4/2: Plant your mustard seed

4/2: Plant your mustard seed

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  1. Thank you Monica! I won't be discouraged, but instead I'll plant my little mustard seed of gratitude and faith on God's goodness... and watch it grow! What a wonderful LIFT! Best to you!

  2. Thank you Monica for this important Lift. Our understanding and love for God is our most precious possession. It is to be treasured above all else. Our understanding grows as our love for God grows. As we put that love and understanding into practice and recognize all good as coming from God, blessings begin to multiply. This new understanding begins to free us from the shackles of mortal beliefs and our lives become filled with the power and glory of God. Mary Baker Eddy states unequivocally, "..progress is the law of God, whose law demands of us only what we can certainly fulfil." (Science and Health, page 233)

  3. Muchas gracias!

  4. Years back, advertising the Christian Science textbook, The First Church of Christ Scientist used the slogan, "This woman never gave up." Then I decided to research all I could find about MBE and I learned that she never rested on her laurels.
    This helped me not to give up: "A little leaven leavens the whole lump. A little understanding of Christian Science proves the truth of all that I say of it." S&H 329:5

    Her parents had planted the seed of faith in the little girl's heart and, in spite of the tremendous trials she had to endure, her faith grew large enough to bless everyone who is ready to listen.

    Años atrás, haciendo publicidad para el libro de texto de la Ciencia Cristiana, La Primera Iglesia de Cristo Científico usó el lema, "Esta mujer nunca se dio por vencida".
    Entonces decidí investigar todo lo que pude hallar sobre MBE y descubrí de que ella nunca descansó en sus laureles.

    Esto me ayudó a mí a no darme por vencida: "Un poco de levadura leuda toda la masa. Un poco de comprensión de Ciencia Cristiana prueba la verdad de todo lo que digo respecto a ella." CyS 329;6

    Sus padres habían plantado la semilla de la fe en el corazón de la niña, y a pesar de las tremendas pruebas que tuvo que soportar, su fe creció lo suficiente para bendecir a quién esté dispuesto a escuchar.

  5. Thank you for the tender and powerful encouragement. The little grain of mustard seed indeed brings fruition.

  6. Thank you Monica for reminding us that we are like good gardeners as well as good shepherds. We often plant the seeds of truth in the good soil and then we must have the patience to let those spiritual seeds grow and mature. Those seeds may not grow when we want them to or sometimes where we planted them but we trust God that those seeds will grow and be fruitful.

    Was there ever a gardener who kept pulling up his seeds to see whether they had sprouted?

    Mrs Eddy tells us:

    242:15 In

    15 In pa-
    tient obedience to a patient God, let us labor to dis-
    solve with the universal solvent of Love the adamant
    18 of error, — self-will, self-justification, and self-love, —
    which wars against spirituality and is the law of sin
    and death.

    Love being the good seeds we sow and those suggestions of a mortal self, the weeds we take out as chaff.

  7. Our forever Leader gives, “a germ of infinite Truth, though least in the kingdom of heaven, is the higher hope on earth, but it will be rejected and reviled until God prepares the soil for the seed.” (Some Objections Answered, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 361,)

  8. Thank you very much for your todays DL about Gods tender Love and care for all his children; I also think at all our sundayschool pupils in whom the grain of mustard seed shall grow and does it. Thank you Monica and thank you God!

  9. I recall a Christian Science Sunday School teacher telling us that if we felt afraid, we must immediately turn to God and that he would send us the ideas we needed to protect ourselves with.
    This was the little 'mustard seed' planted all those years ago and now some 60 plus years on, I still find myself instinctively turning to God first. In fact my husband noticed this once and he asked me why in the face of danger I always stood still for an instant, before reacting. - I was praying of course, before I did anything else and this has proven to be the correct thing to do, because God has never let me down.
    Just the smallest of prayers supplies us with the biggest yield of ideas, ideas that keep us safe and tell us what to do.

  10. How wonderful, Monica, that a little child with no previous hang-ups or preconceived ideas can iimmediately apply her own sweet disposition and patience to be receptive to every spiritual thought and expression of love. You're going to have some very big mustard trees full of birds in your back yard!
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the Board of Lectureship; and the Lift family.

  11. Thank you Monica,

    Your wonderful Lift has given me an idea. I will purchase some mustard cress seeds today for my little granddaughter's next visit.

    She keeps asking me how we can know God is with us when we can't see Her (Arria's gender association not mine).

