4/9: Take Church with you

4/9: Take Church with you

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  1. Wonderful thoughts, very grateful

  2. Thank you Laura for sharing this wonderful understanding of Church. It is limitless in its expression; meant to be shared and embracing all in its power and love. Truth and Love cannot be confined within a material structure. Mary Baker Eddy foresaw the dangers of a mortal, material sense of Church, giving us instead an understanding that is forever unfolding its divine infinite nature. Thank you again.

  3. Wow thank you so much Laura!

  4. I love the idea that Truth and Love that we share with the people around us can be our church. A place where we learn about God.

  5. Thank you!

  6. Many people don't believe in organized religion, I didn't, then I found the religion of LOVE and it changed my tune.

    I was lost in a city where I couldn't even read the street signs, nobody spoke my language.
    Strange writing everywhere.
    I was feeling tired and dizzy.
    I raised my eyes, and about to cry I said, God! ...
    Then I saw the words "Christian Science" pop right in front of my eyes.

    Oh joy! The love I found in that little "structure of Truth and Love" in Tokyo, was priceless!

    Here is the link to the book: The Greatest Thing in the World, Henry Drummond. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/16739

    Mucha gente no cree en la religión organizada, yo no creía, pero conocí la religión del AMOR y cambié la melodía.

    Me perdí en una ciudad en la que no podía ni leer los carteles, nadie hablaba mi idioma.
    Escritos raros por todas partes.
    Yo estaba cansada y mareada.
    Levanté los ojos y grité, ¡Dios!...
    Entonces vi las palabras "Ciencia Cristiana" en Inglés, que saltaron en frente de mis ojos.

    ¡Qué alegría! El Amor que hallé en esa pequeña "estructura de la Verdad y el Amor" en Tokyo fue impagable!

    El libro se halla en: http://listado.mercadolibre.com.ar/libro-la-cosa-m%C3%A1s-grande-del-mundo,-de-henry-drummond

  7. Laura, Thank you.

  8. Thank you Laura, for this vital lift.

    Loving others around us wherever we are should be a totally natural and normal expression, a no-brainer!

    An interfaith group I take part in each month has used the expression "church without walls!" To express church without walls (not being within them alone, or separated from our neighbors or any of us shut out by walls) is good for everyone.

    This gives us joy for being and for living, and momentum for helping each other in our communities.

    Putting love into practice each day blesses our neighbors, ourselves, and the entire world. Doing this glorifies God, which is our reason for being.

    Let's live church everywhere, all the time, with everyone!

    With gratitude,

    Peter Jensen

  9. Lovely ideas of sharing our sense of Church. Thanks Laura and all those who have commented so far ! I have had that little book by Henry Drummond for many years and just love the ideas expressed in it. Sharing our thoughts about Church is a way of helping to "elevate the race and (rouse) the dormant understanding" as another part of Mrs Eddy's definition tells us we must do.

  10. Mrs. Eddy and Mr. Drummond in their writings support the Love Jesus taught expressed and demonstrated. Each day we learn more of God as Love. The importance of our daily study of our Pastors The Bible and Science &Health. They bless the world. Such important work.

  11. Thank you, yes we can have Church where ever we go. Thanks.

  12. As a country member now for many years of my Branch Church of Christ, Scientist, I have never felt separated from Church, although I don't often have the opportunity of attending services. As you have pointed out, Laura, we can always be conscious of that "structure of Truth and Love" and of our eternal place within it. We do have a mission to express the love and inclusiveness of Church wherever we are. As Mary Baker Eddy tells us in her hymn: "Father, where thine own children are, I love to be". (I think hymn number 256 +, in the CS Hymnal). None of these children (including each of us) can be outside the infinite outreach of Love. I am so grateful for this fact. Thank you, Laura.

  13. Thanks Laura for your wonderful message!! Perhaps someone can't get into a church when they want to, for example at midday it is closed in our country, but considering your words they us feel comfortable wherever you are, because church comes with us in the sense of Truth and Love. Beautiful!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community!

