4/2: From burden to freedom

4/2: From burden to freedom

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  1. Thanks, Josh. This was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much. It reminds me of one of my favorite hymns: Hymn 124, which ends with: "I drop my burden at His feet, and bear a song away." What a release!

  2. Thank you Josh. What a wonderfully freeing message. Simple and direct. Whatever God has not authorised, we cannot have in our experience. Thanks again.

  3. Very moving and beautiful.Thanks Josh

  4. “Come unto me… I will give you rest… my burden is light…” http://bible.cc/matthew/11-28.htm
    A thought lifting promise to a spiritual view from an All-good, Omnipotent God —who’s nature could have created only good— and He’d chosen us to share His good!
    Isn’t it time to stop looking at what’s wrong in our lives and start recognizing and accepting the good that is ours by divine right?
    "Vengan a mí… Yo os haré descansar…mi carga es ligera…" http://bibliaparalela.com/matthew/11-28.htm
    Una promesa de un Omnipotente Dios, del todo bueno, cuya naturaleza solo pudo haber creado el bien, que eleva el pensamiento a una vision spiritual … ¡que nos escogió a nosotros para compartir ese bien!
    ¿No es ya hora de dejar de ver qué es lo que está mal en nuestras vidas y comenzar a reconocer y aceptar el bien que nos pertenece por derecho divino?

  5. Someone once said to me, "Never accept anything that does not belong to you." Since God, good does the only knowing, the multitude of prescriptions and medications of men do not belong to us as the children of God. Instead, meekness and love are all that we need to carry.

  6. Thank Josh, Nate and BoL, not an orginal message, but, "this is just what I needed to hear today"

    Samuela #1, Hy 124 reminds me of a testimony I gave one Wed evening of a healing from dropping a kitchen unit end board on my foot while wearing sandals.

    The Hy, introduced as I sat down was . . . . 124, I smiled the whole way through singing it.

    I am very grateful for Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy truly left us a wonderful gift. As she says in Prose works, healing is actually the smallest part. Learning to really live Life and Love is a huge part.

    Josh, your Lift reminds us this day, that no matter what our burdens may seem to be, when we approach our divine parent for succour, the burden evaporates into its "native nothingness"


  7. A refreshing thought to start the week . Thank you Josh.

  8. Hi Josh,

    Thank for your Daily Lift. I have been working a lot with a similar idea and hearing your Daily Lift helped to reinforce it. I am also grateful for Samuela for the Hymn.

    Last week as I was going about some tasks, I felt overwhelmed with the demands that were being placed on me. More and more demands are there waiting for me around the corner and I have to be so careful with the sense of time.

    I worked with being in my rightful place and I found I had to change the lens I was looking at life with; I had to change my thought of burden to a sense of direction, purpose, love and healing. The Prodigal Son must have felt a sense of burden being in his father's house and he escaped from it with all he thought he needed, only to have to return to it because it was his rightful place.

    In Barbados this week is called Holy Week and that sense of burden is often communicated as Jesus' crucifixion is reflected upon. Christian Science helps to uplift or 'resurrect' that thinking to one of purpose, protection and Life, eternal. Work in Branch Churches can require a lot and appear daunting, especially when there is much to do and so few to do it; but God is there.

    I am not aware of the sun asking itself "how am I going to shine through these clouds today?" The sun is just that, the sun. Likewise we too must tap our true individuality and...be our true self, fearless, filled with purpose, even if the task repeats itself daily; like the sun rising.

    Thanks Josh!

  9. Many thanks Josh for this great reminder that: "We are free and full of good." "The fullness of His glory/ Is shining from above,/ While more and more we learn to know/ The fullness of His love." (Christian Science Hymnal #65).

  10. My burden is light, lifted and free - a perfect lift today thank you! Excellent for those little tired bones that try to magnify themselves after a job well done and claim they did it. I love Josh,you reminding us of the fact that God is the only power in the Universe, and good. As today's Responsive Reading says, (in The Christian Science Bible Lesson) "And who will harm you if you are passionate for good?" Isn't that great! Thank you BoL, Josh and your gracious team.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. Your message has evaporated any sense of burden I felt this morning...bless you!

  13. Wonderful ,,, thank You !!!

  14. Thank you for this inspiring Lift. Thanks again to the Lifters.

  15. Thank you and a happy Easter week to all.

  16. Thank you Josh this is a perfect way to start the day, and the week for that matter! YEAH!!!!

  17. Great way to start off the week! The passage in Matthew was an excellent choice and really does guide us in how to be at peace when that "burden" of thought or tasks weight us down. Also, thanks to your "response team" of Lifters today too! Thanks Josh and to the BOL, Nate and BOD for blessing all of us with such a successful healing project. The DL is such a wonderful way to speak good to the world/Universe every weekday. Just Love It!!!

