4/4:  God, the greatest painter!

4/4: God, the greatest painter!

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  1. Thank you Leide for sharing this so-important spiritual insight. The beauty and spiritual perfection of God's creation is all around us, it not only surrounds us but embraces us. And as you pointed out, it includes us.The "works" of God include each and every one of us, a unique, eternal, spiritual idea. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you, Leide, for “God, the greatest painter! … sunsets … what an art exhibit … God … is actually the painter of all beauty in life … today … take the time to appreciate God’s wonderful works.” I’m going to do just that – as if I’ll be at an art exhibit today and every day after today. Looking for beauty, we find it. What a beautiful way to live a life of gratitude!!! ;-)

  3. Leide, thank you for this beautiful and poetic Lift which elucidates the source of All inspiration!

  4. Beautiful! Thank you Leide.

  5. I will, thank you :)

  6. Thank you, Leide, I fully endorse this. It really lifts my spirits to look at the beauty of God's universe. In fact I have been healed by going into the garden, standing in the warm sunshine and appreciating all the beauty around me - the flowers, the shrubs, the trees and all the beauty of the garden. God is indeed a wonderful artist, and is worthy of our praise for all His wonderful works.

  7. Leide, Thank you.

  8. Sunsets are wonderful. Sunrises aso provide daily opportunities for art appreciation. Give us this day our daily bread, that is, blessings to be acknowledged in thought. Thank you, Leide, for reminding us of the simplicity of it all.

  9. Many thanks Leide for sharing this great realization. Yes. "Take the time to appreciate God's [Loves] wonderful works." "Perfect and pure, ineffable in beauty,/ Thy stainless radiance e'en to us impart,/ Till in reflection finding all our duty,/ We see the glory shine from heart to heart." (Christian Science Hymnal #345).

  10. Thank you Leide, for this beautiful life. Just love it.

  11. I am reminded: flawless; the seamless garment; etc and '..God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.' Thank you, Leide.

  12. Creation is beautiful!

    How happy would we be if, instead of fighting our differences we would use our time appreciating the beauty of Creation!

    Our celestial Father who created so much beauty doesn't see war or hate, it might be that He sees all of us "As blossoms their hues in harmony blend". CS Hymn 236

    Shall we try doing it too? We might begin by stopping to smell the roses...


    ¡La Creación es tan hermosa¡

    ¡Qué felices seríamos si en vez de pelear por nuestras diferencias usáramos nuestro tiempo para apreciar la belleza de la Creación!

    Nuestro Padre celestial que creó tanta belleza no ve guerra ni odio, tal vez nos vea a todos como tranquilas flores en el cielo, "Cual astros del cielo en santa quietud" Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº 236

    ¿Probamos hacer lo mismo nosotros? Podemos comenzar parándonos a oler las rosas...

  13. Thank you for your very illustrative LIft ♥
    Spring has sprung in bonnie Scotland, the grass is riz, the birdies are defintely on wing, singing and cheering the rainy days. The fresh green of Hawthorn abounds.
    Brings Hy3 to thought;
    A grateful heart a garden is,
    Where there is always room,
    For every lovely, Godlike grace
    To come to perfect bloom.

  14. Thank You Leida. God' nature is so divinely beautiful.

  15. Thank you Leidi.

  16. Thank you

  17. Dear Leida,

    Thanks for sharing your brilliant scenes. I love paintings too. It's wonderful to look out and see the myriad forms of art resulting from God's creation. Our Father-Mother's palette has infinite colors and hues, and His "canvas" is able to show off a rich texture with infinite applications of light that show a harmonious interplay between light, shadows, and even darkness.

    Man is an emanation of God, and can only reflect the attributes of Spirit, Mind, Soul. Being a manifestation of God, the idea, likeness, or picture of man originates and continually proceeds or flows from his spiritual identity, and the pen or brush of the divine Artist. The outline, form, and color of each idea are established in continual creation and flow joyfully from this divine presence onto the canvas of life.

    Here is the Greek definition of "Grace" as used in the New Testament: “The divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude.” (Strong’s Concordance.) So God’s work is done in us, and our work is to use this daily guidance to glorify Him, and be grateful for the path and the daily picture imprinted for us, and others, to see.

    The individual reflections and expressions, line upon line, are Spirit-led, entirely harmonious, and always true to the original idea.

    This is a good picture. Let’s enjoy the direction, and the view!

  18. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift to see only beauty and love all around the world.

