4/29: The joy of weeding

4/29: The joy of weeding

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  1. Thank you Brian for making the connection of mental weeding as being a constant but worthwhile and joyous experience. Alertness and attention to our flower garden makes for a tranquil, peaceful refuge that others may be drawn to also. Maintaining and nourishing our spiritual qualities will have the same effect, and our love for God and man will flourish as a result.

  2. Weeding a garden is not a pleasant task but is very necessary.
    It helps us to weed our own conscience daily.

    Digging deeply into the word of God might help us to uproot the weeds of doubt, jealousy, envy, hate, greed, etc., growing in our thinking.

    Jesus gave the example: "I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit." John 15:1,2

    "Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.
    Abide in me." John 15:3, 4

    Quitar las hierbas de un jardín no es una tarea agradable, pero es muy necesario.
    Limpiar nuestra propia conciencia diariamente ayuda mucho.

    Escarbar buscando profundamente en la palabra de Dios nos puede ayudar a arrancar las malas hierbas de la duda, los celos, la envidia, el odio, la codicia, etc., que crecen en nuestro pensamiento.

    Jesús dio el ejemplo: "Yo soy la vid verdadera, y mi Padre es el labrador. Todo pámpano que en mí no lleva fruto, lo quitará; y todo aquel que lleva fruto, lo limpiará, para que lleve más fruto. " Juan 15:1, 2

    "Ya vosotros estáis limpios por la palabra que os he hablado. Permaneced en mí,."

  3. Thanks!

  4. Weeding is a perfect time for praying, a simple prayer, of "Father remove everything not needed, or
    that's in the way, unattractive, stickery, or harmful from me and my experience and help me to replace it with everything that you are,"

  5. What a true reminder of meeting our daily needs , is to till the soil of our thinking.Some days I find myself mentally lazy.But when I get up from my state of mind and start working from a spiritual point of view,turning over all those weed like thoughts crowding out my Infinite possabilities, new ideas spring forth and grow.This is true in my own physical garden of roses.They need tending and attention.And in return they bloom and grow reflecting Gods infinite beauty and individuality.And the end result is a flower giveing off fragrance""never beholding the object before it."

  6. You too! Thank you very much for your lift today.

  7. Beautiful! Thank you so much.

  8. Enjoyed your metaphors as I spend a lot of time pruning in my jungle or 'bush' (as we call it down here) garden. Your ideas certainly have application to my everyday consciousness as well!
    Thank you Brian - and to the DL team as always.

  9. Thank you so much Brian. Our leader Mary Baker eddy tells us in Science and Health page 248 . The sculptor turns from the marble to his model in order to perfect his conception . MBE goes onto tell us . We must form perfect models in thought and look at them continually ,or we shall never carve them out in grand and noble lives . Let unselfishness , goodness , mercy , justice , health, love - the kingdom of heaven - reign within us , and sin , disease, and death will diminish until they finally disappear . There was a time when I didn't want to progress with the computer . I thought people would be out of work ect . We'll I had to learn progress is the law of God .How it came about to me changing . My son David and his wife Anita and 3 children went to live in Dayton Ohio for 6 years. We started to watch the children using Skype on the computer . I can't tell you how grateful I was for that . To see them all having a wonderful time there and making lots of lovely friends over the 6 years they were there . We'll Brian listening to your lift I felt I had to be pruned to progress. I love the garden . Also reading as it is helping me to learn more . Thank you so much Daily lift team also lifters that help me along the way . Much love to all x

  10. Thank you for the reminder to weed out anxiousness, worry, hate, fear and envy from our lives to let the beauty of God shine forth.

  11. Thank you Brian, as Sherrie #10 says, for the reminder to weed out any un-God-like thoughts to let His Love and beauty to shine in our lives.

  12. Many thanks Brian for this great reminder. Yes. "Nurture The qualities of Spirit, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity and gentleness." "No more let sin and sorrow grow,/ Nor thorns infest the ground;/ Where'er he comes, his blessings flow,/ And hope and joy abound." Hymn 164.


