4/18: Refuge from the cross

4/18: Refuge from the cross

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts today.
    As I was listening to your ideas the title of one of the poems by our Leader Mary Baker Eddy came to my attention "Christ My Refuge" those words are powerful and they are a revelation of safety, inspiration and guidance to each one.
    "Father, where Thine own children are, I love to be."
    So grateful for your message and the daily lift.

  2. Thank you Chet. In our unity with God, we find our "refuge from the storm", our oneness with the Father. It is for everyone of us to experience and remain in the consciousness of Love. Just as we learn in Christian Science that we can experience heaven right here on earth. Mrs. Eddy defines heaven as "spirituality". (see S&H pg. 587 for full definition) Spirituality is where perfect health, joy and freedom are found. What a great place to reside. Thank you again.

  3. Dear Chet thank you so much . These lifts come at a time we need them . I wanted a quiet time today . My family had a different idea . My son David rang to say he and his wife and children were coming with presents for my birthday . I really wanted to say no but I don't see them very often so I couldn't do that . Listening to your lift helped to feel at peace and enjoy the time with my son and his wife and grand children . I felt that Christ Jesus and our Heavenly Father wanted us to be happy and loving towards others instead of feeling sad. We read in The First Epistle general of John . Chapter 1. Verse. 3&4. That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you , that ye also may have fellowship with us :and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his son Jesus Christ . And these things write we unto you , that your joy may be full . I am so grateful for The Daily Lifts and for all the lifters that are helping me to grow . Much Love to all x

  4. Lovely! So helpful and inspiring. Thanks, Chet!

  5. Thank you! Very helpful insight.

  6. Thank you for this perspective. I always struggle around Easter with the seemingly broader focus and emphasis on Jesus suffering on the cross, versus the uplifting and transforming healing thought of resurrection, and the demonstration of Life over death, Spirit over matter, and Love over hate. It is nice to be able to think of Jesus on Good Friday in an atmosphere of peace, refuge and Love and to know that we can feel that too even in tough times.

  7. I love that you are talking about the refuge in the garden. I've been thinking about that for the last couple of days. There is a thread through the Bible, a thread of gardens. The first (Adam and Eve's)according to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance was an enclosed garden and the word for that kind of green had it's root in the word for "enclosure". The garden mentioned in John is just a garden and I think that is significant. Isn't it? Isn't the mortal sense of life and growth limited, bounded by accident, life spans, illness etc? While the gardens mentioned in Jesus' pre to post resurrection experiences point to unlimited growth and progress, unbounded by the material beliefs. The word
    'refuge' is so perfect for this kind of garden of unlimited possibilities and vistas.It denotes the spiritual sense, the Comforter.

  8. Just lovely - no need for me add more - JUST LOVELY!

  9. This is lovely and so good to be reminded of what was really going on. Thank you Chet.

  10. Thank you, Chet, for “Refuge from the cross … in … conscious awareness of God’s presence and power and of … oneness with divine love … expect to see signs of grace and refuge and peace and protection right in the middle of what may be … ‘cross’ experiences …” I’m so glad you've shared this most beautiful revelation, which explains so well the Truth of (our!) being. Very inspired!!! Very inspiring!!!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings you felt while sitting in the garden of the site of Jesus' tomb; this feeling of being in a refuge, being comforted and renewed. This year I've mentioned to several friends that Easter is all about forgiveness. How Jesus was able to forgive the betrayal of Judas, one of his disciples with the words, "Friend, what are you doing?"; and nearly his final words on the cross were "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." His ability to forgive was based on his understanding of life as a spiritual force; and that eternal existence does not exist in matter. He called the belief of life in matter a lie, and therefore without real intelligence. So whether malicious or ignorant, he could say "...they know not [life in Spirit nor] what they do."
    Yes, Easter is about forgiveness, and I love your added dimension that Easter is about our refuge, our renewal.
    Thank you, Chet.

  12. Chet - this is helpful, thankyou.

  13. Chet, Thank you. God cared totally for Jesus, as He does for all of us.

  14. Thank you for the insightful perspective.

    Serame Maraba
    South Africa

  15. Thank you - so beautifully put and your gentle voice so reassuring. The thought of refuge reminded me of something that struck me especially in the lecture by Carol Dee Lewis that was pasted in a recent Christian Science Journal. She was talking about building our house on a rock - "The Rock - Christ, Truth - fearless Truth! Jesus didn't say the storms wouldn't come because we built on the rock. He said we'd survive the storms because we're on that Rock, Christ".

    When I first came into Science a church member told me of a remarkable healing she had as a child, and I thought to myself that because of this healing, God was obviously with her always, and she couldn't be harmed by anything ever again!!!! How little I knew then that we may have challenge after challenge come to us, and that we have metaphysical work to do with the small amount of understanding we may have, in order to stay on that Rock.

    However, how comforting to know that Christ has overcome all these challenges, and Christian Science, the Science of Christ, supplies us with a safe place, or refuge until we see their nothingness and they all disappear for ever for us all,.

