4/24: Jesus’ never-closed pharmacy

4/24: Jesus’ never-closed pharmacy

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  1. What a wonderful lift. Thank you.

  2. Thank You, Jon!! Just what we have been praying to know our pharmacy is God with us! We cannot overdose and the side effects are wonderful!! Your clear delivery is delightful and easy to follow!

  3. Thank you Jon for these really wonderful words!
    They are so uplifting and just what I needed for this day.

    With love from Austria, Nina

  4. Thanks Jon!
    Wonder Full, in deed, action and dispensed with Love ♥

  5. Thank you John...God's pharmacy NEVER closed.....I love it !!!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful lift.

  7. Jon,
    Thank you

  8. A powerful prescription for every need . Thanks Jon for your always rousing and timely thoughts .

  9. Thank you Jon for this wonderful lift.

    The three sections remind me very much of the words of Jesus as quoted by Mrs Eddy:

    The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took,
    and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. — Jesus.

    The truth of what you said acting as the leaven to our understanding that there need be no fear in our seeking the kingdom of God and His infinity.

    This is a lift to take me through today.

  10. Thank you very much!

  11. Thank you for the Love and Truth expressed in this encouraging 'Lift'

  12. Jesus, the great physician, or in today's terms, maybe the pharmacist that gave us 3 powerful prescriptions:

    Dose 1: Don't worry for your life - Don't fear lack, God provides. Matt. 6:28
    Dose 2: Seek only the kingdom of God - Is all you’ll ever need all the rest will come... Matt. 6:33
    Dose 3: Seek God's own righteousness and He will fill your needs! Matt. 5:6

    Jesus prescription will care of you and yours!
    Jesús, el gran médico, o en el vocabulario de hoy, puede que sea el farmacista que nos dió 3 prescripciones poderosas:
    1ª dosis: No te preocupes por tu vida – No temas a la carestía, Dios proveerá. Mateo 6:28
    2dª dosis: Busca sólo el reino de Dios – Esto es lo único que necesitas, lo demás vendrá… Mateo 6:33
    3ª dosis: Busca la justicia misma de Dios ¡y El llenará tus necesidades! Mateo 5:6
    ¡La prescripción de Jesús cuidará de tí y de los tuyos!

  13. Love it!

  14. Spot on, as usual. Thank you to all Lifters, and the Team.

  15. Thank you for this great reminder that God is all that we need to help us through our days.

  16. I appreciate very much your thoughtful and holy lift. Thank you. Claire UK

  17. THANK YO!!! I LOVED IT!!!

  18. John, absolutely fabulous lift, thank you sooooooooo much!!!

  19. Excellent Jon, I love your Daily Lift! Thank you loads xx

  20. Amen, Jon. What a wonderful reminder. And never closed! thanks everyone for sharing.

  21. Dear Jon,

    Thank you for this lovely, really lovely Lift. I often try to share the links with friends; it would be really good to get the transcript for this Lift so we could place it in the Reading Room Display Window and in our Wayside Pulpit.

    Recently I had to do some prayerful work on overcoming fear, and this morning as I awoke I felt a calling to come and listen to the Daily Lift before I did anything else.

    I had to embark on a repair project at home that involved some unplanned expenses and the daily rental of equipment. The next day the rains came and prevented the work from progressing. I went and checked on the weather outlook for the week and there was nothing but rain.

    I was worried as I remembered the daily costs for the equipment. I began to replace those worrisome thoughts with one single thought of God being in control and I held firmly to the First Commandment.

    I needed to listen to God, not fear, not weather outlooks. As the rain fell and as I turned to listen to God's directing, I felt God's peace and presence calming my thought to trust the Eternal and repent in meekness. (Hymn 359).

    While the rains did ease the next couple of days and the rental company came back for the equipment a day and a half later than they were supposed to, the workmen completed their main four day task in one day, a savings in rental costs of over $300.00.

    A beautiful Lift to walk with today. Thanks & much love to All!

  22. Thank you Jon for this wonderful lift. It keeps us 'spot on' in obeying the 1st Commandment. Mrs
    Eddy tells us in My 197:4, Attempt nothing without God's help. I will bear this in mind and turn to God first when needing solutions for the daily challenges that arise at work.

