4/2: Healing tension

4/2: Healing tension

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  1. Thank you John for reminding us that our Father Mother God is always loving and caring for each of his children .

  2. Thank you John for this so-practical and applicable Lift. Tensions seem to abound throughout the world and within individual lives. As we turn to God in prayer, and declare the strength and gentleness of His presence, we can feel and begin to see divine Love taking control. Tensions happen when material beliefs are in the forefront. We need to shift this balance over to God, and the good and true thoughts that accompany this, will bring with it change. I love the idea that Divine Science is the Comforter, as promised in the Bible.

  3. In the reciprocity of God's great creation, send no fear into the world and none will return.

    Thanks for this inspiring Lift.

  4. Thank you for this comforting Lift, reminding us how Love's warm, gentle grace evaporates tension.

  5. Many thanks John for this reliable reminder always to: "Give thanks unto the Lord [perfect Love]" and "To meet that 'moment of tension' as well as lessen tension in the world." "Drop Thy still dews of quietness,/ Till all our strivings cease;/ Take from us now the strain and stress,/ And let our ordered lives confess/ The beauty of Thy peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #49).

  6. Thank you so much John for the wonderful inspiration. This is very timely esp here when the growing tension between China and the Phils is all over the news about China's claim of a shoal on the west Philippine sea. I've been doing readings also on peace since most people are consumed with wrath and anger. The intensity of God's love, divine justice, promise of joy and God's government of peace alone reigns and this assurance brings us comfort and healing. The "leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." And MrsEddy says that "the tree is typical of man's divine Principle," which alone governs us all.

  7. Oh, how I love that comment...God is the solution.. God is the solution...so.well put, indeed...And citations from the Psalms..always a joyous experience...Thank you for this tension-relieving Daily Lift..I'm lifted, already..

  8. Thank you, I like to picture Jesus keeping my company all day and reading my mind. It keeps things from building up and I check every thought with him, as in striving to have the mind of Christ. Mrs. Eddy asked us if (paraphrase) we've ever pictured a heaven on earth peopled with beings all under the government of divine wisdom, and so this is part of my picture.

  9. Thank you! - this passage of your lift really touched me:

    turning to perfect Love not for the solution, but as the solution (of tension)

    vielen Dank.

  10. Thank you for this wise lift --- turning to perfect Love is the antidote for tension. What a gift to the world!

  11. Thank you John, that was just what I needed to hear this morning !

  12. John, Thank you.

  13. Thank you very much, John. I found the analogies extremely helpful. To watch our thoughts, as Marsha mentioned, and determining to keep our minds filled with Truth and Love at all times, is not only helpful to ourselves, but to everyone. Jesus said:- "Peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth..but as the Holy Ghost giveth.." ... (Not exact quotation) I will endeavor not to let tension build up, but recognise the first signs, and turn to God and listen for the right ideas of harmony as the reality.

    Thanks to all contributors, and Malcolm's hymn is very relevant.

  14. Thank you so much, John, for this wonderful, healing, comforting message...that God is the solution when any kind of tension would present itself to us...that Love is the solution to all such challenges . And so good to be reminded how powerful our work with this concept can be -- that world tensions over boundaries, etc. CAN be influenced....Loved the statement that as we claim that very concept of Love's comforting power, presence and mercy . "we lessen the claim of tension in our world". I'll work on that in I my work for the world today!

  15. The tensions inhere only in a material and mortal - a false - sense of ourselves and our fellow man. God, Love, being Spirit and Life, inevitably transforms our view of ourselves and our fellow man and destroys the tension simply by being infinite. Christian Science, standing resolutely for God as All, gives us the foundation for turning to Him and staying with Him and witnessing the dissolving of all tension. Thank you for this wonderfully relevant and completely helpful Lift, and to all for inspiring comments.

  16. Thank you.

  17. Thank you for this very comforting Lift.

  18. John, Thank you for explaining so gently and firmly. The comments by Cake [ 6. ] reminded me of Revelation 22 : verses 1 and 2 as well and links to S & H page 406 starting line 1. Trees are natural and so is Christian Science healing.

