4/30: Persistent activity

4/30: Persistent activity

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  1. Thank you Suzanne, just what I needed to hear. I'm pecking away...

  2. Thank you Suzanne for this so important Lift. Our persistence in knowing the truth brings the power of God to bear upon our situation. In so many testimonies of healing people have stated that they knew they had been healed prior to the physical picture changing. Mary Baker Eddy states clearly that will-power is not Christian Science. It is helpful to remember that the healing power of the Christ is always present and in operation. As we mentally declare God's allness we cant help put fell His power and presence working in our lives bringing us safely home to the arms of divine Love. Thank you again.

  3. Wonderful illustration!! Thank you.

  4. Thank you Suzanne. That was encouragement indeed to keep at it and persist with patience, knowing that the outcome will be all good.

  5. How strengthening! Thanks.

  6. Thank you for this uplift - much needed today and taken on board! Lorna

  7. Thank you Suzanne, for this sweet example of persistence and patience. So beautifully simple and easy to remember.

  8. Suzanne, thank you for this.

    This felt very healing. Just what the practitioner ordered.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  9. What a great analogy! I've read that a baby chick will peck over 10,000 times to break out of its shell...and that pecking is part of the process needed to strengthen the chick before hatching.
    Our efforts and persistence help us develop the strength to meet our challenges and "hatch" out of our problems. Love is the liberator!

  10. Thank you for that lovely, encouraging lift.

  11. Most inspiring. Thank you for that, Suzanne.

    I am doubly sure Mary Baker Eddy would have valued your words, as well. Look at all of the challenges which came her way, yet she never gave up and in fact transformed those very challenges into wondrous opportunities. That was a specialty of hers and it can also become a specialty of ours, if we stay spiritually focused on God good, the way she did, and the way Jesus, Moses, Daniel and countless others have done, before us.


  12. A tiny chick may try thousands of times to peck its way to freedom out of the egg.
    If we think that our freedom will take thousand of tries and that we are alone, separated from God, why persevere?
    Right there, where seem to be lack or delay; grace, power, and God’s reality is in operation in its intelligence and spiritual activities, unstoppables, ready to help us move forward.
    The result of this reasoning is limitless freedom.

    “Grace and Truth are potent beyond all other means and methods" S&H 67:23
    If we persist in discovering our freedom today, we'll see that, yes, it is worth it!

    Un pequeño pollito puede tratar miles de veces de abrirse el camino hacia la libertad fuera del huevo.
    Si pensamos que nuestra libertad tomará miles de intentos y que estamos solos, separados de Dios ¿para qué perseverar?
    Allí mismo, donde parece haber falta o retraso; la gracia, el poder y la realidad de Dios están operando en su inteligencia y actividad espirituales, imparables, listas para ayudarnos a seguir adelante.
    El resultado de este razonamiento es la libertad de todo límite.

    “La gracia y la Verdad son mucho más potentes que cualquier otro medio y método” CyS 67:24
    Si persistimos en descubrir nuestra libetad hoy !veremos que sí vale la pena!

  13. Thank you Suzanne Just what I needed this day

  14. Thank you - a very encouraging reminder for me. Mrs. Eddy says in S&H, and I am quoting from memory, so it might not be exact - that some people gain good rapidly, and others more slowly and yield not to discouragement.

    So we can gain confidence in knowing that by continually pecking away at whatever is bothering us, we can be sure that our prayers are effective, and not give up if we do not seem to be making quick progress. We certainly are, because God is ensuring that we will win. "During the battle the victory is won".

    Thank you Suzanne and all the helpful commenters. I always read them all and find such help from them.

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 254:
    "Individuals are consistent who, watching and praying, can 'run, and not be weary; . . . walk, and not faint,' who gain good rapidly and hold their position, or attain slowly and yield not to discouragement. God requires perfection, but not until the battle between Spirit and flesh is fought and the victory won."