  19. Thank you for showing me the beauty all around - spiritual and eternal!

  20. Thank you!

  21. Thank you very much.

  22. Thank you.

  23. Leide, how appropriate to have this Lift today! Right on target! We had some most wonderful, exceptionally beautiful time lapse photography tonight before the News, of our Southern night skies, with a panoply of stars and constellations and planets, and such a profusion of glory and amazing beauty! As you say God is our Master Painter. The nightsky in these climes is always exquisitely beautiful, but even so, there are times when it even more beautiful than ever.
    Thank you so much Leide, and Nate and the production team; The Mother Church; and our Daily Lifters - as many as the stars in the sky.

  24. Thank you so much for this daily lift. I spent some time this morning being still and really seeing just before I came across the lift. Looking out from Mind's standpoint, from the beauty within, all creation then appears as beautifully precious, everything everyday and ordinary then sparkles with importance and significance, tinted with affection. How I love to see.
    Mary Baker Eddy wrote somewhere, and I would like to know where, - something like, ''have you never realised that if a man has beauty in himself he can put it into anything'.
    Indeed beauty is not out there, it is within here.
    Thanks for the lift and the vision

  25. God is indeed the greatest painter! The spectacular sunsets over the ocean - the giant old growth Redwood trees - the snow capped mountains - the rocky river gorge - and the vast variety of beautiful flowers - all of this surrounds me and fills me with gratitude for God and His creation. Thank you, Leide, for your inspiring message and I also enjoy the many beautiful oil paintings decorating my walls that my husband has painted. He is a very talented artist. God's beauty is reflected in man as well as in the universe.

  26. So eloquently said of God's gift that fills all space; is omnipresent embracing all in His/Her love. All knowiing; All loving. Love it self. As we rise in conscienous we better understand there are no limitations or boundaries to Love's creation. There is only One in all. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.

  27. Thank you

  28. Thank you for such a lovely lift. I too appreciate art and have many beautiful paintings throughout my home. As you, from your message, gain inspiration from God's wondrous works or art, I too shall each day be inspired by my works of art and the paintings in nature to express Divine Love in love, beauty and grace.

  29. Thank you Leide! This is a lovely moment: Stop and appreciate! Appreciation always brings me in God's presence and peace. And it's all I need now!

  30. Thank you! Beautiful. Many thanks to Leide for her inspiring Lift and also to others who work on these podcasts. Thanks as well to all who comment so graciously. For example, Commenter #1 has helped me gain further insights. I am so grateful for the many great ways that we are supported by the Christian Science Publishing Society. I love being a subscriber to JSH Online, for example, through which we have access to these Lifts, as well as almost countless other precious articles, audio materials and publications that bless and heal.

  31. Beautiful!! God is gently speaking to us, is He that YOU ARE LOVED and here is the proof!! Thank you dear Leide! Arigato -Obligato with much love, fujiko

  32. Thank you, Leide. What a beautiful and lovely way to start the day. I too love art and painting, and what a wonderful way to view God's handiwork. His creation is a balanced composition of Divine Love.

  33. LIndo demais Leide querida! Muito grata!!!!! Isso mesmo, hoje pela manhã estava admirando o céu azul lindo e o frescor do outono! Simplesmente divino!

  34. Beautiful, Leide! So much beauty the Divine has provided us for inspiration & uplift! Thank you so very much for reminding us of this, Leide ~ and with joy & delight dancing through your lovely voice! Thanks so much to all who send these vital uplifting messages out to bless our beautiful world with thoughts of love & peace ~ and to all who respond with the wisdom of Mind. Blessings abound!

  35. Thank you, Leide! So beautiful, your description of the Sunset and of All of God's spiritual creation! So grateful that Christian Science teaches us what true spirituality is and that is has nothing to do with matter or finite forms! True Beauty is divine Spirit's expression - in the universe, in nature and in Us! Happy Lovely Weekend to All!

  36. lovely and many thanks from marva and olive.

  37. Thank you, Leide, for the lovely reminder of God's beauty all around us everyday.

  38. Dear Leide
    Thanks for your message

  39. Since I can't even draw a good stick figure, ha, I so appreciate the wonderful art works in all mediums. A beautiful painted landscape just draws me into it. I can almost smell and feel the atmosphere and walk around in it mentally. I know that the ideas expressed come to the artist from God, even if they don't know that. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, lets hold on only to good, God's beautiful healing goodness. I look forward to my beautiful weekend. Thanks all for this week's sharing of abundant, beautiful ideas.