  19. Thank you!

  20. Christ Jesus said, "Peace be still." and he instantly calmed the storm when he and the disciples were in the boat with the rolling sea. Likewise, we can pray for "Peace be still to the winds and the waves in Jesus' name" --- for Peru, Chile, and Argentina. "Peace be still" to the ground beneath their feet.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Amen.

  21. Thank you!

  22. So beautifully put, John, so calming, and so freeing from tension and stress when we lift our thought as you said to the Father-Mother God of us all who is " all-harmonious harmony"...,such peace to know that "Love is reflected in love " everywhere and right where we are at this moment.

  23. What I am learning -- more and more -- is that glorifying God defeats tension. You can't praise God and be tense at the same time. Thank you, John, for your helpful message today.

  24. Those words; "..and EXPERIENCING God..." does the world believe this possible? Speaking with a friend that goes to church every day - he couldn't go so far as to say God is a fact - only that he believes - let me be more open to seeing in my own life, and sharing, that great love which IS God. Thank you for this morning's Lift!

  25. Just the message I needed this morning. Thanks so much John, and for all of the comments. As Malcolm quoted from hymn 49 . "Drop Thy still dews of quietness,/ Till all our strivings cease;" has brought me peace many times from tension.

  26. We turn our thoughts to God, "not only for the solution, but as the solution." True, true.....

  27. Thank you, John, for this very powerful message…so much of a lift with calm and comfort. Also, I appreciated the subsequent comments especially Malcolm's hymnal reference.

  28. Such an important Lift from John. One understated line, that we not only turn to God for the solution but AS the solution, really struck me as profound.

    The other evening I was faced with a tense situation. A friend invited me to a concert for peace. One instrumentalist was to be a Christian, one a Muslim and the third a Jew. Such an intriguing and potentially healing idea.

    I arrived at my friend's place on the early side but, running late, she was way behind schedule. Finally knowing the long distance we had to travel in order to arrive at the concert, I became very tense. Surely we would be late. Then when we missed our bus because of my friend's lateness, I knew I had to heal my tension and disappointment as well as resentment, if the evening was to be saved, for me. It appeared all was lost. What to do?

    Humbly but with calm assurance, I prayerfully turned to God, not so much asking for a positive outcome to a distressing situation but rather acknowledging God's ever presence and loving control over all situations. And I resided in this comforting thought while my friend became quite upset at her own lateness.

    The bus finally arrived and then the next bus for us to transfer onto. Still I quietly prayed with the notion that God was ever-present, all knowing and all loving.

    We not only arrived at the concert on time but five minutes early, and the well attended event for peace was a major success all round, with a tangible sense of love filling the whole auditorium.

  29. La tensión en el mundo, y en el mundillo propio, se produce por olvidar, la realidad espirititual, que nos aleja de tensiones y de cualquier otra consideración erronea.

    "Desde la angustia invoqué a Jah, y me respondió Jah, poniéndome en lugar espacioso"
    Voz de júbilo y salvación hay en las tiendas de los justos" Salmos

    "Luego avanzamos hasta que el pensamiento ilimitado se adelanta extasiado, a la concepcción sin confines le son dadas alas para alcanzar la gloria divina" MBE
    Donde no existe tensión ni ninguna otra condición erronea, que afecte la integridad del ser de Dios.

    Muchas gracias John, es bueno reafirmar que no hay tensión que afecte a los hijos de Dios.

  30. Your Lift is so calming, (even your voice is). Thank you John for this wise & healing message. Ever grateful for the DL program.

  31. Thank you, John Q. for this very relevant Lift this morning! With seeming tension over Russian boundary issues, and now China, too - your thoughts remind us to focus our "attention" on God, rather than to have our focus on material beliefs, which always breed "tension." "...thou shalt not see evil any more..." Zephaniah 3:15. Thanks again and much Love to All!

  32. Thank you, John. How needed this replacement of tension with God's present love. Wonderful comments, all.

  33. Thank you!

  34. Thank you, John, for closing with that very important fact: When we lesson tension in ourselves it is felt in the world. We are our own first patient every day. We may not be able to talk with world leaders over the many border issues, but we CAN send a message of peace and love and joy. Today!

