4/8: Perfect God, perfect deer

4/8: Perfect God, perfect deer

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  1. Thank you Elise for sharing this beautiful demonstration of the Christ in action. These healing applicable truths are seen in all of God's creation, and we should never accept anything less than the perfection we know to be true. When we apply the Science of the Christ or Christian Science, God always backs our play.

  2. What a wonderful, great, happy and beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing this lovely story of seeing the perfect man, perfect 'deer' and knowing that God creates all things beautifully. God bless you and your class for this sweet reminder.

  3. This is a very beautiful healing experience and the way you and your class went about "holding guard" over one of God's creating is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you Elise

  5. So precious, I can relate to your "Deer" healing, I had a rescue kitten, who was with me 23 years and was truly a Christian Science Cat, for all her needs were met through Christian Science treatment and each treatment she heard that exact statement. "You are not matter; you are not made up of brain, blood, bones and other material elements." Then I would tell her what she meant to me and she always responded quickly. Thank you for guiding your Sunday School students to heal, just as you heal. You truly are a blessing to the Christian Science Movement.

  6. Perfect testimony.

  7. Wow! Well that was a PERFECT lift . How absolutely beautiful and wonderful and exACTLY what I needed for today - of course! Lol! Thank you SO much. Love Mandi :-)

  8. Thank you, Elise, for “Perfect God, perfect deer …”

    I sincerely appreciate your amazing healing testimony, as well as the powerful visuals that you shared. No wonder applying God’s laws to whatever the circumstance seems to human sense, a miracle! And thank you so very much for your inspired, “Not on my watch!” steadfastness! I will use it as my own call to duty, as well! And that the students were there to witness the power of the Christ! What a lesson!!! I will watch with a greater alertness to duty (actually more love than duty!) in proving that “God creates EVERYTHING perfect and eternal in His own image,” as I look to see the Truth of being throughout each day, as part of my daily service.

    You are a perfect dear!!!

  9. Thank you Elise for reminding me of the perfection of everything that God expresses, and that this expression by God of Himself is the perfect life form and is everlasting.

    When we understand that creation in the spiritual sense does not imply that before a cetain time that that life form did not exist, but then it was suddenly there, we can also understand that an image has no power of its own to change its form and method of movement from the spiritual to the material.

    Thank you for sharing your demonstration that as Mrs Eddy writes:


    All that
    God imparts moves in accord with Him, reflecting good-

    24 ness and power.

    -- and nothing else!

  10. Dear Elsie,

    Thank you for the wonderful message. No matter how we spell the two words; "deer" and "deer", they both give us cause for tenderness, beauty and love. Your experience had just that. You hear the expression from a dear one "Oh, you dear." when something lovely has happened. We , (both sorts) are the expression of God's qualities.

  11. Caro, Switzerland
    Thank you very much for this beautiful healing, I love animals and now I always will pray for them as
    God's creation too. God is never limited, merci de tout coeur.

  12. Elise YOU ARE THE 'DEAR'! What a lesson these Sunday School students were given. 20 times more Important than lip service. They will never forget this Christian Science healing and experience.

  13. Thank you Elise. What a wonderful way to pray for all animals. Every time I use that expression "oh, dear" I will be reminded of using the What is Man? passage from p. 475 in Science and Health in this particular way. I am grateful for that deer showing up and the lovely demonstration of healing by you and your class.

  14. THANK EWE!!

  15. What a lovely story Elise. Thank you.

  16. Wonderful :-)
    Perfect size to pack for work, first day back after Easter hols
    Thank you dear and deer for this fantastic lesson in healing

  17. Hello Elise !
    Thank you so much for that lovely and" nature inspired " teaching, yet so deep........
    I'm happy to know you!
    Eve from South france

  18. Great! thank you for your superb watch and your reminder to include in our prayers the animals of the world

  19. Lovely to see the deer return again and again, perfect as always!

  20. Thank you so much Elise. I had a lovely healing once when a cat healed me! My thought was very disturbed and I sat down on a bench beside a stream in the Estate where I live. Shortly a black cat, one of my neighbours pets came and sat on the bench beside me. My experience with cats is that they jump on your lap or rub against you wanting your attention. This one sat very quietly beside me After a short while I felt a great sense of peace and I said "Thank you, you may go now" This dear cat then immediately jumped down and ran home. I might mention that before this experience I was not particularly fond of cats. So I had a double healing !!

  21. A powerful way to start the week with a fulfillment of " All is infinite MInd and its infinite manifestation ." Thank you Elise .

  22. Bonjour Elise

    Thank you so much for this wonderful message! Love this..
    Anne from the south of France

  23. Elise, you and your students totally rock. Great healing. Truly a lift for the day. Thanks.

  24. Oh, so very instructive and helpful - yes God made a l l creature in his image and likeness, even the plants - thank you very much indeed for your lovely testimony as the todays DL, dear Elise.

  25. This "lesson" is beautiful, thank you Elise. I shall pass this one on to my Brother who is a true lover of nature and writes so descriptively to me of all the wildlife around him in Yorkshire where he lives. He too is meeting a problem and I have often referred him to page 475...where Mrs Eddy puts the question "What is man?" I'm sure that it will help him and myself, amongst many others who are searching for the Spiritual identity of ALL things. love to all. June.