    Have a joyful and uplifting Easter everyone - and thank you to everyone who helps to keep us lifted up with Christ.

  16. Thank you, Chet. Having been there last year, your sharing has more meaning now.It's a story within a story.

  17. Thank you , Chet, for this peaceful, comforting Easter message. A favourite Hymn springs to thought
    A grateful heart a garden is,
    Where there is always room,
    For every lovely, Godlike grace,
    To come to perfect bloom".( CS hymnal no 3).

    With love and gratitude to you all, dear practitioners.

  18. I think you got it right, I am so glad to have been in that garden!

  19. Thanks for this reminder of God's love being all-in-all, and for all time, as so beautifully demonstrated by Jesus! Gracias Chet!

  20. Many thanks Chet for this peaceful reminder that, " We can all feel our oneness with divine Love." "Day by day the understanding/ Of our oneness shall increase,/ Till among all men and nations/ Warfare shall forever cease,/ So God's children all shall dwell/ in joy and peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #157).

  21. Lovely and truly uplifting. Thank you

  22. Thank you Chet,for this lovely peacegiving lift.Its so fresheningto have this harmonious idea of easter friday.Jesus must have been secure in Gods harmonyand Love knowing that as the only reality.He knew ahead what was going to happen but he showed no fear,just calmlove and forgiveness.He knew for certain that "in him we live,and move and have our Being".that is the only reality,living in harmony,like the blackbird singing inthe night,and the rainbow of promise stretching across the sky with no begining or end.Jesus must have been in that reality of beauty love and eternal peace,living Gods nightsong and joy of day without end.
    Thank you so much for presenting this "other"and perhaps only reality.
    A joyful beautiful peaceful and harmonious Easter to all.....with enormous love

  23. Thank you Chet for this thoughtful and tender Lift.

  24. Thank you Chet for this helpful Easter message. It remembers me 30 years before when sitting alone under the many hundred years old olive trees in this garden near Jerusalem and feeling the very special atmosphere of peace and timelessness, Still today this deep impression is very present and symbolic to me, that the touch with the Christ never will leave me on a stage I had been before. So resurrection is a great experience with daily steps.

  25. Jews commemorate the exodus from slavery, out Egypt, to the promised land.
    They celebrate being saved from the great tragedy that stalked the Egyptians, while passing over the Hebrew residences.

    Christians, celebrate Jesus Christ great triumph, his resurrection.
    (The word Easter means, to pass over or jump)

    Christians celebrate the glorious passage of Jesus from death to life.

    An absolute proof of love.


    Los Judíos conmemoran el éxodo que los libró de la esclavitud en Egypto hacia la tierra prometida.
    Celebran el haber sido salvados de la gran tragedia que acechaba a los Egypcios, pasando por alto las residencias hebreas.

    Los Cristianos, celebramos el gran triunfo de Jesucristo: su resurrección.
    (La palabra Pascua significa, pasar o saltar)

    Los Cristianos celebramos el glorioso paso de Jesús de la muerte a la vida.

    Una prueba de amor absoluta.

  26. Thank you Chet. I seem to be right in the middle of the worst cross experience I have ever dealt with (with the very sudden and unexpected passing of my wonderful husband) and yet I also am experiencing and acknowledging many proofs of Gods tender grace and care. I know He is caring for us both, I just miss him so and feel lost as to what to do now with my life. But thank you for this wonderful lift and for its tender message of how Jesus was able to get through that experience. It was settled my heart some.

  27. Thank you Chet. Your Lift might be as close as I come to visiting that garden. You did a beautiful job of taking me there. Happy Easter to all!

  28. Thank you Chet for that beautiful lift. Lovely to think of that garden as a refuge rather than palace of.sadness. My garden brings me a sense of peace, beauty, tranquility, for which I am so grateful. Like other lifters have said, these daily expressions of inspiration are such a blessing, thank you again for today,s lift. Happy Easter !

  29. Thank you, such a wonderful feeling It seems like I am right there. Many thanks to all.

  30. Thank you for bringing us into this sanctuary of pure love at this special time of the year, a refuge for us all to demonstrate when we need to. "The lonely precincts of the tomb gave Jesus a refuge from his foes, a place in which to solve the great problem of being" (S&H 44:5-7).

  31. I've never been to Jerusalem but I have been to a place in my mind where peace grows like a sheltered garden. Thank you for this lovely image in Soul.

  32. I love your thoughts about a quiet garden atmosphere, but I have just come from Church Alive Midwest and they don't leave you in the "garden". I guess the consciousness of "all is well" goes with one.

  33. Thank you Chet for this lovely reminder that the Christ, the true identity of man, is our ever present refuge amid life's storms, as Jesus came to teach and demonstrate for all mankind. To #7, Robin, there is a lovely article from the June 1976 Journal, The Two Gardens by Dorothy E Klein, that discusses the differences of the Garden of Eden and Gethsemane. A very enlightening read!
    Thank you all for all of the hymn references, it just proves to me how these Daily Lifts inspire each one of us individually, meeting our every need.
    I love reading the comments posted every day and especially love seeing how Christian Science covers the globe when commentors share their location.
    "Let us sing of Easter gladness That rejoices every day, Sing of hope and faith uplifted: Love has rolled the stone away, Lo, the promise and fulfillment, Lo the man whom God hath made, Seen in glory of an Easter Crowned with light that cannot fade." Hymn 171.
    A happy, joyfilled Easter to all!

