4/17: Christos Anesti!

4/17: Christos Anesti!

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  1. Such a beautiful lift. Love always embrace wherever we are.
    Thank you Mary,

  2. Thank you Mary, what a comforting Lift. Resurrection is the awakening of our spiritual understanding, the raising of our thought from material beliefs in order to discern the Christ, or the spirit of God, present today with us, bringing with it a life renewed. This is a joy that can be shared with all. Thank you again.

  3. Thank you for this lovely Lift that uplifts and elevates us to a universal understanding of family!

  4. Hi Mary. Thank you so much for your daily lift. It reminds me that we have so many different cultures not only overseas but also in our own backyard where we can celebrate the living Christ with others and show that we are all family in this celebration

  5. Good one Mary. It is wonderful to see how some cultures and communities keep this alive.

  6. Well done Mary and thank you for that insight into Christ.

  7. Christos Anesti! Christ is risen! It lifts the heart to say those words, just as the early "followers of Jesus" greeted each other. Christ's resurrection and ascension sealed the deal for them: it was the inspiration for their discipleship. Thank you for the reminder that we too can joyfully greet others with these words.Christos Anesti. Alethis Anesti.

  8. thank you for this very timely uplift, and also for your new article in The Christian Science Sentinel.

  9. Thank you Mary.Your Lift is truly special.Happy Easter Christos Anesti.

  10. Thank you so much. It reminded me of the beautiful time we had several years ago, celebrating Greek Easter on the island of Aegina with beloved friends. All the things you speak of bring back memories of that time, and of our darling friends who embraced us so much in their love. x

  11. Tank you for sharing this beautiful Tradition and custom. It's a sign. that he has overcome death. He is always here and there and everywhere. Always with us. Happy Easter to all staff and the Team of the DL. And to all Users.

  12. Although Jesus, the man, is not longer with us, Christ, the Messiah he embodied, never left us.

    The traditional Greek Easter-celebration uplifts everyone in the country and beyond, right before midnight beginning with the call: Christos Aneste! (Christ has risen!)

    This call is answered by everyone's affirmation, Alithos Anesti! (truly, He is risen) or "Alithinos o Kyrios" (true is the Lord).

    We too should celebrate big such a joyful occasion, to remind us that Christ has never left us and is only one thought away!


    Aunque Jesús, el hombre, ya no está con nosotros, Cristo, el Mesías que él encarnó, nunca nos dejó.

    La tradicional celebración de Pascua griega, eleva a todos en el país y más allá, poco antes de medianoche comenzando con la llamada: Cristos Anesti! (Cristo ha resucitado!)

    Esta llamada es contestada por la afirmación de todos, Alithos Anesti! (Ciertamente, ha resucitado) o "Alithinos o Kyrios" El Señor es la Verdad).

    Nosotros también deberíamos celebrar grandemente esa ocasión tan gozosa, para recordarnos que Cristo nunca nos ha dejado ¡y está tan cerca como nuestro pensamiento!

  13. Thank you Mary - this was just what I needed.

  14. Thank you so much Mary for reminding us . Where two or more are gathered there am I in the midst of thee . Much love to all x

  15. Christos Anesti!!!!Alethis Anesti!!!! What joy these words bring,knowing that He IS with us every moment of our lives.Whatever way we say them, shouting for joy,singing them ,or quietly saying them to ourselves,they can bring joy and comfort in all occasions.Thank you dear Mary forthese 3 greek words,and to all Christos Anesti,Alethis Anesti!!!....."rise and SHINE for thy time is come,and the GLORY of the Lord IS RISEN UPON thee""!

  16. What a beautiful message for each day as an Easter. Thank you, Mary. We can meet our fellow man with the same love and appreciation for the risen Christ. The Christ Truth is always with us and was for all the prophets in the Old Testament.

  17. Our Leader says, in reference to this victory that we all must make, "A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven, now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ; for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain." (Science and Health, page 568, by Mary Baker Eddy.)

  18. Thank you Mary for sharing this connective experience. As well, Robert # 17, for reminding us that we
    must remember, each one of us, has a duty to raise a song, and at that "A louder song," so we
    acknowledge the Love that surrounds us. In doing so, we also express gratitude, that marvellous
    enabler of Love. Then, as Hymn # 413 says
    "Every day will be an Easter
    Filled with benedictions new."