  18. Thanks so much, Josh, for this inspiring Lift and the lecture. I've only taken one back packing trip but could really relate to the wisdom of packing light. One of the statements that Mary Baker Eddy has given us that I carry with me is the sixth tenet: "And we (I) solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us (me) which was also in Christ Jesus, to do unto others as we (I) would have them do unto us (me); and to be merciful, just, and pure." In fact when I was planning my wedding back in 1950 the minister, who had also been my father's boy scout leader and kept Science and Health on his night stand, asked me if I would like something from Christian Science in the ceremony. I had never thought about that possibility and he suggested the sixth tenet. It was such a lovely inspirational promise to be included. And I pray with it daily along with the first two commandments to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love my neighbor as myself. Obedience to these spiritual laws are a daily protection from any form of evil that may try to present itself.

  19. It's one of my favorites verses too... My burden is light, is LIGHT. Each and every time I give up a false sense in life material I loose all sense of burden - for Light is no burden at all, but a blessing - freedom from burdens and I can rest assured that God has everything under control, total peace and calm.
    “Come unto me… I will give you rest… my burden is light" Thank you what a wonderful reminder to hold thought to the steadfast, the good and the true....

  20. La libertad de los hijos de Dios, de tomar el camino correcto de aceptar la tarea sirviendo a Dios.
    "Porque mi yugo es fácil, y ligera mi carga"Mateo
    "Que por esto mismo trabajamos y sufrimos oprobios, porque esperamos en el Dios viviente,"1º Timoteo

    "Veamos que nos dice Eddy en Relaciones: "Las discordias no son apoyadas por la naturaleza o por la ley divina, por mucho que se diga en contra" "La lucha por la Verdad nos fortalece en lugar de debilitarnos, nos da descanso en vez de fatiga".
    Sólo llevamos cargas si nos sometemos a lo mortal material y errado que nos agobia sumiendonos en el oprobio porque oscurece nuestra la relación con Dios y la tarea para la que hemos venido., de lo contrario Cristo Jesús no hubiera dicho que podiamos aún superar su obra, siento, cargando sólo la ligera y sublime "carga" de la espiritualidad.

    Muchas gracias Josh, buen reinicio de semana del Daily Lift.

  21. Thank you very much!

  22. Just Wonderful and Light, Josh! Thank you! I'm just so grateful that this Easter Week we are being joyfully prepared in thought through our Christian Science Bible Lesson, titled, "Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?" I just love that Christian Science is unique and incomparable and has no need to try and "fit in" or to be like anything else on Earth! I am learning that I don't have to lower the high standards of Christian Science when sharing it with others. I am learning to keep my boundaries, while "letting my light shine", and not to worry about what others will think of me when I talk and live Christian Science. I am learning I don't have to "water it down" just to get people to accept me. Christian Science stands firm on its own merits of spiritual healing! I have been thinking of what Jesus said: "And if I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me." Also, what Mary Baker Eddy said: ".........and all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited." This is Easter Week - let's keep it Holy! Much Love!

  23. Straight forward and directly to the point....Thanks Josh...! Needed the reminder that any burden...large or small, is light when seen as a chance to prove the Divinr power that works...it is GOD that carries the load...not HIS perfect reflection...! My strength come from and radiates for the Divine...NOT...the material...!


  24. Thanks, Josh, for this wonderful reminder that we are to let our light shine away any burden of darkness, doubt, or self. I had just looked up the definition of MORNING before receiving your Lift. From Science and Health page 591: MORNING. Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress.

    I am so grateful for these Daily Lift reminders which remind us that we are always in and of the light of MIND.

  25. Thank you, Josh!
    "My burden is light" - no darkness at all!

  26. What a day to remember, Josh! The first day of the new CSJournal, Sentinel and Herald, and what a great page: lots of audios and articles! WOW! And now tonight: YOUR Daily Lift "lifting us out of a sense of burden, right into freedom." How often have I repeatedly tried so hard to do something, when all the time GOD is the doer, and HE gets it right first time, every time! Wonderful comments above, and just the inspiration I needed to share.
    Thank you Nate and what a great job the team is doing; thanks to the BoL and lecturers; and to you good hearted Daily Lifters
    And congratulations to Aung San Suu Kyi - the Nelson Mandela of Myanmar - on your successful election to commence the new democratic Government.