  34. How beautiful and comforting to know that we can all feel God's ever present comfort and care in all circumstances and instead of a crucifixion experience, find a resurrecting one.

  35. What a beautiful Lift! Thanks so much. The beauty of the cross - and the crown!

  36. Re comment #1, apparently our Leader's first draft of this poem read "where There own children are, and love to be" but she changed it to what it is now...so much more inclusive!

  37. In the early morning hours of Good Friday, what nourishing and comforting concepts of peace, dominion, forgiveness, sanctuary are ours to contemplate thanks to Chet and all the lifters' comments ~ much gratitude.

  38. Thank you Chet for your heart felt Easter message and the loving oneness that is the essence of this Good Friday .

  39. Splendidly Expressed, Thankyou for sharing your insightful experience to reflect upon today.

  40. Deepest gratitude to you Chet for this , for me , appropriate Lift ,as I face a challenging seeming health problem .I shall hold on to this Lift ,especilly today.

  41. 8 and #27 comments coming from a Rose and a Rosie. I love both sentiments. Living in a tropical climate, friends are always amazed at how well my roses do. I'm grateful for my gardens and the daily feeling of renewal I feel while in them.

    Chet-thank you so much for your clarity! I'm going to share your lift with many people; it is perfect.
    I am forever grateful starting my days with the Daily Lifts. You all are blessings to me.
    A Very Joyful Easter to all.

  42. What a beautiful and comforting thought that Jesus had a refuge from the cross. Thanks so much, Chet! And a Joyous Easter to all!

  43. ¡Pascua! de acuerdo a la tradución, saltar, pasar.

    Entonces me pregunto: ¿Qué hizo Cristojesús, salto eludiendo el mendato divino, o acaso pasó desapercibido eludiendo su tarea? Ni lo uno ni lo otro, demostró cual era la tarea, aún en contra de todas las reconvenciones que sus discípulos le hicieron, al no comprender aún la real naturaleza de su sumisión, a la pretendida intensión de acallarlo colgándolo en una cruz.

    Entonces vuelve a sugir pregunta, ¿Acaso la cristiandad sigue sus pasos fielmente o se salta los obtáculos, y pasa de largo a la ardua tarea que requiere seguir el mandato divino, como Él lo hizo? Buena pregunta que a diario me hago a mi misma, ¿Sigo con fidelidad la senda marcada por El, o doy saltos eludiendo los desafios que a diario se me presentan de demostrar que sí el Amor puede saltar y pasar de largo sobre toda pretención de que hay un final, muerte... para el ser; que es la real sustancia divina que nunca muere, solo cambia de un estado de creencia de muerte a una realidad de eternidad.

    "Les quitas el hálito, dejan de ser, y vuelven al polvo" Salmos

    "Equivocando su origen y naturaleza, el hombre cree ser una combinación de materia y Espíritu.
    A veces somos llevados a creer que la oscuridad es tan real como la luz" MBE

    La Pascua demuestra el camino que lleva a la inmortalidad donde no se necesita sacrificio para acceder, solo lo humano-material necesita esa demostración.

    Muchas gracias Chet, cerramos la semana con gozo.

  44. Always love your shares! Thank you Chet. :D

  45. JD, #32, your remark summarizes what I was thinking as well today. “How these daily lifts inspire each one of us individually”. I jotted down the keynote as I heard it from each of the 31 lifters thus far.

    Here we go in order: Refuge, oneness, peace to fellowship, gratitude, insight, atmosphere, garden growth, lovely, reality, conscious awareness of God’s presence, forgiveness, helpfulness, God’s care, insight, rock-Christ Truth-fearless Truth, sharing, grateful heart, garden experience, demonstrated, oneness, uplifting, security, tender, touch which moves us permanently onward, proof of love, happy, daily inspiration, felt, sanctuary of pure love, mental garden of peace, all is well…. Easter Gladness for sure!

    Thank you, all - and thank you Chet, for painting the Easter event in LIVING color!

  46. Beautiful!mThank you!

  47. Such a profoundly comforting and healing Lift, Chet, thank you! Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 57 of Unity of Good, "Man's refuge is in spirituality, 'under the shadow of the Almighty.'" How eternally grateful I am for the refuge of the Christ Science and for all the blessings of Church. Thank you again and all Lifters. Easter blessings all!

  48. Beautiful! Thank you!

  49. Beautiful! Thank you!

  50. Thanks so much, Chet, for sharing with us what came to you while in the garden last year. To #31, yes, I, too, am grateful that just as Jesus didn't remain in the garden but rose up and went forth to prove he was alive, we, too, go forth as an united Church...Alive!!! As the President of The Mother Chirch shared in her keynote address, "We are not a sleeping church, but a healing church!"