  35. Thank you, John, for your very helpful, healing, and blessing Lift!

  36. Powerful and wonderful. Thank you so much.

  37. Grateful for this tender, timely message.

  38. Glad to hear those words...Thank you so much.

  39. While I was reading the comments a sudden bolt of thunder cracked through the air and tention took over for a second but because I recognized the sound the tention left as quickly as it had come. So all we have to do with tention is recognize it as not part of Gods creation and see the good in the situation. This will release the false pressure.

  40. Thank you, John, for the gentle loving reminder of God's Love for His creation. His mercy endureth forever, just knowing this is a tension reliever.Beautiful ,beautiful lift. Thanks again !!

  41. A Lift so calmly, clearly, and lovingly delivered. Many thanks, Mr. Adams!

    Also, thanks to oeb (#3) from Bow, NH for this little gem of a statement:

    "In the reciprocity of God's great creation, send no fear into the world and none will return." Lovely!

    Blessings to all.

  42. Dear John: This is precisely the Daily Lift for this moment. I did turn away from the picture today, to just leave it with God, and leave her with God. She is in good hands, and will listen for the voice of the One who already knows all. And I will stay with God and His perfect idea at all times. We don't have to do anything as of ourselves, we just need to reflect good. And we can do that, without stint or self-righteousness.
    thank you so much, Nate and the production team; The Mother Church; and the outpouring of inspiration from the Daily Lift family.

  43. Georgia 4/2/14

    This is such an important, powerful lift, given with powerful calm and conviction. Yes, God is the solution. I am deeply grateful for this lift this morning, John. Thank you.

  44. Thank you John for this wonderful lift. Oh how we all need to make the tension in our lives disappear and we do this by turning our forcus to all that is good -- God.

    Tension is a cousin to effort and these are physical, material world manifestations. The spiritual has no tension, no effort and no dis-ease. Only ease. Angel thoughts instantly manifest goodness and don't go through the filter of time. Such thoughts are single minded, wholly spiritual -- purely creative and bring well-being. No effort and no counter-effort exists in the spiritual realm.

    Thanks so much to everyone for contributing your insights. These lifts are such a blessing!!

  45. Be still and know . . . . thank you for a very helpful lift this morning. . .

  46. I was working on this pressure-tenseness problem recently and this is what came to me. You are not pressured but pressurized. Dictionary definition of pressurized - A garment for protecting an aviator from the effects of changes and the force of gravity. To me this garment is God's panoply of love which Mary Baker Eddy refers to in Science and Health. Are we not all aviators rising and soaring over the mist-conceptions of the material world. Thanks for the additional inspiration. Diane

  47. Oh thank you John and everyone for sharing. Each of these responses is so dear and so filled with trust. A perfect message in embracing our world and all therein.

  48. "...turn to God not for the solution, but as the solution...."
    Thank you John for this insight into the healing of tension of every kind.

  49. Ah, the victory over the false sense of "self" — and the experiencing of our oneness with God — certainly does answers the human need, whether it be tension or any other lie that would suggest itself to us. Thanks so much, John, for your clarity of thought and for sharing it with us.

  50. Thank you John, this lift is so helpful and comforting and one we all need to heed. As for Malcolm's reference to the hymn (49) it seems that we all appreciate those lovely uplifting words, so, many thanks to one and all. June UK

  51. Material tension produces unneeded pressure upon the human scene which C/S could conquer and reduce both tension & pressure. MBE in her textbook S&H writes; "Christian Scientists must live under the constant pressure of the apostolic command to come out of the material world & be separate." Be separate from the false belief of tension and realize that since God is good & creates good, tension isn't good and cannot from God, the creator of only good where pressure or tension is non-existent.

  52. Thank you for this rousing and helpful message. It is what I needed to hear today.

  53. Thank you for this Lift. This is something I needed to pray about and am grateful to see how handling it in my own experience is beneficial to the world's need to be released from tension. Holding fast to the fact that we all dwell in Love, the very solution to the problem, is bringing me confidence, and naturally turning my thought from fear to praise. Thanks, everyone, for your comments, too.

  54. So many tensions seem to arise from violations of boundaries and borders. But Spirit (God) makes right distinctions and forever holds its own.

    I've been praying "Thus far and no farther" for a halt to seeming incursions. This prayer could apply to many environmental and political challenges.

