4/9: The heart of divinity

4/9: The heart of divinity

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Mary Beattie refers in today's Daily Lift to words from these lines from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, page 258:31 "Through spiritual sense you can discern the heart of divinity, and thus begin to comprehend in Science the generic term man.  Man is not absorbed in Deity, and man cannot lose his individuality, for he reflects eternal Life; nor is he an isolated, solitary idea, for he represents infinite Mind, the sum of all substance."

  1. Thank you, Mary, for "The heart of divinity ... think about that and nothing else ... a really quiet time ... such a tangible peace."

    I'm reminded of times when I have felt at the heart of divinity. You're right! It is a tangible peace. It's like being embraced and being washed clean all over inside and out and all at the same time by divinity. It's a deep, powerful knowing that "all is well." And it's ever-available and always accessible. Today, I’m consciously going to be in the heart of divinity. It's a great place to be! It’s where healing happens.

  2. Thank you Mary for this great Lift. No matter how hectic our day becomes we can mentally establish the power and presence of God in our lives at any time. It can be done right where we are, not having to wait for a less busy time of day. When we establish our spiritual sense of dominion we see our busy day becoming more peaceful and blessed. Our day is not a race with time but rather the expression of the timeless Christ.

  3. Exquisite!

  4. Beautiful Lift, thank you Mary, I am sure many people will find it so helpful to remember they are at "the heart of divinity" for we all seem to be running around busily today. I have always found Mrs Eddy's statement in her book Miscellaneous Writings quite a wake up call---"Rushing around smartly is no proof of accomplishing much" showing us that we need to find that inner peace which is at the core of our true selfhood, the need to "be still"

  5. Dear Mary, thank you for this lovely Lift this morning. It is the "beam of Truth [which] displaces the darkness of the night." Hymn #2 The worry and panic of "benighted" thought is yielding to the calm of this secret place, dwelling in the heart of divinity. I am so grateful.

  6. Thank you Mary for this wonderful lift which takes our thoughts of heart above a human blood pumping organ. Mrs Eddy writes in Science and Health:


    The vital part,

    6 the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love.

    Jesus often had busy days but by being about his Father's business meant that he could always show that Love to others.

    If there is one God then there is one heart which God is expressng as our heart and if this great divine heart of Love can never be attacked then nor can it ever fail, so nor can the heart which Love expresses no matter how busy we seem to be.

  7. Dear Mary,
    I think you are always at the heart of divinity.....you radiate that calm...a friend who went to your lecture at Margate was impressed by the feeling of calmness that came to her as she listened....I feel the heart of divinity just mirrors being in the allness of Spirit, God, divine Love where we " lose sight of mortal personality to find Christ, the real man (us).....THankyou for reminding me.

  8. thank you Mary, just the reminder I need as I tick off many things from a seeming unending list before going away!

  9. Dear Mary

    Thank you for this wonderful Lift. Thank you also to Nela, Martin, Renate and # 4 as all of your comments have reinforced the need just rethink our situation and see ourselves as being in that heart of divinity.

    Yesterday evening I found myself reviewing various articles on former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. There are obviously mixed feelings regarding the outcomes of her days in Office, but someone was quoted as saying that she changed dominate idea and that she "proved to the world that it was possible to think differently and to change the assumptions.....not to be driven by the apparent necessities that are imposed on you by the external world."

    This made me think of Mrs. Eddy's work. Mrs. Eddy helped to shape thought and continues today in guiding us to rethink our present circumstances and see ourselves in "the heart of divinity"

    Some weeks ago, a rather unsettling matter kept coming to thought, the wind suddenly picked up and just blew with great force that it demanded my full attention. I turned immediately to the definition of "wind" in Science and Health (p 597) "that which indicates the might of omnipotence and the movements of God's spiritual government, encompassing all things" I began to rethink the matter.

    At Church the following Sunday a gust of wind filled the atmosphere just as the matter came to thought, I smiled as I remembered the definition of wind and the healing occurred. I love the wind.

