5/14: Not the letter, but the Spirit

5/14: Not the letter, but the Spirit

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  1. God es communicating His ideas to us constantly, we can avail of those ideas and connect with our Father if we quiet the “I” and listen with our heart.
    Mrs. Eddy says, “We must receive the divine Principle in the understanding, and live it in daily life; and unless we so do, we can no more demonstrate Science…” S&H 283:27
    Dios nos está comunicando Sus ideas constantemente, podemos hacer uso de esas ideas y conectarnos con nuestro Padre cuando acallamos el “yo” y escuchamos con nuestro corazón.
    La Sra. Eddy nos dice, “Tenemos que recibir al Principio divino en el entendimiento y vivirlo en la vida diaria; pues, si no lo hacemos, nos será tan imposible demostrar la Ciencia…” CyS 283:29

  2. Many thanks Robin for this spiritually refreshing lift, to: "Keep us out of dangerous shallow." "I praise Thee, Lord, for blessings sent/ To break the dream of human power;/ For now, my shallow cistern spent,/ I find Thy [Love's] font and thirst no more." (Christian Science Hymnal #138).

  3. Thank you.

  4. My friends and I used to relish the thrill of kayaking white-water rivers and sometimes getting into unfortunate experiences.
    I have lost a couple of small boats this way. Even Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. All self-imposed bondage can be overcome through studying the Bible and getting the inspired Word of God.

  5. Thank you for this timely reminder.

  6. Thank you so much Robin for the beautiful lift.

  7. Robin - I can't thank you enough for this reminder. It was just what I needed to hear as I start the first day of a practice. A deep and rich reminder. Very much appreciated.

  8. God has equipped us with everything we need for smooth sailing , however it is up to us to sail off into the horizon knowing this truth. Thank you for the rich metaphor and beautiful pictures of the Cape . . . The light on the ocean symbolic of the light that guides our path.

  9. This is a really great Lift, Robin, because hopefully no one would venture out to sea without lots of competent mates and good solid experience. And yet the early pioneers who were sent west by Mrs Eddy to take Christian Science to those communities, had little more than the understanding that since they had been healed themselves, if they stayed with Science and Health and remained steadfast in their trust in the healing Truth, their prayers for others would be answered. Their own healings and healings of others in Fruitage in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures gave them the confidence to pray to God with expectation, and they were successful.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters

  10. I love this - thank you so much. I will remember it.

  11. Thank you Robin,

    Very peaceful and filled with great visuals. Love indeed is an essential element of all healing, living and demonstration of Godliness.

    Thanks again.

  12. Thanks so much for the video and the message. I grew up sailing on Lake Ontario and my brother and his wife lived on a sailboat for awhile outside of Boston, so the sailing analogy really hit home. No amount of reading the letter can truly bring salvation without the spirit. I like how hymn 154 puts it:
    "In Thee, O Spirit true and tender,
    I find my life as God's own child;
    Within Thy light of glorious splendor
    I lose the earth-clouds drear and wild."

  13. Thank you!

  14. What a cool Daily Lift with indelible images! Thank you!

  15. Very nice, thanks .

  16. Sentir el espíritu es alejarnos de la carne de otra manera dificilmente lo logremos, porque si nos dejamos llevar sólo por la letra, que nos dicen las escrituras," la letra mata y el espíritu vivifica", podemos tener mucha letra cumplir con el Manual de la Ciencia Cristiana y aún así no estar comprendiendo realmente lo que nos dice el propio manual a pesar de que es muy claro en su manifestación de como proceder.
    Siempre me pregunté porque Cristojesús no dejó nada escrito, más sabio que el resto Él sabía que la letra se puede, diría hasta corromper si es desvirtuada, por eso entiendo que nos dejó su sentir que no puede ser mal interpretado porque ese sentir es el Amor que con su sentir nos legó, donde nada se pierde ni tergiversa porque es como Dios intangible, fuera de sí mismo del Amor no existe, ese sentir es el que inspira porque cuando nos dejamos llevar sólo por la letra ese sentir espíiritual se opaca y hasta diría puede perderse porque confunde.

