5/13: God hugs you

5/13: God hugs you

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  1. The power and presence of God fills all space. There is no place that we can go where God is not already there. When we turn to God we can feel His love and protection. In the words of Mary Baker Eddy, "And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited." (The First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscellany, page 210) Thank you Ginny, what a beautiful Lift.

  2. too cute

  3. We can summon God's protection anywhere and anytime.
    Our Father knows what we need and will provide for each one of us when we are riding on an elephant's back, running away from a kangaroo, or up on the highest branch of the tallest tree of our neighborhood. (I John 5:15)

    God, Spirit, loves us so much that made us the expression of His/Her own Love.
    We could feel this Love as a huge gentle and cozy hug that envelopes us like a feeling of certainty, of security that doesn't need explanation.

    Yes, we can trust on God's prompt response to our prayers!

    Podemos convocar la protección de Dios en cualquier parte y en cualquier momento.
    Nuestro Padre sabe lo que necesitamos y proveerá para cada uno de nosotros cuando estamos montando en la espalda de un elefante, escapándonos de un kanguro, o trepados a la rama más alta del árbol más alto de nuestro barrio. (1ª de Juan 5:15)

    Dios, el Espíritu, nos ama tanto que nos hizo la expresión de Su Amor.
    A este Amor lo podemos sentir como un abrazo gigante y acogedor que nos rodea como una sensación de certeza, una seguridad que no necesita explicación.

    ¡Sí, podemos confiar en la pronta respuesta de Dios a nuestras oraciones!

  4. Love the idea of a 'Kid's week', love the music and love Ginny's Lift. What a lovely example that God's loving care is EVERYWHERE - even on top of an elephant - and what a lovely image of you, Ginny, that conjures up!

    Thank you; a great start to the week.

  5. Thank you for this lovely Lift. It illustrates beautifully 'the infinite ability of Spirit', our Father-Mother, to take care of us. If you are the Creator - which God is - you can do anything!

  6. What a delightful account and example of Love's hug ever with us, one way or another!
    The new music is great too. Tks. Lift band and all lifters, including elephants.

  7. God's mothering love being expressed through an elephant's hug - marvellous. Thank you.

  8. Many thanks Ginny for this lovely childlike image, riding an elephant 'all unafraid' down a hill. And the happy hoedown music reminded me of my young granddaughter when she was up on the school stage last month playing hoedown on her half size violin. "All unafraid I wait, the while/ Thy angels bring release,/ For still Thy presence is with me,/ And Thou dost give me peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #136).

  9. Hugging wasn't done in my family as a child. I can't remember if my father ever hugged me, as he died when I was four. But I am rich in hugs with my tiny grandchild who wraps her arms around me joyously and victoriously!. These hugs are more precious to me than rubies and gold. Such hugs are the real sweetmeats of life!

  10. One year we took our Guides, who live a long long way from other girls in Guides, to camp at a place where there are log cabins, with bunk beds. Some of the older girls wanted to sleep in tents. There was a little creek for water activities, and a little hill for climbing on ropes with safety helmets and big gloves. The meals were prepared by a special Cook Patrol each day, and the guides had to serve the meals to the rest of us, all very hungry from our adventurous morning outdoors. And at night we sat around a campfire and danced and sang, and really filled the air with music and joy. One year a lady who owned camels, brought them to camp and everyone had a turn at riding them. It probably felt a bit like sitting on an elephant. Ships of the desert, they are called. At the beginning of camp the girls didn't know anyone else, but by the end of two weeks they were like real sisters, and helped each other without being asked; and promised to write to each other - often. They gave each other little presents every day, and there were many hugs as their parents came to take them home. My daughters, one of whom has two boys, remember these camps with great affection and warmth - like the time they all fell in the river; like the time someone had forgotten to go to the dairy for the milk. God's hugs don't stop at the end of camp. They live on in our hearts forever.
    Thanks everyone!

  11. Listening to God's angels is simple- just remove your ego-self and let the Love of that moment's connection embrace you and your elephant or your ...................... (fill in the blank).