  26. It might seem strange for us, city folks, to hear that some people coexist with wild animals so easily.
    Take Africa for example, in some sites lions are their everyday neighbors, and in some parks in California is not strange to see a bear or other wild animals wonder around camping grounds.
    But those animals are as much a manifestation of God’s intelligence as we are, when we respect them and see them as God’s perfect ideas as we see ourselves— although in a smaller grade—we can’t be hurt by them nor hurt them ourselves.
    Earth is a great habitat for all God’s ideas, big and small, we are all manifestations of the same Creator.

    Puede parecer extraño para nosotros, gente de la ciudad, oír que algunas personas conviven con animales salvajes con tanta facilidad.
    África, por ejemplo, en algunos parajes los leones son sus vecinos de todos los días, y en algunos parques en California no es extraño ver a un oso u otros animales salvajes vagar por zonas de acampar.
    Pero esos animales son la manifestación de la inteligencia de Dios tanto como nosotros , aunque en menor grado, cuando los respetamos y los vemos como ideas perfectas—como nos vemos a nosotros mismos—, no podemos ser lastimados por ellos ni hacerles daño.
    La Tierra es un hábitat ideal para todas las ideas de Dios, grandes y pequeñas, todos somos la manifestación del mismo Creador.

  27. So glad your churchyard does not have a gate/doorway but lets in opportunity to get healed. You have
    very clear minded deer in your area...... your pupils got their best lesson possible that day and Good
    on you... enjoy your ceramic statue of the patient!!
    Arn /UK

  28. Just wonderful, absolutely wonderful, thank you Elise

  29. Dearest Elise,

    What a wonderful opportunity to prove the healing effects of Truth on a "dear" creation of God, with your Sunday School. What better way to learn than to see the healing Truth in action for these young healers.

    Each day is filled with these opportunities to prove what we are learning about God as the only presence & power in our lives.

    In the past I resented the quantity of "opportunities" I was being given on a daily basis. God is so patient though, gently showing me how to use these opportunities to see His handiwork in their place. Now He gives me the opportunity to share & support other people with their "opportunities".

    Ps 100:2-3 says it so beautifully:

    "Serve The Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Know ye that The Lord he is God:"

    Science & Health by Mary Baker Eddy says equally as beautifully, 471:18-19 "God is infinite, therefore ever present, & there is no other power nor presence."

    I love how you saw & took the opportunity & broadened it to include all those around you in the Sunday School. Wow, imagine the works that would be done in God's name if everyone worked with this.

    I am so grateful to these daily lifts, for showing us glimpses of God's infinite possibilities. Much humble thanks to everyone involved in brining them to us, & for each & every comment made - it is truly a gift from God & one I treasure.

    Much love to everyone, Jo xx

  30. What a beautiful lift and a hands-on Sunday School class!
    Thank you so much, Elise!

  31. Bonjour Elise

    Thank you so much for this wonderful message! Love this..
    Anne from the south of France

  32. I want to thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful lesson for the Sunday school students! I am sure they will remember it always. I know I will!

  33. I am elated by this testimony. Thank you and Thank you God. For spiritual being and healing. Priscilla , Bronx, NY.

  34. Thank you for a very lovely LIFT. Where I live now there are small animals and large birds that are often in the road and I know that God always watches over them. Thank you again. It was nice seeing you.

  35. Elise,
    Thank you

  36. How lovely! Thank you.

  37. Beautiful healing. Thank you.

  38. Thank you so much Elise. At a time when a family member needed to be admitted to hospital, this statement of Truth came to me so loudly, I was amazed others had not heard it. I just lived with that page for more than a year, and it healed and transformed lives. One needs to remain steadfast as It is such a powerful and immediate help to everyone who prays with this Truth. I am indebted to Mary Baker Eddy. Forever.
    Thank you Nate and the producers; the Lecturers and the Board, and the Daily Lift family.

  39. Thank you for that lovely testimony. Just beautiful!

  40. Wonderful presentation! Hidden connections of God's servants called upon by the pure of heart.

  41. Deer-lightful Elise! What a wonderful experience for your Sunday School class! "Not on my watch!" I like that.....Thank you.

  42. Thank You so much for the reminder that Gods Divine Love is a healing power freely give to ALL HIS CREATIONS...!

  43. Thank you for sharing this, Elise! What powerful proof of Gods love and care over Her entire creation! Everything and everyone is included and wrapped in Love and goodness.

  44. Perfect and deer - oops - dear.
    Thanks to you, your Sunday School - AND GOD,

  45. Hi Elise: Thank-you "Deerly" (sorry I could not resist) for this Daily Lift! I will be sharing this with my son(he's in fourth grade) and I know he will love it. It just shows once again that if we persist in the Truth--no matter how bad the human picture--infinite blessings await us all, ---including the deer.

  46. Thank you so much! This is an inspiration for prayer for our dear horse who seems to be having a challenge these past few days. Exactly what we need!

  47. I am very grateful for your video, Elise. I was reading it through my tears. I love to hear about a animals being healed. Animals are also God's children and are so responsive to Love. Not so long ago I prayed for my son's Border Collie dog when she ate poison. After sitting with her for half the day she was healed.

  48. What a wonderful lift for this day. I loved it and all the comments too. I will make a point to apply it to all my life daily. Perfect God, perfect job environment. Perfect God, perfect Government officials. Perfect God, perfect taxi driver, Perfect God, perfect man and woman spiritually created in His image. Thanks!

  49. Thank you Elise, and Sunday School class, ..... in quiet peace, for the healing and glory of God!

  50. Many thanks Elise for sharing this healing of a deer. At dusk, I regularly avoid deer in the road, with a lot of prayer. "Find Thy perfect, calm reflection; /On the path that has no turning, /Patience, courage, meekness learning." (Christia Science Hymnal #85).