  19. Many thanks Mary for sharing with us this joyful healing message for Easter. Yes. "The healing Christ Truth is with us always." "With gifts of healing in his wings/ To light the Christ now guides us,/ The heart that knows him burns and sings,/ For endless joy betides us." (Christian Science Hymnal #392).

  20. Thank you Mary and to you and everyone everywhere in our Daily Lift Family . . . Happy Easter and Happy Eternal Ascension of the Christ energy within us all.

  21. So BEAUTIFUL !!! Mary, thank you for sharing!

  22. Thank you for sharing

  23. Thank you for this very uplifting Lift. Yes, The Christ is always with us.

  24. Thank you Mary for reminding us The Christ has never left ,
    from Frank In Victoria ,

  25. Thank you Mary, Your lift has reminded me of the return and rising of the early spring flowers that have been emerging from the ground in our part of the country. Soon they will be bursting with the brilliant colors of life. Like Christ, the colors, plants, buds, bushes, trees, and grass were in the ground silently working out their own "resurrection" of life. What a beautiful time of the year to celebrate "Christos Anesti".

  26. Great lift..many thanks!

  27. Thank you Mary.

  28. Thank you, dear Mary, for this beautiful Easter celebration. I hadn't heard of it so it sounds lovely and new to me. We will celebrate a very calm and quiet Easter, with many exchanges of greetings online and at church on Sunday. I think one of my most memorable Easters was when a large group of us went camping at a National Park in Central Queensland, and at the camp fire the night before we invited all who would like to join us for our Guides' Own (a little informal church service) conducted by one of the senior Guides. It was beautiful to watch the family groups coming to join us, and sharing our song sheets. So wonderful to hear the father's voices singing with the girls. The talk was given by another Senior. People lingered - unwilling to leave our little circle of worshippers, and the warmth and goodwill was very apparent. And this Lift, too, is a warm and loving celebration across the miles and kilometres, and brings us all together to celebrate Christos Anesti!

  29. Lovely. Your sharing experience reminds me of Mary Baker Eddy's poem "Love" that was set to music to be a hymn. Part of the words of the first verse are:

    "Brood o’er us with Thy shelt’ring wing,
    ’Neath which our spirits blend
    Like brother birds, that soar and sing,
    And on the same branch bend...."

  30. Thanks for a beautiful Easter message ."The Christ is here all dreams of error breaking ."

  31. Thank you!

  32. So often when I travel, I find that the Christ is arranging for me to experience the brotherhood of mankind. Thank you for this reminder.

  33. Thank you for the warm uplift Mary.

  34. A comforting and helpful Lift Mary. Many thanks.

  35. Comforting ,, thank you !

  36. In my church, we say "Christ is risen!". The response: "He is risen indeed!"

  37. Thanks so much, Mary, for sharing your Easter experience in Greece and for all who have commented. The Christ is risen and with us today to support us through all of our trials. What a blessing!

  38. How lovely Mary. Thank you.

  39. Pienso, que Cristo resucita cada día en, y con nosotros ese el el mayor legado que nos ha dado. Veamos, "las obras que yo hago vosotros también las podéis hacer". ser patícipes de la resurreción es obrar como Él obró. porque de otra manera no podemos lograr lo que Él logró, trascender más allá de las condiciones materiales, alumbró al mundo con su accionar, si Él hubiera renunciado, como pudo hacerlo, es más sus propios discípulos se lo reclamaron, y sin embargo, nada lo detuvo, consciente de su tarea y del fruto de ella. Y sí... nosotros recogemos ese fruto, y podemos hacer que sea más abundante, pero no lograremos si nos quedamos esperando sin obrar, mirando su obra. Les contaré algo, ayer un amigo dijo: ¡Felices Pascuas! le contesté, falta todavía, pero me contestó, es buena la Pascua, sí lo es dije, pero buenos tenemos que ser nosotros, sino la Pascua queda sin testigos.

    "No me des pobreza ni riqueza; Manténme del pan necesario
    Y dará al hombre según sus obras" Proverbios

    "En esta sencillez, y con tal fidelidad, vemos a Jesús ministrar lo que de espiritual necesitaban todos los que se pusieron a su cuidado, siempre guiándolos hacia el orden divino, bajo el influjo de su propia comprensión perfecta" MBE
    Y podemos seguir con total seguridad siendo guíados por Él.

    Muchas gracias Mary, la Pacua sí nos convoca a todos, a ser fieles al Padre-Madre.

