4/23: God cares for you, too!

4/23: God cares for you, too!

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  1. What an upLifting Lift! Thank you. Truly, the 'Lilies of the Field' are a wonderful reflection to ponder.

  2. Thank you so much for this lift, such comfort and true to realize that God cares for each one of his children, that thought brings so much peace and a deep conviction that the love of God is close and at hand at all times.

  3. Most helpful, thank you David. I find the hardest part is actually turning away from the problem when it appears to be "in your face" so to speak. Certainly turning thought to see how God cares for nature and everybody around you is a way to lose sight of whatever it is that is screaming for attention ! And therefore this includes me. I have had many examples of God's infinite care for me over a period of many years. Finding a home, companionship, supply and good health, are but some of the ways I have been shown God's Love and care. Just as that little bird relied unquestionably on that Love, so can all of us do the same.

  4. Thank you David.

    As I pondered the title I thought that this must have been Jesus' thought about all those who came to him for help "and this correct view of man healed the sick." (Science and Health page 477)

    What a healing thought this title is about all those we meet today who are in need of physical or moral

    Isn't this what our Reading Room windows are saying, like an unseen banner, to those who stop and read a few lines from the display and then pass by? Those people may not come into our Reading Room, we may never speak to them, but we can be confident that when they have need of the truth that they have read then they too will know that:

    God cares for me too!

  5. Thank you David for that lovely reminder, of a simple clear Truth.
    Love Soozi & John. Devon.

  6. Thank you David, for this lovely, simple example of God's loving care for all His ideas.

  7. Oh, what a comfort. Thank you - and a lovely reminder that our hairs (are) all numbered by the Father. What blessings for us all.

  8. LOVELY!! Thank you David.Nature is SO wonderful and extremely underated.I have 2 cats,one black one who lierally reaches up and strokes my cheek with his paw,and the other female tabby cat wakes me every morning by tickling me under the nose with her paw.These are like you say signs of love ,God,s love making me understand inthis simple and beautiful way that I am not alone ,but that God cares for me too!.Glory be to God!! and thank you Davin again.A good day to you all.,with the love and care of Gods wings!

  9. David shows so clearly the simple application of Divine Science.In times of healing when we need to take those moments to just "stop" and listen to what Principal.....that wonderful guide that is always with us , is saying to guide us in our right direction of thought ,is convevying to us ,as simple as the wings of a birds visit ! Let us learn to pause in our study at times.Let our prayer be to see "Day by day the mana fell, oh to learn that lesson we'll!Healing of any situation is abundant and always available......it is an adventure!It is how we live and celebrate our lives.I could replace it with none else.
    Thank you David for the time and thought you put into this Daily Lift.

  10. Thank you Tom #9 for your sincere and spirititual understandinging of this Lift. I did not really get it at first... and then I did! And also for all the other contributions everyone offers. This open conversation also opens minds......allowing all those seekers of CS to share in their own personal journey.

  11. What a great Lift to hear this morning. Thank you David! And I enjoyed reading all the comments, #3, and #8 really spoke to me. Thank you to all!

  12. Thank you David. Some years ago now I met a man (a Christian Scientist) who was in WWII in London during the bombings. He was in the wreckage of a building with bombs landing close by all around them. He said he was terrified, but as he turned to God in prayer a little bird came and sat on the ledge of the broken window and looked at him and just sang - as if for him and as if nothing was wrong. It helped him to see that in reality, harmony reigned supreme regardless of what matter was suggesting, and the bombings stopped immediately and all was quiet. Ever since then I have listened for God through the 'little birds' - and He is everywhere!

  13. Thank you David, for your inspiring Daily Lift.

    Yes, " God is in the details."

    How blessed we all are, when we listen for His small voice, then go forward and upward.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure that He has for each and everyone.

    Love in Christ


  14. Thank you David

  15. Thank you!

  16. I am so glad that I have eventually been able to tune into this Lift - it really speaks to me, as I love all of God's creatures, and they always lift my spirits. Thank you very much David, and other lifters, and particularly Carry (12). God truly does love everything He has made - and, of course, He made all that is made, so there is no-one and nothing external to His loving care.