    We can't see the plant in the seed, but the potential is still there and as you say it just needs tending and nurturing to grow within us.

    Muchas gracias, mye bueno!



  12. Thank you.

  13. Thank you for these wonderful thoughts to remember and follow.

  14. Thank you!!

  15. Yes. "God's ever-present Love is not small? Trust in Love's care!" "Why is thy faith in God's great love so small?/ Why doth thy heart shrink back at duty's call?/ Art thou obeying this: Abide in me;/ And doth the Master's word abide in thee?" (Christian Science Hymnal #390).

  16. Thank you!

  17. Thank you for this Lift. Thank you to the team for getting it to us. And thank you for all the people who write comments that are also lifting.

  18. It is Spring!!!!!!!!!! Let us all be good gardeners; nurture AND GROW spiritually

  19. Thank you. I love the comment above that said you can't see the plant in the seed. You can't see God in matter either. Mortal sense can't communicate with God and God doesn't communicate with mortal mind belief. Our spiritual senses are the communicator and are perfect, ever-present and listening to God's voice we call angels. Angels are God's thoughts passing to Her ideas and we must be still and listen to hear them. They are present 24/7.
    Yes! Thank you for this beautiful lift and all the lifts we receive each weekday.

  20. Thank you. From small beginnings, with the help of God comes great things.

  21. Monica, Thank you. God's love is fully embracing each one of us today, and always

  22. It's so inspiring to see how the seeds of Truth can develop into meeting our every need. Thanks to all who have contributed to this Daily Lift.

  23. Your lift made me cry, have a sense of extreme gratitude, expectation of good ie patience in tribulation and I just wanted to thank you.
    I don't know why we 'comment' but I guess it's good to have feedback.

  24. “Jesus healed sickness and sin by one and the same metaphysical process.” (Science and health, with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 210). The tares or weeds never really touch the corn or wheat and “must be recognized, and uprooted, before the wheat can be garnered and Christian Science demonstrated.” (The Human Concept, Retrospection and Introspection, page 71.) Why? because were it otherwise, “this would prevent the possibility of destroying the tares” (Miscellaneous Writings, pages 214-215 and Science and Health, pages 300 & 595) “which time will separate, the one to be burned, the other to be garnered into heavenly places.” (Science and Health, page 535) “The Science of Christianity comes with fan in hand to separate the chaff from the wheat.” (Science and Health, pages 466 & 586.)

  25. Such a clear and strengthening thought. So many thanks...

  26. Thank you, Monica! It seems to take some courage and committment to take the time to pray and study each morning to nurture and water our understanding of and love for God. This material and secular world seems to pound relentlessly on our souls and minds to keep us distracted and grabbing for quick material fixes out there. Thank you also to #2 Martin for reminding us what is our "most precious possession"! Planting and patiently tending our small understanding of our love for God and man will truly bring our mustard seed to full fruition! Love all the comments.....keep them coming! Blessings!


  28. What a beautiful thought, introduced with your story about your daughters. It is so encouraging to know we can know God simply by taking a thought and letting that grow into a fuller understanding. Thank you Monica!

  29. Thank you Monica! To Joy, 9 and all other lifters, thank you for the always encouraging thoughts! To Rae 23, as you said, there is intense gratitude felt by those who read these heartfelt messages.

  30. Thank you for this lovely Lift. It helped me to understand more clearly than ever before this sentence from Science and Health, (p 264) "When we realize that Life is Spirit, never in nor of matter, this understanding will expand into self-completeness, finding all in God, good..." and thank you for the encouragement to us all not to give up even if our understanding seems small or perhaps our ability or opportunity to demonstrate seem small. We would never think of our understanding of 2 + 2 = 4, as being too small on a particular day. Let's sow what we know!

  31. Thanks, Monica, and thanks, #19 Barbara in Maine. I'm being still and listening for angels today.

  32. Thank you, Monica, for “Plant your mustard seed … watch it grow …”

    Sometimes we, in our human circumstances, seem so far from a God that is Love-itself! and Good ever-unfolding, uninterrupted. “Where is God?” is the BIG question. Like with your daughter saying, “I can’t see Him.” Fear in the form of disbelief, discouragement, desperation, depression - even dying and death! might tempt us not to plant. Do NOT succumb to that temptation. If in doubt, plant anyway. (Been there. Done that. Even that smallest seed, really does grow! Sometimes I've wonder why I didn't plant sooner.)

