4/5: Turn to the light

4/5: Turn to the light

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  1. Thank you Franz. You lift compliments this weeks lesson so beautifully.

  2. Vielen Dank, Franz. Es hilft mich und meine Tochter sehr, was Sie hier gesagt hat. Es ist gut von Ihnen zu hoeren, Sie kommen mit der Licht!

  3. Thank you.

  4. Talking about the light within us, Paul said: “Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness” http://bible.cc/1thessalonians/5-5.htm
    I just had a funny thought, when I take my dog to the yard in the evening I have to move my arms to turn on the motion activated lights. This artificial light won't stay lit long unless there's movement in the area.
    Not so the divine light, the light we reflect by being God’s children; this light is permanent, always lit and drives away fear and worry.
    Hablando de nuestra luz interior, Pablo dijo: “porque todos ustedes son hijos de la luz e hijos del día. No somos de la noche ni de las tinieblas” http://bibliaparalela.com/1
    Acabo de tener un pensamiento gracioso, cuando saco a mi perro al jardín por las noches tengo que mover los brazos para encender las luces que se activan con el movimiento. Esta luz artificial no queda encendida por largo tiempo a menos que haya movimiento en la zona.
    No así la luz divina, la luz que reflejamos por ser hijos de Dios; esta luz es permanente, siempre encendida y hecha fuera al temor y la preocupación.

  5. Powerful ! beautiful ! Thank you Frank.

  6. Lovely lift, Franz, which is so reassuring, comforting, and calming. Donka :-)

  7. Many thanks Frank for this great reminder. Yes. Lets realize, that God's [Love's] light is always shining ... because God's [Love's] light is [always] good!" "The dawn of all things real is breaking o'er me,/ My heart is singing: I have found the way." (Christian Science Hymnal #64).

  8. Thank you Franz. Just thinking about a project this morning and the Lift is so helpful... also your comment Elena (4) - took me straight to Hymn 361 and the words: Thy caring and contriving, Thy taking thought and striving, Are naught unless the Lord ordain.
    Shall stop waving my arms about and Turn to the light. Happy Easter, everyone.

  9. Thank you Frank for this clear Easter message of enlightenment, faith and hope. Earlier this week I was trying to find a street on a map of a town I'm fairly familiar with, but no amount of searching found this street. Then I just thought "Well God knows where it is!" And almost immediately my eye came to the place I'd been searching for! Of course it had been there all the time. Nothing had disguised it, or concealed it from me. When I was willing to be shown, it was revealed at that moment! The insistence of personal sense to be the one to assert its presence really doesn't reveal what is needed. God is the only power to show us the way. We can quietly, without any fuss or selfwill, turn to God, and the answer is already there for us, just waiting to point the way. In Miscellany Mrs Eddy writes, "The right way leads to the right of way". Easter blessings to all our Lifters worldwide, and thank you Nathan for this gift to everyone;
    to the BoL and lecturers.

  10. Thank you for this timely lift for me!

  11. Franz, Thank you for this timely lift. It is dark here at this moment but I expect there will be light.

  12. Thank you, yes we can always depend on God for He is the light.

  13. God is our lamp!

  14. Fabulous! Thank you.

  15. Franz,
    Thank you for your light filled message. I wish that I could attach a photograph that I took some years ago which still remains one of my favorite images. Two brilliant red flowers side by side with the white , gold illumination of the sun in the very center and essence of each of them. A visual reminder like your Daily Lift today that Illumined spirits live in the Light.

  16. Thank you Franz, thank you!!! I needed this!

  17. Thank you Frank Prinz. Let us all look to the light, even in the darkest of times!

  18. Wonderful lift. Thank you.

  19. "If you have troubles in life , If you have worries that alter your peaceou , Lets face the God´s Light and pray" (I beg your pardon, Irving Berlin) Thanks a lot, Frank for your helping Lift

  20. The light of Truth illumines all. Thanks Franz.

  21. Thank you, Frank! Always enjoy your lifts. Reassuring, joyful, healing!

  22. When Jesus our Master healed, he healed all whom he met in the way, and without limits. Jesus showed that it was not physical sense but according to a law of the survival of the fittest;
    that it was not physical bodies that were healed or turned but rather one condition of thought called faith. Jesus said, "Thy faith hath made thee whole."

  23. Some lines from my song MORNING AND EVENING:

    Come at first to the stillness of silent prayer
    As a flower turns its face to the morning;
    The kingdom of God is unfolded there;
    The light of creation is dawning...