    Much Love!

  10. Just what I needed today - thank you!

  11. I listened twice to this lovely, peaceful Lift and suddenly realised that God isn't struggling to express me today. He isn't finding me a bit of a difficulty, a problem child. I am part of the creation which He made and beheld as perfect and He is now resting and sustaining me effortlessly. This is true for everyone. And if God isn't struggling to express us perfectly, then neither do we need to struggle to reflect Him. Thank you.

  12. Thank you.

  13. Years back, I found myself in a busy downtown Tokyo street surrounded by lots of motorcycles on a demonstration. We strangers huddled together and the noise of the motors was deafening.
    We saw some people pointing further to a large police truck coming toward us… I felt overwhelmed, I held my ears and I yell out: Fatherrrr! (That’s how I call God)

    All stopped.

    People dispersed and I realized that I have been protected all along. I was right in the middle of “the heart of divinity.” S&H 258:31

    Años atrás, me hallaba en una concurrida calle del centro de Tokio rodeada de un montón de motos en una manifestación. Nosotros los desconocidos, nos amontamos juntos y el ruido de los motores era ensordecedor.
    Vimos algunas personas apuntando hacia un gran camión de la policía que venía hacia nosotros… me sentí abrumada, me tapé los oídos y grité: ¡Padreeee! (Así es como llamo a Dios)

    Todo paró.

    La gente se dispersó y me di cuenta que había estado protegida todo el tiempo. Yo estaba justo en el medio del "corazón de la divinidad." CyS 258:32

  14. May the heart of divinity keep us safe forever and ever.

  15. Thank you, Mary! Yes, I love that place ... it's where we long to be. Thank you for the reminder to actively seek and acknowledge our place there.

  16. After reading the Bible Lesson and feeling the loving presence of Love, this DL was the perfect ending of my time alone with God!
    Will share this idea of being in the "heart of divinity" with my husband who works endless hours. Thanks, Martin (2) for sharing that life is not a race with time, but rather the expression of the timeless Christ. And Troy, i love what you said about wind!
    Thanks so much, Mary!

  17. Many thanks Mary for pointing out the great importance of the word 'divinity' as used so many times in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. "Clad in the panoply of [divine] Love, human hatred cannot reach you. The cement of a higher humanity will unite all interests in the one divinity." ( MBE Pul. 15:14)

  18. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. We are always in the right place with God.

  19. Thank you so much. Just what I needed to start what looks to be an exceptionally busy day - start with a true sense of peace!

  20. Thank you. I really needed to hear that just now. <3

  21. Dear Mary, thank you so much for this wonderful clear thought! The heart of divinity really is right in the middle of God - if there were such a middle. But the thought to be one with God is always a very reassuring and comforting and strengthening thought, I find. So many things want to distract or even separate us from divine Love every day, that the idea of being in the heart of divinity gives such feeling of security and joy and peace. Doesn' it? Like a little ducklin under the wings of its mother.
    Thank you again!

  22. 17 continued. Happy lifters looking for a Hymnal verse. "Let all that now unites us /More sweet and lasting prove, /A closer bond of union, /In a blest land of love." (Christian Science Hymnal #196).

  23. These Lifts are such precious gems! Thank you, Mary, for today's lovely jewel! I've listened to it several times and give thanks for its healing message and the many healing comments. Thanks all!

  24. Thank you for the beautiful lift. I love being in the "heart of Divinity." And thank you #11, Eleanor. I like the idea that God is not struggling to express me perfectly, so I don't need to struggle to reflect His perfection. The mirror does not struggle to reflect. It just does. I will be "in the heart of Divinity" today, and effortlessly expressing and reflecting God, and seeing all around me as perfect reflections, also.

  25. 11 Eleanor –“God isn’t struggling to express me today”. Good reminder that we are not floating around outside the heart of divinity, even when we give ourselves a Time Out to recall this. It’s a keeper. Thank you.

