4/17: Patience and persistence

4/17: Patience and persistence

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  1. Thank you Robin for this wonderful reminder that patience is a spiritual quality too. Waiting on God. I have been struggling in a "discouraging situation" and feel at times like I have learned a lesson and am ready for the blessing. So I have been expecting God to give me that blessing in the way I have outlined. Ha! Your lift reminds me to continue to germinate those "lessons learned" in the good soil of continued spiritual growth.....the blessing will bloom and be ever so beautiful, I know!
    Thanks to all who help with delivering the daily lifts. They are all so inspiring!

  2. Thank you Robin, we are experiencing our thaw here, and the promise is becoming very evident. Today I actually witness leaves unfolding on the tree in front of my long telephone call perch. I am learning that lesson of patience and am greatly aided by reminders like this wonderful Daily Lift. Thank you.

  3. Ooooh Robin, thank you for this uplifting Lift!! I had forgotten my "gracious sense of patience and persistence to allow every blessing to develope fully in our lives"...
    therein will we "produce a healing harvest to share with everyone."

    My gracious sense of patience and persistence....I am sooo loving this!! Thank you again!!

  4. Thank You...

  5. A couple of years ago we planted tomato seeds indoors early in the year and enjoyed the wonder of watching them sprout and grow in their own way, some taking much longer than others. Then we had the fun of transplanting them to their own little pots and hardening them up before putting them in the garden. It was one of our better crops of tomatoes that year.
    This lift has made me realize that our success is due to the cultivation of patience and persistence in our own lives, and expressed in daily life. Our destiny is harmony. Don't give up on it.
    Thank you Robin for this bright and cheerful smile this morning.

  6. This is just so beautiful, Robin - we do need reminding never to give up, howeve discouraging the situaion. And, like Di #3, I love your expression, "a gracious sense of patience and persistence" and will begin practicing that right now!
    Thank you so much!

  7. So encouraging , A refreshing message for the day. Thank you Robin.

  8. This year rained more than ever in California, so why my tomatoes aren’t appearing? I wanted instant remuneration!

    Ah, but I still needed patience and persistence to allow the earth’ blessing to flow.

    Last night, after what seemed to be a lifetime of waiting, I opened the Bible to find my answer literarily, "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth" Col. 3:2

    I run to checked my tomatoes, guess what? The plant that wouldn’t yield is all of the sudden loaded!

    Este año llovió más que nunca en California, ¿por qué mis tomates no aparecen? Yo quería una remuneración instantánea!

    Ah, pero todavía necesitaba paciencia y persistencia para que fluya la bendición de la tierra.

    Anoche, después de lo que parecía haber sido una vida esperando, abrí la Biblia y hallé mi respuesta literalmente, "Poned la mira en las cosas de arriba, no en las de la tierra" Col. 3:2

    Corrí a ver mis tomates, ¿adivinen qué? ¡La planta que no cedía de repente está cargada!

  9. Thanks, dear Robin.
    Your message reminds me of the importance of patience in healing, so we don't have to give up, but persistently, insistently wait until our small seed of faith begins to sprout.
    Enjoy your tomatoes, and happy spring.

  10. Many thanks Robin for this great reminder. Yes. "Be willing to wait for rich lessons to come from any discouraging situation." "All unafraid I wait, the while/ Thy angels bring release,/ For still Thy [Love's] presence is with me,/ And Thou dost give me peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #136).

  11. Thank you Robin for reminding us that we need patience, perseverence and understanding if we want to express what we essentially are: the childs of God.

  12. Lovely, just lovely - thank you!

  13. One year I planted my tomatoes in my rented plot of land, on an old New England farm with an ancient hand pump as the only source of fresh ground water. Someone joy-rding drove a truck over the pump one night and I was left with only the rain water, which was not forthcoming that particular year. What to do? You might ask. When challenges confront our human gardens, and dead sea apples turn to dust in our grasp, I like to turn to the where the Scriptures close, and we have "a pure river of water of life." And on either side of the river is our tree of life, bearing twelve manner of fruit of infinite variety, in constant production, yielding fruit "every month." Its purpose is the "healing of the nations." (Revelation 22)
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Thank you Robin for this wonderful Lift. I also experience the value of patience in healing. Thanks again



  16. Thank you for this timely Lift. I need patience many times when getting my dog ready to go out 5:30 am she is very excited. Thanks to all the Lifters..