    Right distinctions (borders) are in Mind, not matter, and there's only one Mind. "There is no power apart from God. Omnipotence has all-power, and to acknowledge any other power is to dishonor God" (from page 228 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy).

    Thank you, John, for this timely Lift. I'll be checking back to read more comments! Love and safety to each brother and sister on the planet: Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, animist. All held in God's protection.

  55. I am very greatful for the wisdom expressed here from a person who has deeply prayed and studied
    a loving father-mother God,that is found in Christian Science

  56. Thank you very much!
    Actually, very appropriate for me, today!

  57. This is the perfect message for reminding us that by allowing the Divine Mind to be in control (as it is in reality) we are free of tensions, worries, concerns, fears, anxiety and all the anger that goes with these emotions! Many, many thanks for your sweet and soulful message...

  58. Thank you so much!

  59. What a healing and comforting lift for our world!..Thank You John! Also all these comments are marvelous today...very appropriate! The ONE Divine influence "is" the only control!
    We can only be influenced by Good, God!
    No other cause or mind can exist....."Eternal Mind the Potter is and thought eternal clay the hand that fashions is divine his works pass not away"../..."the clouds of sense roll back and show the form divinely fair"../..."let gladness ring from every tongue and heaven and earth approve!!"....(I just love this hymn!..I've forgotten the number) This joy filled hymn has brought my family and I through some dark times.

    There is really only the one "Eternal Mind" in operation never many ruling minds!....when our thought stays on this harmonious idea tensions are immediately dissolved!....I love how Christian Science fits our every need worldwide!!
    Love to All! : ) : ) : )

    Daily Lift Team:
    The hymn quoted is number 51 from the Christian Science Hymnal.

  60. The counterfact to tension is God's precious tender grace and mercy filling all space and constituting all being. I love love love this lift so dearly delivered. Like a balm in Gilead for all of us this morning. Blessings all!

  61. Thank you so much, John. This Daily Lift is so helpful! With the tension and strain of our small business going through a rough patch and worry about meeting payroll and other obligations, I have allowed fear into my thinking. Instead I can thank God that right now all is under His caring control and remember that “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  62. I love this Lift! It is really a whole treatment for the claim of tension or stress, not only for ourselves but for the entire world. Thank you, John, and thank you also to everyone for the inspired comments of gratitude and healing. Special thanks to Malcolm for the perfect hymn to support this Lift (as always), and to Joel #28 for sharing the practical way in which he applied the laws of God for healing a challenging situation. Everyone is blessed each time we turn to God in prayer to know He is the solution to any difficulty confronting us. Happy day everyone!

  63. Beautiful, stirring, - truly healing.
    And, comprehensive.
    For every need: personal; universal; todos.

    Sincere thanks,

  64. I love this wonderful Lift message and the helpful comments, which read as caring remarks from friends.
    Thank you, to Joel of Toronto, #28, for sharing his experience when going to the Concert for Peace. Continuing to think about it gives me such a freeing, uplifting feeling of the actuality of the 1 all-knowing and all-loving God as the solution. The presence of all-inclusive Love became his very experience. And is ours.

  65. Thank you, John - I have found that when I turn to the thought - "See what God sees" - it reverses the picture and brings calm and peace to me and others.

  66. Thank you, John, for this Lift. It is voiced so clearly and thoughtfully. The ideas and Truths you state regarding tension, how it affects people, and what to do about it from a spiritual standpoint, make this Lift worth listening to again and again.

    Your Lifts are always a gift, and I hope you'll continue with more of them. They're inspiring and appreciated.

  67. What a spot on Lift. It 's exactly what I need for spring cleaning out the cobwebs of tension, which is a form of fear. Your message is a treatment for this bogus belief, as is each and every comment.

    When we press our palms tightly together, we feel pressure and tension, but with one hand behind our back, there is no such possibility. Relying on our one Father-Mother destroys tension!

  68. Thank you John Q. and lifters for your wonderful nourishment s. It expands my understanding of Christ's Word, "my peace I give unto you." "Peace be still." " Come unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give thee rest." Without Science of the Spirit, these sayings have little meaning. I pray all enjoy peace, LOVE, and understanding.