  51. So very grateful for opening our thought to the eternal, inviolable living presence of the Love that is our source of life....that rises untouched in quiet glory and beauty from the ashes of war, earthquake, wind and fire.

  52. A definition of longsuffering is 'patience over the longhaul.' We want to cultivate the patience which is more than a moment, but can stay the course.

    And patience is a word about vision--not the patience which is toe-tappnig, like waiting for a bus. But the patience that says "I know something else is going on besides the suffering"--indeed, Chet, that is the refuge of God's love holding us until the dream dissolves.

    Thank you for the stillness of this Good Friday message.

  53. Thank you Chet for a beautifully spoken and comforting image for me to have on this Good Friday. You always bring your thoughts home so perfectly and earnestly and I am grateful to see a lift from you on this significant day. We can always seek peace in the middle of tragedy. Thank you also Robin (7) for some very interesting food for thought today. As we in the northern climes are just poised in our doorways, seed packets in hand, ready to get into the gardens, looking for the first signs of the renewal of the spring. Happy Easter to everyone !

  54. Often I have wondered how Jesus felt through this experience. Thank you for helping me understand. It is completely consistent with who he was, with his ministry of love, of peace and renewal, that he himself would be at peace through the crucifixion, and that the resurrection would be the result, the natural conclusion. What a great lesson, and what a difference it makes in the human experience, when it is understood!

  55. "....care, protection and love." A wonderful Daily Lift that reminds me of our beloved Christian Science nurses who bring a sense of refuge and grace to us as we work through a challenge and rise to full healing. I'm so grateful to Mrs. Eddy who established this Manual-based activity of Christian Science nursing which we are all commanded to do. Thank you precious CS nurses, Chet, and all those contributors whose comments are so helpful.

  56. Perfect for today. Thank you Chet

  57. I have learned that "resurrection" is when you no longer want to return to your old experience. Thank you Chet for this beautiful Easter message.

  58. During the Wednesday Meeting at our church this week, a man gave a testimony and framed it with his new understanding of the cross and crown seal, which had blessed his activities during the day. He mentioned that the cross and the crown are TOGETHER in this seal. It's not necessarily that first comes the cross and then the crown as the reward, but the crown is there even during the hard experience. As Chet mentioned, the refuge, safety and renewal being present even during the crucificion.

    Looking at the seal on this website, the crown surrounds the cross.

  59. Chet, I too have visited that garden several times. Thank you for sharing from the heart symbolism you felt there.

  60. I was recently walking in a place that was overgrown with weeds, untended trees, things out of place, and there, in the middle of it all, was a lovely rose bush full of pink, fragrant flowers. It seemed out of place in its surroundings, but really it was representing what you shared with us: in the place of trials, we always have our garden, our roses. Thank you, Chet.

  61. Refuge FROM the cross or ON the cross?

    "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" (Matthew)

    "Was it just for Jesus to suffer? No; but it was
    inevitable, for not otherwise could he show us the way
    and the power of Truth." (S&H)

    The resurrection and ascension were two different events and two different lessons.

  62. Dear Chet, Thank you for this message of hope, given with such tenderness and love. I felt Christ's love as you shared these wonderful ideas.

  63. Thank You Chet! .....what a inspiring, peaceful, and calm lift. I never understood why this was called "Good Friday" it always brought me such sadness for what Jesus went through. Your lift's message of "refuge, hope and renewal" brings more calm to my thought today!
    ....A garden where there is "growth" not "death!," a place of strength and life and victory not sadness!!
    Encircling Love to All today!! : ) : ) : )

  64. Most certainly. Jesus was upheld by all the prophecies which he was fulfilling, knowing the true import and outcome for himself and the world. Thank you for sharing a whole new view, a retake on those events. Great joy is the only possible response to the Easter story of victory over death and the grave.

  65. Thank you, Chet, for giving us a real sense of that Garden and the spiritual insights you gained! I love how Mrs. Eddy caught the idea of "No Cross, no Crown". The Cross and the Crown is the symbol on our textbook, Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, and on all of the Christian Science publications. Thank you also to #15 Pearl for your comment re. Challenges. A C.S. Practitioner explained to me once about the difference between "Harmonialism" (wanting Life to have no problems) and real Christian Science where we learn how to overcome our challenges (our Cross) and then receive the Joy of the Crown, Spiritual Growth! I'm planning to attend a Christian Community Good Friday Celebration at our local downtown movie theater - called "The Triumph"! Happy Easter Love to All!

  66. Thanks Chet! I love it. I expect to see Beauty, Love and Truth; even in the midst of seeming chaos. All
    reality is Good. God is Love! "We must form perfect models in thought and look at them continually, or we shall never carve them out in grand and noble lives. " S&H

  67. Wow! Good comfort, Chet!
    I have often felt that the "cross" in my life is undemonstarted because my thoughts tend toward how GOOD God is to me. Mrs. Eddy says we must have the cross - and it looms as an inescapable fate before me. Is Jesus's fate to be ours? If so I love the new "escape clause" you present: cheerfulness can also be out fate. To live the Christ life does not always lead to those around us hating and mistrusting us.