  17. Patience is so important. Thank you for this reminder.

  18. Really a great reminder Robin. Thanks so much.

  19. Praying with the thought of constancy, devotion, and reliability, and put into action, will counter the lack or overabundance of water, sun, etc. and cannot help but bear a healthy crop of healing in other matters. Thank you Robin.

  20. Thanks a lot for this lift. I always need patience and persistence with my family , works and my daily life. Thanks you again

  21. I read in an article that Christ Jesus himself was 'the good soil' that brought forth the rich harvest. He was showing us that just as he was patient and receptive to the Word of God, so we are the rich soil, also, and our harvest will be as rich and rewarding nourished by our receptivity to God, all good, all loving, and eternal. Last year I found a tomato plant in among a pot of diplodenias, and moved it to a position with more sun. (I say 'more sun' but actually it was so everyone who passed could see it flourishing! I had 17 tomatoes from that robust bush, and the diplodenias were quite happy to share their pot.} There was no special mix of soil, and no little envelope of special seeds. Just the joy and delight to grow and yield its rich harvest, fulfilling its role as a perfect spiritual idea. Another plant has come out of a different pot of diplodenias this year, and I have already enjoyed some of its luscious fruit.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the gardeners and harvesters among the Lift family.

  22. Perfect for a situation that is unfolding gently but surely in my family's lives after almost two years of patient persistent prayer. Lovely, thank you:)

  23. As I am writing this comment a beautiful robin has just landed on my porch as "another" morning messanger. Both of you have delivered reminders of the everyday miracles surrounding me on this early spring morning. Whether miracles be the result of patience and persistance or epiphanies that happen in the moment . . . Miracles are those wonderous things that live in the unseen world and are brought forth and created in this physical world by those who believe that this is the way God intended life to be. Happy Spring Robin and all Daily Lifters.

  24. Thank you Robin - so appreciate this reminder and the analogy to the little plants coming up! Everything has its own time of fulfillment - reminds me of that story about the oak tree, and how it blooms later than most but is glorious when it comes. Expectancy and patient waiting!!! Thanks so much

  25. Thank you !

  26. Persitir pacientemente, es lo que nos enseñó nuestro Maestro-Cristo, cuan sabias son esas palabras porque nos conducen a comprender esa senda de tolerancia y Amor que Él nos señaló, no apresurarse esperar hasta que la luz aparezca y nos conduzca a la realización de propósitos mayores que trasacienden nuestros propios anhelos y que cuando pacientemente como capullos esperamos en Dios ellos afloran, abren y florecen con la más bella flor, la Verdad divina, que esta arraigada en los atributos divinos y que se manifiestan indudablemente en la paciente espera en Dios.
    "Por más que el hombre razone quedará como abismado, pero, en juicio y en multitud de justicia no afligirá" Job.
    "Todos nuestros sueños de Vida en la materia no pueden en realidad cambiar el hecho de que nuestra vida es espíritu y nuestro cuerpo armonioso y bello" MBE. Se hace bello en la paciente espera.

    Muchas gracias Robin, thank you so much

  27. Thank you, Robin! Patience is one of the most delicious of the unforbidden produce from the garden of the Spirit, against which "there is no law".

  28. Sometimes I seem to get discouraged when immediate results aren't forthcoming as I work prayerfully but the devil's best tool is discouragement. I know to never listen to the devil (thoughts not from God) so with persistence and patience I keep listening and wait on God to unfold the the answer I need and rejoice in Love's perfect work - which always brings healing!
    Thanks, Robin!

  29. Thank you Robin!

    Absolutely beautiful. Just this past Saturday I had to talk to a group of visitors at an Art Gallery about a photograph I had hanging as part of the exhibit. The Photograph is of Psalms 23 vs 5&6; done in a unique manner.

    I photographed it outside with the trees casting a shadow across the Bible in just the right areas. I had explained the journey of persistence, patience and prayer that took me there. When I reached home I realized that the shadows of the trees, as they lay across the pages, may appear to block the words (or Truth) but the shadows never really touch the words (Truth); all they do is block the human view of what is really there.