  17. Many thanks David for sharing this precious healing experience. Yes. "Turning thought away from the problem and recognizing the presence of God's goodness and loving care, brings healing and freedom." "I need Thy presence every passing hour;/ What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's power?/ Who like Thyself my guide and stay can be?/ Through cloud and sunshine, O abide with me." Hymn 8.

  18. Thank you David for a great "Lift"..

  19. Such a beautiful, healing reminder! Thank you, David, and all contributors, including the "lilies of the field and the fowls of the air" and all of Love's spiritual creation! Also, the music on this Daily Lift is a favorite - thank you!

  20. Thank you David! A lovely experience. Angel thoughts come in so many guises....but always speak to us in a way that meets our need and with a message we understand.

  21. This is really a good way to start the day. Many thanks, David

  22. A friend and I often read the Lesson together in the morning. I could hear a butcherbird with his mellifluous call in the background. But yesterday we were talking and I noticed a different call, and asked her what it is. She said "It's a cuckoo." Probably a pallid cuckoo. Well that explains the silence of the butcherbird. She had laid her eggs and the cuckoo was watching keenly. Now she is calling, so the butcherbird's eggs have been tossed out or pushed to one side, and the cuckoo's egg has been laid in among the of eggs. It's wonderful how we can know what's going on without seeing the performance. Thank you David. Birds always cheer us and let us know how much we are loved.
    thank you, Nate and the team; The Mother Church and the Daily Lifters.

  23. Such a dear and precious reminder! Thank you

  24. Entiendo, que Dios en su infinitud abarca todo, y en ese todo, estamos. Ahora, ¿como se manifiesta esa infinitud divina? ¿Qué papel jugamos nosotros? porque por algo estamos acá, acaso para dejar todo librado al azar oh a que Dios obre, o para realizar obras que ensalcen a Dios... en reciprocidad con el Amor divino nosotros obramos, y ese obrar se ve reflejado y se manifiesta en soluciones justas y equitativas, porque son Su reflejo, y sí es para esperar confiados que la bondad divina obre, cuando nosotros obramos.

    "Reapacita ahora; ¿Qué inocente se ha perdido?
    Y ¿en dónde han sido destruidos los rectos?
    Sabrás que hay paz en tu tienda,
    Visitarás tu morada y nada te faltará" Job

    "Todo lo que es gobernado por Dios jamás está, ni por un instante, privado de la luz y el poder de la inteligencia y la Vida" MBE

    No hay milagro en la Ciencia divina, todo Es divinamente natural.

    Muchas gracias David, no es casualidad, que estemos dialogando, entre nosotros, es causalidad.

  25. Thankyou..I am grateful to you and to God.
    I seek refuge in Gods infinite Love
    Embraced each moment in His arms

  26. Thank you for this gentle and strong message of God's constant love for each us. All we need to do is to be receptive to His angel thoughts flowing 24/7! How I LOVE these Lifts!

  27. Very uplifting,encouraging .Thank you .

  28. My Grandma's favorite hymn says:
    I sing because I'm happy
    I sing because I'm free
    His eye is on the sparrow
    And I know he watches me.

  29. Thank you for this wonderful and helpful Lift. God does care for each and everyone and every living thing in the air, land and sea.. We are all the ideas of God.

  30. Thank you so much for this comforting Lift!

  31. Thank you, David, so much! A dear friend gave me an Easter lily this year, and it truly brought a spiritual sense of beauty, purity and love. Also, living in a condominium, I have a small bird feeder that attaches to my window, and the birds are visible as they come to eat! From now when I watch the birds and smell the Easter Lily I will be reminded that the kingdom of God is at hand blessing us with grace and peace!

  32. Our cats do the same, with their sweet attention and affection to us. Reminds me that "all nature teaches God's love to man" from Science and Health, page 326. Thanks for your message today, David.

  33. Thank you David for this pure and healing message.

  34. Beautiful! thank you.

  35. How many ways Jesus' simple illustration has found expression in our lives, as it did for you when the bird pecked on your window. When I was about nine years old, a lovely woman gave me a white satin ribbon with this poem on it, which I must have taken to heart as I reflect on all the good that has flowed into my life, outside of the usual human sources:

    Said, the robin to the sparrow,
    "I would really like to know
    Why these anxious human beings
    Rush about and worry so."

