4/29: God alone

4/29: God alone

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  1. it most certainly is most reassuring to know that God can't help but be God, and that He/She is always present and available to us. Thanks, Norm.

  2. Thankyou so much Norm. This is very helpful for me today

  3. Thank you, Norm. Seeing our connection with His oneness is new every time. A lovely Psalm to memorise.

  4. This thought reminds me at once of Psalm 139, "whither shall I go from thy spirit" thankfully we can never go beyond God's goodness, and how reassuring that is, especially in trying times! Love to ALL and Thank you.

  5. Yes we have all His attention! Thanks Norm

  6. Thanks Norm, That's a wonderful message to start our week. God alone is to be adored today! Ann K London England.

  7. Oh wow! A real aha! moment! I actually exclaimed out loud as I listened to this terrific Lift--a real keeper.
    Thanks so much!

  8. I have to say Norm, this opened my thought to this passage anew also! Thank you! I find it comforting too, esp at 3:45am, when questioning why my soul is disquieted within me, and answering with remembering all of His benefits..

  9. Dear Norm, thankyou very much for sharing this insight. It ties in beautifully with something I saw in the Lesson this morning; In Ps.41 (Bible citation 20) we have "thou upholdest me in mine integrity",
    Integrity comes from the Latin, integer, meaning 'entire'. In botany, the term 'entire' is used to describe the margin of a leaf or petal that is undivided, not lobed or toothed - so no 'ups and downs' to it. I loved the idea that we are held entire, whole, perfect, in divine Mind, and undivided from God - and your Lift shows that God is undivided, full-time Love, Truth, Life (no ups and downs) - entirely good.

  10. Thank you, Norm for sharing that new nuance!. Since man is forever an emination of God, it certainly is reassuring for each of His ideas to know that our Father Mother is totally focused on knowing each of us that way, and maintaining us in thought and deed to be able to confidently reflect our spiritual identity and nature. God certainly has our back!

  11. "Thou are God alone" 86:10

    When young king David wrote Psalm 86,he saw beyond being only one God, he realized that the purpose of the existence of the Great Creator is to be God only, to love and care for His image and likeness.

    Our caregiver, our, comforter,is always ready, listenings to our prayers and patiently waiting for us to turn to Him.

    "Tu solo eres Dios" Salmo 86:10

    Cuando escribió el Salmo 86, el joven rey David vio más allá de un solo Dios, se dio cuenta que el propósito de existir del Gran Creador es ser Dios solamente, amar y cuidar de Su imagen y semejanza.

    Nuestro cuidador, nuestro consolador, siempre está listo, oyendo nuestras oraciones y esperándo pacientemente que nos volvamos a Él.

  12. This is certainly a spiritual " eye Opener ' for the new week . Thank you Norm ,you have opened a way for deeper exploration and perspective .

  13. Thank you comment 9. I loved your Botanic metaphor. A good one to share. It had come to me that being "weighed in an even balance" meant completeness or integrity. Job 31:6

  14. A perfect basis to prayerfully acknowledge that we are God's likeness only. Which in turn empowers us to let go of ungood characteristics and thoughts step by step.

  15. Always worth looking at another translations of the Bible. The Message says: And the great things you do - God, you're the one, there's on one but you!

    The RSVP, which is highly respected across all denominations, does actually say: For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God.

    Thanks for the Lift!


  16. Nice one, Norm

  17. Thank you, Norm, for “God alone … Ps. 86:10 … God all the time … not a part-time job … God is God … PERIOD … I find that very reassuring.” Me, too!

    “The Lord our God made a covenant with us … even us, who are all of us here alive this day” (Deut 5:2,3).

    As an image and likeness of God, my job is not part-time but as full-time as God’s. God’s part, as the “sustaining infinite” (S&H vii:1), is to guide and protect me (and mine and all) all the 24/7/365 time. My part is to be an all-the-time-24/7/365 Child of God, studying and applying God’s laws lived on earth.

    “The admission to one's self that man is God's own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea ... we may as well improve our time in solving the mysteries of being through an apprehension of divine Principle ... The Revelator tells us of ‘a new heaven and a new earth.’ … Let us rid ourselves of the belief that man is separated from God, and obey only the divine Principle, Life and Love. Here is the great point of departure for all true spiritual growth” (S&H 90-91).

