4/7: Everything's getting through

4/7: Everything's getting through

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  1. Thank you Chet for this simple and profound truth. I always find it helpful to remember that God is always speaking to us (communicating to us in ways that we can understand), and the Christ is always in action (working its purpose out). When I find myself overanxious, frustrated, or waiting for human circumstances to change, I find it both comforting and reassuring to remember who is really in charge, it is neither me nor the other party-but God. That "divine influence" is present for all involved. Thank you again.

  2. Chet, thank you deeply for this reassuring and comforting Lift. Yes, everything is getting through!

  3. O good!!!!
    Thanks so much for the recognition--very helpful to me today!!

  4. Thanks Chet...I have been having great difficulty hearing God lately due to a long-standing physical challenge that refuses to yield. This simple reminder is just what I need to open my ears again and really listen closely. Thank you also to the DL team! I hope you realize the impact these podcasts have on everyone....absolutely wonderful!

  5. How right and how blessed we are to be reminded of this fact! based on there being one Mind alone., the only consciousness of man - and recognising no barrier to the Christ communication! What a wonderful fact to be working on when preparing for a Christian Science lecture!
    So many thanks, Chet!

  6. A wonderful communication tool! In fact, the perfect affirmation before we even open our mouths. Thank you, Chet.

  7. Many thanks Chet, and just what I needed. Yes. "Christ can [always] go through the walls [of resistance]." "I will listen for thy voice..." (MBE. Christian Science Hymnal #304).

  8. Thank you so much for this deep daily lift, so useful for the spiritual work we do at church in our different
    activities needed communication with the public.

  9. Chet, Thank you. Christ is the communicator, as Jesus proved, and all his messages get through.

  10. Great message, Chet. thank you. Reflection just "reflects". It is effortless, permanent and beautiful.

  11. thanks Chet I will work with this understanding today, love to all reading the daily lift today, Kath Sussex

  12. When things seem to be going from bad to worse and no matter how hard we try, no one gets the point: I use what I learned in Christian Science and never fails:

    Even when we think that our prayer is in vain, IT IS NOT!
    The Christ hears us even through walls!

    Do we expect God to be answering like magic, puff and our problem is solved?

    God works in mysterious ways, and I don't doubt He first makes sure we are earning our solution through humility, unselfishness, generosity, forgiveness, etc.

    If we watch our motives we are ahead of the game.

    Cuando las cosas parecen ir de mal en peor, y no importa cuánto nos esforcemos nadie entiende lo que tratamos de conseguir; yo uso una solución que aprendí en Ciencia Cristiana y nunca falla:
    La oración.

    Aún cuando pensamos que nuestra oración es en vano, ¡NO LO ES.
    ¡Cristo siempre nos escucha, hasta a través de las paredes!

    ¿Esperamos que Dios responda como magia, puff y nuestro problema se soluciona?

    Dios obra de maneras misteriosas, y no dudo que antes de responder primero se asegura de que estamos ganando nuestra solución a través de la humildad, la abnegación, la generosidad, el perdón, etc.

    Si cuidamos nuestros motivos no podemos perder.

  13. Thank you so much, Chet - this is so, so helpful at this moment. We don't have to feel any burdens or anxieties when we are trying to work out a problem - the Christ will get through and bring the spiritual facts we need to know to light. We mustn't make problems a personal battle, but step back and let the light of the Christ shine through and dispel the darkness of whatever would rob us of our God-given blessings of health, harmony and holiness. Many, many thanks, and to Martin and other lifters.

  14. Lovely message, thank you, Chet. It was just what I needed to hear today !

  15. Helpful even beyond the obvious application. Thank you

  16. That's just a perfect thought, Chet, Thank you, dear, so much, and to all our "communicators!"

  17. That is beautiful, Chet. Thank you.

  18. You have shown that the door, which is Christ, is open to all, and governs them.

  19. Thank you.

  20. Thank you for this comforting and reassuring Lift. Spiritual truth is the thermals upon which we are soaring today above the claims of matter based thinking.