  14. Yes!!!!!!! we have to remember all the day, always: "the Church is with us!!!
    Thank you !!!

  15. Thank you!

  16. lovely video, felt in the moment

  17. Nice!!! Thank you!!

  18. Thank you.

  19. Are we not all the building blocks of Truth and Love? Does not out very consciousness of this as we fit with other building blocks temple to praise God for His infinite inspiration?

  20. Thank you for this beautifully delivered Lift, including the wonderful video. The definition of Church as given in Christian Science, and your expression of these ideas about Church, bless everyone, everywhere. Thank you again!

  21. Okay, I will! Thank you!

  22. What a lovely lift. I remember reading in one of the biographies of Mary Baker Eddy that she praised "The Greatest Thing in the World", and said something to the effect that Professor Drummond had saved her the trouble of writing such a book on love. Perhaps someone else reading this post today will remember which biography and can post it! A few years ago I followed his advice to read 1 Cor 13 every day for a period of time, and then to read it once a month forever. It made a great different in my thinking.

    Daily Lift Team:

    See article by Kate Davidson Kimball, "Love fulfills law," The Christian Science Journal, May 1913, p. 84.

  23. Laura, thanks for the great "lift".

  24. How timely! As are all inspiration. I loved your quote from Henry Drummond's talk. I used to read this discourse constantly for quite some years and put what I was reading into my life. Our Leader said it was such a complete talk on Love that there was little she could add to it. Well, thank you Laura for the sweet Lift and for inviting us all into the original Mother Church this morning :) (I think that's where you are?)

  25. Thank you Laura :)

  26. "The Greatest Thing in the World", by Henry Drummond is one of my most treasured possessions. Among my precious memories of Christmas spent with my dearest aunt include her reading this book every Christmas Eve. Thanks so much, Laura, for bringing this memory back and for your inspiring message that Church, "the structure of Truth and Love" is always with us. We can never be separated from divine Truth and Love.

  27. Thank you, Laura. I love this idea and will follow through on your suggestion of taking church with us and living it today!

  28. Thank you Laura, I remember about 35 years ago, finding Henry Drummond's book and getting ordering copies from the Waters Book store in Boston. I gave away the books and kept one for myself. I live the words of this book, to this day. Wonderful practical knowledge about Love. Church in action.

  29. Lovely thought to take with me today! I truly love church and church work because I feel God is my employer and I am supporting Him.

  30. Thanks for your message

  31. Beautiful Laura and thanks for sharing. Special thanks to Elena #6 for your soothing thoughts.

  32. What a really lovely idea, Laura, thank you for sharing this with us.

  33. Thank you so much, Laura. The great thing about Christian Science is that we can attend church, even if we are the only one who is all of the congregation. Mrs Eddy has so set up the Church that we can have church pretty well everywhere, and one can feel that good just embrace our whole being. It doesn't really matter where we are, we are where we are of most use to God, Right in our own place, we are always at one with God and His presence, divine Truth and Life. Thanks everyone connected with Your Daily Lift.
    Thanks for a great week of Lifts.

  34. Thank You so very much for the Beautiful reminder

  35. Gracias Laura por este maravilloso Lift !!! y hermoso video .
    Agradezco asimismo , los comentarios tan inspirados.
    Un abrazo grande y bendiciones para todos,

    Ma. Cristy

  36. Thank you, Laura, for bringing Church to us this morning! I remember someone saying once that the letters, "ur" in the middle of the word "ch ur ch" mean that "You Are" Church! Yes, we certainly can take Church with us into our Day! I also appreciate more and more what it means to have an actual group of Christian Scientists meeting together each Sunday and Wednesday to commune with God - Truth, Life, and Love - and to share fellowship with each other. "When two or more are gathered in my name, there Am I." Jesus. Thanks again and Love to All!

