4/15: Loving your neighbor

4/15: Loving your neighbor

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  1. Such a wonderful ideas.
    Thank you for sharing at this time of the year.

  2. Thank you Elise, your Lift reminded me of a friends words to me after he paid his taxes, which because of his situation were a considerable amount, he said, "I'm happy to pay my taxes because its my legal obligation and it contributes to helping others." It was a new perspective for me, but so was Jesus admonition to not only love your neighbor, but also your enemies. And so were Mrs. Eddy's words, "I just love." But that's what divine Love does, it gives us a new view of things, and transforms, and heals. Thank you again.

  3. I like to remember Luke 2;1-14 every time I think about the taxes I pay on my income and investments.
    The real story for me is the birth or appearance to human consciousness of The Christ, the Son of God.
    My teacher taught me that for every look at error take ten looks at the Christ in my thought.

  4. A new viewpoint, thank you.

  5. Thank you, a very applicable thought, spirituality in practice.

  6. What a delightfully creative and loving way to look at taxes. So much better and more healing than viewing them as an unfair burden. Thanks, Elise.

  7. Being and living and expressing the Presence of Love by paying your taxes!! Never thought of it in just that way before. Thank you Elise for this very loving thought.Puts paying taxes in a whole different light.The light of Truth!!!

  8. Elise, Thank you. Linking our taxes to loving our neighbours is uplifting.

  9. You just made writing out my check to the Government a lot easier and happier to do so. What a loving & sharing way to look at this now. Much gratitude for your enlightenment and spreading this uplifting way of looking at paying our taxes, even for what we've already paid for this year, too!

  10. Many thank Elise for this gentle reminder. during tax time. Yes. "Its a special time to love all of our neighbors today [and every day]. "Help us to help each other, Lord,/ Each other's cross to bear;/ Let each his friendly aid afford,/ And feel his brother's care." (Christian Science Hymnal #105).

  11. Thank you, this is a cool way to view the income tax issue.
    But I have a question: I recall that Joan Baez, in protest over the Vietnam war, refused to pay the part of her taxes that went toward financing the war effort. What if your taxes are used not just for the good stuff, like schools, or roads, but for projects you disapprove of, or feel are unethical? I know you won't publish this comment, but perhaps someone could give it a thought.

  12. Paying taxes won't feel like a punishment if we see it in a new light: as an offer of love that fulfills the Mosaic Commandment, "Love thy neighbor as thyself".

    With this unselfish approach we are seeing "Our tax contribution as evidence of that divine Love in action".

    Many of us like to think of our hard earned money as building roads and schools; not funding wars.

    Pagar impuestos no se sentiría como un castigo si lo vemos desde una nueva perspectiva: como una oferta de amor que cumple con el Mandamiento Mosaico, "Ama a tu prójimo como a ti mismo".

    Con este enfoque desinteresado estamos viendo "Nuestra contribución fiscal como prueba de ese Amor divino en acción".

    A muchos de nosotros nos gusta pensar que nuestro dinero, duramente ganado, construye escuelas y rutas; no que financian guerras.

  13. Thank you so much, Elise. I give thanks each time I have to write a cheque (check) or pay a bill.
    Meeting my names and those of others. God's presence in operation.

  14. I love it! Thank you Elise.

  15. Thank You

  16. Thank you for this great eye-opener regarding 'money gifts'.

    When you think that there is so much corruption and a lot of the money we pay for taxes goes to very rich people who is getting richer and richer.
    How can I manage this feeling of unworthness?
    Thanks. Pieranna

  18. Thank you!

  19. What a wonderful healing thought! For md, it is a new way of thinking about paying taxes. Thank you, Elise for the up lifting idea!

  20. Makes me think of our "little bit" required by members of The Mother Church to pay the per capita tax and to subscribe to the periodicals—two precious gifts to the entire world. The more I learn to see giving as sharing "my supply for their want" and helping others, even if my contribution may seems small, I can trust that I'm blessing others by knowing my supply of love comes from Love's gentle demand to reflect Her infinite supply of love.

  21. Thank you. I remember reading an article in one of the Christian Science magazines in which the writer said he wrote "Principle operates unspent" on the front and back covers of the family checkbook. I started doing that, and have found it to be a good reminder of our infinite resources which we are to use wisely. Today with all our on-line resources, that idea could be put on a computer in some form!

    Thanks to our wonderful resource JSH On-Line, I found the article called "The Affluence of Principle" in the Sept. 11, 1971 Sentinel and wanted to share it.

