4/30: Open your sails

4/30: Open your sails

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  1. Thank you Evan, what a great analogy. Sometimes our life may seem stagnant, or mortal mind tries to tell us that we don't have much to offer, or we may feel that our time for being productive has come and gone. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When we open our thoughts to God we begin to see ourselves as a valuable, needed and loved child of our Father-Mother, God. We may not all be in the public practice of Christian Science but we can all be active spiritual thinkers. And as we learn in S&H, by Mary Baker Eddy, "The time for thinkers has come." Thank you again.

  2. Thanks so much for this helpful reminder ! Its so true...and how many times we try to shield against the "wind", instead of letting revive and move our situation by it, just because we have forgotten its purpose ...

  3. Thanks Even That is a clear picture, and word picture that helps us to open our thought.

  4. Thankyou Evan. The locked windmills made me think of all the times we lock our thoughts with resistance to change, - "we've always done it that way", "I'm right on this!" Unless we're prepared to let Love blow and operate we will get nowhere. Science and Health is the KEY to the Scriptures, and that suggests that we have to turn this key (use it!) and unlock what is there, - the Truth of God's omnipotence
    I'm going to let Love blow me along today.....

  5. Really excellent metaphor. Having sailed a bit, this metaphor really resonates.

    Remembering one all day race, we were a team of six on board our boat, the Jolly Rodger. We were on the water at 7:30 a.m. that day and crossed the finish after midnight. We the range of wind, from so little wind that it seemed like no wind to high winds requiring the heavy lines. During the appearance of little to no wind, boats were turning back. We didn't turn back or stop; our thought was feel the wind and it's direction. We stayed the course, won that race and took first in that years Fall Classic for which that race was one in the series.

    Thanks again for the wind/sail metaphor. It is an excellent reminder for me right now!
    Cheers of gratitude,

  6. so helpful Evan just at a moment when I read it and my mind was locked in doubt and sadness about something and couln,t get out,something kept saying "the daily lift the daily lift!!"so I obeyed and opened up and read your lift reminding me to open up ,say NOto animal magnetism,and to just let that wind in to blow the cobwebs away and let real "thought" abide in my mind.Thank you.I just love the wind too!!

  7. Thank you, Evan, for your helpful DL to start the day to unblock our "thought sails" to feel the fresh breeze of divine love in action again.

  8. Thank you for ending with Mary Baker Eddy's definition on "wind." The wind all around us is just what she declares it to be. These wonderful Daily Lifts sure helps to unlock, as you say, the mind to feel the energy of Spirit all around us.

  9. Love it, Evan. What sublime activity connected with being prepared to unlock those sails! I have just heard of something a little similar but acknowledging the source of the movement. Something like this: Somewhere, sometime Mrs Eddy spoke about opening our wings of prayer to allow the currents of Spirit to lift us up to higher realms and bring healing. This idea takes away from the feeling that we are responsible for the healing activity - the most we need to do is to pray which includes listening for the spiritual answer. These Lifts surely do lift and I thank you all for your loving contributions.

  10. Thank you so much Evan , it is exactly what I needed to be remembered today.
    God bless you , your family and all your listeners.

  11. Evan, Thank you.

  12. Thanks Evans.

  13. The Spirit (Pneuma) is blowing our way, is constantly sending us the needed strength and knowledge to surmount any obstacle. S&H 598:1

    Like the gears that move the sails of a windmill need to be lubricated for the wind to move its sails, so we need to unlock our hearts and allow God’s direction to take control of our lives.

    Let’s use this free source of energy (blessings) in our own benefit!

    El Espíritu (Pneuma) está soplando para nuestro lado, constantemente nos envía la fuerza y los conocimientos necesarios para superar cualquier obstáculo. S & H 598:1

    Así como los engranajes que mueven las aspas de un molino necesitan estar lubricados para que el viento pueda mover sus aspas, igualmente tenemos que abrir nuestros corazones y permitir que la dirección de Dios tome el control de nuestras vidas.

    ¡Utilicemos esta fuente de energía gratuita (bendiciones) en nuestro propio beneficio!

