4/18: Expect to be loved today

4/18: Expect to be loved today

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  1. Thank you Ginny (and your faithful companion Molly) for this Lift of expectation and promise. God's love for his creation is at the very heart of Christian Science-it establishes the divine Principle of being. All other qualities emanate from Love. Healing, regeneration and reformation are ours all because of God's love for us. When we turn our thought to God, His love for us is the first thing we feel, and it warms our heart and reminds us that God is forever with us and that all is well. (for Molly the equivalent of a good tummy rub!)

  2. Thank you, Ginny, for the much-needed reminder. I think I'll write this on a sign in bold letters and keep it where I will see it the first thing every day! Many thanks.

  3. Hi Ginny. Our branch church has a little bible talk before our Wednesday Testimony mtg tonight, and the consensus seems to be that we don't have to do anything but That God does it and we can just stand back and watch. This seems to be contrary to knowing and expecting that God Does love us. Not that we have to wait for His/Her love. So it seems to be a movement to separate what God is already doing for us and what others are waiting for Him to do. (I know:() Is it possible that God has already done Everything He needs to do and has called it Good and that now we need to do it.

  4. Dear Ginny I have much the same token of love in the mornings from my black lab Thalia. Some people do not like the idea of a dogs love being a reflection of Gods love but it is unchanging too and a loving proof of how a little bit of love can change our day. To understand and feel the love of God, which we all reflect, would show us what Life really is. So much to be grateful for! Thank you so much. Ann

  5. Dear Ginny, when I first looked at your dog, I said "hallo dear Sweety, I`d like to give you a big hug."
    And thank you so much for your lesson which you passed on to us, the lesson that the Love of our Father-Mother-God is all around us and shining through all things and everyone! When I sit in my garden, I am grateful for all good God gave us, the birds, the flowers, the trees etc. I love the singing of the birds in the morning and know they are Gods dear creatures. And I also know that Gods Love is even shining through my 3 little guinea pigs. .

  6. Thank you, Ginny, for this lovely Lift.

    I have a black cat who does something very similar first thing in the morning. I don't get by her until that loving contact has been made. If I walk away before she is ready, then she walks after me and gently pats my ankles.

    It's good to know that love touches everything in the whole world.

    Thank you again.

  7. Thank you Ginny - a lovely start to the day, and Mollie looks adorable!

  8. Thank you Ginny for lifting my thought on the day of our Church lecture above arrangements for chairs and microphones etc. to the question of what am I expecting this evening.I will expect the love that our Church has for the community it serves to draw them to the lecture room. Mrs Eddy tells us what God is and what He expresses as man:

    465:9 God

    9 God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite
    Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.

    So I can expect not only the expression of Love to be present in my experience today,but I can expect all of God's qualities to be present this evening as always, because we expect all imaces to replicate the original.

    Jesus expected to be loved and blessed by God and to draw all men to him. We can expect the Christ Spirit to do the same in our community.

  9. Dear Ginny,

    Molly looks so precious. Today I would like to tell you that I love your voice and that your lifts are those of my favorites! Over 35 years ago I spent a year in Oregon as an exchange-student and visited the Beaverton C.S. church which was a very enriching experience. Loving greetings!

  10. So, Ginny, my big lesson here is to know that dear Molly would never think that your next 'belly-rub' could be delayed due to something she may have done before that wasn't a 'good-dog act,' so how could I ever think it would be alright to withhold my love, or a show of love, from a person due to a recent behavior challenge? You didn't judge her worthiness to be loved, right then and there, you just simply did the loving thing- which brought you and her a multitude of blessings. (I realize that I'm presuming much here, in elaborating on your Daily Lift, but it's exactly what I needed at 12: 38 a.m. CA time.)
    God bless you and all creatures great & small!

  11. The Bible tells us that if we want to be loved we must first show love and if we want to have friends, we must first show friendship - Gods Law in Action. Thankyou for reminding me of this today.
    don, england

  12. Thank you so much for this inspiring thought and the lesson taught us to always expect to be loved. As image of Love man (i.e. all men) can only reflect Love, In the C.S. Lesson Sermon this week the second section teaches that we should love unselfishly therefore let us go out today and demonstrate love as we expect love.
    Thank you once again.