  13. When weeding the garden of our thought, we don't always like what we find and have to pull up! But such awards await those who do! Thank you for this simple practical thought and thanks to the Lifters as well as those "behind the scenes" who make them possible.

  14. Thank you so much for this lift. I now see that the weeding of anger, resentment and revenge in my thought is a constant process. Over a year or more the weeds in my garden seem to be overwhelming but God is helping me to dig and I must dig deeper. The daily lift is a wonderful tool for this work together with the bible and science& Health by our Leader. Thanks a lot.

  15. I spent much of last Saturday volunteering with neighbors, weeding the grounds at our community pool - preparing it for the summer season. How satisfying to see the fruits of our labor and know we had freed the area of all that doesn't belong in order that it may grow in beauty. Such a lovely metaphor for the mental weeding and pruning I must tend to daily in thought. Thanks, Brian, for sharing!

  16. The hymn 'A grateful heart a garden is where there is always room for every lovely godlike grace to come to perfect bloom' comes to mind. I love to be out in our garden doing whatever job needs to be done to. Weeds seem to be inevitable but with careful watching they can all be removed. Some pull out easily, others have deep roots and some slowly creep along hopeful that they won't be seen. It is rather wet here today so no outside gardening but plenty of time to remember to weed my thoughts. Thank you for this lovely lift and the reminder it brings to us.

  17. now I have a whole new understanding and appreciation for weeding. Thanks, Brian..

  18. Thank you for this very helpful Lift. We must remember as well that the noxious weeds in thought - the ungodlike qualities - were never part of the original make-up of our mental garden. They have been planted by what the Bible calls 'an enemy' and therefore must be uprooted - when we do that we will find they never had any actual root, or hold, in our consciousness. God has given us only His beautiful qualities to blossom and bloom in our thought.

  19. Weeding makes more sense now when I will delve into the greens of my garden as soon as the spring rains allow me to do so for some lasting weeding due to my Christ-nature! -thank you & the team!

  20. Very nice thank you. To be aware, is indeed to be vigilant.

  21. Thank you. Yes weeding is a continuing job both mental and physically. Thank you for the reminder.

  22. Dear Brian

    Thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift.

    You remind me of the time when one was asked to help weed the garden they had that was overgrown.
    My quick response to the request was, " but my garden is overgrown, I need to weed it."

    Is it no different with ones self ? There is always something we need do to correct in our thinking and see the perfect man as God has created him.

    How great full one is to have this Science that our beloved Leader Mary Baker Eddy has given to the whole world to go forward and upward.

    Love in Christ


  23. Thank you!

  24. Thank you! What a wonderful Lift to start my day with. Thank you!

  25. This should keep us all joyously busy! Thanks Brian.

  26. Thank you, Brian, for a lovely lift this morning!

  27. thanks Brian for the message, very helpful.

  28. Thank you for the great analogies. The part that seems so difficult is not being offended by the "weeds" and being persistent and consistently removing them without getting discouraged by the immensity of the job. I also can't seem to help wondering "Haven't I weeded enough? when will the beauty and wonder come to fruition?"

  29. Ah! What a wonderful thought.. Weeding our mental garden, so that divine thoughts can nurture.. Thank you Brian for this beautiful lift..

  30. What a fabulous lift!! I love it. Thank you Brian for this great message, so rich with helpful and instructive metaphors and references. Beautifully delivered. It is very helpful to me, and I am most grateful for this Lift. My thanks as well to all others who make these Lifts possible, and to commenters and other Lift listeners.

