories of drive-ins with friends and family. Divorce is not a law. Moses and Jesus gave us the only law of Truth and Love. One God and our neighbors are like ourselves.

  41. Thank you Ginny, your Lift reminded me of the song "He;s got the whole world in his hands" but knowing that God, is holding us all spiritually in his arms (His control or power) and that we are all His children, gives us the comfort of really not being alone, but being part of his infinite family
    Thank you Lift team, I loved your music today also! xo.

  42. Gracias Ginny y gracias a cada uno de los conferenciantes por los mensajes inspirados de cada día ,sea cual sea el idioma utilizado,estoy entendiendo que hay sólo uno " el lenguaje universal del Amor " ,que está disponible para todos . También quiero agradecer una vez más a Elena por sus comentarios plenos de comprensión que me ayudan mucho a interpretar el mensaje.

  43. Dear Ginny,

    I think the feeling that would come over you when you felt for the first time God´s arms holding you after reasoning about what meant that line in the Lord´s prayer - "Our Father which art in heaven"- was the same that came over me when I felt I´d got lost after my husband´s passing.
    When I attended a Sunday Service for the first time, at that sorrowful time, that comforting and loving lines of 1º John 3: 1-3 brought me such a peaceful feeling as if I wasn´t alone but rather, I felt my heavenly Father was holding, protecting and supporting me in a way I had never sensed before.
    That was the very beginning of the first healing through Christian Science I experienced ever since - a healing of a deep sorrow!
    I´m very grateful for all the blessings that reaches me all the time, specially that one I got by hearing such inspired words like yours in your message!
    Thank you very much!

  44. Thank you, Ginny, for the reminder of my wonderful Daddy.
    But, oh, the comfort to know that we are always in our Father's arms.

  45. Thank you Ginny and everyone else for the inspiring, precious comments. Yesterday, my dad, who has another address now, (heard that from another Scientist) came to mind as I was in the grocery store. I said out loud quietly, "I miss you dad; however, I know you are in a good place. Hope you are working things out." I felt silly expressing myself in that way because OUR FATHER is the only Father who hears us. Who knows, maybe OUR FATHER will pass my thought on to my dad. Ha, Ha, Ha!
    I, too, am so grateful for knowing the real Father/Mother of man. I was not raise in C.S., so my dad played an important role in my unfolding years. Thank you dad and Thank you FATHER for placing me with such a good dad to keep in memory.

  46. Thank you so much! Safe, secure and comforted in the constant care of Our Father.

  47. Ginny thank you, a dear friend passed over the weekend and your comments on our real Father has comforted me. And I know my friend. She has never been without her Father as well as you , I and all. Jan

  48. Thank you.

  49. Thank you for the wonderful thought about strong, caring love, Ginny. Very comforting reminder that we are always in our Father's care. I'm enjoying the new music DL team ... thanks!

  50. Wonderful comforting message! Thank You. :-)

  51. Thank you so much. I know just the one to share this with--my first born, who lost her dad when she was just two and I was a new student of Christian Science. I was able to tell her that she could never be without her real Father-Mother.

  52. Thank you!

  53. Thank you for the uplifting daily lift this morning.

  54. I am so grateful for this incredibly thoughtful and comforting lift!
    Bravo, Ginny!

  55. Beautiful, Ginny. Thank you.

  56. Thank you Ginny. The first line of Hymn #53 came to me - Everlasting arms of Love are beneath around above... I am keeping many dear ones in my prayers right now and this lift is so helpful. I'm so very grateful for this lift and for Christian Science!

  57. You got that right, Ginny. I well remember the look on my Dad's face when he looked at me as a toddler. I was adored. My family also split. Christian Science expanded my understanding of Father-Mother-God and how I have always been sweetly cherished as the precious child of God. And so is everybody else.

  58. Thank you so much for this beautiful comforting message

  59. That's beautiful Ginny! Thank you!

  60. I too had that wonderful experience of being carried in my father's arms. Thank you for taking this memory to a whole new level!