  68. 42 Nancy, thank you so much for summarizing all the previous comments. What a power house list of healing truths. Thanks for doing that. Thanks, Chet. Yes, I can see like all the other comments, Jesus, must have been quiet, at one with God, to forgive on the cross and raise from the dead. I need to strive more to have that peace and assurance during troubled times.

  69. thank you so much Chet, this is so TRUE, GOD IS ALWAYS PRESENT and you have said it such very beautiful words, that holy garden is present in our thoughts if we look for it.

  70. Thank you Chet for that peace-giving and love-filled Lift. Such a comfort to know of the peace of the resurrection rather than the anguish. And I can hardly thank the Lifters enough for their insights, love, and the wonderful variety of comments. What a wonderful start to the Good Friday!
    Blessings, Judith

  71. Thank you Chet, for your beautiful thoughts!

  72. No matter where we are or what we are going through the comfort of the Christ is always with us. We are always in the "secret place of the most high". I like to think that Jesus was in that secret place before the stone was rolled away and he arose.
    Thank you Chet for this comforting Lift and to all our family of Lifters, have a joyous Easter.

  73. Thank you! Simply, thank you!

  74. Thank you Chet for sharing your insight and inspiration with us...beautiful.

  75. I absolutely love this perspective. Thank you.

  76. Lovely!

  77. I absolutely love this perspective. Thank you.

  78. Thank you, Chet, for this very thoughtful Easter blessing.

  79. Thank you so much, Chet and everyone...for these caring thoughts...
    Much appreciated ...Sandy

  80. Thank you Chet for your loving inspiration.A practitioner said to me one Easter season a few years ago: We see as God sees,We know what God knows ,We are what God is. And that is what Jesus proved in the Resurrection! Wishing all Easter Joy every day!!!

  81. Beautiful . THank you for this lovely Easter time picture of love surrounding the place where Jesus' body lay. I enjoy the picture you paint for us. Have a lovely Easter one and all.

  82. Thanks so much, Chet, this added to my understanding. All you Lifters have too. A friend was fussing about all the bunny and eggs business right now and I was glad to share that Easter represent the risen Christ in our thinking and that we can celebrate the true risen Christ everyday - every day is Easter.

  83. "We all have a cross to bear," A TV Preacher once gave a sermon on that subject. But what he didn't bring out is that suffering isn't necessary to understand man's relationship with God.
    That suffering was done by Jesus over 2000 years ago so none of us would have to go through with it. But none listened to it, understood it or demonstrated it. Our refuge from the cross finally came again in a little book called S&H by MBE and those who abide by that book, refuge from the cross is finally demonstrable with thousands of testimonies bearing it's explanation on how to accomplish it. MARVELOUS and WONDERFUL!

    Daily Lift Team:
    The book referred to as S&H by MBE is "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. You can read or purchase "Science and Health" online or at your local Christian Science Reading Room.

  84. Many thanks Chet, I love this lift!!

    Hermosos y verdaderos pensamientos para un Viernes Santo....Gracias a Dios por el Amor derramado a todos sus hijos!

  85. What a joyful lift this morning as we cherish the Easter experience and celebrate growth, renewal, the risen Christ in our lives. Thank you Chet for alerting us to see beyond the cross experience to the sanctuary of prayer that prepared the way for the resurrection and the proof of eternal life.

  86. WOW, Chet what a joyful,uplifting perspective you offer us this Good Friday. I feel the love and holliness from your Lift. I am greatful for all
    responders and thier heartfelt messages.
    Blessings, Joan P.

  87. What a beautiful message filled with love and hope and comforting peace. Thanks!

  88. I just gave a Wednesday service on the cross and the crown, and am always struck by how eloquently and movingly Mary Baker Eddy speaks of Jesus' experience in her chapter "Atonement and Eucharist" in Science and Health. She understood the suffering and the blessing of LOVE that turns us from sense to Soul. Like the prodigal son -- comforted the instant he turns thought toward the Father. The Father Love is ever present, the angel "unawares" is with us.

    Mrs. Eddy I think captures the human and divine coincidence in the crucifixion experience (not just on the cross) when she writes, "When the human element in him struggled with the divine, our great Teacher said: "Not my will, but Thine, be done!" — that is, Let not the flesh, but the Spirit, be represented in me. This is the new understanding of spiritual Love. It gives all for Christ, or Truth." Again, she speaks of Jesus' human desire for his disciples' understanding and support, which they were not able to give. She notes, "There was no response to that human yearning, and so Jesus turned forever away from earth to heaven, from sense to Soul."

    So much of this chapter took on deeper meaning for me as I prepared and studied this lesson, in concert with our weekly Bible lessons on the Easter message. When I read, that Jesus met his fate "alone with God," the emphasis shifted for me, from "alone" to "with God"! And I think this is the message Chet is sharing. Each moment Jesus was in the arms of Love.