  21. Hi, Chet and thanks a lot for this short message wich is very deep
    Let's GOd bless and all bad things mus getting through.

  22. Really good, thank you --- the timeliness of this message for me is a nod from God.
    Cheers of joy,

  23. Yes! Christ, God's message to His children, is always getting through and we hear it. Every one of His messages is staying with us and when we need to hear it again, we are reminded of it somehow, as many times as it is needed. This Lift is itself a message that will stay with me. Thank you.

  24. I'm working as a teacher and sometimes I feel so frustrated when it seems that I don't "getting through" to the children. Your lift helps me to see who is really in charge of communication.Thank you so much for your clear ideas!!

  25. Thank you Chet for you inspiring Daily Lift.

    Yes, God is always in the details.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure TODAY.

    Love in Christ


  26. Thanks for this reminder, that the Christ as redeemer always gets through and we can trust and follow.

  27. Thank you. This is just what is needed.

  28. Thank you Chet! I'm going to teach my clases this morning thinking that "God is the communicator", not me... Lovely message Chet, thanks again!

  29. Dearest Chet,this is such a wonderful powerful message.Thank you so much. Its so encouraging,inclusive of every pass of our daily life.Every breath and second is a progress!!!......whether coomunicating to others or others communicating to us,including Divine Love.
    GOOD day ,with love to all.

  30. Thank you. What a powerful message for a Monday morning - and one I really needed.

  31. Nothing can impede the Christ. Thank you!

  32. Thank you...!

  33. Thank you!

  34. Thank you Chet for the reminder of how powerful and omnipresent the Christ energy is and this loving oneness within us all is the essence of the Daily Lift which circles the globe.

  35. Thanks Chet. I can use that today.

  36. Reminds me of our native Bostonian a few weeks back--"No Blawkage" ("no blockage")--an assurance of the presence and continual clarity of Truth...Thank you Chet.

  37. God is the communicator and Christ Truth the message - always "getting through!" Today's healing, comforting Lift led me to the statement by Mrs. Eddy, "Not personal intercommunion but divine law is the communicator of truth, health, and harmony to earth and humanity" (S&H 72:30-32). Thank you, Chet, for this Lift and all your work for Church - and to all Lifters, too!

  38. Your message today was just what I needed. We don't always have to use words! Mind communicates!! My very first time to reply to a Daily Lift, dear friend. Susie Englewood. FL

  39. Thanks Chet......that is such a good reminder, that even if the beloved person does not seem to want to listen or hear me, that God's message cannot be stopped nor ignored! The Christ can break thru and is the communicator! Thank-you!

  40. La comunicación con Dios es fundamental, y lo logramos procurando seguir sus preceptos, a Dios no podemos engañar, Cristo dijo: Las obras que yo hago, vosotros también podéis hacer y aún mayores. Eso nos dice que... del mismo modo que Jesús obró debemos obrar, no hay nada secreto, ni oculto, todo es cristalino, claro de entender y de hacer, obovio, obrando de la misma manera, rechazando lo que Él rechazó, lo humano material, no dejándose engañar con las trampas que el error nos presenta, amando lo que Él amó, la realidad divina, que no yerra.

    En el mundo material-humano se considera que estamos aquí para pasarla bien, sin embargo el transito de Cristojesús por el mundo, visto desde la optica humana fue hasta cruel e injusto, ¿lo creemos así? obviamente que no, fue glorioso, ¿y por qué fue glorioso? porque rechazó todo lo desemejante a Dios, todas las premisas humanas para concentrarse sólo en Dios, y trascendió y lo sigue haciendo. Y su legado puede ser superado, porque El abrió el camino y nos enseñó como hacerlo. Y la C.C. cuando la aplicamos correctamente nos mantiene en él.

    Muchas gracias Chet, por recordarnos mantenernos fieles en Dios.