  61. Thank You.

  62. Thank you so much Ginny!

  63. With God all things are possible. LMG #45. When my dad had dementia (about five years ago) he had a clear lucid moment when God facilitated a mental communication between us. I lived in California then and traveled back and forth frequently to Alabama to be with my dad. I had just returned to California and I woke up in the middle of the night, In my mind, Dad was telling me he was about to pass on. The mental parlay continued for about an hour and was the most real conversation I had ever had with him--far more real than any talk face to face. Ideas just flowed back and forth between us. The next morning when I called him on the phone he asked when I was going to come to Alabama to see him. A few days later he was in the hospital. Shortly after I arrived, he had lost his ability to speak, to form intelligible words. It didn't matter. I knew his thoughts. He passed on a week later. He was 91. These gifts from God are so precious and of course your thoughts can pass on to your dad. You would be amazed. What cannot God do? Absolutely nothing. God is All in All. His goodness is infinite and his power immense. Our only real existence is in him. "For in him, we live and move and have our being." Acts 17:28

  64. This is truly a lovely lift.How it spoke to me!
    I recall that years ago in my early study of Christian Science a practitioner recommended that I acknowledge Him,God.I had such a fear of God up till then,and in following those directions,I quietly and often acknowledged God's presence with me.I can say that it totally transformed my life.I came to know the closeness and dear love of my heavenly Father and still warm to those thoughts on a constant basis.
    How blessed and cherished we are!

  65. Joan P. NJ
    Your lift reminds me also, that from the LORD's prayer "The Kingdom of God is in us".Thank you for your gracious lift for today and to all the commentators, friends.

  66. Dear Ginny - thank you so much for this perfect lift. It was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. While I know the Truth, I could not break the panic I felt last night of the fear of lack. I prayed and fell asleep and then woke up in the middle of the night back in the panic. This was the calming thought I needed.

    Thank you to Nate, the whole team and all who share ideas.

  67. 14 - I'm sorry for you about your experience with your dad. Although you haven't had the best example of an earthly parent, surely you've experienced at least one moment where you felt a wonderful sense of love, be it from a friend, the smile from a stranger, or just looking at a beautiful flower or landscape? That's what parenthood means to me - the expression of goodness, comfort, peace, etc. So whether It has come in the form of a "parent" or from some other avenue, recognize those experiences as the love of Love embracing you! Let yourself feel that comfort and peace! I speak from expereince, because I have had similar situations as you have had. Much love to you!

  68. Thank you Ginnie, what a lovely, lovely message. The Fatherhood of God has strengthened and supported me since my earthly father passed on. Thanks to what I learned in C.S., I've never felt as if I was "fatherless".
    Love the idea from Heather, #5, what a precious thought! We are just as loved and protected as a babe in arms!
    Gratitude and Love to all the Lifters!

  69. Hi Ginny I too remember this sense of comfort being carried by my father into the house. I never thought of the analogy but it is a great one. Thank you!

    I really apreciate all that you do for us in your prayers and insight.

  70. Thanks, Ginny! I too, pretended to be asleep, so I would be carried by my Dad - I remember. And I loved it!! And then we grow spiritually and "wake up" to the fact that we don't have to pretend to be asleep, Our Father is carrying us always whatever our age or circumstance. And I love it!!! Thanks, again, Ginny.

  71. Too beautiful for words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  72. I love this! I am fortunate to have my earthly father, and even more fortunate that after a long time of estrangement we are now closer than ever. For this I credit my renewed relationship with God, helping me to understand that I am not dependent on any person for that parental love.

  73. I agree! Beautiful Ginny! You gave me the lift I needed to hear this morning. Thank you for sharing!

  74. Our father was a delight! He showed his love to us in so many ways. The best way from my recollections was his joy. Now, I realize he had a direct connection to his Father Mother God. Boy were we blessed!

  75. Lovely thought. So helpful. Thank you.

  76. A comment to a daily lift long ago included a statement by the commentor's young daughter, which has stuck with me. It was something like, "Even if you could fall though God's arms, you would just end up in His lap.". It always makes me smile to think of that childlike thought regarding our Father's omnipresent love and care.