  27. Thank you, Josh for this encouraging Lift. Thank you to all 19 Lift comments so far, as I type. #5 Malcolm, I remember having a major shift in my thinking with hymn 65, when instead of feeling life was one challenge after another, I glimpsed I was actually moving "from glory unto glory." #6 Troy, I appreciated your sharing and #19 Kim, thanks for reminding us that "light is no burden at all, but a blessing." Great stuff to start the week!

  28. This is the perfect lift for me today. I have a lot of yard work this time of year and I've been endeavoring to pray each morning prior to going out to start the work that I'm enjoying keeping it beautiful, that its fun to be outside (even pulling weeds) and creating a variety of color in various spots. So thank you so much for reminding me to go to God. No worries, no burden!

  29. Hello Josh and all. Thank you for the Monday lift to start my week out right. It hurts a little hearing your words and I suppose because what you offer goes very deeply into the truth of what we are trying to grasp and express. God is all and can there be room for anything but goodness? I do not know if I will ever have that answer but I can certainly aim for goodness and not my own but as an expression of the Creator's plan for me. I am deeply grateful for the foundation of thought Mary Baker Eddy has provided for the world. Truth is Truth and not exclusive to any denomination but I am a Christian Scientist and that means I must apply scientific thought to my day. My day is filled with freedom because I place myself in God's hands to do His will. Have a wonderful freeing day and thank you again for this lift.

  30. Thank you Josh for the reflection of God's loving spirit that lives within us all and for the daily reminder of our freedom to live from that space in each Conscious moment throughout our day. Joy and peace to all who connect through the Daily Lift today.

  31. Thank you.

  32. Thanks Josh,
    Absolutely clear metaphysics in Christian Science.

  33. Thank you Josh. The burdens I thought I had yesterday have disappeared with this morning's Daily Lift. But I realize they were not burdens at all just errorous thinking.
    All is well now and I'm looking forward to a sunny day. Yesterday's snowstorm has come and gone and joy and beauty abound.

  34. Thank you, Josh!!! Great Lift...So, we have a choice...Burden OR Freedom? Hmmmmmmmmmmm... :-)

  35. Wow! Thank you so much Josh for this wonderful reminder to let God do the work, and just reflect His power. Also thanks so much to all the lifters for their perceptive and helpful thoughts. Especially #8 Troy from Barbados, I so much appreciated the idea of changing the lens we are looking through. Very helpful!
    A big thank you also to #6 By yon bonnie banks, I loved the experience with Hymn #124, made me laugh! And God does indeed do all the work, so burdens evaporate! Love it!
    Blessings and gratitude to all,

  36. Thank you Josh for a very uplifting Lift! 'So important to constantly remind ourselves of how good God is!

  37. Thank you Josh, wonderful.

  38. Thank you Josh. This Daily Lift and your mini-lecture are so ENLIGHTENING and uplifting.

    It is often recommended when packing for a trip to lay out everything you think you'll need, then pack only half of them. And when we're packing for our continuing journey Spiritward -- from sense to Soul...matter to Spirit...error to Truth, we must remember to sort out carefully all we do not need.

    Cast the thieves out of the temple!!!

    And Bev #22, great comment on keeping Christian Science pure and undiluted. Christian Science is Christian Science! It not like anything else.

  39. Thanks everyone for the uplifting comments and to Josh for his dedication to Christian Science. The goodness of God frees us from any burden. Much gratitude.

  40. Jesus tells us in the same scripture (Matt 11:29-30) to "take my yoke upon you." Most folks wouldn't want to put on a yoke. It would suggest enslavement and no freedom. But we actually need to put on that yoke in order to experience freedom. It's a yoke of love, compassion, insight, understanding, and healing. I'm getting my yoke from the closet and putting it on before going out today.

  41. Thank you Josh. Burdens do not come from God so they have no power or reality. The burden of old age has required prayer and fasting from human opinions. Like you pointed out, Josh, we can toss them out and remain under Spirit's sweet control. I shall let Christ go before me, so I carry only what comes from God.

  42. Thanks just what I needed to hear this morning!! "Why should I the burden bear" from one of our Hymns; yes life is very empty without the understanding of God that Christian Science gives!!
    I am so grateful for all the blessings this understanding of spiritual reality has brought into my life!