  69. Sincere gratitude Mr. Adams for the reminder that Love is the peace-filled solution, always.

  70. Thank you for that beautiful message.


  72. Thank you so much John.

  73. Thank's a lot John! I pay attention particularly to this: "When we turn away from tension giver... and turn our attention towards God, perfect Love, not only for the solution but AS the solution, it comforts us." I'm grateful for your lift today.

  74. John Q Adams you and your lifts are wonderful!

  75. Loved the lift and No 46 with the "pressurized suit of divine love analogy." I can certainly feel when tension arises in my thought and needs immediate dismissal. As a lecturer once said, "Reverse the wrong thought immediately with the truth."

  76. Thank you John for this excellent, strong, peace giving reminder, and thank you for all the inspiring comments. "Peace be still".

  77. Thank you John for this excellent, strong, peace giving message and thank you for all the inspired , loving comments.

  78. Thank you very much for your truly wonderful lift!

  79. What a wonderful -- and sooo needed -- lift. It reminded me that sometimes we believe that another's actions or views, when different from our own -- is somehow suggesting we are not being respected, or the "real" situation is not understood, etc. etc. For me, such false claims result in a supposed personal "goat" that I believe someone else has got, suggesting an enemy, where one does not exist. From your lift, I realized, when these false claims of personal sense are recognized, denied and thus overcome, tension disappears, leaving only perhaps differing opinions that Mind can, and will, clarify. What a lift, indeed.

  80. thank you John - just so lovely, and de-stressing!

    46 Diane - I love your analogy of the pressure suit protecting us as our 'panoply of love' as we rise above human stresses.

  81. Thank you, John.

  82. Thank you, John, for “Healing tension … turn … toward … God, not only for the solution but as the solution …”

    Wow!!! Inspiring!!! Thought-provoking!!!

    “Tension is never our friend,” and yet even when tension seems like an enemy - everything “works together for good” (Rom 8:28); and not only can we find that good; but, we can expect to “overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21), every time because “the only power of evil is to destroy itself” (S&H 168:19).

    In “THE WAY,” Mrs Eddy wrote: ““The pent-up elements of mortal mind need no terrible detonation to free them. Envy, rivalry, hate need no temporary indulgence that they be destroyed through suffering; they should be stifled from lack of air and freedom” (Mis 356:5).

    “In the battle of life, good is made more industrious and persistent because of the supposed activity of evil. The elbowing of the crowd plants our feet more firmly. In the mental collisions of mortals and the strain of intellectual wrestlings, moral tension is tested, and, if it yields not, grows stronger." (Mis 339:10).

    “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. – Shakespeare” (S&H iii:4).

  83. Good advice, John! Thank you.

  84. Thank you John - this is very helpful for us all in today's 'high pressured' world!

  85. Thank you John. Sometimes its not always easy when someone in your family is going through tension and you see them about to explode however I am learning that I can hold to the Truth in my own thinking and turn my thoughts to knowing that we are all under One God. God in charge. He is in control. And this can not just bring comfort ...but healing as well. Thank you...

  86. Thanks so much, John for your clear, spiritually practical and very needed message of your wonderful Lift!

  87. Hit the spot at the right moment. Thank you so much for your sharing.

  88. John, Thank you so much for this much needed reminder for myself and the world, that God is truly in control of our lives, he gives us all only good.There is no tension about anything , why? Because God, good is in control of our thought all the time We have no separate Mind from Him. We, think know and feel as God thinks, feels and knows , so we only know peace and Love.

  89. Wow! Thank you John and Lifter family for your declarations that there is but one Mind governing all and we can feel free from the suggestion that life is somehow out of control. I loved all the positive affirmations: Yield to perfect God, not for the solution, but AS the solution; There is only one Eternal Mind in operation, not many ruling minds; God is ever present, all knowing and all loving; Acknowledge God's ever presence and loving control over all situations; There is no power apart from God; There is only One Mind governing ALL; Peace be still and know that I AM God!!!! Simply powerful reassuring "Any questions?" yielding and trusting the I AM. Thanks to all.

  90. Loved your Lift and the link that directed us to your very helpful Lecture...in video even...felt we were actually there! So many outstanding healings, one right after another! We didn't want it to stop! With heartfelt appreciation for all you are doing for the Cause!