  51. Thanks so much, Elise, for sharing this beautiful healing experience and what a wonderful lesson it was for your Sunday school students to see Christian Science being demonstrated, not just taught.

  52. This lovely healing lift reached me today as I was busy praying for my cat, who is a very special member of our family. She was ill treated while she was in kennels when we were on holiday and seemed to have lost her sight and also had a very painful back leg. We think she fell from a height or was beaten. This meant that I first had to overcome my resentment, which I knew would hamper her healing. -I'm still working on that.
    Then as I was praying and also clearing out a pile of old Sentinels, I opened one at the exact page I needed. It was about the healing of a cat when the owner finally declared that the only idea of Cat is God's Cat and that there is no other type of Cat. - I thought wow, I must pray with this idea in mind.
    Then I found a citation within a C.S. article, which stated: God's perfect idea never strays from being His perfect idea.
    Both of these quotes literally popped out at me and I've been working with them ever since.
    Now I have new ideas to add to the way I'm thinking about my cat and her relationship to God as the perfect Cat and I'm very grateful for all the wonderful inspiration I have received.
    I'm often quit amazed when the exact article I need to read falls into my lap, but I shouldn't be, because it's happened so often in the past, that I've actually come to expect it.

  53. Es muy cierto todo lo dicho, y esto me trae al recuerdo la niña de Etiopía, y de como fue protejida por los leones, y de esa manera se hace cierto que las ideas divinas pueblan el universo y se manifiestan en toda criatura aun en aquellas que parecen feroces, también el hombre a veces parece feroz, cruel, aún más que las mismas "fieras", Podríamos preguntarnos: ¿Tienen pensamientos, ideas los animales? porque no, si todo nace de la misma fuente, las ideas son sustanciales y como tales afloran en cada criatura, pienso que si los vemos con amor, en ellos también se manifestará el mismo amor.

    Si bien en mi casa han habido perros, nunca han sido de mi agrado, pero a medida que he ido profundizando en la Ciencia Cristiana me he hecho amiga de ellos de tal manera que ahora no puedo sacármelos de encima por sus manifestaciones de afecto, aún cuando siguen sin ser de mi agrado, aun a veces me enternecen.

    Y así se da en todas nuestras relaciones todo cambia cuando cambiamos nosotros de una creencia material a una espiritual y perfecta gobernados por las ideas, que son atraidas cuando dejando de lado el materialismo comprendemos que el espíritu divino está en cada brizna de hierba que alimenta, porque las ideas divinas cuando son reflejadas producen el alimento perfecto para todos.

    Gracias Elise, comenzar el día con tan inspirado mensaje es una bendición.

  54. What a practical and inspiring "lift". Thanks so much!

  55. I loved your lift - thank you Elise - and have done a similar substitution exercise with different excerpts from S& H, applied towards a friend's beloved Golden Retriever with wonderful comforting and healing results. I have also recently witnessed a beautiful healing and strengthened realignment of a young gull chick's badly broken leg, through prayer and giving patient care in feeding it twice daily, when it was unable to fend for itself. "God made all his creatures free..." (and perfect) as we ourselves are - thanks
    for this clear and vivid reminder of the Truth.

  56. What a lovely lift-- every aspect of it! The church grounds, clearly tended with love; the Sunday School teacher and students praying together unselfishly; the healing truths of God's love and care for His/Her entire creation, manifested.....Thank you.

  57. Elise,
    I love your absolute conviction that God heals everything! God's Love for each idea is so practical! Thank you!

  58. Thank you.

  59. Thank you for this lovely Lift and for your inspiring declaration, "Not on my watch!". That sets a standard for us all. One of our rabbits was so poorly one day she let me pick her up and put her in a box where she lay unmoving. I turned immediately to my Science and Health and sat on the floor by the box reading it out loud to her. She recovered that afternoon. It is now years later and I have just put her out in the sunshine in the back garden. Thank you for reminding me of this lovely healing, and thank you to all for helpful comments.

  60. What a beautiful lift! Thank you.

  61. What a Beautiful Healing and Proof of what Christian Science and Christianity teaches: God created Everything Spiritually, not materially! I just love that the bedrock of Christianity, and thus Christian Science, is that Mind, Spirit, creates All out of itself and that matter is merely a belief or a false view generated by the carnal, material mind. What amazing healing works we can all do as we follow this teaching!

  62. As I saw no comments from anyone on the final quote at the end of the Lift, I'll alert all who watch/listen to this beautiful testimony from now on. Don't turn it off the minute you see the MBE quote on the screen! The joy of the digital world changes "man" into many different creatures .. just a sweet expansion of thought! "God creates man perfect and eternal in His own image." Thanks to "dear" Elise and to all the creative folks at the Daily Lift!

  63. It is a wonderful occssion when a Sunday school class can witness to the principle in action. A true expression of love, faith, compassion and mind.

  64. This is great! I have heard of many people feeling directed to a CS Church to find healing, but I have never actually heard of a deer visitation. A divine Mind directive obeyed , I know. – by both the deer and the team of practitioners with you, Elise. Well done!

    The best nurturing of the animals we meet is holding to their correct identity of an idea of Mind. This idea has no hint of physicality and lives in at-one-ment with its forever source. We share a spiritual experience and an identical cause. The children of God’s creation can play without harming, look without fearing, love without possessing, and most importantly, share without limitation, which is exactly what that deer found.

