4/8: An oil well

4/8: An oil well

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  1. What a great Lift. Thank you Michelle. I love the idea that our needs, whatever they may be, are already met. In the Bible healing followed the compassion that Jesus expressed to those in need. He proved that Divine Love was the source of all healing and supply. In fact, it is Love's nature to correct, govern, and to meet the human needs of every one of His beloved creation. Jesus didn't say to the multitudes,"your spiritual not material, you don't have to eat". He recognized, expressed, and demonstrated that Love's abundant supply is always at hand to meet our needs. In gratitude it is already met. Thank you again.

  2. What a perfect example of divine Love's provision. Thank you Michelle for a wonderful Lift.

  3. Thank you. You have given me hope.

  4. Thanks, Michelle. Good s always at hand.

  5. Dear Michelle,
    Trees are so important to humanity. Revelation 22 : verse 2 speaks of 'the tree of life' and then ' the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.' At the top of page 406 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Mary Baker Eddy writes, ' the tree is typical of man's divine Principle, equal to every emergency, - - - - - ' . The marginal heading is ' The leaves of healing '.
    Thank you for your Christian Science nursing and lectures.

  6. Many thanks Michelle for this morning's 'eye opener. Yes. Prayer opens eyes to an unrestricted supply of good that has always and already at hand." "A limitless Mind cannot proceed from physical limitations." (S&H 256:26)."Thou gentle beam of living Love,/ And deathless Life!/ Truth infinite, — so far above/ All mortal strife..."(MBE. Christian Science Hymnal #23).

  7. Here and now
    Thank you, Michelle

  8. Dear Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your illustration showing the immediacy of the light of the Christ to illuminate God's provision for His idea, man. When the darkness of fear is removed by spiritual light, many wonderful things come into view. In this case, not only was the woman blessed, but the landscaper and his customer as well.

    Being willing and able to see rightly, enables things to be exchanged into thoughts, and then improve them. This includes things like sickness, fear, beliefs of hereditary causes of illness, ideas of limitation and aging, accident, and ideas of low self esteem. Replacing limiting ideas that have no basis in divine Mind, with pure motives from God, changes our perspectives so we can feel His presence and see His goodness.

    Except for God, there is no motive force or exciting cause. Keeping this in thought always brings man through fear and darkness into light, harmony, and healing.

    Thanks, again, Michelle.

    Peter Jensen

  9. The Beatles were right, all we need is love ―divine Love.
    The Love that "always has met and always will meet every human need" S&H 494:10

    Prayer doesn't change reality, but it helps us see the end of the tunnel, the good that flows constantly from divine Love, God, to Her creation.

    It opens eyes to an unrestricted supply of good that is always and already at hand and includes an ample supply of patience, hope, inspiration, comfort, opportunity, gratitude and more.

    Los Beatles tenían razón, todo lo que necesitamos es amor ―Amor divino.
    El Amor que "siempre ha respondido y siempre responderá a toda necesidad humana" CyS 494:11

    La oración no cambia la realidad, pero ayuda a ver la salida del túnel, el constante fluir partiendo desde el Amor divino, Dios, hacia Su creación.

    Abre los ojos a la provisión irrestricta del bien que está siempre listo y a nuestro alcance e incluye nuestra amplia provisión de paciencia, esperanza, inspiración, comodidad, oportunidad, gratitud y más.

  10. Wow, what a message of "completeness" already established. Sometimes we don't realise we are complete already, needing nothing. The Bible tells us …nothing can be added to it, nor taken from it."
    Thank you, Michelle. A beautiful message with a beautiful healing as well!

  11. Michelle, Thank you. Love is always meeting our every need

  12. Thank you Michelle,

    Thank you also to the Lifters especially Martin and Melvyn. Many years ago when I was out of a job I discovered a very special love for trees and how they uniquely demonstrate supply through what they give as a derivative of what they receive. I shall review Mrs. Eddy's writing on p 406 as above.