  23. I took notes - shall review often during this day - Wonderful!! Thank you!!!!

  24. Alan - Boston, MA
    Jon, this is wonderful and so beautifully delivered. Thanks.

  25. Many thanks Jon for pointing out "No worried thoughts." Yes. "Seek God's own righteousness, compassion, wisdom, strength, ingenuity that fill us, and are ours." "From hill to vale the fountains/ Of righteousness shall flow." (Christian Science Hymnal #75).

  26. Wow! Very powerful. Thank you Jon. So appreciate your clear inspired thought. Love the fact that the only side effects are good. Much love to the whole DL team.

  27. What a good prescription for today! Thank you so much. I will share it with my sister. Blessings to all.
    By the way, I googled the meaning of "beannachd" and I found that it means Blessing in Gaelic.Thank you # 4.

  28. A brilliant message which with the true remedy for healing . Thank you Jon.

  29. Thank you for this lovely Lift. A whole lecture in two minutes! We are so fortunate to have these Daily Lifts. They lift world thought. My dictionary says that pharmacy is "the art of preparing and mixing medicines" and the word 'dose' comes from the Greek 'dosis' meaning 'a giving' (verb 'didonai' to give) Jesus said "Not as the world giveth, give I unto you" (John 14:27) and Mary Baker Eddy clarified true medicine when she wrote "The medicine of Science is divine Mind" (S&H p 104). We can trust the Christ to reveal precisely what we need to know of our Father's goodness to remedy any challenging human situation, and to reaffirm our uninterrupted well-being Thank you.

  30. Thank you John for that lovely daily lift. "The effects are wonderful", what a nice finish. When I hear the word wonderful I always say to myself and it is His first name - and His name shall be called Wonderful.

  31. Matter not medicine. " The prophylactic and therapeutic ( that is, the preventive and curative ) arts belong emphatically to Christian Science " You proved it with your 3 doses.
    Thank you !!!!

  32. I love this clever message, especially about the side effects being wonderful! Thanks so much! And I love the precious voice at the end!

  33. What a lovely, original thought - especially the beautiful side effects. I am always puzzled when i hear all of the terrible side effects from the drugs being advertised on TV why anyone would take them. And I love that precious little voice at the end.

  34. I love how timely and fresh the ideas are in this Lift. Thank you, Jon.

  35. En realidad no se necesita farmacia, remedios, sino vacuna contra todo lo que genera error y es lo que enferma. Pero, veamos, si seguimos a Cristo estamos vacunados contra, la intolerancia, la impaciencia, desamor, ira, enojo, acepción de personas, etc. etc. Por lo tanto, no se necesita tratamiento para estar sano ni tomar remedios para lograrlo. ya somos sanos con la vacuna Única que preserva la salud, los preceptos divinos, que tan claramente recetó Cristo Jesús.

    "Encomienda a Jehová tus obras, Y tus pensamientos serán afirmados. Proverbios

    "Estad conscientes por un solo momento de que la Vida y la inteligencia son puramente espirituales-que no están en la materia ni proceden de ella-y el cuerpo entonces no proferirá ninguna queja" MBE

    Muchas gracias Jon, por el mensaje, la salud, entiendo, también es un estado de consciencia.

  36. WOW!! so wonderfully cleaver. Supports what I have been praying about. So very grateful for the DL I listen when I get up in the morning first thing....

  37. Love this lift! thank you!

  38. Thank you ,Jon, 1,2,3,we are where we need to be,complete within God's care , encircled with His love.

  39. Thank you, Jon, for “Jesus’ never-closed pharmacy … He gave us a single mental prescription … 1 … no worried thought for your life … 2 … seek the kingdom of God … within … 3 … seek God’s own righteousness … expressing itself in us … His 1-2-3 prescription will care for your every need …”

    This is VERY good medicine!!! Health and happiness guaranteed. So, I’ve got my prescription filled and I’m looking forward to free refills as needed! Now all I have to do with this day is to “rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps 118:24). :-)

  40. Thank you Jon for that so helpful Lift! And thanks to #29, Eleanor, for those insights - very helpful!
    Blessings to all the Lift family.
    Judith in Reno NV

  41. Thank you, Jon, for a brilliant LIFT!!!!!

  42. I love knowing that His "first name is "wonderful." I had never thought of that before.
    Thank you # 30 : )

  43. I also took notes so now I have my very own prescription scribbled on this hotel note pad which I will carry in my briefcase always as there is no limit on refills, right!