  40. So true, Leide. God's artistry is absolutely beautiful. From the morning's dawning to the evening sunset. I enjoy opening my kitchen curtains every morning to behold the beauty outside whether it be a yard covered with snow (it's snowing now) or the green grass starting to blanket the area; birds come to the bird feeder arrayed in the various colors and styles and singing their sweet songs and even the pesky squirrels add beauty to the day. As we see beauty in the face of a friend, God has given us beauty to love and appreciate all around us.. What an artist He is!

  41. Thank you for reminding me to take time to see the beauty of Spirit each day. It's applicable to the classroom diversity as well.

  42. What an appropriate Daily Lift, when the news media keeps painting a wrong picture of God's creation as chaotic. How can a good God, create chaos, it cannot. It's our job to see through this chaotic mess and show the true picture. As an artist looks at a scene of beauty and paints it in it's true light, so we in our thoughts recognize God's perfect creation man as ever compassionate, thoughtful, loving, giving of themselves unselfishly to all mankind. We should all paint our scenes exactly as the way God sees.

  43. Lovely Leide, thank you. We're part of that wonderful painting as God's work. Thanks everyone for sharing.

  44. Dear Leide,

    Many thanks for such an inspiring Lift. Yes, every morning the dawn is full of lovely God's painting vibrant and powerful - the clouds shows up its hues
    reflected in little balls of pinks and yellows. The skies gets brighter as each our progresses, and with birds welcoming a new day each heart beats
    with expectant joys before they fly off doing their own work glorifying their creator. Some crows clean themselves also. I think this is the best part of each day.

    Glorify God in the highest and Peace to the world.

    Thank you my dear. Have a great day.

  45. Thank you so much Leide for your beautiful lift. Muito obrigada!! As I went online today checking for the lift, I also saw weather report that put a tornado watch in our area. Yet, your soothing, wonderful descriptions broke through the mesmerism of nasty weather forecasts. I could feel God's all loving presence and envision a sunrise like a beautfiul painting above the seemingly menacing clouds. The storm passed over quickly and uneventfully, I might add. Most of all, I felt such love and tremendous peace. You helped me draw closer to Truth and the fact that God is creating only goodness every minute of our lives. God's beauty is the only reality! Thank you again!!

  46. Beautiful Leide, your reminder of God's glorious peace-filled art work is evident everywhere from the Blue Bonnets in Texas to the feathered Pygmy Nuthatch in my yard to everyone I see and think about with love.
    Sincere gratitude.

  47. Thank you, Leide Lessa.

    Yes. I also love art and beautiful paintings.

    I remember once telling a CS practitioner that I love how I feel inside when I look at a beautiful painting.

    I have a similar feeling when I read Mrs. Eddy's writings or when I am enveloped in prayer. It is a stillness and beauty I find hard to articulate. Poetry does the same thing for me. It grounds me in peace.

    If you get a chance here is a link to one of the greatest paintings of all time based on one of the greatest parables that Christ Jesus used to teach others The Prodigal Son by Rembrandt.


    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  48. Yes, I will! And thank you for this lift and the beautiful way you read the lines from Science and Health!

  49. Thank you Leide for this beautiful and inspiring lift. God is certainly the true Artist of the universe and has painted beautiful shapes and hues everywhere. Christian Science teaches us to hold perfect models in thought and we will see this harmony reflected in our experience. Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health, P. 248:26, "We must form perfect models in thought and look at them continually or we shall never carve them out in grand and noble lives. Let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice, health, holiness, love - the kingdom of heaven - reign within us, and sin, disease, and death will diminish until they finally disappear."

    Mrs. Eddy also writes in Science and Health, P.261:4, "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts."

    I find these statements by Mrs. Eddy in keeping with nurturing the artist within us, reflecting the Master Artist, God.

  50. Thank you Leide for this beautiful and inspiring message. To Peter #24, I did some research on JSH and found the source of the beautiful phrase you mentioned. Mrs. Eddy was speaking to her publisher William Orcutt, who was at that time questioning his career in publishing. She said to him, "have you never realized that if a man has beauty in himself, he can put beauty in anything. William Dana Orcutt, Mary Baker Eddy and Her Books. ( The Christian Science Publishing Society, 1978) Pg. 45

  51. Thank you Leide for the inspiration. I vacation on a Caribbean island for a month every year and watching the sunset is a daily activity. I enjoy it very much. I also enjoy watching the peoples faces when they witness the awesome event. They seek with expectation and are filled with wonder. This is just as inspirational as the setting sun. On the other side of the island one can see this same sun rising. Such grace! If you look in the N. Webster 1828 dictionary for 'grace', 4th line, "it coincides in origin with...."I see this as coming into agreement with our origin, oh such grace and wonder to be a witness with God to His beloved, "very good" and "blessed" wonders. Thanks Liede and lifters.