  13. Expect to be loved, today and always.
    You are special. You have been chosen to be God’s image, to be His beloved child.
    Expect to be loved just like a child expects to be fed and cared for, like a puppy expects to get his belly rubbed every time he turns on its back.

    “All nature teaches God's love to man…” S&H 326:8
    Trust that you are important enough that God made you His likeness… and gave you the power to reason.
    Choose God.

    Espera a ser amado, hoy y siempre.
    Tú eres especial. Tú has sido elegido para ser la imagen de Dios, para ser Su hijo amado.
    Espera a ser amado como un niño espera ser alimentado y cuidado, como un cachorro espera que se le frote su pancita cada vez que se tira de espaldas .

    " Toda la naturaleza enseña el amor de Dios hacia el hombre,..." CyS 326:9
    Confía en que tú eres lo suficientemente importante como para que Dios te haya creado a Su propia semejanza ... y te dio el poder de razonar.
    Elije a Dios.

  14. Thanks for sharing! I too have a dog, a Jack Russell. Every morning when he hears the alarm clock go off he is awake, tail wagging, licking my face. He is ready, expectant, and filled with joy before we ever even get out of bed. I say to him, (and 5 others- lying on the floor) Good Morning! Today's the day that God has made. Be glad, give thanks REJOICE!!! I am so grateful to wake up to that every morning!!!

  15. thank you Ginny. that is what I needed to hear this morning. God's love is there for us. We have to open to it and let it in like the warm earth letting in the new rain. Blessings.

  16. Angela Manchester U.K.

    Thanks to Ginny and to Kristen (comment 10) for your lovely words of love and comfort. I myself
    feel unloved at times and wonder what I have done - but I feel comforted by your words and the
    reminder that God's love is reflected in us all including animals and the rescue workers who
    save people in all the terrible happenings of the last few days. God bless all and everyone.

  17. Great lift...thank you!

  18. Just beautiful Ginny, I thoroughly enjoyed this lift today. You have a beautifully calm and soothing voice, and the message to expect to be loved today oozes with love, divine Love, itself.

    Much love,
    Cheryl xxx

  19. Thank you. We expect to be loved, and we love loving others. What blesses one, blesses all.

  20. Ok not a garden of spring flowers or my sweet dog this morning but a busy airport However reminded and Inspired by the lift I see each person reflecting and expressing love and wonder at this beautiful garden of God's ideas

  21. I truly feel lifted.the warmth in Molly's eyes says it all.

  22. Your lift lifted my heart today Ginny Thank You and who could not love Molly she is gorgeous

  23. Thank you, Ginny :) Molly has a message for us and I gave my dog an extra belly rub this morning too after listening to your message on love all around us each moment. What a darling dog all gussied up with her flower. Thank you, thank for this today. It made me smile and relax into love.

  24. Thanks, Ginny, and Dave B in New York, I love your perspective too. <3

  25. Thank you for this vital Lift. It is so important to expect to experience the Love of God, who needs no medium to reach us, not a set of circumstances or another person. Error would, if it could, close our eyes to present good, by repeated declarations of the absence of good, which is simply its own ignorance of God. Thank you in particular for the inspired words "the unselfed love of those who care".
    The Christ brings that holy standard within the reach of all of us.

  26. This lift today made me stop & think. I realized, as I lay in bed this a.m. listening to the water sprinklers coming on & feeling the moisture on the windowsills, I was automatically sending loving & appreciative thoughts to others & enjoying the freshness of the day,it really never occurred to me to EXPECT love. Thank you for the reminder.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Hi Ginny from Cleveland, Oh......Your message really hit the spot! I have let feelings of doubt and discouragement cloud my sense of being loved....This was really terrific reminder and it helps me more than I can express! Thank-you....Clara

  29. Alan from Boston 4/18
    How very lovely. We don't have to own a pet to prove it.

  30. Miren que interesante el Poema de J. Calzadilla: "Que refleje pero que deje ver como el cristal, no como el espejo" Reflejamos a Dios, sí, como dice Mary Baker Eddy, pero debemos ser un cristal donde se trasparente el Amor, es entiendo, el reflejo verdadero, el que trasluce, y eso es lo que nos dan a entender los mensajes diarios. Cómo hacerlo.