    I may have already mentioned this but I found myself working a lot with the thought of being "adequately resourced". Much of it stemmed from work in Church. Now, when I go to Church I see us as being adequately resourced both from a supply and demand point of view.

    I think it instructive that the story of talents never speaks to any of the talents being inadequate or not able to meet individual needs; we in fact know it was just the opposite. We also do not hear of them comparing to each other.

    II recently found myself pondering the passage in Nehemiah 9:15 where God is being given praise for bringing forth water from out the rock as it brings to mind no matter how hard situations may appear to be, our needs are already met. I was further inspired to walk through what we call a gully in Barbados (a ravine with a special ecosystem of flora and fauna) and to see water literally dripping through rock, feeding the birds and supplying plants with their water; God is Source.

    What about joy, happiness, purpose, love, togetherness, family? We are all already adequately resourced; like the birds we need to leave our nests, with expectation.


  13. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing Michelle.

  14. Thank you, Michelle, an important lift for everyone no matter what seems to be lacking. "If we never doubt, we will have all we need every moment." (I am not sure where this comes from).

    Many thanks for all the lifters' input, and I especially loved Troy's (12) - a really beautiful picture of God supplying every need for everything He has made - all His creatures. If we look for material supply we can be very disappointed, but looking to God, we will find all we need supplied without our asking for it.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, Chapter VIII ‐ Precept upon Precept ‐ Angels, pg. 307:2

    "Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment."

  15. Love it!

  16. Thank you for this very helpful Lift..

  17. Good Morning All, Thank you Michelle. Today I am reminded of Mrs. Eddy's words, "The rich in spirit help the poor in one grand brotherhood" (p. 518 S&H). Definitions of the word "rich" include: fruitful, fertile, abundant, bountiful. Needy and humble are words found in the definition of "poor". Everyday's Lift and the Lifters' comments bring their "fruits", "abundance" and "bounty" to all of us "humbly " in "need" of our "rightful nutriment" (S&H p.365), "nourishment-that which aids development". I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity that let's all of us share and receive "the bounty." Humble "thank you's" to all.

  18. Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring message .

  19. Thank You for the perfectly timed reminder!

  20. A great lift..thank you!

  21. Gracias a la Iglesia Madre por proporcionarnos diariamente el mensaje del consolador que nos mantiene siempre con la esperanza viva...!

  22. That was powerful - thanks for meeting my need.

  23. Thank you.

  24. WonderFULL lift!

  25. Thanks Michelle. That is right on.

  26. Thank you Michelle! I'm so grateful to hear this morning about what prayer do in our life. I prayed a lot about supply and I realise (a little bit more) that He is my infinite supply. Each time I turn to God knowing that I don't have to look for clients to meet my needs, that my job is to understand what is God and what he is doing for me now, it always brings me the right solution. And I'm not done about this. I have to continue reassuring until conviction that Love does give me eveything I need, everywhere, now. My real job is putting Love first in thought. And Love gives me all I need. That's it! Thank you so much for you Michelle, all of you sharing and Daily Lift team.

  27. We all must decide that abundance is a present reality. Supply is the way which God provides for the creation. It is ongoing, complete, and specific. It is not dependent on limited ideas about coin-supply, so it operates without restriction. Water from rocks, unlimited oil from vessels, tax money in fish’s mouth, or even someone knocking on the door with a check in hand are clear evidences of God’s supply as divine Love meeting the human need.

    I think there is an application form. Be sure you are ready to check the boxes “humility”, “trust”, and “gratitude”. Your application will be approved.

    Thank you Michelle.

  28. Thank you Michelle.....so clear, reassuring for all, and inspiring!!! :-)

  29. This is just so spot on, Michelle. Our daughter really needed cash to pay at least some of the interest on a loan from the Bank. So she tried her best to be practical, and leave her emotions out of it, and sold some of her young weaner calves. It was like selling her own babies, but the sale went through, and she had to handle the pain of thinking they were going to end up as hamburgers. She met the buyer this week and he told her he was so pleased with the calves, their quietness and ability to be handled, he decided to keep them to breed from! The praying without ceasing for these precious little calves, saved from a fierce drought to be fed on green pastures, has benefitted all: the seller, the buyer, the calves, and the ones who prayed.
    Thank you Nate and the team for this podcast which is our infinite oil well in our own home; The Mother Church; and our amplified family everywhere.