    So, if God is God alone; then, I am God’s child alone. Full-time. 24/7/365! PERIOD :-)

  18. Reassurance , that's what this daily lift does for all those who tune in and turn inward to God each and everyday. Thank you Norm .

  19. Thank y.ou, what a great way to start our day,week and thanks to the lifters

  20. How helpful! I love that concept of "God lone". Thank you.

  21. Many thanks Norm for the Lift; and another thank you to Anne Daley..I read your letter over and over like a mantra. Being a gardener, I daily get a "rush" of God's wisdom...I loved how you described that perfection! How blessed am I to read these lifts! Thanks to ALL the family. xx

  22. Thank you very much Norm. If God is 'God alone.', then I am His reflection alone! I have no other identity or being. I am uniquely, completely God's idea alone. That gives me much to ponder on today.

  23. Many thanks Norm for illustrating the powerful effect of moving a word 'alone' around in a sentence. "My prayer, some daily good to do/ To Thine, for Thee;/ An offering pure of Love, whereto/ God leadeth me." (MBE Christian Science Hymnal #253). "The maximum of good is the infinite God and His idea, the All-in-all." (S&H 103:15).

  24. Love this! A great way to anchor the day.Thanks so much, Norm!

  25. Thanks for the lift! It is a treatment! Fear is gone!!!!!

  26. And so do I, find that reassuring. Thanks for sharing your new insight with all of us.

  27. Norm.

    Thank you for this Lift. Anne (#9) that was beautiful, I loved the thought of the undivided leaf - perfect and unique - a special term had to be developed to describe its perfection just as one was developed for us - Man.

    Just last Sunday our soloist picked and sung "As a deer panteth" (Ps 42:1). Here is a rendition of it which you may have to cut and paste into your browser.


    There is such a completeness to this one verse of the Psalm. As a child in Sunday School I would read and research every line and word as I read the Lesson; I had little time to think of anything else. I bought a used version of the Interpreters Bible and it is wonderful!

    At times, explaining Christian Science to others is not easy especially when you have to explain that there is no devil, no hell, no great inferno awaiting 'sinners' of this world other than the inferno of having to rethink everything you once thought so that you can understand God and your relationship with Him/Her.

    I try to explain (as you alluded to Norm) that God demonstrates perfection as a result He manifests that in all He does, including creating us. Just as the light cannot emit darkness, there is no lack nor darkness in God's creation. We therefore have to be complete, accurate, healthy.

    Just as an experienced photographer takes care to take the perfect photo - God, an experienced Creator, made us perfect because He only knows perfection.

  28. There is a little quip we have here in Maine--maybe you have heard of it? The quip is said usually when someone is visiting our state and is driving along and pulls over and asks a Mainer from that local area for directions on how to get somewhere, to which they are responded to with the assertion: "You cannot get there from here." Your lift on "God alone" and all the qualities you mention about God's infinite goodness, incorporeality, supremacy, divinity and all the other wonderful infinitely good qualities of God just cannot be shared with any other "power"--or diminished in any way as you bring out also. It is impossible for God to be less than loving, good, infinite, ever available for everyone, all the time, in other words "You cannot get there from here!" Thanks for this inspiring lift!

  29. Beautiful Norman .
    Stevie Stephen Kalinich your old pal

  30. Thanks so much, Norm, for this enlightening new idea of God being God alone and nothing else. And in turn we are God's children alone - nothing else - perfect right now just as he created us. I cannot fall from the spotless purity of my original perfection.

  31. Thanks for being there. Growing this new insight.
    And sharing this powerful thought to bless the world thought.
    Right on. Thanks

  32. Thank you for your uplifting lift, Norm. After listening to it, I grabbed my Strong's heavy-duty concordance to check out the Hebrew base and found that it isn't listed in that great book. So, I pulled it up on my computer and it was there, but without a reference number. So, I checked out the other references and their numbers and the one which seemed the most like that specific "alone" was 905. In that definition was this little gem: "of each alike." What a touching addition! "thou art God [of each alike]." No favoritism. The perfect parent.