  89. A beautiful message, Chet. Thank you!

  90. What a beautiful lift . . . and the idea of focusing on the "refuge . . . awareness of God's power and love . . ." Such a perfect way to start the day and to step into this Easter weekend. Thank you, Chet

  91. That is a WOW. I have been studying diligently to come from erroneous thinking and you have brought to light so much, as you always do, putting the Truth into inspired thought.

  92. Thank you Chet, What a wonderful Daily Lift for today. Thanks also for all the comments. They are all wonderful!!! #55, you are so right, and so beautiful explain. Thank you so much! Everyone have a joyous Easter!

  93. Last Christmas I received a gorgeous poinsettia from a loving Christian couple. It is still blooming with lots of red blooms. The previous Christmas I also received a poinsettia and it lasted until August. I figured out that it loves the location above the kitchen sink with the full window sunlight it gets for a short period in the morning and lots of reflected light until dark, and the probable moisture it gets from the activities that take place at the kitchen sink off and on during the day. It evidently is the plant's refuge. If a plant can have a fulfilling refuge so can we as God's dearly loved children. A refuge that has been described in so many wonderful ways from all you lifters. A mental garden full of Love's radiating peace, harmony, and refreshing healing truths is certainly where we really dwell all the time, regardless of the human circumstances. Let's accept the blessed Easter gladness with joy. It's here forever. Love and Easter blessings to one and all. Thank you for making the Easter weekend joyful.

  94. This changed my day to a real Good Friday filled with care, protection and love. Thanks so much.

  95. Wonderful !!! thank you :-)

  96. Thanks Che for painting such a Vusual
    painting for us of the PEACE & TRANQUILITY
    of the resurrection.

  97. Wonderful Lift, Chet. Thanks so much for your inspiring thoughts. Also there are so many great comments from fellow Lifters that I am going over all again to soak up the helpful ideas offered as well. Bless Nancy from Yellow Springs (#45) for summarizing keynotes in the comments. One idea I'd to add: When we are faced with a cross experience, face it down, see through it for the lie about our being that it is, and are victorious, the next and final step is glorifying God (learning from the experience and rising higher in our understanding of Him), which is illustrated so many times in the Bible. These Daily Lifts are such blessings. Thank you everyone!

  98. Oh Chet . . . what a precious gift this Lift is to me, and to so many others. A refuge from the cross, indeed . . .

    28 Louise, and #40 John, know that you (and your dear husband, Louise), are wrapped in my prayers today . . . and what deep comfort to know that God/Love/Grace is right where you are, bearing you up and through any valleys.

  99. What a comfort! We may all use this in the midst of any seeming trial. It reminds me of Mrs. Eddy's hymn, "Mother's Evening Prayer". "God is our refuge, only with mine eye can I behold the snare, the pit, the fall." The glossary definition of "Eyes" in the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures states in part "spiritual discernment". Today's lift is a spiritually discerned view of the refuge we each one have as the result of Jesus' demonstrations and experiences. How grateful I am for awakening to this spiritual aspect of his ultimate human demonstration. Many thanks for today's lift. Sharon :-)

  100. 26 Dear Louise, your life and the life of your beloved husband are"hid with Christ in God." Hymn 370 of the Christian Science Hymnal. Yes, both of you together, unseparated, with God in this "pure eternal union." "We are hid with Christ forever/In the Father's holy plan." ... so no need to worry about what you're going to do with your life! He has a holy plan for you. May you feel the care, protection, love and peace that the refuge of God's loving presence provides. Love and hugs. <3

    Thank you so much Chet for this inspiring lift. (=

  101. Thank you Chet.

  102. Thank you, Chet! A lovely article by Ivmy Gwalter expands on this idea so beautifully - it;s entitled, "Neither Coming, Nor Going."

  103. In No and Yes p. 36, Eddy writes: "The real Christ was unconscious of matter, of sin, disease, and death, and was conscious only of God, of good, of eternal Life, and harmony. Hence the human Jesus had a resort to his higher self and relation to the Father, and there could find rest from unreal trials in the conscious reality and royalty of his being---- holding the mortal as unreal, and the divine as real." The article entitled "Is There No Sacrificial Atonement" begins on p.33

  104. Thank you, Chet for your very moving, poignant and eternally timely Lift! NancyWV #88, this week I also reread the same chapter "Atonement and Eucharist" from Science and Health; your insightful comment was most helpful and enlightening! Loved all worldwide Lifter sharing and loving cheers for the DL team! Joyous Easter to all.

