4/24: Move on

4/24: Move on

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  1. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Ginny. Just what I need today !

  2. Maybe we have listened to the Daily Lift for years but never thought that we had anything to say.
    One way of moving on is to break that barrier and give what we know to be the simple truth. God is giving the words we need. Everyone can do it, and easy.

  3. Challenges are opportunities.... That the works of God be made manifest.. More gratitude, more forgiveness, more grace.... excellent uplift.. thank you.

  4. Una hermosa metáfora.Muchas gracias, Ginny.

  5. Thank you Ginny and thank you Bol for all the thoughts you are sharing.

  6. Thank You, And I recognize I can indeed be aware of my spiritual identity moment by moment...

  7. Thank you Ginny for this message which will lift me out of self at this time of concern, challenge and worry into God's encircling arms. Mary Baker Eddy says in her textbook,Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite ,today is big with blessings." Turning to our heavenly Father has always supplied me with the thoughts that bring peace! Again many thanks.

  8. Thank YOu sooo much, just today. It seems not a perfect moment. BUT, now lisen to you. My thinking changed and so the situation. YOu changed my day to the good.

  9. When the challenges keep on coming and it seems there’s no way out, I ask myself, “Do I really believe God is Good, All powerful, my loving Father-Mother?" This thinking usually brings back my inner peace.
    Remembering my identity as a child of God helps me to move on mentally pass the moments of fear, suffering, pain, self condemnation…
    Seeing myself spiritually helps me to remember that I am not of this world as Jesus said: “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world “. http://bible.cc/john/17-14.htm
    Cuando los desafíos siguen llegando y parecieran no tener salida, me pregunto, "¿Realmente creo que Dios es Bueno, Todopoderoso, mi amoroso Padre-Madre?" Esta forma de pensar por lo general me devuelve la paz interior.
    Recordar mi identidad como hija de Dios me ayuda a seguir adelante mentalmente; a dejar atrás los momentos de temor, sufrimiento, dolor, de culparme a mi misma…
    El verme espiritualmente me ayuda a recordar que no soy de este mundo como dijo Jesús: "Ellos no son del mundo, así como yo no soy del mundo". http://bible.cc/john/17-14.htm

  10. Thank you.

  11. Thank you , Ginny! This lift is what I needed to hear, uplift and encourage me, today- thank you and all the contributors for these daily inspirations and the commentators who help establish these ideas, in consciousness.

  12. Thank you for this wonderful reminder we can always lean on God Love Truth and be free from wrong thoughts.

  13. Thank you Ginny,

    Each day I listen to the Daily Lift it is a demonstration of the One Mind, God, at work. Just this weekend I decided to tackle some plant and tree removal in what once was a garden (garden + two puppies = digging of holes + plant destruction :-) ) and it was not a task I was looking forward to.

    Some of these plants/trees were useful in the past whilst others sprung up on their own and were not wanted.

    As I started to remove these plants & trees my thought started to be filled with new ideas of what could replace them. I thought of fruit trees such as mango, guava, grapefruit also about veggies and onions, dill, bay leaf as well as a myriad of ways to integrate flowering trees and plants so the small space I have can be filled with the aroma and beauty of Life! After completing much of the clearing I realized I had more space than I thought.

    It was then I realized that I ought to do this a bit more with my thought. I ought to clear away a lot of past, pain, regret and fear and cultivate thoughts filled with growth, sustenance, beauty, prayer and expectation. I started immediately and by Sunday afternoon I found I had so much more time on my hands as I completed many tasks with greater focus, improved intent, happiness & love.

    As Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Science & Health (p. 426:9) "When the destination is desirable, expectation speeds our progress."

    Thanks again Ginny and the Daily Lift Team!

  14. ..a little patience and a heap of love go such a long way in encouraging our every step. One spiritual idea or phrase, one sentance at a time, is so encouraging to think about and hold onto. This is a beautiful lift today, thank you!

