5/1: The presence of God

5/1: The presence of God

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  1. Thank you John, what a beautiful Lift. If we rely on just human opinion to try to either understand the world we live in, or to try to solve its problems, frustration results. In fact the problems appear to be unresolvable. But, when we change our perspective, and take a spiritual view of the world, we not only find our true identity, and how we fit in, we see (understand) how God is governing the universe through His spiritual laws and how these laws take the form of practical solutions. Thank you again. P.S. I enjoyed the lecture you gave in San Jose the other day.

  2. Thank you John

  3. Thank you John. How sweet to 'feel God's presence with me here' from hymn 139

  4. Thanks!

  5. Ohhh! I LOVE that: "His love realized is meeting every human need". Realized....brought into being. Thanks for this inspiring Lift.

  6. Thank you John. I am leaving on a trip tomorrow and your thoughts will be very helpful to insure a harmonious outcome. I will strive to keep consciousness in "the presence of God." (=

  7. Thank you, that was a wonderful lift :)

  8. Wow!!!!

  9. Dear John,

    Thank you for this Lift. Thank you also to the DL Team and Nate for the love and support.

    John, your lift reminded me of being by the sea or for some, the ocean. Many years ago, I visited a friend's house that was along the South Coast, on a very busy road where buses, trucks, cars and much noise characterizes this particular stretch of the coast.

    As I entered the house I asked her if the noise does not bother her and she replied that for some unknown reason you do not hear it. She was 100% correct the noise ceased! I smiled and told her the reason one could not hear the noise was because the sound of the ocean drowns out other noises.

    Retreating into prayer is much like the above, where the true idea removes what may appear to offend, hurt, annoy or cause pain. One of my dearest dogs was killed by a dog this month, one year from when another one of my oldest and most loving dogs was killed. It happened a Sunday immediately after Church.

    I was rather unsettled but prayerful with a focus on forgiveness and seeking a more spiritual definition of life. Those prayers, or seeking a higher understanding of reality, unfolded currents of renewal that started to drown out the noise of regret, pain, anguish and anger. I saw beyond the human reality and embraced an ocean of love with limitless boundaries of affection.

    God allows every idea to come to perfect bloom and life is larger than what we physically see and understand. Life IS!


  10. Thank you John for this beautiful reminder of Truth.Such a lovely and loving lift, thanks again John and to the daily lift team for the fresh manna that is posted each day.

  11. When it seems that we can no longer tolerate the situation in which we are, the best action is to start changing our human perception of the problem, and instead of using willpower; returning to our roots, remembering that we are the perfect image of God.

    By communicating in silent prayer with our heavenly Father we feel the healing presence of God which makes the necessary beneficial changes.

    Cuando pareciera que ya no podemos más en la situación en la que nos hallamos, la mejor acción es comenzar cambiando nuestra percepción humana respecto al problema, y en vez de usar la fuerza de voluntad; volver a nuestras raíces, recordando que somos la imagen perfecta de Dios.

    Al comunicarnos en silenciosa oración con nuestro Padre celestial sentiremos la sanadora presencia de Dios que efectúa el beneficioso cambio necesario.

  12. I'm going to turn in now and contemplate God's presence and expect to be resurrected with a new outlook for tomorrow. Thank you for your dedication to this greatest of all causes.

  13. Thank you so much for the guidance in this lift. It makes it clear that turning to God and experiencing His presence is natural to us.

    And, Troy, I appreciate you sharing your experience with your dear dog. I believe you have done great good by your wonderful description of embracing an ocean of love.

  14. Thank you, John, for “The presence of God …” Yes!!!

    I’m inspired to hold firmly and grow in the Truth of God’s presence as provable!!! By going to God as Jesus did, in deep humility and with total trust, to live in unceasing prayer and unwavering obedience, I / we can prove with increasing consistency, God’s omnipotence, omni-action, omnipresence, and omniscience – me!!! … “a joint-heir with Christ,” as Jesus declared me and mine and all of God’s children!!! “Omni.” All!!! What a God we have!!! In God’s presence, what a presence we have!!! Truly reason to rejoice and be glad.

