5/13: A higher goal

5/13: A higher goal

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  1. Thank you Evan for this example of how important it is for us to keep ourselves in check, to question our motives and goals, even in the most simplest of tasks. Mary Baker Eddy uses words such as "constant", and "moment by moment" to describe the application of the Science of the Christ to our daily needs and and our human activities. Every task is a starting point for which we can go up higher in our understanding and demonstration in bearing witness to the love God has for His creation. Thank you again.

  2. Making the moments move, and prove. I like it. Thanks.

  3. Wonderful, thank you!

  4. Thanks for a deep peace.

  5. I'm a bit of a football fan, but I see my goals need to be even higher than seeing the 2014 World Cup match. Cheers to you Evan.

  6. Thank you.

  7. Super lift, Evan! I am going to follow your example! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. This is wonderfully inspiring. Thank you for the reminder that every moment has the Christ in it.

  9. Lovely,helpful lift.thank you...to always have a higher goal than what the material senses dictate is a beautiful goal and keeps our thinking directed ever higher..A goal we all can demonstrate minute by minute...Thank you.

  10. Evan, Thank you. Lifting our thoughts, and actions, higher , is a worthy objective

  11. Thanks for being so explicit about how we know we should be living. It is a great help to have these practical 'Lifts' which model all that Jesus and then Mary Baler Eddy (and others) continually ask of us.

  12. Resolutions, like focusing on being spiritually minded every step of our walk, should be our final goal, the highest goal!

    Too bad that our priorities tend to change here and there.

    I often think of God knowing everything, therefore I need not ask for anything, my goal is being able to stop my own thinking, as many times as possible during the day, just to listen in case God has a message for me.

    “…your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.” Matt. 6:8

    Resoluciones, como enfocarnos más en ser mentalmente espirituales cada paso que demos, debiera ser nuestra última meta.

    ¡Lástima que nuestras prioridades tienden a cambia de vez en cuando!

    A menudo pienso que Dios lo sabe todo, por lo tanto no necesito pedir nada, mi meta es poder hacer un alto en mi propio pensamiento, tantas veces como sea possible durante el día, solo para escuchar por si acaso Dios tiene un mensaje para mí.

    “… vuestro Padre sabe de qué cosas tenéis necesidad, antes que vosotros le pidáis.” Mateo. 6:8

  13. That is a really helpful Lift Evan. It is easy to divide our tasks and activities into the spiritual and the mundane. I'm sure I am not the only one who feels somewhat impatient with the many many boring but necessary tasks one needs to perform. Your Lift reminds me what my CS teacher once said to me, that there aren't two kinds of activity - the spiritual and the material. I will try and look behind the seemingly mundane to see the qualities of God that are being expressed in performing each task.

  14. Thanks so much for this reminder. I often find myself in those situations.
    It reminds me on the parable in Math. 13 from the "leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal". Yes , every single part of the meal , the whole, has to be leavened. Knowing us as the tools of this mission, we will stop to divide the daily affairs as more or less important. Because ONE is just needed. And this everywhere.

  15. Merci Evan. Il n'y a pas de petites tâches car Dieu est Tout-en-tout. Son infinitude s'exprime dans l'infiniment petit.

  16. Many thanks Evan for this inspiring thought for the day, and for every day. Yes. "Be spiritually minded every step of the way." "They, with unwearied step, shall tread/ The path of life divine;/ With growing ardor onward move,/ With growing brightness shine." Hymn 320.

  17. Thank you Evan for this timely reminder to watch our thinking constantly. Now we all know that takes some "doing" so I for one was glad to read (12) Elena's helpful comments too, as I often get carried away with a too vivid imagination, and have thought a lot lately about Paul's words,about "Casting down imaginations, .....and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ". So to you both, many thanks.. and as the old school teachers often would say "must try harder!" and with all this wise encouragement I shall! To all who have brought about this great Daily lift program and to all who comment so lovingly....A BIG THANK YOU!

  18. Being God's ideas, we aren't so much doing the good as witnessing it. Instead of thinking we see a personal body carrying out necessary tasks, we can see that it is actually the Christ, 'the Truth in thought and deed'* which is accomplishing all good and including us at the same time. Thank you for such a practical and helpful Lift.

    (CS Hymnal No. 298-302 Saw ye my Saviour? by Mary Baker Eddy)

  19. Thankyou so much, Evan, for this lovely idea of setting our goals at a higher level than just the routine chores of the day. It follows so beautifully yesterday's Lift by Jill Gooding, who showed us the difference between a to-do list of mortal busyness and true spiritual activity. How much brighter the world should be if we all now follow this good advice!