  15. THank you Ginny for inspiration aand encouragement . When problems seem longstanding and stubborn
    perhaps we need to take your inspired advice in exercising patience ,particularly with ourselves .

  16. Thank you... The message was a little “new-agey” for me... But it is true that your attitude determines your gratitude... Amen....

  17. Oh, thank you Ginny! That timeless Golden Thread ... there it is again!

  18. So, dear Ginny, I take this one, sublime moment in the forever Now-ness of being, to express much gratitude and love to you for all that you are sharing, and giving.

  19. Thank you very much!

  20. Thank you Ginny. I so enjoyed your lecture in Flint Michigan earlier this month. Your messages are such a gift. Thank you !

  21. Many thanks Ginny for this great reminder. "To express more grace, gratitude, patience, forgiveness." "Find Thy [Love's] perfect, calm reflection;/ On the path that has no turning,/ Patience, courage, meekness learning." (Christian Science Hymnal #85).

  22. Thank you for your very wonderful heartfelt lift. This is how I feel today. And thank you nr 14 Troy

  23. What a needed lift! Thank you Ginny and #13, Troy, for these inspired thoughts. After listening to Ginny's lift and reading all the comments the thought that came to me was,'Get off your butt and out of the rut and MOVE ON!" How weighted down I had been feeling with thoughts that just would not move me forward and I did not realize it! Thank you for breaking this mesmeric thought! With God all things are possible! You never run out of time, energy, resources to get done all you need to do when you realize you are part of God's economy (orderly dispersment) of ideas! As #14, Jana, states, I just need "a little patience"! I love these Daily Lifts and all the comments that inspire me every morning! Thank you all!

  24. Your message had special meaning for me today after I noticed the date just below the message. On this particular date in 1948 I was married, and that happy union lasted for 60 years before my husband passed on. So, you see, moving on was a perfect message for me today. I have learned that Gods goodness never ceases or is even interrupted. I love the Daily Lift, and thank all who make it possible.

  25. Thank you Daily Lift Team! Thank you Ginny ... visuals are always so helpful for me to help focus on my journey to reflect God's qualities. And Troy, thank you for sharing your garden clearing. Both very helpful as I prepare myself for prayer, study and a day filled with joyful practice to see the Christ!

  26. Thanks soooo much, Ginny. Your Lift reminds me of an African Proverb I heard awhile ago,"When you pray, move your feet." :-)

  27. Thank you .. :-)

  28. MOMENTS LIKE THIS . . . Before a busy day ahead, time to pause , listen to the Daily Lift and reflect on all the miracles large and small that lie on the path before us today. Thank you Ginny for putting the world in slow motion and thoughtfulness before it begins and to Nina, what a wonderful example of Gods eternal love and life . . . Happy Anniversary.

  29. Moviéndonos en el espacio exterior lejos de la maraña de pensamientos humanos que confunden y desvían del real sentir que trasciende lo mortal y que nos conduce mansamente a lograr ese sentir espiritual de inmaculada pureza que Cristojesús nos trasmitió y que escapa y eleva los pensamientos y acciones, porque es el sentir espiritual que nos permite movernos fuera y lejos de pensamientos y acciones mortales. "El espíritu es el que da vida; la carne para nada aprovecha;" Juan. Y el espíritu se mueve libre y sin temor por sobre toda pretención mortal.

    "La negación del yo material ayuda al discernimiento de la individualidad espiritual y eterna" MBE, y nos conduce a comprender que estamos por sobre la ilusión humana y terrenal.
    Pienso que todos los seres tenemos la capacidad de movernos sobre lo mortal elevándonos hasta el cielo infinito.

    Muchas gracias Ginny un inspirado Lift.

  30. I like the moment by moment aspect you mention of moving on in expressing God's qualities. Sometimes that is what it really takes. Thank you.

  31. What a much needed message to leave the old for the new and move on as promised in hymn 148 which begins, "In heavenly Love abiding, No change my heart shall fear;" and ends with "Green pastures are before me, Which yet I have not seen; Bright skies will soon be o'er me, Where darkest clouds have been, My hope I cannot measure, My path in life is free; My Father has my treasure, and He will walk with me."