    “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion … And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good” (Gen 1:26; 31).

    “GOOD. God; Spirit; omnipotence; omniscience; omnipresence; omni-action” (S&H 587:19).

    “And God spake ... saying, I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee … out of … bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Ex 20:1-3).

    “… ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear … we are the children of God: And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ” (Rom 8:15-17).

    “God is love” (I John 4).

    “And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts … Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ” (Gal 4:6,7).

  15. Many thanks John for this peaceful and quiet lift. "Quietly turning and sensing God's [Love's] presence in perfect harmony and control." "Drop Thy still dews of quietness,/ Till all our strivings cease;/ Take from us now the strain and stress,/ And let our ordered lives confess/ The beauty of Thy peace." Hymn 49.

  16. Actually ,my Daily Lift is my nighttime prayer.Because I stay up late, and the time change, I hear that lovely bell on my email, and find it hard to resist.Its like a present that I cannot resist opening early! And then I wait for all the loving comments to arrive. The appreciation is as healing as the Lift. It comes from all over the world. All within minutes! That universal knowledge and understanding of Truth, as taught by Mary Baker Eddy, is being discussed in such a joyful and harmonious way, for all the world to hear. I so appreciate the Lift in my own journey.And all those who take the time to respond, have no idea how much their words and experiences have made an impression upon me.
    We are all on our own journey as students.Students of Christian Science.Sharing our growth and being joyful in our progress, however expressed, is what it is all really about.
    Looking forward to more Lifts and uplifting thoughts.

  17. Thank you so much for this most wonderful and precious message today.

  18. Realizing that God is in control of all situations will bring peace. Thank you John.

  19. Thank You

  20. Beautiful. Gentle, easy to listen you and and accept as the true experiences in our lives. Thank you, John.

  21. Excellent lift and reminder...thank you..!

  22. A peaceful but strong Lift - thank you to all. Tom (16) expresses my thought perfectly. Everyone brings wonderful tithes into the storehouse. Very grateful... Margaret

  23. These daily lifts remind me of a time when people sat down and actually wrote letters to one another, and what a great feeling it was to hear the letter-box rattle and then hurry to see who had cared enough to write to us. Now it would seem that less and less are folks corresponding with one another, and yet here we are with our Precious daily Lift which fills that need so much for anyone anywhere around the world. These Lifts are indeed a source of wonder to me, and as, has already been said all the comments that
    follow are like a treatment in themselves with all their inspiring ideas which encourage us "To stick to our guns!" as Mrs Eddy tells us in her great book Science & Health with key to the scriptures.(not sure which page..sorry!) Much LOVE to all and Many thanks John. J.Monks UK.

  24. Thank you, yes God IS present with each and every one of all of us the world around.

  25. Thank you John, this Daily Lift is a powerful reminder of God might, truth and allness.

  26. Thank you for such a sweet and powerful Daily Lift. And Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

  27. I add my thanks for this beautiful Lift. Christian Science HEALS, as we turn to God and witness and express God's will for us, God's design of us, which is all good and harmonious, and blesses all. The mortal picture is sometimes very different from the Truth of God's nature, but CS teaches us to recognize the falsity of this mortal picture, since it is so unlike God, and trust the scientific reality and "prove-ability" of God, goodness. In this way, Christian Science brings awakening, inspiration, understanding of Truth, and HEALING to our human experience. Many thanks for your beautiful Lift.

  28. Thank you John, for this DL. When so much that is negative is going on I try to remind myself daily that "the material senses present but the inverted image of the ultimate splendor and perfection that only the inner eye beholds."(from "The Gentle Art of Blessing")

  29. Thank you John for this special Lift. Thank you Troy #9 for sharing. You demonstrated what practicing Christian Science is all about. And Tom # 16, I feel exactly the same way when I wake up in the morning. Thank you to all.