  20. Thank you for this great lift Evan, and thanks too to Iris and Martin for their comments.

  21. So fine.
    Thank you Evan.
    Such an uplift… a real ongoing 'challenge' and joy.
    Marvelous motivations Mr. Melanbacher!

  22. Thank you so much Evan . Yes there are chores we do through the day even getting the paper . I find that starting the day with our weekly lesson puts me on the right track for the day . Thanks daily lift team and all the lifts that help me to grow . Much love to all x

  23. Thank you, just what is needed. a good reminder. Thanks again.

  24. So true, Eval. It's in the little details where the biggest progress comes through diligence, alertness and conscientious persistence in getting each step lined up with divine Principle. Certainly not an easy call, but very necessary and not more than God has made all of capable of,
    Thank you Nate and the production team. I remember when Your Daily Lift started and I thought, "I hope he can keep this going, , , " because it seemed like such a good and very needed idea. And you have, We all have. Well done everyone! What a spiritual journey it has become for all of us.

  25. Dear Evan, thank you so much, I was on the brink of writing up my 'to-do' list when I thought I would listen to the Daily Lift first - how apt.Thank you,and thanks too, to today's Lifters who have written such apt response. Hmmmm. I guess the list just got inspired, freer and a joy. Thank you everyone at the BoL for making these Lifts so clear and simple. X

  26. Hi. My goal for today is to listen with care and respond gracefully with joy and a heartfelt smile of gratitude with each individual. Thank you Evan

  27. Great listening and obedience to the resultant messages lift us to complete demonstration of our spiritual identity and heavenly joy and peace! Thank you, Evan, for your childlike listening and sharing--they bless us all!

  28. Just what I needed this morning. Many thanks!

  29. Thank you Evan for the reminder of Practicing the Presence and for the opportunity to be aware and grateful throughout the day of the loving spirit within and surrounding us all.

  30. Always appreciate your healing sharing, Evan, expressed with such joy, freshness, and love. Your articles, lectures, audiochats, and many contributions to Church are gems! Thanks again and to all contributors to these wonderful Daily Lifts!

  31. Thank you! This is very helpful. What great insights. It is such a joy to be reminded that as children of God, we have the privilege to express a purpose, a grand and noble purpose, a purpose that God supports us in, which is good and full of blessings for ourselves and others. Thank you so much.

  32. Thank you so much for a very nice lift today!

  33. Thank you Evan! Yes, it takes alertness, obedience and spiritual love to discipline our thought every step of the way during our day. As Samuel in the Bible (1 Samuel 3:10) we must be ready to answer "Speak, for your servant is listening". A great Lift and very thought provoking as we can see from all the comments so far.

  34. Evan, thanks so much for the great "lift".

  35. Thank you. I just finished reading the lesson on Mortals and immortals. My goal is to be what God made me to be, absolutely perfect.

  36. Very important reflexion!! thank you!!!

  37. Evan, your comments are always so practical, in addition to being inspired. Thank you!

  38. Staying close to God. Thankyou Evan.

  39. We are all so glad that the Daily Lift was your goal today!

  40. Good lift! As I walk the dog this morning I will set my higher goals today also.

  41. Inspiring and practical. Thanks. I will keep my goal before me as i walk through this day moment by moment.

  42. Deepest thanks for sharing this much needed blessing...It's already made a huge difference in my day.

  43. Thank you, Evan! So sweet and practical! Reminds me of Mary Baker Eddy's gentle admonition: "Beloved Christian Scientists, keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them." I guess I could say that that is my ultimate goal each day, each moment. Do I always fulfill it? No, but that doesn't keep me from striving for it! And the times that I veer off that path?.....well I always learn a good lesson and then I get right back on the path with no condemnation - just joy for lessons learned and eager anticipation of what's ahead for me to learn! I love how we are all supporting each other - one and all - on these Daily Lifts! God Bless!

  44. Thank you, thank you Evan! I see much more the importance to be present with God, (Love, good, harmony). I appreciate your sharing. It's simple! And I understand that doing efforts to put my thoughts in a higher sense of Life, bring me to see others (and myself) in the way of Christ and having conviction that God is the only one who governs all things, all time, under all circumstances. Thank you all of you who participate for Daily Lift. For me, this is Love in action.

  45. Thanks Evan - very helpful! Also thanks Elena #12, always appreciate your comments! How often we need to stop and listen to God!