  22. Thank you.

  23. What a sweet, and loving way to thank about today. Thank you for a beautiful Lift.

  24. Nice...

  25. well, i wish i could say this was a nice podcast...i don't know about everyone else, but as a single mom...I can only help myself and my daughter....no one helps me (but God)...and I cannot afford to help many others...so this business of helping others...only makes them more lazy and dependent on others...they need to learn to HELP THEMSELVES with God's great mercy!

  26. What a helpful and healing message. Thank you so much.

  27. Never thought of taxes that way. A higher perspective. Thank you!

  28. Excellent

  29. Thanks so much, Elise, for a more spiritual view of paying taxes and ways of loving our neighbor. Another might be gratitude for having the income in the first place.

  30. A lovely way to see "paying our debts" in a practical and happy way, Elise. Thanks.

  31. I agree with Ann # 24 -- it is a higher perspective. Thank you for sharing this message with us all today, Elise.

  32. A wonderful, freeing Lift! Thank you, Elise, and all Lifters, loving their neighbors as themselves in so many caring and healing ways!

  33. I rarely hear it put that way,-- mostly I hear hatred of taxes from political partisans,-- but it's nice to hear someone state that taxes are a way we love our neighbor! When I read articles about states or cities with the lowest taxes,-- as if that were a good thing,-- I have to fight the feeling that those are locales that officially love their neighbors the lowest. Thanks for this "tax day" stand. Helping one another,-- especially the weak and needy,-- is what Christ Jesus constantly preached.

  34. I knew someone who was really opposed to paying taxes. He would go to any length to avoid paying the money he owed every June 30 in Australia. I confided in my brother and he said, "You make the money you pay the tax!" Much later when I left our family property to relocate down here on the Sunshine 'Coast, I had to "declare all my assets." I had lived with the idea I was poor! No money at all. But when I handed in all my bank statements and investment details it was discovered there was quite a little sum of money. After buying this gorgeous little Villa, I still had enough to contribute more to my Church of Christ, Scientist, to a child in Africa who needs to be educated, to our family property and to various others: my school, a Christian Science facility, and to support the Olympic athletes. There are others also, and probably they don't amount to a lot, but they do make a difference. I read a wonderful essay on a man who loved to make heavy earth moving machinery, and he started off by tithing 10 per cent and living on the rest, but as he flourished he lived on the 10% and gave away the 99%. And still had sufficient! I get real joy from being able to help with lectures, with copies of Science and Health to donate to others, and a paper copy of CSMonitor to our Reading Room. This child of the depression came out into the light of enlightened understanding and found there was more than enough for all.
    Thank you Nate and the team; TMC; and our Daily Lift family.

  35. The quote "Principle operates unspent" was always on the cover of my family's check book though as a child, I didn't give it much thought. Thank you for reminding me of its truth.


  37. Perfect!

  38. What a nice way to think of taxes! Thanks so much!

  39. Amar al vecino!! Eso implica mucho, ¿Quién es nuestro vecino? el que vive al lado, o todo ser que habita la tierra. Cristojesús fue muy claro, "id por todo el mundo y predicad el Evangelio, a toda criatura" nadie puede recorrerlo íntegramente ni viviendo cientos de años, entoces sí, sin duda predicar con el que está a nuestro alcance, nuestros vecinos, de vecindario, que pueden ser de países, continentes, pero que solo estan a nuestro derredor donde nosotros estemos, si somos fieles y amamos como nos enseñó Cristo. Y cada vecino será beneficiado por nosotros, miren que simple, sólo amándolos, y dejando que ese amor trascienda fronteras en bondad, tolerancia, afecto, gratitud, paciencia, generosidad, etc. etc.

    "Vosotros sois mis testigos, dice Jehová, y mi siervo que yo escogí, que yo soy Dios" Isaías

    "Estas ya están aquí ahora; y un cambio en la consciencia humana, del pecado a la santidad, revelaría esta maravilla del ser" MBE

    Y nuestra tarea es demostrarlo a nuestra vecindad cercana o lejana, de la forma más simple, amando, para que se haga realidad.

    Muchas gracias Elise por el inspirado mensaje de amor.

  40. A Christian attitude to treasure: timely, tender & true! much gratitude to you!

  41. Thank you, Elise! Christians and Christian Scientists, as followers of Christ Jesus, are instructed in Christian Fellowship which includes, "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself". Thank you for sharing how paying our Taxes is one way to do this. I've also been praying to see more "Divine Love in Action" in the C.S. Church I attend. Working to overcome the feelings of division, the feelings of there being 2 factions warring against each other, etc. is not easy. It's came to me early this a.m. that fighting the Board's decisions was definitely not the way. "Resist not evil" is what Jesus commanded. And Mrs. Eddy always advised to "Pour in Truth through floodtides of Love." Love is indeed the royal way! Much Love and thanks again!