  15. Thak you so much for this very strong lift!

  16. Oh thank you, Suzanne. The thought of this helpless little one, so fragile, being able to work at leaving his past behind him and going forward, strong, upright and complete at a chicken, is great.

  17. Carol, Switzerland
    Many thanks dear Suzanne, a very helpful lift for all our activities on our life.

  18. Thanks for that uplifting reminder!

  19. Really encouraging Suzanne. Thank you

  20. What a powerfully encouraging and uplifting message for the day ! this , for me , timely lesson is comforting . Yes indeed ,liberty is at hand. Thank you Suzanne .

  21. Thank you for this clear and substantial Lift. I felt very humbled as I listened to it because, as you contrasted the ease with which we break an egg, to the struggle which the chick needs to make to break free from it, I suddenly realised the error I make so often of seeing someone else's problem from a standpoint outside it (outside the egg) and fail to appreciate how great the struggle may seem to them, as they see themselves inside it, how daunting the effort required to break free from it. More prayerful work to do! Thank you.

  22. Very appropriate not only for my life personally right now, as I face lots of external challenges but also being persistent in prayer for others around the world who are in such need of support.

  23. Thank you so much. This was the perfect lift for me today.

  24. Thank you, yes we do need to be persistent in our prayers when we are need of healing.

  25. Many thanks Suzanne for this inspiring lift. "Grace [divine Love] and Truth are potent beyond all other means and methods." (S&H 67:23). Yes. "Grace and Truth are [always and forever] active and operating in our lives... This is our freedom!"

  26. Thank you, Suzanne, for “Persistent activity … breaking free of human challenges … we may feel we can’t persist … the grace, power, and reality of God are operating … unstoppable … ‘Grace and Truth are potent beyond all other means and methods’ …”

    If “… grace and truth came by Jesus Christ” (John 1:17); then following this Master Christian’s example is an effective and efficient way to persist in successfully “breaking free of human challenges.” Jesus proved it can be done. I, too, can prove that “the grace, power, and reality of God are operating” in every human challenge.

    Mrs. Eddy encouraged us with her own testimony, when she wrote: “The discoverer of Christian Science finds the path less difficult when she has the high goal always before her thoughts, than when she counts her footsteps in endeavoring to reach it. When the destination is desirable, expectation speeds our progress. The struggle for Truth makes one strong instead of weak, resting instead of wearying one” (S&H 426).

    These higher views of “persistent activity” are lifting me out of a feeling of being stuck lately in human “busy-ness.” Only the Truth of being can "unstick" me! So, today I will be working spiritually smarter instead of humanly harder, beginning in consciousness. Today I will yield human limitation to Spirit’s infinite possibilities because today I will “… pause, — wait on God. Then … push onward …” (S&H 323).

  27. Continued: "Grace for today, O Love divine,/ Thee to obey and love alone;/ Losing the mortal will in Thine,/ Find we a joy before unknown." (Christian Science Hymnal #91).

  28. Thank you so much for this lift. I so needed to hear the need to persist.

  29. Thanks so much, Suzanne. What a strengthening way to begin this day!

  30. Thank you Suzanne. Like our weekly lesson theDL provides the Truth that supports our daily efforts to rise above the mortal and lets
    God lead us out of the darkness into the light. Not always easy but always the straight and narrow way the right way until the Christ is received and Light wraps us in Love. Thank you again for this beautiful reminder of Gods care for his creation. God is Life, Love itself...how comforting to know this.

  31. Love this. Thank you.

  32. Thanks, I needed that. (I need to go back and "peck" some more.)

  33. Thanks Suzanne, such a simple but effective idea. Just what I needed to hear this morning while I deal with feelings of burden from too much university work to complete. I will keep pecking away throughout the day!

