4/28: God's infinitude expressed in you!

4/28: God's infinitude expressed in you!

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  1. Thank you Mark. Working with these truths we can go forward in our day, our life, with confidence and inspiration and freedom (from any false sense of mortal existence) and instead claim the infinitude of God's presence and love as the only reality. As the "evidence of God's presence" we bear witness to His supreme power and love, and its continuing unfoldment. Thank you again.

  2. Oh my goodness you are really expressing the infinite!!! Loved your lecture today too WOW!! And that is an infinite WOW! So happy and blessed to be apart of the sustaining infinite. Thank you Mark! Another great inspiring uplifting LIFT! :)

  3. I'll remember that today Mark. Thank you.

  4. Awesome Mark! My favorite description of God is creative Mind and your video message certainly illustrates that point. Thank you.

  5. Good one

  6. Great video Mark! This is so uplifting to watch and hear so early in the morning. Knowing that since God is infinite and I am the evidence of God, then, 24/7 I am not limited by the world. What good news for all of us!

  7. Thank you Mark for reminding us of the infinitude of God. What a wonderful picture !

  8. Wow!! What a wonderful reminder. As the evidence of God we reflect His infinitude in our life, not limited by the world, but unlimited – in everything.
    Thank you Mark for this beautiful lift....

  9. Thank you, Mark, for your video on God’s Infinitude. Nicely done. The visual will help remember the Truth. Thank you.


  11. Dear Mark, thank you for these beautiful views illustrating your clear message. I was reminded of the time I was an escort on the school bus run and we had to collect a student from way out high on the Yorkshire moors, I was so aware of the complete circle of beautiful views around me, it had such a spiritual dimension of God's infinite Love for His creation. With love and gratitude to all.

  12. Perfect! Just what I needed today!
    Thanks, Mark!

  13. Thank you very much Mark, for that freeing DL today!

  14. Great Mark, Thank You so much!

  15. Infinitude and presence that's perfect.

  16. Mark, Thank you

  17. Thanks, that's so helpful. We are the evidence of God. We are the evidence of God's love, etc etc . What other evidence do we need? Wonderful.

  18. Thanks ever so much, Mark , for today's lift .I'm about to spend a night in hospital for a check-up asked by my family and I'll go with your thoughts in mind knowing that God is supreme , isn't that great ?
    II regularly appreciate your lifts based on your love of God and nature and you have such a poised and lloving manner to express it that listening to you calms our erring thoughts immediately..Thanks ever so much. Thank you too to those who make those 'daiily lifts' possible , that we can listen to again and again.

  19. You look pretty small, Mark, standing up there on the cliff. And yet it all leads on to immeasurable immensity, and it's all filled with love and peace and holiness. And as you say, we are all part of that glorious lovingkindness and awareness of our oneness with God, Good. Good has it all complete and perfect and we are part of that. The expression of the allness of Good.
    Thank you Nate and the team for this great Daily Lift; for The Mother Church; and for our whole Daily Lift family. Now, there's immensity for you!

  20. Many thanks Mark for this inspiring and joyous declaration from the mountain top: "Be uplifted by the fact that God [divine Love] is infinite, completely unlimited, and that we, as the evidence of God have that same freedom!" "One in the freedom of the truth,/ One in the joy of paths untrod,/ One in the heart's perennial youth,/ One in the larger thought of God;" Hymn 218.

  21. Thank you so much, dear Mark, for this very helpful start of the day! Glorious!

  22. Thank you!

  23. Thank you Mark for your words and reminder! Very helpful to start a week!

  24. Thank you so much Mark . I always stand in awe of the beauty all around us . Mark it must be wonderful looking out at all that beauty around you . I love God knows our needs before we ask . We went away for the weekend to visit family . On the way I got a call from my daughter to say all was well with her sons partner and baby and they had left the hospital and on there way home . God hears our prayers and I thank you all . It is the same for you Florence we are all knowing God is loving and caring for you as he does all his children . I wanted to go to church with my sister . I don't get to do that often as she lives nearly 4 hours from us . The minister said any visitors . I was the only one and stood up to say my name and I came from Melbourne . After the service a man wanted to see me He said he worked with me 44 years ago .we recalled that I was working on a machine and people working high above me putting in a window . It fell straight through the frame . They all came running to see where it landed . The glass was all around me .i was so grateful .How infinite is God only for him her telling me to go to church I would never have met that man and recalled that day . Thank you so much Nate and Daily lift team . Much love to all x .