    What a wonderful way to start the week! Thank you for opening that door and inviting us all to come in and join you.

  33. Thanks Norm,
    Awesome Lift, great insight, wonderful message to start a new week as Gods' reflection, as His employee...!!

  34. Thank you Norm and all the commentators, all of them. Last night I was not feeling myself, I was feeling tired, I did not want to face the week ahead and as a result of it, dark thoughts of discouragement tried to win my consciousnes. I too, like Steve #8 felt disquieted very early in the morning and had to count my blessings to recover my peace and go back to sleep. And then, I woke up this morning to listen to this beautiful Lift and yes, I must agree with Troy from Barbados: Just as an experienced photographer takes care to take the perfect photo - God, an experienced Creator, made us perfect because He only knows perfection. I will keep this though in Mind: I can only be perfect because God is perfect and HE/SHE made me perfect. He knows where He is leading me and "I will follow and rejoice all the rugged way" (in words of Mrs. Eddy). Great week to everyone.

  35. Thank you.

  36. Your experience is probably common to many as we read the Bible, but thank you for reminding me (us) just the same. And thanks for sharing this additional/supplemental/enlarging interpretation/understanding of a familiar Bible verse, too.

  37. Thanks, Norm. I love your Lifts. And thanks for all the comments.

  38. New insight. Thank you.

  39. As God's reflections, we are reflection, alone. Nothing else, just pure expressions of divine Love, Life and Truth. How wonderful God is, and how wonderful we each are as His pure reflection, reflecting Him only. Thank you, God!

  40. Wonderful insight and thanks, Norm! So reassuring to know that God is always just humming along, being God Alone, and that it's Us who sometimes waver and go in and out of feeling our Oneness with God. I feel so much of our C.S. Bible Lesson this week is pointing out how it is Us who need to constantly monitor our thoughts and actions, examine our Hearts, and see where we are not being true to our God-established selfhood. Even tho' we learn in Christian Science of our spiritual perfection in God, it is up to us to make sure that our actions and the motives of our Hearts match our words and prayers!

  41. Yo siento que es imposible separarnos de Dios, porque Él está implícito en cada acción que llevemos a cabo obviamente, si ella está unida a Él, no hay margen de error posible.

    Hace poco lei un artículo que habla sobre los problemas del mundo y las filosofías extrañas al conocimiento de Dios y allí explica claramente que es imposible negar la existencia de Dios porque es más razonable creer que negarlo, y ésta persona que no se refiere a ninguna fe religiosa, sino a la pérdida de valores en el mundo rescata simplemente lo natural de la idea, la convicción de algo más que aunque no vemos sentimos su existencia en nosotros mismos como un hecho inmarcesible e irrefutable que va más allá de creencias, mitos y desvíos de la senda verdadera donde siempre encontramos a Dios, indudablemente, más allá de toda duda, que los nefastos acontecimientos puedan generar.

    "Él comenta que se hace necesaria su existencia como una premisa moral de la vida" y evidentemente, la convicción de la presencia divina nos salva del error de caer en desvíos ajenos a Su real gobierno, preservando una moral intocable por mucho que el error parezca dominar al mundo. Y sí, esa es la premisa, que Dios está aqui siempre para todos los sinceros buscadores, preservando su integridad.

    Muchas gracias Norm, estamos rodeados por el Amor, nunca, solos y abandonados.

  42. Thank you for this wonderful insight... And then it seems clearer that man can only be man alone...

  43. So very solid in thought and Truth. Thank you, Norm.
    xoxo to all.

  44. I really like your new Bible insight in this concept of God, alone, Norm. This is very comforting no matter where in the world we may find ourselves. Thank you to the other commenters as well. There is so much in the Bible to read and read and read again.

  45. What a perfect, empowering message for right NOW. Thanks, Norm!

  46. Norm-- And to think that when i venture out today i will be able to know that a loving power will be

    guiding me - And all those inter-facing me. Much gratitude for this inspiration today.