    Thanks, Ginny, for such an inspiring Lift and to everyone responsible for presenting these to the world.
    We are all so blessed!

  32. I've reminded many to "move on", and thanks to you now I am reminded to "move on" also. Thanks you!

  33. Thank you Ginny for the sweet nudge...
    And thank you Nela (#25) for "When you pray, move your feet."

  34. Exactly what I needed today, thanks Ginny and all the lifters!

  35. Wow! "instances, moments of being", not "a blob of stuff"!! I love it....thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Thank you, thank you, sweet Ginny! And a Big Happy Anniversary to #23 Nina! God's precious Love still enfolds your marriage! After listening to this tender lift, snippets of a C.S. Hymn came wafting thru my thought: "...pure peace is thine..." "Aye, darkling sense, arise go hence, our God is good...." "Love looseth thee and lifteth me ayont hate's thrall....." Yesterday, while I was running, I noticed that all these horrible thoughts were marching into my thought. And I was listening to them! Yikes! But then I remembered, they were just thoughts and I could refuse them entrance and turn to the Truth of the One Mind and my constant receptivity to God's ideas. Whew! Knowing what we know in Christian Science can make a world of difference in our lives - as we are always Free to Move On to the Truth! Yahoo! Let's Get Moving today! XOXO

  37. I just can't say how much this has helped me today, Ginny. I had a bombshell delivered to me just a few hours ago which was very upsetting and required me to make a decision. I opened up the Daily Lift to see the words "Move On". This seems to be a message for me, and has calmed my thoughts. Also, Malcolm's hymn 85 is a real help, as are all the comments. I am so grateful for these Daily Lifts.

  38. WOW!!! Thanks so much, Ginny, for sharing your "Ah-hah moment" when that image in slow motion inspired you to shift your thought! And thanks Lift-family ~ Nate who is the opening voice with that great team who expertly wrap this Daily Lift/GIFT; and those who add their comments. #13 Troy ~ helpful reminder of how weeding or clearing my little garden space inspires me to weed & clear out my thinking. #23 Nina ~ may the blessings from this family wrap you in the love of Love as you celebrate your anniversary!
    Blessings to each of you Lifters worldwide! Linda

  39. Thank you.

  40. DEAR Ginny, this was just what I needed this morning. Thank you so very much.

  41. Thank you so much, exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. Remembering that those moments are angel messages and inspirations of God. The reflections that we are made in God's image and likeness. The moments of rembrance.

  42. Muchas gracials!....maravilloso mensaje , saturo mi corazon de alegria.


  43. 24 congratulations on your Ann. You can celebrate the love . Thank you Ginney girl, even your voice brings healing to me, Jan

  44. Oh, what comfort!
    Thank you, dear Ginny.

  45. Dios te bendiga, Nelly (#28) Lo que has expresado en Español tan claramente me vino como conceptos que transcendieron el lenguaje. Ideas puras. Estar exterior lejos de lo mortal en un espacio completemente y infinitivamente espiritual. La Verdad de ser. Muchísmas gracias por este momento de perfección.

  46. Let me say to all that dwelling on past mistakes, what vicious gossip is saying about me, or what others have wronged me in the past, is suicidal. It's actually trying to commit suicide. OH! Move on people. It means nothing. Did God say these terrible things to you? Does God make mistakes? Did God ever wronged you? Of course not. Why then put it into thought since it dosen't help solve the problem. Move on to know that God who is love itself, solves all problems and stop dwelling on error. Always dwell on God's goodness instead.

  47. Dear Ginny, These daily lifts are the activity of divine Science. In God's universe of Spirit nothing stands still, the flow of good ideas are like a river of living water coming from its divine source, when we need them.
    Ginny, I don't know what special thought inspired you to be Ginny, but I'm sure glad it came! Love and thanks to all who have responded to this lift, and to all who contributed to it.