  44. Well done, good and faithful, Jon! A lot of healing and saving ideas packed into 2 minutes. That's a marvel in itself. You've helped make it simple and clear. I love thinking of the pharmacy of Christian Science as ontology and moral as Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health. You've inspired me to look again at this paragraph SH 460:3 in light of the daily lift you've beautifully shared with us all.

    Ontology defined
    "Ontology is defined as "the science of the necessary constituents and relations of all beings," and it underlies all metaphysical practice. Our system of Mind-healing rests on the apprehension of the nature and essence of all being, — on the divine Mind and Love's essential qualities. Its pharmacy is moral, and its medicine is intellectual and spiritual, though used for physical healing. Yet this most fundamental part of metaphysics is the one most difficult to understand and demonstrate, for to the material thought all is material, till such thought is rectified by Spirit."

    Acknowledging that as God's children we are spiritual not material really helps and the teachings you shared from the Bible and Christ Jesus' succeed because they lead us in this way to the victory of Truth and Love and man's God-reflected dominion over all.

    Warm love and blessings to you and on your work!

  45. This lift is just the right one for today, thank you so much.

  46. Beautifully reassuring and inspiring! Thanks to Jon: this message is so timely and helpful as i try to "walk in the light". Thanks to the Daily Lift team - that consistently pays attention and delivers these precious jewels combining wise words, harmonious music, and an introduction and copyrighted note that, despite their consistency, are always a treat in how they are delivered. Thanks also to all those who respond adding depth and breadth to the central message. These daily gifts are truly sustaining!

  47. What a Lovely and Healing Prescription, Jon! I am already feeling the Wonderful side effects! I was noticing yesterday that the Fear and Anxiety I was feeling had become almost habitual responses to Change and Moving. It was almost like another force was trying to take control of my mind and heart. The first thing I did was just to notice it and how strongly it argued for control and power. Then, instead of succumbing to it or fighting it, I kept walking right on thru it with my daily activities, while keeping my thought filled with Hymns and thoughts from the Bible and Science and Health. I also reached out to some friends for support and their God-sourced Love helped me feel safe and calm again. What an effective Prescription we have in Christ and Divine Love! Big Hugs and Love to all Lifters, the BOL, Jon Benson, and that darling little voice at the end of this week's Lifts!

  48. I am so happy. This daily lift is precious, beautiful and true. I am blessed by the powerful stand for the gift of health with a spiritual basis as determined in Christian Science and determined by the example of Jesus Christ. THank you for this lift. I too have written the prescription for 1, 2 , 3 on the way to healing for reference today. Blessings to all on this irreplaceable day.

  49. THANK YOU ! Very, very lovely! My gratitude.

  50. Yes, Wonderful! Counselor! I also love "the side effects are wonderful"...and will be thinking that each time I mute my tv as the very long list of side effects is rattled off after presenting a medicine that will bring us relief...if we can possibly escape those very cruel sounding side effects.

  51. Wow, such a powerful lift! This analogy puts it all in the right perspective... thank you ever so much for this healing message!

  52. Thank you.

  53. Thank you Jon for your wonderful 3 dose prescription and sending us to the right pharmacy, lovingly open 24/7 serving all our needs. Blessings to you.

  54. Thank you for sharing this wonderful, healthful spiritual "prescription" to meet every need!

  55. Thanks so much, Jon!
    And the pharmacy is open 24/7 365 days a year!

  56. Jon: Thanks so much! I am so grateful for Christian Science and that Spirit's realities were always true and have NEVER changed to be available for all of us NOW!..