    Do you suppose the deer is giving a testimony to friends? Without having read a Bible or a Science and Health, what do you suppose is being said?

  65. Thank you and thank you to all the comments. I will send this on to my daughter and granddaughters.

  66. Thank you so much!!!! Isn't that proof of why we love Christian Science so much! We don't ever, in any situation have to accept the wrong view. With anything, anyone, anywhere. Divine Love is embracing it's creation. What an amazing opportunity for those children and now every one that rejoices in this lift.

    Thank you!!!!!!

  67. What a beautiful reminder of God's healing love--everlasting and available to all of His creatures!
    Thank you for this beautiful Lift.

  68. Thank you for sharing this precious story of healing the deer. What a great example for your Sunday School and for the rest of us.

  69. Thank you Elise and thank you to your Sunday School students who so lovingly saw the deer as God's perfect creation, "harmless, useful and indestructible." S&H by Mary Baker Eddy.

  70. "But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee. . . " Job 12: 7 - 10. Perfect illustration of the great fact that our dear God made and governs all. Perfectly! So many thanks to Elise, the Sunday Schoolers, and the DL for getting the word out. Perfect Love casts out fear every time.

  71. Thank you Elise for the beautiful healing! Also enjoyed your lecture yesterday in Rochester, NY

  72. Lovely, Elise. Very beautiful and very meaningful. Thank you so much

  73. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Thank you!

  74. Hermoso Daily Lift !!! igual/ bello el video. Muy agradecida Elise , siempre perfectas tus ideas que bendicen a todos.
    Relacioné tu mensaje con palabras de mrs. Eddy :
    ' ' La individualidad creada por Dios no es carnívora, según atestigua el estado milenario descrito por Isaías: - Morará el lobo con el cordero, y el leopardo con el cabrito se acostará;
    el becerro y el león y la bestia doméstica andarán juntos, y un niño los pastoreará .

    ' Todas las criaturas de Dios , moviéndose en la armonía de la Ciencia, son inofensivas, útiles e indestructibles' ( cys p 514) .

    Agradezco los comentarios anteriores .
    Un abrazo grande y bendiciones a todos, Ma. Cristy

    Wonderful Daily Lift and video dear Elise !!! I' m very grateful and too all comments.

    Mrs. Eddy write : ' The individuality created by God is not carnivorous, as witness the millennial estate pictured by Isaiah: - The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
    and the calf and the young lion, and the fatling together;
    and a little-child shall lead them .

    ' 'All of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless,useful, indestructible' (cys 514)

    A big hug and blessings of Love to all , Ma. Cristy

  75. I love it! What a wonderful healing for all to witness, esp. the kids. Thank you for sharing.

  76. I have been so 'weighed' down with a close family member who is having a health challenge and waking up this morning to the stufy of this week's Bible Lesson and then listening to your lift have brought me such sweet assurance of our dear Father Mother's love for all of his creation. God did make EVERYTHING/EVERYONE perfect and in HIs own image. I am joyful and again thanks for your beautiful, happy lift today. And much love to all...

  77. "It is possible, — yea, it is the duty and privilege of every child, man, and woman, — to follow in some degree the example of the Master by the demonstration of Truth and Life, of health and holiness."

    Mrs. Eddy tells us, on page 37 of Science and Health, that it is our DUTY and PRIVILEGE to demonstrate health and holiness, whether we are looking upon animal or person. What a holy responsibility! Thank you!

  78. Thanks for a wonderfully healing experience ELise. Love reflected in Love!

  79. Super. What a lovely practical Sunday School project. Nothing like a definite "show and tell."

  80. Elise, How wonderful and beautiful!! A great lift, thank you for sharing that and thank you and your class for seeing the Truth of that lovely creature.

  81. Hermosa demostración y qué valiosa oportunidad para los alumnos de la Escuela Dominical. Muchas gracias querida Elise.

  82. Thank you.

  83. Thank you.

  84. Thank you for the perfectly "dear" healing of the deer. This was a very important witnessing of the Divine Mind in power.

  85. Thank you for your perfect daily lift.

  86. Acknowledging your precious DL for us all. Everyday I awake to good in whatever way it is shown me. What a blessing of good this certainly was. Thank you dear one!

  87. thank you Elise and thank you everyone who has shared. Lovely, precious, powerful,comforting, healing.

  88. Today's Daily Lift with it's video about the deer's healing really opened my thought that C/S healing is not just for human beings but for animals also. Let me include all life forms from fish to mammals. I thought to myself that how wonderful to know that God includes all life forms, not just what we humans think God only includes us.


  90. Thank you for this perfect moment reminder that each one of us is Perfect in every way. I sure needed this reminder this morning.

  91. Thank you, Elise, for the powerful and strengthening lecture/talk in Rochester NY yesterday. The prayer of affirmation shared audibly with the audience before your topic was so comforting and healing. We saw many new faces. The precise healing message in each Bible verse was so apparent and compelling. One of the best lectures ever! And today's Lift is a bonus. I, too, pray for the many deer on our large property, particularly when they display a limp or other so-called disability. It forces me to back off from sadness and embrace each as a useful, beautiful, perfectly maintained idea of their/our creator, Mind. I've seen wonderful results. The law of harmony is intact and in operation always.
    Blessings and thanks.