  12. Wow, that woke us all up first thing...anyone for a hoe-down? (Not quite sure how to spell it over here in the UK....)Big HUG x

  13. All previous comments have said all I could possibly say! Thanks Ginny for that lovely Lift. Elephants have always been special in my life, I even used to draw a little elephant and two palm trees on the back of the envelope with letters I wrote home from boarding school, as my trade mark! The thought of God hugging us is expressed by all my grandchildren and children who love to hug.and the mental picture of that dear elephant embracing you with those big ears, making sure you did not fall off, makes one realize just how powerful God's embrace is for each one of His dear children. Loved the music and that dear little voice telling us from where this podcast came!

  14. Just the hug I needed for today. Thanks Ginny Lots of hugs to everyone!

  15. Thank you so much for this powerful image of God's caring Love ;D

  16. thank you for this lovely testimoney of a childs elephant ride.,of her turning to God for reassurance.The elephant must have heard her call too ,as it pressed its ears on her tiny legs to stop her from falling.What a lovely understanding of spiritual harmony.Thank you Ginny and the dear child and elephant!
    total harmony IS there we just have to reach out for it.Let us open our arms wide and let eternal harmony enter our Minds and so our body.love and peace to all.with thaks.

  17. Dear Ginny, it is so good to feel God's hug in whatever precious way. Thank you very much for this loving example with the elephant's ears. It really opens the heart to feel the LOVE again right away now.

    Thank you all lifters for this weeks special topic including the new band!

  18. Ginny, Thank you for this wonderful example of hugs. A favorite pasttime of mine is to drive out of our city and enjoy the beauty, intelligence, and majesty of these wonderful animals, the elephants. While elephants are very large they are also very sensative and can sense people. Your elephant was sensing your need for reassurance just as God knows our every need and supplies it. Living in Asia for some years now, it is not an Asian custome to hug. However, because I am western in that respect, I have introduced the hug to many Asian friends who have come to appreciate a hug as a sign of close friendship. God's hugs for each of us comes when we most need it and it is always filled with abundant love. Just as all God's creation is filled with abundant love.

  19. Thank you. We can all enjoy hugs. My little Ginger (dog) loves to be hugged an we can feel God's love when we are quiet.

  20. Hi Ginny, thank you for sharing your elephant ear hugging experience. What a wonderful sense of caring that elephant was expressing to you, and it immediately followed your prayer to feel God's love and protection.

    I remember in 1st grade liking this girl who was very joyous and naturally outgoing. One day a really big and disagreeable boy began to bully and threaten this girl. He didn't appear to be happy about anything, and he didn't play with anybody in the class. I think he was jealous of this girl and her happy friends.

    Suddenly this boy had a disagreement, was showing his fists, and looked like he was going to hit this girl. I jumped in between them and said something like "this is not OK. You can't go around hitting people, and you can't hit a girl. You need to learn to make friends." He pushed me to the ground and we rolled around, fighting. I got a black eye, my shirt got ripped, and the next day our parents were going to have to come to the Principal's office.

    I had been feeling God's love at home and in Sunday School, and decided I needed to feel this love in my classroom too - to see everyone just wrapped up in Love, including this boy, and me.

    At the Principal's office, my parents found out this boy had recently moved to the area and felt alone, without any friends. We had to shake hands and promise not to fight anymore.

    Back in the classroom, I told this boy we could play together if he wanted to, and we eventually became friends.

  21. Hello fellow lifters! I'm on the road in Lincoln, Nebraska reading your wonderful comments as I wait for an early flight. It was a joy to awaken to your comments. Hello Jack in Thailand, loved hearing your insights!
    Hugs to each of you..
    You are so appreciated :-)

  22. Thanks, Ginny, you and Nate had me dancing to start the day! Also, thanks to Margaret with her Guide story.........don't get me started on those......

  23. Wonderful lift! I can just picture you on the elephant with those wonderful ears holding you safely. Hugs to everyone!

  24. What a joyful greeting to have this morning - thanks to everyone! I can just picture you, Ginny, on the back of that elephant. What a wonderful experience.

  25. Hi All,
    What a "stand up" boy/man mr. Peter Jensen is!!
    To be able to tell his story. . .dignity and grace. defending a little girl. Wow!!
    Defending "happy, cute AND innocent", based on Principal, by a child!!
    Best to you, Peter.
    Loves good supremely.

  26. Just what I needed for today. God was loving you through those elephant's ears. What a proof that God is one with his creation:. 100%.