  26. Cuando dejamos de lado nuestros harapos materiales y confiadamente dejamos que Dios obre, sin duda entramos en el corazón de la divinidad donde somos revestidos con el entendimiento que ella da, y dejar que Dios obre por medio de las ideas divinas que hacen latir el corazón con anhelos superiores, donde se establece la Verdad, se conjuga el Amor, y se manifiesta en Vida, logrando la paz deseada.

    En la Biblia la palabra corazón se define como: Alma, Endurecer, espíritu, Mente.
    "Sobre toda cosa guardada, guarda tu corazón; Porque de él mana la vida". Proverbios
    "Bienaventurados los de limpio corazón, porque ellos veran a Dios". Mateo

    "Debiéramos examinarnos para saber cuáles son los afectos y propósitos del corazón, porque sólo de ese modo podemos saber lo que verdaderamente somos. C y S. MBE

    Parecería que la palabra Endurecer, se sale de contesto ¿Verdad? Sin embargo, lo entiendo así, Endurecer nuestro corazón para que no entre en él nada desemejante a la divinidad, y el alma-espíritu, se manifieste en él por medio de la Mente divina.

    Muchas gracias Mary, es bello cuándo los corazones laten al unísono en un mismo sentir de amor a Dios.

  27. Thank you Mary for this reminder that we can discern God through spiritual understanding. I have already listened to it three times and will surely listen to it again. To go to the heart of divinity in the middle of a busy day... It brought to my memory the lines written by Mrs Eddy in Miscellaneous Writings, Page 307 referring to Angels: "This sweet assurance is the PEACE, Be STILL to all human fears, to suffering of every sort". Yes, this is a lovely DL for which I am truly thankful and has filled my heart with love and a sense of calm within. Love to al the spiritual family around the world.

  28. Thank you Mary. Precious. Reminds me of hymn 260; 'One thought I have, my ample creed, so deep it is and broad, and equal to my every need, It is the thought of God." Your lift is much appreciated.
    thanks to the folks for sharing and to DL team for putting these lifts on.

  29. thank you for the wonderful Lift and for all the sharing comments

  30. What a lovely, peaceful thought to be in the heart of divinity - divine Love. That's where I am and everyone my thoughts rest upon who seem to be struggling. Thanks so much!

  31. Thanks, sweet Mary, I really needed this today! I've been trying to move forward in my Life and lately it seems that the more I try and make some changes, the more obstacles and blocks pop up! What is this all about? I see now that when it feels like I've lost my peace, it's really that I've momentarily allowed myself to drift outside the heart of divinity and have instead found myself in the heart of "human will and woe"! Thanks for helping me and all of us to find our place again......right in the heart of divinity! Much Love and Heart and Divinity to All! XOXO

  32. Thanks to Mary and all for this loving sustaining reminder that we are all at the heart of Divine Love, never ever alone or abandoned, always able to connect and be with the Whole Reality of Light, Truth and Love.

  33. Well, that's hitting the nail on the head! I couldn't stop smiling while listening to this Daily Lift. Thank you.
    Once when I had complained to an experienced spiritual healer of feeling so overwhelmed by all the things that needed to be done, he said, " Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, change your focus, and let God overwhelm you!"....

  34. This Lift illustrates the practice of Christian Science healing. An early worker wrote of receiving 70 requests for prayer in a day. A lecturer today tells of her mother receiving 100 calls. A busy day for Jesus included healing multitudes. The heart of divinity, divine Love, answers every call and meets every need. Thanks for this expansive Lift, Mary, all you Lifters, and those who send it out to the world.

  35. Mary, thank you for this lovely Lift.

    The heart of divinity is to me like an inner sanctuary that is untouched and unsullied by the cacophony or the frenzy that we might experience in our daily lives. And yes, it is a tangible peace, unflustered and unflappable, and, as it says in the hymn we all love, a "gentle presence, peace and joy and power...".

    The quote above is from Hymn 207 (words by Mary Baker Eddy).
    Daily Lift Team

  36. Thanks very much, Mary, and commenters both above and about to be posted. This quiet encouragement is so helpful. Also, the music this week and last week is especially upLifting...so thanks to you, musicians and engineers!