  92. Really great lift..Thank you so much !

  93. What a great application of the healing Truth - and a great example of not limiting our outlook when we face a new situation. Also a great lesson for your Sunday School students - to see what power lies in the ideas found in our textbook. [Thanks to the Daily Lift team for an inspiring presentation, too.]

  94. What a beautiful healing. Pure love, reflected from Love, does the job. Thanks!

  95. Dear Elise, This was a powerful healing, and how wonderful those kids of the Sunday School were practitioners for the deer's perfection.
    I see deer come through our yard almost every day or night of the year, and will think of this healing often as I see them.

  96. Thanks for this practical example of keeping thought focused on the reality of God's perfect creation.

  97. Thank you for sharing this really beautiful demonstration of practical good. I loved the immediate and impromtu attention you and your class gave to this deer in need. And to learn that prayer was effective...prayer is "doing something". The little ceramic deer was such a perfect sweet and dear momento. Love expressed all the way!

  98. Your presentation was positive and terrific. Perfect God, perfect deer is a wonderful thought.

  99. What a wonderful and uplifting Lift! This is one of our favorite passages from Science and Health and a neat way to see it applied! Thank you so much! :)

  100. Absolutely loved this testimony in so many ways: the idea of the deer as a spiritual idea; the perfect Love that heals every concern; the coming together of class and teacher in a single Mind...this is an important lesson for us all.

  101. Thank you for this wonderful Lift video! I really appreciate this clear example of Christian Science healing.Thanks for the inspiring comments as well.

  102. Thank you, Elise, for your conviction that ALL of God's creatures are held perfect in His love.
    And Nancy from Yellow Springs ("Do you suppose the deer is giving a testimony to friends?")---I always love your comments!

  103. Seems like the deer came there to live and not to die.Such a lovely healing.
    We have a couple of stray cats that come in and out of out townhouse condo complex. Just as winter was approaching last fall, I saw one of these, lovely marmalade in colour,making its way,very heavily pregnant,ever so slowly, to the back of one of the units.I looked up and breathed a quiet prayer that only by God's grace would she make her way through another of our often severe winters.
    And what did I see about an hour ago? The marmalade beauty coming around that same corner,to check out the neighbourhood and take in some sun. Surely divine care is ever in place.

  104. Thank you, Elise! By insisting that your Sunday School Class become healers, they are learning (and retaining) the real practice of Christian Science. To me, this is church-in-action: the outward focus, the ministry. What beautiful leadership and real education you demonstrated in your Sunday School!!!

    It's never too soon or too late to let spiritual sense prevail.

    In this week's Bible Lesson, citation number 15 from Science and Health: "Science inevitably lifts one's being higher in the scale of harmony and happiness."

    True knowledge (Science) keeps us safe and well. I'm seeing more and more clearly that Home is mental and not a geographic "place." Therefore, the refugees from Syria are fully entitled to be at Home...here and now...because the Christ-consciousness knows no borders, no change, no division. Wellness is everyone's right, even in a refugee camp, because health does not depend on matter or on material conditions. God is the only Life, the only Love, the only Truth...revealing the true laws of nations, of health, of progress.

    Love, and a Scientific day, to all of you.

  105. A beautiful example of God's ever active healing .... wonderful healing for the Sunday school children to be a part of... so grateful so grateful

  106. Hermoso mensaje. esto me hace pensar que mi fobia eran los insectos, sobre todo arañas y cucarachas
    Un día sin darnos cuenta, empezaron a aparecer cucarachas, se llenó la casa de cucarachas, me entró
    una deseperación horrible, compraba de todos los venenos que encontraba,pero no les hacia nada.
    entonces fué cuando me acorde de una practicista que haciendo trabajo metafísico limpio toda su casa
    de dichos insectos. Comence a hacer lo mismo, a los pocos días desaparecieron yhasta ahora mi casa está libre de ellas. Cambié mi pensamiento, para darme cuenta que todas las manifestaciones de Dios nos movemos en perfecta armonía, sin molestarnos unas a otras.
    Gracias pr la inspiración

  107. Wow, thank you for including all of God's creation in your healling and saving treatment. We and your Sunday School are so blessed to hear from you. Much love to all.

  108. This is AWESOME...thank you so much! I am currently dealing with an issue with one of my outdoor cats (Bree), who seems to have a wound of some sort, which has kept me a bit worried and this lift is so timely for me! I do animal rescue work, focusing on cats and I really use CS in this work. I have so far all day kept Bree in thought as a Spiritual idea, not a material cat, liable to physical issues. I love her and all my other kitties and want them to be happy and safe. I know she is safe in God's care. Thank you again!

  109. This uplift is pure beauty and it touches my heart ! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

  110. Thank you so much! Such a comforting, inspiring, joyful lift!

  111. That's the best thing I've ever heard.

  112. Precious reminder of the Truth. So simple yet so profound.

  113. Inspiring!!

    Ezek 33:7 ¶"....O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel;"

    Thank you for sharing this delightful healing testimony.

  114. What a precious and lovely inspiration -- a demonstration of divine healing in its simplest and purest form. Thank you so much for sharing!

  115. Beautiful . . . . Thank you! :))

  116. Thank you for that 'reminder'...Some years ago my beautiful rottweiler, Babe, was struck on the muzzle by a very large copperhead (3/4 inches between fang punctures)...I thought her jaw was broken and so took her to a vet who happened to know about copperheads and showed me the fang punctures. Her jaw was swollen to twice its normal size as was her neck. The vet's prognosis was that the skin on the muzzle would fall away and that paralysis would set in. I worked day and night with that dog, and relied heavily on page 475, but in my case it was "What is dog?" After about 3 days the paralysis predicted started to take place and Babe's hind legs were useless, so I redoubled my work. At the end of 6 days, the paralasis completed gave way and no facial marks were evident. Babe was an older dog so it was fantastic to suddenly see her bounding about like a puppy within 1 week--she was so grateful for her healing, as was I. Thanks again. for the reminder.