    Said the sparrow to the robin,
    "Friend, I think that it must be
    They have no heavenly Father
    Such as cares for you and me."

    Daily Lift Team:
    The poem "Overheard in an Orchard" ("Said the Robin to the Sparrow") was written by Elizabeth Cheney in 1859.

  36. A lovely reminder David. Thank You!

  37. Thank you.

  38. Thank you David for this precious lift. AND thanks to everyone who has shared. These response are so dear and heartfelt.

  39. It is so interesting how God taps us on the shoulder to accept what is true. Worrying about ourselves is just nasty. Jesus lovingly reminds us that even the lilies and birds know better. The conclusion of the lesson was: (Matt 6:33) “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” While “seeking” one finds an amazing array of finger-posts. Birds tapping, rainbows shining, cats purring, books opening - they don’t sound like much on their own. But when they are simultaneous to a change (when our seeking becomes absolute humility, trust, and real joy from God) – that is heaven.

    So, who is putting all the finger-posts up? I see a lot more of them today than I did a few years ago. Someone is caring for us.

    Thank you David. Looking forward to your shared reflections next.

  40. Thank you, David, and Welcome to Our Daily Lift! Lovely and so simple what you experienced! Can spiritual healing really be so simple and sweet? Why do so many of us struggle so......?? All I can surmise is that perhaps there is so much of the material sense of ego, or resistance to Love that has built up a rock wall of protection and defense - to keep us from getting hurt again......??? To surrender, really surrender to God's Love, takes a lot of trust and courage! To let Go of the pain of the Dream when it has been our reality for so long (seemingly) means to take a deep dive into Spirit and to trust that we will come up laughing and whole! Much Love and Gratitude for your sharing and for all the sharing of our LIfter Family!

  41. Thank you David. Your little bird pecking at the window with its healing message reminded me of daily breakfast with my mother when we lived together a few years back. Our breakfast nook overlooked a llovely green. Every morning a nearby feathered resident would stand on our windowsill, peck at the window and do her little dance of joy which lasted about a minute. She came so regularly we called her Mrs. Chirp because she also chirped as she danced. What a delightful Soul-filled expression of Life and Love is ours to appreciate and give thanks to Father-Mother God for, every day!

  42. Thank ;you David. A wonderful Lift to restore our Soul. I love watching all of God's creatures knowing how God cares for them. Yesterday I received a beautiful gift from God. As I looked out the window on a grey morning with rain just starting to come down there were 6 whitetail deer grazing on the green grass. They were so beautiful and graceful. I watched until they trotted off into the woods. Yes, God truly loves and cares for all of us.
    Thanks Nate and team as you care for us each day with these wonderful Lifts.

  43. Love this and had a similar experience once. :-) Thank you. :-)

  44. To many times I hear people say, "You have too much on your plate, meaning too many problems, stop this and think of yourself more. That thought is from ignorance, ignorance of God's infinite caring for all of his creation, you, me, all living things. As you care for others, more than yourself opens the door wide for your healing, opens consciousness wide for listening to God's healing messages. Caring for yourself only closes the door and shuts out the healing truths. So, remember, as the perfect image and likeness of God, care for others as God cares for you.

  45. What a comforting thought that God cares for me along with every creature He has created. We are all loved equally - no favorites. It frees us from making comparisons. I just loved the story of the bird pecking on your window and uplifting your thought.
    Also, thanks so much for including the link to the lecture, "Maintaining spiritual conviction in a matter-based world" which brought out (among many things) the importance of gratitude. It gives us so much to ponder, digest and apply in our daily lives. I am deeply grateful for this Lift and lecture!

  46. David, so lovely to hear from you, and such a delightfully simple reminder. Thank you so much. Love, Carol (erstwhile of Warminster)

  47. Thank you, David, and the Daily Lift team. You bring us all joyful spiritual refreshment.

  48. God expresses His love all around us in infinite ways. The story of the little bird was so reassuring and sweet. Thank you David for reminding us that God cares for us too! Thank you for reminding us that Healing is as simple as turning away from mortal thought and focusing on Divine Love and Truth.