  30. In addition to the most often quote from page 494 in Science and Health, which is on the walls of many Christian Science Churches, "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." I especially like from line 13, "...to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good." Thanks so much, Michelle, for your inspiring message and example of the woman's supply being met by truly a tree of life.

  31. Thankyou for this beautiful lift and Margaret's comments (#29). What a wonderful unfoldment that was for the calves and for your daughter.) I loved the analogy of God's supply being like our mother's purse or handbag. It reminded me of my own mother. It seemed like it carried everything in it a person could ever need. Thanks for making me smile just thinking about that and our Father-Mother God's bottomless supply for us.

  32. Thank you for this sustaining message.

  33. So true and practical. Nothing is going to change but our view. Divine Love opens our eyes to see all the good already at hand, available, and in place for us. Thanks to you Michelle and to all who deliver such good news to the world every day!

  34. Thank you for your beautiful "Lift" - My grandchildren call me the Gramma with the big purse....Indeed, besides the ordinary things in a lady's purse, mine includes booklets and notes of reference I have jotted to remind me daily of Father-Mother God's always guiding and healing presence. I will add notes from your Lift.

  35. Merci Michelle pour ce partage. C'est vrai que la Parole de Dieu est un puit de pétrole où les chercheurs font bonne affaire, tout comme les chercheurs de la vérité prospère.

  36. Thank you Michelle and Nancy #27 for your comments. I need to check my oil well. Thanks to the Daily Lift family.

  37. You are so right, Michelle. What Spirit demands of us, Love has already supplied. Many times a day I remind myself of Christ Jesus' words, " I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" (John 10:10).
    Thank you!

  38. Thank you, thank you, thank ou! Thanks be given to God for His enexhaustible supply of good. He knows all our needs and the resources are always at hand. My gratitude goes to all the lifters that express the variety of God´s ideas. Blessings to all.

  39. The daily lift is the oil of inspiration for my day. The original approaches used to elaborate and expand the original lift are so informative and useful. Thank you one and all for greasing my mental gears with your loving contributions. Up, up and away for a productive day.

  40. Thank you!

  41. Wonderful reminder of what is always available to all of God's children -- His/Her ideas! Many thanks!

  42. I'd like to add a P.S. to thank Margaret #29 for sharing the inspiring experience of her daughter selling her young weaner calves. What a beautiful blessing to all.

  43. Thank you, Michelle, for "even an oil well in your front yard!" As #1 Martin indicated, Christian Science is very practical, not just good words and nice feelings and thoughts. Christian Science Treatment produces very practical results, right here on earth for mankind! Mrs. Eddy knew that Divine Love meets all Human Needs because she saw how Jesus, through his deep understanding of His Father, Love, was able to make manifest on the material plane the practical results that people needed. An old lecture by George Channing, CSB, talks about the practicality of Christian Science and how it works to produce solid results right where we are! I just Love the practicality of Christian Science!

  44. Thanks for this inspiring message‼️‼️

  45. Thank you, Michelle, for “An oil well … ‘it’s already there. Love never leaves you without what you need’ … see the good that flows constantly from the divine Love that is God … prayer opens eyes to an unrestricted supply of good that is always and already at hand.” Buy the TREE???!!! I love it.

    My first “oil well” today, then, is your lift!!! Inspired, as soon as I submit this comment, I’m going to list all the things I think I need today, in what looks to be a busy and challenging day. Actually, I already know to consider “challenges” as “opportunities” – as in, my extremity is God’s opportunity (S&H 266:14). So there’s my second “oil well!” Another “oil well” will be my list, prayerfully considered as needs “always and already” met; another “oil well in my front yard,” is to continue praying for eyes wide open to my “unrestricted supply of good” … and to gratefully accept and apply my "unrestricted supply."