  27. Dios es Amor, sublime expresión que nos da la pauta de la realidad que tenemos por delante, Sentir amor, dar amor, vivir el amor.
    Eso es Dios, y la tarea es esa justamente, abrazarnos a Dios en todos sus preceptos, sin desvíarnos de ellos en ningún sentido, no debemos permitirnos desprendernos de Su abrazo ni apartarnos de Él, porque ese abrazo nos muestra la realidad divina que es lógica, ya que responde al amor con Amor, en una clara manifestación de si mismo completa e intachable, que no hace distingos, porque es imposible, al responder al Amor con amor estamos abrazándolo en toda Su magnitud, haciendo posible que se manifieste, y obre, en Un solo abrazo universal.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, por el abrazo fraternal de elevación que inspira a mejorar nuestro abrazo diario.

  28. Dear Ginny, I always value your contributions wherever and whenever they appear. This lovely lift reminded me of hymn 199 from the Christian Science hymnal. Here's the second verse:

    We know our gracious God
    Through all our life is near us,
    To fill our thoughts with light,
    To strengthen us and cheer us;
    From His eternal care
    We never shall remove,
    Encompassed by His grace,
    Enfolded in His love.

  29. This was precious! Thank you, Ginny. Hugs back to you.

  30. Thank you Ginny--just the "hug" I needed this morning. Recently the little prayer "everlasting arms of love, beneath, around above" has come to my thought and this feels very much like a manifestation of that prayer.

    Isn't it wonderful that God supplied your need right there with an elephant ear hug--it's so comforting to realize that when I need it, that hug will be right there, maybe not from an elephant but in another tangible way.

  31. I am very fond of the word "hug". So much so that we named our patented horse blanket "Hug". (you can google "Hug Blankets" to see them). The important thing about hugs are that they are adjustable to fit every type of horse. We sort of boast: "Nothing fits like a Hug!".

    God's hugs are the best. They're adjustable and fit everyone! They show up in Elephant ears, new friends, or whatever we really need. For me, God's biggest hug was when I learned that I could forgive myself and be patient and loving to others. The really important thing is know where to get the trustworthy hugs! Nothing fits like God's hugs.

  32. Oh, there is nothing like a big, big, loving hug. God's hugs are speechless. Thank you Ginny.

  33. Oh, how precious! Thanks, Ginny! God's elephant ears are everywhere - hearing our every prayer! They wrap us tight and keep us safe, even on our ride downhill! It's going to be a Fun week, becoming as a Little Child!

  34. You hit some deep cord within me because I have little ice cubes melting and rolling down my cheeks. I'm sure the impression this made on me will be a blessing. Thank you.

  35. Thanks Ginny and thanks everyone.

  36. I concur 100% with #4 !!! Thank you ~ I laughed right outloud!!

  37. Thank you, Ginny, this is so beautiful! and soo loving. I really feel hugged!
    And I love it that the elefant held on to your legs so that you could really feel safe. I am sure he had felt that you were somehow afraid. Animals are so wonderfully sensitive to feelings.
    thank you for sharing this special experience!

  38. Thank you.

  39. G-I ride that same elephant down the steep slope every time I pray for healing, I hold on for dear life to Gods ears. :O)

  40. Nothing better than a hug - whether you are giving or receiving!! Love it.

  41. Oh Ginny! What an absolutely wonderful way to start our day with a big hug from God! Your metaphor of a hug brings that love of God so close and real to each one of us. Thank you so much for that! I loved your story about the elephant ride with the elephant's ears hugging you. So many precious comments here too from the lifters, Jack's insight about elephants in Asia and introducing hugs to his friends in Thailand, Margaret's tale about camping and camels that are Ships of the desert and Peter's brave story about standing up to the bully to protect this lovely girl and later becoming friends with the so-called bully -- who was really just a dear, lost boy. That story made me cry. You see in my family we demand happy endings. My daughter used to complain when we saw a movie that didn't have a happy ending. She rightly protested that there was just no reason not to make it turn out badly. Her name is Ericka and we started calling good endings "Ericka endings." There are so many ways to express God's love, whether through a hug or a smile, a pat on the back or an Ericka ending. Well the ways are just infinite because that is God's creation is infinite! Looks like today is big with blessings, doesn't it?!!

  42. That's so precious! Now THAT'S a "Loving Hug"!!

  43. . Thanks Ginny, I really needed the hug of your Lift today. The problems of the world always seem small and insignificant when we're embraced in God's love and hugs.