  30. Thank you John. Comforting to remember who's really governing.

  31. Beautiful, Comforting, and so Inspiring! Thank you John for this healing reminder!

  32. Thank you very much for this educative and uplifting lift.

  33. A reassuring, comforting lift today, beautifully spoken - thank you. Also the words of Tom (16) really touched my heart this morning. I so agree. Thanks very much.

  34. Thank you John. When I turn to God, I have The solution for Healing, peace and freedom.

  35. Wonderful, Thankyou John.
    Yes, indeed..
    In situations of what feels like unwellness or challenges to me..I remind myself to be aware...aware of the way I am choosing to think..In that awareness I remind myself of the following..
    Change your thoughts, perception ...changes your life ..
    What you dwell on swells...
    What you focus on grows.
    Be still, be silent, be one with God..feel his presence and loving embrace..
    Every day is a new day in which to be grateful, thankful ...Always..Always filled with God,s infinite blessings and love.
    Just a A thought away.

    Happy New Day and Love to All.
    So very grateful for the daily lifts and all who all who are involved...one blessing of so many each day.
    Thank you

  36. Thank you John. Your thoughts so support our individual prayers and practice of the Divine Truth Çhristian Science teaches along with The. Bible.

  37. This is without a doubt one of the BEST Lifts ever! Thank you with all of my heart!

  38. So comforting ! Excellent ! Thank U . :-)

  39. Thank you, John. I love how you ended the Lift by saying that "God is meeting every human need"! That says it all and silences all doubt and fear.

    In response to #23 today, I also agree how lovely and comforting it is to be able to share our thoughts here with the worldwide Daily Lift Family which is ever growing.

  40. John, Thank you for this.

    The crux of what we are saying has to do with the idea that that there are two creations; the one which is a fickled mortal life-story and the other which is the harmonious expressions of completeness, God. Is there really a choice?

    I have huge compassion for you, Troy (as I have probably had more animal friends than human friends). But like Troy, I know that every time we lean on God, we find what we need in support and direction. Darn it, we are directed to give up justifiable fear, horror, anger, loneliness and sorrow in favor of Oneness. We are told that aggressive animal behavior is not a power to be perpetuated in thought. But here is the truth: This is NOT a self-help program. It is not what we are doing for ourselves, but what God is doing right now for us--- AND our friends right now; the one creation.

    Carry on Troy (me too) … it is getting clearer, isn’t it?

  41. Thank you for the wonderful daily lift... God is the only answer for us all. And that understanding blesses us all. Our thoughts do heal.loral

  42. This is so true! No matter how long a problem, or situation seems to be hanging on,
    we can realize that the power of God is governing in Love for all, and that this Love
    meets the needs of all involved. Simply acknowledging this, and trusting Love, can
    move mountains. "Be still, and know that I am God". And the power of God is
    mighty indeed!

    Be still, be open to this love and power, and problems will resolve into their native
    nothingness. Practice patience, love, and trust.....Thank you John.

  43. Thank you so much John . You brought back to me when I first felt I was being loved . I was only in my teens with a baby . My dad was trying to read the bible and he had just found CS . He asked me if I wanted to go with him and I said I would go . It wasn't easy because I really wanted to go to Sunday school but felt I couldn't with a baby so I went into the Church with my dad . I wanted to jump up and ask questions about what the readers were saying . I knew I couldn't do that . After the service an usher asked me did I enjoy the service I said I didn't understand a lot about the readings . I did say to him I will be back because I had never felt so much love in my life than I felt from all the people there. A couple of weeks later I was on the train going home from church and it came to me God loved me tears were streaming down my face I was so grateful .That was 55 years ago . I started to learn then and I am still learning . Thank you so much Martin I really enjoy reading your lifts they give me so much to think about . I wrote about it yesterday but it didn't go through it was probably the different time here in Australia. Troy I always love the sea I will embrace you and your dogs next time I go there . Tom I like you at the end of the day I can put my feet up and enjoy the lifts and read The Bible and Science and Health. Thank you Daily Lift team and all the lifts that I look forward so much to reading . Much love to all . X