  41. Just what I needed this morning as I haven't been able to get through with some computer problems. I was earnestly praying this morning and one problem has been resolved - an email that sat in my Outbox with a message it couldn't be delivered was sent and aa reply received this morning. I'll keep praying with more confidence. Thanks so much, Chet!

  42. Love this. Thank you to Chet for this great Lift. Thank you too to all who assist in preparing these Lifts and the commenters.

  43. Thanks Chet,

    Sometimes I feel that I am not getting thru to MYSELF--- I keep doing the same old bad habits over and over, despite promises to change, so it is nice to hold to the thought that Christ is getting thru to me too.

    Sometimes when I feel I am not getting thru to others ---usually my husband :-) ---or wondering if I should say something to someone, I remember the poem "Let the angels tell them." (See the Sept. 1981 Christian Science Journal). No one can truly resist God and His Christ.

    Happy Spring!

  44. This certainly takes care of all the "arenas." Thank you so very much....

  45. Thank you Chet for this very reassuring and inspired up Lift.These messages are a blessing to all. Than k you #1,#12 and #13, and all the others, for your comments. Thank you so much!!

  46. How beautiful to be reminded that God is the communicator and Christ Truth the message to man. Yes as one lifter said: "I will listen for Thy voice..." Mrs. Eddy continues .. "I will follow and rejoice." (MBE. Christian Science Hymnal #304). Every day I'm learning to listen, follow, and rejoice.....Thanks Chet. You speak with such warmth and compassion.

  47. Thank you very much for this helpful lift.

  48. Wonderful reminder..Thank you.

  49. Thank you, Chet! Yesterday I had a very heated discussion with my husband and I felt like he wasn't grasping anything I said. My feelings of frustration had hung over through this morning. I was carrying many WRONG thoughts! Your lift brought in the Light and I know that the RIGHT thoughts ARE coming from God and I need to listen. I've seen it so many times. What was I thinking!! THANK YOU!

  50. Thank you, dear Chet, for this beautiful and comforting reminder! Not only is Everything Getting Through.....it's Already Through!! Everything has already been worked out.......and it's Our job to realize it - to get it, to know it, to see it and to rejoice in it! "God's will is Done; His kingdom come; the Potter's work is plain....." C.S. Hymn #51 We are rejoicing in Ever-Present Good today! Thanks again and Much Love to All!

  51. Thanks for the spot on lift. ..!

  52. Bravo Chet! I have praying for most of the day based on the woman who lost a silver coin and swept diligently until she found the coin, and then called her neighbours to celebrate with her. Of course God is the Woman sweeping all the floor and every corner until each and every spiritual idea is brought out from the shadows into the glorious light of the Christ. And we know gratitude is being expressed by All, simply by the reception to Your Daily Lift after these first four years. In the video of the Early Pioneers of Christian Science, two workers in the Far West needed assistance and phoned for help from Mrs Eddy. Of course Mrs Eddy prayed and quickly responded with:"There is no blocked consciousness!" And healing followed. Thanks again, Chet; and Nate and the team; and of course the neighbourly Lifters worldwide.

  53. Thank you, Chet, for this very uplifting message. It was very timely!

  54. Chet, thank you deeply for this reassuring and comforting Lift. Yes, everything is getting through!
    I also love how beautifully this Lift relates to your "seaside" video Lift of how Love is pursuing us!

  55. Oh, yes, the simplicity of the dear, dear Christ! God' clear and powerful message to everyone!

  56. This is proberly the best D/L yet. How many times I have communicated with my Nurse Aides about my needs and they don't understand yet except one and even then not all the time. Well, thank God for MBE'S discovery of C/S. When I stop getting frustrated and start praying for conscience to open up and receive the understanding, it does get through.

  57. Thank you Chet for this clear and powerful idea of peaceable breakthrough.
    I experienced this many times when my first child passed through adolescence, not always peaceably! I would pray for healing solutions, bide my time, and wait for the right moment to present what had come to me through prayer.
    I learned to simply disregard any outwardly negative reaction, and instead watch her actions afterwards. It never took long to see her putting those healthy solutions into action; she had been internalizing them all along. So much for the deceptive appearances!