  14. Many thanks Evan for sharing this inspiring analogy of the 'Wind Mill." Yes. 'We must open up our thought to the power and presence of divine Love to bring God's blessings our way." "His blessings come as showers/ Upon the thirsty earth;/ And joy and hope, like flowers,/ Spring in His path to birth./ Before Him on the mountains/ Shall Peace, the herald, go;/ From hill to vale the fountains/ Of righteousness shall flow." Hymn 75,

  15. Thank you so much
    you inspire me to Let go and Let God
    I give my consent and disconnect from all limiting mortal brakes
    thanks for this Daily Lift
    It is God's Day and filled with blessings for universal humanity

  16. When the winds of Mind move us, let our thought first pause. We say from the East or the West?The North or South? Let my prayer be to sail in the direction of Divine guidance . This 'compass' is always available . It never fails. Its called Christian Science. May when the Wind Mills of old stop churning, and mankind has moved on to advanced ways of learning, let me not forget the footsteps of Truth this lesson has taught me.And let God bless all mankind.

  17. Thank you Evan!
    Wonderful thoughts I so appreciated this morning:-)

  18. I've heard about 90-95% of our thoughts each day are the same as the day before, as we get locked into patterns and routine. This is just what we need to do to avoid 'lock down' :). Thanks Evan

  19. Thank you. A great way to start our day.

  20. Thank you Evan and to all the Daily LIFT family. I would liken these daily lifts to A breath of fresh air in themselves, helping to chase away so many of our fears. Can anyone be in any doubt that Mrs Eddy would not have fully approved of these daily uplifts, given and received with so much love and gratitude! To ALL have a bright and breezy day, Love J.Monks UK

  21. Thanks Evan for providing a little wind beneath our wings today.

  22. Thank you!

  23. Thanks so much for a perfect illustration of getting in our right minds.

  24. Thank you so much Evan for wonderful lift! Nothing can stagnate anywhere as wind of divine Love is blowing everywhere. We just have to open our thought-unlock our sails-Beautiful!

    Poonam Likhi
    Chandigarh, India

  25. How very helpful! Thank you so much, Evan.

  26. Beautiful! What a great reminder of infinite Life and Love! Thank you!

  27. Thanks so much, Evan - what a perfect way to start the day. Love and gratitude will surely open the sails and speed our progress!

  28. Thank you Evan. That's a wonderful metaphor. I'm learning how to sail, and it may happen that the boat turrns and we fall in the water but we will not finish our learning for that reason. We turn the boat back and continue our learning. That's with our learning of Christian Science. We continue with joy and will have success. That's the law.

  29. Thank you Evan, and Lifters #4 and #20.

  30. This reminds me of a well-loved Hymn in the Christian Science Hymnal, #142, words by John Greenleaf Whittier:

    Blow, winds of God, awake and blow
    The mists of earth away.
    Shine out, O light divine, and show
    How wide and far we stray.

    The letter fails, the systems fall,
    And every symbol wanes:
    The Spirit overbrooding all,
    Eternal Love, remains.

    I am grateful for the opportunity yesterday to share this Hymn with a friend yesterday, as our conversation centered on the idea of being able to lay aside material (ritual) forms of worship and to commune with the Infinite at all times.

  31. Great analogy, worth thinking about...
    Thanks Evan.

  32. Thank you very much Evan. This is very good! I'm glad I opened up this Lift early in the morning. It gives me food for thought as I start my day. It is very windy here today and I have contractors coming to replace my front door. I was concerned about the wind driving rain against the front of my house, as removal of the old door will leave a large opening to the elements. But my thought is calm now as I recognize wind as the "movements of God's spiritual government". All will be well, all IS well. Ever grateful to everyone involved with these lifts, and for everyone's input.

  33. Dear Evan, You have a way of unfolding thought through parallels in every day life.
    Thankyou, it has made my day. The video is beautiful.

  34. Truly a Lift - thank you, Evan, and all Lifters! Thanks too, Evan, for the inspiration shared in your CS Lectures, Spiritview, and other work, bringing healing and blessings to all!

  35. Thank you Evan for this wonderful Daily Lift.

  36. Thank you Evan!
    I´ll think of that today!

  37. Thank you Evan what a lovely idea, I like to know that Gods goodness and care and ideas are always flowing never locked up or tied up....always there for us to see and feel, we just have to welcome them into our lives. I love the Daily Lift's listening to them is one of the first things I do when I get up in the morning.. Many lifts are shared at our Wed. evening meetings...along with healings that have come from listening to the DL. Keep up the good work....I am so grateful!

  38. As our hymn 201 says " O do not bar your mind / unto the light of good; / but open wide , let in the Word, / and Truth will be your food."
    Great breakfast. Thanks Evan!