  117. This story brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. What an inspiring way to begin the week. Thank you.

  118. Such helpful ideas for me today in praying for my dog. Thank you!

  119. Just lovely. We recently had a young buck at our deer feeder in the back yard. One of his front legs was half gone. He was able to walk slowly, but with a terrible limp. I was so grateful that he felt the calm security of our little place here, a place to feed without the threat of harm. Of course my prayer for him was immediate, as your lovely healing example demonstrates. If we do not love our deer, whom we have seen, how can we love God... as the Bible states... in similar words!! Don't you just love the many manifestations of God's presence?

  120. So profound and so simple. Thank you!!

  121. Obrigada Elise por sua mensagem tão inspiradora. Todas as idéias criadas por Deus vivem em perfeita harmonia, sim.

  122. This dear healing of the deer fills me with joy.
    Thank you so much for sharing yours and your students' demonstration of God's healing power.
    So uplifting and encouraging. You told the experience with such naturalness and grace.
    Thanks again, Elise, for letting your light shine!

  123. This dear healing of the deer fills me with joy.
    Thank you so much for sharing yours and your students' demonstration of God's healing power.
    So uplifting and encouraging. You told the experience with such naturalness and grace.
    Thanks again, Elise, for letting your light shine!

  124. Great healing! Now, if God can heal this precious deer, how can S/He NOT heal all of us... her precious wee ones?? Alway-- that's what the Christ meant just before His resurrection... with us, alway... thank you and thank you, CS Sunday School children of Nashville! Thank you for sharing in this amazing, powerful, loving, tender healing... the true demonstration of The Christ in all of us. Reflections of God. --Rob of the Rockies. Blessed day, one and all!

  125. Thanks for sharing this beautiful healing.

  126. Loved this daily lift. Thank you so much. What a great lesson for the SS pupils too!

  127. Thank you for the lift today and all the comments.

  128. Thank you soooooo much Elise for this wonderful healing! Much love to you all

  129. A heart-touching healing - it seems as if the deer was naturally guided to the place where healing is possible, where Christ is always waiting to give needed healing answers - and to young adults being alert to this divine right! Merci!

  130. Thank you! I can bask in the glow of that healing for a while!

  131. Hi Elise and thank you. I had an experience just this morning that was a healing regarding my cat. Although I am very careful when I open the front door, he somehow darted out and skulked away a bit. My initial attempts to catch him were unsuccessful, as he was hiding in the bushes. He then saw a squirrel and chased it along the side of the house. I said aloud, "Father, HELP me, I really need your help here." Just then our condo maintenance man appeared around the corner of a neighboring house and asked me what was up. I asked him to help me with the cat, who at this point was on the side of my house. Lee talked cajolingly to my cat while I went behind him to pick him up, success! I feel our maintenance was a God-sent angel to help me, and by the way, Lee is a cat lover too!

  132. Very wonderful lift and demonstration of Perfect God - Perfect Deer (man). Thank you so much. The video was nice too.

  133. What a gift this LIft is . . .the message is definitely touching many hearts, and the presentation is also wonderful. Thank you to all who had a part in the video, including the music before and after, and the great quote at the very end, that Nancy #61 pointed out . .

  134. Dear Elise, deep gratitude for seeing this perfect creation in the form of a deer. Have many lively deer in my yard and will continue to see them as perfect expressions of God's qualities, never destructive, only peacefully, good.


  136. Good morning, Elise. You are such a dear to share this. We are all one in God's family. Thanks to you and your precious Sunday School students from Southern California.

  137. Thank you...can't wait share this w/my Sunday School
    Class...the INCLUSIVNESS of GODS LOVE for ALL
    on our planet!! P E R F E C T EVERYONE!

  138. Thank you so much, Elise, for sharing this precious experience. And to the Daily Lift Team for the perfect presentation! It felt to me like you were following up your last Lift, "Rescue from the mud," with evidence of it in action! "Our mutual employer is God. And the tools of this trade are prayer, spiritual conviction and compassion. We can accept this job...." So you and your wonderful students did! And encourage us all!

  139. This has got to be one of the sweetest and tenderest daily lifts!!! Thank you so much Elise!! And all the comments~ outstanding!!
    Love you all

  140. Beautiful healing, Elise and Sunday School students. You all were demonstrating "proof of your utility". Wonderful. Thank you and all Daily Lifters. Blessings!

  141. Thank you!!!

  142. Wow, Elise, talk about putting a huge smile on my face, and twinkles in my eyes- what a joyous way to start my day! So practical, so loving, so inclusive and such a great "in your face" healing for your Sunday School!! It destroys the devil's argument that "Here's the proof- the damage is done, and you can't fix it." And, you all answered with the truth: There's nothing to fix, we're just knowing God's perfection, until we see it; and knowing that: "When the destination is desirable, expectation speeds our progress." ( S&H 426:8-9) Also, thank you for sharing your church with us- it was very cool to talk a walk with you around your church home.

  143. I love this!

  144. What a joyous and uplifting experience for all -- for the deer, the class, you, and all of us. Many thanks.

  145. Thank you for all your lovely comments, deer ones. I'm especially cherishing the healings that many are sharing in your comments.