    Eddy sabiamente nos insta a que nos conozcamos a nosotros mismos así lo dice en R.I. y que es base fundamental de corregir los errores porque tomamos consciencia del verdadero sentir combatiendo en nosostros todo lo desemejante al sentir espiritual como hizo Cristo, el sentía no sólo el suyo sino también el de los demas por eso se alejó de algunos y se acercó a otros que de pronto no tenían letra pero si espíritu, sin letra pero con inspirada confianza en Dios.

    Muchas gracias Robin, somos libres de elegir.

  17. Robin,Thank you. From as far back as I can recall in my search for God,I have always felt a glowing feeling that all is well,a feeling of Trust midst the seeming storms I have encountered in my search for Truth=God. This feeling never wavered or left me even though I did not understand God,deep down this conviction abided in me,this inner feeling of joy and trust[and expectancy of good].I now am able through Faith[Trust] in God to assist others,

  18. Robin, Thanks. being a sailor, both for fun, and in the military...I enjoyed the sailing analogy...very true...very helpful...thanks for the reminder of whom it is at the tiller...the captian of the vessel is now and always will be GOD...!

  19. Beatiful lift. Thank you.

  20. Gorgeous! Thank you, Robin!

  21. As I lisened to this message about feeling the spirit of the words of the Bible and Mrs Eddy, I felt Robin's presentation was the most creative and well-delivered 'lift' ever.

  22. What a gorgeous setting...was in Hyannis yesterday. Thanks for this helpful uplift. Enjoyed your recent lecture in St Pete!

  23. The image or symbolism of ships, gardens, mountains, and oh, yes, horses can lead our thinking away from the mundane to Spirit. But Spirit as a term for God does mean infinite ever presence. The real connection is not so much us to God, but God thru us. There is no “opt out” really.

    I sort of lean on words for three valuable reasons.
    1. A welcome mat (lights on and door is open to spiritual guests)
    2. A place holder (often while disengaging some temporary problem)
    3. A praise Him (yielding to and acknowledging God)
    But the best part is when the need for even the most loving words melts into wordless "awe" or revelation which, for me, has felt like amazing joy and is usually followed by the dissolving of this or that temporary problem. Isn’t that the Power of the Spirit? And Jesus walked “in the Power of the Spirit”. WOW.

    Great point, great reminder, another great lift, Robin.

  24. Thank you.

  25. Thank you, Robin, for making the effort to get out there on the sand, set the scene, let us hear the ocean nearby, and refresh us with your reminder that "it is the Spirit that quickeneth" (John 6:63). With courage, forward motion, alertness to wind-shifts, charts for guidance, and trust in Truth, we stay on course and avoid getting becalmed. God's presence is with us wherever we go -- still waters of windy seas. Thanks again for this video-remionder.

  26. Thank you, Robin, for this beautifully inspired and inspiring Lift.

  27. Thank you for a lovely message with which to handle some very strong negative suggestions this morning.

  28. Thank you. I look forward to the Daily Lift every morning.

  29. Thank you so much, Robin. I appreciated your Lift very much. I have been thinking in a similar line of thought about "theoretical" vs. "applied" scientist (or mathematician). Knowing the letters is essential. However, are we applying it in a real-life situation? Do we care our and others' lives enough? Most importantly, do we LOVE ourselves and our neighbors enough to see the applicability of Science? Sometimes, I have seen some CS folks immediately "throw words" from books, to others who are struggling, more in an intellectual/academic sense. As our textbook states, the divine, infinite Love must be there and felt there, first and foremost. If our compassion comes before letters, then the right approach will follow. As stated in the Bible, Jesus was first moved by compassion, and I think that all of us, myself included, can always polish on that loving, spiritual approach, to be better healers.

  30. Yes! The Psalms are inspired, Jesus' words are inspired, Paul's, our Leader's. The feeling of the coming of the Christ to them is tangible to us today. Known, felt, loved, and shared, as you did today, Robin. With a visual parable to bring home the message. Well done, everyone. Thanks to all. Gotcha!

  31. Great message. Thank you ! :-)


  33. Thank you very much Robin for this beautiful video and lovely message. We had a family challenge last week and I have been drinking in every daily lift, daily thought that comes to my in box and outpouring of spiritual help from family and our practitioner since it happened. This message was a wonderful spiritual breakfast today.