  39. Thanks for the wonderful Lift Evan, and thanks to all the commentators for their beautiful remarks they shared.
    Looking at the paddles of the windmill reminds me of what are we opening up to catch the wind of Spirit. Is it faith, understanding, humility, obedience, etc.?
    Thanks again.

  40. Thankyou, Evan for your liftful..lift
    and for taking time on your journey in Holland to video and share with us. Beautiful.

    I am certainly one who can from time to time become fixated..locked...blocked..
    Turning the key in the proper direction ..of God's infinte guidance..love..truth..unlocks all that

    Change your thought changes your life.. as the saying goes...It only takes a moment
    More of thee God is where I need and want to be.

    Happy New Day to You All
    With Love and Gratitude

  41. Thank you for a great lift this morning. It's been very windy around here lately and it's easy to feel a bit buffeted and annoyed. Now I have a fresh way to handle it. This is precisely what these lifts do for me each day; they show me how to see things in a new light. I am very grateful to lifters (1) and (2) for their comments. So bring on the wind today, I am ready for it, and thankful.

  42. what a great lift for today Evan, thank you, always love your lifts.

  43. I love the travel trip Evan, and how you see the visual clues! Thank you.
    When Carry mentioned that a high percentage of our thinking is generally believed to be locked routine each day, a light flicked on for me. I sing the same hymns, pray the same prayers, and hold to the same study habits. Mmmm. I do think of these things as “warm-up” exercises for the game day ahead, but are they too locked in? I do recall a time when locking into mental routines seemed like a life-saver in the face of challenge, and that was probably an OK place-holder while yielding to what God is already doing.

    You know how every day it seems that someone says “This is just what I needed to hear”. Well, today, Evan… this was just what I needed to hear. I feel refreshed to expose even a “good” routine for a little more trust that each moment brings fresh inspiration (wind) and direction.

    Ah hah! Therefore, … I raise a glass of wine to you all! (Wine. Inspiration; understanding. – S&H 598:17)

  44. Lovely way to start my day..... I had visualized a day full of limitations due to a rainy forcast and now I am reminded how foolish that is! The wind and rain can turn my wished for day outside into a new activity which is just as meaningful - Thanks!

  45. Thank you Evan for this good lift.

  46. Gracias!!!!
    El versiculo de Juan 3: 8 " El viento sopla donde quiere, oyes su voz, pero no sabes de donde viene ni para donde va...asi es todo el que es nacido del Espiritu"
    Gracias.......muy inspirado y alentador mensaje.

  47. Beautiful thoughts!! Thanks so much, Evan, for starting a much-needed conversation. We can rejoice that the Divine Mind inspires and uplifts ~ the unfolding of thoughts on this site brings such comfort to those struggling with challenges, whatever they may be. So grateful for this Daily Lift and the devotion of all who send these healing thoughts out to the world!

  48. We are never locked out of God's Divine Love. It was wonderful to start the day with such an uplifting idea. Loral. Thank you.

  49. Thank you for today's Lift, Evan.
    The CS Sentinel published the following in its Items of Interest in about 1998, with the title "God's care for all":
    "We are not competing for the wind. There is plenty of wind for every ship [that] will just raise its sail."
    Thank you for todays challenge!

    Daily Lift Team:
    From "Items of Interest" --

    "There should never be any anxiety on the Lord's journey.

    "... As German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke so powerfully declared, 'We are not competing for the wind. There is plenty of wind for every ship [that] will just raise its sail.'"

    Scott Hagan
    Ministries Today, March/April 1998

  50. Thanks, Evan! I woke up this a.m. with the words, "Love controls and governs man." I was also thinking of something Mrs. Eddy says, paraphrasing - "When the winds of God blow, don't clutch your tatters around you....." In other words - Let go and Spread your sails so the winds of God can Lift you up and carry you forward! Thanks also to #30 Mary - wonderful Hymn to go with this Lift!

  51. Another AH-HA thought jolter!
    How often do we allow fear, discouragement, condemnation, lazy thinking pervade thought instead of ACCEPTING, not just expecting, God, Good in our experience. Reminds me of hymn #201 from the Christian Science Hymnal in which first line reads:
    "O do not bar your mind" and the last verse:
    "Then open wide your heart
    To Truth and Light and Love;
    You then shall know your life is hid
    With Christ in God above."

    Thanks for this reminder Evan, and blessings and gratitude to all the DLs!