    Nate and team. I've always enjoyed your music, but this morning's was really great. Brought back memories of my square dancing days. Thank you.

  44. Thanks, Ginny, for sharing your precious elephant story. Feeling God's hugs for sure.
    And hugs back to you.

  45. Absolutely super!

  46. HUGS are the neatest ...in all my notes
    I add HUGS & LOVE!

  47. This is a fun Lift in every way. Thanks Ginny, Nate, Daily Lift band and and all the children at the end!
    Enjoyed the comments, too, and really appreciate that you let us know you were reading comments with us while traveling, Ginny.

  48. My dear husband (Bill Thornton) had / has the best hugs ever and he loved giving hugs to everyone! He stepped onto the higher plane 17 years ago now but his hugs continue to be felt. It is the same with our Father Mother God; she / he is always available to give us our hug of comforting assurance whenever and wherever we are. What joy as we rode those same elephants in Thailand and experienced those flapping ears. And, felt the peaceful warm gaze as we petted the beautiful Bengal tigers. Thank you, Ginny for giving us this Lift of Love today. Blessings to All,

  49. Thank you Ginnny for this lift on hugs. Thank you #9 for your story as well. My mother explained to me when I was an adult that the reason she never hugged us is because she was never hugged. She thought all that a single mother raising seven children had to do was feed, clothe us and try to keep a roof over our heads. Now I know that my Father, Mother God was always there hugging us.

  50. Thanks for the fun Lift, Ginny! Our journeying with God sure isn't boring, huh!!

    Last night our family sat around a campfire in a local State Park to celebrate Mother's Day!
    We had S'Mores (Roasted marshmellows, chocolate and apple slices, Graham crackers)
    and singing fun songs along with Uncle Lou's guitar. Some of the children shared
    stories from their wonderful times at a Christian Science camp in Colorado. They
    did a lot of singing and dancing there, too! Our campfire circle last night made me
    feel so warm and cozy in Life...another name Mary Baker Eddy gives for God. Life
    is Good, divine Good, and is sure not abstract! We can all feel it any time. How
    great is that!!

    Happy Day Everyone!

  51. Thanks Ginny!!!!

  52. Thanks Ginny

    So reassuring and so dear.

    Hugs back to you and the whole Lift Family - and Nate and the music makers!!

  53. just beautiful, no words, God hugs us

  54. I love being huged by God

  55. Thanks Ginny!

    I just felt a loving presence of God huging and conforting me. My wife is not fisicaly anymore with me, but I know that she's with God as well.

    Keep up the good work.

  56. No matter how young or how old you are, you can still feel like a kid.
    Happy, satisfied with life, no matter what goes on out there. Mortal Mind cannot take away my joy. Joy expresses God's hugs and kisses. I am 76 years old and when I go to sleep at night and if I wake up during the night, I squeal with joy like my Grand son does when he jumps up and down as he sees himself in the mirror. We are all children of God, young or old, it doesn't matter.

  57. I LOVE THIS! The new, fun music, loving message, and those precious "little" voices at the conclusion are pure joy. Sometimes, we adults, can get so weighed down with "seeming" challenges and complex metaphysics that we forget the simple, spiritual truths that melt the problems and put a smile on our faces. Thank you, and much love to the DL team and ALL!

  58. One God one man, one BIG hug! Thank you Ginny.

  59. Thank you Ginny, I will keep it in my thoughts today.

  60. Thank you Ginny for this wonderful Daily Lift. Sometimes we don't expect hugs or recognize them as such, but God is always giving them, as you have illustrated in this account of your elephant ride. I loved this demonstration that you had of God's everpresence and Love expressed. Your Daily Lift was an unexpected hug and so were all of the comments of the Daily Lifters, the music today and the dear little one's voice at the end. And I always appreciate the joyful announcer. Hugs to you all!

  61. Es maravilloso sentir que nuestro amado Padre nos esta abrazando, y así sentirnos seguros entre

    Sus brazos. Sentir el Amor que nos dá, las bendiciones que nos envía. Pero eso sí también nosotros debemos abrazarlo a EL como a toda la humanidad

    Gracias por el mensaje..