  77. Thank you. Your up lift is a good preparation of thought for the long airplane journey I am going on tomorrow.

  78. Dear LMG #45
    Father-Mother God, loving me
    Guard me when I sleep
    Guide my little feet
    Up to Thee
    (Mary Baker Eddy's prayer for the little children)
    Isn't this the Father-and-Mother of both you and your Dad?
    Love is holding both of you, lifting, embracing, carrying both of you as Ginny's message says today.

  79. Thanks Ginny for reminding me so strongly of my Father's love, my Father's arms. I also have that memory of my father carrying me into the house after my parents late night of playing canasta at friends, I also would pretend I was asleep, Oh what warmth and surrounding love. I will hold this dear all day. Thanks and hugs to you,

  80. Thank you, dear Ginny...I was carried back in time by your Lift to the times when I was little and my own daddy would hold me in his arms and hug me, just because he loved me. Losing him when I was relatively young was extremely difficult for me -- I wasn't ready! But later on, when Christian Science gave me back that sense of the dear Father's love once again, I was able to heal, and rejoice in the understanding that my beloved human daddy was alive and well, and that the Everlasting Arms are ever "beneath, around, above". What a precious realization, ready to comfort, heal, and lift up the broken or the seeking hearts!

  81. Thank you for the comfort of GOD as our Father
    mine died when my twin & I were 6 yrs of age.
    however Mother was both for me soooo loving!
    Now as a Christian Scientist, I'm embraced in the loving
    arms of GOD with "EVERYONE!

  82. So dear and freeing, Ginny. I feel truly joyful that through the study and practice of Christian Science I have felt this fathering and mothering of God for many years.The revealed truths have emphatically helped me overcome a false sense of a sometimes abusive childhood. Christian Science is the "soverign panacea."

  83. My earthly father was alcoholic and took his life and when ever I think of him, he is in his fathers arms, loved and comforted. Those dear ones we see homeless are in their father mothers arms and if we see ot and declare it, they will feel it. Thank you Ginny for the reminder and with love to all.

  84. Thank you, always for this Lift, and all the comments...Its so helpful.
    My Father died when I was 2...and then we had a Step Father who was there for us.(besides our Mother)..Each day I get a fuller picture of "Father Mother God"...Thank you ALL

  85. So very precious and from the heart! thanks bunches, Ginny.

  86. Thanks Ginny, and thanks to all the contributors this morning. What a blessing to understand that we all have one Father/Mother regardless of our human story. Since becomming a Christian Scientist I have learned to cast my care on Him and climb into his arms when things get tough. He is always at my side, but when it gets too much for me to handle, I am safe in his love, carried right past the trouble.

  87. Uplifting music surrounds this beautiful message.

  88. Thank you for those beautiful thoughts. A wonderful addition to the day.

  89. Such a gentle, loving reminder. Thanks. I just love thinking of "OUR" Father-Mother God. "Our" for all of us, for all time. Thank you for the your closing line as well; God, Our Father, carrying us into our home, the kingdom of heaven, loved and safe. And, that's everywhere, all the time. Amen.

  90. Dear Ginny, Thank you so much for sharing your loving thoughts! Recall the TV commercial that asks if we're in good hands? I've often said to a widow or widower, "He's {she's) in God's hands, and that's the best place to be." But now I think I'll say, "...in God's arms...."

  91. Thank you, dear Ginny ! Today we have a new french socialist President of the French Republic : François HOLLANDE. He wants to take care of the children before all others things. He thinks it is necessary to value the education and the moral qualities instead of money. I shall pray to help him. If he wants to "open his Father's arms" to the children, God will open His own arms to him ! Much love to everybody ! To those who have not recieved love from their human father or mother (my case), God's Love is always here for you and it is much more strong than any other love !

  92. Dear Ms. Luedeman, I too can identify with the comfort of being carried in "daddy's arms." This endearing thought is transformed in the understanding of being loved by Love, Himself. Thank you Ginny for this endearing uplift.