  52. Great Lift!

  53. I love to see the art work of little children. When they are left to create and use color all by themselves it is a revelation. The beauty and purity is expressed even as a sunset or lovely painting. When I need to settle down and think of spiritual things I paint . Such a lovely Lift today, thanks to all.

  54. Thank you, all, dear Friends, for your beautiful and lovely comments! :-)


  56. 56
    thank you for showing me the BEAUTY that GOD IS, And gives to US, His Children, and gives to us
    without end!

  57. Leide- 4/4/2014

    Thank you for this Spiritual eye-opener. It is ALL IN ALL.

  58. Thank You for showing Me the Beauty that God is,
    and gives to us

  59. Thank You for showing me the beauty that GOD IS, and gives to us,His children

  60. I love your uplift and also enjoy Art and appreciate the infinite rich colours of sunsets. They truly reflect the beauty of God's love..

  61. Beautiful, artful and inspiring. Thank you for this lovely message.

  62. Thank you!!!

  63. 24 Peter This is a quote by Dana William Orcutt from Mary Baker Eddy

    See Mary Baker Eddy and Her Books by William Dana Orcutt
    page 41, in the Chapter Mrs Eddy and John Wilson at the bottom of the page.
    I love this book, and have read and re-read it recently, because Mrs Eddy had such an influence on the printing and publishing of fine books in USA. She knew England could produce books with "Bible quality paper" and through her direction William Orcutt was able to find the right people and direct them until this quality of paper could also be produced in USA. I do hope I'm not too late with your answer.

  64. I love to think about God's works his way! THANK YOU.

  65. Ps I just remembered our first day of our course in Western Australia . The C S nurse put a rose in a vase on the table . She told us we will see the unfoldment of the rose as we were learning and going forward . We looked at that rose everyday . Saw the beauty of the bud opening up . We saw all the lovely petals a few appearing each day . We just knew as we saw this that we were opening up to all we were learning and the Truth . So grateful for all the beauty God has given us . A Good weekend to all . Much Love.

  66. I love to remind myself to give our Father-Mother God ALL the credit for his grandeur creation. As the Bible in Genesis states, "He saw everything he had made, and behold, it was very good". It truly is pure, perfect, whole and complete. As our true artist, we can constantly enjoy the beauty of the moment to moment changes of whatever we are experiencing. The weekly lesson for instance, changes my daily view and understanding; it gets better every time. As the hues in the sunrises and sunsets, that's God's true expression letting us know that He is The Great I Am!!! and just letting us know how much He loves us. We are constantly witnessing His presence and everlasting love. Our surroundings is filled with God's artwork. Thank you Leide for your wonderful and inspiring and uplifting message.

  67. How beautiful Leide!! Thanks soooo much!

  68. Obrigada, Leide :) Life is beautiful. Talk to you soon.

  69. Thank you for your lift. This morning when I looked out at a fresh covering of snow I was a bit discouraged. But your lift reminded me of the sunsets I have seen reflecting in a mirrored lake in Michigan. The colors are shapes were constantly changing until the sunset. I always commented that God is the greatest and unique artist. Viewing them filled me with a great sense of peace as orange, pinks, lavender, gold and yellow spread across the sky as Gods great murals. I will now remember to put on my spiritual lens and see beauty instead of remarking , not another snow storm. I will noticed the white snow covering the pine branches, and the morning sun peeking thru the tree branches, and running down the road.
    I will again say Thank you God, you are the greatest artist.

  70. Thank you, Leide, for the reminder to live in awe of our surroundings. So much beauty.

    Every artistic idea, process, and ability is from God, too. These ideas unfold in thought, such that anyone who wants to can do something artistic. God also impels us to recognize the qualities in others' artistic expressions. Sometimes it's right to put our money behind that recognition, in the form of a purchase of some noble artwork, but it's just as important to understand that artists are supplied directly by God, as is their art and all of creation.

  71. Thank you so much Leide. Like 53 I have also seen the joy in the children when they are painting in kinda . Then you see them giving the painting to mum and she takes it home and puts it on the fridge for all to see . Joy all around . I love all the beauty around and going out in the night and looking up to the stars . So grateful to God . Much love . Have a Good weekend .

  72. Thank you, Leide for your spiritually beautiful Lift!

  73. A lasting reminder of god's grace & love!

  74. God truly is the greatest painter of all. Thank You Leide

  75. Thank you very much Leide. Yes, God is the artist!