  46. Thank you so very much, just what I need!

  47. So, so good. Thank you! I love that ... "spiritually mindful".

  48. Thanks Evan for this wonderful lift. It will keep me in the move for Spiritual goal instead of the mundane material thought taking. What will I do without " Daily Lift! "

  49. First I am happy to hear that I am not the only one carrying on an internal conversation when welcoming better ideas. “Higher Goals” is a fantastic message to receive and share. Thank you, Evan. To me, it is clear that we do not cook up these ideas, but that they touch us when we are particularly receptive.

    It takes about 3 hours to mow my part of the farm. Mundane? Oh never! It is quality time with God. The loud engine makes a silent conversation the only conversation one can have. In this case (perhaps all cases!!), what looks very mundane doesn’t interrupt spiritual seeking with anything of importance.

    Conversation. “How refreshing is mowing!” “Hey, it’s not the mowing, child!” "Oh, spiritual trimming and grooming then" "ahh"

    The higher goal of spiritual listening, thinking and action is not confined to any time or place. It is always with us and ready to talk! Which obvious when we hear and read the many inspired remarks here everyday. Thanks all. And thanks nela for additions yesterday!

  50. Thanks for a wonderful addition to my day, as usual! I love these Lifts SOooo much, and frequently replay them over and over on my iPhone, jotting down the thoughts contained, carrying the "little gem" into my day(s). BTW, Mary Baker Eddy's definition of Day, page 584 of S&H, stood out differently to me recently, as I suddenly was alert to be sure I was including a sense of infinity ... Infinite good ... unlimited!! And "there shall be no 'night' there." I don't frequently stop and write in, but please know that I LOVE sharing Daily Lifts with newcomers to wonderful Christian Science. Keep up the good work!

  51. Evan..
    Grateful for your God inspired message this morning.
    Awareness of our thoughts in the moment...changing where our attention is..shifting into being fully present and mindful, right here right now.. of God's presence..care..guidance and infinite love.
    C.S. lifts raise me up higher and I am thankful

  52. When I go out to get the paper, I always pause for a moment and send a blessing to the neighbors on my street.
    These are all the very best neighbors I have ever had. Maybe if I had done that in other neighborhoods I've llived in I could have said the very same thing about them!

  53. It's a constant human habit to quietly ruminate what bothers us in the past, present & future. The danger of that is tearing us down so that we forget that we're spiritual. This is mortal minds way of attack, for the higher goal is Vigillance. Vigillance to know which thoughts are mortal (destructive) and which are spiritual (.constructive)

  54. It's ALL about GOD. It's ALL about GOD. It's ALL about GOD, Always.. Always. Always. Thanks Evan,

  55. Keeping the higher goal in all ways. thanks Evan. thanks everyone for sharing. Thanks Bevi, 41, and thanks DL team for putting these on.

  56. I love this! Thanks Evan!

  57. Thank you, Evan.
    I love to pray while taking a brisk walk.

  58. Thank you Evan for this great reminder to always think more spiritually.

  59. My high goal is self regard, and loving my Self, so that I am always motivated in ways by which I am blessed and healed. Always in that consciousness of God where I am His ideas and reflecting Him

  60. Dear Evan,
    Another great "lift". Many thanks!
    I pick at least one paragraph from the week's Lesson Sermon to memorize and try to apply it during the day as I do routine tasks.
    I love you suggestion to lift thought to higher aspirations and to hear God's voice and to be helpful to others. a noble pursuit for this and every day.

  61. My goal today comes from the ending of hymn 225, "Hence-forth my great concern shall be ..To..love and praise Thee more." Feeling burdened and heavy laden, I really appreciate this message of having a higher goal above the mundane things that need to be done - however important they may be.

  62. Thank you, Evan, and Elena #12. You have raised the bar for me today and I'm very grateful. It's so easy to be lulled into mundane thinking; with a tiny mental effort the rewards are exhilarating!

  63. Thank You so very much Evan!...to turn a dull, mundane task into something beautiful and spiritual!..Yes!..how simple because our dear Father/Mother God is behind everything!..the true foundation of all that is made! A Hymn from the supplement came to my thought pg. 430.
    "All my hope on God is founded; day by day my trust is new.
    Through the trials of life He guides me, Only good and only true. God alone,dearly known, Calls my heart to be His own..........Daily does th'al mighty Giver bounteous gifts on us bestow. His desire our soul delighteth, Joy attends us where we go. Blessings stand at His hand, Healing flows at His command...............We who follow shall not fall."