    Vean lo que dice W. Shakespeare: &quot;El tiempo es muy lento, para los que esperan, muy rápido para los que tienen miedo,muy largo para los que se lamentan, muy corto para los que festejan. Pero, para los que aman, el tiempo es eternidad&quot;.

    ¿El tótem, el don, la gracia? o sólo y simplemente el Amor que encierra todo en sí mismo, aunque se manifieste en &quot;dones&quot;, entiendo que son los atributos divinos, para que los manifestemos en trasparencia perfecta, como es el verdadero Amor, intachable, imperecedero, Único.

    Muchas gracias,Ginny a ti y a todos los que hacen posible ésta comunicación que si sabemos aprovecharla nos trae progreso, por la trasparencia que conlleva.

  31. What a lesson for today! To love first and expect to be loved back. Even though I have no dog now, I will bear your message in mind and see everyone around me as worthy of the gentle patting in the shoulder... Thank you and all the people who work for this wonderful cause.

  32. Ginny,
    Awesome lift...that is truly a "Gereat Expectation"...to be loved...!! Gods Love is always there for all His children, that love...it is our birth-right...!

  33. Thanks so much for starting our day with thoughts of love and Love. As the "Welcome to the Christian Science Bible Lessons" states, ". . . as you actively live love day by day, even moment by moment, you can see the healing and benefits that result, helping not only yourself but everyone your life touches." The unconditional love that animals give is a lesson for us all.

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote above can be found on the title page of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons.

  34. Love the Lift and Molly is adorable! Also enjoyed Nelly's poem.

  35. Many thanks Ginny for this very helpful and inspiring lift for me after just returning to Henrietta NY following a very joyous time on vacation, to be with my family in Colorado . Yes. "To be receptive to the presence of God's grace and kindness and gentle love." "Man is the noblest work of God,/ His beauty, power and grace,/ Immortal; perfect as his Mind/ Reflected face to face." (Christian Science Hymnal #51).

  36. the lesson my cat teaches me, is that every morning is special and full of love. I was given this mature but beautiful Siamese by an owner who no longer wanted a cat. She had been abandoned before, and seemed so happy with me .Every morning she jumps on my bed (early!) in a frenzy of delight, purring ecstactically, and cuddling up to me. "Morning" she says "and I love you" time for breakfast! Yes, every morning is a gift of love. Thankyou for a lovely lift

  37. Beautiful message about being receptive to Gods love which comes in many forms when we are conscious of the gifts and blessings being shown. My beloved "Teddy", a very wise and compassionate minature schnauzer would accompany me to my counseling office everyday and gave his love so unconditionally that all those who needed comfort felt his healing energy. He went to heaven on March 5 th and still sends his love via angels that come in the form of other dogs and the quiet , full presence of the trails we used to travel together. I have learned there is no death and his presence and God are within me every day. Thank you Ginny and for a heart felt message and photograph that says it all.

  38. Thank you, yes our pets expect to be loved also. God loves each and every one. My Ginger, a Chi. came running to me when she heard the Daily Lift. she expects it every morning, so on the weekends I bring up a Daily Lift that has been heard before and she is satisfied. We can all expect to feel God's Love all the time. My cat BB has to have a rubbing of her head every day She rubs against my legs and is satisfied. LOVE IS EVERY WHERE.

  39. Expect and be receptive to Divine Love! What a beautiful invitation as i try, no matter what challenges might insist to get my attention, to sit quietly and feel imbued in the Father Mother Light, Love and Truth. Thanks dear Ginny, and my gratitude to Molly who affirms for me that all "beings" have the ability to touch and be with the harmonious always present infinite all.

  40. Thanks, Ginny! How beautiful your thoughts and how cute your little Molly! I've been learning on my spiritual journey that sometimes I am so busy making sure that I am loving others that I forget to Know that those "others" are loving me! As a dear C.S. friend, Edith, used to say to me: "......and we need to Know that They love us!" Sometimes I've found myself living in the stories in my head where I've created a scenario of how someone doesn't like or love me. Then I wake up and realize that the problem is all inside my head and I start seeing and knowing that all those others out there are loving me - just the way I love them! I expect to feel Love from myself, from others and from God, Love, today! xoxo

  41. What lovely, sweet thoughts with which to start the day! Isn't it amazing how much we can learn from some who don't even have to say a word to convey their message? I love the idea of expecting love -- isn't that just as it should be, considering the nature of our wonderful God? How could it be otherwise? Thank you, Ginny, for this dear reminder of what we all already know in our heart of hearts.