  34. So helpful. Thanks.

  35. What a wonderful analogy Suzanne! Many thanks. I had never stopped to think about the dogged effort the chick has to make to break free from the shell. Yet this same effort is what strenghtens it for its future life outside. Thank you Nela #26 for your quotation from Science and Health p.323: "Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause -wait on God-. Then we push onward,..." This DL has brought refreshment and encouragement for me today to recognize the persistent activity of love and grace upholding me and everyone.

  36. Thanks, Suzanne. I'm forwarding your Lift to a friend who needs this very message.

  37. An easy analogy to relate to as moment by moment we strive to see ourselves as spiritually free from all mortal limitations.Thank you!

  38. Suzanne, a perfect lift for me to work with and share.

  39. Thanks Suzanne for that most helpful Lift. I often find myself looking at the situation from inside the "egg" instead of realizing I'm out in God's infinite world! Very helpful, thank you again!
    Appreciate all of the comments, and thanks to nela #26 for the idea of working "spiritually smarter instead of humanly harder" - a good reminder!

  40. And how wonderful, Suzanne, that even though the chicken is still inside the eggshell, it sees intermittent bursts of light as here and there the little ineffectual beak makes great impact on the whole shell that will, ultimately, fall apart and the chicken will stagger free. It's moment by moment progress, surges of hope and repeatedly doing the only thing it knows how to do. And it does win!
    Thank you Nathan and the production team; the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers, and the Daily Lifters.

  41. Suzanne, awesome Lift, thans so much. In Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes; "Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause,-wait on God. Then we push onward, until boundless thought walks enraptured, and conception unconfinedis winged to reach the divine glory." So, like that little chick, pecking away from inside the egg, we must persist in moving forward, following Gods' Divine leadings...!
    Thanks again, Suzanne for the inspiring and timely Lift...!!!

  42. Aww thanks for this Daily Lift Suzanne, I loved the analogy of the lttle chick breaking free! See you in Belfast on the 19th May. xxx

  43. Buena analogía Suzanne, muchas gracias.
    Evidentemente sin esfuerzo nada se logra, y el camino recto, sí exije mucho esfuerzo de nuestra parte. Entonces porque pensamos que es fácil que sólo se necesita pedir, y en algunos casos he oido, de reclamar, ni la ostra, ni el pollito reclaman, hacen el esfuerzo y sale del ostracismo del encierro. para lograr el alimento que está fuera de sí mismos.
    Que bueno entender del gran esfuerzo que requiere salir del ostracismo del materialismo para lograr la anhelada libertad de no depender de limitaciones humanas, sino comprender lo ilimitado de las posibilidades espirituales que sí están ahí al alcance de todos y al igual que el pollito romper el cascarón de las creencias humanas, y esforzarnos, elevándonos sobre ellas hasta que al igual que el cascarón terminen desechas y se disuelvan en la nada, como así sucede, si nos elevamos por sobre ellas, en el recto camino que conduce al cielo.

    Nuevamente gracias Suzanne, es bueno sacudir el colchón de vez en cuando, como ha dicho Eddy y recordarnos que sin esfuerzo, no hay premio.

  44. Suzanne, this message is so humble and yet so powerful. Thanks so much. AND a grateful thank you to all for sharing such sweet comments.

  45. Oh, thank you, Suzanne! God supports each of our efforts to break free from materiality! I am about halfway out of my egg - leaving my old place and heading for my new one! To me, this is more than just a material Move! I feel this is truly a spiritual Journey for me - symbolic of leaving the past behind and going forward! At each step of forward movement, it seems that I am confronted with ghosts of Fear and taunting thoughts of Defeat. But I am determined to continue Pecking and Packing! So grateful for the support from the DL Team, from the Lecturers and from All of Us - one Big, Loving, Supportive Family of Lifters! I am supporting Us All in Persistant Pecking! Our shells ARE cracking!

  46. Thank you Suzanne and all the Lifter family. This just the encouragement I needed right now. Fear is gone and Love and Truth will be my constant companions.
    Thank you Nate and team for all your production work to bring us these Lifts.