  58. Wow Chet I really needed this lift! I was feeling so frustrated and burdened by being unable to communicate and the message just didn't seem to be getting through. Much gratitude to you and Shel's reference to "let the Angels tell them"-such a powerful poem. The burden is lifting knowing that I am not the messenger, Christ is! Oh happy day!

  59. I too needed this reminder of everything good getting through because of a situation with a family member accepting some needed ideas about cooperating in different ways on some subjects. To let go and let God do the communicating is absolutely essential because human will is the wall that needs to be walked through. See how Chet's lift has met so many needs this day. Thanks Chet and all you sharers.

  60. Chet...I have a question for you (or any other Lifters): How can I tell if I am being quiet because I trust the Christ to communicate OR if I'm using this idea to avoid a difficult (but potentially helpful) conversation? (I'm not a big fan of conflict.)

    Historically, women and children have been silenced, and sometimes we participate in oppression by silencing ourselves. Jesus communicated: He rebuked, he taught, he praised, he invited...always about his Father's business. I guess I'm trying to sort out real trust in the power of the Christ from the Christian-Sciencey politeness that keeps the surface smooth but may actually be covering problems rather than healing them. I'm sure there's some easy answer here, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  61. Thank you Chet. A much needed reminder for me today. Christ is the communicator and harmony will be the result.
    Thanks also to Nate and his team and to our family of Lifters for their uplifting comments.

  62. Thank you, Chet. This was just what I needed to hear. I have been praying for the "right" words to use to communicate with my adult daughter who appears to be struggling with many health issues. It was so reassuring for you to remind me that the Christ is communicating to her just what she needs to hear. Thank you again and to all those who have commented.

  63. Have recently been praying/thinking about the true and only communication really going on, due to a couple of relationship wall situations, so this Lift is very helpful and certainly meets my need. Thanks so much, Chet for the spiritually practical ideas! Thank you for your wonderful comments, worldwide Lifters! Thanks for your great production work, DL team!

  64. Thank you so much, dear Chet.

  65. Love this Lift. Christ reaches us - breaks through any resistance, any fears - communicates directly to all, is persistent in its expression of God's everpresence. Great comments that reinforce the message. Thank you to all!

  66. The message, Everything is getting through! speaks to much and just now to an issue I've been praying about: Numerous packages sent to a Peace Corps volunteer over several years that didn't arrive. I've been resolving things into thoughts as Christian Science teaches us to do, and reflecting that the substance of every true gift is spiritual and so ever present. The Love motivating the gift IS the gift and always received. Your message today immediately spoke to me, as does the statement quoted by Margaret, attributed to Mary Baker Eddy, "There is no blocked consciousness!" Will be fun to see how we all will see this truth expressed today. Thank you all.

  67. I love this idea! I really will keep it close and not dispare when it seems like I come up against a brick wall. So good to learn this today!

  68. Thank you Chet.
    This is so important for learning how to communicate with others. It is not "me" it is God doing the real communicating --
    Nothing can resist or block those angel messages!

  69. Excelent....thank you!!!!!!!

  70. Thank you Chet. It is so helpful to be reminded that we are not the ones that need to get through, but the Christ. Mrs. Eddy says on page 559 of science and health..."the inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, "as when a lion roareth." No mistaking that voice!

  71. This is one of the best Daily Lifts I have ever read. It is the answer to the seeming problem I have praying with for several months. I thank you with all my heart. Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing for Christian Science which benefits all who read it or listen to your words of truth.

  72. Chet, thank you! Just perfectly stated, we need to know that God is the communicator.... In speaking to others lately, it has become very clear that I need to listen more and say what they they need to hear, not say what I need to tell them. there is a huge difference and the Self always knows what to say for comfort and guidance. Thank you so much, all lifters!