  42. Thank you Elise for your beautiful message this morning, and I will share that thought in my office today too. My parents always had taught me that it was a privilege to pay my taxes, and your message shared in that same thought...and was beautifully expressed....again, thank you....

  43. Thank you, Elise, for making it so clear that paying our taxes is actually loving our neighbor.

  44. What I love about your message is the prayer that includes the protection to keep our hard-earned tax dollars from being used inappropriately on personal pleasures of government employees and agencies. (Extravagant parties and travel expenses, extreme alcohol expenditures, useless "training," etc). Our healing thoughts must have a good influence when deciding on the ways to disperse all those tax dollars! Thank you, Elise, TMC and for all comments.

  45. Thank you, Elise, for this important insight. All the comments are wonderful to read, too!!! Someone once said, "with my taxes I buy civilization." Maybe what makes us civilized is loving our neighbor. :-)

  46. What a wonderful, freeing Lift. Really appreciate the comments especially, " for every look at error take 10 looks at the Christ in my thought" and "Principle remains unspent".
    Thanks to all.

  47. What a wonderful refreshing and angel-oriented perspective on giving, your lift certainly should help one who pays taxes begrudgingly...Thank you!

  48. Thanks Elise for such a relevant and timely lift. thanks to those who have shared. An article from JSHonline that might be helpful in responding to Nancy #11, Pieranna #17, and #25 e is called, This world of Infinite Love, Julia M. Johnston, August 1955, CS Journal.

  49. I am glad that I took up the study of C/S. Lately I have been discovering that this religion invites a new way of thinking harmoniously toward things that make us think of being a "drag" on our emotional feelings. Take Tax time for instance. Loving our neighbor, how could you equate that with paying taxes. The very thing that was behind the cause of our (USA) Revolutionay War. It's highway robbery, it lines the pockets of corrupt politicians. Now IT'S A NEW APPROACH. Paying Taxes helps new programs to help the indigent. It just acured to my. One of my jobs was formed from the taxes paid by others including my self. What a revelation! Paying taxes is an example of loving your neighbor.

  50. Despite the problems the US is facing, it's still the best place on earth, I think and it's a privilege to be living in "the land of the free and the brave"––where CS could be discovered and practiced. Two generations ago my great grandparents had the foresight to leave the Middle East, and set sail for the new world. They never looked back.

    CS teaches us that giving never impoverishes and withholding does not enrich.. "Love currency" keeps right ideas in motion. And the motive, to love, is so much more important than the dollar amount.

  51. To Nancy( Item 11),

    Thank you for the courage to say that. While we cannot personally direct where our tax money goes, we can address the issue in other ways - protests, letters, grass root groups, prayer of course and any other way we can think to bring Principal to the attention of others. Thanks for your thoughts this morning.

  52. Elise,

    Thank you for that loving thought - I feel at peace about the large amount of moeny (for me it's a large amount) sent to the IRS last night.

  53. thank you, I have never thought of it that way! Where have I been! Wow, even my husband feels better about it! Even though I have always felt that it should be paid, and f0llowed the idea of paying it because it was our duty, now I feel so good about it! As Mrs. Eddy did by buying shoes for the children, helping with the streets be in better condition in the city, wow, thank you again!

  54. Thank you, Elise for this great way to look at paying taxes. We can also use tax day to remeber our duty to uphold and pray for our government and those in office to be just, honest, faithful, and upright. “Be firm in your understanding that the divine Mind governs, and that in Science man reflects God’s government.”pg 393 S&H

    God is our King, our judge, and our lawgiver, the Bible reminds us. The more we have only one Mind, God, Love, the more our human governments conform to impartial goodness and usefulness.

    Serpenty thoughts are always chewing away at the best ideas. We must put our foot down firmly on the evil, and uplift the good in our thoughts about taxes and governments. That is why this lift is such a great way to raise up the best in our civic duty of obeying and supporting righteous government, which is really about loving our neighbors.

  55. Such a good point. Thank you for this great "Lift".

  56. Thank you Elise!
    Gratitude for taxes.
    Such freedom to joyfully share and not be burdened.

  57. Thank you, Elise! Never thought about paying taxes in quite that way before. But of course, what blesses one blesses all.