  93. No. 14, I too felt sad and it manifested in tears, listening to this lift. I want to say thank you for your honesty because my father left a horrible legacy for his family and my whole life is spent trying to re-create what I never got. I will use your comment as a reference to look in a new and hopeful direction for ny life,what is left of it. I am aged, discouraged but don't ever want to give up on believing in a Divine loving Entity who created everybody and everything. Thank you Ginny so much for this daily lift. As you spoke, I felt a distant feelilng of once holding on too, unfortunately our family also fell apart. Have a good day everyone.

  94. This thought is just so comforting....to be always in God's care and protected...like in father's arms. I have seen my father since childhood in aggressive and irresponsible mode...with my mother always taking care of everything. But in our father's caring arms...this thought feels so comforting that we are never away from his presence. He always moves along with us and reflected by us all...All. Thank you !!

  95. I was particularly touched by this today because I was just feeling very sad that sometimes people just cannot see the truth or do better. Sometimes our earthly fathers leave us, or disappoint us. We have to have faith to keep loving each other despite our frailties and failings. The divine, God, is our model.

    Thanks so much Ginny,

  96. Dear Ginny & Lifter family - thank you for the memories. I, too, have such sweet thoughts of my own father's strength and love - knowing that I could totally trust him and lean on him no matter what the situation as a young girl or grown woman. This is also our ability with our true Father-Mother-God. The day before my father passed away, he joyfully pronounced that he was "going home tomorrow". I thought he meant that he was moving back home with assisted care provided, but I now know that he meant he was going "Home" to be with his Father-Mother-God. Whether we are here on earth or on the next level of existence, we are alway comforted and cared for and in the arms of our Father.

  97. Most uplifting!
    Led me to feel inspired enough to put pencil to paper (make that fingers to keyboard) to express the same sense of ever-nurturing Love, the Father-Mother God that we are led to see through Mrs. Eddy's interpretation of the Lord's Prayer in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Finding the spiritually true sense of fatherhood and motherhood is such a blessing, especially to those who may have struggled with this in the mortal sense of life.
    Thank you for continuing to contribute to this most worthwhile and uplifting series.

  98. I had hardly known my father when he passed on after the war. He was at home very seldom. When he died I was just seven. But my mother gave the three of us security, strength and comfort beccause she trusted our heavenly father-mother God and taught us to rely on him just as she had always been doing. I never could enjoy the feeling of being carried by my material father - as far as I can remember. But I remember that he taught me how to recognize the beechfinch's call, I must have been 3 or 4 only.
    Thank you Giinny for your lovely contibution!

  99. Thank you so much, such a wonderful thought!!

  100. Ginny, you didn't just make lemonade out of lemons in your life, you've made lemon pie! Thank you for sharing this poignant story to lift us to our real Father's arms. My daddy usually near, wasn't affectionate. One thing I did use him for, was protection. When I was a little girl, we owned a neighborhood corner grocery, and lived upstairs. Mother split time between homemaking, child care, and working the many busiest hours in the groc. When home, my 2 older sisters liked to listen, with lights out, to scary mystery stories on the radio after dark, while Mother was downstairs. When my sisters were in school or away after school, I'd get afraid. Actually, I was safe, because my parents could hear any noise above them, but I had vivid imaginations. There was a cold-air return register right above Daddy's work space behind the meat counter. I could call to them if in need. Unknown to them, I'd lay on the floor and peer down even when he moved out of sight. I'd do this for what seemed like hours at a time, over several years. We lived across from, and were active in our Church, but I guess I trusted Daddy's presence more than God's. With God, he was watching me, but it was supposed to be from above, so I didn't get the same sense of comfort. Christian Science showed me how much closer God was in all ways for instant and constant protection. It has made me feel I'm in my Fathers arms.

  101. I had that exact same experience being carried into the house on my dad's shoulder after a night at the drive in. I can still feel the rhythm of his walk. I have used that metaphor many times as reminder of God's love fiercely protecting me with so much love.