  24. Your example of a flower turning toward the light in the day -- and closing at night -- made me think of a childhood memory. My parents had a trellis with morning glories and moon flowers. The morning glories opened during the day -- and the moon flowers at night. Therefore the floral beauty and sweet scent was a constant on our front porch -- during the light times and the dark times. Indeed God's light and uplifting love are always with us-- assuring us that God is ever-present and All good.

  25. Thank you :- )

  26. Recht schoenen Dank, Franz! In der Licht, alles dunkel und Boese fliegt! Wie die Blumen, wir koennen immer nach der Licht wenden----und seitdem Gottes Licht immer dar ist, sind wir immer in der Licht!

  27. Thank you, Frank. I love thinking about light. This week's Christian Science Sentinel has an intriguing article about light "Rays Of Comfort" by Tom Fuller where he speaks of the metaphor of God as the sun and us as the rays and brings out the constancy of the sun's rays - they never turn off, it's just the Earth turning making seeming darkness. The whole issue has wonderful Easter themed pieces and is very inspiring and fitting with this weeks Lifts and Bible Lesson.

  28. Thank you, Frank! Your Lift is very uplifting. Happy Easter!

  29. Vielen vielen DANK lieber Frank für die wunderschönen Gedanken.

    Happy Easter!
    E - Eternal good
    A - Abundance
    S - Spirit
    T - Truth
    E - Ever-present
    R - Rejoice the coming of The Christ

  30. Thank you, Frank for such a simple and sweet way of explaining how to turn to the Light in our thought and be free from any dark thinking! As Christian Scientists we learn to read the Bible with inspired thought and this brings the Truth to our consciousness. In the Bible and Science and Health the word "light" means Truth or Christ - the spiritual ideas flowing from God, the One Mind. These ideas understood and held to in our thought cause any dark thoughts to vanish and Light comes to both mind and body and the result is healing! Happy, Joyeous Easter Week to All! Let's keep the Light of spiritual ideas burning brightly in our thoughts today!

  31. Thank you so much for this profound yet simple idea.

  32. Thank you. I really appreciate the reminder today that I can't by anything I physically do, get rid of the darkness. I just need to flood in my thoughts of light to banish the dark thoughts that are troubling me.
    I need to turn naturally to the light of the Christ, focus on that power.

  33. Thank you so much, Frank, for this enlightening Lift!
    I'll be reminded of it again when my tulips open up each morning.

  34. Thank you for the lovely, spiritual imagery Franz! Turn inward toward the Light in every situation.....How comforting!
    Everyone, have a renewing and joyous Easter!

  35. Thank you, Frank. Great message!

    Just what I needed this morning for my wake up call.

    Always nice to read the responses from all the daily lifters.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity, to all mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  36. Thank you.

  37. My upcoming weekend plans have been turned upside down with sudden changes of events. A predicted early-spring snowstorm the day I'm to travel now tops the list.

    What has changed? Certainly not the everpresent light of Christ celebrated especially at this time of year in many churches. A stubborn mental refusal to believe in the topsey-turvey could be admirable but that "gentle beam of living light" simply melts away (overpowers) anything unlike it. Thank you, Frank, and other Lifters with your healing words.

  38. Yes, thank you for the good analogy!

    Keep turning to the light, good. Simple, but powerful.

  39. I love this message. THANK YOU FRANK!!
    This reminds me of yesterday's Lift, to TURN toward the light (Christ) and realize GOOD is always here, not the darkness of death and the tomb.
    So grateful for other comments too, from everyone.

    4 Elena -- waving your arms to turn on the motion-sensor light. But God's light stays on!

    23 Erik - where can we find your song Morning and Evening?

  40. Perfect Lift to free us from the darkness of the crucifixion to the light of the resurrection! Thank you Frank!

  41. Thank you so much. That's great instruction for a way to start our prayers.

  42. Thank you. Just what I needed today. (=

  43. Light rids us of darkness. I love the idea of holding to the light and not needing to analyze error. Thank you.

  44. Turning to the light of Love, divine Love, infinite Love, revealing God's man, the perfect man, the "Son of man which is in heaven" can "resolve our problems", change our view and have amazing results.
    Last night as the sun was setting through the clouds of a dark rainy day, a sunbeam
    broke through and shone through a window on a vase full of daffodils in the middle of our dark house. I had to bring the family"s attention to the brilliant flowers.
    Now I can share the word image with you all. Thank you Frank

  45. Reflected or Projected.

    When thinking of light, it always amazes me that we see reflected light, but not projected light. In a movie theater the room is dark, but the space above us is filled with projected light which we don’t perceive because it is not yet reflected by the screen. The same is true in "outer space" which is filled with sunlight yet appears completely black.