    SH 494:15-24 "The miracle of grace is no miracle to Love. Jesus demonstrated the inability of corporeality, as well as the infinite ability of Spirit, thus helping erring human sense to flee from its own convictions and seek safety in divine Science. Reason, rightly directed, serves to correct the errors of corporeal sense; but sin, sickness, and death will seem real (even as the experiences of the sleeping dream seem real) until the Science of man’s eternal harmony breaks their illusion with the unbroken reality of scientific being."

    So lovely that all it took for you to break the illusion was God's little messenger -- the sweet precious bird. Truly, error is like trying to balance on the head of a pin -- error is so easily toppled by gently shifting your thought to God.

    Thanks again David and everyone for sharing your insights.

  49. Beautiful, comforting. Thank you David and commentors

  50. What a most beautiful, loving, healing message. Thank you so much David, and my sincere gratitude to Nate and the team, making this spiritual awakening every morning, possible.

  51. Thanks, so much. I enjoyed your thoughts very much. And they came at a good time for me. Thanks again and I hope to here more from you.

  52. I took a walk yesterday in a forest where I often choose to walk. For the first time ever in this forest--though I've looked for them often--I saw a pheasant! She stood very still for much of the time I watched her, just matching her surroundings and seeming very settled and confident. A good role model.

  53. An incident, I recall from many years ago could be called Consider the kitten."
    There was a lot of upset in my home. I was loosing my marriage. One Evenning I just broke down and cried. As I lay on top of my bed one of our kittens, Benjamin, jumped up on the bed, walked right up my legs and body, planted his very large forepaws on my chest, and with a worried look stared down into my eyes. (I say worried because his little forehead was actually wrinkled with a look of concern.) I looked right into his eyes, and still crying I told him that the Christ, God's healing presence and power, was right there with us. He, Benjamin, did not have to worry, because I was really okay. With that simple declaration of truth I stopped crying and the headach I'd had for some time vanished. This lovely little healing took no more than a minute or two. Though my husband and I went our separate ways, I carry this beautiful healing lesson with me.

    Oh, yes, if you look at the definition of Benjamin on page 582 of Scidnce ahd Health, written by Mary Baker Eddy, you'll find the healing qualities of Benjamin that she found in her study of the Bible. Months after the healing I ran across this definition and realized how fittingly I was led to name the kitten.

  54. Dear David,
    How thoughtful of you to share this very sweet, yet very powerful proof that God is everywhere. It reminds me of times when I've been healed and inspired by the entrance of one of God's "little ones" into my experience. But especially this morning, this angel message coincides with a very unexpected, yet very needed, influx of supply that I thought would come much later. Your lift this morning is very reassuring, and proof of why we must be childlike to see, let alone receive, the signs and proofs of God's care in every aspect of our life. Thank you, thank you.

  55. What a beautiful and inspiring Lift, and "Shared Reflections" chat between you and Chet. Thank you, so grateful. Thank you too to Nate and the Daily Lift team, and all posting herewith. So very grateful.

  56. Thank you, David, for “God cares for you, too! … consider the lilies of the field and the fowls of the air … doing this brought me healing …”

    This is beautiful and a great reminder of what I've learned in Christian Science: Every healing is a revealing of what is always the Truth of our being. God is love. We are in the image and likeness of Love. We are the beloved of Love – always and in all ways.

    It brings a smile to my face when I think that when that little bird came tapping on your window, you could have considered it as a nuisance adding one more bit of discomfort to an already uncomfortable situation BUT you chose instead, to consider the bird as Jesus encouraged us to – as a reminder of God’s care for His entire creation. Good choice!!! ;-)

  57. Thank you, David! I just enjoy watching and listening to birds so much, so I'm glad you listened (paid attention to) this little bird when there was a message he had to give to you. And what a healing message it was! I'll watch the lecture next!