  37. Thank you, Laura, for this inviting and refreshing Lift about Church, our Church!!

  38. Thank you Laura for this lovely lift and for reminding me and others of this little book 'The Greatest Thing in the World'. I shall be getting it off the bookshelf again as I am sure many others will too. Having listened to your lift earlier today I have been thinking about how church isn't a building but just where we are. This pondering today made me realise that as well as taking church with us after a service or meeting we are also taking church with us when we go into our church building for a service or meeting. I shall keep this thought close when I attend our Wednesday meeting this evening. Thank you so much.

  39. What a true and beautiful thought about church. Thank you!
    Cherie from Texas

  40. Thank you!

  41. Thanks, Laura, for your beautiful and most practical lesson on Truth and Love.

  42. Thank you, Laura.

  43. Virginia Castleman
    Thank you Laura for Beautiful thoughts and sharing The
    Greatest Thing in the World, Henry Drummond...one of my
    favorite books.

  44. Thanks so much for the message. I really needed it because in a few minutes I'm off to the dentist
    for a lengthy procedure. It's comforting to know that Love and Truth are with me supporting me (and
    the dentist too)

  45. Laura, thanks for emphasizing what "structure" really is!

  46. Beautiful

  47. Many thanks, Laura, for this gentle reminder. Sharon :-)

  48. Wow! Thank you, Laura.

  49. Seeing and listening to today's D/L, made me realize that since Church is the structure of truth and love, aren't we also that structure? Being the image and likeness of God, we are also that structure of Truth and Love and not mortals fighting each other for power and recognition, but spiritual Ambassadors of God reflecting the greatness and goodness of the High and Mighty.

  50. Excellent !!! Wonderful reminder ! Thank You .

  51. Thank you so much Laura I know my daughter had the structure of Truth and love with her today as she sat in the hospital waiting for the arrival of her beautiful grand daughter . How grateful to God we were when we got the message All is well also a beautiful photo . Much love to all .

  52. Thanks Laura. Like many others, I, too, have gotten so much from Henry Drummond's little book. I'm going to go read it again!
    Blessings to all,

  53. Thank you or this lovely Lift. I, too, will take this forward into my day. This was also an immediate comfort to me. I needed to feel the support of the larger concept of church - to feel builded up with the structure of Truth and Love and needed reminded that church was "rousing the dormant understanding" - my own this morning as I felt heavy concern over a situation. Watching, listening and then reading the comments I felt indeed lifted, hugged and reassured, strengthened; part of something tender, yet supremely powerful. Thank you very much.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Quoted words are from the definition of Church in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 583:12.

    "Church. The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.

    The Church is that institution, which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick."

  54. Thank you for bringing the atmosphere of Church to our homes through this inspired message!

  55. I teach college in a city where there is no C.S. church. It's a commuter campus, and none of the faculty members live in that city, where drugs have been a problem. I feel absolutely wonderful about sharing discussions about ethics with my students, who are nearly all of Sunday School age (under 20). I get to mention The Christian Science Monitor (along with other reputable news sources) when they're researching public issues, and I'm just happy that they will have heard those two words paired: Christian Science. It's a radical phrase.

    Religion is not my field, so I don't teach it directly, but I do strive for a Sunday School-like atmosphere in my classrooms: dignity, respect, worth, insight, spontaneity, confidence, courage, trust, big ideas, safety. Students are almost always present, especially when I've prayed to see presence in class as a normal expression of God's omnipresence. Since there are no barriers to God's omnipresence, all ideas (children and adults) reflect presence by being in their right place.

    One time there was a scare on campus of a contagious disease. A student came in and asked me about it, looking fearful. I smiled and said with great confidence, "The only thing contagious in here is laughter." That seemed to reassure the student, and the reports of disease ended very soon for the whole campus.

  56. Thank you for reminding us of the book, "The Greatest Thing in the World" by Henry Drummond. I have left it on the shelf for too long!

