4/3: Respect for other faith traditions

4/3: Respect for other faith traditions

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  1. Wow!  What a reminder that the infinite radius of God, divine Love, includes all. The Christ speaks to every one -- our brothers and sisters of every faith -- and there is no monopoly on truth.  Rather, by opening thought we see the saving grace of the redeeming Christ here on earth as Truth, God, is revealed to every waiting heart.

  2. Hurray Hurray Hurray! The golden rule is beautiful and keeps us all through all faiths along the one path of God, Love. I'd like to know a little more about Oddyssey (?) as it would be a great link to share with the Daily Lift, and others who enjoy the Lift but only if I send it on to them (they do not necessarily subscribe) - this would really support that joyful network of thinkers who are so open to new ideas, healing and transformation of religious narrow mindedness to open minded exchange. Thank you sooooo much for this Lift.

  3. Thats a wake up call. Thank you for that.

  4. Thank you for this very interesting Lift, yes we should respect everyone including other fath traditions.We are all Gods children.

  5. It's amazing how people can find what is wrong with other religion than their own without even knowing anything about their teachings —except what somebody else told them.
    As Christians we follow and share Jesus’ teachings. The strongest points of his teachings where his own example: he practiced the patience and humility with which he conducted himself throughout his ministry.
    Jesus didn’t care who needed help: a sinner; an unclean person; an adulteress, or one of completely different religious believes. He saw everyone as God’s own child.
    Es sorprendente como la gente puede hallar lo que está equivocado en otras religión que no sea la suya sin siquiera saber nada sobre sus enseñanzas —excepto lo que le han dicho otros.
    Como Cristianos seguimos y compartimos las enseñanzas de Jesús. Los puntos más fuertes de sus enseñanzas eran sus ejemplos: practicaba la paciencia y humildad las cuales fueron su conducta durante su ministerio.
    A Jesús no le importaba quién necesitaba su ayuda: pecador; inmundo; adúltera o alguien de una creencia religiosa completamente diferente. Él veía al hijo de Dios en cada uno.

  6. Many thanks Shirley for this great lift. Yes, I can certainly relate to your experience having grown up in Christian Science living in the UK where we enjoyed a (Church of England) religious service every morning in school. I could also see, at a very young age, a lack of selfishness that we could all learn from! " Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." (Matt. 9:19). "Who as himself his neighbor loves,/ By constant purpose proves/ His neighbor's good his own." (Christian Science Hymnal #180)

  7. Thank you Shirley, thank you , again. This "lift" is healing all, demonstrating our unity of being family with the one Parent, Father/Mother God. No equation in mathematics is true without sharing alike the equal (=) sign. How blessed we are! My spouse and I so gratefully know.

  8. Thank you Shirley! I grew up in a household where that 'superiority', although subtle and I believe unintentional, was voiced. I remember thinking as I was growing up how some comments I heard did not reflect the Golden Rule. I have been striving the past few years to practice this rule in every aspect of my life. I am grateful to have realized early on that God talks to everyone, not just Christian Scientists. We don't have a secret network in which to communicate with God. As Mrs Eddy tells us, all communication is from God to His idea and not the other way around. God, our Father and Mother talks to each idea 'In the beginning (in the Only) and throughout all eternity. This communication does not stop, cannot be interrupted, tuned out, full of static or turned off. Our talking with God must be a humble listening for the angel messages Divine Love is pouring on us from the windows of heaven. God's communication is always the Truth and never leads us astray. It never makes us hateful: unkind, disrespectful, critical, condemning, complaining, comparing. As Mrs Eddy states in her interpretation of the last line in the Lord's prayer, 'God is infinite, all power, all Life, Truth, Love, over all and All.' And if I remember correctly the last lines in the movie 'A Christmas Carol', 'May God bless us one and all.'

  9. Amen Shirley! Thank you for all your good (God) work.

  10. Thanks for always setting yourself up for a safe ride. Happy trails.

  11. Thank you for this lift. Can't this principle be applied to all arenas of life? Giving respect is key to receiving it. Giving love is basic to receiving love and so on. I have so much to learn about the basics!
    I have difficulty communicating with my dear and beloved daughter at this time. She is a young adult and feels she has so much to offer her dear mom-me! I am not asking for her advice but I seem to get it!
    I can apply more love to this situation, deeper love and deeper maturity on my part. I desire healing and that is a wholesome desire that only results in good outcome. Thank you to the larger organization for providing this avenue for sharing of healing ideas. I am blessed by this community and grateful to be a part.


  12. Thank you Shirley. Opening my thought respectfully to others of other faiths has enable me to become aware of just how much the leaven is at work bringing us all together. I am so grateful that I have learnt
    to love all faiths. This has been such a blessing.

  13. Dear Shirley,

    Thank you for the Daily Lift. Beautiful! One thing I seldom share with people, is that some Sundays, I would visit other Church Services. It evolved into me photographing many services and sharing these precious once-in-a-lifetime shots with the parishioners.

    Many Sundays, I found myself respecting more and more the effort some of these elderly people go through to walk many distances to be at Church. Dressed in their Sunday best, holding fast to both their books and faith, they embrace an unquestionable journey with the smiles of expectation and the heart of love.

    I cannot tell you, how that inspires. I wish I could share a photo in this forum. I find so many opportunities to talk about Church and God but never with a view to convert but to help them remain steady. Those that opposed Christian Science, now listen with expectation of healing.

    Everyone is at a different point in their journey, and if attending another religion helps them to keep focused on God, then in my books, good. At school there are various levels of classes or levels of understanding. Growth, persistence and obedience allows us all to advance..step by step.

    The mere fact that we all continue to have revelations of Truth in our daily lives means that we too are on a journey. The runner that stops to look back and measure where he is relative to others, wastes precious time and is self-defeating.