  73. Walking through walls! Wow! This idea dynamited some walls for me today. Thank you! I am in awe of the Christ.

  74. Loved this message Chet, thank you,

  75. Thank you Chet for addressing this problem when it seems we are not getting our message through.
    It is so helpful to remember that we have found the way - the way of growing our understanding of God.
    Instead of thinking that stubborn resistance is a reality, we can sing this song:
    "Our God is Love, unchanging Love,
    And can we ask for more?
    The open fount is free to all,
    God's promises are kept."
    (CS Hymn 269)

  76. Thank You what a joyous lift! Chet!...Just what was needed today! This is where I strive to be each day!...to know that we "all" are there with Christ/God...dwelling in the Christ's consciousness and that we glow in that Christly light which is beaming through any material condition (matter) that seems solid and unmovable! Love this lift! Thanks again!
    Joy in Christ to all! : ) : ) ; )

  77. Thank You for this Wonderful message....

  78. Thanks Chet for this so timely Daily Lift. I'm moving forward into this new day, my work more secure and confident with this message.

  79. Powerful message full of thoughts that are very helpful. Thank you.

  80. How perfect....so helpful. Thank you, dear Chet.

  81. Thank you, Chet, this is so helpful, especially in our prayers for the world and knowing where true communication is found. You really got through to us!

  82. Christ is communicating - all goodness - to all - to me - Amen.

    I immediately applied this to myself and several family and friend situations.

    Grateful. Am sharing this DL with others.

    TY Chet, #12 Elena, #43 Shel, #52 Margaret, musicians, DL'ers!

  83. This message is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. One of my children is in the process of needing to make a very important decision. We have both been praying about it. I felt that certain necessary ideas were not "getting through" at all. It's not up to my thinking or his thinking. I remember reading in a Sentinel years ago, "God is Mind. Mind does not wonder, think, hope, or speculate. God is Mind and Mind knows." Heartfelt thanks to all who make this daily lift possible.

  84. Excellent Chet! Very inspiring & timely!!
    Thanks soooooo much!

  85. Sincere gratitude Chet. Your uplifting words help when working with institutions and really knowing the message is getting through clearly to each person with a receptive heart. It remains with them to bring a sense of calm peace. It is so clear that it can then be shared with others. Your gentle words, voice and message are very comforting.

  86. Perfect! I was asking ME that very question this morning! :) :) Then I remembered... my consciousness is home to His legions of angels...I heard! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  87. Thank you, Chet, for “Everything’s getting through … a simple spiritual truth … ‘Peace be unto you’ … God is the communicator. Christ is always getting through.”

    When I was very young and even through grammar school, when I felt that I wasn’t getting through to my family, I would have temper tantrums. But, it only made things worse. Whatever message it was that had been so important for me to share, would be lost in the distraction of unacceptable behavior having to be dealt with.by concerned parents. I always felt self-defeated afterward. I wanted to be more like God’s child than that!!! I really wanted to learn how to let only Love lead me!

    And so, with the discipline of a disciple, I worked very hard to listen to and follow Love’s leadings. By the time I was in junior high, I was over temper tantrums. I had fully committed to do my best in sharing ideas (giving AND receiving!) and leave the rest to God as Love, guiding each of us to know what we need to know when we need to know it. I continue to grow in “letting go” and trusting God to BE God.

    After today’s lift, when I feel like I’m “talking to a wall,” I’ll picture Jesus (the Christ!) coming and going through that wall!!! (What a fun visual!!!) … and think, “Peace be unto you.” That’s it!!! Christ is the bridge in the wall; every “wall” has a “bridge;” and Love leads us to it!

  88. Thanks, thanks!
    first my computer wouldn't "go through.' Then with the steps needed came through to me, and there was your encouraging message. Thank you

  89. Thanks so much for this inspiring Daily Lift, Chet, and for all the great comments. This reminds me of something told me that I've never forgotten: "God is the communicant, the communicator, and the communication." This should cover the whole ground. Happy Monday, and love and blessings to all!