  58. What a loving, sweet lift!,..Thank You David!!...Nature is filled with bountiful beauty of God's creating!..wow!.. I too had a similar experience with a lovely song bird he loves to sing on my front door, where there is a wreath. He sits atop it and trills his beautiful song! I too feel he's reminding me of God's continuing presence!...If we do go near the door for a closer look he flys away!....He has not yet learned that we will not harm him but I don't see him flying away necessarily as fear but constant activity...just like Christ's/God's presence...constantly active and alert!...This beautiful song-filled bird is a sweet, little blessing for us!...The song he sings is filled with such joy!......Thanks again for sharing your bird story!..Maybe more will be revealed to us by this sweet bird too!
    Love to All!! : ) : ) : )

  59. Thank you David! I remember that I have to have opened mind about infinite good and simplicity to feel free. I love the way you share this to us.

  60. How helpful. Once you were able to "Be still, and know that I am God.," you were ready to receive the message. Thank you. Sharon :-)

    Daily Lift Team
    Quote above is from Psalm 46:10.

  61. Thank you for this very comforting and inspirational lift.

  62. When I listened to your lift I felt warmly embraced by God's Love. Thank you so much for this comforting message !

  63. This was just a beautiful lift, David. Thank you so much. I love how you felt the dear bird's approach as a message from God, which it certainly was. We all need to be more receptive to those daily angel thoughts and healing moments !!

  64. Thank you David. This lift was a precious and simple illustration of man's relationship to God as one, completely whole with all creation.

  65. What a wonderful "uplift" which inspires us all to appreciate God's love.......


  66. Thank you so much David for the helping lift.

  67. Thank you David. In the simplicity of this thought, meeting no resistance, we find power, freedom, health and our joy restored; in fact, forever intact. Mortal mind tries to entangle us in its beliefs, when we turn our thought to God we see the evidence of His caring for His spiritual creation all around us, and of course, including us, too! Thank you again.

  68. Thank you for this sweet message, such a lovely lift!

  69. No wonder there are so many bird watchers! Even the cross walk signals try to mimic them! And the Cala lilies I bought brought cheer to everyone at church on Easter Sunday, for my wife afterwards, and especially to our adult granddaughter, who was most appreciative to receive some bright cheer and peace in a dark time. I notice people always remember these little moments of joy and beauty being expressed. Thanks to David and the Lifters for sharing your moments of joy and beauty.

  70. Thank you so much for this wonderful lesson of Nature! Your account of the little bird's message is priceless! I'll never forget a sunny Sunday in June 2002, when the Bible Lesson being read in our church here in Ottawa on "Is the universe, including man, evolved by atomic force?" focused on the wonders of Nature, including animals and birds. Part-way through the service a little bird flew in through an open window and flitted around the large auditorium, occasionally blending his (her?) song with the readings from the podium. He stayed with us 'til the end of the service and then flew out through the same window. His timing was perfect! What a marvellous illustration of the wholeness and harmony of God's creation! We have, indeed, a lot to learn from the manifestations of the divine animus all around us.

  71. Said the robin to the sparrow, "I should really like to know
    Why these anxious human beings rush abut and worry so."
    Said the sparrow to the robin, "Friend, I think that it must be
    that they have no heavenly Father such as cares for you and me."

    Daily Lift Team:
    The poem "Overheard in an Orchard" ("Said the Robin to the Sparrow") was written by Elizabeth Cheney in 1859.

  72. David, I feel as if your voice tells me what you've gleaned from your experience with the bird. Such a dear, sobered, renewed feeling. Thank you for sharing this with such love. It is precisely the reminder I needed this morning.
    Big Love to you, and all.

  73. I love this message. I appreciate having breakfast where I can watch the birds at our feeder. It is so much more enlightening than watching TV. which is often my temptation.

  74. I really needed to hear this "Lift". Thank you for your wisdom.

  75. A lovely and timely message of hope and grace. Most helpful.and much needed today Thank you.

  76. Lovely David, thank you. We have a little blackbird that regularly comes right into our conservatory for raisins - he has no fear and obviously feels completely safe with us. What a lesson in trust!

    Lots of love.