    "In my Father's House", there are indeed "many mansions" (John 14:2).

  14. I grew up in a neighborhood that was predominently Jewish so learned much about their traditions and holidays. I was the only Christian Scientist in my school among the minority of Christians. I discovered early on that love is reflected in love and we not only respected each other but shared the holidays.

  15. One God ... One Mind. With this infinite wisdom and understanding how senseless it is not to demonstrate respect for other religious traditions.

  16. Thank you !

  17. I too had a wrong sense of superiority in the early days, but thank God, I now understand that we are all children of God. I too learned that every religion begins with the Golden Rule. My aim is not to convert but to bless and have found so much in common with a Moslem family. So thank you for this reminder and thank you to the BoL for all these Daily Lifts.

  18. These ideas are very important to hear. We certainly can't go wrong with the Golden Rule as you stated. So well put. Universal Love is the healing way. Thank you.

  19. Shirley, thanks for the reminder to treat others, as well as their spiritual viewpoints with humble respect and practice of the "Golden Rule"...wow...sweet and simple rule to follow.

    Thanks again...!

  20. To have one God is to see all people as unified within this Principle; not divided up into groups. God does not see labels. He also does not acknowledge the high horse so many have climbed up onto. To truly see spiritually is to see only God's expression, in all its diversity - and rejoice in it!!

  21. Thank you Shirley for your message today. When we KNOW . . . we have no need to defend or judge . . . . isn't that the sincere demonstration of oneness ? God that is one within us is light years beyond the appearances, false beliefs, judgements and fear which the unconscious do battle with everyday. We are in this world , but not of it.
    As a counselor I watch people transform their lives daily when their belief shows them that" faith in God makes all things possible" and that they are never alone. I pray during my sessions that those who
    struggle to believe hear that small still voice within them and find the one God who brings them peace. So grateful for these morning reflections of Gods presence.

  22. Beautifully worded....WE, are all, the alleluia of God !

  23. Thank you Shirley for this Golden Rule. I enjoy reading in the Sentinel ( Thanks Kim Shippey) and in the Christian Science Monitor articles from those of other faiths who tell of their love of God and for all mankind.

  24. I grew up in a denomination that strongly criticizes others and even publishes screeds about why others are cults and are going to hell for eternity (talk about "terrorism!"), before I found and converted to Christian Science. While CS has a few of its own problems of "superiority" and critique, I'm so glad it's beginning to respect others' religious paths and participating in inter-faith dialogue! That is, following The Golden Rule. Thank you for this particular Daily Lift!

  25. Thank you.

  26. Durante mucho tiempo creí que los Científicos Cristianos estabamos un paso más arriba que el resto de la cristiandad, si bien hoy comprendo que la ensañanza de Cristo recibe un gran espaldarazo a traves de los escritos y obra de Eddy, quien entiendo, la ha explicado facilitándonos el camino aún así tenemos mucho que asimilar de los ejemplos de Cristo Jesús no basta con la letra que puede a veces emocionar por lo profunda y verdadera sino que ademas debemos vivirla y trasmitirla.
    Por una experiencia que viví llegué a comprender la importancia del sentir del locutor ya que eso es lo que llega al interlocutor, y si bien no fue grata eso me hizo entender que se necesita algo más que tener una religión otros que profesan otra confianza pueden también trasmitirla, así lo he sentido porque no importa que religión, porque en base a un noble sentimiento de afecto se puede dar y recibir en ese canal abierto por Cristo para que a traves del ser de Dios, que puede ser cualquiera independientemente de su fe o aún con falta de ella dejar aflorar el real sentimiento que mueve montañas de error, tan simple que está contenido en un Unico y solo AMOR, y AMAR se conjuga AMANDO, y cualquiera independientemente de sus confianzas o costumbres, puede hacerlo ya que cuando se trasmite amor no importa realmente en lo que se crea porque ese sentir anula lo demás, como lo hizo Cristo Jesús por su inquebrantable confianza en Dios.
    Muchas gracias Shirley, gracias por poder expresarme.

  27. Thanks, Shirley. Great Lift. As "all God's children," we certainly have more in common than not. Yes! The Golden Rule is a great "wake up" call...and there's The Lord's Prayer beginning with "Our Father" (instead of "MY Father")...and "Love one another" (with no "if" clause). There's really no "ownership" as such, only stewardship and shepherding - keeping that which is committed to our trust with deep gratitude. Taking personal possession of any religion is a distraction from exploring, discovering, and growing in our spirituality - realizing God everywhere and sharing the blessings. Human arrogance, however it masks itself, must yield to the Divine All. Thanks again, Shirley.

  28. Very helpful. Thank you!

  29. "And Love is reflected in Love." Thank you so much for this glorious, light-bringing daily lift, so clearly illustrating the practical application of this part of Mary Baker Eddy's spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer.

  30. I truly enjoy a young Hindu friend of mine. He lives in India and holds the highest respect for his family and honors their traditions. When he was visiting us for a few days, he would step outside our house in the morning and pray visibly in the direction of the rising sun. He amused me by always having a cigarette in one of his hands which were cupped together in prayer… sort of a disconnected picture for me. When I asked him how he prays, he told me that he felt that the sun was God, for without the sun, there would be no life. Well that is simple enough. I could agree with him that the great spiritual thinkers recognize Light as fundamental and divine however we may see it at the moment.

    The gentle way of seekers cannot be hindered by religious foundations. There is no discussion with Love about who is or isn’t correctly representing her.

    Thank you, Shirley, for taking the time to bridge the gap of religious conversation that the young may have inadvertently allowed with the old.