  47. And, with God's help, we will stand on our own two feet. It wouldn't be good for someone to break open the egg for us. We need to do the "pecking" from the inside, so when we are out of the shell, we are strong and ready to go forward. Thank you, Suzanne!

  48. Dear Suzanne~~ What a powerful insight! What's neat is - as one persists in clearing his thoughts of

    debris assignments become exciting & enjoyable. Spiritual growth just flows.

    Our way is free of floods. With loving regard, a Michigan Friend.

  49. My view is now outside of the egg never looking back at the mortal view inside the egg. The Knowingness of freedom is all based on which lens you are looking through. Dominion rests in the infinite practice and limitless freedom where there is no outer shell. This lift has helped me to now see that the shell is only a mist ... formless and ineffectual.

  50. Suzanne, this is such an encouraging example of persistence and Mrs. Eddy certainly had it when bringing Christian Science to the world. Hymn #29 came to mind. It starts "Breaking through the clouds of darkness, Black with error, doubt and fear ...Comes the Christian Science gospel, Sin it kills and grief it heals." Today Christian Science is healing grief both at home and abroad. What a blessing we all have!

  51. You really spoke to my need. Great to be reminded that "Grace and Truth are potent beyond all other means and methods." all ways, always. Thank you.

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (page 67:23).

  52. The continued effort to persist in seeking and knowing our God given perfection brings many unsought blessings along the way also.
    Thank you, Suzanne, for today's gift of this Lift.

  53. Beautiful! So helpful for today! Thank you Suzanne. Everyone have a wonderful day!

  54. Thanks so much Suzanne. I'm very grateful for these inspiring lifts we receive each day.

  55. Thank you dear Suzanne for this DL. I so needed to hear this today and realize that right where the error seems to be is God's grace and love waiting to be seen. God has given us the strength to persist in His Truth and claim our prize - spiritual healing. I am eternally grateful for Divine Science.

  56. Thank you.

  57. So true, thank you for this ever-so-important reminder and sweet illustration . . . I'm off to continue pecking away because like you said; it is worth it (will be visibly someday soon I hope).

  58. In Pan:10 Verse 22-24 Mrs. Eddy defines Grace "As the effect of God understood." Very important to fully understand that statement.
    The analogy of the many times a Chick takes to break out of it's shell is very well presented to show us Humans how long and with a lot of effort it takes us to break our misunderstanding of God and therefore have instantaneous healing. It takes Grace, or the effect of God understood that enables us to chip away false beliefs that much quicker.

    Daily Lift Tea:
    The full quote reads, "All this is accomplished by the grace of God,--the effect of God understood," and is from "Christian Science Versus Pantheism" (10:22)

  59. Thank you, Suzanne, for another perfect and helpful Lift.

  60. thank you for this lift - precisely what I needed to hear, and thank you to the other commenters for the other references to ponder. I am encouraged to yield not to discouragement...

  61. Thank you for this boost to calm expectancy even while we peck, peck, peck.

  62. Thank you Suzanne & Lifters- a verse from Hab 2:3 ' though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come'. And the invitation recorded in Malachi 3:10 'Prove me now herewith, said the Lord of hosts.'
    I'm so grateful for the Lifts and contributions by all!

  63. Mary Baker Eddy writes "infinite progression is concrete being."

    So the progress (freedom, flight, getting out to meet the others) turns out to be more real (concrete) than the eggshell!

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote above is from "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 82).

  64. I love the idea of unstoppable spiritual activity....God , good is ever working His way in us. I see it all around me and I feel it in myself because I so want to be permeated in goodness, in God's will for me. On Sunday I attended my home church and found myself without a second thought applying for membership...I have considered it over the last few years since I moved back to the area. A friend who signed my application said, " It only gets better." I have much to learn from this church community and look forward to being of service as well. I thank God every day for the many blessings raining down. Much appreciation for this lift and this very precious community of believers-people of faith and action that moves with grace and truth. Thank you. I have gained immeasureable support here in this Daily Lift forum.