  42. Lovely message, thank you, thank you, thank you for God's great love

  43. Wonderful lift Ginny. Thanks so much! Such a warm and loving perspective and I adore the photo of Molly with the little flower by her ear. It occurs to me that expecting love is like expecting good. When we stay close to God, we realize that love and goodness is all there is because that is all God creates and we live in his being. Thank you for reminding us and helping us keep sight of the fact that it's only natural to be expecting love.

  44. I often lie back and throw my paws in the air to God. Sometimes you just have to trust turning the world up-side-down in favor of right-side-up connection to Love.

    Thanks Ginny! Simple fun, grand message.

  45. Okay, Ginny!

    I'm expecting to end the day with a gardenia in MY hair, too!!

  46. Tummy rubs for doggies equate to hugs for people, and they have the same wonderful effect. An arms- around-you hug, or a group hug, speaks volumes of care, presence, and joy in living and loving. This is a great reminder to expect to receive the evidence of God's love for all Her creation. Or better yet, go out and give some! It always comes right back. Hugs to Ginny and all the staff and Lifters.

  47. Thank you so much Ginny!
    I often think of a child who is first learning to walk. The little one may take a few steps and then, more than likely, fall down. Before that toddler does ANYTHING, he will look to his parents to see what their response is. If the parents are worried or concerned, the child will cry. But, if the parents are loving and joyful as they beckon the kid to hop back up, that's exactly what he'll do! I have found that childlike trust is so essential in our daily lives. Expect that love! Even when we "fall down", look up to God, divine Love, and be moved by that! Expectancy and trust in Love is so wonderful! Thank you again, Ginny for this beautiful reminder!

  48. If a dog can expect to be loved, so can we! And we have the advantage of understanding the source, the infinite and eternal Principle of divine Love that meets every need. Thanks Molly for showing such trustful expectation! My cat Tisha does the same thing, and often greets me warmly when I come home as if she were a puppy dog.
    This reminds me of a visit to my grandson yesterday (he's 10 months). He lives above a convenience store next to a high school where groups of students congregate and socialize in the parking lot below his window when school gets out. Holding him in my arms watching them we noticed one girl put her arms around another as if consoling and comforting her. Then another joined, and another and another in a group hug. It was a touching picture of someone being loved, whether they were expecting it or not.
    We can expect to be loved because of the Principle, Love. Mary Baker Eddy puts it this way:
    "The understanding of Truth
    and Love, the Principle which works out the ends of eternal
    good and destroys both faith in evil and the practice of
    evil, leads to the discernment of the divine idea." (S&H pg.561)

  49. Thank you.

  50. Thank you for this simple message....to expect to be loved. I need to work with this idea and to lift it above material hopes. I love what the first commenter has stated, that God's love for us establishes the divine Principle of being. Wow. That is some lofty thinking! The divine Principle of being....those are lovely words and very lifting. It is true that the more I align my thinking with God's good intention for me, the more I am experiencing Healing, Reformation and Regeneration.
    I have taken up tennis after many many years and I am having so much fun expressing these qualities. My instructor is a perfect fit for today's world.....he teaches that Joy of Tennis must come at every stroke-to take out the aggression and effort of trying to prove something....ease in to the joy and let go of the heavy competition that makes us so combative. I love it and I am learning a lot, but most of all I am having the best time focusing on Joy. Have a joyous day today, one and all and thank you daily for this fine forum for improving thought and improving living.

  51. Thanks Ginny and everyone for sharing. I think of a sweet Sunday School poem my younger class would love to say, "God- Love is up and down and all around, in and out, and all about."

  52. Thanks, Ginny! Expectancy of God's goodness and Love's provision will carry me today as I travel...and each day!

  53. I found this simple (easy to understand) but so profound. My cat sometimes takes that upside-down-expectant posture -- fling herself on the floor expectantly. I understand that in cat language, that means she is completely at ease (trustful) and welcoming. What a great mental posture!

    I loved the comment by #43, saying "I often lie back and throw my paws in the air to God. Sometimes you just have to trust turning the world up-side-down in favor of right-side-up connection to Love." May I have the humility to do that more often.