  77. Thank you so much David for reminding us God is loving and caring for all his creations always . One time when I was working at WA i went out into the lovely garden there to get my thoughts right I always felt refreshed and ready to do what I needed to do . This day I heard a lot of noise I looked up and high up in this gum tree was this baby magpie with its mum . Next thing the baby had fallen as I thought out the tree and trying so hard to fly . It landed right in front of me in a puddle of water as it had been raining . Not far behind it was mum checking to see if it was okay . The little one shook itself for a minute and then flew of . I learnt later when talking about this that the mum gives the babies a nudge when they don't want to leave the nest and that is how they learn to fly .I feel each day as I read these lifts I am like that little bird getting a little nudge from all and that is helping me to fly so to speak to learn more each day . Thank you all and thank you to The Daily Lift Team . Much love to all x


  79. Thank you for this precious message, and thanks to all the commenters around the world who have added their messages,

  80. Thank you David for this spiritually educating and inspiring
    Lift, and likewise all the wonderful comments. Also, Thank you

    35 Ginny, for the poem. That is really an eye-opener and much

    food for thought. Also #39 Nancy, much to consider and realize.

    Gratitude and love to all

  81. Thank you, David, for giving us that wonderful bible text that shows the reality of God's love for us!
    God cares for me and even more importantly takes care of me!
    Because we are cherished, we cannot perish!
    The lilies of the field do not stop their God-given beauty from shining forth, nor do the fowls of the air stop their soaring gracefulness or inherent energy. They simply flourish in God's love for them!
    We must do the same!

  82. Thanks, I love bird stories.

  83. Thank you for your sweet reflection. I am fortunate to travel thru the forests and wilderness and experience the wonderful natural environment and wildlife that God has given us to love on and refresh our spirits with his creation.

  84. Thank you, David, for this beautiful example of God's unlimited care for each precious idea. That care is the only health care we truly need and desire.

  85. Sweet! Thank you.

  86. Thank you, David, lovely thoughts. We can rest in His love. How precious!

  87. What a lovely and uplifting message! Thanks so much for today's Lift, David!

  88. I listen to the Lift each day, and somehow it always touches some need I have at that time. Today is a glaring example of that. I have been working on a situation and it shows continued, slow progress... (I just found another answer as I was typing that sentence... I said it was slow.. but I'm being impatient) I felt I had found the complete solution, but the circumstance changed tonight, and initially I felt disappointed, but have since realized many other blessings that have come of it. Thank you for this Lift, and the healing it has facilitated. I do not know the answer to my situation yet, but I am certain it is unfolding.

  89. Wonderful Lift, David - thank you!

  90. The gratitude expressed by so many (above) has humbled me, lifted me---- I thank David and contributorsl. What a lesson this "lift" is. I truly feel God's love wrapping His children in His love----from all corner's of this earth. The warmth, understanding, outreach from EVERYONE is so all-encompassing. My gratitude soars with the little bird.

  91. Thank you David. This is a very sweet lift.

  92. David, Thank you. God, Love, does care for all of Her ideas

  93. This is such a wonderful healing Lift, thank David!
    Welcome on board the good ship DL, you will find a jolly and hard working crew!
    Thank you to the BoL too for this precious resource ♥

  94. Thank you, David! I rather needed this today.
    God cares for me, too! Yeah! Thank you again.

  95. Thank you - just the lift I needed for today!

  96. Yesterday I spent the day at a favourite place in the (Australian) bush with my grandchildren. It was several years since I had been there, but I still felt refreshed and rejuvenated, just as I had always done years before. This Lift gave me the words to at last express that feeling! It is that the plants and animals are telling of God's love for all. How beautiful!

  97. Thank you.

  98. Dear David, Thank you for this simple and uplifting message that healing is natural. The love of God expressed through nature visually and audibly is a great healer. This is a 'keeper'. I look forward to listening to the 'Shared Reflections' .

  99. Thank you so much for that. Just woke up from Santa dream of me being unwell. God bless

  100. Thank you so much for that. Just woke up from Santa dream of me being unwell. God bless

  101. Thank you David - in fact I had a similar view of things when observing a neat wagtail
    collecting crumbs at a motorway service area the other day.

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