  65. Breaking free of human challenges presents us with a path of oneness, grace and all possibilities . . . . Why would we chose differently?

  66. Love the reference to chicks--really good imagery. Excellent message. Shared this with several chicken loving friends of mine.

  67. Thank you Suzanne, so simple and clear! A perfect reminder of the power of persistence to instill unwavering faith... Thank you all for the wonderful comments today!

  68. Good thought, also as that chick keeps trying, he is gathering new strength and energy with each effort to finally breakthrough and his efforts are rewarded.

  69. I love the idea that the chick's pecking is not a self propelled activity..,its in the chick's nature to be free. Our persistent working toward freedom, our yrue nature, is propelling by God.

  70. In II Corinthians 12 Paul speaks of the value of adversity, listing many hardships and stressing "for when I am weak, then I am strong." Examining the situations where he appeared humanly weak and persecuted he endured through the power of the Christ and is actually strong. This lift's analogy helps me to understand this better - perhaps even what appears as adversity or limitation is our limited view of the situation. The times that require more persistent prayer and commitment from us can be seen as expressions of progress not set backs; times of growth and inspired determination leading us to new heights of understanding. For Paul and us, I know there is humility involved, as Nela pointed out, "working spiritually smarter instead of humanly harder." It seems the chick just knows instinctively there's something more and is ready to move beyond the shell as soon as its usefulness is over! I love thinking deeply about all of this . This Lift echoes some themes from last week's Bible Lesson about progress. Thank you, Suzanne, and Lift team & commenting community!

  71. BTW - Thank you sooooooo much, my dear worldwide Daily Lift Family, for all your inspired and inspiring ideas shared here. :-)

    Please know that my deep gratitude is a "given" for every day; but, today I have more time to read and write how much I appreciate you all. And "my dear worldwide Daily Lift Family" includes everyone - the Board of Lectureship, the Lecturers, Nate and your crew (the Daily Lift team), as well as you Commenters!!!

    Each comment is incomparably meaningful to me and blesses each day. Special thanks today to #14 mjs for "During the battle the victory is won..."; # 21 Eleanor ... for noting the different perspectives from inside and outside the egg – yes! humbling to me, too; and #49 Robin G for sharing "... that the shell is only a mist ... " which especially reminds me of Mrs. Eddy's, "Observation, invention, study, and original thought are expansive and should promote the growth of mortal mind out of itself, out of all that is mortal" (S&H 195).

    I am so grateful for Christian Science, which has brought us all together, united in Good.

  72. Persistence. Never give up. Might mean taking a pause (see comment 26, Nela), which reminds me of the Japanese Russian war of 1905, where Mary Baker Eddy asked her followers to pray for a peace treaty (she apparently did it without facebook or twitter), and then later asked them (those reading the CS Sentinel) to pause in special prayer and to "acknowledge a wiser way, faith in God's disposal of events." (My. pg.281) It was soon after this collective new angle of prayer that a peace treaty was signed between Japan and Russia in 1905 in the city of Portsmouth, a port just a few miles from Mrs. Eddy's home.
    Coincidentaly, this week's Christian Science Monitor has an article about the need for a new peace treaty between Russia and Japan (Russia declared war again against Japan in l945 and has never signed another peace treaty). A link: Japan-and-Russia-want-to-finally-end-World-War-II-agree-it-is-abnormal-not-to?

    Persistent efforts continue to this day.
    Can God "dispose of this event"? and bring more peace and prosperity so much needed, as was successfully accomplished in 1905?
    Thank you so much Suzanne for bringing up this important topic of persistence.
    Thank you every one who persists with more "faith in God's disposal of events."

  73. Reading the replies to today's lift helps me feel that I am not alone in this effort to stay focused on the rreality - NOT the so-called mortal picture. Good start to the day. Thank you and all those around the world who commented..