  54. Such a wonderful lift this morning. My beautiful dog, Munchkin, teaches me a lot about life and love as well. Such a joy! I love the thought of expectancy of love and goodness. Thanks Ginny and all involved in these Daily Lifts!

  55. Wonderful. Our little dog does the same thing. Great lift, G.

  56. Thank you Ginny. I woke with a wonderful feeling of love, turned on the Daily Lift and what a terrific message. Molly is just love overflowing at each second just as all nature/animals are. I will keep your Lift in my thoughts all day. Thank you again,

  57. Es tanto el Amor que Dios nos da, que es imposible, no sentirlo en todo momento, en toda circunstancia
    y es por lo tanto, natural compartirlo con todos y con todo lo que nos rodea. Entonces no es tarea dificil
    amar a nuestro prójimo y por lo tanto bendecirlo siempre, como lo hace nuestro Padre Madre.

    Gracias; hermoso mensaje.

  58. It is so true that Ginny's dog Molly, like so many pet dogs, expect the love from their human masters. We can all learn that most important attitude from our pets, the expectancy of Love. As MBE points out in her main work, S&H, the main attribute is LOVE! Let's all live it, give it, and expect it in all walks of life.

  59. You are always right on target.
    Thank you.

  60. Thank you Ginny. Made me smile.
    So many "pet" stories come pouring out. Same for me and our cat!
    Bigger than this is that God is Love. And Love is reflected in love.

  61. Great thought, Jinny, and not without humor! For a long time, just as I was letting go of my former religion and beginning to embrace Christian Science, I didn't know to be expecting good. It was there, nonetheless, but when I learned to welcome and expect it, it came in far greater abundance.

    One year when I had little in the way of money, winter was just around the corner and I was without a winter coat and boots. I wasn't the least worried and as the cold weather began, one windswept Sunday morning a small bundle of papers was swept my way by a gust of wind. Looking down I picked up the refuse which wasn't, as it turned out, refuse at all but a roll of twenty dollar bills amounting to $300.00.

    Needless to say, it was a warm and toasty winter for me that year, never doubting in God's goodness and celebrating it, even when it wasn't in evidence. Divine Love always has and always will meet every human need and that likely goes for adorable dogs, like Jinny's, as well..

  62. What an awesome lift, thank you, Ginny (and Molly!)

  63. Thank you for your comments, the pictures you have emailed to me of your dear pets and the wonderful healing ideas you are all so generous with.. Molly is loving you today.. She thanks you too..
    You are each so loved!

  64. They have a way of lying on the floor trying to look invisible. If you take a step in their direction, "Warm! Warm!" and then go back for a forgotten whatever. "Cold! Cold!" Then you get closer on the way to the door again, "Over this way! Over here! Warm! Warm!" I remember a man who told me that animals don't have a soul as we do. That was a big plus, but I still took a while to explain that God loves our beautiful precious animals in just the same way: tenderly, joyfully, and with grace. He laughed. But over the next 50 years he confessed, more than once and not willingly, "Maybe you've got something there, Missus." And he shared his home with a four footed friend who was his dearest companion. Sometimes the upright ones among us take a while to catch on.
    Thank you Nathan and the production team; the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers; and the patient and enduring tail waggers among us.

  65. Thanks, love the lift and Mollie's pic.

  66. Thank you thank you thank you Ginny for such a lovely Lift. I so love the poodle parade I see from my balcony every day. Your dog is adorable.

    Your Lift so reminded me how my mother who raised me to be a Christian Scientist so loved the spring. Our spring this year has been the most beautiful I have ever seen in the south due to an unusual weather pattern. Mom was from Chicago and loved the Southern spring. She passed on in spring and I think she left us at that time of year to remind us of rebirth and renewal.My mother taught me to love again, when I had put as she said a "closed sign" on myself. I think of a teacher in California saying in a lecture on Monitor TV back in the day..."be nothing but love. Love, Love Love".

    I petsit some dogs....think they all like their bellies rubbed....two of my favorites always present me the rear end which makes me laugh myself silly! (they are all my favorites!) I love dogs!

    Blessings on today.