  57. W-O-W Thank you.

  58. The best prescription I ever heard of. Thanks!

  59. Hey Jon, great inspiration and such a practical application of Truth.

    Sometimes we get a bit confused thinking the healing outcome might be dependent on the quality of our own thoughts and our individual, personal application of Divine Science. While those depending on material medica simply take the pill and let it do its own work expecting mindless matter to achieve the expected results. If the pain is in the foot, the patient doesn't have to direct the pill to the right place in the body. They just expect and experience the result.

    How comforting to recognize that the application of Truth, as prescribed by Jesus and dispensed by divine Mind and Love, is infinitely and independently powerful and sufficient to meet our every need. It requires no human or mental intervention or direction on our part. Imagine saying to God, "A little more to the left please, now lower, lower, that's it."

    Once we imbibe the Truth (take it into our consciousness) it needs no further help from us. In fact, anything we try to do to direct or amplify Truth simply gets in the way and delays the result. As the old saying goes, “Let go, and let God.”… then relax and expect good’s overflow.

  60. Jon, really appreciate your imaginative presentation—Jesus would love it!

  61. Gracias por el mensaje. Sabemos que cuando venimos, venimos como una Idea completa, por lo tanto
    esto incluye salud, armonia e inmortalidad, gracias a que entendemos esto no necesitamos nada más
    Pero si estar seguros que vivimos en la Mente divina, en el Cristo; esto es la verdadera farmacia

  62. P.S. Great concept in my prison ministry, which serves primarily drug and alcohol addiction.

  63. Thank you so much for this. A 1-2-3 dosage that is so powerful, loving and safe. What a blessing!

  64. Thank you Jon for this lift. I will try to make it real in my life today.

  65. Thank you Jon for this message of hope for all mankind. Thank you also Elena # 12 for putting the Biblical context and the verses. I copy and paste them into my IPAD folder . As a Christian Science Chaplain, often the residents in Prison don't understand the King's English so I try to find translations that speak to their heart. After hearing Jon and seeing Eleana I went into The Message for further inspiration. Here is what I gleaned.
    This is Dose 2 : from the Message

    Dose 2: Seek only the kingdom of God - Is all you’ll ever need all the rest will come.
    Matt. 6:33 TheMessage: Steep your life in God- reality, God- initiative, God- provisions. Don't worry about missing out. You'll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. "Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.
    Thank you all for this needed inpiration

  66. Thanks so much, Jon! Such an important Lift for those struggling with any drug-related issues. I was so grateful to be introduced to the Science of the Christ by a co-worker about 30 years ago. I had suffered side-effects from numerous prescribed medications and loved that the "side-effect" from spiritual healing is spiritual growth!!! That is, indeed, wonder-full!!!

  67. Thank you so much, Jon! So gently spoken, but such powerful words! And thank you, Bevi (#47). We are going through the same thing and your words are a great comfort. These Daily Lifts are a wonderful way to start the day!

  68. Wonder-full Lift. Yes, Jon, as simple as 1, 2, 3. I love the dear child's voice oh-so-carefully speaking!

  69. The pharmacy of Spirit has no side effects because it works directly on the root causes of disease:
    1. Reflect Love - destroy fear.
    2. Seek Truth - overcome ignorance.
    3. Trust indestructible Life - let go of human will and sin.
    Not all cures are instantaneous, but we can "...gain a little each day...."
    In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy writes,
    "If honest, he [the disciple] will be in earnest from the
    start, and gain a little each day in the right direction,
    till at last he finishes his course with joy." (pg. 21).

  70. Jon, Thank you, a phenomenal lift and once again, you have been a joy to listen to...
    Would not want to start my day without my morning dose of daily
    lift family comments!!!!

  71. Love this ! thank you

  72. I love this.Thank you Jon. Can't over dose and side effects are wonderful. Terrific!

  73. hank you John!! from carol in Massillon,,Ohio


  74. Thank you, Jon, for this helpful Lift. I listened more than once - partly because some things were on my mind and I was having trouble staying focused, but I was determined to quiet my thought and not miss out and, of course, the content soothed as a calming agent! Then the comments were so wonderful in restating the ideas and the added sharing I felt the power of the message even more. I, too, love the copyright voice and must echo all that #45 Maria said!