  74. Thank you for this cleverly framed reminder that we are not in it -- this quest for spiritual progress and understanding (aka life) -- alone. God is always present and available to us in every moment. God is our constant daily companion encouraging us, loving us, and lifting us.

  75. Beautiful Illustration Suzanne! Merci beaucoup for la graphique!

    Something to think on all day....growth in grace.

  76. Sabemos que en lo humano debemos esforzarnos para lograr algo, ya sea en el estudio,o en el trabajo.
    Entonces que diremos de lo espiritual y eterno? El esfuerzo de cada segundo, para entender y tratar
    de elevarnos, aunque se un poquito; nos hace que nos demos cuenta de la libertad que nos da el Amor divino.Por lo cual nuestros esfuerzos nunca serán en vano

    Gracias por el menaje

  77. But we are so used to our shells! Then, in an inevitable growth spurt, we feel confined. It just doesn’t fit any more, does it?

    “When apparently near the confines of mortal existence, standing already within the shadow of the death-valley, I learned these truths in divine Science: that all real being is in God, the divine Mind, and that Life, Truth, and Love are all-powerful and ever-present;… S&H108:18

    I love the fact that this has a marginal heading of “Light Shining in Darkness” – which is for all us chicks.

    Thank you Suzanne

  78. A wonderful analogy and life lesson here. Thank you Suzanne. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, grew up on a farm in New Hampshire and as a child often rescued and nursed the animals back to health. [See "Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer" Amplified Edition, page 31 line 6.] She writes in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures", "Mortals must emerge from this notion of material life as all-in-all. They must peck open their shells with Christian Science, and look outward and upward. "[p 552:16-19] And yet another wonderful reference to the persistent example of birds is [same book], "Fixing your gaze on the realities supernal, you will rise to the spiritual consciousness of being, even as the bird which has burst from the egg and preens its wings for a skyward flight." [p. 261:27-30]

    Let's all keep soaring!

  79. Oh, bless you, Suzanne, for your (peck, peck) openness to (peck, peck . . .peckpeckpeck) Love's message. It has (peckpeckpeckpeck) clearly touched many of us, giving us (peckpeckpeckpeckPECK) needed courage. I would say more, butpeckpeckpeck . . PECK . . . PECKPECKPECKPECK!

  80. Thanks Suzanne,
    A real eye-opener. I was struck by the repeated use of the word "Grace". I have never considered myself very graceful (grace-full), so I looked up the definition and found: Unmerited divine assistance, virtue from God, favor, reprieve; attractive characteristic, charm, ease of movement. Grace note: A musical note added as an embellishment.

    Suddenly it occurred to me that we are talking about God's grace, not ours, not mine. And this grace is not only reflected, it is established to be ever present and permanent, certainly an embellishment to any material concept of mankind. This saving grace, this Amazing Grace, is bestowed upon us equally and abundantly.

    What a tremendous gift from God to his children, and we should learn to accept it graciously and share it with gratitude and persistence.

  81. We may not be a chick
    but we have the same persistent work
    to be accomplish -- to see the light,
    to break free, and to claim the joy.
    Great idea -- thanks tons.

  82. Thank you for inspiring my "sticktoitiveness".It was needed!

  83. Thank you Suzanne for a simple but reflective lift!

    In an another inspiring article (Sentinel Sept.3, 2012), "Break Out of That Shell" Michelle Nanouche

    addresses a similar thought of breaking out of self-limiting fears and behaviours and to welcome a

    spiritual view.......
    I'm so grateful for the daily lifts, that help to examine myself and which guide and spiritualize my thoughts!!

  84. Thank you so much. I never fail to get a needed lift from your "Lift". When the chick finally frees itself from the confines of the egg, if you were to ask him which of the thousands of pecks finally opened the way for him, he would undoubtedly say, "EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM". I try to remember that, like the woodsman, chopping away (before chainsaws) at the giant tree, every stroke is important and effective, - "and to this end God worketh with us". It's not the struggle that is tough, it's the YIELDING that seems to be, and it's so helpful to get a "lift" along the way.