  57. Wow.

    This is really beautiful.

    I love TMC in Boston.

    The original part where you filmed speaks the most to me.

    Yes. Take Church with you and you do this by loving God the most and your neighbor as yourself. I feel you need both of these together.

    Remember, God's love is unconditional and includes ALL mankind.

    I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes which is appropriate to bringing Christian Science to your community. It is from our beloved leader Mary Baker Eddy:

    "I desire the equal growth and prosperity of ALL Christian Scientists, and the world in general; each and every one has equal opportunity to be benefited by my thoughts and writings."

    Mary Baker Eddy
    Miscellaneous Writings 291:12

    We love you Mrs. Eddy!

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  58. Thank you, Laura, for "Take church with you ..." Yes!!! I'm convinced that's the only way to BE a Christian Scientist!!! ;-)

    ... and thanks, also, Laura, for the visual of that beautiful, peaceful, sturdy, and well-appointed church - very inspiring!!! To live as a temple, a tabernacle, a church, - a cathedral!!! A beacon, a spotlight, a candle-glow!!! Everywhere we are is our extremity as God's opportunity (S&H)!!! ... and healing happens. ;-)

  59. Thank you, Laura, very much!

  60. Laura thank you so much for this beautiful video of church and on church. It is always wonderful to me to be in church and see that no matter the structure of the church I am so happy and blessed and that yes I can take that comfort with me wherever I go because it is the structure of Truth and Love. Also want to add that I had a healing this morning regarding my sense of home when I saw it in this same light, and as I was flooded with light I realized my present perfection and that my home is also a structure of Truth and Love and that I take it with me wherever I go in my consciousness! I am so grateful for this enlightenment!!

  61. I have given out two books over the years, The Greatest Thing in the World, and Gods Law of Adjustment. I always received such appreciation from the receiver. I heard a wonderful talk at a funeral based on the Greatest thing in the World. I too heard that Mary Baker Eddy said that she didn't need to write a book on Love because Henry Drummond already had. God Bless..

  62. What a beautiful thought that strengthens us wherever we are. Thank you.

  63. I could watch this lift 10 more times! it is so comforting and so true, but more important, a perfect reminder for all of us...thank you for starting out my with the thought that i shall carry with me always.
    Truth and Love are with me all day and every day.

  64. So beautiful to know. Thank you,

  65. Seeing you standing alone in the church edifice reminded me that church is not a collection of people, it can be a single person. And it is not a building, but a being or state of Mind, an expression of God. Thus Mrs. Eddy's definition of church applies to us. Each one of us is the structure of Truth and Love, we rest upon and proceed from divine Principle, we afford proof of our utility, elevate the race, rouse dormant understanding (even our own) from material beliefs to spiritual ideas thus demonstrating divine Science in our daily lives. (Loosely summarized from S&H 583:12).

    Jesus said, "the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21) thus we are not in the kingdom of God, but the other way around. Certainly understanding this is the same thing, not only taking church with us, but being church where ever we go. It is active, not passive. And the nice thing is you can include the beautiful music, hymns and solos by taking them with you like a personal MP3 player wherever you go. Sort of like a portable Daily Lift. How's that for "Church in Action"!

  66. Lovely. So relevant and so helpful. thanks. AND thanks to those who have shared.

  67. Laura....thank you....I had heard or read somewhere that when Mrs. Eddy was asked why she never wrote a specific book on love, she referred to Henry Drummonds book "The greatest thing in the world"....This is such a beautiful little book and for years I have included it as part of every wedding gift we give....It is truly a manual on how to "live love" ....I loved this lift....God's blessings on all of my fellow lifters

  68. The lift really made me feel that I had just attended church physically as well as mentally. What a wonderful way to start the day. It is so easy to share God's love no matter where we find ourselves because situations will automatically present themselves when we are openly expecting them to. A small example is my standing in line at a grocery store with a young family ahead of me who had two little children ages 2 and 3. One was in the basket and the other outside of it and both were unhappy vocally expressing. I got out a can of cat food with a cat's picture on it and went "Meow, meow." They both looked at me and that started a fun exchange of cat calls, dog calls, chicken calls, etc. The parents were able to fill their grocery basket as they checked out and the children and I had fun. Both parents thanked me for calming the situation. Love is everywhere just waiting to be shared.