    What beautiful enlightened comments from my fellow lifters today, I'll be jotting some of these thoughts down to look at later!..these lifts are so fantastic!..I sincerely hope they will always continue they've lifted me out of some very dark places!..I just LOVE them!
    Joyous Day and Love to All! : ) : ) : )

  64. Thank you, Evan, for your reminder to set a goal...a higher goal.

  65. Thank you Evan for the morning inspiration. The way you deliver your messages is as inspiring as the message itself...so full of joy! Love it!

  66. Thanks Evan. Obrigada Evan.

  67. What is my higher goal? A good question to ask every so once in a while.

  68. Thank you for helping me aim higher.


  70. You are welcome! Thanks for your comments. It's upward and onward to The High Goal!

  71. These are some of the ideas Evan shared that were helpful to me to keep spiritually minded:

    "remembering God infinite love and care for me"
    "pray to hear God's voice"
    "be helpful to others"

    Thanks again Evan. (=

  72. Thank you so much, Evan, for this wonderful reminder to lift our goals. I too am so grateful for these lifts. I look forward to listening to them every day and then reading every single comment that follows. I sometimes find these to be as helpful as the lift itself.
    I recently read about "doing with love whatever the day brings" and try to apply this to everything I do, big and small.

  73. Thank you Evan, for giving me pause to consider my higher goal, and higher purpose, today!

  74. Thank you, Evan, for “A higher goal … than just the task of the moment …”

    This sounds like unceasing prayer, as a way of thinking, so that we are living “out from the Truth” rather than “under each task.” This “higher goal” thinking keeps us in “the kingdom,” spiritually, mentally, and physically sharp, as we seek God first.

    "The Way" to go, Evan!!! Down your driveway and (as Buzz Lightyear would say) “To infinity and beyond!!!” After charging my “think tank” with all this good “fuel for thought” from you and our entire family of Lifters, I’m on to re-reading, Mrs. Eddy’s “IMPROVE YOUR TIME” (Mis 230:1)!!!

  75. Thank you, Evan, for this lift today. What I loved about it the most was you shared something from your own experience that most of us might be too embarrassed about to admit let alone discuss with anyone else or share with a very large audience! :) And the spiritual uplift and then correction to your early morning thought was awesome. Thank you for sharing this morning.

  76. Great thought. Higher goals, meaningful goals incorporated into daily tasks. Thank you!

  77. The same as yours dear Evan !!!!! The only thing is that I have to try to do it all day long!!! I love your original insights.thank you so much,and please bring lots more.

  78. Thank you Evan for this so important reminder. Be watchful!!! to be spiritually minded " every " step of the way. What a goal!!!

  79. Thank you so much for such a great lift and a real inspiration.

  80. Love the focus on being mindful instead of mindless!

  81. Thank you all the lifters for your inspiration and uplifted thought.

  82. Thank you so much for this! Very wise counsel !

  83. Sometimes focusing on lesser goals, like looks and high grades, obscures our day. Thank you Evan for reminding us that our goals need to be "motivated by a higher aspiration". My higher goal for today is to study so that I can be calm and prepared for my exams.

  84. Evan, Great Lift! Anxiously awaiting your upcoming webinar.

  85. To be spiritually minded every step of our walk is wonderful insight. A higher goal than just the task of the moment is an eye-opening wisdom. Thank you.

  86. What more can I add, you have said it all ! Thanks Evan for a wonderful lift, and thanks many lifters for all helpful comments.

  87. Evan, I will never walk down the driveway again to get the paper the same! What a simple, yet also profound lift! Thank you so very much!

  88. Hermoso Lift !!! gracias Evan por tu mensaje para Hoy.
    Agradezco tb comentarios previos.
    Bendiciones del Amor para todos, Ma. Cristy <3

  89. Thank you, Evan.
    Instead of sipping my coffee mindlessly this morning, I gave thanks to God for loving me and I praised Him foe His mighty works. I felt a peaceful settling inside of me and an anticipation of knowing what He intends for me today! The day has become exciting and joyous!

    However, the period when I just open my eyes can cause me anxiety. I am one of those people who wrongly experienced God as a punishing God in my early childhood and the thought is very hard to eradicate. Can any one think of something I could say as I wake? I would be very grateful. Thank you, Sacha

  90. Thank you so much, Evan, for this reminder to set the higher goal for ourselves and to live it each and every moment--spiritually uplifting our thoughts to being receptive to what God gives us which enable us to align ourselves with the daily needs He has already met for us. Sharon :-)

  91. Thank you.

  92. Dear Sacha We are all in the circle of love no one left out . God has his arms around all of us . I am sending you and all a big hug from Australia x

  93. Wonderful reminder of where our real joy comes from ... a spiritualized thought about all we are given to express of divine Love in action Thanks, Evan, for a great DL..