  31. Thank you Brian. Last Saturday I joined a dozen friends for a couple of hours to pick up debris that had been left around a very picturesque lake. As I approached the lake I saw that it was an absolutely beautiful setting. I met my friends and was give a garbage bag and gloves. One hour later we had filled 15 bags with garbage, and that was in one little area of the small lake. From far away the scene was idyllic, uncompromised; but the closer you looked, and I mean real close, we turned up all sorts of trash. That trash was like the weeds. That lake was like our identity, our thinking. We should take the time to closely, and I mean closely, examine our thinking. We might be surprised at the "weeds" and "trash" that is littering and growing in our thinking, our consciousness. We could be harboring all sorts of weeds that we had overlooked. Then we can do our mental" weeding" and go about expressing our beautiful, pure, Christ-like identity to others as well as to our selves.

  32. Love it ..thank you!
    Weeding makes room for planting more seeds from which to strenghthen and nourish our /my connection to God.
    Whenever I connect with nature in solitude especially while gadening ..on my hands and knees gardening..I feel a wonderful, strong connection to God. The warmth of the sun on my back..my skin..the gentle breeze against my face and working with the soil..reinforces I Am deeply rooted in His infinite love..

    Through your words I am reminded of the importance of ...weeding out that which interferes and seeding in....fully nurturing that which strengthens and nourishes my connection to God...every day
    Thank you for your inspiring lift.

  33. Just lovely Brian! A totally new perspective that I will carry with me next time I do gardening and weeding and certainly during my daily spiritual work. I loved the comments also. Our mental garden needs constant care and tending, pruning the unlovely branches that tend to grow like noxious qualities that claim space in our consciousness trying to overwhelm the qualities that we really want to nurture. I also feel I have to be alert, not letting laziness, anxiousness, selfishness, intolerance, irritation, take over thought and The Father will remove every branch in me that bears no fruit. Blessings to all my lovely spiritual family around the world!

  34. I will never weed or prune again without being reminded to go within as well and review the garden growing there. There's a lot of work to do ! Better get started. Thanks for another memorable lift, spoken so beautifully.

  35. I weeded out lots of dandelions from our lawn yesterday. It seems that they are never ending. The problem is that there are loads of dandelions on the verges opposite our house and in neighbouring gardens, and when they go to seed they drift about and plant themselves elsewhere. Although we can't deal with those weeds, we can deal with the thought weeds all around us. We can uproot wrong thoughts about our neighbours or their children that may be annoying us, and further afield, the weeds of hate and fear that the world throws at us in the news. It is a full-time job, but every little weed pulled is making a difference to us and the world.

    Thank you for this lift, and also for some really helpful thoughts from our lifter family.

  36. What gentle encouragement, Brian. I had to do some mental weeding recently when something naughty crept in thought. The result was such joy and happiness and peace. Sweet fruits indeed. Thank you!

  37. Thank you, Brian, for “The joy of weeding … Who likes to weed? … Weeding a garden may seem to be the worst part of it … [but] a garden needs constant tending … it makes room for the beautiful plants … Our character is like a garden … [dig] deeply into God’s word …”

    What a powerful metaphor!!! As I've been digging deeply into God’s word, I, too, have found “the joy of weeding!!!” I’m learning to yield more readily to the Master Gardener’s direction. To be able to identify a weed and then instead of just “weed-whacking,” actually learn to pull it up by the roots – up and out forever!!! is HUGE.

    My gardening skills have been growing steadily!!! I don’t focus on the weeds but enjoy and share the beautiful flowers and the happiness they bring. When I do find a “weed” in character, I tend my garden by first pulling up the weeds of blame, guilty, defensiveness, or defeat, etc. and replacing them with gratitude for learning the difference between a flower and a weed. Then I do some weeding daily, so I can keep enjoying my beautiful garden. ( The flowers are winning!!! That's the way the garden is designed!!! ;-)

    “We should examine ourselves and learn what is the affection and purpose of the heart ... During many years the author has been most grateful for merited rebuke” (S&H 8:28).