    BTW Troy, nice to “see” you again!!! When you mentioned the “talents,” it occurred to me: The only talent that didn’t meet the need, was the one that was buried!!! I checked in Matthew 25:25 and for the first time realize why the supply at hand was not used: “… I was afraid …”

    The woman in the today's lift, had to not be afraid to open the door; accept the offer; sell the tree; and pay her bills!!! “Gratitude is much more than a verbal expression of thanks. Action expresses more gratitude than speech” (S&H 3:25).

    Thanks again, Michelle.

  46. Such a dear sweet lift and prayer being met!..lovely Michelle ,Thank You!..Sweet Love does provide our every need when we show humility and grace and honor God with praise!...Another lift meeting my need!...Wow!! just beautiful!.. and on my husbands and my Anniversary too!!.....Our needs we're met on "this day" of our commitment!..I'm so humbly grateful to have married my best friend!
    God completes us and our family!
    Much love to All! : ) : ) : )

  47. Wonderful Lift! Thank you, Michelle!

  48. Thank you, Michelle.

  49. Michelle, I love this! Divine Love's purse is already full meeting Her children's needs. That's great!

  50. What a wonderful DL !! My cup runneth over!!
    Thanks Michelle and all the commenters!!
    Inspiration is everywhere! So grateful!!

  51. What a beautiful demonstration! Helped me immensely! Thank you!

  52. The example of the oil well being there if you needed it reminded me of what I heard that Bicknell Young said years ago: "If you needed a yacht, it would be there!" I've never needed one but am happy to know that it will be provided should the need arise! Thank you for this lovely lift.

  53. Thank you, dear Michelle, for this powerful and clear daily lift. Yes, the oil well in the front garden! That's a great and deep idea! I always begin the day with praying "Divine Love is my Shepherd.." I find this so comforting and reassuring and way-showing! Thank you again.

  54. "Divine Love, always has met and always will meet every human need". This has been a mainstay of mine throughout the years and is so true in so many different ways. Thanks Michelle for your beautiful explanation and example. It is so reassuring that we are loved and cared for by God.
    Thanks Daily Lift team and the commentators for supplying love to us each day.

  55. Thank you, Michelle Nanouche from Paris.

    I'll never forget my visit to Paris years ago and all the beautiful art I got to see. Beautiful city!

    This message is right on time and just what the practitioner ordered!

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  56. Thank you, Michelle!!

  57. Wow...look at the "wealth" in comments, that this lovely lift generated!

    Thank you, Michelle.

  58. Thanks Michelle. We had a experience after building a new house that there were no funds to finish the back yard. The Practioner told me to expect God's infinite goodness to supply our need. I hung up the phone and looked out my window and noticed several trucks with black dirt driving slowly by my house. I ran out and asked where they were going. They said they needed a place to dump the dirt.
    I told them to drive down my drive and dump it in my back yard. They were happy to unload the dirt and I was thankful that I could use it for a new lawn and garden. This all happened with no exchange of money or need to make an appointment. God does met our needs.

  59. Thank you Michelle for your lovely reminder of Mary Baker Eddy's words. As the synonyms for God, Mrs. Eddy explains that Divine Love, "...Mind, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth..." guides all our endeavors (p. 465 "Science and Health"). "God is all-in-all" (p.468 "Science and Health").

    Thank you lifters all, and The Daily Lift Team too!

  60. Thanks Michelle for the reminder that Love is our supply, is always met with just what we need at that moment, is always at hand. We just have to open our hearts and eyes to realize this! Love the unexpected source of supply in the story of the tree, the tree of Life.

    Thanks to ALL the "lifters" too, I listen to the lifts and read the comments everyday with joy! So glad Troy (#12) "came back", I was wondering where he was;)

    My needs were met recently when I attended my first Church Alive Summit where I discovered that we can all be healers, and we don't have to wait for the "perfect" time to be healers. I'm now praying with joy to "find" my teacher for class instruction. I know my needs will be met.