  90. Wonderful !!! thank you .. :-)

  91. Wow! Powerful Lift. Thank you so much!

  92. Thank you Chet! Love this idea. So needed.
    I recently had an experience where I was knowing nothing could stop God's infinite goodness from getting through to a young relative who had told me he didn't think he was as happy as other kids. First I knew that wasn't true for him (God's infinite goodness to him couldn't be blocked); then I knew it about everyone. He was noticeably happier BUT amazingly as I darted into the Reading Room after hours 3 times over 3 consecutive days to just do a 30 second errand someone followed me in and asked about CS all 3 times. PLUS on my Saturday shift we had another 3 either asking about it for the first time or to reconnect after years of being away from it. This all took place over five days.

  93. Thank you Chet for this precious lift, and to all responding lifters, equally precious - feels again like adult Sunday school to this "young" Christian Scientist. Thank you Shel (43) for mentioning your own "bad habits" wall. I have been blaming myself for that one continuing to show up, and now I understand that Christ is always getting thorough both to me and to the one I'm challenged with. I will be sharing this lift with my son who is having trouble with one of his sons. What a blessed relief of understanding of truth. Thank you again to the Lift team, the Mother Church, and to Mary Baker Eddy for bringing this opening to all of us daily all around the world.

  94. Thanks Chet.....soo APT and always
    on TARGET. And to all lifters for your
    PERFECT accounts circulating our
    Globe., L O V E!

  95. Thanks so much Chet and world wide lifters. I read all 89 comments and was disappointed there weren't more, well not really disappointed. When I pray the Lord's prayer, the part where it declared God's will be done in earth as it is in heaven, I see this "will" as the Christ, clear clean and crystal, delivered and received and obeyed. It's a done deal and since I trust GOD I am free to enjoy the joy. Peace.....

  96. Very grateful for this exchange of ideas today! #60 asked a vital question: "How can I tell if I am being quiet because I trust the Christ to communicate OR if I'm using this idea to avoid a difficult (but potentially helpful) conversation? (I'm not a big fan of conflict.)" Here's are a few thoughts to consider. When we understand and trust the spiritual fact that God is always voicing the truth to His children, we shouldn't be surprised when WE are asked to voice something truthful to a friend or foe. But, if we're clear that the SOURCE of the communication is God, then it won't feel like a battle of human wills. The Bible is a record of people who heard God speak and then voiced these truths for the benefit of generations to come. Mrs. Eddy spoke of being a "scribe under orders" when she wrote Science and Health. On p. 97, she writes, "It requires courage to utter truth..." She also advised, "avoid voicing error" (No and Yes, p, 7). So, if we're silent or if God impels us to speak, we can always know that it's the Christ that is communicating. It's the Christ that is speaking and the Christ in others that is receptive to what is said.

  97. Virginia. Castleman 4/7/2014
    Vero Beach
    Thank you Chet, perfect to remind me that the
    Intercommunication is ALWAYS from God .
    Blessings !

  98. Thanks so much, this was very relevant to a communication challenge in my life!

  99. ...LOUD and clear!

  100. Thank you, #92 Robin! Things are starting to happen with me like this, too! I was invited to attend a Unity/Religious Science Church Service, after I had listened to TMC Sunday Service Online. The speaker was a follower of "A Course in Miracles", but he spoke of some ideas he had gotten re. we can't be both material and spiritual, if we are made in God's image and likeness. I was nodding the whole time and went up afterwards to give him a hug and I told him I loved what he shared and I said: "That's Christian Science!" He just smiled and nodded and said, "The Truth is the Truth"!! People are so hungry for the Truth and they are finding it wherever they can! Love it!

  101. How comforting is the idea that "everything´s getting through", once Christ is the only communicator!
    I´ve been through that sort of situation several times, and sometimes we really face that kind of doubt we aren´t being clearly understood.
    But soon I remember that important truth you´ve just shared in your lift and a strong certainty I don´t need to worry about makes me calm down and I can hear that "still small voice" filling my heart with joy, hope and grace.
    I wanna thank the question from #60 and your timely answer at #96, Chet!