  105. It is 2am in the morning Easter Saturday here in Australia and I am sitting in bed reading all the lovely lifts . I to like 55 are so grateful for our CS nurses also our Practitioners . To 26 my mum always told us of the beauty like Chet said about the garden that beauty is always with us as lifters have said we still remember going there . On the day of my mums passing over 40 years ago I was truly trying trying to be what my mum wanted me to know that she was still going on God was still loving and caring for her as he always had . We'll it wasn't easy but one thing stood out and still does today . My dad was doing some work in the house and he had put the rubbish in the back yard I walked out the back feeling down when I looked over at the rubbish and saw a beautiful snow drop peeping out from it and I knew that beauty never stops it is always around us we just have to look for it . Much love to all and a Happy Easter from Australia x

  106. Thank you Chet for this beautifully inspiring lift which seems to have inspired all of us today. For me the daily lift has grown, deepened from initially showing up as adult Sunday school to today showing up as prayer after prayer of practitioner treatment for their depth of love and joy and shared unfoldment. Here we are all lovingly treating each other with spiritual insight and deep gratitude. Thank you God for this beautiful unfoldment.

  107. All I can say is "WOW" what a wonderfully deep insight! Yes, remembering how when going into
    a situation where there was strife and discord ahead .. by just staying in Spirit, Love for God and Life,
    peace was present, that blessed assurance of doing the right thing even when confronted by hate
    Divine Love was there to take you all the way, of course Jesus knew that He was about his Fathers
    business. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  108. Thank you Chet.

  109. From Hymn No. 381: "She (Mary) knew the Christ, undimmed by dying, live forevermore to save; Creative Mind, all good supplying, Had triumphed over cross and grave. "
    Many thanks for this lovely lift.

  110. Thank u Chet for this lovely Lift.

    To #26, Louise - Three years ago, I lost my husband. It took me a while to figure out that if every time I thought of him and missed his presence, if I gave gratitude for something we had done together, or something that I loved especially about him, my thought became uplifted and I could move on to being grateful for all the many blessings I had. I found "gratitude" to be one of my best defenses to anything mortal mind wanted to throw at me.

    With love and happy Easter wishes to all.

  111. Well, yes, there really is a separate reality or refuge for us all: right here under our own noses. I just have to acknowledge it before the editorial board in my own me-mind.

  112. Reading all of your comments is a wonderful way to begin the Easter weekend! I'm grateful for #103 from Katherine for sharing that passage from Mary Baker Eddy's "No and Yes." Don't we ALL have this same "resort" to our higher selves - the Christ view - in the midst of hard experiences? I also love Mrs. Eddy's short description of how Jesus prayed: "he withdrew from the material senses to refresh his heart with brighter, with spiritual views" (Science and Health, p. 32). This captures, for me, what the Garden Tomb setting felt like - spiritual refreshment and a refuge from the physical senses. But it also illustrated how tenderly and practically God cared for His faithful son. We can all feel his same tender care when we need it most. To dear Louise, I just want to say that what your husband has glimpsed of eternal life is a blessing you can share in, too. Mrs. Eddy's description of Jesus' resurrection applies to all of us when we have lost someone: "His resurrection was also THEIR resurrection" (Science and Health, p. 34). We can always expect to feel the Christ consoling and lifting - never allowing us to "guard the tomb."

  113. CHET, what a wonderful way to start this Good Friday. Your Lift , and the sharing of all the other commentators around the world, is so inspiring. Thanks to you and to each of them!

  114. After running around all day, I came home and heard this message and it brought me such peace, thank you.

  115. Thank you, Chet. So very lovely to realize there is always a refuge of a caring garden to be sheltered in in any storm.

  116. Thank you Chet and everyone for all of the inspirational comments. I needed the thoughts of renewal, resurrection and refuge this morning; I'm feeling frustrated about a physical problem I'm praying about that doesn't seem to want to yield to the truth. While reading the comments, a line from a hymn kept playing in my head and I finally thumbed through the hymnal and managed to find it fairly quickly, from Hymn #9: "All glory be to God most high/And on the earth be peace,/The angels sang, in days of yore,/The song that ne’er shall cease,/Till all the world knows peace." All we need is Love and God's guidance, to bring us through the tribulations of the cross into the sweet garden of resurrection. Thanks and much love to everyone who produces these wonderful Daily Lifts and to those who gain help and inspiration from them and share it with the rest of us.


  118. Beautiful thoughts -- Thank you.

  119. Thank you Chet and all lifters for these beautiful, healing thoughts. Blessings to all this beautiful Easter Season.

  120. Thanks so VERY much for sharing your Easter thoughts today.....so precious!!

  121. Thanks Chet

  122. Dear Louise #26, I too have recently and suddenly lost my wonderful husband. I want to share an article with you that has been most comforting to me. The Passing of the Sea Gull by Louise Wheately Cook Hovnanian. It was first published April 4, 1927 in the C.S. Monitor. It was recently in the Oct. 21st, 2013 C.S. Sentinel.

    A friend who also recently lost her husband told me that when she is tempted to say how much she is missing him she turns it around and says how much she is loving him. It really does help.

    Remember nothing has happened. Our dear husbands are the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow, and we are all in Mind.

  123. Dear Chet
    As I finished listening today's DL for the third time, I really had to write again a little comment just to thank you so much for the beautiful, inspired, Spirit revealed insight you are sharing with us. What a wonderful Easter gift!
    God bless you!