  38. Burn pile! That’s what we have. We are rural and put all our trimmings, pruning’s, and weeds into a burn pile. For several years, we let it grow and did not burn it up completely. There were a few big logs which just didn’t burn up entirely. Finally, last year, it was so large; we had to get professional help. A friend with a bobcat helped us make the final demise of the burn pile. We are wiser now. We are not going to build up such a burn pile anymore.

    As Jesus had to face down temptations, we too have to face down the weedy thinking which would build up a burn pile. Sometimes a little weed hides as one of our own budding thoughts, but if it doesn’t sound consistent with spiritual good, it probably isn’t. Drag or kick it to the burn pile and then…allow it to be dispatched immediately! Remember, God is an expert at Lighting up things!

    Thanks Brian. It IS fun to pluck the weeds, knowing they are soon-to-be nothing.

  39. Thank you, Brian! One of our Hymns says that a Grateful Heart is like a Garden! So I would guess that keeping Gratitude forefront in my thought will help to keep the weeds out! Also, just humbly asking God each day to remove anything that is getting in my way from knowing Him better is a good way to keep the weeds from growing. I just think that basically taking time each day to commune with my Father, to pour my Heart out to Him, to tell him what I'm thinking and feeling and what I need help with and then having the willingness to turn my life and yes, even my will (what I think I want) over to Him, is a Great Weed Killer! Happy Weeding to All!

  40. Great example! Often we seem to need to dig deeply to get at the roots of more stubborn weeds. Your metaphysical methods are inspiring, and successful.. Thanks so much!

  41. You're absolutely correct, Brian. You can have a wonderful aspect, and carefully laid out garden beds, but if last year's withered and brown plants haven't been removed, and the hedges are in need of a trim, then people tend to look more at the scruffy bits, than all the wonderful work of growing a garden where a garden was never meant to be. But diligence, and that wonderful verse "He shall make the desert bud and blossom as the rose" inspires us with fresh enthusiasm with the distant goal in mind. We know weeding has to be done, and if we do it, then the whole scene is somewhere beautiful to take our visitors and friends when they come to visit. And we all benefit from our shared reflections at the same time.
    thank you Nate and the production team; The Mother Church; and our Daily Lift family.

  42. Thank you so much for this lovely garden metaphor in today's Daily Lift - I also have some mental weeding to do..Mrs Eddy wrote in her daily prayer " Thy kingdom come, let the reign of divine Truth life and Love be established in me and rule out of me all sin........" It supports us knowing that by establishing Truth Life and Love within our consciousness we are actively taking part in the weeding process in eliminating sin. I love the idea that true nurture established in us is a daily process of growth and fruition.There is nothing Truth, Life and Love cannot grow. And all that grows is true, lively, life inspired and lovely.

  43. Such good comments! All I need to say is I loved the music............

  44. Thank You so much Brian!...what a thought provoking lift!..I don't think anybody really enjoys weeding but a sweet thought came to me while thinking about this troublesome task of weeding....I had recalled how much easier it is to pull the weeds out by first "watering".. with "purity" the whole ground around so all the weeded thoughts are loosened in the soil!!....this makes it so much easier to pull those weed/error thoughts from our garden....(opening the flood-tides of Love/God!..)...The "flowers" of thought will bloom properly with clear thought (water) and adding some beautiful "sunshine" from God's bounty which always lets this "garden" to blossom continually!!...
    ....May the world's "thought-filled" garden be flowers of peace, love and goodness each day!!..Thanks fellow lifters and all for your loving God-inspired ideas!!
    Much Love : ) : ) : )

  45. Thanks, man. I can dig it!

  46. Thanks so much for this inspiring Lift. I try to keep the weeds out of my thinking but sometimes I find ones I've missed that have grown so big it takes more effort to get rid of them just as in the flower garden. Love is the best weed controller and when applied it works every time on the thorny issues in our life.

  47. What a GREAT Lift! I've always loved weeding, the results are quickly and clearly seen. But I never had the approach you've provided. Now I really LOVE weeding and can do it out of the sun and heat of summer. Thank you Brian.