  146. 63 Nancy Of course the dear deer is giving a testimony to friends. It says: "Go to the CS Sunday School, it's not only meant for the dear children of men, but for us animals as well. As you can easily see from my example. Just give it a try.

    One Sunday morning when arriving at our church it seemed to me that the whole congregation had gathered in front of the building. An elderly lady pointed with her finger at a girl from my Sunday School class who held a lifeless dove in her hands. The dove must have flown against a window pane and now it's head was hanging down. The lady whispered in my ear: "I hope you will not allow the girl to enter church with this bird in her hands." When looking at the girl, our eyes met and I saw a great sadness therein and I gave my permission that she could take the bird with her and that she was supposed to put the bird in a corner of the room and that none of the children should look at the dove while we would talk about deathless life and God's infinite love for His creation. When school was finished the girl took the bird and gave it shelter in her hands. Obviously no change had occured. Nobody commented on that. Outside the building there was a sudden flattering in the girl's hands. She was shocked and with a deep sigh she opened her hands and the bird flew high up on a window sill of a neighboring house and looked down on the congregation, obviously in order to give thanks to us, only then the dove flew away. How grateful we all were

  147. Elise, this was such a wonderful demonstration of the healing power of the Christ-Truth in Christian Science — and a great example of the effectiveness of prayer. Also, what a memorable experience for your students to have shared with you. Also, thanks again for your OUTSTANDING lecture in Rochester yesterday. It was a treasure. Glad I got to give you a "hug" from my Jennifer. Much love to you.

  148. thank you so much for that wonderful healing and for giving us ideas regarding how to work with animals.

  149. Thank you, dear Elise, for this perfect lift! and for the perfect experience of such a lovely healing - together with your sunday school class.
    This is really uplifting!

  150. Thank you for this genuinely loving demonstration of healing. To think the deer felt the presence of God and came inside your Sunday School yard is beautiful. One of my cats was very sick and lay on the floor unable to walk, my husband suggested we take him to the vet. I said give me three days to work with prayer for him. He recovered fully in a couple of days and we had him for another year healthy and happy. "All of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, and indestructible." S&H P 514:28-30.

  151. Thanks Elise. Inspiring thoughts and the video made it fun.

  152. Such a wonderful story and healing! Thank you for sharing it!

  153. yay!!! of course!!!

  154. That deer was a dear to your church community. Thank you for sharing this expression of love.

  155. Dear Elise... A STANDING OVATION for you and your Sunday School class!! What a touching example of how true healing unfolds when we are watchful and see as the Christ Truth sees!

    Many thanks!!

  156. Every step, every thought, is God-directed, and so, Elise, thanks for the witness of the manifestation of God's will of the bounding deer!

    "...they shall see the glory of the LORD, and the excellency of our God...Then shall the lame man leap as an hart.."(Isaiah) or it could be re-written, then shall the lame deer jump as a youth!

  157. Thank you for including our animal friends who are also expressions of the idea, "man". What a great healing!

  158. I loved this! Animals, I have noticed in all my lifetime, are very grateful for love, prayers and intuitive Spirit. All of the animals I have prayed for, expresses this gratitude to me. Thank you for sharing.

  159. From this week's Bible Lesson: "Into the real and ideal man, the fleshly element cannot enter." (S&H p. 332)

    After listening to Elise, it was easy to change this to, "Into the real and ideal deer/cat/dog/bird, the fleshly element cannot enter." Love it!

    Thanks, Elise!

  160. Love it! What a cool Sunday School class to be part of. Thanks for sharing.

  161. Elise, Thank you for this Lift! It was just what my cat and I needed this morning. She was healed by it! She is normally very interested in eating (all the time), but this morning she was off her food and she kept huddling close to me wherever I was. I told her that God made her perfect and she couldn't have anything that wasn't from Him, but after listening to your Lift, I specifically declared out loud to her that she was "not made up of brain, blood, bones and other material elements" like organs, that "God was [her] primitive and ultimate source of being" (from Science and Health). I needed to remove my fear and your sharing of the deer's healing did just that. Within 10-15 minutes of my consecrated praying with the ideas you shared, she was up and racing around asking me to chase her--which is a game we usually play in the mornings. I'm so grateful for this quick, natural healing, this affirmation of her true identity. Thank you!

  162. wonderful!
    brings tears of joy. Thank you for sharing and for healing!

  163. You touched my heart with that beautiful healing. I thank you so much for your love and dedication to Christian Science and for sharing that beautiful experience with all of us. I know animals really respond to Christian Science treatment. We have seen it on our farm throughout the years.

  164. Love the active prayer that is being lived!

  165. Love it - Thank you, Elise ! Such a precious Story....

  166. Trusting in God's unconditional love for us, is surely the catalyst for healing. Let us all love unconditionally all the time, so that those, who are hurting, can be drawn to and trust implicitly in this gift from God.

  167. THANK YOU, ELISE!! This lift was so fresh and so practical. I will remember this. Great food for thought.

  168. That was simply the greatest Daily Lift !! Wonderful, wonderful............and a beautiful demonstration for all of us.

  169. I'm overwhelmed with joy for the practical healing presence which the video from Elise has told and so many from us could count on this divine experience. Thank you to all with Aloha from Monika

  170. Thank you so much for this beautiful and perfect message. I knew that my professor would be coming out to my school to observe me working with young children today and I was concerned that they may not be on their best behavior. I worked with the idea of " perfect God and perfect little dears" and all turned out well.