  47. Thank you Norm!! Similar to #17 (nela), I had a wonderful wave of relief and peace wash over me after listening to this as I realized: Ahhh, If God is God alone, then I am His reflection alone!! That's ALL I am or can be......No room for error there. Again, so peace giving!

  48. Thank you.

  49. Reassuring and then some—not just to me or us but to seekers all over the planet!
    Thank you!

  50. Thank you for a wonderful inspirational lift !

  51. Thank you for this wonderful and extremely helpful Daily Lift. Also loved listening to your 15 min. Lecture on Prayer. Thanks to all the commenters too. Reading each one was an additional bonus.

  52. I find this Daily Lift very reassuring.

  53. Thank You

  54. All there is is God....alone!

  55. Thanks, Norm, for your very helpful insight!

  56. Thanks, Norm. It's always a joy to hear your Daily Lifts. Happy lecturing!

  57. Many thanks Norm, and everyone for sharing. God has no other business; Being God, that' all God can be. AND so, man is God's perfect business. Thanks DL team.

  58. Wow! What a perfectly beautiful illustration of the light which Eddy says Christian Science throws on the Scriptures. I just checked out several translations and Bible commentaries. All agree on the oneness, the onliness of God, but not one touched on the office of God and how He fulfills it solely, alone, doing nothing else. Thanks for sharing your insight, Norm, and for everyone who gets it out to the world today.

  59. Today's Daily Lift answered my question which I've asked myself for years. "Why is it that other religions all based upon the idea of man created by God, are so different from each other to the extent to wipe others out by war if they don't believe in their way.The answer from this revealing D/L is that there is a false belief of separation of God and that this belief or that belief should be destroyed by whoever believes the wrong belief. Well! People there is absolutely one God controlling the universe, weather it's Jewish, Protestant, Catholic etc. There is God only, Love only, Principle only, Life only, etc.

  60. Thank you for sharing!

  61. I'm a little late in the day, but not too late, I hope to say thanks Norm. Have just returned from an inspiring Association meeting. I like to to think in this case "God alone, as God All One" How grateful I am for all the different ways we receive inspiration, these Daily gems, our Literature, Church Services, Class Instruction and the annual Association meetings,Lectures, with active our thought and encourage us to" go up higher"Lovely to realize that God is God alone .

  62. Thank you Norm and thanks sent to Peter 10, Renate Lohl 14, JD 22, Lori 30, Kathleen 39 and all other lifters! ALL the comments are so lovingly expressed...

  63. For God alone is listening, responding, saving, healing to all of creation, not only is He the only Mind, Mrs. Eddy says in her hymn; 'For love alone is Life.' Thank you Norm for this beautiful lift.

  64. Thanks Norm. This is a beautiful new insight.

  65. This is a wonderful "new" nuance, Norm! From a mother's perspective, I love knowing God is NOT multi-tasking!!! :)

  66. Your description of one God alone, filled with "Tender Mercy" for each one of His perfect creations brings great peace. I still remember to say "NO" as you suggested in a recent Lecture. Sincere gratitude.

  67. Thank you Norm, for this strong certain affirmation. Barbara

  68. A great statement of the Christ-truth .. absolute Truth made totally practical now, when and where we need it. Many thanks, Mr. B.

  69. What a wonderful Lift, Norm, if was exactly what I was looking for. In March someone on the phone tried to convince me he wanted to pay me some money owed to me. but in the act of opening my computer he succeeded in making four withdrawals, which were immediately cancelled, and the bank card closed. But when I checked my bank statement and phoned the bank to say the transactions were still present, I was told that unless I had appealed the bank wouldn't act. That was on Friday. You can imagine the prayers all weekend! But some years ago a young woman had run into my car and was most reluctant to be responsible for the damage. We couldn't approach her, otherwise she could sue us. But holding firmly to her spiritual integrity and wholeness as a perfect child of God, she did honour her obligations. So I already had a demonstration to prove that God had made these two men in His image and likeness, and while we were waiting for the photocopier at the bank to be free, their account was cleared in my bank statement! God alone is Father-Mother,Good and man has no power to vary from that perfect, unblemished and unspotted Principle. Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lift family

  70. Thank you, thank you for this thorough indepth explanation of God as All, alone. Very helpful to know today and everyday.