  52. Great idea and lift. I enjoy your expression of letting in the Divine blowing all around us. Thank you!

  53. Thanks Evan, for the refreshing suggestion.

  54. Thank you, Evan. So important to me right now!!!!

  55. The first thing that came to my thought as I watched this Daily Lift by Evan Mehlenbacher was the famous song sung by Barbara Striesand, "THE WIND MILLS OF MY MIND."
    Whenever I listen to that song, just like today's D/L, it opens my thought to the good and pure that the wind of C/S blew in, never allowing the sails of mortal mind to enter in.

  56. Thank you Evan, This DL came to me at the right moment when I was thinking about some personal issues and thought nothing was going on... I will open my sails today and let the wind (the might of omnipotence" move me forward. Blessings to all!

  57. Hi Evan and all the wonderful Lift group - thank you so much! I've always loved the wind and the freshness, inspiration, and vigor it brings. The comments, as always, are so helpful!
    LOVE to all the wonderful thinkers out there!
    Judith from Reno NV

  58. Wow! One of the essential lessons for today--"same old, same old" just doesn't move us forward, does it. We have to "unlock the treasures of Truth and Love" by reacquainting ourselves with our living Principle Love, don't we! Thank you, Evan, for keeping your thought open to ideas that will lift us all!

  59. Kinderdike! (phonetic spelling) The site of one of my favorite memory images: a pair of well-used wooden shoes neatly placed beside the front door of a cottage, toes pointing toward the house, and flowers all around the doorstep and in window boxes. But much better yet, what an opportune moment to bring us back to the true definition of "wind", while so many homes and businesses are being blown down to the ground. Surely we can help, by each opening up our own thought to the omnipotent, totally benevolent, movements of God.

  60. Thanks so much, Evan!

  61. Thank you so much

  62. A good reminder, Evan, especially with the spiritual definition of wind. I have experienced this several times very significantly and know how true it is. Thanks for the message and illustration for the world.

  63. Thanks Evan for all those pictures of Dutch windmills. I suppose there must be a reason they are not used any more, but at least they still exist. I see they built a replica in China, just as a tourist attraction.
    I love your reference to the wind. On the west coast of Vancouver Island (Tofino and Ucluelet) a tourist industry has built up for "winter storm watchers" to stay in high end hotels and walk on the beautiful beaches to enjoy the surf and wind.
    This lift reminds me of a statement in a letter written by Mary Baker Eddy, "It is their materiality that
    clogs the progress of students, and "this kind goeth not
    forth but by prayer and fasting." " (Miscellaneous Writings, Pg. 156)

  64. Opening thought and really contemplating the definition of wind.. thank you!

  65. Thank you Evan. A great insight. The need to unlock the sails, and let God move us -- with power!

  66. Have had some different prayer time routines lately, but have still been checking into the Lift - sometimes much later than I used to. I've missed reading comments closer to when they were written and also regretted not writing comments of thanks, but #43 Nancy's comment made me laugh out loud and also see the breaks in routine as not only acceptable, but fresh and valuable - not disruptive. I love the Lift so much and am happy to see familiar friends and new folks writing comments and sharing wonderful quotes, hymns and experiences. Thank you, Daily Lift team, TMC and all the commenting community and the uncommenting community! Feeling connected to you all is comforting, inspiring and delightful! Sincerely, Tracy

  67. Lovely. Thank you........remaining unlocked and open to Love's divine adventure. thanks everyone for sharing.

  68. You are welcome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. The winds of spiritual inspiration are a blowin'...

  69. Great "Lift" today, Evan. Thanks so much!

  70. Evan, I enjoy so much the way you see spiritual lessons even when you are "on vacation"! You are not in "shut down" mode or "I'm just going to relax and take a break"! Thank you for sharing this enlightenment with all of us. Its really very helpful in more than one way.

  71. Thank you for a great 'lift' and all the comments it has inspired.

  72. Thank you.

  73. Great lift about thought and how it works. More in line with Mary Baker Eddy's teachings, psychology is moving in the direction of seeing thought as the basis for our experiences and when connected with both llevels of awareness/consciousness and Mind/God, we are more able to understand the true power/force behind our lives. So when my thoughts move to higher levels of consciousness, the winds of Mind carry me effortlessly.

  74. I feel more open to fresh mental movement already!

  75. Thank you, Evan, for “Open your sails …” Wow!!! This is brilliant. I love the history and visual that you shared and the spiritual reasoning applied. We have the same Source / God / all-Good / Love-itself!!! available to us at all times and everywhere.