    Some of us want to be in the middle of everything...to be buzzing around smartly, to be in the know, to seem popular, powerful. But God really IS the center of everything. For me, even better than feeling busy and important is quietly, secretly being aware of God's all control. And including others in prayers in "the secret place of the most high."

    I love to pray each morning for a clear sense of my individual, God-impelled purpose and daily right activities. Occasionally, I'm led to do something quite different than my own agenda might have prescribed. Other times, I might get a simple idea for how to do my work better or for how to accomplish something with less stress or cost. I think of this as "daily bread." Each day's bread is fresh.

    For anyone who isn't feeling very popular or important, I would love to encourage you to use this time for really being close to God in prayer. The quietude and privacy you have can be a real asset as you listen for and do God's will. And nothing gives better results than that!

  37. What a lovely message for me today. Thank you for this peacful, harmonious, reminder of Truth! Thank you! Merri

  38. Thank you so much. It seems that when we stop the noisy stuff that comes to thought, the confusion, and quietly listen, whether we know it or not we are being more "in the heart of divinity." As you said, then we can receive the direction we need to solve a problem. Many people do stop and listen for direction. Thanks for putting "new" words to this particular kind of prayer. I'll hold onto this idea today. Much love.

  39. How fitting for this moment, the peace that is always ours. Thanks, Mary.

  40. Thank you Mary and all you fellow Lifters. At the present time it seems that I am being purposely alienated from an important family matter, which is silently hurting my heart. What a wonderful treatment this Lift has been this morning! By taking just a moment to be at the core of divine Love, and putting every family member there, the heavy sadness has lifted off and affection for everyone is in its place. I am reminded of this statement by Mary Baker Eddy in her Miscellaneous Writings, page 113: "We have nothing to fear when Love is at the helm of thought, but everything to enjoy on earth and in heaven." I will go forward with the day, joyously knowing that Love IS at the helm of everyone's thought so no maliciousness can enter in. I am so grateful for these Daily Lifts. Thank you, team!

  41. "to be at the very heart of divine love or Spirit..."
    How beautiful and how peaceful is this suggestion as we move toward the harmony that is our birthright
    as children of God.
    Thank you, Mary

  42. Thank you Mary. Yesterday evening I felt that heart of divinity as I gazed out the window at 2 deer grazing on the green grass in my yard. I immediately thought of yesterday's lift and the healing of the deer as related by Elise Moore. Knowing that God cares for all his creatures, me included, was such a lovely and peaceful feeling.
    This feeling will stay with me no matter what circumstances seem to tempt me as I know that I "dwell in the house of the Lord forever".
    A big hug of appreciation for all those who bring us these Daily Lifts, which of course last for more than a day.

    The quote above is from Psalm 23.
    Daily Lift Team

  43. It's wonderful how these Daily Lifts inspires one to learn the meaning of words and get a better understanding. I looked up the word "HEART" and found that there is more to the definition than just a material muscle. It also describes a compassionate loving disposition. A person with a loving disposition, able to see the good in every one and everything, could only be calm in the mist of this so called helter-skelter of mortal life. This opposite of what is real and eternal.
    By Tobias A. Weissman

  44. Thank you, Mary, for this perfect, and very helpfrul reminder.

  45. Thank you Mary for such a lovely lift! Really enjoy all of the comments, as always - each has a wonderful message & take on "the heart of divinity". Thanks especially to #6 name. So helpful to see the heart as what it really is,not a mortal organ but the heart that can never be attacked or fail! thank you!!

  46. Thank you Mary for sending peace our way this day, I have taken quiet time to receive it and am passing it on.

  47. Oh my Goodness! Thank you Mary and thank you for each and every comment today! They ALL contributed to an amazing sense of prayer in a very peaceful place!