  71. Thank you for today's lift and all the comments.

  72. Como dice un himno de la C Cristiana; "Quien el sabio verbo escucha siente en si al Padre- Amor"

    La presencia del Dios infinito está siempre con nosotros, la cual nos protege, nos bendice, y nos guía por sendas de Amor.

    Gracias po el mensaje

  73. Thank you Britton (#42) for the reminder that we can be only the reflection of God. Nothing unGodlike
    can enter our experience. Thank you, Norm, for your illumination of a Bible truth which leads thought spiritward.

  74. I loved your comment "God is the all-knowing Mind, doesn't have anything else on his mind, but us..... Wow! Such tender Fatherhood! Thank you so much for that insight. (=


  76. Wonderful. Thanks you,

  77. Thank you Norm, for an extra view of Divine Light.

  78. so sweet and simple and permanent !

  79. Visiting a sister in California for the week and just this morning we compared the point at which we “discovered” that our parents had a life which was not entirely centered on us. Shocking realization. Ha!

    But God being God alone is not subject to transitional mortal views. God alone includes the complete cause and support of our being – always seeing success, always making the perfect meal, so to speak.

    Diana # 32… "thou art God [of each alike]." Perfect.

    Thanks Norm! –

  80. Thank you for sharing, that is a beautiful insight and very now of how to pray..

  81. Thank you!!

  82. Thank you.Norm.

  83. Clearing off my desk this morning, I found this quote jotted on a piece of scrap paper: "God is over all. He alone is our origin, aim, and being." It is from Mary Baker Eddy's Retrospection and Introspection, 22:17. Seemed most appropriate to share in connection with Norm's insightful Daily Lift..with love.

  84. Thank you very much!

    And thanx to DL team too. I got my dl back!

  85. Wonderful interpretation and insight! Thank you!

  86. Thank you for this very helpful insight. It is tempting sometimes to think God must be humanly circumscribed,particularly if our current experience seems to be very mixed. "I've half a mind to..." "His mind wasn't on it...." "Don't mind me!" This vital Lift brings us back to God's real, divine nature as All-in-all, wholly God, only God and, God alone. The human mind has a fatigued and burdened sense of caring because it is trying to hold together its own divided sense of itself, as well as that of someone else. God, inexhaustible, harmonious Self-existence is the only real Carer, and we are the blessed recipients of His care. Thank you.

  87. What a peace giving prayer! Thank you!
    Whether we are with a newborn baby or an abrasive human personality, they both have one Principle, "God only."
    We could say "God and man only."
    In this case we see the spiritual reality, man as innocent, alert and peaceful only.
    What a joy to spend time with the newborn babe, so easy to see "God and man only". This new idea gives us peace and strength to eliminate whatever is offensive.

  88. Thank you, Norm! I also love the Bible and am making constantly new experience with the meaning of the many stories. Like recently in the lesson serman we had the story of the prophet Elias who stayed with the widow. Her son suddenly died and she was quite besides herself. Then Elias just said "Give me your son"! Now this simple phrase struck me, because Elias was a prophet! And I knew that Mrs. Eddy explained prophet in the Glossary of S&H with "A spiritual seer;" So Elias, the spiritual seer took the dead child and carried it upstairs into his room. Which meant to me he lifted him up unto a higher concept of life, which as a prophet he actually SAW. MBE continues in her explanation of prophet: " disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth" (page 593) So he was able to look through the "material sense" testimony that the boy was dead to the "spiritual Truth" that he actually was alive! This is what I did with the problem I was just working about: I gave it to the prophetic "upstairs". And the whole thing lost a lot of weight and importance. This helped me sooo much to unravel the situation which before had troubled me so much.
    I just love the Bible. :-)
    Thanks again, Norm !

  89. Thank you my friend!
    Evelin and Talban

  90. Good to hear from you Norm. Your lifts always make me think...so "...thou art God alone" in
    this context is His being rather than status, His essence rather than simply definition. thank you.

  91. Thx N
    This brought me back after some sad news to lay my head on my Father's shoulder. He's there for me.

  92. I see this as the intransigence of goodness, love, faith and health. If you have a little bit you really have it all.You cannot have otherwise. Thank you, Norm.