  31. This Lift is timely. I began reading a book, this past weekend, on the eight religions that "run the world."
    Although I'm not finished it, so far, none has at its core belief, the intent to ruin mankind! In fact, each one sincerely wants to improve and uplift each believer. A slight mention was given to Christian Science, along with two others, as a religion that was discovered in America. How grateful I am to have discovered Christian Science.

  32. I sincerely believe that speaking to everyone with courtesy and respect establishes a relationship based on mutual kindness and affection, which is the foundation of trust and trustworthiness. Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, on page 284, "The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." God is the one Mind, the one consciousness and that includes all. Paul says in Acts 17 "God hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth." With mutual trust and esteem we are able to include discussions about our religions. And the more we share with others, the more we find we have to share. . .

  33. So happy to hear your words of wisdom today, Shirley .... I, too, grew up in a household where there was a not-so-subtle sense of superiority with regard to being Christian Scientists. I battled that attitude all my life, as it did not seem in the least bit Christian to me---let alone Christianly Scientific. Am so happy to hear this subject addressed in these Daily Lifts, so that it can be brought to the surface for healing. We need to eradicate this destructive element of superiority, or we shall never attract new seekers. I don't get the sense that this feeling of superiority is being condoned or felt by young people in our movement, which is an indicator that we are on the right track ... We simply cannot afford NOT to be loving and accepting of all faiths in this global world we live in. We ALL have something wonderful and important to give. And as Christian Scientists we must surely love without judgement, embracing all of God's valued reflections.

  34. Thanks, Shirley, for sharing the genesis of your journey into the world of Interfaith. It's not something most Christian Scientists have given much thought to, for the very reasons you have said. At least in my case it was also a superiority attitude that must have been insufferable to others. I'm grateful now for the grace and kindness of those who saw past the arrogance and remained friends anyway.

    The Golden Rule is all about respecting and valuing one another - including our differences, and similarities, in worship.

    Making this Golden Rule discovery suddenly allows easy access to moving across invisible racial and cultural borders as well. Respect is what humanity longs for, and a gift we can give one another.

  35. A dear neighbor told me she and her grandson will be PRAYING WITH JESUS this Thursday evening for one hour at her church in a small chapel erected for the occasion. This is in response to Jesus' request that his disciples stay awake and watch with him for at least one hour in the garden of Gesthemene. Starting at 9pm Thursday night members of my friends church show up ,two at a time, to sit quietly in prayer for one hour through the night. I think this is a beautiful tradition that they have been doing the Thursday before Easter for many years. I love the fact that I too can join in prayer in my own way in my home. What a beautiful idea! I love finding out how others pray and worship.

  36. Thank you.

  37. Thank you! Thank you! I am so confident that as Christian Scientists we can be in the world and part of a community of seekers, teachers, preachers and healers without losing anything (and in fact we have much to gain from honoring the Christ in everyone). So grateful for your example of this.

  38. Thank you so much, Shirley!
    Even more reasons to learn more about other faith traditions.
    God is blessing us all.

  39. Profound life changing moments which take place in the hearts of the humble of all faiths suggest basic universal consistencies in the process whereby the human yields to the divine, "the same yesterday and today and forever". The "affections of all mankind" are surrendered, enriched, divinely governed and blessed.

  40. A respect for other people's faiths is esencial to a free democracy, but what I can't understand is why, since there is one God and one God only, why so many faiths? Do we believe in so many mathematics?
    Of course not, we don't believe in mathematics, we know mathematics. We know 2 plus 2=4, never 5, or
    6, or any other number but 4. Likewise, we can not believe in God, since the word to believe suggests a maybe, or could be. To me God is a scientific fact, with scientific rules, and when used correctly, answers all our prayers. Think of what I just wrote, it could be very important to mankind's existence.

  41. I love this, Shirley! I'm in the process of visiting each house of worship in my town, and thus far, I've felt comfortable in each one. We have something in common: a love for God and man. I've spent time in a lot of different countries, and have concluded that each one has something unique to teach the world. I feel the same about each faith.

  42. Hey, Shirley, that was sooooo Great to hear about your Spiritual Journey into a more open way of sharing with and loving those of other Faiths! I think one of the hardest things is to maintain our firm stand for and committment to Christian Science and it's practice of spiritual healing, while at the same time opening our Hearts and our Hands to embrace all Faiths and peoples - even the Atheists! I was raised in C.S., but early on ventured out and delved into Hinduism, 12-Step Groups, Native American, Buddhism, and New Age Philosophies and Religions. But, I always kept returning to Christian Science as my base for worshipping and demonstrating God. I've always said to myself that Jesus wasn't a Christian or interested in starting any Religion. He was a devoted Lover of God and of his Brothers and Sisters and wanted to point the way for us to learn how to achieve a level of understanding and healing - as a way to reach eternal Life or Salvation from the bonds of matter. Christian Science defintiely has something no other religious sect has and that is Divine Metaphysics and Metaphysical Healing and the Truth that there is No Matter! Christianity IS Divine Metaphysics as Jesus showed us and as Mary Baker rediscovered for us. Christian and Science go together. To me, "Christian" implies Scientific Thought because that's what Jesus showed us in his Life and demonstrations of Healing. Mrs. Eddy said that Jesus was the most Scientific man that ever trod the globe. Why?

  43. Thank you very much for this lift.

  44. Excellent Lift and vitally important. Thank you for this Lift and your good works, Shirley. I wanted to list special thanks for specific comments, but as so often, the list got too long! Loving and respecting others will awaken peace in our hearts and is key to peace in our world. God is Love.