    I further realized that had I waited a bit longer as the earth continues on its daily rotation, these shadows would have been replaced by the sun (or understanding); and the Truth found on these pages would have been seen, untouched by the darkness. I thought "isn't that one of the lessons that Christ Jesus taught us through the Resurrection?" We just must be patient and persistent.

    As Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures "The mutable and imperfect never touch the immutable and perfect" (p 300:14). No friend, no injury, no co-worker, boss, heat, cold, financial situation, past, lack of education, accident, aggression, divorce, aloneness or fear can touch, impact or change our true individuality.

    Thank you Robin for letting me go to work with these thoughts.

  30. Thank you!

  31. wow thank you

  32. so nice... thank you

  33. Thank you, Robin, for your sweet reminder.

  34. This was just the message I needed this morning after a very frustrating day yesterday with no resolution. My problem isn't with plants but with the printer connected to my computer. I really need patience, and persistence supported with a lot of prayer and a more spiritual view. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  35. Thanks, dear Robin, for always bob-bob-bobin' along! Thank you also to #23 Diane for a beautiful springing and singing comment! Once I worked for a lawyer who had a sign in his office that said: "God, please give me patience....and I want it NOW!" I kinda related to that. I've always loved Mary Baker Eddy's Big Childrens' Prayer, part of which reads: "........Patient, meek, in the way Thou hast, be it slow or fast,....." Sometimes it's hard for us Humans to understand that immediate gratification isn't always God's way! One thing I'm learning is: "In God's own way and in God's own time." Thank you for the rousing music this week and for bringing that little child's voice back, at the end of the Lift! Oh, and if anyone hasn't watched Jon Benson's new mini Lecture (see yesterday's Daily Lift) - all I can say is: "It'll knock your socks off!" Love!

  36. HI Robin - this is beautiful and so needed, thank you! It reminds me of an idea from a CS article I read long ago, that "patience is the persistent expectancy of good."

  37. Patience with our tomato plants, with young horses, with others, and most certainly with ourselves really has to do with “expected end”, doesn’t it? But are we waiting “hopefully” to see a good result? Divine promise (law) is much clearer about this!

    Jer 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

    What is peaceful knows us already. Synchronization with God’s promise is the perfect work! (James 1:4) It is the expected end, conclusion, beginning, and All of it!

    Perfect Lift! Thank you, Robin!

  38. I love a comment that was in a early small Christian Science Sentinal about patience. It said: God I will be patient. Just tell me how long I have to be patient.
    That makes me smile everytime I think of it and also settles me down to a calm expectation. Thanks so much, Malcolm for the hymn 136. "All unafraid I wait..."

  39. JSH-Onliners can quickly find a classic article which also urges patience, but this time with our loved ones. "The Problem of the Hickory Tree" by Louise Knight Wheatley is in the CSJ for March, 1911.

  40. Thank you.

  41. Hi Robin! Thanks for this encouraging lift. You know, I didn’t always like to hear that I needed patience in the face of suffering or difficulty because I thought that having patience meant having to accept and/or tolerate the trouble, whatever it was, at least for awhile. But it occurred to me recently that patience can also mean remaining calm and confident in the presence and supremacy of good no matter what is happening on the surface of things. And, now, rereading in Luke that those who “having heard [and kept] the word, […] bring forth fruit with patience” (8:15), I’m realizing that I don’t even have to work at generating the needed patience because it’s having the word of God sewn in my heart and cherishing it there that brings forth the patience – that calm trust and expectation of good – as well as the good, itself :).

  42. I just finished listening to the CD "Keep Praying" and your good ideas reinforced the message in that pamphlet so beautifully--we are models of patience and perseverance to share with everyone! Thank you, Robin.

  43. Again, we have planted our fields of corn. What a wonderful timely thought to go forward with.

  44. Thanks, Robin! Hmmmmmm...good soil (spiritual receptivity)...good seed (Word of God)...patience (trust Good enough to wait for it, whether or not it seems evident)...perseverance (continue; stay with and repeat as often as necessary in this "straight and narrow" - Isn't this what Jesus did? - to enjoy the ongoing harvest, fruitage, "miracles")...