  34. Thank you!

  35. Just what I needed to be reminded of, Robin. Thank you!

  36. What a great message! Loved the video.

  37. I woke up this morning feeling so disconnected . . . this is the perfect message to guide me back on track. I have done a lot of sailing over the years and this analogy really resonates with me - "...spiritual understanding like the sailboat needs the wind" . . . beautiful. Loved the visuals in this lift too - thanks, Robin!

  38. Thanks, Robin, for, "Not the letter, but the spirit." So true...reminds me...When I was a young woman, I found Christian Science. By that time, I had been seriously wondering if there was such a religion that dedicated itself to healing like Jesus did; that encouraged a healthy relationship with God through that same "straight and narrow" Jesus-way of living through unceasing prayer; that expected to heal people from sin, sickness, and death. Yes! My hope had been realized. Then I learned that there is only one pastor for all the Christian Science churches, worldwide - actually, the Dual and Impersonal Pastor consisting of The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. One way to have "audience" with this 24/7-accessible pastor is through the weekly Bible Lessons. Also, it was expected/highly recommended that the weekly lesson be read every day and then aloud on Sunday by Readers and shared with the entire congregation. I have found that when I read only words, my study is uninspired. What's better for me is to consider the Subject of the lesson with an expectation of learning how from that perspective, I might grow in spiritual understanding for optimal outcomes for me, and mine, and all. As I "sit down with my pastor," I read, asking the questions/opening thought that turns words into concepts/inspiration, which changes into healing thoughts, words, and actions - daily. That way, the spirit behind the letter, comes forward as healing power.

  39. Thank you a strong peaceful reminder for me.

  40. That boat looks like it lost its rudder no wonder it ended up on the beach! When we hold fast to that which is good God we will always stay on course even through stormy weather!
    Thanks so much Robin, so beautiful!

  41. Lovely analogy. Thank you.

  42. Such a wonderful image and idea. Thank you for the peace of the message - and the reminder to focus on the Spirit ... not the letter.

  43. What a good reminder that our most precious possession is the wind - the spiritual understanding and inspiration - that moves us to live and act rightly, to heal and uplift effectively. How good it is to value this possession, to be grateful for what we have received, and to be trustful and expectant of more to come.

  44. To me it is two fold. 1. As much as it is easier for us, to have God answer in black and white, clear and direct when asking for healing. 99% it doesn't happen that way. It happens with peace. That is why Jesus talked a lot about peace.

    God wants us to bind up the strongman in our thoughts, so we can see and feel the inspiration. Referring to the parable Jesus gave.

    God's ways are interesting. Here's an example that happened to me. My daughter needed my desk. She didn't like being in this situation. I wanted to have a kind and giving heart. I felt tho it wasn't right, for me to give up so much. I went to God with self pity. Asking, " please solve this. I can't hear you, God."

    So I bound up self pity, and opened up thought to peace. I realized I could use a table easily. Then God spoke. He said,"move your record player in your room." I did and I have fun listening to hymns and music. God knows. But He wants us to listen. Spiritual understanding is listening to God and seeing His inspiration come forth.

    Thanks Robin...you're  right about it isn't  words....it is only  ...spiritual understanding.

  45. Thank you Robin, this lift is the wind behind my back! Spiritual sense is the wind coming from the lips of Truth which scatters in its breeze the whole dark pile of human mockeries. So man in the sunshine of the earth's new spring shall walk transparent like some holy thing.
    These daily lifts are such an inspiration! Thanks to all who makes them possible. Every one who shares is blessed!

  46. Thanks for reminding me. The lift was beautiful.

  47. Inspiring ideas beautifully done. Thanks!

  48. ..."If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, and the healing is instantaneous." S&H 411:10 came to my thought while listening to your inspired lift.

    The power of divine Love, the wind, Spirit witnessing to the understanding of being, is the scientific way to instantaneous healing. And is it not what we are all expect from Christian Science?
    Lifted and sustained by divine Wind we joyously "sail into the eternal haven over the unfathomable sea of possibilities" Ret.57:2
    Thank you Robin for your inspired Lift. Thank you all for your contribution to this wonderful morning support.

  49. Hi, Robin, Thanks for reminder to fill our sails with winds of spiritual inspiration, in order to avoid making shipwreck of our faith!

  50. thank you. Yesterday, on my way into my family's home, for brunch, I saw a boat on the water, and it had such a calming effect. It slowed my thoughts down, which is rare lately, they go rapid fire, out of my control. So, I paid close attention to this "lift". I respond to "visuals", as most of us do.
    Thank you also, to no.29, for pointing out how important it is to start with compassion. I agree.