  45. We have a strong tie with our town's interfaith group. We take part in walks which visit different denominations in turn and learn about each other. We had about 200 people of different faiths visit our church on one of these and we gave them a little talk about ourselves, as do the others we visit. We suggested that each religion writes about their own beliefs on the interfaith website so we can learn about each other and respect each other, and not be misunderstood. We have posted the first one on this website about Christian Science, and are eagerly looking forward to reading others. We are always invited to interfaith talks and discussions and we try to have someone attend whenever possible. We find all this very rewarding and brings us all closer together in our community.

  46. Shirley, this is such an important thought, and given with so much love. It's so important that we be the "unprejudiced minds" that Mary Baker Eddy mentions in Science and Health (page 570), and that we be just as willing to take "a cup of cold water in Christ's name" as we are to give it. Thanks so much for this wonderful Lift.

  47. Terrific! I've always thought that God does not see us as a particular religion - she just sees us as loved children.

  48. Thank you, Shirley, for you selfless and expansive outreach! This Lift is filled with blessings that are sending many, many ripples to the hungering heart.

  49. more... re: Karen 35. You reminded me of a get together in our village for "prayer". I decided to join in. It was at a local park. I did not know what to expect. When I arrived, I found a place to sit down and waited. No leader. No reading. No conversation, Nothing....... it was all about silent prayer! I stayed about an hour and once I settled down about it being completely unstructured, I felt a special joy to be there and appreciated the extended "prayer" time People just quietly came and went. It was a remarkable experience.

  50. An important message to remember in these times. Thank you.

  51. Thank you Shirley for telling everyone, , Christain scientists do not pretend owning the Truth,
    they just share their Faith with other God's seekers

    Eve , South France

  52. Thank you for this lift. You have summed up so eloquently a number of my same feelings about the interfaith work I have had the privilege to be a part of over the years.

  53. Joan- Maryland

    Thank you, Shirley. "His arm encircles me and mine, and all." (Hymn 210, words by Mary Baker Eddy)

  54. Even though I'm adding this comment several dozens of comments later than #2 jane, UK, I hope people have noticed the answer to her question about Odyssey and how to "support that joyful network of thinkers." It's up at the very top of this list of comments - above the photos. A couple of people have asked me this question, so I want to make sure everyone sees where it is.

    And, while I'm "commenting" here, I want to say how deeply moved I am to see the loving response from so many "commenters" here. It sounds like humility is working as a great strength. How refreshing it is to talk about it together!

  55. What an important learning you have done. If we all contenplate on this on daily bases, the world problems will be solved. Thanks a million! Minita

  56. I've always been grateful for my years as a Jobs Daughter since we visited each other's churches and got wonderful exposure, at least to other religions in our Southern California town. That helped me be more open to all interfaith options as an adult.

  57. Years ago I had a “Magic Box”. You put a nickel in it and it became a dime, much to the amazement of my friends. But I knew the trick to make it work.

    Often we go through life expecting to reap differently than we sow, and that certainly applies to our attitudes, outlooks and opinions of others. It took a long time for me to recognize there were no “others”. Just extensions of false concepts and opinions of mortal man that had taken root in my own thinking and allowed to grow there (because error has no place to grow in Truth, Mind, God).

    It is easy to see imperfection over there (in someone else) because that is mortal mind’s way of exempting itself from the equation. But it was impossible to work for someone else expecting to bring them into my “vision of what was right”. Slowly I began to realize the error I saw was not “over there”, but “in hear (here)” in my own voice, my personal judgment or condemnation of others.

    Once we become so disciplined as to recognize the true perfection and spiritual qualities in others, we can easily claim them for ourselves and our own experience.

    In Habakkuk, chapter 1, we read that “Thou [God] art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity:” Jesus is recorded in Matthew 5:48 saying “ Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” We have this capability of being Godlike in our vision of others as His image and likeness. What a great reflection that is on ourselves as well.

  58. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that what we think about and put forward outpictures for us in our daily lives. So nice to put forth that understanding of LOVE which we learn so well in Christian Science and it is so simple, that we make it more compliated than need be. Clear and concise this reminder will guide me today with humility for all and respect.

  59. While serving with Marines in Vietnam, I became friends with a Buddhist bonze. We enjoyed many good times together. Our Marines would help with projects at his orphanage. He took me to an outdoor opera performed by a traveling drama group. We visited cave shrines and would discuss the synonyms in relation to our faith traditions. We were both blessed in many ways --- including healing through prayer. One day he asked for a cross that combat chaplains wear on their cap and collar. He pinned it on his robe and wore it from then on. He gave me a Buddhist bell --- which is displayed prominently on my bookshelf to this day. He was not a Christian and I wasn't a Buddhist, but we had respect for good and spiritual inspiration. You can see a photo of the bonze with the cross on his robe on page 298 in Kim Schuette's book --- Christian Science Military Ministry.

  60. Thank you!

  61. To me this is a very important lift,and I thank you very much.Humility being the "key" word.

  62. Thank you Shirley!
    It reminds me of what Mary Baker Eddy said in Miscellany, page 270:28 "I would no more quarrel with a man because of his religion than I would because of his art".

  63. Thanks for this so-important reminder, Shirley, and also for your part in that most interesting religious discussion in the recent Journal!!!! Lucia

  64. amen to what you said!!! What you said is what I have found true in my life. Thank you

  65. lovely

  66. Thank you, Shirley, for speaking out on this important aspect of Christian fellowship. I'm feeling much gratitude for your stand on this. Sincerely!!!

  67. Christian Science is the closest thing we have to "Heaven on Earth"!!! Happy Easter Week and Celebration of the Rising Thought on Earth!

  68. Muy agradecida Shirley por tu interesante Lift!!! Es muy bueno pensar que el Cristianismo verdadero debe incluir y respetar a todos , no sólo a los estudiantes de la Christian Science.