    Colors, shadings and hues are qualities of light reflected back towards us. Yet reflected light is less than its source because objects absorb most of the original light. A rose may look red, but only because it absorbs all the other colors and reflects only one.

    The physical senses see the so-called reflected beauty of matter, but that’s not the full story. yet, if we look directly at the projected source (the Sun or light bulb) we don’t see color at all and are blinded to these limited partial qualities.

    We too absorb and reflect, not the attributes of matter, but of God. At some point we stop absorbing, like the rose, and demonstrate our full reflection, like a mirror, eventually realizing our true potential being as transparent as glass (spiritual without a single element of error).

    We can’t improve or embellish the quality light or of God by refraction or reflection. We shine best when we are filled with God, Truth, Life and Love… and nothing else.

  46. Thank you, Frank, wonderful lift!

  47. He is risen! No worries! Turn out thought! Let in the light! What a great week of disciplined instruction for us to take steps in a spiritual pathway, a natural pathway. Thank you!

  48. This lift brought to mind lines from hymn # 367, the fourth verse of which reads:
    "Walk in the light, and thou shalt see Thy path, though thorny, bright;
    For God by grace shall dwell with thee, And God Himself is Light."
    Thank you for the reminder that the solution to any sort of problem or mental darkness is light.

  49. Because I know that through Christ, in my link to others I love my neighbor as myself.
    As it is said in the Bible: He that loveth his brother abideth in the light (Ist. John 2:10)
    Thank you for your beautiful message today it reminds me that we all are the children of light.
    clarae. from Cuernavaca, Mèxico

  50. Turning to the light of God releases any fear that tries to hide in "dark" corners of thought. Thank you for this message which I needed along with all the wonderful comments. This is the Easter message!

  51. Wow! Thank you, Frank. What a great reminder of how simple it is to stay God-directed - "like a flower: open to the light and close up to darkness...just turn to the Light..." I LOVE it when you mentioned about just not letting darkness affect us, not analyzing the darkness. What a great Lift! I will apply it today and from now on: Turn to the Light "unconditionally and immediately." Open to Light. Close up to darkness. PERIOD. Thanks again, Frank. :-)

  52. Thank you!

  53. how kind of you to share this thought, so helpful. Thank you.

  54. Thank you, Frank. I want to be like a flower only looking to the light of God! It's wonderful knowing that Love's light is with us all the time and it overcomes darkness naturally.

  55. Thanks Frank for the easter message filled with light.
    Also thanks to comment #44 - the wonderful observation and poetic description of that very precise moment.
    Comment #45 I always enjoy to read your explanations.
    The light is breaking through each one who walks in the light of Christ.
    Thanks for all the enriching thoughts.

  56. Good popcast, boy!

  57. such calm!
    how grateful I am that you chose today for yr lift. I spoke to me direcly. Onward I go! In the Light!

  58. Some years ago, my mother and I were privileged to go to a spectacular wilderness area in the very north of Australia, called Kakadu. We were taken to a large sort of lagoon for a quiet boat ride to see wild life. It was early in the morning. I remember saying to my mother that it was a pity that the water lilies were not in bloom as it must have been the wrong season. How silly I felt when the sun tipped over the horizon and all the flowers gently unfurled! The opening of flowers to the light is such a quiet and inevitable process as is our turning to God. When we know the process is going to happen, we should not be surprised at the spiritually natural way of opening our thought to light.

  59. Pause to reflect the light - don't react to darkness alias negativity of any kind!

    Very helpful, thank you.

  60. thank you.

  61. The simplicity of a flower is the simplicity of the Christ. Danke

  62. Thank you, Frank ... it's quite an amazingly simple (and clear) idea, isn't it, though?

  63. thank you

  64. This is so uplifting, Frank and all Lifters. For me Easter week is all about spiritual ascension or staying in the pure light. So where's the darkness?

  65. Thank you for this beautiful lift! I would also like to say a big Thank you for your lecture on addiction and the mental prisons we get locked in. I was so uplifted!

  66. Thank you so much Frank, for the beautiful lift.

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