  67. Thank you Ginny. Obrigada Ginny. Deus ama cada uma de Suas idéias e elas O refletem harmoniosamente.

  68. Little, sweet and cuddly or big and brave and bold -- we all like to have our tummies rubbed -- huggged and loved -- just ask my German shepherd dog who surprises people when she turns on her back with paws in the air asking for HER tummy rub.

    Wouldn't that go for people we meet as well, who might seem grumpy or scary. They need our love -- God's love -- just as much as the cute little toddlers we encounter along the way.

    Thank you Ginny and Lifters.

  69. Taking care of Aristotle ( aka Kitty) who would definitely like a longer cuddle to warm his day. Thought I had too much else to do before heading out, but realize that sharing a cuddle with a cat blesses me too- a mutual expressing of God's great, all-encompassing Love. To open out Mary Baker Eddy's note: "Divine Love always has met, and always will meet, every human ( and furry or feathered companion) need."

  70. Bless Molly, bless you Ginny, and bless all the lifters.

  71. Thank you, Ginny for the great reminder of our indestructible relationship with Love-- of course we should expect to be loved if that relationship cannot ever be made to disappear. Nothing we can do can stop Gid's love for us, and we should expect to see it come from every direction, because that's where God is.

    And Thank you Donna, #50 for reminding us that this love would naturally result in immense, all the time joy-- "that Joy of Tennis must come at every stroke-to take out the aggression and effort of trying to prove something....ease in to the joy and let go of the heavy competition that makes us so combative"

  72. "All nature teaches God's love for man..." is a powerful message of good. I look out at the trees in my woods, and see how they have all been so naturally renewed and restored from the Northeast ice storm in "98. Healing comfort, no matter what the storm may be. Thanks, Ginny for a great lift and a reminder of God's love for all Her creation, always!

    Daily Lift Team: The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (326:8).

  73. Wonderful lift, Ginny . . . .

  74. Thanks so much Ginny, what a lovely lift and great comments too. Each morning my alarm clocks (who have no snooze buttons) want to share their kitty day with me. We start with lots of petting and knowing that we're all under the panoply of Love, which has 4 corners of loving, lovable, loved, and lovely.
    Thank you, Daily Lift team and all you Lifters.

  75. Loved the lift and Molly is so adorable. Thank you.

  76. Thank you for this Lift! It was a gentle reminder to see others with this lovely loving view!

  77. Thanks, Ginny, for today's perfect Lift!

  78. It appears Molly has started her fan club and is teaching us all to "love our tummy rubs" from God. We must look to God for everything and everything appears. My two cats, Miss T and Scooter, are also effective in giving me love daily and often during the days. God never ceases in His love, hence the name Love is His. Mrs. Eddy's love is also available to us daily through our weekly lessons and daily reading of Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures. (I secretly wonder how many ways "love" is expressed in the Bible.) Thank you, Ginny, for your wonderful inspiration and sharing.

  79. Thank you Ginny! We had two dogs for fifteen years and we still miss their love. It is such an unconditional love and I know that is the way God loves us. Bless all the lifters

  80. Loved this! Thank you!

  81. Thank you.A most loving lift.!

  82. I had to find a home for my kitty. I grew to love him and was concerned about putting him in a shelter. I prayed to know that no one or no animal can be deprived of God's love to provide a loving home. I mentioned my kitty to a lady at the store, who said that she might be willing to take him if he could adjust to their family of two kids and two pets - a cat and a dog. I gave her my kitty with the agreement that I would check on her the next day to see if it worked out. I went to the store and asked how it went. She looked up and said my 16 year old daughter took ten minutes trying to tie her shoes because he kept trying to play with her shoelaces. I smiled and said well that is a good sign and she said he is so loving he is much more affectionate than our cat and it was just what our family needed. This was a far cry from how I felt before I turned to God to pray as I have been taught in Christian Science.

  83. Thanks, Ginny! I had a cat who loved to be loved, and my new cat also loves to be loved! What a wonderful concept, expecting to be loved all the time!