  44. Thank you so very very much John for this blessed
    Lift. So true, so inspiring, so wonderful. Thank you

    1 Martin, #14 Nela, #15 Malcolm and for all your

    CS Hymnal references, and #16 Tom. I could go on
    thanking each one, however I will just say THANKS
    to all for your inspiring and lovely comments.
    Thanks to The Mother Church and the Lift Team.
    Love to all.

  45. What a wonderful shift to make from the material sense of things to the awareness of the presence of God, only. It reminds me of the Bible passage, "Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you".James 4:8. Beautiful message!

  46. Thank you, John. This DL came at a time when I so needed it. There is a family situation that has been very.inharmonious, and today I will take this reminder with me, as I approach the day. The armor of Love and God's presence are always near. We need only to stop, listen, and love.

  47. Thank you John, Good work.

  48. Yes, John. I remind myself throughout the day, "God, I know you're with me!" That helps my own experience and my thoughts of others.

  49. Thank you, John Q.!! When I see your name on the Lift for the Day, my Heart leaps - as I know behind your gentle, quiet words will be the deep metaphysics of Christian Science that Heals! Today is May Day as well as the National Day of Prayer here in the U.S.!! Feeling and knowing God's Presence IS Prayer. I will attend our town's Prayer Gathering at the Town Center and join Others in offering prayers for our Government, Military, Media, Business, Schools, Churches and Families. Thank you, again, for your Prayer of the Presence of God. And thank you #27 for "Christian Science Heals"!!!! No matter how crazy the material world gets - we can know the spiritual reality through Christian Science and know that this Heals!!

  50. A simple but profound reminder. I think I shall accept the invitation you offered the next time I

  51. Thank you for your simple yet profound message--many layered, and filled with the spiritual answer to
    our universal needs.

  52. Dear John, This Lift is so comforting and so life-changing. To turn away from the so-called world news to the joy, peace and love that God bestows on us and to love our neighbor as ourselves brings harmony to every situation. As MBE said, "God is love, can we ask to be more" (S&H pg 2).I so appreciate these Daily Lifts and give profound thanks to Nate and his team for bringing them to us.

  53. John, I so much enjoy your lifts. Very comforting and guiding.

  54. Quietly turning to the presence of Love and realize he is meeting every human need! Thank you!

  55. Thank you John and everyone for being such loving and caring expressions of God's Allness! I, too, find these Daily Lifts a wonderful beginning conversation to the day! And today, all these inspiring angel thoughts helped me write an inspired response to a difficult situation that has been ongoing for several months. These Daily Lift conversations are God's work in action - healing action!

  56. Thanks so much, John. I agree with #37. It is one of the best Lifts ever! A really precious one. Thank you for your dedication to Christian Science, your clear teaching, and your practice and demonstration of it. You are an inspiration and living proof of the healing effect of Christian Science today as in the time of Jesus.

  57. Thank you for your clear thought!

  58. Thank you John, and thank you to Troy #9 and Tom in Scottsdale. I needed your thoughts today and will carry them with me as i "lift" my thought (consciousness) higher to demonstrate God's presence with me, always meeting my every need with His love. Removing the false picture of mortality that would disturb my peace.

  59. His love "real-ized!"...yes..all the world living in Divine/God's reality!" Thanks for a great lift!.....Blessings to everyone! : ) : ) : )

  60. Thank you, John, for the gentle and very helpful reminder.

  61. Thank you for clearing my thought again! God bless you. Audrey

  62. For every human hardship, for every human dispondency, there is the presence of God giving us the answers to overcome them with harmony and fruitful success. I find no other system that can do that.
    Human systems are like band aids that eventually fall off the skin and enable us for another cut. But the presence of God and the understanding of how that presence work is our guarentee of problem elimination forever.