  93. Once again, Lifters, you've strengthened and nurtured the seed of an idea and made it bloom into something more beautiful and beneficial. Thank you for your inspired "gardening."

  94. Thank you, Norm. Your lift reminded me of hymn #430 from the Supplement which goes in part, "God alone, dearly known, calls my heart to be His own."

  95. thank you norm

  96. Thank you Norm. This is such a great insight.

  97. I am alone only His reflection and nothing else. That's enough! Kit

  98. Norm,

    Merci beaucoup! I found it to be so healing even later in the day to hear. I know I can never be separated from the love of God or spiritual joy and humor. ...."we do have the capacity to cultivate joy and love."
    ("The Capacity for Joy: Cultivating the capacity for joy" from brochure published by the Mother Church.

    My garden fills me with joy! And I love the laughter I hear in the wind!

  99. Thank you, Norm, for such sustaining, comforting tho'ts. Thank you...#14 for your lovely input...

  100. Thank you, Norm, for such enlightening tho'ts to carry with me today. How blest we are to have each other!

  101. Yes,
    Norm -- "Very reassuring" says it very well!

  102. Thank you for this enlightening Lift. So very helpful as we study and pray to define God to ourselves. Your words are so candid and clear.

  103. So helpful. Thanks Norm!!

  104. Powerful picture of God. And wonderful comments. From God the feared, to God the approachable, the tender loving Parent of us all. Caring.

    Thank you.

  105. Norm,
    I've been looking at a number of Bible translations of various verses, so looked up this one in 4 other translations. The New King James Version, The English Standard Version and the New Living Translation ALL translate that passage: "You alone are God" not "You are God alone" and The Message translates it: "God, you are the one, there's no one but you!" But, I found interesting your new slant on the King James Version, "You are God alone"!

  106. Love this clear affirmation, Norm! Thank you, as always!

  107. Thanks Norm!

  108. Thank you so much Norm for the deep insight. It has taken me into whole new perspective. Great!

  109. Grateful thanks for such an inspiring lift, wonderful God and Christian Science, a joy and a priceless gift. Thank you.

  110. I, too, find this very reassuring! Thank you for keep us alert toalways being lifted up KNOWING God is All and there is nothing going on but God.

  111. I needed this.

    Never before have I understood and felt "Alone" to be so "Fulfilling".

    Exclusive is not excluded, but complete and permanent.

    Never less than all inclusive... including me.

  112. Very reassuring . . . :))

  113. Excellent point--Thanks!

  114. Thank you so much for that great reasoning about that wording of "God alone." I will ponder and use it.

  115. Thank you so very much Norm.

  116. Very good, bro! I like that kind of power thinking. In Mark 12:28 Jesus tells us what is the most important Command. He spoke the Hebrew Shemah which every Jew repeated many times a day, meditated on, and they still do: "Hear O Israel. YHWH is our God. YHWH echad". Echad means One, only and alone. This is saying what you said. To the Jewish mind, and apparently to Jesus, these were the most powerful words given to man. It continues.... "And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul and strength".

    YHWH is God's Sacred Name meaning "He Causes Being". We worship Cause. And there is only One Cause. And Cause can only be Cause. There is no "Plan B".

  117. Thank you so much Norm for the very interesant and helpful message

  118. I'm so grateful that you shared this with us! Thank you!

  119. Beautiful Norman and very true and workable in our experience love

  120. I see that aha moment in the passage fear not, believe-only!

  121. Andre H., Florida
    in other words : "Nothing exists outside of God/Infinite Mind/Love/Life....all & only Good."
    So! Anything not reflecting this Harmony could be real,have power or hurt me.
    Let's awaken our consciousness to this and keep Watching.
    Happy journey to All!

  122. That was absolutely beautiful, Norm!! It is so reassuring that God is there for us and knows each of us as his perfect idea!!!

  123. It's hard to say how much this Lift has meant to me. Such a beautiful acknowledgement of not only God's allness and onlyness, but His/Her wondrous nature as the source and sum of all good. God bless Norm and all the Lifters!

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