  102. To answer #60 name. There is no easy answer. If there were than C/S wouldn't be needed to help us in that situation. This is what I have found in my experience. In a conflicting argument, the person you're trying to convince is not RECEPTIVE. I have found that receptivity is very important of yourself and the other person. At those times I shut my mouth and pray quietly for receptivity for both of us. I find that this works when RECEPTIVITY is in thought. Try it!

  103. Always a pleasure to hear your calm sweet reminders of our ever present existence with God. Just when
    I needed to hear this, it arrived! Reminds me to suffer not with a sense of human responsibility to
    "reach" others in need, but rather to simply be the transparency through which God can radiate goodness
    and love. The power of God's will is doing the work. I'm just the voice, not the speaker. Thanks!

  104. That`s perfect! It is the right Idea to the right time. So I can walk with this Idea to my work next Day and I can see that God is always communicating.

    Thank you and all the best!

  105. Thank you for reminding me of who is communicating, who is speaking and who is receiving. It was so helpful to me in my Bible class. I led the lesson on the meaning of communion or sacrament in Christianity. Many other denominations go to this class and it was received well and many thanked me on my concept I presented. I am so grateful for Mrs. Eddy and her book.

  106. So much needed to hear this today! thanks!!!

  107. Thanks Chet. Loved this message. Nothing can blind, deafen, or numb us, or our neighbor, to that "true idea voicing good.".(S&H 332)

  108. Thank you Chet! I deeply appreciate this reminder. And I remember when someone said to me that Christ's counciousness is our consciousness. It's helpful!

  109. Yesterday I appealed to God and felt a complete nothingness. I decided to proffer the thought that God is all good and that goodness must ensue and slowly things turned around and I was restored! We must stand firm in this wonderful Truth. It is up to us!
    "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.' Matthew 7:7
    We must take the first step, we must be the ones to do these things, but we apply complete faith, hope and love that we will receive!

  110. Listening is a practiced skill. The messages I hear from the Christ are the real Truth -- thank you for those 3 words!

  111. Wow, pretty cool and SO true... I never thought of this message in this way. Thank you, thanks to all the comments provided. This is a good day!!! Let's listen for the Christ getting through....

  112. Thank you so much Chet Just what I am needing today . Waiting for our Great Grand daughter to be born today . Dr saying one thing we are praying to know God is right there loving and caring for all his children . Thank you Shel yes the angels are there . I was going for my licence and believe me I couldn't back the car . How many sticks did I knock over ha . My sister sent me a lovely card and on it she wrote the Angels will do the work . That morning I was to go first as I was about to put my hands on the wheel it just spun around and before I knew it the car had backed into the spot come out and we were on the road . I didn't touch that wheel until we were out on the road again. So grateful to all the lifts that are helping me to learn more and to know all we are saying does get through because it is not me we saying it . Much Love

  113. I'm deep grateful for this lift. Thank you also for those that make their comments, the number 72 comment really open my eyes to what I experience today in a conversation with my daughter. Every comment inspired by the message of the daily lift is a treatment for everyone. God communicate in different ways.

  114. This is the third time I've listened today, and it is exactly what I need for a business situation. I enjoyed the lecture with you and the always-beautiful Anne Early. I think we need a more consistent recognition of Mary Baker Eddy's place in the Christian Science movement. There would never have been one without her endless work and prayer.

  115. I loved this reassuring message. Thanks, Chet!

  116. Great reminder for me - thanks for the lift, Chet!

  117. Hi Chet,
    Yesterday [Monday] the thought came to me, 'Have I got to start all over again to explain what seems so obvious to me.' The thought this morning [Tuesday] is, "Yes, every day is a day full of good people who listen and look at good ideas." Sharing the weekly edition of the 'Christian Science Monitor' is a really good business card for a volunteer. Many thanks.