  75. A good friend once expressed fear that, as a Christian Scientist, I was deprived of medicine. I told her "Oh we do have medicine! But it's the medicine of Mind." That answer just came to me, and it really seemed to alleviate her concern, so I know it was God speaking to both of us.

  76. What a wonderful example of a Prescription told to us in this uplifting Daily Lift. Reminds me of a thought written by MBE in her book S&H where she writes, I think it's on Page 128, "It raises the thinker into his native air and perspicacity." This was truly a unique way of truly defining the word Pharmacy in it's spiritual definition.

    Daily Lift Team: The quote reads, "It raises the thinker into his native air of insight and perspicacity" (128:18).

  77. Thank you Jon!

  78. Powerful message, Jon! Thank you so very much. This was just what I needed today!

  79. Thank you for the three steps contained in the lift today.

  80. Thumbs way up on this one! Thank you! As I watch the news (and all those medicinal ads and hear about all the awful side effects) I often say a silent prayer of thanks for the purity of spiritual healing. No side effects but increased spiritual understanding. What a wonderful reminder of the gift of spiritual healing taught by Christ Jesus and later re-discovered by Mary Baker Eddy. We humbly hope to follow in Jesus' directive to: heal the sick..and...the works that I do you do also. There is a wonderful lift today on the subject of medicine on CSB Evan Melenbacher's site: Spiritview with a tender approach to those who are making the transition from relying on matter based healing to Spirit based healing.

  81. I really liked this Lift! CSPS: how about incorporating it as a little article in the Sentinel? Thank you very much, Mr. Benson.

  82. Thank you so much, Jon, for this Daily Lift, and to all the"lifters" for their comments and references. I was thinking that the 1, 2, 3, sounded like a punch! And we are punching the problem out of our thinking. God gives us the strength and ability to face any problem. I loved the ideas of always open, wonderful side effects, and a daily dose! I love these Daily Lifts!

  83. God only does wondrous things & lifts & comments are truly wondrous! Thank you all so much!

  84. That is marvelous, Jon! Just the "frosting on my cake" for this new God blessed day.

  85. "Divinity's promise.....no overdose...and side effects wonderful!" Love this fresh and clear concept of Truth! Thank you!

  86. What a powerful antidote to the medical pharmacy model. Love it and will re-listen.

  87. Can never thank you enough for bringing these ringing truths to mind (where I pray they will reside all day). This says it all!!! God bless.

  88. I, too, wrote this down to be pasted on my mirror to read often. This lift is so logical and well spoken. I also am enjoying the little child's voice at the end...such beautiful enunciation, earnestness, and sweetness expressed! Thank you for today's lift!

  89. Your Lifts and Lectures are so appreciated, and your lecture entitled; "Step out of your story and into healing" is "Wonderful" too. We are so blessed to have the perfect spiritual prescriptions at hand any time of the day or night. Thank you, Thank you!

  90. Jon, Thank you for a Lovely lift! And Daily Lift team...thank you for having the most beautiful, distinct voice of the youngster. So delightful to hear!

  91. Jon, thank you for this wonderful lift and lifting us! Of course thank you to all who give us our "daily lifts" ! And thank you to all, around the world for all your insights, inspiration and daily sharing! Wow! What a gift! Jon thank you also for the great "outside the box" lecture Sunday!!

  92. Thanks Jon for the perfect prescription
    and all LIFTERS for the indept comments
    lv & hugs!!! Nela's concise treatment PERFECT!

  93. So clear, so pointed and so helpful. Thank you, John.

  94. Right On!!! How adorably true!....Janine

  95. Scientific prayer has only goodness, only health, and only positive side effects!! This is what I think every time I hear or see advertisements about medical drugs and their many negative side effects.

  96. Your perfect description of Christ's 3 dosage prescription is awesome. Let me vouch for success
    your lift will bring by telling all that I have used it for decades for family, friends, the world and
    myself and every time a healing, answer, blessing has unfolded. Truly victorious prescription!