    Mrs. Eddy escribió: ' La Ciencia Cristiana no es sólo el pináculo de la Ciencia, sino también, la corona del cristianismo. Es universal. Atrae al hombre como hombre, a todos los hombres, no a una parte; al hombre físicamente como también espiritual/, y a toda la humanidad' (Esc.Misc. p 252)

    ' La Ciencia Cristiana es el cristianismo a la vez nuevo y antiguo, que era y es la revelación del Amor divino. Y agrega mrs. Eddy: ' Desearía que todas las iglesias de la tierra pudieran unirse como hermanos en una sola oración: Padre, enséñanos la vida del Amor ' ( Misc. p 301 ).

    En estas palabras se ve claramente que sra. Eddy respetaba a todos los credos religiosos - su revelación es para toda la humanidad. El diálogo interreligioso es muy enriquecedor y desde la perspectiva de la Ciencia divina puede comprenderse tal vez, mejor a otras denominaciones religiosas .
    Siempre conscientes de Un solo Dios, Un solo Padre que bendice a todos, sin excepción.

    Agradezco los comentarios anteriores.
    Un abrazo y Bendiciones del Amor para todos, Ma. Cristy

  69. THANK YOU Shirley !

    This is a lesson any and all who have folks visiting their Branch churches can heed.
    The atmosphere of acceptance, honor and active listening is the greatest demonstration of Love anyone can give.
    Your candor reveals something that needs deep prayer for the CS culture and community.
    It speaks volumes more than does some of the issues we find in the news.

  70. Thank you.

  71. Thanks for all the love you are sharing and the words of Hymn 413 are some we can sing with great joy today, and as we celebrate Easter everday. "Giving God the honor due, Every day with be an Easter, Filled with benedictions new." for everyone.

  72. Thanks Shirley, I'm grateful for and enjoying serving on the Interfaith Council in the large city in which I'm living. it's bringing many opportunities to share Christian Science and to explore
    our commonalities and to rejoice with others in looking for Spiritual answers.

  73. While growing up I had five friends thoughout school. These are the religions represented in our group, Mormon, Baptist, Catholic, and Christian Science. It was never an issue. We so naturally respected each others faiths. It has been many years and we are still close, not geographically but on the net and try to get together every year. I have studied other faith traditions over the years and have been so grateful for Mary Baker Eddy's religious tenets, of Christian Science, for they include all.

  74. Thank you! There are different faith traditions in my own family, and I am happy to say that we all respect each others' religions. I have been questioned about Christian Science by one nephew on several occasions, clearing up some misconceptions. And I am particularly close to two of my Roman Catholic relatives, sharing our love for God and the power of prayer. And I have a couple of Jewish friends. No one has a monolopy on God's love, we're all included in it!

  75. Growing up in a little midwestern town in the 1930s - we were one of only two families studying Christian Science - and we got lots of questions and comments about our "odd" religious views. Then when I was a Chaplain Assistant (working with a C.S. chaplain) during WWII the questions continued, even from other chaplains. [One who was holding a service in our chapel, but forgot to bring his Bible, was amazed to learn that we used the King James, just as he did, and gratefullly accepted my offer to loan him ours to use that evening.] But the whole time I served was an opportunity to hear about other faith traditions and think through more about my own ideas. Deeper conversations with Jewish friends and Catholics, and other Protestants did show me how much more united us than divided us from one another. The old adage about "no atheists in the foxholes or trenches" was proven over and over.

  76. What a great lift, Shirley and commenters! As a Unitarian Universalist, I so appreciate the open-minded, open-hearted nature of this lift. In Unitarian Universalism, one of our covenants is to affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Another covenant is about affirming and promoting the inherent worth and dignity of every person. I think the key words there are "all existence" and "every person". We're ALL equal and equally loved in the eyes of God!!

  77. Shirley,

    I had a very similar experience as you describe. I had been brought up in Christian Science, and it has met all of my needs, but I was ignorant of other religions. Around 10 years ago I began looking more carefully at other religions and denominations. What an eye-opener in so many ways. And, it helped me understand Christian Science much better and be much less judgmental and stodgy about the way our church "should be" in a variety of ways. I can see that our "Church Alive" directions are blessing so many in and out of our religion as we open our hearts and minds to that Golden Rule and begin listening more and comparing less and consequently, loving more. This activity also broadened my range and outlook on Jesus' second command to "love one another" Consequently, I have read and studied and searched back through the centuries to understand the major religions--especially early Christianity. I have come to love and understand Christian Science so much more as a result.

    I think you have described an "awakening" that many of us are experiencing nowadays. Thank you.

  78. Thank you Shirley for the wonderful message regarding our tolerance for others, and not being afraid to include all mankind in our daily activities, our discussions, our thoughts and our prayers. After all, no two Christian Scientists are at the same place in thought and we are not afraid to embrace each other. God knows no labels, He cherishes all of us as one -- His creation. We need to reach out to our fellow man in the same way God reaches out to each of us - with understanding, tolerance, love and respect.

  79. The Golden Rule principle rightly applied. Thank you. We can always learn to love our neighbor more.

  80. Thank you, Michael #57! I think you really caught the spirit of how to include All in our Love of God! To see everyone as a Christian Scientist or as the Real Man is the way to include all Faiths in our Love! Truly there are no "Others" out there - only in our thought! I think this is how Jesus healed and thus, included everyone in One Faith!