  25. Wonderful expressed the invinite limitless of God's creation and so should we act in our life as his manifestation. Joyfully express our spiritual inheritance to overcome worldly obstacles. Thank you, Mark for the empowering DL today.

  26. Wonderful! Thank you! I´ll think of that today- and live it!

  27. Thank you what a great way to start our week. The infinitude of God . The video was beautiful. Thanks again.

  28. Thank you!

  29. I woke up this morning anxious that I was not going to able to get two very important tasks done that needed to be finished today. After watching and listening to your Lift that kind of thinking has been completely eliminated and I'm "off to the races" confident that my mission will be accomplished. Thank you Mark for the jumpstart.

  30. Mark,
    Thanks for the AWESOME lift...!!

  31. ∞ thx! INFINITE thanks Mark!

  32. Very good lift Mark! It expands thought.

  33. Wonderful!

  34. Thank you so much for your loving Lift! God's infinitude expressed in us--wonderful!! God's harmony, God's health, God's wisdom, and all of God's perfection, truly are expressed in each of us, infinitely, always. The mortal mind seems to speak to us only of limitation, but that is not God's will for Her beloved children. Rather, infinite good is given to us from God. I am so grateful that Christian Science teaches us to pray and study the Bible, so that we can humbly and gratefully overcome false limitations, and honor and express God's will. Thank you again for this wonderful Lift including the beautiful video.

  35. Thank you for this refreshing reminder and upLifting perspective of our true, real, divine identity!

  36. Nice reminder of the vastness of our God and man's infinite possibilities. Thanks.

  37. Thank you Mark............a perfect message this morning to remind us of where our thoughts need to be. I am so grateful for your DL and for GOD's LOVE! Thank you also for the gorgeous video!

  38. Thank you Mark, Thank you especially for your love and availability to produce this video so beautiful and so important to remind ourselves who we really are.

  39. Thank you.


  41. Thank you Mark, Thank you especially for your love and availability to produce this video so beautiful and so important to remind ourselves who we really are.

  42. Gorgeous scenery! Thanks for your message, Mark -- simple, powerful, right to the point. Will carry it with me today.

  43. Standing up there with your arms outstretched, Mark, you resemble the "Christ the Redeemer" statue in Rio!

    Beautiful Lift with a wonderful, memorable message. Grateful thanks!

  44. Our God is VERY big, isn't He? What cannot God do? No problem too big for Him/Her! Goodness, health, supply, joy, intelligence, etc. aren't given out in little snippets, no siree, they are poured forth in abundance, in cups running over, in leftover baskets of bread and fishes (thanks for showing us how, dear Jesus)! I LOVE this lift, that big blue sky is why I love the Southwest U.S.A. You can't look at it and not feel the grandeur of God and His creation. Thank you, Mark and Daily Lift Team.Everyone, have a blessed unlimited BIG SKY day!

  45. A few days ago I was faced with such a big problem that I was sure that God couldn't help, but i realized that I was limiting Him. So, I asked, got some direction and it was fixed. I was so amazed that i had to go lie down for a moment. Today, I'm faced with another similar problem and wasn't going to ask because I thought that He wouldn't answer twice in a row but I'm changing my mind now, and will ask. Isn't that silly? to be afraid? worry that He won't answer? There's another situation in my life that's been going on for 5 years and that has not been healed yet, but I know that it's not God who hasn't answered, but me that hasn't heard. I will know today that my hearing is unlimited and not just limited to the hearing of smaller things.

  46. beautiful way to express this TRUTH about GOD and about US, I had experienced that same feeling being on top of a mountain after climbing very hard, it lierally change my life forever, I was so completly embrace by INFINITE LOVE there.......you just reminded me how glorious it felt, and also blessed me with the assurance that right now right here it is still the same, no need to go to the mountain but in thoughts, trhanks so mu much! Global communtity, we are always on top of the mountain.

  47. Mark, you exude passion, love, vibrancy in all of your lifts. Thankyou for today's video lift.

    Infinite ...Endless ..yes indeed.is God's loving embrace. So Grateful for our freedom.