  63. What a beautiful thought with which to start the day. Thank you so much.

  64. This lift is so comforting, turning our thought to Truth in contradistinction to the errors of the belief of life in matter. Thank you John. Yesterday morning my grandson and I were working on a roof and we saw a helicopter circling low nearby, I remarked it could be they are looking for a criminal.
    With his iphone he learned there had been a multiple shooting at a nearby sawmill. Later we learned the details and how it had affected so many.
    This morning after listening to this lift, reading the comments, and finding a poem by Peter J. Henniker-Heaton, I was filled with gratitude for our city police, their discipline and courage to face an armed murderer, who stopped shooting, laid down his weapon and surrendered, and gratitude for the first responders, the coworkers and those brave enough to go on camera.
    Part of Henniker-Heaton's poem, "O Though Unchanging Truth" (Hymn 452 in the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement) is:
    "O Thou unchanging Truth, whose facts eternal give us the courage to out face the storm,
    to rise against the senses' swift alarm and stand unmoved at Spirit's high tribunal,
    Thy Word acquits us and Thy Word is final.
    O Thou abundant Life, whose freshness daily admits no common round, no dull routine,
    this is our joy and this our discipline, to take Thy gift of life and use it fully;
    this is our highest task to spend it freely.
    O Thou, O boundless Love, ....."
    Cruelty or grief must submit to "The presence of God".

  65. This lift is a perfect way to begin the National Day of Prayer. Thank you Bevi #49 for reminding us of this special day. In addition to praying for those in the US, my prayers for the world include families in Egypt who are dealing with the injustice of mass death sentences. (See The Christian Science Monitor 4/30/2014)

  66. Muy precioso REALIZAR que solo Dios, el bien, el Amor, siempre esta presente.
    Gracias, John!

    (How precious to REALIZE that only God, good, Love, is always present.
    Thanks, John!

  67. John, your reassuring lift that brought us into the presence of God came at such a needed time for me. Within the past few days, the material world tried its darnedest to present ugly lies through threatening storms and tornadoes, loss of internet service and cell phone coverage and other physical challenges for my husband. Yet all the while, God was there, creating only goodness and harmony through His infinite presence. Troy from Barbados, your testimony about your dog was so touching and your analogy that tied in perfectly with this lift about being in a sea of love was heart warming. We too have a wonderful dog, who is another family member to us. I can appreciate your dedication in turning to God for help and the strength you found through Truth and Love to overcome your loss. Tom #16 in Scottsdale, AZ, your post brought me to tears, good tears, and I agree how precious these lifts are along with the loving, healing responses from everyone around the world. Each morning is a treasure. Through our desires and thoughts we are joined in prayer with the global community of Christian Scientists. Blessings abound!!

  68. Thanks John and all comments. Thanks to Nela #14 --One Mind-- the quotes you list are the ones I have been holding to for a week. Listening to accept more of our joint-heir with Christ nature. That we have been given the mind of Christ. Mind cannot come from any other source. It is natural to have right and honest desires and no others really exist. How could we have to struggle up to our creator, when Father-Mother made us to be obedient and we are "that which has not a single quality underived from God" S&H answer to question What is man.) I have been praying with this sense of trust God with our desires as in the 1st page of S&H. Wanting to accept the open door set before us. And asking humbly for guidance to reject every limit of physical sense testimony and turn to the "constant, conscious, capacity to understand God" S&H's definition of spiritual sense. To rejoice that this spiritual sense is constantly present and as Elena #11 put it -returning to our roots that we are NOW the perfect children of God. I want to spend more time being quiet and listening to God, to allow the pure thoughts to come, so their absence can be identified more quickly. The struggle comes in a feeling of unworthiness when being quiet. Thoughts saying you are not doing anything you should be working, doing something, useful,even the thought that being quiet is selfish. Reading the lifts helps so much since I live so far from church and am caring for a relative on medical care.