  84. Gratitude to you Ginny and all who share. Love is unconditional. Always available from God, Hugs of peace.

  85. The garden of flowers and songs of all innocence, ..."God's incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite...Life, Truth and Love...justice, mercy, wisdom and goodness, etc...." (p. 465 S&H). What a perfect way to deliver a hugely powerful message that God is in charge of all our needs and we are ever in God's grace and love and healing. For all this world. The voice of one crying in the wilderness and hearing that answer: My kingdom is within you. Be still and know that I am there.
    Thank you, Ginny

  86. What a sweet way to see evidence of Gods presence.Thank you, Ginny for this reminder. It feels so good.

  87. I had no pets as a child and was a little wary to have one now. Our Kitty ( Teako) looks as if she was pulled thro an oil spill,all streakes of grey, black and yellow. She was the ugly runt of the litter. We took her home with us and she is now the most beautiful, smart, loving little creature and her color is so unigue. She greets me every morning, jumping and softly strocking my hand with her soft little paw as I walk down the hall. I did not realize what love comes from having a little pet. Thank you Ginny

  88. Yes, Ginny, its so wonderful...the variety of expressions of Gods love for us all around! I loved the visual of Molly..my little white bear, Ceilidh Rose, teaches me about fearless trust every time she rolls over for her Molly-style tummy rubs...from me and complete strangers!

  89. Thank you Ginny I get daily love from our little Annie dog. She can't get enough nor can I. This morning while on the treadmill I heard a loving broadcast from a Boston Cathedral pertaining to the catastrophe at the marathon. I was there just in time to hear Governor Patrick and President Obama speak. There was alot of emphasis on the loving people of Boston. It makes one realize how special that love can be. The more, the better! Our hearts go out to all of Boston and all those helping and loving in their recovery and to Ginny for recognizing and showing us how special love can be in such little things as petting your dog!

  90. Thank you Ginny and Molly!

  91. Wow. What a sweet surprise and gift this LIft is. For many many years, I have pondered Love--from so many different angles . . sometimes from great need, other times for the sheer joy of it. But I don't think I have ever heard this thought, expressed in this pure simplicity: "expect to be loved today." This is truly wonderful. Thank you, Ginny and Molly, and all the other LIfters who have contributed. I'm gonna post these powerful five words somewhere prominent in my home, and see what happens. :)

  92. What has struck me after reading all the comments re- Loving, are three main words Expect, Accept, Share....SIMPLE! Many thanks Ginny, it's a good reminder, love to ALL.

  93. Thanks - and there's this wonderful song "You are loved" by Cherie Brennan expressing exactly the idea of this wonderful lift

  94. This past winter I spotted a homeless kitty that we had seen the previous summer. When we had snow storms and cold I started feeding her and providing protection from the weather on our porch.. Three months later she still shows up at 7a.m. and 5 p.m. My husband and I look out the window upon rising to see her sweet face looking up at us waiting for breakfast. I don't think she has ever had her tummy rubbed (unlike our indoor cat) but kitty's actions let us know she feels loved. We now call her our outdoor kitty. I like Stephen in Texas' comment that "no one and no animal can be deprived of God's love to provide a loving home."

  95. Seeing you and Molly this morning has made me smile! Your message was just perfect for my day. I love the Lifts because I might think I'm too busy to read the lesson, but the lifts come directly to my computer inbox and are such wonderful reminders of God's Love that is there for every one of us every day. Thank you Ginny!

  96. A helpful thought. Thank you.

  97. Hermoso y Consolador Lift , querida Ginny !!! muy agradecida por tu mensaje sanador para hoy.
    Esperar y sentir que 'somos amados por Dios' es lo mas importante en nuestra experiencia.

    El profeta Jeremías escribió : ' Con amor eterno te he amado ' (jer. 30:3). Podría interpretarse por toda la eternidad, hoy y siempre .

    Agradezco los comentarios previos. Bendiciones a todos.
    Su brazo nos rodea con Amor *
    Ma. Cristy

    ( mrs. Eddy, himno 208)

    In english:

    Beautiful and Comforter Lift, dear Ginny! I' m very grateful for your healing message for today.
    To expect and feel that 'we are loved by God' is the most important in our experience.

    The prophet Jeremiah wrote: "With eternal love I have loved you '(Jer.30:3). It could be interpreted for all eternity, today and forever.

    I appreciate the previous comments. Blessings to all.
    His arm around us with Love *
                                                      Ma Cristy

    (mrs. Eddy, hymn 208)

  98. Thank you, Ginny, for "Expect to be loved today … see … love expressed today … everywhere …”

    From this week's Bible Lesson: “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few” (Matt 9:37).