  48. This is a lovely Lift, Mary, and blends so well with our Lesson Sermon. How wonderful to turn off the radio, the telly, all the noise makers - to just let our thoughts blend with God and FEEL His presence. Divinity is just the most perfect word to explain that sense of peace and quietude.
    Lovely comments, showing we all know" how to go" to this divinity within", , ,

    Thank you Nate and the production team - the music is just perfect; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  49. In the heart of divinity (God)! What a powerful reality. #39, Janet, you are never left out of any family matter. You are loved and included by the family of Lifters and that great heart of God's loving, knowing, acting, seeing, wise and eternal Mind. That is enough! So, thank you Mary, a great lift today as always. I am so grateful for my family of Lifters from all over the world. How fantastic is that?

  50. Thank you Mary, absolutely marvelous!

  51. Thank you so much, dear #39 Janet!! Your honest and heartfelt sharing has helped me, with a similar situation! You are so right......we need to always keep Love at the helm of thought and watch harmony be restored! You are a Blessing! Much Love!

  52. Thanks for this pure, simple idea. I cherish the times when after spending time in this secret place I have experienced healing and the accompanying strength and joy. Where did it come from? The great heart of Love.

  53. Thank you Mary and everyone. I particularly liked Nancy (26) for her thought that God is not struggling to express us. I will try and keep myself and everyone in the heart of divinity always - such a wonderful, peaceful and satisfying place to be.

  54. Thank you.

  55. Being in "the heart of divinity" really is a tangible felt, sweet presence. And as we demonstrate this calmness, it helps others to feel it too and we are honoring our Father-Mother God as the source. Thank you, Mary!

  56. Thank you for this calming ,thoughtful,and loving lift.

  57. I am feeling 'the calm and joy of things immortal' today. Thank you for your lift of quietness.

    The quote above is from Hymn 64 in the 'Christian Science Hymnal'.
    Daily Lift Team

  58. Thank you Mary for the 'heart of divinity -- a very practical lift that I will practice today.

  59. The phrase, I long to be, should be I love to be. We are already right in the middle, surrounded by all the synonyms, LIFE, TRUTH, LOVE, SPIRIT, SOUL, MIND, PRINCIPLE. I have a bumper stick that reads ", Have you hugged your synonyms today? Thanks Mary

  60. Thank you.

  61. Thank you Mary. This "Daily Lift" is so timely for me today.

  62. The tempests and conflicting thoughts that rage inside me every night disintegrate when I am floating in the heart of Divine Love. It is like being wrapped in the arms of powerful loving kindness that keeps me safe.This feeling of love expands my soul and radiates about me.I feel whole and at peace. Just as a child rests happy and content secure in the love of her mother and father,so I feel alive and happy in the arms of the God. For me personally, this is one that brings healing. Thank you.

  63. The heart of divinity is a truly peaceful thought and does give a tangible sense of peace. Thank you for this message today.

  64. Thank you very much.

  65. Thank you!!!!

  66. Thank you Lifters for your expansive comments and experiences - so heart-warming. This gratitude opens our eyes to more evidence of peace and Love around us already. May this steadiness embrace our individual lives, governments even the weather, as was illustrated in the 'wind' comment - thank you all so much!

  67. Such a soothing way to calm busyness! Thank you, Mary.

  68. Thank you Mary. This phrase is so fresh to me. It is awe inspiring. Thank you again.

  69. I think of heart as being the very center of something, in this case, the very center of diving being -- my being with God. This lovely Lift brings to thought a statement from Science and Health: "God is at once the centre and circumference of being." (p. 203)

    I -- and all -- are held forever within the heart of divinity, the great heart of Love, our forever being.

    Thank you, Mary, for this comforting idea to hold to today. Thank you to all.

  70. What a beautiful message. We can easily find ourselves in a too busy circumstance. What a blessing to know we are able to retreat to a calm, loving, safe place. "The Heart of Divinity". Thank you, Mary

  71. Thanks Mary...lovely idea...so helpful!

  72. I thank you so much Maryl for the very useful and helpful message.

  73. What a beautiful meditation for centering and gathering strength. Thank you.

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