  48. Thanks!

  49. THANK YOU!

  50. As I listened to this lift I was remembering more of what I saw on TV that day...the running man looked like many men in different positions across the screen...like he wasn't just one man but moments of identity.
    I love that idea, that we are moments of unfolding identity seen, that we are in reality already complete but more if our identities are recognized in our forever expression of God and His qualities coming to light each step of our lives.
    Thank you all for your comments. It's so good to hear from you.
    You are wonderful!

  51. How wonderulf Ginny, as always. thanks.

  52. Gratitude!
    "A little more grace, a motive made pure,
    a few truths tenderly told, a heart softened, a character
    subdued, a life consecrated, would restore the right action
    of the mental mechanism, and make manifest the move‐
    ment of body and soul in accord with God." Mary Baker Eddy. Misc. Writings 354

  53. Thank you. Great Lift and comments.Moment by moment we can consciously listen to be led by grace and move forward. I had a pattern of putting things off to do when I had a large chunk of time - all kinds of things -even prayer sometimes! I found I simply wasn't doing any of them and feeling terrible about it. Often they were pleasurable things that I imagined and outlined doing in some particular way which actually paralyzed me. The Lifts around the New Year helped me pray about this issue and it was clear I needed to just START! You can't move forward without starting! So since the New Year I've had a real break through in just doing things in snippets of time and honoring moments and I'm accomplishing so much more - one moment at a time. Yes, "moments of being" are really all we have and they make up the eternal now!

  54. Very sweet. I will enjoy cherishing one moment at a time and finding the good in that moment.

  55. Thank you Ginny!

  56. Very comforting and uplifting. Thank you.

  57. Thank you Ginny.

  58. We are children, always children. That is what I hear and that we need to tenderly care for ourselves just as God cares for us. What is more important than tender loving care all around? I find that I need that too and it does take thought, prayer and a higher love to reach that higher ground. Thank you for this Lift. Have a tender loving day.

  59. Thank you Ginny for this great Lift today! Thanks also to Troy of Barbaos (#13) for your comments that reminded me to keep weeding my thought garden moment by moment to see better blooms and fruitage !
    Also that you to #23 JD from Texas- for your definition of God's economy as "orderly dispersment"
    I am grateful for all the inspiration from each day from all the commenters and the DL Team !

  60. Thank you, Ginny. I love the idea that our incremental movements forward in conscious understanding of good, be they large or small, all add up to a sum of PROGRESS -- how encouraging is that?

  61. Thank you Ginny!

  62. Sooo good and "moving". Thanks bunches,

  63. What a beautiful, powerful message! Thank you!

  64. Running cross country in college, I had "running songs" to inspire thought while confronting a different course at each school. #31, Lori, has quoted from one of them: "green pastures are before me, which yet I have not seen." Another one: "Press on, press on, ye sons of light, untiring in your holy fight" (hymn 290). My focus running was always "press on, press on," but today I'm thinking about "a holy fight." Early on, in last weeks Bible Lesson, we were admonished to "Fight the good fight". (I Timothy 6:12) Throughout the Lesson there were passages related to "a good fight." "Struggle for recourse to the spiritual and be at peace" --- "a warfare with the flesh" --- "grapple with and overcome" --- "overcome the human" --- "triumph over all material beliefs" --- "master sin and death." There were many more, and we had a great Sunday School class discussing what a "good fight" is. This week class members are going to be looking for opportunities for a "good fight," --- not fights with their brothers and sisters. This Sunday they'll be sharing the fights they've had. We can all all take part as we "move on" --- yes, PRESS ON, with Ginny's inspiration in today's LIFT.