    Why? I wonder. Why are there so few laborers?

    Inspired by your Lift about expectation, I’m thinking:

    Maybe would-be laborers don’t expect a harvest, so that even if it were right in front of their eyes, they wouldn’t recognize it! And, how many harvests might I, myself, have missed? And what are we supposed to be harvesting? What does it look like? How would I know?

    It’s all about God/Good/Love-itself! “God is Love” (John) … and we, are in the image and likeness (Gen) of Love and “Love one another” (New Testament)

    We are the laborers and our labor is a labor of Love. So, I'm going to "work at" enjoying today's harvest of “Love expressed … everywhere …” Laborious? No! Labor intensive? Yes? But then, Love is the stuff we’re made of!!! In the image and likeness of Love, then, how many laborers are there - really??? :-)

    And might “harvest” be a smile and a friendly, “Hello!” - given and received?

    “We then, as workers together with him … receive not the grace of God in vain ... behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now …” (II Cor 6).

    “Love is patient … kind … not jealous … does not put on airs … is not snobbish … does nothing rude … is not self-seeking … not prone to anger … does not brood … Love never fails …” (I Cor 13)

    “Seedtime and Harvest' (Un 8) might help, too!

  99. Thank you. Your message is simple and beautiful! We need to simplify.

  100. The words "Expect to be loved today " brings a feeling of excited happiness. That some-one out there is going to love me because I'm me! How alive can I be?

  101. Christian Science is rekindling my faith in God !

  102. Thank you. Ginny, for the Daily Lift reminding us of God's constant and ever-present love. Also, I listened to your talk on "The Invisible Reality of Life" which made me feel God's love and presence in such a tangible way. I have shared this talk with others. This is a Daily Lift and talk I will keep as the message is so powerful! Thanks to all who share their comments and for the Daily Lifts which I look forward to each day.

  103. Hi Ginny: How the world needs to know that right where each person is---viewing whatever picture they are faced with, Love is there. And we can feel it, reach out to it, call it by its name, and express it to our fellowman. Thanks you for your thoughts and thank you "Molly" for expecting that show of love.
    Ann Botts, Redlands, CA

  104. Wonderful message... thank you!

  105. Ginny, thank you for your much needed positive and loving message today April 18th, 2013. This day happened to be a very important day in my life and your message was with me all day, even though I did not receive your actual e-mail until an hour ago. Today I was full of enthusiasm and anticipation for the good in all. Again, Thanks! Molly is adorable.

  106. Thank you Ginny, A great way of seeing additional avenues of love!

  107. Thank you. The first thing I turned to at random in the Bible today was, " Thou art my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. " God certainly knows and provides what we need each day with no subtle hints.

  108. Thank you Ginny for your simple message covered it beautifully. I was in awed of it.

  109. Beautiful! Thanks, Ginny. Our cat, Bella, is like your doggie!

  110. This is exactly the thought I needed today! (though it is yesterday's lift! but I only now was able to listen to it) Thank you sooo much, Ginny! There is going to be a meeting tonight of which I was not at all sure that it would turn out the way I expected. So this is certainly something I must expect: to be loved today. What a relief!

  111. thank you so much for this. I may be a day late listening, or really, I may be right on time! to hear your message. I appreciate it.

  112. Thank you Ginny for this loving message. As Molly, so does my neighbour's cat when he comes over visiting. Soon Cheddar sees me, he flips on his back paws in the air and expects his tummy rub. Then he purrs and wraps his paw around my wrist to hold it there in place, telling me, keep going this feels good. And indeed this loving moment feels good for both of us. Blessings to you.

  113. I thank you so much for the helpful message.

  114. Thanks Ginny + Molly! We all love to love and to be loved, but I sometimes forget to expect feel loved each day. So thanks for the reminder. I think nature holds many lessons for us to learn when quietly watch and listen. I'm sending love and gratitude you way.

  115. Animals immediately take one's thought off self. No wonder we feel so good, and joy in them. They are real blessings, furry or feathered.
    Thanks for the Lift of love, and to all the commenters.

  116. Thank you Ginny for that blessing healing message.

  117. Inspiring message! So true: Experiencing and expecting God's Love all around us and right inside us, places us in Heaven already! "Thy Kingdom is come!" Wow!