    Blessings and Love to all

  48. Thank you, Mark, for “God’s infinitude in you! … we’re the evidence of the presence of God … truly limitless … think of what that means for our potential, our freedom … not limited by the world … show it forth 24/7.”

    With God all good is possible and we, as the evidence of God / all-Good / Love-itself!!! can actually prove “as in heaven so on earth” through each experience, every day, whatever our circumstance. We have that dominion as we turn what seem to be our challenges into God’s opportunities. “This is the day which the Lord hath made … rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps 118:24). What an inspiring spiritual adventure!!!

  49. Wonderful truths to wake up to on a Monday! These thoughts give a sense of joy to the unlimited possibilities of what can be accomplished today and every day! Thanks so much :)

  50. God, infinite joy, thanks Mark.

  51. Infinite good over limitation. Excellent visual using the big New Mexico sky.

  52. Thank you very much. That was stunning! : ))

  53. Yeah God!!!

  54. We live and move and have our being in God's infinitude.

  55. Now that was inspiring! Thank you!!!!

  56. Yes, yes, yes! Many thanks for the visual and mental perspective, Mark.
    "Metaphysics, not physics, enables us to stand erect on sublime heights, surveying the immeasurable universe of Mind, peering into the cause which governs all effects,while we are strong in the unity of God and man." (Mis.369:7)

  57. What gorgeous views of the Enchanted Land of New Mexico! I can certainly see why you, Mark, would feel the Infinitude of God being expressed!!! How to bring down to Earth and make practical this Infinitude? This is what Healing in Christian Science is all about - the Truth made manifest on the physical plane. I have been reading "Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer" and am so impressed with how important and vital Mrs. Eddy saw Healing in Christian Science to be! In fact, she considered it more important than Teaching! I have found it takes deep Humility to let God be God in my Life and to experience that as physcial, mental and emotional Healing. Let's see God's infinitude expressed in our Lives as Practical, Operative Healing today!!! Love and Gratitude to All!

  58. Thank you, Mark, much appreciated Lift of thought!

  59. Wow. Thank you.

  60. "I am the evidence of God's presence." Never heard it expressed in just that way---and I love it! Thanks, Mark.

  61. The kingdom of heaven within and the Land of Enchantment without bounds. I love it! How wonderful!

  62. Great lift Mark...Thank You..."we are the evidence of His presence" Yeah!!..this is so true!...God needs us like we need Him...what an encircling love that we share with God....he is All!....Thanks again!
    ..Joy to everyone today & everyday!!! : ) : ) : )

  63. Thank you Mark and the DL team and all the commentators! These last weeks I have been going through a challenging family situation and I was feeling sort of limited in my time availability. My reaction to this was: OK Dear God, this will eventually be overcome and I will have time again to do the things I had proposed to do. But then I saw your video this morning about God´s infinitude expressed in me. That infinitude is something that actuallys shows up in me. I AM the evidence of God right where I am. The good news is that I show it forth 24 hours a day, seven days of the week. No matter if I am at home or far away from home, taking care of a dear one. In the words of Mary Baker Eddy "God is infinite, therefore ever present, and there is no other power nor presence". Thanks again...

  64. Thanks for this beautiful Lift, Mark, in every sense of the word!
    Infinite, forever expanding. Love it!

  65. What a wonderful message and video, Mark. Thank you so much. I love the idea of being unlimited.

  66. Thanks so much Mark...Was just enjoying hymn # 453, That we are 'God's purpose, His great design.....Beautiful, blameless, His child divine...and we can be formed anew !'
    God's grace shines so joyously through you.
    With love and appreciation
    Sally K E Dayton, Ohio

  67. Mark, nicely done! Great message. Thank you

  68. Sin duda que la infinitud divina puede ser expresada por nosotros es más entiendo que debemos expresarla, porque sino como puede ella ser expresada. Dios es abstracto para el sentido humano, lo material no puede expresarla, entonces queda solamente el ser espiritual, el reflejo de Dios, que es quien puede hacerlo, entonces nos encontramos con una realidad ineludible, presente en cada expresión de Dios, que es imposible soslayar si realmente queremos expresar la infinitud divina...y lo haremos por nuestro accionar, siguiendo sus premisas, que no son abstractas, sino posibles y realizables por todo aquel que así trabaja para lograrlo, porque no es un don, es un esfuerzo constante de acceder a El, sin duda el más sublime esfuerzo, aquel que es para demostrar, Su Infinitud, posible, demostrable, Real.