    Thanks again,

  85. Happy pecking everyone! Thanks for all the beautiful comments.

  86. Thank you Suzanne..........When we peck,acheive a crack,inrush of light,illumination,dispells the darkness...thx to all the lifter comments.........

  87. Can you imagine what power each chic must have? How powerful their intent to break free to life outside of the shell. Your expression of this is even more powerful. I like it! Thanks, Suzanne! You have helped me break out of today's shell.


  88. Thank you for this message. It is what I needed to hear today. There are times when we just need to keep persisting knowing the results will be worth the effort.

  89. Like all the above - many thanks for this wonderful uplift and for thoughts and ideas shared by others - all helpful to remind one not to yield to discouragement but to keep praying without ceasing............

  90. Suzanne thank you for your encouraging lift and that speical quote. I will put this into practice straight away by looking for the evidence of grace and Truth and affirming their presence in spite of appearances. All you lifters, I can testify that nothing can obstruct God's good plan for all of us, so keep knowing that and praying as I do for complete freedom. Fear not!.

  91. It is the limitation of our beliefs that makes us live like the unborn chick locked in it's shell, and it's the Truth that compels us to break free. (JGS)

  92. Thank you for this inspiring and Grace-full Lift, Suzanne. The opening analogy really grabs us with the undeniable truth that progress is ongoing and inevitable. No prayer, no good thought or action is in vain, and every one is needed, blessing those who persist. It all makes sense; calmly comforting and reassuring those of us struggling with mortality -- every one of us, and we continue onward, as we're meant to!

  93. Thank you, just what I needed today. Persistence: the wake of idea sailing forth. The idea of spiritual healing, its continuity of expression: Life as spiritual existence, and our Spirit as omnipotent. Healing is breaking free of mortal belief in material existence naturally, through the 'appearing super natural' unstoppable applications of divine Science, a wholly natural and Holy perfect Comforter..

  94. Dear Suzanne, I felt the power of your message lifting me out of worries and what appeared to be barriers. How encouraging to remember that progress can be sometimes swift or sometimes slow, but persistence wins through the shell. And as another lifter shared, persistence gives the chick the strength it needs to be strong when hatched.

    Sure appreciated the many helpful comments and quotes from S&H and to the lifter staff for citing the quotes as needed.

    Many thanks for this healing lift!

  95. "PERSISTENCE WINS THE PRIZE"...........Merci

  96. Thank you. Never, ever, ever, ever give up!

  97. Thank you Suzanne.

    80 Michael - you might also check the definition of "grace" in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. Part of the definition is: "the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude." (Greek) I have found it very helpful to see all the ways God is influencing my heart and the hearts of the whole world. Progress is a constant as we yield to this divine influence, let it shape our lives and recognize it with gratitude.

  98. Thank you so much - I thought I was the only one who needed to keep pecking - but I see I'm not alone. I really needed this today. I like to start my day with the LIFT, and it always lifts me up. Thanks again to all.

  99. Thank you, that is so valuable. Persistence--something we all must do when we are facing a challenge. And I love the facts about the baby chicks!

  100. Thanks for the reminder to keep at it! (=

  101. I liked what number one had to say-"I am pecking away." I, too, am pecking away and I guess we have an eternity to do it. I am so grateful for these Daily Lifts, thank you.-I love the last comment, peck, peckc, peck.

  102. Since first hearing this wonderful Lift, I have found it so encouraging and it has readily stayed in my thought. Instead of the usual inadequate thoughts nagging at me, now I'm feeling that every good thought, motive and act is useful, needed and counts, which is very motivating. Listening to these thoughts is uplifting. Many thanks Suzanne and to the whole Daily Lift team. Also to all the comments which cover so many other helpful aspects.