  171. Thanks Elise, what a beautiful healing!

  172. Oh, Thank you, Elise! I was so touched by this mini-lecture, it brought tears to my eyes!

  173. Thanks Elise - This was a beautiful healing ! I love animals.

  174. Thank you Elise for sharing this marvelous story. How lovely a victory for the deer, the children and for
    you. We can trust!

  175. I love the story of the dear deer. I also can’t help notice how many places people are writing from: USA, Argentina, Germany, Australia, England, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Christian Science is truly uniting the world. All these widespread communications on the same day! Thank you, Elise, for sharing!


  177. Love it love it love it ! Thank you!

  178. 146 Luise, exactly! And, your story of bird soaring is a wonderful experience to share. Thank you too.

  179. A truly dear healing! Thank you, Elise and all!

  180. THANK YOU

  181. What a wonderful and touching healing! Thanks for the great work, Elise and Sunday School class, and thank you God!

  182. Yesterday I had trouble playing the video so went to the audio only -- and really liked it and felt helped by it. But today I got to play the video on another computer! This is a wonderful lift. Thanks so much.

  183. So sweet, so true! "God is everywhere and nothing apart from his is present or has power." MB Eddy Thank you for sharing this 'dear' story - my sunday school class will love it! 'Especially liked the changing words at the closing of the Daily Lift - a reminder that 'All are precious in His sight.'

  184. that was one dear deer - and a lovely healing - shared with a lot of joy. Thanks Elise!! :))

  185. beautiful and sweet...es...God created everything perfect!

  186. Thank you for this. It contributed to a very recent healing for me. The reminder that I was as perfect (and dear) as the deer defeated the lie of pain.

  187. Elise, thank you for the reminder of that story you shared with our class as well. We should daily remind ourselves of our true nature, our true man, the one not made up of matter but the perfect Spiritual image and likeness of God. Tom Frazier

  188. Thank you! This is a healing your students will never forget!

  189. Thank you Elise - what a beautiful experience and you have reminded me of the time I fished out what looked like a dead bird from my garden pond. It was a large black bird so probabIy a rook or a crow. I discovered it wasn't dead so I put it in a newspaper lined box in our summer house in the warm sun as I had to pop out on an errand. I was knowing that the bird was being looked after by God all the time I was out and when I got back home again the bird was perched on the side of the box. I was so pleased to see him looking beautiful in the sun with his shiny black feathers, which were by now all dry. I opened the door and the bird flew away. It was a very uplifting experience and one I had totally forgotten about, so I am very pleased you reminded me and I am able to share it with you.

  190. Thank you, Elise. How wonderful that you all prayed TOGETHER. I wonder how transforming this practice could be to the entire Christian Science Church if taken up in the case of an individual request, for instance? I love animals, and it warms my heart to think of those dear children, as well as you, so
    sincerely extending the Christ vision for one in need. "Where 2 or more are gathered....." Diana Rutherford

  191. Thank you, Elise. Our little Jack Russell terrier Kriegie suddenly was dragging her back legs. Because she really belongs to other family members, we took her to the vet. after a couple of days of quiet praying for her. The vet's prognosis was not hopeful at all, and the medications he gave us seemed counterproductive when I read the labels. So we put them away and called a Christian Science practitioner to pray with us. Right away this sweetened our love and appreciation for Kriegie, and we lovingly took care of her needs, since she still wasn't getting around. A few days later, I noticed her little tail wagging, the first sign of normal activity. Over the next couple of days she got up and could go outside when she needed to, and by now she is back dashing out the door to bark at passing doggies as she used to and chasing the lizards in our yard. We are overjoyed, as she is. I realized that she never would have worried or doubted or questioned if she would be healed. She accepted God's healing Love and responded naturally to our prayers.We had not expected to have a little pet in our lives at this time, but what a blessing she has turned out to be!

  192. thank you so much for this daily lift, especially so in video format. it really helped me know how to do a prayer treatment for my cousin's dog. this one definitely goes into my SAVE email folder!

  193. Thank you Elise. On the day of this pod cast we were driving on a very busy road and a dog was running back and forth in the traffic. Everyone was trying to avoid hitting it. I immediately began singing "Everlasting arms of love are around beneath above..." We stopped and with the help of some others I was able to get the dog into our van and take it safely to our home. The owner, a little girl, was found and there was a very happy reunion with her dog. Love does protect all of His little ones.

  194. Thank you Elise !
    Extending the concept of mortal and material body to all animals as a generic term, opens large mental avenues to explore and wonderful healing results ! Science and Health gives this very thought-provoking statement (p.172): " When we admit that matter (heart, blood, brain, acting through the five physical senses) constitutes man, we fail to see how anatomy can distinguish between humanity and the brute, or determine when man is really man and has progressed farther than his animal progenitors."

  195. This is a wonderful testimony and it so lifted my thought today.
    After singing and re-reading "Everlasting Arms", I yodeled a bit of "Sweet Caroline"

  196. What a wonderful healing!
    So inspiring, thank you very much!

  197. This made me smile, and shows how the healing light of your church and Sunday School are consistently drawing the receptive thought to Christ healing. This is true for all of our churches.
    God's Word is heard! is my new favorite phrase as our church recently prepared for a lecture.
    And how lovely to have the rapid list of all that divine Love embraces from llama to everything! My little cat, "Bright Star," has found Love embraces her too, all around.
    Great place to be!

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