    Under the keywords, “mustard seed,” here are some Bible excerpts I found:

    “Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof” (Matt 13:32).

    (Planting blesses all! Do it for the birds! :-)

    “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you” (Matt 17:20).

    (Planting is empowering. Obstacles are removed “… and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”)

    “And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you” (Luke 17:6).


    Air is proved by breathing. God is proved by planting.

    If in doubt, plant anyway! :-)

  33. Thank you Mónica, I shall focus on and be grateful for the understanding achieved thus far in my dialogue with my God..

  34. Monica, Thank you, for this inspiring DL. Yes, we must be patient and wait for His perfect image to appear in consciousness. I loved all the comments also.

  35. A tiny seed "which God waters and cares for". YES!
    We see, feel, and understand more of this fact every day.
    And we each have a garden of proof to enjoy and share.

  36. Like the faith we have when we plant a seed that it will grow and bloom we have the same faith when we acknowledge God's love and presence with us and that "all will be well".
    To #23, Rae, we comment on these lifts to share with others and expand on the topic. I have grown so much in my understanding of God and Christian Science through the Daily Lift and my gratitude is boundless.
    Thanks Monica and all those behind the scene who bring us this joy.

  37. Thank you, Monica, for this tender message. I was struck with your sentence "don't be discouraged if your understanding of God seems small" and I realized that when I get discouraged over day's events or my short comings, God has become small in my thinking...I know God is infinite, but the distractions of human outlining seem to make God's presence and power feel far off and small, but of course, God never changed! I can trust the seed of what I know about God to reach me even when most distracted because God, Good is All and isn't what's small at all! God, being Mind, won't let me think thoughts that make God insignificant! Thank you for helping me see this more clearly. Re-listening and reading the comments I felt the proof of God's care that I always find in the Lift and I'm so grateful to be a part of this world-wide community of God's children gathering to grow in our understanding of God!

  38. Dear Monica, Thank you for this parable of our own mustard seed .
    God does the watering and the growing of it!
    And Thanks to #31 Nela -- great encouragement to plant the seed, No matter what! Plant it anyway.

  39. Thank you.

  40. Thank you! I'd never thought about my concept of God being small, like the mustard seed, in quite those terms. I really appreciate your insight on this!

  41. Thank you Monica. This is so precious. Just like seeds that I am currently planting in my garden and kn owing that they will produce an abundance of vegetables to feed me and friends all year long, the tiny mustard seed of faith will grow day by day into recognition of God's ever-presence divine Love. With love to you.

  42. Loved your article, Monica, on JSH-online titled: "What can we give to others?" Thank you and Bless you!

  43. Thank you for this Lift. I especially like the fact that it is God who tends the garden that He planted, and it is God who provides the increase.

  44. I've always liked the parable of the mustard seed. My little grand daughter, too, was physically searching for God one morning as we were staying in a motel together. She was searching in the closet, etc. and calling out to God. Of course, we cannot "see" God with the physical senses.. but with spritual sense we can see Spirit, which is where we really exist. I have learned so much from Jon Bensen's lecture where he uses Rudyard Kipling's story about the wolfboy as an example of how we are, in reality, spiritual, not material. Thank you, Monica, for encouraging us to go ahead and plant the seed and watch it grow!!

  45. This is a lovely analogy and a hopeful message that is much needed. Thank you.

  46. Monica, this is such a lovely lift and it's generated such precious thoughts. Thanks everyone. Thanks to the DL team. Hymn 141 comes to mind, stanza 2, "...make our planting timely, true, governed by a power benign; nourish by a heavenly dew, all the branches and the vine...." And it goes on in stanza 3 with this line, "...fruitful shall our tillage be..." and finally stanza 4, "...cleansing men of fear and hate, lifting hope above the sod." Thanks everyone.

  47. Thank you Monica.

  48. ...to see thee more clearly, follow thee more nearly, love thee more dearly
    day by day by day.... thank you

  49. Mrs. Eddy says, with God all things are possible, all good is possible to Spirit. Big or small. Thank you!

    Daily Lift Team:
    "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 232:9
    "Scripture informs us that 'with God all things are possible,' — all good is possible to Spirit;"

  50. Thank you Monica! I always like the mustard seed parable.

  51. Years ago and again this morning, a little chorus is ringing in my thought, "Faith, faith, faith just a little bit of faith, you don't need a lot just use what you've got...." and again faith 3x. After all faith is both substance and evidence. Thanks for the lovely Lift and for all the comments especially #31 who cited Luke 17:6.