  62. Great to have a "kids week" for both big and little kids. Thanks!

  63. Oh, what a delight this Lift is . . happyfying music, Nate :). wonderful voices chorusing the closing in childlike innocence. Joyous comments (55 so far) lifting the truth of this Lift and magnifying it . . and oh, the message itself. Ginny, you spoke with SUCH love and conviction. And I had my arms wrapped around myself the whole time.

    many of the comments so far have already said a lot of what I feel, but one idea hasn't been mentioned so far: I had NO idea that elephants even COULD hug with their ears! After Ginny mentioned this, what rippled out in my own thought was this: what part of me, both my physical being and my metaphysical being, can be used to hug? I love often with my heart and arms . . . but what other part of me is fully ABLE to hug (like elephant's ears) but hasn't been used so far simply because I never knew it could hug? Not sure if this is making sense to anyone else but me, but I can sense my thought expanding exponentially . . . catching a glimpse of how Love can use each of us, in ways so much grander and broader than we currently envision.

    I'll be on the lookout today for Love's "elephant ears."

  64. Oh love the music and the HUG! Elephant Ears wrapping one in God's love!!! Wowie.How special. Thank you, Merri

  65. Great story. I will share it with my little ones in Sunday School class. Thank you for the hug thought.

  66. Ginny as usual what a wonderful lift. I, too, enjoyed the new music. Such an uplifting way to start the day.

  67. Thank you, Ginny, for “God hugs you … no matter where you are and you can feel that hug … today and every day.” Okay! I am now on “Hug Alert.” :-)

    I love that this is “Kid’s Week;” but, what week isn’t? :-) “… all kids, small and big …” Thanks, Nate! :-)

    “… and a little child shall lead ..." ( Isa 11:6). I understand “little child” to be childlike trust, humility, and willingness lived in unceasing prayer and unwavering obedience to our Father-Mother / God / Good / Love-itself! – just like Jesus, the consummate God’s child, modeled for us in his sacred ministry of “Show and Tell!” :-) And we are each called to follow his holy example. Reverence doesn't cancel out God-centered fun, enjoyment, and happiness! Small kids and big kids are being hugged all the time! So all kids can rejoice and be glad all the time! The gospel of Jesus really is Good News! God hugs us and God is the Hug-itself! The childlikeness of spiritual maturity – of living the Good News! can’t be determined or confined by clocks and calendars.

    “Beloved children, the world has need of you, — and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world. What grander ambition is there than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to know that your example, more than words, makes morals for mankind” (Mis 110).

  68. Way 2 go Ginny,these lifts are so inspiring,powerful and focusing...love and hugs to all...you hit this one out of the park Ginny..

  69. How comforting is this?! Wow. Could we ever doubt God's wonderful, immediate, and eternal love, care, and protection in any place or situation, when we have countless precious promises to carry with us wherever we go, whatever we do (example: "...lo, I am with you alway")? Or when we have such perfect illustrations to enjoy as the one we have been blessed with today? Thank you, Ginny, for sharing with everyone how God kept you safe and feeling so loved and cherished in just ONE situation that we as humans might face under the right circumstances. Priceless.

  70. Thank you for your beautiful inspiring words, Ginny. I have been praying to know that although I so much want to give someone dear to me a hug, and I am pushed away...GOD is constantly giving this dear one His Love, and I am knowing it can be felt. Our Father-Mother, Love is hugging each one of us, constantly and always.
    Thank you to each of the commenters for your loving thoughts. I am quietly knowing that GOD, Love led me to read this LIFT. I am Blessed!

  71. Thank you.

  72. I woke up this morning with the phrase, "...a priceless sense of the dear Father's lovingkindness."
    I thought what a wonderful angel message to wake up with, what a good message to share mentally with everyone I meet today.
    Thank you so much Ginny for your hug on the Daily Lift. It fits perfectly with my waking thought.
    The phrase is from Science and Health, pg. 365. The full sentence reads:
    "The poor suffering heart needs its rightful nutriment, such as peace, patience in tribulation, and a priceless sense of the dear Father's loving-kindness."

  73. Loved the change in music.!
    This message is so inspiring.
    I am at a camp right now & do feel those hugs.
    Thanks for reminding me to be aware.

  74. God's love for all is sooo great! Where ever we are, what ever the circumstance, we remain at one with Him. Thank you!

  75. Thank you very much for this DL - the embracing words - the uplifting music and the sweet little voices! What a wonderful start in the week!