    I looked up the quote you shared about "great men and women" and am also inspired by the words that precede it, "Is a musician made by his teacher? He makes himself a musician by practising what he was taught. The conscientious are successful. They follow faithfully; through evil or through good report, they work on to the achievement of good; by patience, they inherit the promise. Be active, and, however slow, thy success is sure: toil is triumph..." (Miscelaneous Writings, pg. 340).

    Sure beats sitting around feeling sorry for oneself. ;-) And "oneself" has the best Helper...

    "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness"( Isaiah 41:10).

    Again, thanks soooo much Robin...and also thanks again for all the Daily Lifts and comments...a great example of "less is more"...I get so much out of these short angel messages.

  45. All of these wonderful comments regarding your daily lift says it all. THANK YOU ROBIN !

  46. What a great reminder of the rewards we will reap when we utilize patience and persistence. Thanks for the lift!

  47. Point well taken Robin. You and Luke got it just right.

    I recently planted a beautiful flowering gardenia plant in my yard and followed the instructions for location, care and watering, adding fertilizer to the soil and monitoring its progress daily. The leaves promptly withered, turned brown and died. For three days I continued “doctoring” this plant until it was obvious nothing was helping. So I planted a different plant in the same area to be sure the soil wasn’t the problem and it flourished immediately while the gardenia seemed completely lost.

    So I stopped attending to it materially and got on about other things. Couple weeks later I walked by the area and saw the gardenia had shed all the dead foliage and was now recovering nicely with strong new stocks and bright green leaves. Obviously what it need most was for me to stop interfering. That is the gracious quality of patience and trust I lacked.

    How closely that must apply to every walk of life. Plant good seeds (thoughts) in good soil (receptivity) and don’t smother them with over attention, or flood them with distrust, worry, fear, etc. It works for children too, and that includes all Gods’ children. We don’t have to monitor our neighbor’s progress, counsel them or interfere with our mortal opinions. After all, it’s all God’s garden and only a “blooming idiot” would interfere with His unfoldment.

  48. Thank you! Very helpful. Beautiful comments, too. Thanks #29 Troy for your incredible list expanding on how untouched our true identity is, #41 Ruth for your growing understanding of patience, and #37 Nancy for "what is peaceful knows us already..." and for Jer 29:11. I have found inspiration from other translations:

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. NIV Translation

    I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope. God's Word Translation

    The mortal sense of time loses it's grip and the allness of God's ever present goodness means we are at one with the fruits of our prayer. Patience is then a natural trusting. I really love thinking and praying on these ideas...thanks again, everyone.

  49. Thank you Robin for the lesson in patience and perseverance.
    And I had to smile -- the humor of #35 and # 38!

  50. the little ones learning to read at school, just like the little tomato plants need the patience of the teacher. I liken them to the flowers blooming in their own time and how confident and proud they are. The little story "The problem of the Hickory
    Tree." is such a great lesson. Thanks Dave

  51. Thank youf Robin for the beautiful and uplifting thoughts, They are the inspiration I need to work with today. Also, thank you to all 41 above who have taken the time to share their love and thoughts.

  52. Very encouraging, thank you.

  53. perfect timing for that lovely reminder Robin. Thank you so much. It is exactly what I am working on this week (surprise,surprise). I love how God answers our needs with wonderful Angel messages from different places. This is perfect!

  54. Joan Of NJ

    Thank you Robin. Patience and persistance brings to mind that all good things come to those who wait upon the Lord. I am solooking forward to my first try at planting tomatoe seeds and or tomatoe plants and the joy of watching them blossom and grow.
    Again, thank you Malcolm Drummond for you daily Hymnal suggestions, they also are treasured along with our Daily Lifts.


  55. Ah, the patience story reminds me of when my l husband and I built our house in the country. The land was bare except for a few scrubby trees. I wanted a quick cheap ground cover that would grow in the worst kind of soil. I read about ox-eye daisies and spread a couple of packages of seed over the bare ground then watered and waited anxiously for signs of life. I waited and waited, impatiently hovering like waiting for that pot to boil. NOTHING! I gave up worrying and wondering and decided even ox-eye daisies wouldn't grow there.