  43. Thank You Josh! What a way to start the morning! The sun is shining here for the first time in days and the combination of the fresh sunshine, His Light, shining down and your message has truly lifted my spirits and made me smile from the inside out! Thank you so much! What a wonderful reminder, so simple and yet so true.

  44. An "invitation to be free" is an inspiring promise that makes our journey "light" in every sense of the word. Many thanks for this helpful Lift.

  45. I was lying awake last night thinking that I needed to hear something to free my mind. Funny enough that this lift was sitting in my inbox.
    Thank you so much for your fresh idea. We can't remind ourselves enough that it's a false sense of burden that we don't have to carry if we only lean on God.
    Much Love to everyone!

  46. Great lift! Thanks.

  47. Thank you this has helped me a great deal.

  48. Thanks for the message today--I had several things on my mind, and I wanted to feel "burdened", but I said to myself, "These burdens are not a part of my sunshine" and I just smiled.

  49. Thanks Josh for the reminder, "God is the ONLY POWER in the universe."

  50. Thank you, Josh, and our wonderful family of Lifters for such motivating thoughts. Worry about receiving deserved rewards in employment, grown children's lives staying on track, financial matters, etc. can always seem so consumming in my thoughts, but all I have to do is just "let go". Your voice was so full of promise and assurance when you said - "come unto me . . . . I will give you rest. . . my burden is light" and I felt just like I did as a small child when my parents would tell me everything was all right. No worries for me - I have seen the light! I have felt the power of the WORD.

  51. Cheerful reminder! Thank you, Josh.

  52. Thanks Josh to make me feel secure now and forever.

  53. Thank you, Josh, and I am grateful for your participation with youth, as you have the background and accomplishments to relate to them with great success.

    All blessings to you and yours

  54. Thanks Josh for that lovely Lift and lecture. That is one of my favorite Bible verses from Matthew 11:28 - 30.
    There is an inspiring article from the September 1896 Christian Science Journal, entitled Peace and Rest written by
    M. Bettie Bell.
    Thanks also for all the comments.
    Love and peace to all.

  55. Computer problems returned with a vengeance over the weekend, and piled new ones on, but I was able to hear this over the phone tonight. Thank you, Josh. I feel like I'm in a big test, and you gave me a work sheet to help me find the solutions. I'll work with this Lift until I get from what seems like point "B", back to point "A", also using other recent Lifts and mini lectures (no sound to listen to today's). I've got all I need to find the rest and peace God gives each of us. I finally got back 2 browsers, partially, but they need fixes as does the sound. I'm grateful I can now read comments, and submit one. That is progress today. There is no power to keep back the rest. #19 Kim's all in caps "LIGHT" helped me see a double lesson in the Bible verse. The burden we face is not only not too heavy to bear, but is also used to force me to look for spiritual light (enlightenment) in everyday tasks and negative claims. Thanks to all for the inspiring comments above. I don't feel so weighted down after reading them.

  56. Beautiful and scientific interpretation of Jesus's command and statement.

  57. This WILL form my prayer today.Thank you so much , Josh. Much love

  58. A neat reminder that I don't have to let burdens drag me down, but recognize them as ever uplifting knowing the ever present Christ is leading me to new spiritual heights.

  59. LOVE it, thanks Josh!

  60. What a nice lift with spiritually deductive reasoning. Hit the spot for me, Thanks

  61. Thanks Josh - an excellent and appropriate 'lift' in Easter Week.
    Likewise your short lecture this week. Well appreciated by a back-packer.

  62. In Sunday School I nearly wrote the same thing as you said. This is what I wrote 'I can have only one God because there is only one God in the world. There is no power other than God'. I am now going to change mine to 'universe'
    Thank you for the idea.
    Donat (age 7)

  63. 62 Donat Nagy, Thanks for sharing what you wrote. I'm expecting to read many more inspiring writings from you here, and also in our Christian Science periodicals, even for years to come.

  64. Joshua,
    Thank you for such a inspirational message.
    Your lecture titled: Travelling Light gives all of us the tools we need in life. I am so grateful for your message.

    Shirin Marefat

  65. Another outlook on "From Burdon to Freedom" that I used instinctively when I was a young boy was, whenever some thing I saw that was bothersome to me, I always saw it as a movie, I was watching a movie. It was just a movie. It wasn't true at all. It might be true in material terms, but as the outlook changed, then the truth of it comes out. It never happened since "God is of purer eyes to behold evil."

  66. Thank you Josh for this Daily Lift!! It was something I need to hear today. Thank you again fot this Lift today!!

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