  102. Thank you, #63 Alabama! Just Beatiful and so Special! I have Mom and Dad's picture on my desk in front of me as I type on my computer. And, often, I look up and say, "Hey, sweet ones - how ya doin'?" They still just seem so present in my Life. I healed a lot of "stuff" between me and my Dad and Mom in a spiritual, Bible-based program called, "Codependents Anonymous". I was able to release resentment and heal old wounds and feel God's Love for me. And now, I can also feel God's love for me through the study and practice of Christian Science. There truly are Infinite Resources through which God's Love can reach us!

  103. I see this subject has touched a lot of people and helped them. Thank you for using your God given ability to speak on subjects close to people's heart that are not easy to bring to a profitable discussion.

  104. 14 Anonymous, & #93 Kathleen, We are your family, feeling such love for you and all the others, some above with sad pasts, some with happy ones, and others who've never commented. Here is so much love flowing, that to take it all in, you have to find ways to share it outwardly to others. Even, if isolated. it can be in the form of a letter to the editor, or someone in need of comfort that you learn about in the news, sent in care of a reporter, or the news source. Love you get from the Father and from us can be expressed in prayers for those in the news that you can't contact. What is left of our life isn't dependent on age or time, but on eternity. As for what claims to be our past, Ecclesiastes 3:15 tells us, "God requireth that which is past." We have to erase a wrong memory and replace it with what was even then an ever present, loving Father-Mother, God. We all probably made many math mistakes in our elementary school years, but we don't have to live forever with those errors. We now put in correct numbers when adding. Even if you missed the "live" performance, replace those spots in your memory, large as they seem to be, with the truth that God was with you, and you never could have had a wronged experience. Science & Health is like a recording you missed, of what really was going on. Apply what you read to the bad spaces in memory. The love we send now, has God's power to be useful and felt today. #47 Jan, love for you when missing a friend.

  105. All the wonderful 100 comments above have given me a huge lift. I am reminded of the strength of my father, his protectiveness (stern at times), but always, always there for me.The tremendous peace in knowing that he would always rescue me from anything (and he did) gave me stability and peace. But, when he "went to a new address" (love that) I turned to a wonderful human husband who replaced those same qualities on which I relied. And,now that he has gone, I felt so alone, for the first time in my life. Really alone. My thought has been changed due to the above wonderful insights. My real father/husband/protector is and always has been a loving God. Thank you all, Ginny and contributors for awakening my thought--we must not rely on human security although there is immense gratitude for a father's/husband's loving ca re...but, we can absolutely rely on a loving Father/Mother/God to give us protection, guidance, that arms-around-you feeling that we all miss. Through all the above I am now stronger and more grateful than ever for the awakening of my true protector, lover, strength,companion. Thank you---------all.

  106. Thank you Jinny for that very comforting reminder. I don't remember that sense of being enfolded by my human father but have always tried to hold to the fact that God was my only true Father.

  107. Ginny, what a wonderful thought. Thank you.

  108. I used to feel the same way. My Father rolled me up in a blanket for the evening ride home from visiting our cousins. I felt loved. My life is so full of love. God is love!

  109. Dear #14..... I understand as I wasn't held by my dad and he was away on business trips so much before the bitter divorce. But I knew I couldn't hate because of the commandment and i had to find the good....so I was overjoyed when I remembered he loved to bowl...that was my good thing!

    I am thankful for Christian Science because it shifts the focus to our only Good Dad! And recently, I was going over the audio chat by Lois Carson CSB on the Christ (April 3) and there is a question about a dad..and the explaination was worth listening too. I do hope you go to JSH online and look it up. Very healing. It shook me to the core, and I learned a better view of Fatherhood. I saw my dad differently ..I saw him how Jesus would want.

    Thanks Ginny. And thanks Lois.

  110. Thank you!

    Virginia Wollborg

  111. Oh, thank you Ginny for reminding me of the wonderful feeling of my dad's arms carrying me and his lap we sat on for a story. It is a lovely thing to see a man change and become so much more his real self. I had that experience when Christian Science came into our lives and healed both mom and dad completely. Dad was healed of alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. Mom was a semi invalid from migraines and both lives were transformed by God right in front of my eyes! I was 10 when that happened but it is a bright shining in my gratitude list!