  52. Here's another muchas gracias! I love especially Monica's picture of God watering our little mustard seeds. I'm trying hard to realize that growing spiritually is not my doing but God's.

  53. Today I am going to buy some seeds and plant them in the soil. The seed represents my Acceptance of God's love for me. The more I accept God's love for me in every moment uninterrupted, the healthier my plant will be. I pray that just like the good soil, my mind will be fertile and free of tares and just like the sap which flows through the sinews of the tree, God's healing love, will flow through every sinew of humanity.

  54. Thank you, Monica, for this encouraging lift and all the encouraging comments. I have just been re-reading an enlightening article by Shirley Paulson from the February 21, 2011 Christian Science Sentinel entitled "The Power of 'Faith as a grain of mustard seed' " - it takes "a fresh look at the metaphor of the mustard seed" and offers significant insights I'd not been aware of or considered! I highly recommend it!

  55. I too had an experience with a daughter,similar to yours...when she was very little and we were staying in my mother's home until my husband returned from the army in Europe,as I put the dear child to bed,in these strange surroundings,I reassured her with something like..".Go to sleep my darling..God is all around you and is everywhere you are when you need Him." "But I don't see him,"she said,more than a little worried...Then..her precious,little face displayed that she was clearly thinking my words over,when she ,triumphantly exclaimed to me."O mommy..you mean..God doesn't have a body.." I was then able to reassure her,and she went to sleep and slept soundly until the morning.

    Thank you for this beautiful, healing lift.

  56. thank you Monica and all the lifter comments

  57. Thank-you, Monica, for this helpful reminder to appreciate, expectantly understand and watch grow our true-heavenly-treasure on earth and in our daily lives. Enjoyed reading and pondering the nourishing seeds-of-truth from all Lifters. I treasure the very valuable work of the DL team. Love/love to one-&-all.

  58. Thank you Monica!!! Beautiful lift and comments. I'm so appreciative
    Love to all. Happy gardening!!!!

  59. Thank you...and all.

  60. Great!... and wonderful to hear from our southern neighbor.... with a delightful accent that is a pleasure to listen to.....
    Thank you, Monica......BB

  61. Dear Team: I really had to listen - quite a few times - until a friend offered ". . . trusted in His care." for the complete Lift. I mean, we have to wait with patience and trust for the seeds to come through, and work equally hard at listening for the Lift to bear fruitage. I found this a really great Lift and very helpful to give my daughter's partner the right answers when he demands proof of God's presence and care.
    Wonderful comments this morning!

  62. What an encouraging message!
    Thank you very much!

  63. A timing lift Monica - I'm starting a garden for the first..
    eager to see it's growth with me Spiritually!
    love to my lifters - worldwide!!!!!!!

  64. Some of the best things are unseen!

  65. With the faith of a grain of a mustard seed we CAN move mountains... we do have to have that tiny fhat with GOD all things are possible! Thank you Monica

  66. That was awesome, thank you so much!
    Such an inspiration for today. The idea of ever present love is amazing!

  67. Thank you and thanks to commenter # 48 for the good lyric reminder...what we need to do day by day by day.

  68. Great thought for springtime planting! Thanks Monica.

  69. Thank you so much for this great lift.

  70. Monica! Thanks you so much for that loving, encouraging message! I sent word to the dorm, to our daughters :-) to be SURE and listen to today's lift, I love tht we are all part of one wonderful family, supporting and cheering each other on! Thank you for your expressions of the Motherhood of God!

  71. Thank you Monica for helping to water and nurture many spiritual seeds that have been planted in this daily lift garden.

  72. I am so grateful to hear this lift today. Yes!

  73. Beautiful! Thank you kindly.

  74. Lovely, thank you so much for sharing.

  75. Great lift Monica!

    Muchas gracias!

  76. The Mustard Seed that God plants, is his GRACE, which is God understood. It's there withen ourselves to be recognized and nourished with our prayers of acknowledgement and the seed of understanding.

  77. I thank you so much for the helpful message.

  78. Thank you for the loving reminder of how the mustard seed, the smallest of all, grows into the largest of fruitful trees... housing many of God's creatures and fulfilling their needs! Thanks and happy thoughts, one and all! --Rob of the Rockies

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