  65. Ginny,
    Thank you! This is just what I needed to hear today, and I am going to work with these thoughts as I "move on" with my day. I don not need to lay about with worry and fear because my true identity is from God, good!!
    A beautiful day to all! :-)

  66. Ginny, your life reminds me that we can at any moment change bad thoughts into good by turning to God. I experienced this week a really un-loving meeting and was furious at the fact that we were all duped by evil into acting in such rough and self-willed ways. As I prayed about how to deal with my feelings and the actions that were taken, I gave in thought, all the moments of that meeting to God. the message i got back in return was to love. "I sent you to love" were the exact words i received. That thought drove out the anger and i started to find ways i could actively love. No surprise that my day turned bright and wonderful, filled with inspiration and enthusiasm for life and love. None of that could have happened if we were anything but instantly new every moment. wonderful lift, thank you.

  67. Thank you Ginny for this inspiring and most helpful 'Lift". I would also like to thank Mr. Drummond, for sharing a hymn each time; this is so very helpful. Yes, Move ON...one, at times, baby step at a time....knowing that our Father-Mother God is awaiting with open Arms...saying you can do it....ALL IS WELL! LOVE is Here, Always. Whatever the seeming challenge Omnipresence is with us.
    Thank you each of you for all the wisdom you each share in such a loving way.

  68. Wonderful lifting to live and move and have our being in our true identiy.
    Thanks you, Ginny, and all for your angel ideas straight from Love.

  69. Thanks Ginny. Right before turning to the lift I was looking around overwhelmed with what needs doing.
    I like the anology of running in slow motion, keep moving and keep thinking. # 26 Thanks for the African proverb.
    I remember something I heard about weeding the garden one small weed at a time and comparing that with weeding out your thoughts at the same time. Another one was about not having time to pray. She said you can pray while stirring the soup. I have found that to be a blessed task for over 40 years.
    Great comments everyone.

  70. Thank you for the Daily Lifts - they are so inspiring. And the comments are such a bonus filled with love, thoughtfulness and caring for each other. What a wonderful support system!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!


  72. Thankyou

  73. I really like the moment by moment idea. Thank you!

  74. As I was driving to a class this morning, negative thoughts started to enter my thinking. I said, "Well, I will deal with that when I get home and have time to pray about it." Then the thought came, "Since God is the source of your thinking, why not correct that thought right now?" And I did. So this lift really hit home with me. Tracy #53: My 7th grade Geography teacher used to say to our class as we groaned about an assignment, "Started is 1/2 finished." I used that quote with my own classes too.

  75. What a refreshing and different daily lift. Yes, moment by moment. We can be born again each moment. We can refresh and strengthen our commitment to spiritual thinking with the Christ consciousness each moment. Each moment that is aware of Truth simply rolls over to the next moment. It is moment by moment, always with a fresh chance to purify our thinking.
    Thank you, Ginny

  76. Thank you Ginny for giving me a new way to look at what seems slow motion in healing and other daily problems. I'd never thought about slow motion captures of normal action events. We know a horse running at top speed is not slowly drifting across land, like slow motion cams show (could I even say "prove"?) it to be. Proof is not in the appearance, but in the reality of what is truly going on. A racing horse and a perfectly unfolding idea in Mind are not what deceiving claims try to prove. Since all is Mind, God, everything that pertains to His precious idea & reflection, man, is not dragging along in some unprogressive manner. Instead of depression at what seems "proven" to be my healing, I can have confidence. Watching a horse or school track runner in slow motion can be interesting and even educational. I can look on what seems slow motion in a healing as an educational experience, and appreciate the opportunity to grow in understanding, while appreciating the reality of perfect health right at the same moment. I can have confidence I am responding to truths I know and strive to live. Of course, in Mind, there is no healing, for all is perfection, but even as I try to reach that point of understanding, I can know I'm moving at proper speed to it. This fits with Jon Benson's "Get out of the story" mini lecture, and shores up hope and expectation of good outcomes.

  77. Thank you Ginny , Troy 13 Tracy 53 and Tril 66 these message all had special instructions for me and loved the happy music

  78. Lovely! Thanks, Ginny. Needed this today. What we need always seems to come at the right moment! :)

  79. Heartfelt thanks Ginny, your message has surely "lifted" me this morning..(along with so many other writer's comments) I will be praying while moving my feet. Love to all.