    Winter came and went and lo and behold a few little daisy leaves sprouted, and then more and more and now 25 years later they pop up by the hundreds -- their bright faces shining forth every Spring.

    So you never know what's going on below the surface of material evidence. Life is very often like "The Hickory Tree" #39 (a late bloomer) which a practitioner recommended to me when I was concerned about one of my son's slow development. He bloomed -- and is still blooming and continuing to grow to this day. As are we all.

  56. 47 Michael, true, true, true, and "after all.... " too funny!

    48 Tracy, love the other translations! Thanks

  57. The Daily Lift brightens my mornings, and I love to share it on Twitter whenever possible. Thanks, Robin, and have a good week, everyone

  58. Thanks, Robin, for the reminder of nurturing patience and persistence in whatever we endeavor. I remember my first year of teaching in first grade running over to my mentor because I thought I was going to go crazy. She gave me words of wisdom I have been nurturing ever since: "You can help yourself to patience. It never wears out." Since then, patience and persistence have saved the day. To Michael, I couldn't have said it any better. Thanks.

  59. Well chosen words, Robin, Thank you! They're almost 2 helpings of the same thing, but naming both, set me to thinking of the distinction between them and the importance both play in any goal, most certainly in spiritual life. My dictionary doesn't use patience to define persistence, but does use persistence to describe patience. In spiritual growth, for healing, and for all goals, patience, alone, isn't always the wisest thing. In a garden, just willing to wait for seeds to sprout, or for blooms & fruits, can leave weeds to sprout and choke out tiny seedlings, or rob plants of water & nourishment. That's when persistence comes in handy. While we await what we know will surely be, persistence keeps us watchful, working on whatever needs doing, even if progress seems failing. But persistence, alone, can have us over-doing, when we've done what is needed already. This can cause us to believe work we've done for healing isn't adequate, sowing doubt right when we need to exercise patience. I need to take a big gulp of both when I open my Bible and Science & Health to study, whether it is the weekly lesson, or is a specific treatment. This Lift makes me more aware to consciously apply them. Best of all, isn't it great to know our Father, God, exercises both perfectly, persisting to call us to hear Him, and patiently confident we will, for His words do not return to Him void, but accomplish what pleases Him, and shall prosper where and for what purpose He sends them.(Isa.55:11)

  60. Dear Robin, Thank you so much for this wonderful lift! In the May Journal is found
    an interview with Robert Warneck that relates so perfectly with this lift that I must share it. "Sometimes when you've worked toward a healing for an extended period, and there doesn't seem to be any progress- in fact, things seems to get worse- that is the very time to be most joyful, most expectant of good, strongest in one's declaration of Truth, because that is the very time the claims of evil are about to vanish."
    Thanks to everyone for their thoughts of inspiration, what a blessing!

  61. Ahh, Robin! Such love in this message, and so true. It has been said that "discouragement is the main weapon in the devil's arsenal." Let's disarm that weapon and persist in our endeavors to destroy the error that would swamp us---and persistence in declaring the Truth is our weapon! With each denial of its supposed power; with every step Spiritward, we become stronger and see the goal more clearly. Thank you!

  62. Thank you, dear Robin, for the lovely reminder to have patience and be persistent with the enfolding of only the good to come. I for myself can emphasize that the learning of patience is a big lesson in our life. When you get riper ( not older, ha,ha,ha) in life than slowly but surely your learned this lesson and many other too. The tolerance to wait and have double joy when it comes through how you have hoped for is wonderful. Blessing to all with Aloha from Monika

  63. As an information technology sales professional my watch word was always... PERSIST!! Every sales person understands persistence and the need to apply it. But I learned the value of persistence PLUS patience! There have been many times when being persistent in driving for a certain goal could build up frustration when results didn't appear immediately. But, introducing patience into the mix enabled me to enjoy the interval until persistence paid off. Gaining patience was a challenge to me but learning to trust God and to let Divine Mind govern my actions paid off. Patiently persisting also allows us to continue to listen to God's guidance and prevents a blind rush towards a preconceived end. My conclusion after some years of struggling is... The patient persistence needs to be in listening to God and the results take care of themselves!