  94. Thank you Evan for this very inspiring Daily Lift, in which you demonstrated how we can have higher goals than just the mundane activities that we face each day. In I Thessalonians 5:17 we are instructed to "Pray without ceasing." This is a higher goal that demands much from us. When we have these higher goals, this is a way that we can pray without ceasing. Often when I ride on public transportation, I take my Bible Lesson with me or other Christian Science literature to make good use of my time there to study. Or when I am driving short or long distances, I use this time to think spiritually based on the teachings of Christian Science. Thanks too for all of those who respond to these Daily Lifts and share their spiritual insights and to the Daily Lift Team for creating the Daily Lifts. They truly are a great uplift for the day!

  95. to #89, Sacha: Mary Baker Eddy begins Science and Health with the prophetic statement,"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." Many Christian Scientist make this statement their own as they open their thoughts to the Christ and begin their day. I hope this is of some help.

  96. What a simple way to deepen our sense of spiritual purpose. Thank you, Evan!

  97. Dear Sacha #89, I find hymns are a helpful way to wake in the morning, Hymn # 154 comes to thought. It addresses the anxiety. Also in the Hymnal Supplement there is a sweet hymn that might be helpful too. It is hymn #445. The 1st verse reads "I awake each morn to a brand new day, Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my way, For my heart is fixed on this one guarantee: The Love that is All holds me tenderly." I often wake with hymn #342. Hymn #14 and #2 are good morning hymns too. Maybe you could get a CD with hymns on it to play upon waking if it's hard to focus. I find so many of the hymns are especially comforting. Going to sleep with calm, comforting thoughts of God's tender care is also helpful. Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health (p. xi) talks about "the sign of Immanuel, or "God with us," - a divine influence ever present in human consciousness..." Yes, Sacha, a divine influence ever present in your consciousness too! Hugs (=

  98. Great lift with a great accent! wonderful comments! alll have a wonderful day!

  99. To Sacha, #89 - I love to wake up and say "good morning, Father" or good morning, Mother," just cherishing God, divine Love, as my best friend ever. Try doing this every day and that old vision of a punishing God will fade away into nothingness. That's what happened to me. God really is your best friend who loves you!

    Thank you, Evan, for the encouraging idea that nothing in life need be be mundane, empty, or without purpose when a higher spiritual goal is front and center. What a helpful Lift!

  100. I love to hear about your internal conversations with yourself Evan, they really make me smile! Thank you so much for such a practical Lift to start my day with. Dilys. UK.

  101. Re 89..Sacha.....Try Hymn 89......'God is with me........:

  102. This is the day the Lord hath made. Be glad, rejoice, give thanks................. and so forth. The thought blesses and brings a smile to my sleepy face every day. (Hymn 342........ sort of).

  103. Thanks Evan! As usual a delightful and helpful Lift. I, too, appreciate your sharing of internal conversations!
    To Sasha, I frequently say the Lord's Prayer, with its spiritual interpretation by Mary Baker Eddy, when I awake, whether it's the middle of the night or first thing before I get up. I ponder each and every word, sentence, and try to soak in the meaning letting God shape my every thought to align with the Truth of being. Sometimes it takes me quite awhile to get through the whole prayer, but I always feel uplifted, refreshed and very loved. Hope this helps.

  104. Sasha, I was just thinking about your early childhood experience. It was but a "waking dream of life in matter" as Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health. Would a sleeping dream you had as a child be any part of your true being, your history? Of course not! We just wake up from our dreams and realize they were never any part of our experience. Hope this helps too. (=

  105. Thank you, Evan!

  106. Thank you Evan for the timely reminder. I've just moved into a new house and my daily To Do list grows longer each day - I cross off the items I've done at the top and add more to the bottom! I definitely need a "higher goal" for my thinking and my activities each day; I'm going to find Mrs. Eddy's article about time management (about rushing around smartly) “IMPROVE YOUR TIME” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, page 230:1) and read it again right now. Thanks, and enjoy your daily walk to the paper!

  107. Evan, a wonderful Lift! Thank you.

  108. Love the lift and all of the comments. #12 hit it on the nail, "It's all about God!" Perfect. And the helpful thoughts for Sacha will help everyone. This loving audience uplifts my heart as I read all of the comments. Thank you Evan for your always happy inspiration.

  109. Evan, a heart full and running over of gratitude to you and God for this and all of your earlier Lifts. Each so wonderful. You always make our hearts smile. Thank you, so much.

  110. Seems like a good idea to do a few Mindful checks thruout
    a day...or night...What are your goals....Thanks,Evan!