    Question to self: “Are your sails locked down or opened?” ;-)

    “There should be painless progress” (S&H 224:8).

    And I love Mrs. Eddy’s definition of “wind” that you shared as, “That which indicates the might of omnipotence and the movements of God's spiritual government, encompassing all things” and it goes on, “Destruction; anger; mortal passions. (S&H 597:27).

    Question to self: “Which wind do you claim as moving your sails?”

    “… ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32).

    Thanks again, Evan. I’m going forward with a consciousness more open to “the might of omnipotence and the movements of God’s spiritual government, encompassing all things[!]”

  76. Thanks Evan for that inspiring and most uplifting message. When I first came into Christian Science over 40 years ago, I had to say that I complained alot before and after for a long time about how I DO NOT like the WIND blowing on me and especially on my hairdo while walking to work. It's my least favorite weather element for a long time. One day as I was strolling and communing with God on my daily routine, a sudden gust of wind came up and the nicest thing about that experience, is the wind was gentle, calming, refreshing, and felt really good. I had been working on this uninvited WIND to see how it truly is one of the four weather elements that should be equally enjoyed and experienced in our lives. Well, needless to say, I now invite wind not only to feel its natural beauty, but to know that God is everywhere and His every creation is forever peaceful, loving and beautiful. As I look out the window just now, the wind is blowing and I'm loving every minute of it. I feel so blessed. Thank you God for everything.

  77. Thank you for the simplicity, yet poignancy of this thought.

  78. Thank you for this beautiful video of the windmills and the powerful message they inspired.

  79. Thank you

  80. Thank you Evan. Yes, I repeat #69's comment

  81. My mother has a great saying: "Mortal mind isn't as rigid as it seems." That's comforting when we seem to be facing a brick wall of resistance.

    To be more metaphysical, we might say "mortal mind isn't even as real as it seems." It really can't present any blockage or obstruction to what Mind is knowing/doing, so we can safely set aside our own habits and opinions in favor of a better investment in God's ways and means.

  82. Beautiful, thank you ! :-)

  83. A breezy, refreshing lift....Thank You Evan!!.....I really needed this thought today the idea of being "locked" into wrong thinking is my situation right now. I'm endeavoring to not dwell on the "matter" perspective which seems to be relentless in my thought at this time. Error keeps telling me to look at the material lie shown forth....but I will continually deny the reality of this!....No discouragement can really surface in my true consciousness!...I just love these Daily Lifts they're like a guiding compass every day!!....every lift this week has been sooo wonderful!!!....Thanks everyone who put the lifts and the lectures online for all to share and the wonderful ideas given by the community of lifters is amazing!!...they are such a comfort!!....I'll be dwelling on the thought that error "cannot" keep me "locked" in wrong thinking today!!....God gave Mrs. Eddy the "key" of Divine Science so really nothing is as it seems to the material view.....I'll be holding on to this "key" all day today!

    ....Beautiful scenery!....my father-in-law was born in Holland, so my husband is half Dutch.....Someday we'd love to go there!

    With deepest Gratitude and Love to All!! : ) : ) : )

  84. What a wonderful "lift" with wonderful images of thought! Thank you!

  85. Lovely and so true. We are traveling in Andalucia, and your message came through clear and bright today, illustrating no limit to the communications coming from Spirit, Life's, infinite expression! Gracias

  86. As someone who has experienced the joy of sailing, I really must say that I enjoyed your analogy tremendously, even though you were referring to sails on the windmills. Also, if you carry this into the "sailboat" analogy, then...we must go out from our sheltered harbor and go into the open sea of life, and weather them by constantly trimming our sails day/day & moment/moment to find our right direaction in life (equivalent to praying for ourselves & others daily). Thanks again so much, Bob

  87. A very helpful message. Thank you.

  88. Hi Evan, Wow, you hit the nail squarely on it's head! How often do we see our life as just OK but not inspired? I guess we all feel a little locked into a pattern that we are almost afraid to change because it might result in something much worse!

    I'm teaching a class of Marine recruits at Camp Pendleton every Sunday. It is an inspiring time for me just to be with some of God's dear ones who have made a huge commitment to what they hope is a better life for themselves.