  112. I never realized when I took my childrens' friends with us to the park that maybe they didn't have a father living with them. It makes me feel good to know that maybe I was serving as a living father and gave them a sense of love, caring, and security.

  113. I too remember pretending to be asleep so I could be carried to bed in my fathers arms. It was such a wonderful safe and comforting feeling.
    Recently I was speaking with a group of multi-faith friends about God as Love, omnipresent, omnipotent and unconditional. They pointed out to me that like #14 this can be a difficult concept to accept if someone has not had a loving childhood. They told me how fortunate I was to have been brought up in a CS family that nurtured the understanding of God as unconditional Love so that now it was natural for me to feel that love. One of these ladies is a mental health chaplain and she explained how she had share God as unconditional, omnipresent Love with a patient. Although this patient initial felt it was impossible for him to feel loved he now accepted it, felt it, and it was supporting him in his recovery.

  114. To each of you who commented, a BIG Thank You!

    Some of your tender comments brought tears to my eyes.
    One of you said the lift was "sad". I agree it was a sad thing to have my Dad leave us.

    Any loss of a parent is difficult for a child but the best parent is an expression of the divine Source, of divine Love itself. Like a faucet isn't the source of the water that it expresses but is open to the flow, to the source of the water so the love we express has it's source in God so it is forever present, forever loving each of us. Discovering or opening up to the one Source to the idea that our divine Parent, our Father/Mother God doesn't leave us is for me a wonderful revelation that brings the joy of my Dad's love back full force without limits or loss.

    I love the growing recognition of what it means to have one Father/Mother God and the healing power that is revealed in knowing that each individual is the forever child of God, forever loved.

  115. Just so lovely and spoken with such tenderness that I felt divine Love was speaking to me this morning. Thank you for your ever practical and tender lifts, Ginny. You bless the whole world with your lifts (and lectures, and articles). I was thinking as I listened of Jesus calling God Abba, which translates Daddy. Our heavenly Father was to Jesus his Daddy! Doesn't that just make you smile?

  116. What a nice, safe, serene picture, Ginny! Thanks.

  117. Great thanks

  118. Three generations of my family have had missing Fathers and it has been a hard problem to overcome. Over the years I have prayed many times to know that God is our true Father. Your story was such a comfort I felt that truly healing was possible. Thank you very much for your words.

  119. To all those who, like me, did not have a father, or lost him too soon, or were neglected or abandoned: What Ginny is helping us to see is that God is not mocked by human events - He is All; always there, always all-powerful, loving, helping, guiding. It is tricky, when we hear others talking about their heavenly Father, and we repeatedly reference our own human father to somehow try to create an anthropomorphic image. But God was not made in man's image! And the sadness that we are missing something, is just the darkness that has no reality, and slips away noiselessly when the light is turned on - the light that is the knowledge of our Father as loving Mind, principled Life.
    Check out p. 57, line 22 in Science & Health, regarding the "wintry blasts of earth" - and how sometimes, these situations propel us into a greater understanding than if we'd had perfect parents. Also I strongly recommend reading Retrospection and Introspection (in Prose Works) about Mary Baker Eddy's personal experiences and how they - while tragic - brought her into the knowledge of spiritual life, full of Love and Truth - your real Parent!
    God bless!!

  120. A sailor going through the rigors of basic training, told the C.S. Minister about homesickness and how much his father meant to him. The minister asked if he had ever shared these thoughts with his father. He said he hadn't. "If I were your father," the minister said, "I would really appreciate knowing about them. Why don't you write to him?" The young man was uplifted by this suggestion and wrote a long letter of gratitude and appreciation to his father. The following week he was down again and showed the minister his father's reply. The father wrote: "I raised a man, not a pansy, don't ever write that kind of mush to me again." Another week passed and the young sailor received a letter from his mother: "I don't know what was in the letter you sent your father. He won't let me read it. But he keeps it in his pocket --- takes it out and reads it often." Gratitude to our Father and Mother are priceless.