    Thanks to all and God bless.

  61. Thank you-- We must always follow the humility of this child -thought. Must question where the limits come from and by pass them to see the understanding that exists in and of God. It is the" line of demarcation between good and evil".-MBE. It doesn't belong to us and we are not trying to get a piece of it to keep so we can have mortal thought understand God. Mortal thought can't understand and is not intelligent. M B E speaks of the thought of material nothingness enraging the carnal mind and of "the less mind in matter the better" as when the unthinking lobster regrows a claw.

  62. Thank you, Michelle and the DL team! What a stellar reminder. So helpful.

  63. May I add my "thank you" to all the others for this lovely lift this morning. The quote that commentor #30 referred to from S&H pg.494:13 is also one of my favorites. It's so wonderful to be apart of this world-wide conversation that is feeding our thoughts daily with God's truth and love. Thank you again and have a blessed day everyone!!

  64. very helpful in many ways, good is always around the corner :)

  65. Thank you, Michelle, for the wonderful illumination that prayer helps us to open our inner eyes to the potential, possibilities and comfort of that which is already around and within us.

    Thank you also to the young man who introduces nearly every Daily Lift with his cheerful, song filled voice which brings joy immediately into my heart.

  66. Wonderful Lift and delightful comments with great illustrations of God's provisions and our supply being met - and right as I was enjoying this, a family member checked in asking for support regarding supply/demand needs! It's so great that the "oil well" was a tree in her front yard! The appropriate answer designed perfectly for our situation is right here and now available! Thank you, all.

  67. I loved the idea that the request to the practitioner was not for money, but for prayer, for a spiritual idea, which indicates an understanding of the true source of supply.

    Thank you Michelle, always a joy to see the fruits of your work.

  68. Thank you Michelle. this is indeed a well full of oil. The comments are so sweet, so helpful and so genuine. Thanks everyone for sharing. thanks DL team for putting these on.

  69. Thank you Michelle! How great that the "oil well" turned out to be a beautiful tree!
    I am so happy too for all the comments which all the listeners write. I started to list them -- and stopped! I am grateful for EVERYone sharing thoughts!

  70. Thank you, Michelle, for an awesome lift and to all the people who comment a big THANK YOU!

  71. I am always so pleased to have a "Lift" by Michelle. Thanks. Years ago living in Chicago
    with money in short supply and three young children I was filling out an application for
    class instruction. I sat for some time pondering the question "would this be a hardship financially"
    After praying over that question I said no even though it kind of was and mostly thinking I do not
    even have a decent warm winter coat. Within an hour a neighbor came to my door and gave me
    a mink coat and said she and her husband who was a furrier were going to move for winter months
    to Florida and that iff I was always going to my new Christian Science church I may as well look good!
    Not too long after that I was thinking about supply and knowing I could never ever feel needy again
    because I had Christian Science and a wonderful heavenly Father !!!

  72. Thank you Michelle for the 'oil well' in the front yard and the sell of the tree which brought healing for the woman. It reminded me of "the Bible contains the recipe for all healing, 'The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.' "

  73. Thank you, Michelle, for a most inspiring lift from an enlightened Lecturer / Teacher/Practitioner from the City of Lights .Love the thought of an oil well in my front yard. It set me thinking of the oil gushing forth to meet the need as those qualities of thought identified by our Leader on p, 592 of Science and Health as consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration. As we reflect those qualities, we embrace divine Love's abundant supply of good.

  74. Oil is that which anoints us with the gladness of inspiration. It doesn't come from the average mortal selfish wants. God supplies with what we need to express him, and when we pray with an open unselfish desire, our human needs are met. It spurts up with all sorts of spiritual ideas like the oil wells do when it is correctly tapped.

  75. Thanks! I was just thinking everything is in God's timing, right place and order, right now.
    Cheers of gratitude, love, and joy.