  76. The presence of hugs right where when and where we need them is so wonderful. Thanks for the lovely lift!

  77. Ginny, that was just great! Hugged by an elephant ears, I just loved the immediate answer to your prayer and the humor of it too! And the music, made me smile and feel like dancing a jig! Lots of hugs!
    Chrissie :)

  78. Sincere gratitude Ginny, While in Africa my daughter and I seemed to be chased by an elephant. He was very close to the jeep we were in and the guide said, "It is okay. He is friendly, I can tell by his ears and the way he is holding his trunk." We then felt secure and at peace in his friendship as he continued to follow very close in a protective way.
    I first rode an elephant at age five at the St. Louis Zoo and felt God's protective love.
    Hugs of love and peace to each of you and elephants everywhere.

  79. What better way to express to a child & all Gods children how much they are loved and feel Love with a
    hug, Thank-you Ginny.

  80. great lift Ginny and great music all so happy sounding and uplifting thanks x

  81. Here in Montreal we do a lot of kissing on both cheeks. When I lived in Brussels it was three kisses.
    It takes the place of a hug or can be prelude to a hug. I recall visiting in Tunisia and asking directions
    from two little girls who each took a hand and walked with me where I wanted to go. Another form of hug. I think hugs are such a wonderful invention. Thanks again to God.

  82. What a great idea to meet the needs of the children and to meet the needs of the children in us. I love the simplicity and straightforwardness of the child and here is a message that speaks to us all. El Dio esta poniendo los brazos sobre tu , no es importante donde Esta. God is putting His arms around you wherever you are. Thank you and thank you to all the commenters.

  83. 41 "good endings = Ericka endings". When a boy, our son loved to draw picture stories and to comment them with written words. He wanted me to read his comics. But I refused, he asked me for the reason why. I told him that to my oppinion these stories were too cruel. His answer, but my stories always have a good ending. My final question, and if not? - Here comes his breathtaking answer that helped me over the years through many difficulties and made me really feel hugged: "Then this story is not told unto the end." - "Dann ist die Geschichte noch nicht zu Ende erzählt."

    Let us hug our children - children, in the widest sense of the word - more often, the way the Master and Mrs. Eddy did, not by sending them away but by warmly welcoming and truly loving them. - Standing ovation for the whole DL-team and its refreshing ideas for lifting us up.

  84. Ginny, thank you for this hug and reminder of all the ways we can be hugged! I love the idea that God's ears are hugging us safely as we go up and down hills. I will be sure to be on the lookout for my hugs today, and remember to give them too! Hugs and Love, Ali

  85. Yes, I´m God´s big kid and I always feel His arms round me, huging me tight!
    And that feeling keeps me going on and on ...
    Thank you Ginny, for sharing such a joyful and timely lift!

  86. Thanks for sharing your adventure Ginny. -Mike

  87. I can picture that elephant hugging you. What a beautiful thought. Thank you

  88. My 7 year old son and I both loved this Daily Lift. God is eternally hugging each and every one of us! How awesome! Thank you for sharing this Ginny.

  89. Thank you, Ginny! I have already shared this wonderful story with a few folks who were deeply touched by it. Hugs in all forms have a ripple effect! Love and hugs to all.

  90. Oh, Ginny, my prayer for the world today is that everyone feel that elephant-ear hug of Love in an individual way. I feel it always, but especially when it seems most needed. "(God) is equal to every emergency..." (Science and Health pg. 406:5)

  91. So hug I will feel that love for awhile thanks

  92. I heard this precious lift early this morning as we prepared to leave on a long drive to Colorado. I was instantly enveloped in the love expressed in God's hug, available to all His children. Thank you Ginny, for sending us off wrapped up in God's loving embrace! A d thank you again for the beautiful talk you gave in our community Saturday! Hugs to all!

  93. My Dad was in the motion picture business and when my brother and I were children, he took us out to a place where there were animals used in one of his films. My brother and I each rode on baby elephants, and I remember to this day how prickly the baby elephants hair was and how scared I was! I don't remember if I turned to God or not. But I remember how happy I was to get off the baby elephant. So I can only imagine how scary to be going down hill on a big elephant! I love the idea of being hugged by God! And the idea of the elephants ears hugging your legs! Elephants are smart. How lucky you are to have experienced this thrill! Now I remember, oh ya, my little brother was screaming: "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! as we rode around in the yard, and Mother wasn't with us that day, just Dad!