  81. Thank you so much, Shirley for this sharing and for all you do.

  82. It occurs to me that from earliest times differing cultures and languages, as well as differing spiritual expressions, evolved out of necessity from the physical separation of tribes, races, etc. As contacts developed, people learned the languages of others in order to communicate. Yet the most basic concepts existed already in each group, only the language/vocabulary differed. I have been impressed to see that in every culture, even at the most primitive levels, expressions of spirituality, existed from the beginning. The outward forms may sometimes seem primitive to us, but the expressions were always there, apparently innate to man. Today's technology brings differing expressions of spirituality and religious tradition into contact. What I find awesome is this evidence of God's ever- presence and universality in man regardless of outward separation and differences. Lingering variations of language and practice will surely gradually blend and modify just as our communication methods do. But these differing expressions of worship and spiritual terminology can be respected as an aspect of man's inherent individuality and humanity. These differences don't have to melt into homogenization or conflict. We each can find our own path and place, and honor progress in the spiritual lives of others, without conflict or judging. The bottom line is the amazing fact of the reality of man's spiritual nature.

  83. Thank you! In looking up the definition of "ecumenical", I discovered this: "promoting or tending toward worldwide Christian unity or cooperation." (Webster's New Collegiate). An attitude of love toward those of differing beliefs is essential in destroying error first in our own thought, and seeing others scientifically. One must be careful not to assimilate error in so doing however. Our influence for good depends largely on what we do, not what we say. #8 above says it wonderfully! Gradually, mankind will be forced to regard God scientifically as our Leader has shown us. And the discord which erupts in human relations will dissipate.

  84. Felicia #76
    My battalion commander, who was Jewish, told me to always include him in our Protestant worship service when we went to the field. He would read the scripture --- which I would choose from the Old Testament. I was just a kid, and assumed this should always be the practice. So in my next battalion I listed the commanding officer in the church bulletin to read the scripture. He reprimanded me for not asking his permission, but said he would do it anyway since the bulletins had already been circulated. After the service he told me it was a good idea and he would like to participate in future services. He felt it was good for the men to see their C.O. taking part. Then he told me his original concern had been over taking part in trinitarian worship because he was Unitarian. But he had felt during his reading that this was no problem. His continued involvment was a blessing to us all.

  85. One Lord, one faith and one baptism really starts with the respect of universal love. I'm so glad that Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way for all mankind. Much love to you.

  86. Thank you for all the insight into our true beholding.

    I had a recent experience with identity theft. Our credit card was used at a supermarket chain that we shop at here in a store at the other end of the country. As I prayed to see that identity is spirtitual and therefore can't be stolen, and that the real man includes every right idea and therefore cannot possibly be needy, the theft was repaid by the bank and no other charges occurred. A further proof of this scientific thinking was that I lost my cell phoone in the same local supermarket the next week and retrieved it from them. A good citizen had simply found it and turned it in.

  87. I too was in Job's Daughters (see comment #56) and every six months we visited a different church in our community. I always loved going to these services. It helped me understand thinking going on in the world and why people thought that way. But every time I went, my gratitude for Christian Science grew. Since I was raised in Christian Science, I really didn't know any other religion. But these visits were the thing that let me know I had found what was right for me. I was so fortunate to have gone to the Christian Science Sunday School growing up. We truly have the pearl of great price.

  88. Thank you so much for sharing your journey into the broad outlook of interfaith activity. I have had a similar journey, learned some lessons, and found the experience very enriching, as you have so clearly described. I appreciate your encouragement to be open minded in listening to others. We might hear some good ideas! And make some new friends along the way.

  89. Don in comment number 77 hit the nail in the head for me. Recently I brought over to the home of some CS friends a DVD on Tibet which went into elaborate detail describing and showcasing the visually magnificent and ancient temples of that country and the, to us, exotic ceremonies which take place in them.

    I have nothing but admiration and respect for these age old faith traditions which have been around for thousands of years, far longer than Christian Science, in fact.

    To my amazement, my CS friends were politely disdaining of the temples and all that they represented, because the metaphysical concepts underlying them were different from our faith. In fact I was informed that Christian Science was superior in every way to what was seen on the TV screen. I overlooked this narrow and judgmental reaction to the Hindu temple DVD and continue to renew my efforts to love others, including their religions.

    Recently I was in India and visited temples there which were thousands of years old and I was spiritually moved, even though they were Hindu temples and Hindus believe in many gods. And I personally know many Hindus and, trust me, they are some of the most spiritually evolved people around.

    Their path may be very different from that of Christian Science, but I continue to feel enriched by knowing these delightful and soulful people, so full of love, intelligence, creativity, industry and hospitality.

    Thank you, Shirley for raising this important issue.

  90. Thank you so much, Shirley! This speaks so beautifully of what Mrs. Eddy says about the heart speaking to those who have hearts, which is all of us! I really love how you grew to this practice of more genuinely "loving your neighbor as yourself." This is such an important global message our world needs right now. As a Christian Science Board member of the Arizona Interfaith Movement, of which implementing the Golden Rule is a vital part of everything our mission statement includes, your messages are of deep value to us. (www.azifm.org). I thank you and I thank God with all my heart.

  91. Many other commenters before me have already said much of what I'm thinking, so I'll just add a personal note to Shirley--I am so deeply grateful for the simple humility of your Lift, as you shared how you found yourself looking for what was wrong in other religions . . and no surprise, you found others doing the same to you . . them you started looking for the good . .and then you found others doing the same. I may have misquoted you a bit here, Shirley, but my point is just to thank you for sharing with sweet humbleness, how your thought changed. That inspires me.

    Hearing so many of the stories above, reminds me of my own narrow "superior" view of myself and my religion, as a teen-aged "Christian Scientist" -- well-grounded in the letter, but way off the heart of it -- the very spirit of Love Jesus was teaching! It took a while for me to discover that the Golden Rule is foundational in many world religions! I am thankful now for warm relationships with people of many faiths which keeps on opening up new opportunities. I now love and respect others for their own right to have their spiritual beliefs and values and live by them. We can thrive and grow harmoniously like flowers in a garden. We are ALL the children of One Parent Father-Mother God.