  118. I really love this thought. Sometimes we think we have to pound out a message to someone- but its usually human will that is motivating us. This message is that the Christ, Truth will come through- which is what we want to come through when we are communicating with others. Its a lovely idea and I want to think more deeply about it.

  119. Works all the time! Anothr great and simple message - thank you

  120. Thank you Chet, I really TRULY LIKE that inspiring Idea! I think that's going to really help me to a) not feel as though I'm getting nowhere when communication seems to fail, and b) to practice humility by remembering to step aside and allowing God to act. merci beaucoup!

  121. Lovely message......so helpful to think of this when working in the Reading Room. AMEN.
    thanks everyone for sharing.

  122. Thank you so much Chet! Yes, the Christ Spirit takes the work from our prayer and removes the burden from us. We can rest knowing that His Will is done in Truth and Love. This is so perfect for today and to dwell on. Thank you.

  123. Thank you! (=

  124. Thanks for the message

  125. to #60 There was a time when my father was an alcoholic and nothing we said "got through" to him( he was drunk 24/7. My brother had lassoed him into AA care unit 3 times, but it is human will and it did not change him. My prayers led me to the Jeremiah 31:33 "I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts, and will be their God...for they shall all know Me" This helped me feel comfort also: Luke 15 Prodigal son who hears God speaking to him as he sits with pigs. Then that phrase repeated throughout scriptures that God says"...every knee shall bow to me, every tongue shall swear". I just saw God loved him more than anyone...had written his law on his heart, he could NOT choose to be separate from God. in Genesis God gave man dominion over "all the creeping things!" I felt if the bible says it, it is true..I felt God's peace. My father had a near death scare in the hospital, was "dried out" from the alcohol then went to dinner with his drinking friend who proceeded to get drunk and insult everyone around them. At that moment my father saw this behavior and realized that had been him for over 30 years! He "came to his senses" and told me my prayers had helped to awaken him. God rearranged all the daily affairs in his life within 2 weeks, his boat sold, his business sold, he moved into my grandmother's condo where he discovered he could golf for $8, play bridge for $2, reconciled with his girlfriend and family. He has been dry for 15 years.God gets through.

  126. June - so grateful to have heard this lift from you Chet and for the comments which are helpful too. Thank you

  127. Thanks Chet,

    Many times one feels no one is listening and that I am talking to the wall!
    It is gratifying to know and be assured that everything is getting through to God and His Christ and that one does not have to be concerned that this
    no one is listening! In my bedroom I have something which is just lovely.







  128. It is now 4 days since this Lift was posted but I couldn't have opened it at a more opportune time. I have been battling over an issue for two weeks and the "wall" seemed insurmountable till I heard this Lift and read all 127 comments. The door has opened and I now know the path that I will take. Thank you so much everyone.

  129. Dear Chet,
    Thank you so, so much for this helpful Daily Lift. It's come at a time when it was needed so desperately.
    Thank you Father, Mother God for speaking to you, and you obeyed, to share these healing spiritual Truths.
    II can now let go and let God, the Christ, speak. I don't have to keep on saying anything more. I spoke the Truth and now I can leave it to the Christ, to do it in His own way. I can claim that right now, Everything is getting through. There are no walls to prevent the Truth from being Truth.
    Many grateful thanks Chet.

  130. I hope you see late arriving comments, Chet. Thank you so much for this idea. We had a healing over the weekend. A very important one.

  131. I'm #60, back to express thanks to Chet and Lifters for your comments in response to my question. Most helpful, and I'll be listening to this beautiful Lift again!

  132. This Lift should give us all great confidence in our prayers for those in prison, behind barbed wire in North Korea, people in Syria, people in Ukraine: Our prayers can be felt, and they do go through walls.

  133. Alleluia !!
    God omnipotent reins , the Christ influence is ever present in human consciousness ...

    Thank you.

  134. THANK YOU YOUR MESSAGE THIS MORNING WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO AFFIRM that GOD is with me today and will protect me from all harm. thank you for your words

  135. I know I am late, but ... this message is wonderful!
    Thank you so much!