  94. We loved today's jolly music and the story was warm and cuddly too.Dinah

  95. Hi Ginny
    Thanks for the beautiful daily lift. And that's what it is a lift or reminder. I work in a job where I look after children that can't humanly look after themselves. I see God's hug nurturing and loving them as perfect and adorable. My thoughts fill with that perfect love and it helps me through some difficult times.
    Thanks again for your uplifting lift.

  96. Wow, Ginny -- That was quite an elephant ride!

  97. What a delight, both to hear this Lift and to partake of all the happy comments. I feel hugged by you all. Isn't childlikeness just so appealing!

  98. You are right Ginny. In my case, whatever makes me feel good through my day I recognize in this the acting of the Presence and I thank Him every time. I try to act like St-Paul who said: "It is not me who lives but God who lives in me!" Of course! In reality He is Life in me, my true being and my activity. Voila!.

  99. II love the creativity expressed in this Lift -- the idea of a kids week, the music, the simple, comforting thoughts expressed by Ginny and, finally, the comments of the fellow Lifters. Thanks again, BofL and the DL Team for all that you do to make these "daily gifts" available to us.

  100. Thank you, Ginny, for the reminder that Love is ever-present! Sometimes when we are "all grown up", we forget that God is hugging us just when we need it. We ARE NOT alone EVER, but ALWAYS wrapped in God's Love for each and every one of us. Sometimes those we love can seem quite distant and not "loving" as we might wish for. This does not mean that we then have to do the same. Throw off those restraints and just love, love, love, and then love some more. We all know that "Love is reflected in Love" and that Love alone is Life, so be as the little child and just surrender. Thanks to all for the wonderful thought provoking or image providing comments. Simply wonderful!

  101. Thanks Ginny! That was just lovely.....and great to hear the credits spoken by those cute voices!
    Hugs back!

  102. Chronological age has nothing to do with being a forever child of God, our dinve Father Mother. Thank you for this lift and the innocency and joy it brings to the heart.

  103. Awe, what a darling image for all of us who may never ride an elephant to keep close in our hearts! Elephants are my favorite animals & I never understood why my dad wouldn't allow our family to have one as a pet. I assured my dad that I would take care of the elephant, feed it and "ride" it but somehow my message never got through. All I'd receive were pieces of jewelry in the form of an elephant, but never the :"real" thing. I'm happy to be reminded through your experience that God's Hug is bigger than an elephant or a child's wishful thinking. It's the healing power that sustains us all:)

  104. Thank you Ginny. I especially needed a hug today. I was thinking of my mother today. I remember years ago when I was saying goodbye to her I asked her who was going to hug me when she was gone? And she said God will. Since she has been gone I have received many. many hugs from family and church friends that remind me of God's mothering love. Thanks again for the reminder that God is always hugging us.

  105. Thanks, Ginny. What a warm reminder that no matter what fear we are facing, God's gentle hug is always there in a way that we will recognize.

  106. Thank you.

  107. Thanks for this lift on physical protection. Ginny prayed on the slippery slope in Thailand and experienced how an elephant secured her safety by holding her legs with its ears. She didn’t have to come up with the answer to stifle impending fears. God, Mind told the elephant, known as one of three most intelligent animals on planet, what to do for her. And today, what a comfort to know that we don’t have to have all the answers either! We can allow God, Mind to control, support and provide our protection with its infinite consciousness.

  108. Hello dear Ginny!

    My super angel friend and Christian Science Practitioner told me about the experience you had on the elephant. How wonderful to feels that lovely embrace. When I was in church recently I received hugs from two people that reminded me of the elephant hug. Warm and safe. Your voice is just like a mother angel!!!
    Thank you

  109. That was just delightful! How nice to know that even though the elephant doesn't speak English, when it comes to understanding God's direction, Love is a universal language, understood by all of His creatures.


  111. I've been going through a really challenging chapter in my life. I turned back to the only person who will always be there for me (God). Soon as I prayed to him for strength and faith he gave it to me and its rare that I find myself in the deep depression I had been in. The other night I was praying to him for faith a some of his great strength and I told him touch me heal me save me I want to feel your security. So I was laying down than out of nowhere I feel something from the inside out hugging me right after and got a little scared and skeptical. I thought a wave of heat came from the heater but of course it was my Lord. I was so amazed at the things he's done for me. (Hebrews 11)