  121. I can't tell you how much I love this Ginny. When I heard the words "our family fell apart" I actually felt a wave of calm and comfort. Thinking about how many times I have repeated those words to myself, about my own family, and believing it was a terrible thing that I might never get over. This Lift really lifted me. I could really hear in your voice how you held you have been by God always, how you have been complete, always. I heard the words "our family fell apart" without the usual stigma and "curse" I had attached to it. God never leaves us. I am just sitting here and feeling that. I see why you call it a "wonderful revelation that brings the joy of my Dad's love back full force without limits or loss."

  122. Hi Ginny,

    Thank you for this memory, In Our Father's Arms... I also remember pretending I was asleep just so my dad would carry me... and like your family, our family fell apart. Thank God you turned to Christian Science so that you are able to help many people like me find their way home, In Our Father's Arms... what a comfort. Thank you!

  123. Thank you, Ginny, for this heartwarming lift!

  124. Sometimes, when a friend is having a very bad time, emotionally, I have suggested that they allow themselves to be uplifted into their heavenly Father's arms, and to feel His effortless rhythmic presence in Her tender loving embrace. Then, to let all sense of "mortal strife," and strain and stress slowly drop away from their hearts and minds, so that they can allow the divine Mind of God to fill their consciousness with tender persuasions of love and light. This always brings a calming influence into their lives, and enables them to let go of any belief that they have somehow fallen out of God's care. Thank you, Ginny, for this sweet reminder of Love's eternal embrace.

  125. In these arms there is no fear. There is all that feeling of 'security' and good rest.
    Thanks Ginny

  126. That is a sweet memory I have also Ginny.

    After my dad's passing I will always have the Bible promise of Deut. 33:27,"The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms:".

  127. My father passed on a few years ago & I can still close my eyes & remember what it felt like to hug him. It is always a comfort to understand that God embraces us all, now, together. So, I am still participating in one big infinite hug with God & Her ideas, like my dad.

  128. Enjoy the Wrapping

    1. cover or enclose in paper or soft material.> arrange (paper or soft material) round something, as a covering or for warmth or protection.>place around so as to encircle.

    Has one realized that every time we recieve something it always gets wrapped or about to be wrapped.

    Can one make a suggestion, that before one does anything allow are Father-Mother to wrap His Love around us, wonderful things will be revealed to YOU.
    Can one suggest YOU TRY IT NOW!

    Have a wonderful adventure.

  129. Oh thank you for that wonderful gift today. That brings a smile to my face and a like experience.

  130. Thank you for that beautiful thought. I closed my eyes as I heard you speak and almost felt what you were had experienced.

  131. Thanks Ginny for another great lift. Reinforces the understanding that the Kingdom of Heaven
    also overlaps the here and now with the best of 'earthtimes' as well as us belonging to another place
    as home.

  132. Thankyou

  133. Thank you.

  134. What a beautiful inspiring message, thank you God

  135. Thanks for the beautiful sense of fatherhood which God gives to all of us.

  136. Thanks for that wonderful message. Recently when I was an attendant in the Christian Science Reading Room for our church, a young woman came in and was in great distress. She put her bag down and sat in the chair in front of me with her head between her hands, looking exhausted and in pain. Someone had stolen her backpack and her glasses. I let her use the phone, but she received no answer. I really did not know what to do or what to give her that she could relate to, but almost immediately I thought of your lecture and knew that she would really love listening to it. So I put it in the computer, while she lay on the floor listening to it. End of the story, not only did she get some good quality rest, but she heard the lecture and really enjoyed it. She made the phone call again, was not in distress, and told the party answering machine on the other end that she knew they would make the right choice. I have not seen her since (about a week) but felt so grateful for having a copy of the lecture and her freedom from stress as she left that evening. Forgot to mention that her first words to me were, "would you like to take a stress test." Your lecture really relates and speaks to people. Thanks so much, Linda

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