  40. Your Easter experience in Greece provides a comforting peace of knowing that "He is Risen ... Christos Anesi. Thank you Mary and to Robert #17 for the reminder that "He is risen, for the accuser is not there".

  41. Thank you for this lovely Lift. And for all the comments. Thank you #3, Lift that uplifts and elevates us to a understanding of family! Beautiful!!! Thank you everyone!

  42. Oh, Thank You, Mary! I have just been so enjoying this Easter Week! It seems that the whole Earth is in anticipation of the Glorious News: He is Risen! The Christ is Risen! Christos Anesti! When I went to my yoga class yesterday, before it started, I said to a friend, "Happy Easter!" and he mumbled, "Drink the blood, eat the flesh." I responded spontaneously with: "He is Risen!" I love how in Christian Science we see every day as an Easter - every day to prove that the Christ has never left and is here, now, to bring Healing and Joy into our Lives! Happy Easter Everyone! Christ is risen indeed!

  43. What an inspiring message and healing greeting to be sharing this week! Thank you, Mary!
    I love this story I heard at our international lecturer training session in 2004 by a South African storyteller. He told about a group of Christians living in the Soviet Union many years ago when the government tried to silence religion. A priest asked permission to convene and talk to his church members. They told him he could have one hour but that a Communist official would also have the right to speak to them first. The official took up most of the hour telling the people there is no god; religion is all just a delusion! When the Communist official ended, the priest was left with only a few minutes to speak. The priest stood up and said,"The Christ is risen!" and the whole congregation responded by standing and saying, "Truly, he is risen!". That's all they needed to hear!

  44. Wonderful Mary. I am struck by the universality of the spiritual light of Christ. Christ, risen in consciousness and enlightening today is inclusive. No name, label or sect can hold it for themselves. No one is put-off because of a name. No one can postpone it until later. It is not a limited to 31.59%!

    Christian 31.59% (of which Roman Catholic 18.85%, Protestant 8.15%, Orthodox 4.96%, Anglican 1.26%), Muslim 25.2%, Hindu 15.0%, Buddhist 7.1%, Sikh 0.35%, Jewish 0.2%, Baha'i 0.11%, other religions 10.95%, non-religious 9.66%, atheists 2.01%. (2010 est.).[1]

    All covered!

  45. Thank you!

  46. In the religion in which I grew up, at every Sunday worship the congregants recite in unison: "Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again." Now, as a Christian Scientist, I would wish that wording to be: "Jesus died. Christ Jesus is risen. The Christ is eternally present." It is the Christ which gave Jesus his spiritual power, his nearness to God, available today, to all, forever.

  47. Thank you Mary. By sharing this story with us it is a reminder for all of us to include everyone we meet in the greeting that Christ has risen and is always with us.

  48. I love it!! Thanks for the lift!

  49. Thank you Mary. The Christ is here for all of us - what a lovely idea!

  50. Christos Anesti! What a lovely Easter greeting. Thank you Mary, Christ never left us ,He is everpresent.

  51. Thank you Mary - I have loved this Holy Week. It is so important to remember all the circumstances & steps taken to get to the resurrection. My heart is so grateful for Jesus & what he went through. And now, we live & learn through our lives that the Christ is here & what Jesus did for all of us to show us our ourselves in God. The Christ has risen & may the peace of Christ live in your hearts as you share love & compassion with all.

  52. Beautiful, Mary.

    And, Christine,#43 what more proof of the power of Truth do we need than the "simplicity which is Christ." (Paul) to overcome the hours or numbers who speak or act the "antichrist."

  53. Thank you for speaking this timeless Christ message to our world today, Mary. Thanks to the DL team and to the Board of Lectureship for consistent delivery with joy!

  54. A beautiful, timely message. Thanks, Mary.

  55. Thank you Mary for this very appropriate lift on the eve of the Easter observances. Jesus really had the best Health Insurance Plan in his relationship with his Father, enabling him to cure the incurable, raise the dead, and survive his own killing. So much news and ads today for human health insurance plans. Easter is a good time to sign up for the divine plan. "Christ is risen!"

  56. Thank you, Mary Beattie, from Canberra, ACT, Australia..

    Sounds really beautiful!