  124. Inspiring Chet. Thank you for this message of joy and grace and knowing that all is well with each one of us as God's perfect child. The peace that you have shared for this season of renewal is a blessing.
    Peacefully, carol

  125. So calm and so at peace, I felt as I listened to your voice expressing all the things that you sensed as you were in the garden. I like so many others thought about the sad and cruel part and never saw what you did. My thoughts were closed to the beauty of this, but now I will always remember what you saw in the garden. Thanks so much Chet for all the other wonderful Daily Lifts and Lectures. I love watching you in all of them. Jan

  126. Maravilloso y perfecto Lift para Hoy !!! gracias Chet por este mensaje de amor y esperanza , esperamos llegue a todo lugar en nuestro mundo y pueda ser bendecido .

    Agradezco mucho los inspirados comentarios previos .
    Que ese jardín sagrado esté siempre presente en nuestros pensamientos y podamos mirarlos de continuo...

    Feliz Pascua para todos !!! armoniosa , alegre y con elevación espiritual .
    Bendiciones infinitas del Amor , Ma. Cristy <3

  127. Thank you Chet for this calm, contemplative message from that garden. Thanks too -- all of you who share your insights, inspiration, and victories on your journey. Happy Easter to the Daily Lift team! And to ALL.

  128. Thank you Chet for the beautiful Easter message.

  129. Thank you Chet. Just beautiful

  130. Thank you Chet, You always hit the nail on the head and this time is not exception. What a calming thought and the quiet sanctuary of the garden
    gives such deep comfort to us to feel the ever-presence of God just enveloping everyone and everybody and continues His protection and love
    for His sons and daughters. What a lovely Lift and do have a Happy Easter.\

  131. This has been the most glorious morning for me with all of the lifters responding to Chet's wonderful lift. I've learned so much but especially how to express myself and Easter's Gladness. I feel like you are all my friends and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am especially happy that my church has provided me with endless opportunity to grow with other Christian Scientists. I'm so grateful.
    Thank you Chet for this very clear Easter Lift.

  132. This is an important thought to pass on to those who ask us about how we'er spending our Easter Day

  133. Thank you so, so much Chet, for this and your post 112, and thank you to all of the others who have posted, numbering 131 as I write. In writing of the crucifixion Mrs. Eddy states, “Was it just for Jesus to suffer? No, but it was inevitable, for not otherwise could he show us the way and the power of Truth.” SH 40. But she then assures us that during the ordeal “If his full recognition of eternal Life had for a moment given way before the evidence of the bodily senses, what would his accusers have said? Even what they did say, — that Jesus’ teachings were false, and that all evidence of their correctness was destroyed by his death. But this saying could not make it so.” SH:50.

    I find such comfort in her statements on p 36 of No and Yes, mentioned by Chet and in part by at least one other poster, “…the human Jesus had a resort to his higher self and relation to the Father, and there could find rest from unreal trials in the conscious reality and royalty of his being... Had he been as conscious of these evils as he was of God, wherein there is no consciousness of human error, Jesus could not have resisted them; nor could he have conquered the malice of his foes, rolled away the stone from the sepulchre, and risen from human sense to a higher concept than that in which he appeared at his birth.”

    Dear, precious Louise, what Chet says in #112 is true. I have experienced that in the weeks and months following my own husband's passing, and you can too. Love to you, and all.

  134. Thank you.

  135. Thank you for this very different approach to the Easter story that we all know so well. From now on I'll think of this as the real story of what was going on - God's care and love for Jesus.

  136. A joyous Easter morning to you Chet! Thank you so much for sharing this precious idea of the peaceful garden sanctuary prepared by our Father to care for His son. This tender caring is felt today in our church garden, and in our backyard garden as family gathers together. Thank you to all who posted. I am grateful for your insights. A grateful heart a garden is! Yes! As Mary, I am turning from looking into the tomb and seeing and feeling Christ risen. Beautiful!

  137. Oh Chet, I can't thank you enough for this much-needed message that I thought about all weekend! It reinforced what I have been pondering for years... that Jesus' deep understanding of his oneness with His Father and his beautiful expression of the Christ just HAD to put him in the "secret place" of love, care and protection while in the midst of the crucifixion experience. Your wonderful lift has told me I wasn't off-track. Thanks so much for that!

    Big hugs to you, Anne and your family!!!

  138. Dear Chet thank you for your experience, God used you as His piano and put thee good music in His piano.

  139. Chet, thank you so much for this lift. I think this is my favorite lift!

  140. Thank you so much for these beautiful thoughts!
    Very inspiring and enlightening!

  141. Thank you Chet,
    Very helpful symbolism and inspiring.
    So pleased to read some of the Lifts too.

  142. Thank you, Chet, for giving us this heavenly-inspired Lift. It was so comforting when I listened at Easter, and have thought more than once about what you shared from the Garden Tomb. We can be assured God gave Christ Jesus a spiritual refuge from what the cross inflicted upon him. And, God's love and care for Jesus continued into the tomb, preparing him for his triumph and reappearing--- proving the words of God true and life eternal:

    "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."
    Isaiah 41:10


  143. Thank you.