  80. Thanks to ALL for your comments and thoughts....I loved what #74 shared that a teacher had told her:
    "Started is 1/2 finished".....that is SO refreshing! That reminds us that moving on is getting to that halfway point sooner...than later! And, when we trust in God's love for us, the task is not so difficult...whatever the "task" might be!
    Thanks to all the Daily Lift staff and it's such a joy to see comments from all over the world that show that people are being blessed DAILY!!

  81. Dear Lifters and Ginny - YES - moment to moment we a new again throughout each day. Sometimes it is easy to think that one roadblock can ruin the day or ruin us, but just jump over it and begin anew and fresh again and again. Love it - there are no obstacles, only those we imagine.

  82. What is substance-not a blob, but thought by thought. God's thoughts are my substance. This was an inspiring Lift. And the comments also. I moved my feet, did a task, and now I can't remember what I was in such a funk about, while sitting at the computer.
    Thanks to all.

  83. Thanks for the wake-up call. I was having some blah moments of less than progressive thinking, so this hit home. It led me to Mrs. Eddy's article in Prose Works called The New Birth where she uses moment(s) 4 times in a short paragraph.

    "The new birth is not the work of a moment. It begins with moments, and goes on with years; moments of surrender to God, of childlike trust and joyful adoption of good; moments of self-abnegation, self-consecration, heaven-born hope, and spiritual love."

  84. Good ideas, as usual, Ginny! Thank you.

  85. Thank you Ginny. tt is always a treat to hear one of your Daily Lifts. Not only are your thoughts clear and helpful, but the very tonality of your voice is so comforting.
    Thanks also to the Daily Lift team and to the Board of Lectureship for keeping these blessings coming our way.

  86. Thank you Nela #26. I love the idea of action being attached to prayer.

  87. Yes!!!! We are all facing our individual challenges. Thank you for this daily lift. Everyday!!!!!!

  88. How wonderful it is that our beloved leader Mary Baker Eddy revealed to all, that we have ETERNITY in His majestic.
    What an adventure for each and every one of us.

  89. Thanks for wonderful Lift !! Divine Love Governs.... GOD is ever present with ALL and in ALL...unfolding our True idea of being every single moment!

  90. Thank you too, Pril. Initially, my ego sent me back to yesterday's lift to see if my message got through; and I saw yours....Love heals everything, indeed. xx

  91. Wonderful, thank you so much for this thought. Soooo helpful!

  92. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....Thanks Ginny, tonight when I do my 15 minute Prayer Walk as I pray for my family and friends and go over my day I will keep weeding my thought garden, moment by moment, to see better blooms and fruitage. I love the idea of clearing away the past, pain, regret and fear and cultivate thoughts filled with growth, sustenance, beauty, prayer and expectations. Incidentally, I got my idea for a 15 minute Prayer Walk from a CS lecturer from Germany. Oftentimes my walk is much longer, however, making a commitment to only 15 minutes enabled me to accomplish something that has become a discipline I treasure.

  93. What an inspiration Ginny,

    Now I can go and create designs for the world as I can go out with a more understanding heart and soul with people who cross my path ! Wish me luck !

  94. Marcia-from Oregon Thanks for the inspiration.Love this quote from MBEddy in Prose Works"Mind governs all. That we exist in God, perfect, there is no doubt." God always gives us the thought we need at the moment we need it.

  95. Being expressed moment by moment. How Absolute. What a an 'absolutely' beautiful Truth. Hank you so much, Ginny

  96. Moment by moment... moving on. I love it. I recently realized that when I am driving somewhere in the car, I always want to be at the destination immediately, forgetting that I need to patiently take the each step one at a time, and enjoy each step in the journey. I am now trying to realize that the concept of TIME, like all mortal measurements, all illusions and should not weigh on our thoughts and actions. Then we can enjoy and benefit from each moment.

  97. Thank you so much Ginny, for the beautiful lift.

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