  69. Dear One, that was very special, it speaks of the Love I feel for Church.
    A special "Thank you"
    June Nettles Clark, C.S. from Mobile, Alabama

  70. I loved #55 Name, who really takes Church along on her/his daily activity. The response "The only thing contagious here is laughter."
    Is a great example of Love expressed. It is "The Greatest Thing In The World."

  71. Many thanks Laura for this inspiring lift for taking Church with us wherever we go. Yes. "Never leave the presence of that Love that guides us, that Truth that upholds us." I have been reading and studying "The Greatest Thing in the World" ever since I was a child, and giving copies to my Sunday School students every year, long before this little book became available at our Christian Science Reading Rooms. "Character grows in the stream of the world's life. That chiefly is where men are to learn love." (Henry Drummond). "O holy presence, that stills all our demanding,/ O love of God, that needs but to be known!/ Heaven is at hand, when thy pure touch persuades us,/ Comfort of God, that seeks and finds His own." (Christian Science Hymnal #174).

  72. Wow! Beautiful lift Laura, Thank You!

  73. Exactly what I needed to hear! <3


  75. This view of church is the grander view, and I am going to let it lift me again and again above the sad news of more violence at a school. This will help me see schools as church.

  76. When you embrace the Church in our hearts the message of Truth and Love are everlasting arms and including every human being!

  77. Lovely lift, thanks Laura!

  78. Very cool!

  79. Great Lift ~~~ thank you, Laura! Love Henry Drummond's Inspirational Classic: "The Greatest Thing In The World"! Time to read/study again and continue living its loving ideas. From one classroom teacher to another, thanks #55 Name for your spiritual & meeting-the-need(s) insights. Grateful for all Lifter comments and the DL team.

  80. Thank you, Laura.

  81. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your lovely presence with a lovely point.

  82. Thanks, Laura, for the great Lift. Along with many others I, too, am so appreciative of Henry Drummond's The Greatest Thing in the World. I used to listen to it on tape, and purchased a number of copies of the book to share with others various times. Truly a treasure, and it's good to be reminded to read it again. And of course, so many inspiring remarks by fellow Lifters. Thank you everyone!

  83. Thank You Laura. We have an upcoming CS lecture in my home town this weekend and this is the Perfect idea to bring. Many thanks KC

  84. I just loved this. Commenting late, but I just absolutely love this. Thank you Laura, and thanks to all commenting above, and as always, to the Daily Lift team.

  85. Thanks SO much Laura, there is such spiritual strength in this lift. Thanks again.

  86. Wonderful! Thanks so much Laura.

  87. Thank you, Laura, for this healing lift addressing the meaning of church as it relates to CS. It enables me to share with others ONE of the reasons I LOVE church!

  88. Thank you so much Laura! This is so inspiring. Church as Truth and Love with me (with us) always. I can do better with this. Also, thank you, Elena (#6) and Marilyn (#22), for the reference links.

  89. Great Thoughts, Great Lift.
    Thank you so much.

  90. Thank you, Laura. I can use this idea today, for sure!

  91. Thank you for these uplifting thoughts!

  92. Awesome Daily Lift! My favorite MBE quote: “I love the whole human family and have labored to bless all, not a clan, but all”. Next question is "how do we open the doors to the church and start welcoming the masses and those that feel rejected and disenfranchised due to rules/road blocks adopted by many branch churches"?

  93. Thanks from me too!! If we leave church in church, we have been selfish!! Wonderful presentation of a wonderful idea.

  94. Thank You

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