  76. Thank you for this inspiring message. It is truly helpful.

  77. I remember reading about this testimony (perhaps in an article) in one of the Christian Science periodicals quite a few years ago. It was so inspiring to me at the time. I've never forgotten it and have shared it often with others. Thanks for sharing it again:)

    Daily Lift Team:
    The article was titled, "What hast thou in the house?"
    It was published in the April 10, 1995 Sentinel under Michelle's former last name of Boccanfuso.

  78. Super lift!

  79. At semester's end, I was feeling uninspired...out of fresh ideas for teaching. But I know that all of my good ideas have always come from God, and that God's infinity is never depleted. So I started my class, just leaning on my divine Mother. It all sorted out in a way I could not have planned and students were engaged and inspired by the closing activity.

  80. Awwww, now I have one more precious "face" to put on God: a Mother who reaches into the limitless depths of Her purse, to meet every need I think I have . . . I just love that :)

  81. Thanks Michelle - a lovely Lift for today - and thanks to all those who commented - I always enjoin these Lifts & always get a smile when Nate announces them. Thanks to Troy also. Michelle I remember when you lectured for our Middletown church years ago. Thanks again to you & all.

  82. Thanks so much for the great image of the Mother who has everything you need in her bag. After raising 3 children, I appreciated that organization and love and thoughtfulness that goes into that bag. <3

  83. Thanks, I needed that! (=

  84. With every daily lift there is a lesson to learn and live by. As they arrive in my inbox at 2AM I turn over and go back to dreamland knowing in the morning I can look forward to a wonderful spiritual breakfast. However my delema is which shall come first, my daily bible lesson or the daily lift! Either way, such heavenly manna for breakfast will keep my thought open with inspiration to the good that is already at hand. God indeed is good, is All in All!!

  85. Many thanks to Michele and to all for the inspiring comments. ( I, too, am delighted to hear from Troy.)
    This Daily Lift calls to mind Mary Baker Eddy's thoughts about Angels. In part, "God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment. What a glorious inheritance is given to us through the understanding of omnipresent Love!" The complete article is found in
    Miscellaneous Writings, pages 306 and 307.


  87. Wonderfully nourishing Lift ~~~ merci beaucoup, Michelle!

  88. This is beautiful; thank you for sharing this example of the Father's constant provision.
    With thanks and love to all Lifters.

  89. Thanks to one of the comments above, I found the Sentinel article which included the story of the woman who sold her tree to the landscaper. It was from April 10, 1995 if anyone would like to read the whole article. Thanks again, Michelle, for a wonderful lift.

  90. Thank you for the unique analogy of a mother's purse containing all we need. Precious!

  91. Thanks so much ! "Always and already at hand"..this reminds me to realize that demonstration and healing may not need so much time but strenght, the willingness to follows, sometimes our steps and decisions..and the acceptance that all these impulses are already the answer of the divine call...

  92. Thank you Michelle, I truly treasure this lift and the unique way you illustrate "Our Divine Mother's purse is always full and limitless" Cherishing this idea, all my needs were met effortlessly today including aa affordable and perfectly fitted garment in pink (my favourite colour) that I needed to attend a wedding of someone very dear to me. Felt so loved, cherished and grateful.

  93. Thank you Michelle. Lovely reminder of what "Church" represents.

  94. The phrase "Open mine eyes that I may see man pure and upright, whole and free" from one of the many solos available in our branch church comes to mind after listening to this beautiful lift. Thank you, Michelle, for your spiritually discerning insights. Sharon :-)

  95. Such an outpouring of gratitude! It's like the pot of oil that just keeps on flowing.

  96. Thanks for that truthful and hopeful daily lift. Since I don't carry a purse very much, I can picture my backpack full of the spiritual supplies and tools to meet the needs of the day. And unlike the material monetary needs, the spiritual ones never fail because they are infinitely manifested by God to all of his creation.

  97. Thank you, Michelle -- I loved the story about the tree. Our needs certainly are met!

  98. Merci, merci, merci: Your Lift toujours can be carried in my purse, too!

  99. Wow! What a beautiful story! Remercions for sharing it with us! So funny (or perfect!) that I listened to this on Earth Day!

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