    The Christ was right there will you when far from home.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  57. Christos Anesti--CHRIST HAS RISEN. MBE explains on Page 583 in S&H "Christ; the divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error." It is what gave Jesus the ability to arise from the dead. It is the very revelation that there is no death, it is the figment of mortal imagination. One cannot arise from something that's finished, through, capote. From the above definition, the word "DEATH" when equated with Life is a misnomer.
    This is our true celebration of Easter.

  58. Thank you, Mary, for “Christos Anesti! … Christ is risen! … truly Christ has never left us …” Amen!!! ;-)

  59. Thank you for this lovely story. As a Greek woman who has partaken of this custom many times, I enjoyed hearing it from the view of a "foreigner." It helps me know that the Christ is not foreign to anyone.

  60. Thank you for sharing your Easter celebration experience, Mary! This is the greatest and holiest of observances in the Greek Orthodox calendar. And this piety and joy is founded on the Resurrection - Christ Jesus' triumph over the ignorance and malice of the world. The Greeks have for 2,000 years embraced this wonderful demonstration of truth as the final word of their Christian faith, as St. Paul also states - see I Cor. 15:12-14. Christos Anesti! (Χριστος Ανεστι), Alithos Anesti! (Αληθος Ανεστι), Alithos o Kyrios! (Αληθος ο Κυριος) will resound across the Aegean basin Saturday at midnight, and in many parts of the world, as many of our Daily Lift family attest. It will be the common greeting among the Orthodox for forty days following Easter. It is the declaration, the affirmation, that unites all Christians, even all mankind in one brotherhood. It is taken from the Gospel (see Matt 28:6, and Luke 24:34 - "is risen indeed" is the same as "truly risen", or alithos anesti); it is an affirmation of truth that carries infinite healing power.

  61. Thank you Mary!!!! What a wonderful Daily Lift full of Truth. Now I have learned the Greek word for Truth: Alethia, and that part of its root is Thia which means God (using the female version of the word as Theos is the masculine version). What a great revelation to find that in the Greek language, the meaning for Truth and God is one!

  62. I'm off to grocery shop with a heartful of the beautiful Christ truth that will direct my good choices of what to buy that is necessary and not unessential or beneficial. Shopping with God's guidance has led me to some very good bargains unexpectedly. Easter joy is always present because of the Christ directing us as we calmly listen with expectancy of a reply.

  63. Thank You Mary for such thoughtful blessings!...Yes the Christ is risen..rolling away the stone of matter!..Let us always keep the Christ/Truth in our hearts dearly every day!...Joyous Easter celebrations to all!
    With Love ....Christos Anesti! : ) : ) : )

  64. Thank you.

  65. Isn't it wonderful! Christ is risen! Thank you for this lift!

  66. Deep gratitude for the world wide recognition of God's universal goodness. Peacefully, Carol

  67. Thank you Mary for this inspiring Lift. And thank you for all the good comments, esp. #57 for reminding us there i is no death (i.e., the opposite of Life--Life being infinite God). We live in God, that is, we live in Life. Therefore, there is no way we can "step out" from the allness and onlyness of Life, which is our very being (our "center") and Universe (our "circumference") 1/. The recognition of this element of Truth allows the demonstration of eternity and resurrection.
    Let's simply and humbly accept the blessing of ever-present, ever-operative Truth!
    1/ref. Science & Health 203:32-204:1 and 262:14-16

  68. Today a friend invited me to a festival that celebrates/honours brother-sisterhood, peace, love, compassion, joy, gratitude etc.. When I attend the event, I'll be thinking of the ideas from today's Christos Anesti Lift: "the Christ spirit crossed all cultural bridges" and "Today Christ is here with us revealing God's universal harmonious family." Mary, thank you for your joyous knowing and sharing that indeed "Christ is risen!.......Truly, he is risen!"

  69. P.S I also love the Greek tradition of continuing the greeting (Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!) for 40 days (thank you to Fotios#60 for sharing). I see this continued greeting as a continued celebration, and also helpful in letting the Truth permeate and dissolve a false consciousness of mortality by joyfully affirming the Truth. Furthermore, continuing the greeting for 40 days made me realize for the first time that indeed Christ rose twice. The first rising is the one "from the tomb" of belief in death, to which we exclaim "Christ is risen!, and the second one is from the belief of limited life (life in matter), to which we exclaim "He is risen indeed!"
    I can not express my gratitude enough to all that so lovingly make these lifts and comments possible, which are so uplifting and thought-provoking, helping us along our journey of spiritual growth.