  64. Thanks bunches!

  65. Perfect timing for me, thanks for sharing!

  66. Let us rejoice at the Christ in each other and yield to the everlasting harmony of Soul, then we are letting our light shine and eliminating the shadows in the world. God is blessing the universe with light

  67. Robin's garden theme brought a cornucopia of mentally shared all-season harvest, spilling forth especially great comments shared today by the Lift family, each with loving patience. We got flowers, veggies, trees, hymn, love, hope, testimonies, insights, river, pets, prayer, miracles, expectancy, divine promise, law, calm confidence, success, children, smiles, surprise, laughs, Bible translations, light, and more. This brought a metaphysical bouquet, a mental vision of an inspired collage of love and friendship from around the globe. And... the day isn't over yet! # 29 Troy, your artful shadow on Bible verses sounds awesome, and reminds me of the Veterans memorial in Frankfort, Ky. If you've not seen or read of it, I thought you'd like to know the concept. http://www.kyvietnammemorial.net/about.html Thanks to the BOL, and the Daily Lift team, including anyone who has ever had or now has a part in bringing the inspired, love filled Church activity and outreach. I feel richly blessed and haven't stopped since yesterday morning, but am going to rest a little. Thank you to everyone.

  68. Thank you Robin and all Lifters!! I am recovering from a bicycle fall 2 weeks ago, and this lift is just what I needed to hear :-)
    Beautiful day to all!!

  69. MERCI Robin ! Dieu nous donne toujours notre (Sa) moisson. Patience et persévérance sont souvent nécessaires. Mais, parfois, cette récolte (le 'miracle') est instantané(e). Mieux encore : cette moisson peut apparaître sans que nous ayons semé ! "Jette ta faucille et moissonne car c'est l'heure de moissonner, la moisson de la terre est mûre" (Apocalypse ch 14 v 15). "Vous récolterez là où vous n'avez pas semé". J'ai ainsi vu sortir de terre des plants de tomates, un rosier rose, un églantier rose (ma couleur préférée), comme si des semences avaient été cachées dans le sol, comme si Dieu attendait mon arrivée pour m'offrir ce que je désirais tellement, sans aucun travail préalable !!! Voyez combien notre Dieu est bon !Il sait d'avance ce que nous voulons ! Beaucoup de tendresse pour tous mes frères et soeurs ! Michèle de France

  70. Thank you Robin! Each day I am working on what Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health with Key to the scriptures, sort of paraphrased; 'experiencing more grace expressed in patience, kindness, meekness and good deeds.' Thank you daily lift team.

  71. THis is so good. I am going to take my time when I get home and listen and read and take in all the pearls of wisdom. I needed this today, as family members entrust me into their lives, oh I pray for patience to allow them their time. What a timely message. Thank you so much

  72. Thank you, Robin ! God always gives us our (His) harvest. Patience and persistence are often necessary. But, sometimes, that harvest (or 'miracle') is instantaneous. More better : that harvest can appear without we have sowed before (previously). "Thrust in the sickle and reap, because it is the time to reap, the harvest of the earth is ripe (mature)" (Revelation ch 14 v15). "You will reap here (in the place) where you did not have sowed". I have seen some plants of tomatoes, a pink rose-bush, a pink eglantine ('pink' is my favourite colour !) coming out from the earth, as if seeds had been hidden in the ground, as if God waited that I come to give me that what I wanted so much, all things given without working for it. See how much God is good !! He knows what we want ! Much tenderness to all my sisters and brothers ! Michèle from France

  73. Robin, enjoyed today's Daily Lift. I have been struggling with a situation for nearly two years. Of course, I've lost my patience and persistence many times, but continue on. However, I'd never considered that the resolution to this situation would not only bless me, but could provide harvest and healing to others also. What a wonderful idea.

  74. So many thanks, Robin. God's great mercy was shown to me, yet again, just this morning. Who is so great a God as our God? Now, talk about patience! We have it because God does!

  75. Thank you Robin!

  76. What a freeing Lift and the joyous comments engendered! "It matters not what be thy lot, so Love doth guide..."
    from a poem written by Mary Bake Eddy and Christian Science hymn 160.