  69. Georgia 5/1/14

    I am so grateful for this quieting, comforting, strengthening lift, John, bringing me in to the presence of pure Love.

  70. Thank you John. We have to constantly be watchful and know that 'all is infinite mind and its' infinite manifestation.' These lifts coupled with the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's work and writings aid us in staying on top, giving all the praise and glory to our Heavenly Father.

  71. Wonderful! This realization and declaration should be a part of every newscast and everyday. Thanks.

  72. I am extremely grateful to know that no matter how catastrophic and belligerent the world may appear, we have the understanding as Christian Scientists, that only God is in control of good and perfect harmony; all these seeming human experiences are like a dream. Since God did not create anything that is not good, then we can only reflect His goodness and practice it in our daily consciousness. God is our Father-Mother whose love and presence are always with us. Thank you John for that comforting and gentle healing message. Have a joy-filled day everyone!!!

  73. Thank you so much, John!

  74. Oh, yet another gem of a Lift, and comments sparkling as jewels of inspiration and wisdom. I, too, add my grateful thanks for such revelations of Truth and Love, shining into consciousness to guide and guard our budding thought. Special thanks to Troy for the inspiring thoughts expressed (good to hear from you). As I lost one of my dear kitties last year, our dear Father-Mother God has been step by step ushering me out of any sense of loss, sorrow, regret or pain. That precious little idea is, and always has been, safe in His/Her care, forever the expression of perfection, joy, intelligence and active, loving Life. The beauty is that Life, Truth and Love are the answers to sin, disease AND death, all being illusions, myths, lies about any of God's creation. I so loved the analogy of the sounds of the ocean to the Word of God, drowning out (and destroying) any sense of mortality. The comforting comments from Nancy of Yellow Springs really touched my heart as well. I echo other commentors in expressing my deepest thanks for these Lifts and responses which go out to enfold all in mighty mental hugs. You are all awesome!

  75. Very beautiful, and very comforting! Thank you John. Thank you DL team.

  76. Thank you John Q for this special lift, that we can be quiet and know God is providing everything we need. As Gary #64 has written about the events that happened in Nanaimo yesterday, I was at first saddened, angry, hurt for all those families that were so horribly impacted by this senseless act. But then, right away I turned to God to know that He is always loving us, protecting us, and that this "scene" is error and therefore powerless. Gary reminds us about the police, with their discipline and courage to face down this error and render it powerless...evidence of God's love for us.

  77. Great lift John! Thank you.

  78. Thanks for the Lift and comments from our worldwide Lifters. This was especially helpful for me today. I will address all my concerns spiritually and know that joy and harmony reign. I will concentrate on divine Love meeting every human need and express gratitude for my many blessings.

  79. Thanks, John. That was perfect. Just what needed today. Everyday when I read the lesson, I ask God to provide me with the thought I need TODAY. He sure delivered today. That just humbles me.

  80. John, your Daily Lifts always remind me that "All is Well" and thank you so much!

  81. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....Thank you, John Q. for your very timely lift today. I just read an article in the Unitarian Magazine that my friend sends to me written by the minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington, D. C.....the Rev. Dr. Robert Hardies. He writes that the purpose of church is to provide sustenance for world engagement. I find that these Daily Lifts provide spiritual sustenance for me. How fortunate we are to be a part of such a diverse family around the world!


  83. Grateful for the loving work that goes into each and every Daily Lift as well as the comments of gratitude and appreciation from fellow listeners. What a blessing these Lifts are!!