  93. Thank you so much, Shirley - for reminding us of the Golden Rule and how it applies to interacting with those of other faith traditions, for inspiring me personally to explore interfaith dialogue, and for everything that you are doing as Head of Ecumenical Affairs!

  94. And cheers for #45 JS -- What a wonderful way for the religious organizations in a town or city to be peacemakers of the highest degree!

  95. Thanks Shirley. This was super.

  96. Thank you Shirley, this is a beautiful Daily Lift.. Thank you also to Bob Hodges 59# who shared his experiences with the Buddhist bonze in Vietnam.Kim Schuette, the author of the book you mentioned, came to Australia recently to speak about his book. I am looking forward to reading it.

  97. I appreciate all the comments made today and I loved your pointing out the importance of the Golden Rule, Shirley. I used to be a Teacher's Aide and it was interesting to me that many of the kids didn't know what the Golden Rule was (K thru 8th grade). When I explained it to them, they realized how it could be practiced during recess on the school grounds! In reference to other religions, it is extremely important to use this concept on a regular basis when considering "relationships" in our life experiences. Each person has SO much to give and share, and listening to them and understanding them (with Love) makes are life so FULL!

  98. This is such an important topic. As someone who was not raised in CS, I wanted to say I had not detected it as an issue for the movement. Maybe not having a family faith tradition made it easier for me to be the observer when going to various places of worship with friends at university and, later, to read books by those in other traditions with curiosity and feel respect for whatever felt right in their convictions and practice. Eventually it became clear that CS was home but God is present in all of these traditions, Christian and otherwise, and why would this not be so, as #82 pointed out, when God is the one creative Intelligence infinitely expressed through historical time and across the world. Some of my closest friends spiritually are Baha'i, a movement that originated at about the time Mrs. Eddy received her revelations, and that has much in common with CS. I also feel a great sense of communion in the presence of others who show respect for God and at such moments differences in doctrine appear totally irrelevant. Thank you, Shirley, for this important Lift and thank you to everyone who has commented. I especially loved the comments of #13 loving the steadfast, honouring them with his photos,

  99. This was interesting today this Lift. I did not get to hear this Lift until tonight but was interesting to see this because two opportunities came to me today to help people of other faiths. One person very directly asked me questions about Christian Science for well over an hour. She ended up taking a copy of Science and Health. Too long of a story to tell. Then a Jewish faith friend told me problems she is facing. I told her she is worshipping other gods, making gods out if these problems and directed her to the First Commandment which I know she studies. She said, "wow, you are right. I never thought of it that way" then she proceeded to tell me the similarities of that concept for the Jews and Christian Scientists. There is One God, One Love. I have always felt this. I want to see more Interfaith work happening everywhere. Mrs. Eddy intended Christian Science for all, not just for Christian Scientists. You are on the right track in embracing all. Let's see more of this. Love to all.

  100. Excellent, Shirley. Thank you for focusing us on this idea. Loved it!

  101. Thank you to Shirley for your timely ideas and generous spirit. Like many others here, I have enjoyed my contact with people of other faiths. For example, a fellow Christian Scientist encouraged me to attend an inter-faith women's conference. It was a joyful event and I have been twice now. I find it very moving to speak to earnest thinkers on their spiritual journeys. It is thrilling to read the comments here and realise the love we all share for spiritual matters.

  102. Thank you, Shirley. This Lift isn't just about other faiths, it's about respecting Christian Science, too. If we think we have a corner on truths, then Mrs. Eddy and CS teachings would be wrong. The truths of God, Truth, apply to everyone, whether they are aware of them or not. Sleepers in bed have moments of unrecognized consciousness. Same with truths. Even when one doesn't know "rules" to line up with a truth, we find many line up without being aware. They line up with hope, faith, and love in enough of their thoughts and living, that they come within the realm of, and effects of truths. They receive divine Mind's, directions and inspired understanding of Bible verses & stories. In high school, I was a charter member and officer of the local chapter of United Christian Youth Movement. Our group was in charge of opening night service at multi-state camp in Tenn. Respecting & learning more of other faiths builds "back & forth" respect, and strengthens understanding. (Then I had Disciples of Christ membership). Dorothy Rieke's paper on "Wonderful Things Are Happening" mentions one who is so brand new (in CS), that she doesn't even know she is one yet! I've found most believers are what I call 70%, 90%, or 50% Christian Scientists. This gives a basis I can use to share, explain and even help them with healings. CS wasn't understood usually, but we've been respected. God can be trusted with more than our portion of the population. Great comments above!

  103. 40 Tobias, "believe" also is defined as "confidence; accept as fact" Actually, there are different systems of math. Basic math doesn't change, but ways to understand and apply higher uses of it differ significantly. We got a book on the Trachtenburg speed system of math, which a prisoner of war devised mostly in his head, and which, was said even those with severe mental capacities in learning could use. My husband was far better and more advanced in math than I, but he groaned over having to help our kid's questions when they struggled with homework. The methods used were not ones he learned by, and schools wanted work to show the current method only. Showing them how to work it, didn't solve the need they had. Religion is similar, based on upbringing, and long held traditions, along with collective and individual understanding. I think people are sent to where they can best, at the time, grasp what they need to live closer to a Father they can accept. All will find the clear path here or what we call hereafter.