  77. Thank you Robin! Your Lift reminded me of the daffodil bulbs that my husband planted 2 years ago...as a
    gift for me...in the Spring we noticed when daffodils starting appearing in the neighbor's yards, but the ones he planted in our yard, just weren't coming up...with sadness we noticed that all the daffodils were starting to go by, and ours still hadn't appeared... My husband started to wonder if the bulbs were bad.. I reasoned in prayer that because his motive for planting the bulbs was a purely loving one, that they just had to bloom, and sure enough several weeks after all the daffodils in our neighborhood were all gone,
    ours did show up.. patience , persistence and prayer did prove that we cannot be deprived of anything good !!

  78. What a perfect Lift for me. Today my grandson decided to leave our doughter's home, and his brother and sister, to go live with his dad, leaving our daughter feeling broken. How good for me to hear the idea that something good can come out of this unpleasant event, and to be patiently waiting for God's message.

  79. Wow! When I think of all the gardenias I have thrown out over the years.

    Thanks # 47 Thanks Robin for starting this flowering.

  80. Thank you, thank you, Robin, and for all of the comments - and I can report success. After over 3-1/2 hours online with a tech support specialist who showed extreme patience and persistence, and my praying along with patience and persistence - working together my printer problem was solved. My gratitude to you all is overflowing. "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." (Science and Health,
    p. vii)

  81. Thanks soooooo much for the excellent Lift, Robin!

  82. A friend years ago shared her definition of impatience: waiting in a hurry. Waiting instead with trust and expectation makes more sense. Thanks, Robin, for a great start to the day.

  83. Beautiful lift, Robin--thank you!

  84. Thank you, Robin for that sweet lift! And many thanks also to all the commenters and DL team.
    From CS Hymnal # 303 (verses 1 & 2):

    "Scorn not the slightest word or deed,
    Nor deem it void of power;
    There's fruit in each wind-wafted seed
    That waits its natal hour.

    No act falls fruitless;
    none can tell how vast its power may be
    Nor what results enfolded dwell
    Within it silently."

    Much love to all.

  85. Robin, I am grateful always for your lifts. they speak so clearly of the Truth. Yes, patience is such a wonderful quality as well as spiritual poise, something I will think about and pray about more. A good idea to nurture, just like those tomatoes . Kathy

  86. Good illustrations, Robin! Thank you.

  87. Thank you Robin and all those who put the Daily Lift on the screen...From the shortest comment to
    the more lengthy...its all there...and it all helps so much.

  88. Thank you!

  89. I am in the coffee house and not able to listen to the Lift. All of the comments are so nourishing and such great teachers; I am learning a lot. Thank you one and all for such heartfelt listening and sharing. I am lifted and lifted again. I was raised in Christian Science and have studied off and on for the many years of my life-this is my 60th. Guess what- I am feeling younger instead of older, wiser , yes, more patient, yes, but more youthful, invigorated and purposeful, seeking my own purpose in God's design for me. I am so blessed by the help of a practitioner who has guided me to higher thinking and action and by this lift community and messages I am being pulled back into the fold of wanting to be filled with God like thoughts every moment and every day. This is a good life and I am grateful for all that has come before me to allow me this time to be in. Thank you for the lift and the many wonderful comments that serve as teachers as well.

  90. A little later in the week listening to this lift but the right time for me. Thank you. I am sitting looking out into my garden and seeing many flowers in bloom and others just showing signs of growth - an example of how we gain our inspiration at different times but at times right for us.

  91. Hey Robin, what a great lesson, and I can definitely attest to that. I had been searching for a co-op work experience for months, some opportunities came up that did not feel right I turned down, while others I thought were right at the time did not accept me. But I was patient and kept praying, and I landed a co-op abroad for six months! It was a part of God's plan all along, and I am now watching it unfold as I prepare for my departure. What a huge blessing.

  92. Robin, I so much appreciate the wisdom you share in this DL. Thanks so much for this beautiful thought!

  93. "Peace, be still, and know that I AM GOD". There is a time for every purpose under heaven - something we all know - but still expect on OUR timeline. The thoughts expressed today couldn't emphasis more perfectly that patience and persistence will bring the needed "end". Thanks to all for confidence to keep on believing and trusting in Divine supply - received just when it is needed.

  94. Thank you for this inspiring gift. It has encouraged me during a long struggle.

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