  84. Ah so beautifully re-"Minding"! Yes turning our attention to the Presense of God within us is infinitely more than an intellectual theoretical exercise devoid of any practical power..but indeed by this very turning we are thereby restored to our God bestowed dominion...as MBE says "acknowledging the perfection of the infinite unseen confers a power that nothing else can"...so by being conscious of God alone and His allness this is boundlessly practical and meets all human needs!!

  85. Thank you John for this wonderful uplift!!! And the comments added more positive support. I even printed a few out for daily referencing. Thank you to Nancy #40 also for your strengthening points to Troy for destroying error!!!! I can always trust in this "family" that someone will give individual support when needed. What a joy to be part of this!

  86. Right on top. Thank you very much for your excellent lift.

  87. Really LOVED your conclusion. Thank you!


  89. Thank you so much for my lovely "lift" today, John.

  90. I find it difficult to find words to express my gratitude
    for Christian Science and for this Lift. It is a prayer
    for each day. It brought to remembrance an
    inspiring article that I recently read entitled "I Have
    No Trouble."
    by Marguerite Dews (8/16/1975 Sentinel)

    Thanks to you John and to all the commenter for their
    helpful comments.

  91. thank you John, in the quiet moment with God that is where healing is.
    Very powerful and beautiful and full of Truth and Love.
    a wonderful lifting Lift! :)

  92. So perfect. thank you.

  93. Thank you so much! Just a perfect reminder but also a powerful prayer that for sure blessed all the universe.

  94. Thank you JohnQ for this lift and all contributors in response Focusing on God's omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience does LIFT our thought above the human to the divine consciousness and ALL mankind is blessed. Humbly grateful!

  95. I just returned from my seven mile walk downstream. I am now listening to the lift. Thank you.

  96. Thank you John from Barbadas AND thank you John Q!

  97. That was helpful

  98. Thank you John, for this reassuring message.
    And thanks for and all the inspiring comments from the D.L. world wide family!

  99. What great thoughts! Thank you JQA for always being "there" for all of us and helping us to see the Truth. This knowing...feeling of our Father Mother God's Love is such a comfort and guidance in our everyday lives. Since our "thought" is really the only thing we control...focusing upon God and asking to know what has already been prepared for our total and complete success today is so important. Thank you, again, for helping us to see Gods abundance, now - today.

  100. John Q, That calming atmosphere of divine Love you mention everywhere is so reassuring to me at this time of job searching. For me I do not doubt something good will happen. A sincere thank you for all the lifts today. #67, give your husband a big hug and kiss, and let him know how much you love him. Please remind him of Gods loving presence, like this Lift brings out. Enjoy this spiritual atmosphere!

  101. Thank you so much John, so well expressed. I love to listen to your Daily Lifts. Your voice is so calming when you speak. Your kindness is much appreciated. Jan VH from Fairfield, Ohio

  102. So helpful. Thank you.

  103. Sometimes putting the "I" out of the equation when listening for God's message really facilitates knowing the direction God has set for us! Let us try disregarding ourselves when relating to God and see what joy and blessings will ensue!
    Thank you, John!

  104. Great lift! Thanks John.

  105. To #68 (name)--There is no more powerful work, no better expression of your Divinely reflected pure and perfect qualities than to care for someone else. Preceding each of Jesus' healings "he had compassion on them" and acted on that compassion, seeing the Truth of their being. Worth is natural, by expression and reflection, not innate in human personality. You are a remarkable, terrific example of a fully employed manifestation of good (God). You are doing exactly what you should, and when it changes, it will be clear and easy.

  106. John, Thank you.
    Changing from a material to a spiritual perspective brings us closer to God - and helps others as well as ourselves

  107. I thank you so much John for the good lift.

  108. Dear #9 Troy from Barbados. When I read your post, something came to thought that I feel I should share. It was to handle the human notion of anniversaries. Much of the Christian world re-enacts year after year the events leading to the crucifixion of Jesus, as a way to show love for Jesus.