  97. Thank you.

  98. Too Coool! Don't you love those side effects.
    Much Love

  99. Thank you.

  100. Another inspiring Lift! Thank you!! (This "Pharmacy" is the only one we knew growing up and the only one I know now.)

  101. thank you jon

  102. Such a powerful dose of Truth. -"No worried thought" in The Kingdom with The King -is a needed and important thought for me today.

  103. Dear Jon, what a great idea to put Jesus' advice into the form of a prescription! It certainly is both touching for its simplicity and very powerful. Your lift ist something to be listened to again and again.
    Thank you also for your wonderful way of clear and loving and strong way of speaking. It does sound as if you went through speach or voice classes at some time. I love listening to people who are careful with the pronunciation and the accentuation of what they say. It reflects the love and livelihood they feel towards what they say - plus their love towards the listeners.
    Therefore: many many thanks dear Jon!

  104. Thank you Jon! What perfect timing. I just spent an hour this afternoon going round a Pharmacy Museum, and now I've come back home to listen to a message about the best prescription. Thank you. Just right and helpful for me at the moment. Our Father answers before we call. :-) And these doses come from the Sermon on the Mount I think so we can all read about them when we want.

  105. Clear and reassuring, thank you!

  106. thank you- had to forward this one! Great comments too.

  107. What a great and practical idea.....Jesus' pharmacy always at hand .......no farther away than a spiritual thought.....I love it
    THankyou dear Jon
    Pam ...QLD Aust .

  108. Thank you Jon. A real foglifter.

  109. Thank you sooo much, am going to take a large dose.

  110. Thank you very much, I needed to hear just that! I shall carry Christ's 3 doses with me at all times!

  111. Thank you Jon for a wonderful and powerful lift. And the comments were the icing on the cake. I love the feeling of unity the daily lift gives us with all the comments and support. I am so grateful to be a part of such a loving "family"!!!! Also thank you Connie #89 for your comment "Step out of your story" as that is what I do - tell my story rather than listen to God"s story. Will now change the storyteller lol. Much love to all!!!

  112. Thank you for this lift!

  113. Excellent prescription. I am taking it.

  114. Truly great Lift Thank you!!

  115. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....Oh how I wished I made the time to read this Daily Lift yesterday! I drove downtown to meet a friend for lunch and couldn't find a parking spot on the street or even a parking lot that was available!! Fear and anxiety started to take over (something I very rarely experience) .....I immediately turned it over to God.....however, it would have helped to have these 3 doses with me. You could be sure they will be in my wallet so that I will be able to refer to them when necessary. P.S. I did arrive at the restaurant in a calm state because I had to walk quite a distance from the lot I finally found.....I kept praying, turning my fear over to God. Thank you for this lift.

  116. Thank you, sincere gratitude and appreciation for the message. Eager to listen another four times.
    So much good to dispense and share with all. So perfect for our Institutional work. It brings great sense of peace and love.

  117. Thank you for this inspiring offering.

  118. That was divinely inspired for sure! A lift that can be listened to over and over again. Thank you. Your lift was great and really wonferful.

  119. Such a help at the moment!I was feeling so worried !!!God bless Jon and all fhe lifters who have lifted my thoughts to the kingdom of God. We are so privileged to have these wonderful and inspired Lifts. Love to all

  120. Jon - have listened to this Lift a number of times and have found it so helpful. Thank you very much for your inspired work.

  121. Kathy thank you sooo much

  122. Thank you, Jon-- What a gift! 1-2-3, the prescription of The Christ! --Just saw you in Denver, at your llecture-- when impossibilities happen-- and you hit the nail on the head! Every single hardship I've been blessed with only turns me around to quesion my perceptions... error finds so many ways to decieve us... but my God is BIGGER. Thank you. I'm still reading my notes from that lecture. --Regards! Rob of the Rockies.

  123. Perfect, Jon! Thank you so much! I love that part of the Sermon on the Mount - it truly is a complete guide to living and healing!

  124. I add my voice to the chorus of others! How pure this pharmacy and how perfect. I have such gratitude for these ideas.

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