  48. It is a pleasure to get every morning and pray; "Is there a selfish motive that I should weed out? How about practicing more patience in my dealings with others beside my loved one's. Can I be more helpful to a stranger like I am to my loved ones? Those are just some that I tune my thought toward. In this way, right before I start my day, I weed out all the Godless thoughts that would prevent from expressing my true nature as God's child.

  49. Thank you, Brian, for this great reminder to tend our gardens.
    And so well put, too!

  50. Lovely, helpful lift Brian. And #25 said it for me. thanks everyone for sharing and thanks DL team.

  51. What a wonderful and gentle reminder. Thank you for expressing your joy!

  52. Thank you Brian for this analogy. Each time I pay more attention to be alert, I feel God's strenght and presence. And I'm happy.

  53. Always amazing to me by mid morning here on the east coast of New Hampshire how many comments and messages have already been delivered as a result of the seed thought and invitation for some quiet reflection that this Daily Lift provides. Thank you Brian for planting the seed this morning. Joy be your day.

  54. Brian, you got me with "laziness." I've been asking myself about that one recently. Now I'm connecting it with something a practitioner said to me years ago: "Error tries to tempt us to substitute the lesser for the greater." I was vigilant after that to make sure that at every step I was doing or thinking "the greater" instead of "the lesser." (Usually meaning the more spiritual, the more loving, the greater integrity, etc.)

    Now I see that laziness is just substituting short-term ease for long-term investments, such as important work, reaching out to others, completing creative projects, practicing a skill, studying C.S., and of course, weeding! Not that we have to always be "doing" -- there can be a sort of self-importance or fear in constant busy-ness that could be far worse than sitting on the porch and contemplating the sky, a rainbow, or God's voice speaking to us. Sometimes, stillness is the highest use of our time. But we can be honest with ourselves about when it's a meek stillness and when it's a fearful or self-willed do-nothingism.

  55. Thank you for sharing your generous counsel! As the Bible says, we can all blossom like the rose !

  56. Great way to start the day!

  57. Thank you Brian, good Lift for today.

  58. Thoughtful message. Thank you.

  59. Thanks for enlightening on the need to constantly weed out the negative thoughts.

  60. This lift is so timely and so important. I'll be a much happier "weeder" this summer. Thank you!

  61. Dear Brian, your apt metaphor reminds me of a "gardening revelation" I had with a lawn of crabgrass. The previous owners had removed the entire lawn and filled with fresh loam. Still the crabgrass persisted. In desperation, I asked a superior gardner what to do. "The best way to a good lawn is to get a good crop of grass growing." The very next time I worked on that lawn thinking of his advice our Leader's statement, "Beloved Christian Scientists, keep your mind so filled with Truth and Love that sin, disease and death cannot enter them" (My. 210:2) came to my thought and was invested with a very practical insight. Oh, I still prune and weed! Thanks.

  62. Thanks for amplifying the joy of weeding and pruning. It is something I do a lot of, both on my own or on work or "garden parties". My wife asked me why do they call it a garden party when all we do is work at pulling weeds? I answered, "Because we share a lunch afterwards and rejoice in what we have done."
    Thank you Brian for inviting us to your metaphysical garden party, where we can share a feast and rejoice in what we have done.

  63. Wonderful , thank you ! :-)

  64. Brian
    I loved this lift. What a wonderful and positive view of weeding! Makes weeding seem not only necessary and beautifying but a joy as well. Thank you.

  65. Gratitude to Brian for the gentle reminder. I have been weeding out my computer and gathered STUFF and finding joy and peace in a more uncluttered thought and home. A daily weeding of thoughts and life/home (even in the outside garden) is comforting and healing. Peaceful weeding, carol

  66. OMG…Thank you, Brian, for this healing and substantial lift. It is so perfect in what I needed to hear.

  67. Like comment number 1, I realize that people are drawn to a beautiful garden and also a beautiful thought. "There is one real attraction, that of Spirit." ( p 102, line 9 of S & H) Thanks, Brian, for this reminder.