  70. Wow! This is wonderful and I feel the spirit of Easter flowing thru me, with me and going out from me. Truly the living Christ in action! Many many thanks!!


  72. Thank you Mary, and thank you #46. What a truly joyful holiday is Easter. How important that our children are taught that Easter is so much more than bunnies and colored eggs!
    Thank you also for my brief introduction to Greek culture. Sharon :-)

  73. THANKS FOR SHARING, MARY....sounded like a wonderful experience!!

  74. As #5 said, it can be really nice to see the way other cultures recognize the Christ. I can imagine the heart warming feeling you had during your visit. In southern Germany one is greeted with one wishing you God's blessing upon you in their language. Thank you for sharing this.

  75. Christos Anesti! Yes, He is risen indeed! And as you mentioned, the Christ is still here...with us always. "The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking, Unloosing bonds of all captivity." From hymn #412 of the Christian Science Hymnal. Happy Easter all! (=

  76. "Oh death, where is thy sting?... Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ," is a loving Biblical affirmation of Truth. Working daily with this "shared joy" plants our feet firmly iin "the universal harmonious family," including everyone. Thank you for your meaningful reminder, that we celebrate Easter everyday!

  77. He is risen in the essence of my joy in eternal LIFE. Years ago I was vacationing in a Mexican Caribbean
    island. They were reenacting Jesus carrying the cross all bloodied and bruised crying Cristo is muerte. It was dramatic to say the least. People waling and crying: I yelled out, Cristo is vive, no es muerte. The yells of joyful applause over rid the sorrow. This demonstration of indestructible LIFE so lights the world that darkness is obsolete, now and forever. Thanks Mary for sharing this. By the way I was invited to attend Easter service at the local church by person named Pedro. To this day his family and I are friends.I gave him our text book in Spanish.

  78. My Dad grew up in the old Orthodox church where it was customary to greet one another as Mary describes. Even though he embraced Christian Science whole heartedly he always greeted everyone with a joyous: "He is risen!" I say this now in commemoration of the risen Christ

  79. So beautiful!! Thanks!

  80. What a moving experience!

  81. I was raised in the Greek Orthodox Church before finding CS and the only thing I miss is that wonderful Easter celebration when we all said Christos anesti and responded alethos anesti- it just warmed my heart to hear your warm story about your experience in Greece.
    CS has shown me that indeed Christ IS risen,
    And with us always. Thank you, Mary, for this wonderful Lift and for me, gift.

  82. Mary, so fresh, so inspiring, full of Easter joy! Many thanks for sharing.

  83. Mary, Thank you. The Christ is always with us.

  84. Lovely! Thanks Mary.

  85. Thank you, Mary, for this inspiring Lift. Also grateful for the many enlightening comments emphasizing the victory of Life over death, and the deathless nature of the Christ.

  86. Dear Mary

    "Christos Anesti" "Alithos "Anesti". So lovely to hear this message again this Easter Saturday morning, thank you so much, Mary, for sharing this beautiful message for Easter. Love and gratitude to all the DL family.

  87. Dear Mary,
    THankyou that was such a beautiful Easter Story.
    And so many people are expressing gratitude.at first I thought I'd not add my tuppence worth...but it is the season of gratitude that the Christ has risen and always present...and i just really wanted to let you know that it was played on our BayFM Radio program today so lots more people would have been inspired by the brotherly love shared to you .
    Happy Easter to you and yours.
    Pam Gasteen

  88. Dear Mary,
    Like Pam #87, I loved your experience of Love's universal family, such a clear expression of our "oneness," but was not intending to "comment." I was just cherishing it with smiles of gratitude recalling the very same sense of Christly love felt as we were welcomed by our son's wife's Greek uncle and family in Athens during Christmas several years ago. His wife spoke no English, but the love was tangible. However, I just had to share with you that a few hours ago, we received an email Easter greeting from this dear man, and what was the "subject"? "Christos Anesti" ! I emailed him back my gratitude greeting and included the link to your Lift -- so now at least one family in Greece will be enjoying it as well!
    Easter gladness to you and to all, every day!

  89. Thank you. The Christ, who is with us always, is the same enfolding love then, now and forever. It is the Christ that reveals our oneness with God.

  90. Thank you! What a blessing this reminder you give us of the Christ with us - always! The Christ, Truth, in all ways, at all times here to comfort, guard and guide.

  91. Very beautiful!
    Thank you so much!

  92. I thank you so much Mary.