  51. Robin, what powerful, deep thoughts that will lift thought above "deep waters" of dispair, discouragement, pain and false thinking. Listening to this Lift, another statement by Mary Baker Eddy, comes to thought, "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings," This is a WOW Lift.

  52. May every word we breathe be carried forth with the breath of the spirit of Love carrying its sails to its destination. No other words or thoughts can breathe such life or carry the jewels of joy to a weary world. Like the support of the video.

  53. Great lift, Robin. Thank you. I love the illustration of the boat needing the wind to move it just as we need the Spirit to move us, not just the letter of the word.

  54. Dear Robin, Thank you for this lift. I live near San Francisco and you may have heard about the experienced sailors who were lost at sea a month ago while rounding the rock of the Farallones-30 miles off the coast of the Golden Gate. It was a sailing race that ended in tragedy. The photo of the shipwrecked boat you provided is similar to the photo of the racing boat that was tossed on to the rocks, making it look like a toy. I love that Mary Baker Eddy gives so many references to aspects of nature and human experiences that we all can relate so well to. I realize this comes straight from the Bible. I am grateful for the Bible and most grateful for the great opening that is taking place in our world for refreshment of universal thought and prayer that connects us all and makes every demonstration of spiritual truth and uplift worthy of our attention. I am feeling that this is a blessed time to be alive. Thank you for your profound lift that helps us all.

  55. Thanks, Robin! Just what I needed to hear this a.m. I found I had been getting too much into the mental words of C.S. and not enough of the Spirit! It caused me to feel depressed and a bit reclusive. So, I'm back on track now - learning to come more from the Heart and Spirit and not so much from the Head! Thanks so much for "the Heads Up" - pun intended! Much Love!

  56. This is a most beautiful visual and spiritual lift.Thank you for the time and talent that was put into it!Knowing that Spirit is All in all heals...

  57. Sometimes we can get bogged down in words. Mrs. Eddy reminds us on p.x, l.30 of the Preface (S & H): "No intellectual proficiency is required in the learner, but sound morals are most desirable." When I first read that I came down with a thump! Yes, a religion of the heart and Spirit. The words are the guide posts only but they are the "clanging cymbals" (St. Paul) if not imbued with Truth/Love/Life and, for this week, Soul.

  58. Thank you Robin and all on the Daily Lift crew that made this video Lift possible. It was extremely well photographed and edited, so it carried the message more powerfully than an "audio only" Lift. Worth viewing again and again --- which I have and expect to do!

  59. Your message reminds me of something a friend once told me: pray without the words. To me that means praying "with the Spirit." So thank you, Robin. And thanks for those lovely visuals. They are welcome sights to this California Girl living in the Midwest!

  60. Thanks, Robin! That was me, #55, but I wanted to add something: I have experienced that Spirit has more to do with Feeling into the thoughts or words than it does with just saying or reading the words. I often use meditation, dance, music, chanting - to allow the Spirit to rise up in me and feel the connection with God! I used to do a dance group called: "Dance Your Prayers" and it was so full of the Spirit! Ahhh, yes! Feel, Deal and Heal! Much Love!

  61. Thanks for today's lift. It reminds me of what a loved one once emphasized about so much reading of the letter. " You can read the recipe all day long but in order to get results, you have to get up and bake the cake!"

  62. Beautiful --Thanks!

    "Let us feel the Divine Energy of Spirit bringing us into newness of Life. Recognizing no mortal nor material power as able to destroy."

  63. Thank you Robin, your Lift was beautiful and it brought to mind a line from a poem by Mary Baker Eddy
    which is also a hymn in our Christian Science Hymnal part of which says "Tis the SPIRIT that makes pure, That exalts thee and will cure, all thy sorrow and sickness and sin."
    Thanks again for the wonderful video ! xo

  64. Yes indeed Robin. Thank you so much. Let's get the wind into our sails.

  65. This got me thinking how to tell others about understanding Spirit. It's good exercise to refresh & strengthen my own. Reading the chapter, "Genesis", in Science & Health after reading the Bible's 1st chapter of Genesis is good introduction. Understanding doesn't come from brain, or formal education. It's realized by listening, while pondering the words. I say realized, because we possess understanding already (be SURE to read S&H above!). S&H makes clear that understanding comes from God. He brings it to light for, and within us. Drinking in His Allness, thinking outward in all directions from that point, helps us see spiritual unfoldment, and lets us accept we are part of it all by reflection. We can claim spiritual understanding, because God includes and imparts only such awareness, which wipes out material claims to reality.