    "Hijo mio no te olvides de mi ley
    Ella es árbol de vida a los que de ella hechan mano.
    Y bien aventurados son los que la retienen"

    Muchas gracias, buen comienzo de "semana" para elevar la consciencia hacia la infinitud.

  69. Thanks Mark! I accept the infinite Good. There is no lack in the mind of God. God is the source of my supply. I have everything I need.

  70. Thank you Mark and thanks to your camera crew. What a wonderful video with such powerful content. Thanks to everyone who has shared their thoughts and responses. Thanks to the DL team for putting these on. This is such an expansive way to start the week.

  71. Thank you so much, Mark for the very clear, important and helpful message of how infinitude relates to us/me as individual reflections/expressions of God's infinity. Loved your teaching tools of the beautiful view and video.

  72. Mark, what good visuals you share to illustrate your points! Thank you.

  73. Just what I needed to hear! Mil gracias!

  74. Thanks for this beautiful video and message Mark. It reminds me of our trip to the Grand Canyon. It is much bigger than I expected, and difficult to show its size in a camera. After listening to some thunder and watching some lightening displays, it was entertaining to watch the tour busses come and go for the sunset. We remained alone to spend the night on the rim. Then came the best part. We've never seen so many stars because of the absence of earth lights. The words "infinite", "awe" and "beauty" fill the mind. Thanks again for this message of ever present infinite goodness.
    Thanks E.G. For your update.

  75. I am the evidence of the presence of God. Thank you! I like that! This is my purpose...to express God!

  76. Thanks a million Mark for that HUGE lift!!! Expressing God's inifinitude 24/7 is a wonderful reminder. As you stood there on top of a landscape sharing with us the vastness of a portion of God's grandeur creation, I couldn't help but think just how BIG is BIG....unlimited, immeasurable, boundless greatness!!! That's what I love to think and feel God's ever present greatness. Love to live and live to love God's creation. Joy to the World!!!

  77. Thank you Mark for your video to encompass your joyful, gracious expression of God's Love and infinitude.
    What an exhilerating reminder of our eternal oneness with our divine Father-Mother and this same connection with all our brothers and sisters. Such a joy to share this connection 5 days each week technically, and potentially forever. Thank you, thank you Mother Church and Daily Lift Team for this daily unfoldment.

  78. As I lay in bed this morning, committed to connecting with God before seeking coffee, I remembered that we're God's effect! Not cause. Effect. It lifted a sense of over-responsibility off me.

    I sing a little song to myself sometimes that goes "I am the outcome, the emanation of Love," and each verse can use a different synonym for God (Truth, Life, Soul, Principle, Spirit, Mind) given to us by Mary Baker Eddy in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

    No limits to God's creation, including us. Thanks, Mark!

  79. Thank you Mark,

    Infinite Good.
    Infinite Love.
    Infinite grace.
    Infinite omnipotence.
    Where ever we are. Where ever we go, God is with us. We are cared for. Watched over.
    Look up! See the vast sky. Then look even higher to infinity...to Spirit and feel the allness of God.

    "I climb, with joy, the heights of Mind,
    To soar o'er time and space;
    I yet shall know as I am known
    And see Thee face to face.
    Till time and space and fear are naught
    My quest shall never cease,
    Thy presence ever goes with me
    And Thou dost give me peace."
    Hymn 136. Words by Violet Hay

  80. P.S. I have just been studying the Christian Science Bible Lesson for this week, along with some helpful comments from the Cedars Camp Mets. Wow! I have been struggling with a physical problem that hasn't yielded and have been pushed into really examining my thought. Not an easy thing to do.....since we always want to think of ourselves as Good and Pure and as God's Perfect Child. But this week's Lesson is really Big on having the honesty and integrity to examine our own Hearts and Let God cleanse and purify us. I think it's easier to accept the higher, metaphysical ideas in C.S. than it is to really follow the Bible and just open our Hearts to God's tender mercies, by first being honest about our thoughts and behaviors and then humbly asking God to remove our shortcomings. Thanks for letting me share this!

  81. Thank you Mark for this wonderful reminder that ...right where we are, we can express infinitude,.no limitations...

  82. Totally awesome message/video!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Thank you Mark for the reminder that we are free to express His infinite Allness. His Love is vast. Thank you #56 for the quote from Eddy. Great gratitude for all the Lifts!