  104. Thank you, Shirley! I love your inclusive attitude.

  105. I've found that I and others can also better understand and practice our own religion when we are open to how God is communicating to, and understood and worshiped by, others. Outside of the limiting familiarity and mental dullness of my customary jargon and ritual, I can better grasp and gasp in awe at the way the Universal Christ, the One God, expresses Herself. It helps me better get to the real essence and inspired idea. It helps me get fresh analogies, ways of disciplining thought, expressing love. It helps me better understand and be so very grateful for Christian Science-- which is not limited to a particular culture or routine or wording. It helps me better appreciate my Leader and Master. It helps me better pray for the world. It helps me be a better citizen, parent, teacher, healer. Each time I am humbly listening, instead of evaluating, judging, criticizing, explaining, condemning, reacting to, etc.... is another time I can be more of the meek follower of Christ. Each time I share gratitude for someone else's journey and sincerity, that is one more time for me to better feel God's grace supporting and correcting me. This honest re-thinking things is part of the repentance that is fundamental to Christian Science. This helps me in my own healing.

  106. Glad I waited 'til day's end to hear your lift, Shirley, and to read the comments, through #91 Maureen, whose sentiment about your "simply humility" I echo.

    The way you humbly described your journey from feeling superior to embracing all in love brought to mind your comments in the "Christian Churches -- Furthering the Dialogue" article in the April issue of The Christian Science Journal. I loved how watching your divinity school daughter conversing naturally with fellow Christians led you to learn the same "language."

    My favorite part was where you and Michael Kinnamon were sitting in a meeting with some Christians who questioned whether Christian Science fit their definition of Church. When invited to speak, you said: "I know that there are some of you who may not think I belong at the table, but I'm sure glad all of you are at the table. I've learned deeply from your presence."

    Michael, who was recounting this event, added, "And just in saying that, all of this other prejudice, I think, faded away. It was really an astonishing thing, because there wasn't any guile in it. This wasn't strategy; this was from the heart. And everyone there could feel it."

    Oh so powerful, it brought tears of repentance to my eyes.

    I thank #8 Love to all!, #11 Donna Allen (your daughter is your angel, just as Shirley's was!), #13 Troy, #30 Nancy (your friend liked to "light up," yes?), #42 Bev and #57 Michael, in particular, though I gained good from each and every idea shared! :-)

  107. I have always wondering and excepted other religious practices but I have like Christian Science the best because it gives me the right tools for taking on each and everyday of my life. I think that you brought a great topic into view. This has really lifted me in MY spiritual understanding.

  108. Thanks Shirley!
    So fine.
    RCC will be most delighted about this, too.
    And, how many others?!

  109. I was raised in another Christian denomination, and I still love how much Bible I learned from it and the sense of fellowship and activity there. Yet I became disenchanted with it. I found that some Christians didn't practice the Golden Rule or respect others.

    You can hardly imagine my delight, when I first was given some Christian Science Sentinels, to find a sense that Christian Science teaches love and respect for all individuals. I learned from it that all people were and are God's children - perfectly safe in God's image and likeness! You may not be surprised that I completely adopted Christian Science for myself.

    I'm deeply grateful that Christian Science is so all-inclusive and loving of everyone. And I'm really glad that you provided this important reminder - for people "raised in Christian Science" who may not be knowledgeable about or interested in people following various other faiths.

  110. Very true.. Thank you for sharing.

  111. Shirley, thank you. I was not raised in Christian Science,and grew up in a large caring family with lots and lots of extended family,with lots of fun and laughter which I thoroughly enjoyed. After being introduced to Christian Science I somehow withdrew ostresized myself from friends and relatives "Non Christian Scientist], as I referred to them. This brought me a lack of joy,until my young son[not Christian Science]said to me"Mom, I wiil not join you to Church,Christian Science is cold and aloof", for me this was a wake up call to get of my high horse of exclusion into including others whether Christian Scientist or of other denominations of which my family and friends are.This has brought much joy and acknowledgement of Christian Science as my family cannot help but notice how it has blessed and contnually blesses mine and their lives.

  112. Shirley
    I have noticed that more and more I am able to share, with people from other faiths, truths from the bible in times of need and they have shared with me. I find this new openness between Christians and even people from other religions very comforting. I am glad that Peter reminded us that "God is no respecter of persons." for we are all God's children.

  113. Thank you Shirley. What a great example of the Golden Rule practiced and demonstrated, with many wonderful blessings as a result. Thank you for your work with NCC. That is so important for Christian Science and will bless the world. Your Daily Lift reminds me of a lovely little book called "Oneness: great principles shared by all religions" by Jeffrey Moses. It's a gem.

  114. Like others who commented, I've had a lot of issues with people thinking theirs was the ONLY way to God. I believe the narrow path isn't a specific religion, it's a dedication to becoming closer to God, seeing Her/Him reflected in everyone and every thing around us, and expressing God's love. That can be found in all true spiritual paths. Thanks so much!

  115. This is later, as I am playing catch up but I thought this was valuable and wanted to make a comment.
    I truly apprciate the comments, as much as the dailylift, if not more. Thank you so much to no.57. Recently, I have begun to change my thinking concerning my own faulty thinking, and I have no doubt it is because of being led to the Christian Science literature. Thank you to everyone who contributes to a better way to look life and how we view "others".

  116. I've nothing special to add, but I do have to say how grateful and inspired I was by the April C.S. Journal article in which you chatted with Michael & Chet about interfaith communication. I could not put it down, and it really moved me. Born into Christian Science, it has always been all I needed, but I never was happy with my ability to share it. I did not realize the arrogance I had developed about it until I read that dialogue, but I sure have felt the ISOLATION factor you discuss there. I look forward to learning a lot more about what we SHARE with other faiths (whatever color their "vehicle" may be), which will enable me to love & respect them for the goodness they embody & have this reciprocated. As others have said here, I'm sure it will make me a better Christian Scientist and a truer CHRISTIAN. Every faith will be blessed by this ecumenical approach with its mutual understanding & appreciation.

  117. Thank you so much Shirley, this is such a blessed message.

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