  58. Thank you, Elise, for this refreshing perspective on the taxes we pay to the government. My Dad, as a CPA and very principled man, taught us very early that paying taxes was a moral obligation, and that honesty in declaring taxes on everything we make (even babysitting money!) was very important. Seeing it in the light of loving our neighbors can make it a joy and privilege. It is a challenge, however, to see our tax dollars going to corrupt, unworthy, or disagreeable causes. Now that I am thinking about it, perhaps it is helpful to recognize that the most valuable thing we have to offer our government is the spiritual love that comes from that "secret place of the most High" that insists on God's government where no corruption, greed or foolishness exists. In addition to paying it forward with our tax checks, we can more importantly be PRAYING it forward with every loving, healing thought we hold for God's worldwide family. The light of this love is powerful enough to right the wrongs in human governments, so our tax checks sent wrapped in this love are like the "leaves of the tree...for the healing of the nations." ( The Bible, Rev 22)

  59. Very helpful and uplifting ideas, as I'm about to hand in my income tax information today for processing and filing. Gratitude...gratitude...gratitude...giving...giving...giving. Thank you very much for your Lift, Elise! Terrific Lifter comments and merci beaucoup, DL team!

  60. Thank you so much Elise, for bringing the right perspective to this issue. We need to know also that the same Love that motivates us will also move those who are in charge of allocating our tax monies to different projects.

    And thank you Mary, for reminding us that as we pay our taxes we cannot accept a sense of limitation. We are indeed blessed. .

  61. Thank you Elise for bringing joy to the chore of making out our income taxes, and turning our thought to contemplate the true source of supply and the nature of true spiritual substance.

  62. Thank you so much Elise you have got us all to think about giving. I don't pay taxes now except to The Mother Church . I was thinking everyone gives in some way . We don't have to have lots of money . There are people who pick up children from school . Others who help in someone's garden .
    Here are all ways to help someone . Margaret spoke in one of the lifts about her mum didn't have a lot but when Margaret's friends came her mum made them a steaming cuppa and a slice of bread and butter . Her friends never forgot it . I live in I dependant living . I have friend who does very little cooking now . I take her one scone with some jam and cream on it . You should see how her face lights up she is so gratefull . When we think about it we are all doing something to help others or caring for our children . I am knowing it isn't me it is God loving and caring for all his children . Much love to all x

  63. Thank you for reminding me of the real reason why we pay taxes.

  64. God must have guided you to present this Lift. I am amazed at how many found this a new view of taxes!!! It was not new to me, but definitely renewed. I am also grateful for the ideas others contributed to expand on the theme. The Daily Lifts are such a worthwhile activity!

  65. Elise this is such a very helpful way to think of paying taxes.
    Thank you, and thanks to all the Daily Lift family for your grateful ideas on all the Lift messages.

    This is also "loving our neighbour "

  66. Thank you, Elise!!! I worked for county government for 20 years and tax dollars paid my salary. I was always aware that I worked for everyone in the county and was grateful for my pay check I have always felt that our tax dollars are for the uplifting of the country as you said for highways, schools, police, firemen, so many good things. Thank you again for bringing this to everyone's attention.

  67. Thank you for the inspiring lift, it helped me to see that all the negative comments are products of mortal thinking and these thoughts need our prayers. God is Mind and Mind is one, so there can be only one infinite order, infinite GOOD is the only result!

  68. Thank you Elise. I have always felt the same way and it is so nice that you put it out to the world to consider. You made my day!

  69. Thank you, Elise Moore.

    "Whenever any church will inscribe over its altar, as its sole qualification for membership, – the Savior’s condensed statement of the substance of both Law and Gospel, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself,’ that church I will join with all my heart, and all my soul."

    Abraham Lincoln

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  70. Thank you, Elise! A thought from the Bible and from Science and Health come to mind:
    ~ Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.
    (Rom 13:8)
    ~ One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations; constitutes the brotherhood of man; ends wars; fulfils tthe Scripture, "Love thy neighbor as thyself...." (page 340)

  71. What an interesting "new" way to look at an obligation as an opportunity to give and grateful to give and to be able to give.....

  72. You eloquently expressed my long-time human philosophy on paying taxes, but I had not consciously made that connection to the Biblical command -- and I love adding this context to my Tax Day. Thanks so much!

  73. Thank you for this lovely revelation, another way of loving our neighbors..

  74. Elise... right on, sister! Loved this!

  75. What a wide and open loving thought. It takes the sting right out of paying taxes and makes it feel like a gesture of love for our neighbor. I will never think of paying taxes the same way Thank you for this Christian viewpoint.

  76. In response to Nancy (Nº 11), Pieranna (17) and e (25), you might also like to look up an article called "Love fulfils law" in the May 1913 issue of the Journal (later reprinted in a pamphlet entitled "God's law of adjustment and other articles"). See: http://journal.christianscience.com/issues/1913/5/31-2/love-fulfils-law The illustration toward the end of the article, regarding what is universal and what may differ in people's perceptions, I find particularly helpful. No matter what country we live in, or how different our lifestyles may appear to be, divine Love unfailingly reaches us right where we are, and will "meet every human need" (Science and Health, p. 494). That is a constant for all of us.