  84. Because of my present situation there has "never been " timing as compared to your lift.Thanks Mark but of paramount significance Praise and Thanks to "Divine Love"...God bless!!! whew!

  85. Today I am the evidence of God's presence !! So I am beautyful whole and free. Thank you Mark

  86. Beautiful ,excellent -- thank you ! :-)

  87. Thank you so much Mark. After watching your wonderful inspiring video, I sang hymn #136 "I love Thy way of freedom, Lord". Thank you for reminding us we have the same freedom and can always express it.

  88. Great lift Mark! Thank you.
    I think it is so great that we all can look out from the standpoint of God's infinitude, God's infinite goodness, God's unlimited goodness for all. We know we are the evidence of this goodness. We are
    so good. We are given, we are blessed with infinite unlimited potential for more and more good, and we
    know and can see that this is true for all.

  89. What an all encompassing Lift. Thanks to Marsha #45 for her statement about it's not God who hasn't answered, it's me who hasn't heard. I love the concept that the answer is right with us, we just need to listen more carefully. God is always with us, guarding and guiding - we just need to pay attention!

    With deep gratitude for the Lifts, the Lifters and all the people who ARE listening who make these Lifts possible.

  90. Thank you Mark for the wonderful Truth and inspiration. I go to a place where there is no population, no electricity, and the roaring sound of the waters applauding His Majesty. The immense star filled night made a bold statement of ALLNESS. I am part of all this and it is part of me. His kingdom with in and without. This is the ultimate of a reality check. Thanks Mark and lifters. Peace..........

  91. What a super lift and inspiring comments from all around the world. Prayed with the concept of "infinitude" all last week, so this is icing on the cake. Infinite thanks to all!
    It is Truth's knowledge of its own infinitude which forbids the genuine existence of even a claim to error. No 30:18-20
    .....Christian Science reveals the infinitude of divinity.... Mis 95:23-1

  92. Powerful video,powerful message.Thank you for your sincerity and love.It is felt.

  93. Thank you all so much--reading everyone's insights never leaves me where it finds me. I love how both Friday's and today's Daily Lifts compliment one-another. Also, over on the time4thinkers page, there is a related discussion. To see it, just copy and past this link into your browser: http://time4thinkers.com/christian-science-explains-us-life-god-life-eternal-thats-case-going-get-awfully-crowded-mean-everybody/#comment-959783.

  94. AWESOME.....THANKS SO MUCH......


  96. Thank you so much Mark . After reading all the lovely lifts I felt God wanted me to say this . I have only been giving my comments over the last couple of months . I have been reading them for quite some months . My daughter got me to buy an I pad just to read the lifts . I know there are lots of people out there reading and loving the comments . I didn't ever think I would be able to put down on paper what I thought and felt . But with Gods help I had become part of this family and I was soooo grateful I started to show my appreciation for all the lifts and lifters and The Mother Church and The Daily Lift Team.Now it is 4 00 am in the morning in Australia . I am reading Bible and S&H getting ready for our association on Saturday . Much love to all who inspired me to put pen to paper or as we say today write on I pad . Much Love to all x

  97. Mark, thank you! I love these lifts more than words can express!

  98. Right up and over! A simple yet profound truth to keep with me through the day! Thanks so much.

  99. I love this Lift!!! Thank you, Mark, and all! EG #96, I am so touched by what you shared here -- your loving, humble obedience and giving spirit is inspiring!!

  100. God is right were you are! .....and loving you .....

  101. Oh Mark, it is so wonderful to know the infinitude of Gods love and the vastness of His endless care for all His boundless ideas, so perfect and complete. Joy cometh in the morning and this morning, there you are sharing your love from on high. Thank you!

  102. Wow...thank you Mark...lovely insights.

  103. Now that's a LIFT up and down and all around! Reminded me of an announcement on Science Friday — that the universe is growing . . . no surprise to that revelation is there.