    Thank you, Robin, for a refresher course to avoid shipwreck. Spiritual understanding will float us in life's troubled shallow waters, when floating seems impossible. It will also steer us safely to harbor through deep troubled waters. Between these extremes, we can sail through "the letter" by prayer and studying, which builds strength and buoyancy (resilience of spirit) ready to handle the next challenge. If with love, we exercise what we learn, understanding seems to be quicker to grasp. Video has to wait for my sound again. #2 Malcomb, you re a living Hymnal concordance. Thank you for every day! #29 Nikki, & #38 Nela, well said!

  66. Love it...love it...love it! And thank you, Robin, for your inspiring lecture on the 10th!

  67. ps. thank you no.44 and no.60. and to you Robin.

  68. Thanks for a wonderful lift and especially the nautical analogies!
    I know a lady who had not more than a 5th grade education and had emigrated to the US from another country. She found Science and Health and started to read the book to learn more about God. In fact, she told me she read it with her heart, and during this one month period, she was healed from several illnesses just by opening her thought to receive the ever-present Christ-Truth, or the Word of God, contained in the book. Talk about "feeling the power of the Word". What an inspiration for the practice! We always start with ourselves.

    Two citations from Science and Health came to mind:

    1) "...the Bible [is] the chart of life, where the buoys and healing currents of Truth are pointed out.
    (SH 24)
    2) " As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life." (SH 497:3)
    I used to do a lot of blue water sailing and to me Science and Health is like taking the ultimate course in seamanship. To best avoid shipwrecks, it's a good idea to learn how to read the charts, and with God as one's compass, or True North, you can't go wrong. Then our journeys of discovery brim with Life's goodness.

    Really appreciate the inspiration that goes into putting together these lifts!

  69. 23 Nancy really b'ful and inspiring description to be steadfast with Truth , Luv and Life!!

    Thanks Robin for a inspiring Lift opening up for healing.

  70. Absolutely beautiful Robin, thank you so much!



  71. Luke chapter 7 includes the raising of a young man from the dead.
    Jesus, his disciples and a large crowd approach the town of Nain.
    A widow, those who carry the body of her son and a large crowd are coming out of the town.
    They meet. Jesus does not ignore what is going on. He lovingly speaks to the widow and awakes her son to life.
    This experience can be seen as immortality and mortality meeting. Christ shows that mortality has to yield to immortality, to almighty Life/God.

  72. So inspiring. And very much appreciated. Thank You all.

  73. Thanks Robin. Wonderfully inspiring. AND thanks for your article in the April Journal. I've ordered that book from interlibrary loan and am eager to read it and Christine Dressien's chapter. Thanks to everyone for commenting today and thanks Nate and your DL team. Wonderful.

  74. Your video and words worked well together. Thank you, Robin!

  75. Beautiful!

  76. Thank you - it is the spirit that quickeneth (moves us on)...

  77. This video presentation is so powerful and the comments add depth to it. Thanks to you, Robin, and the photographers. Love to all Lifters today but especially #60 and #61. Very profound. I love the image of you dancing, Bev! The analogy of the recipe is excellent in this context.

  78. Thank you! What a beautiful idea.

  79. This is a great message and so well photographed. I loved the quotes and where they came from.
    Yes the Spirit!!

  80. Thanks Mrs.Hoagland, for that wonderful message from our wonderful Cape Cod. "Keep up the good work!"

  81. Simply Lovely! Thank you so much.

  82. Thank you.

  83. Finally got sound, for however long, tonight! Finally got to listen to this on computer, along with the video. It is beautifully done on video, but honestly, your lift was so well worded, that even over the phone, I didn't miss any of the message. This time, a picture wasn't worth a thousand words. It couldn't replace the message. You spoke with the spirit, not just with lettered words. Seeing the scene and you talking, will serve as glue for memory. Many thanks, Robin, for that. "Many" because this Lift already has been useful, but will visually sit in my thoughts more clearly for many more times to use it.

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