  68. I have just come in from gardening and was delighted to listen to your thoughts on weeding our consciousness. A very important lesson for me. Thank you so much for such helpful thoughts. I'll never see weeding the garden as a chore that must be done but as an opportunity to weed out any impure thoughts in my own consciousness.

  69. This was wonderful; Brian. I am reminded of Mrs. Eddy's "stand porter at the door of thought."

  70. Thanks Brian for the heads up on weeding. I too, like Nancy, have a large burn pile that accumulates through out the spring and summer. I love the work. It's outside and I enjoy looking at the work accomplished. My garden is God's and I work in His garden as it pleases Him. When I burn the trimmings of limbs and brush I tend this burning until it is thoroughly destroyed; turned to ash, nothing left and I pray that my Father/Mother does the same in me. I stay with the fire raking the burnable trimmings closer to the core until all, all is ash. This ash, I'm told, is good for the soil so I mix it in and use it for fill dirt or planting. I truly enjoy looking upon God's garden. Love your lesson and the wonderful comments.

  71. Even as more spring snow falls outside my window, I am still wholeheartedly enjoying this gardening Lift. Other commenters have already said what I was thinking about the Lift, so I will just add my thanks for the lovely, uplifting music. It made my heart dance a happy dance :)

  72. Thank you Brian -- a wonderful analogy. The more thought-weeds we pull out & dispose of, the more beautiful our garden, and the more closely we approximate our true selves: "A spiritual idea has not a single element of error..." (S&H p 463) Hard work, sometimes, but so rewarding.

    This lift reminded of a sweet poem on a card someone gave me many years ago:

    The kiss of the sun for pardon,
    The song of the birds for mirth,
    One is nearer God's heart in a garden,
    Than anywhere else on earth.

    Happy weeding everyone!

  73. Thank you, Brian! This is a very good lift for me. I'd like
    to write it all down and keep it where I may see it often.
    Thank you again!

  74. Thank you Brian.

  75. Dear Brian, Thank you for this lovely example of what you just did for us at our church this weekend. Weeds pulled and flowers watered. Our garden is more thriving and happy since your visit here, and like that mustard plant, is ready for the local birds to come and roost in its branches. Your kindness and care for us was not wasted. love to you from Eugene.

  76. Thanks Brian! The adjectives provided make it easy to comprehend, relate, and hone in on the weeds. Your message is so timely figuratively and factually. I was just going out to pull a few for now. Only a few because of the heat. I'll watch my thoughts too!

  77. Thank you, Brian and also Nela #37
    Let us concentrate on ourselves as beautiful, strong flowering plants, full of health and vigour.
    We cannot really be a plant and its gardener!
    A healthy plant can remain so by establishing strong roots,with healthy stems of free-flowing xylem and phloem and so flourish! It needs freedom to grow and God will give us this freedom. All we have to do is trust Him! Remember the lilies of the field.
    God will protect us and guide us; He will do the weeding and the pruning. He will place us in the right soil and position for our type of plant and provide the right amount of sun and water Le us let go and let God.
    Also,thank you, Carol #65.There is such peace in having an uncluttered house!

  78. Thank you, Brian. It didnt come in too well but I think I got the gist. I am reminded of the idea that weeds in our culture may be desirable in another. The point is, getting rid of who tends towards disorder and chaos and keeping what bears fruit, even if that fruit is only a smile when you see it. I also recall one time I pulled out a lot of weeds around my strawberries, only to find a day or two layer an outcropping of weeds that put out runners much the strawberries do. Another time, springing up in was a neat row or yarrow beside a neat row of marigolds. Thus can the "weeds of error" imitate the "true vine."

    I was delighted to see that none of the comments mentioned using toxic pesticides, Big Chem and even Big Pharma's answer.