    But in Christian Science we learn of God as Life itself. Life that always progresses and doesn't repeat. While we honor our brothers and sisters who commemorate Jesus in a heartfelt way, I have found it vital to counter grief in world thought during the Easter season. The Church Manual's counsel on Easter is strengthening year-round.

    Life knows your dogs only as its own expression--continuing in Life. I trust that you will have palpable evidence of their good qualities continuing. Only progressing, as are you. Thanks, by the way for your recently-published article!

  109. I sound like a broken record ---- but once again, this Daily Lift is simply wonderful and inspiring. Thank you so much, John, for this message. I am so grateful for all of the Daily Lifts which always provide us with moments of healing and enlightenment.

  110. This is so good! Thank you.

  111. Thank you.

  112. Beautiful, John.... Thank you so much.
    his loved realized is certainly meeting my every need and i am grateful every day.

  113. Dear Friends I am gratefully listening through the Daily Lifts and wish to say a heartfelt thank you to John for his gentle message to "quietly retreat into the presence of God" . Thank you all so much for the caring and sharing.

  114. Dear John
    Many thanks for this helpful and Full of Love Daily-Lift

  115. Thank you, John, for your loving, spiritually-based advice for us to hold onto. Your Lifts are so comforting and reassuring.

    Thank you, also, Martin Vesely (commenter 1), for your insight. I always look forward to your clear, concise thoughts that you contribute.

  116. Wendy D. Western Australia
    Thank you for this Daily Lift
    am very grateful.

  117. I I have just attended a most inspiring testimony meeting at 3:30 in the morning on Saturday - thanks to each and every one of the 110 testifiers. I first heard this Lift on the phone Thursday morning sitting in a safe house connected to the hospital in Oregon where my husband was recovering from a heart attack. John, your last words, "His Love realized is meeting every human need" was such a comfort to me. Now that II am back home, I'm so grateful to read all of the comments. The last verse of Hymn 49 that Malcolm quoted was what I sung each morning before going to the hospital. And EG #42 reminded me of a Sunday morning in June 1951 when I had just moved into an apartment the previous day a block from the First Church of Christ Scientist, Rochester, New York. I walked to church with my one-month old daughter in my arms. When I arrived and entered the nursery they said they weren't prepared for such a young baby. I replied they had a crib and my baby was very good. I'd sit in the back row and an usher could come and get me if they had a problem. My daughter slept through most of the service and was smiling and cooing as she was being rocked when I returned. The two attendants were beaming and said they hoped I'd return every Sunday. What a blessing these Daily Lifts are - thanks to all responsible for producing them!

  118. How sweet. I cannot hear the things people say to hurt. I cannot feel the pain they cause. I can only feel and hear the wonderful presence of God, who surrounds me with devine love and harmony. I am so thankful for this lift and the reminder of where my focus should be. When I do the first commandment, I am equipped to do the second commandment. Yayyyyy!

  119. So comforting and soothing.
    Thank you John and everyone else...So Helpful!

  120. Thank you for your thoughts of peace, John Q. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily rush. If I just stop and feel God's peace and love around me, I am once again whole - not fragmented by whatever the day brings. Each day is a fresh new beginning open to unlimited blessings. I like the thought that each day is a blank canvas awaiting a beautiful new picture of all the perfection each passing hour of the day can paint. IN the end, a beautiful finished composition. Each day, a new painting awaiting its completion. Thank you for helping me to realize that the content of each perfect day is the work of our Father - the Master Painter.

  121. Dear John,
    Sometimes I have to catch up on a Daily Lift or two which I have missed. They are always so timely and meet my need or give me a boost. Many thanks.

  122. Thank you for the sweet reminder that God's Love is overflowing abundantly to each one of us to
    feel and embrace. As we reject the negative thoughts daily to listen to God's word we feel his peace.
    Also, I would like to Thank Gretchen
    number 120 for the lovely comment. I am so glad you shared that with the viewers.I was so uplifted John. Thank you very much.

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