  104. thank you Mark, and thank you to all who have shared their thoughts.it is a treat and privilege to share with you all. i just love the feeling of being connected to our world of LOVE

  105. Thank you Mark. (I'm still focusing on my "hits", not my "misses" based on your recent lift regarding the meaning of "sin", and loving every minute of it.) Now this one that reminds us that even the sky is as nothing compared to God, Spirit--so very helpful. Sharon :-)

  106. It' s really uplifting!
    Thank you!

  107. There was a sense that I had an infection in my eye and that I would need surgery to corret.this probem. With prayer the surgery was cacelled and I will be wearing bifocals. Another miracle of God's law in action. Marcia Norman thanks for all of your support ad

  108. Since you are so adventurous, when this first popped up in my inbox, I wondered, "Well, I wonder what Mark is doing today, climbing a mountain?". Lo and behold, I clicked on it and there you were standing way up on top of a hill. That made me chuckle and I was uplifted by your words. Thank you, as usual, for your inspiration and insight.

  109. Oh did I need this lift. God sends a comforter to guard and guide when we need it. Thank you Mark, and all you commenters.

  110. Your lifts never fail to inspire. Thanks very much. Keep em coming !

  111. Thank you so very much!

  112. What a Super lift! Infinitude. And thank you for
    your coool lecture this past Saturday!

  113. Wonderful scenery, followed by an uplifting message!!!
    Thank you very much for your inspiration!

  114. Expansive view, expansive thought. Thank you.

  115. Thank you Mark. I was in the air when this lovely lift came through on my i Pad, but could only get to it this morning. The video added even greater meaning to the words you expressed. The thought of God's infinity, filling literally every space has been a great help to me this morning, so thanks again !

  116. Thanks for the evidence of the presence of God.

  117. Beautiful and wonderful presentation. So inspiring. Thanks so much for all your efforts in bringing these wonderful healing thoughts to all of us. Jan, from Fairfield, Ohio

  118. 4/28/2014
    “God is infinite, therefore ever present, and there is no other power nor presence.” S&H 471:18

    This infinitude is expressed in you and me, because we are God‘s very image!

    Being God’s image to me means that we are limited only by our own thinking.

    Sure we cannot fly, but our imagination and our creativity can, and this offers us unlimited possibilities.

    Yes, I can say with confidence: The sky is the limit!

    “Dios es infinito, por lo tanto siempre presente, y no hay otro poder ni otra presencia.” CyS 471:21

    Esta infinitud es expresada en ti y en mi, ¡porque somos la imagen misma de Dios!

    Ser la imagen de Dios para mí significa que estamos limitados solo por nuestros propios pensamientos.

    Claro que no podemos volar, pero nuestra imaginación y creatividad sí pueden, y esto nos ofrece posibilidades ilimitadas.

    Sí, puedo decir con confianza: ¡El cielo es el límite!

  119. Thanks bro! Liked the visual. Your message helped me. I felt it.

  120. Why not? We're all expressions of infinity. We, I, You are forever expressing infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love. Not one of the above is finite. There is no finite. Finite is mortal and man isn't mortal. It's a positive feeling to know each morning, that God's infinitude is expressed in me and all. NOW, GO OUT THERE, LIVE IT, BE IT and above all else; PROVE IT.

  121. The visual on this really enhanced his message. Thank you

  122. Absolutely excellent. Thank you soooo much.

  123. Thanks for opening the door to infinity in each of us! Loved your message!

  124. When I downloaded this on my ipod I could only hear the audio, as there was no video available. It was a great helpful lift, something to really ponder. Today I watched the video,and as Rita, says (#121) it "really enhanced his message".
    Also, as with all of Mark's messages, the love particularly shines through. Thank you Mark, and thanks a lot to all responsible for this

  125. Just a simple but heartfelt thank you, Mark. Such an uplift!

  126. Dear Mark
    many many thanks for this unlimited and infinite message of God's power and love, MERCI

  127. Dear, dear Mark, my heart sings as I listen to your "lift!" and looking at the pinons of my home in New Mexico...thank you for taking me home! Thank you for the reminder that here in Australia I participate in the infinitude of Love's presence.

  128. Luv it! Not only the view but the great message, thanks Mark

  129. Mark, I have listened to this message a number of times and each time I feel the power of an unlimited God.This morning my thought grabbed onto the idea that "I am" unlimited and without boundaries. Because I express the unlimited nature of God, I can not be held a prisoner within the boundaries of matter, the body, world beliefs. I will continue to let this Daily Lift message expand in thought. It is HUGE and includes all of us (Gods ideas). Thank you so much.

  130. Thank you.