    Thank you.

  79. Wow, thanks for the timely reminder.

  80. There is a company in our area called "Weeding Women," who go around "doing good", They make flower gardens look beautiful and maximize the beauty of flower gardens to their perfection, by weeding the bad out. It's like weeding out my thought of un-God-like qualities to express only the allness of God. Hey, look, God loves me, and cares for me, and by keeping my mental atmosphere of calm joy and goodness clear of weedy thoughts, I can live a life free and orderly and happy. Oh, and I water my thoughts with the freshness of divine Principle.

  81. Yes, weeding until the last weed (ungodlike trait) planted by the enemy is eliminated and the final ascension is achieved! This shows me the absolute necessity to keep the pruning process going.

    I'm very grateful for all the tools provided by the Christian Science church to achieve this inescapable demand including these upLifts.

  82. Thanks very much, Brian for the spiritual gardening tips!

  83. Thanks so much, Brian!
    I can really relate to what you said on two levels. I have spent countless hours weeding in my home garden as well as in my profession as a horticulturist. I liken it to "uncovering beauty." From that perspective it is time well spent. And on the metaphysical level, it's just as important to tackle those intruding "weed thoughts" so the beauty of man in God's image and likeness is revealed.
    Mary Baker Eddy has something to say along the lines of this analogy. "Are we clearing the gardens of thought by uprooting the noxious weeds of passion, malice, envy, and strife? ...... The weeds of
    mortal mind are not always destroyed by the first uprooting; they reappear, like devastating witch-grass, to choke the coming clover. O stupid gardener! watch their reappearing, and tear them away from their native soil, until no seedling be left to propagate --- and rot." (Mis. 343: 13 - 15, 20 -- 25)
    Whoa -- no room for laziness there!
    Much love and joyful weed-pulling to everyone in the Daily Lift family.

  84. Thank you all. I wrote down Marilyn's poem in my journal of Daily Lifts that I have recorded from this Jan.1. They are gems!

  85. Thanks for pointing out the importance of keeping after our mental garden -- weeding and pruning the inside garden of thought much as we would weed and prune the physical garden outside. Your timing is perfect from our branch church's viewpoint as we are having a house and grounds "cleanup" this Saturday. Your reminder is that we don't have to wait until an organized event occurs but rather we can be working with God to do our clean up on a daily basis.
    Thanks also for the excellent lecture you gave in Issaquah, WA last Friday. I was glad to see so many young people and newcomers to Science in attendance. They were given plenty to think about....as were the rest of us.
    Thanks finally to the Board of Lectureship, especially to Nate and the DL Team, for continuing to provide this wonderful service. As the Lifters respond every day, you can see the fruits of your efforts.

  86. Thank you so much Brian and all the lifters . I learn from each and everyone of you . My daughter is coming down from Queensland today for our association . I looked out this morning cold and raining in Melbourne . I thought no get rid of that weed . Rug up bring our brolly and we are going to have a great time . Much love to all x

  87. The first poem I was taught at school began, "A man of words and not of deeds, Is like a garden full of weeds." Like some weeds, words have occasional usefulness, and your words served as a valuable reminder to me to not only talk the talk but also to walk the walk with Christian Science. Thank you Brian.

  88. Thank you. Clear, useful, healing.

  89. Brian, Thank you.

  90. I have been one to focus on the weeds, a lot. No more. This is a new inspiration for all the weeds I think I have to tackle. Thanks.

  91. I listened to this Lift a couple times yesterday, but did not get to reading the comments until today. Wow, people! So many thoughts expressed expanding on the theme. I thank you all for sharing, and Brian, for the truly lifting Lift!

  92. Thank you.

  93. This is a so true and loving daily -lift, thank you merci de tout coeur

  94. I am headed to the garden to weed after being gone on a trip to Europe and Africa. I will also do my mental weeding. Thank you dear one for these thoughts. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

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