  103. This is a good reminder not to give up or be discouraged! Thank you Suzanne!

  104. Thanks Liz (#97)
    I did some more investigation and found lots of additional inspiration. Aren't we blessed to live in the computer age, ha.

    But wait. As man is ageless, so is Truth and Grace, no computer needed. “The prophets of old looked for something higher than the “systems” and practices of their times. They foresaw the new dispensation of Truth and the demonstration of God in His more infinite meanings, — the demonstration which was to destroy sin, disease, and death, establish the definition of omnipotence, and illustrate the Science of Mind. Earth has not known another so great and good as Christ Jesus. Then can we find a better moral philosophy, a more complete, natural, and divine Science of medicine, or a better religion than his? (My 221:5).

    God gives everyone the answer they need at the right moment. This afternoon you and Suzanne just happened to be the grace I needed.

  105. Thank you Suzanne - The example of the chick's persistence is so helpful when one is working on a chronic belief!

  106. Thank you so very much. I love the quick demonstrations, but I value what I learned from those that required persistence. For example, I was healed effortlessly of chronic bronchitis when I made the commitment to study Divine Science. The healing of colds took much persistent effort, but It was well worth the study and focus.

  107. Thank you for this healing message. It was a shining light in a seemingly dark (heavy pecking) day.

  108. So beautiful! Also a coincidence: Yesterday my brother sent a video of a chrysallis (i hope i am using the correct word) transforming into a dragonfly. From our perspective watching, the dragonfly and the chick are "persistent". But in reality they are just "transforming" with perfect ease and grace. Their "understanding" of what needs to be done has no complicated words or "instructions". Similarly would be watching a being's birth, whether a human or an animal. I sure hope i can "transform" through challenges, especially physical ones, with grace ("en gracia de dios" as i remember my grandmother saying) and devoid of fear and doubts. Special thanks to Michael for the definition of "grace".
    Thanks dear Suzanne for your uplifting words, Maria

  109. Thank you, Suzanne, and the Lifter family for such inspiring thoughts! No matter what the situation or the circumstances, Divine Love will persist in bringing us the blessings needed exactly at the right time. If we simply keep our thoughts on high, and hold true to "persistent" effort's equally desired end, then we can not tire, or will not be discouraged. The chick never thought "this is so much work and I'll never get out of here"- it simply kept on pecking. When the moment was just right, the shell gave way and a new journey began for the chick. So too with us - keep up the effort and don't doubt the results - our persistence will pay off.

  110. Thanks Suzanne - this is a WINNER
    all pecking away into Freedom & Perfection
    grateful for ALL the healing comments.

  111. This community of thinkers is such a blessing to the world! So much gratitude for all the inspiring comments and sharing passages which expand and support the point of the Lift. I know these ideas are the Christ being expressed. All are blessed. Thanks everyone!

  112. Perfect timing for this lift. Thank you, Suzanne!

  113. Thank you.

  114. Of course I knew that we need to persist in demanding to see Truth in action, but how very good to be reminded to persist and persist and then persist some more. We are indeed, guaranteed, a good result. Thanks so much for this reminder.

  115. Thank you so much for sharing this useful message with us.

  116. yesterday I could not get this lift to open, tried several times over the day, but could hardly give up on something entitled "persistent activity" This morning I had the added blessings of so many lifters thoughts.

    Thank you Suzanne and DL family

  117. I was inspired by the message from #58 telling us that it takes Grace or the effect of God understood that enables us to chip away false beliefs that much quicker. Then we see through the belief of being enclosed in darkness. Now we see HOW to do it.

    My gratitude to ALL who help make this precious UPLIFT possible, and thanks to all who take the time to respond with their comments. Each one was helpful.

  118. What loving encouragement!

  119. super lift , talking picture of the chicken , very heartening , thank you Suzanne !

    Eve , south France

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