    The reasons are varied, why they came to be where they are! Last Sunday when I asked the new men why they signed up, one said, "I wanted to get away from home!" He explained that he felt everyone saw him as weak and he knew he wasn't! I assured him I could not see any weakness in a desire to make a better life for oneself.
    Then we all read the first Chap. of Genesis and God's promise that He made us in His image after His likeness and saw everything He had made as very good!
    This Sunday I will play this Daily Lift for the class and let them see that they have already removed the locks from their wind power and can expect blessings beyond their ordinary expectations. These will come with trials and proofs that the power of God's promise in Genesis 1 is available to all. Thanks for these "backup" ideas.

  89. Your inspired insight Evan, made me think today about the "tornado season" that plagues this area of the United States. Shut down thought tends to just let it happen because shut down thought expects it to happen, and if we are lucky, and our insurance policy is paid up, shut down thought says maybe we will be spared. But...hymn 144 says and sung with conviction,"In atmosphere of Love divine, We live, and move, and breath; Though mortal eyes may see it not, 'Tis sense that would deceive." Awakens the shut down thought to Gods supreme moment now.

  90. Thank you, Evan, for such a fresh and inspiring message! I love Jesus' reply to Nicodemus about being born anew of the Spirit (God). It says in part, "The wind blows where it wills; you can hear its sound, but you never know where it has come from or where it goes: it is the same with everyone who is born of the Spirit." (John 3:8, in the James Moffat translation of the Bible) Opening our sails to divine inspiration promotes the spiritual rebirth which transforms us permanently for the better, and enables us to find solutions along the way to all kinds of challenges - healing of sickness, freedom from sin and limitation, and the supply of all good. And loved seeing once again the Dutch countryside in the background!

  91. Nice fresh comments about how God is all and surrounds us every moment. Don't lock it out with negative thinking.
    Thank you evan.

  92. Thank you very much Evan!

  93. Thanks Evan. Just returned from the Netherlands and the sight of your DL and truly the wind does blow (and the rain did come) and we always felt the presence of God around us. Never thought of the wind in the terms you expressed it. Lovely.

  94. Just what I needed to hear today, beautiful!

    Thank you,

    St. Petersburg, Florida

  95. very good, helpful. thank you


  97. Thanks. I love Amsterdam.

  98. Thanks Evan, Love it, so user friendly! I will share.

  99. Thanks Evan. Loved it, so user friendly! I will share. (=

  100. This is a great analogy!
    Thank you for sharing!


  102. Thank you, Evan! I need to unlock my sails asap.

  103. Thank you for a vivid picture that helped me recall all the music and art that grew from the Netherlands... we can call on the wind from God constantly! Thank you.,,,, always a great idea!

  104. Thank you for this uplifting thought and helpful reminder!

  105. Thank you.

  106. I really like learning from metaphors, object lessons or analogies, whatever you call them. Jesus used them because it worked. Nice picture too!

  107. Thank you for the inspiration that reminded me of the power of the Holy Ghost. The divine energy of the Christ lifting and generating thought demanding movement

  108. Opening up!! Thanks for the reminder!!

  109. Thank you, Evan, for this wonderful metaphor (or is it analogy?). Whichever it is, it definitely rings true. #90 says it so well! Also, thank you, #101, for your reminder of our natural instincts. Sharon :-)

  110. Not only a wonderful message, but brought back a beautiful memory of the day that I took a boat down that very same waterway and marveled at all those amazing windmills. I spent a couple of weeks in Holland in 1981, and covered just about the entire country.....a place of great beauty and great people. Thanks for the memory, Evan!

  111. I love that Evan, it is so true too. That is exactly what I need to do more. Thanks, Jan, in Fairfield, Ohio

  112. Great analogy and message! Thanks Evan

  113. Thank you, Evan. Such an interesting anology you make. I worked in parts of Europe during the summer and autumn of 1976 and visited Kinderdyke and it's windmills in which people once lived. The day of my wife and my visit just happened to be the first day of the new school year, in September, with blue skies, as in your video, above. We were by the school just as those precious little ones were arriving for their very first day of one their life's journeys. We talked with them and found some with "paddles" moving and others a bit hesitant to stir theirs forward. I am sure once they felt secure to do so they all felt comfortable with the swoosh of gentle wind.

    Your explanations are so very practical to another's understanding of the divine. Thanks again. May we all sit closer to the front and unlock are sails. We did Wednesday evening and it does work. Yes, indeed.

  114. Thank you for a much needed reminder. We like windmills too. Thanks again.

  115. Thank you for this helpful reminder.