  77. Wow this may be the first time I am actually a bit excited to pay my taxes...
    Thank you so much.

  78. Thank you Elise. That's "FOOD for thought" and it might just answer #11 Nancy's comment.

    Let's go back to the time when Jesus and his disciples were being followed by great multitudes (5000 plus women and children) because they had seen the spiritual works and demonstrations that had been done. They were hungering and thirsting after righteousness. It was nearing the feast of the Passover, a very important Jewish commemoration of God's love for his children. (Remember according to the Bible, the firstborn Egyptian men and even innocent animals were destroyed by God's wrath during the Passover event.) So here are all these people following Jesus craving spiritual nourishment and understanding which he has power to give. And in the face of their spiritual needs, he has the wisdom and foresight to attend to their material needs as well by feeding them (giving them material resources).

    Would we consider it a dereliction of duty on Jesus part or a gross misuse of spiritual power because he provided food instead of words of wisdom? He understood as Mrs. Eddy says, "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." (494:10-11). “He rendered "unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's." He at last paid no homage to forms of doctrine or to theories of man, but acted and spake as he was moved, not by spirits but by Spirit.” (20:1).

    We can't question the form, format or forum Divine Love takes. Just throw bread not stones

  79. Thank you, Elise, for “Loving your neighbor …” It’s sooo refreshing to consider paying taxes as a spiritual privilege and true blessing – a way to love one another!!!

    This reminds me of a testimony I read a while ago about a woman, who was having trouble paying her bills. As she prayed, she was led to gratefully consider the product, convenience, or service each bill represented. As her gratitude grew, so did her willingness and ability to pay per bills.

    “Like our nation, Christian Science has its Declaration of Independence. God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience. Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love.” (S&H 106:6).

    Dear #17 pieranna - The corruption of those officials, who should be serving instead of swindling the people, is tough to detect and difficult to correct. Sometimes it seems impossible BUT with God all things are possible. The only way to overcome evil is with Good. As we pray, God / all-Good / Love-itself!!! will guide and protect us in our right endeavors.

  80. Thank you, Elise!

  81. Thanks for the thought-provoking lift. I have had concerns for years about how our tax structure is set up to benefit the wealthy with the various deductions and so on, and also how much of the money is used in ways that seem to perpetuate conflict instead of peace, but I can also now see tax time as an opportunity to identify myself as part of the divine economy where everyone is financially equal, no one is corrupt, and I can claim that as universally true.

  82. And thank you #35 jbs for reminding me that my Aunt Billie included the same quote in her checkbook and repeated it before writing a check. I guess that's Love's way of "Check and Balances" which keeps our spiritual account reconciled.

  83. To #11, nancy - as always, Jesus showed us the way. I'm sure he did not agree with Caesar's policies, yet told his followers who questioned him in regard to paying taxes to the Romans, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."

  84. As an IRS employee, I thank you! The quote on the front if the IRS headquarters says "Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr, but you said it MUCH better!

  85. It is comforting to know that one has money enough to be taxed, and that supply comes from God so can be lovingly shared. With all the prayers today about taxes, there has to be a good outcome in government that the money be spent wisely to bless where most needed. That is my prayer focus. Thanks Elise and all lifters for such inspiration. Any new perspective on any subject is so welcome.

  86. Thank you. That needed to be said and you said it very well.

  87. This is exactly what is behind my paying taxes with joy. So timely, as well as lovingly stated, Elise.

    In response to #11. Jesus surely didn't agree with Roman policies, but paid taxes.

    I think that my duty is to express gratitude for the good, and pray about the policies that seem unethical and then admit that fast or slow, they will not endure. The Christian Science Monitor is a wonderful resource to identity unethical policies and to see a better direction.

    "God's hand in all things, and His hand in all things." Without this power as foundation, nothing wrong can stand..

  88. I love the IRS employee's comment and I will try to wash my resentment for taxation without (good, God)
    representation with Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's


  90. Elise, what a loving perspective on taxation. I work for the IRS so this is an interesting take away.

  91. As a retired IRS agent, I saw the unnecessary misery people got themselves into by having an unhealthy or careless attitude about paying taxes. I agree that it is a privilege to pay my fair share to maintain the country's infrastructure, support the military, schools, preserve the environment, and do the myriad things government does. If people would thank God for His bounty and blessings, they would be smiling as they put that tax return into the mail. I did.

  92. Thank you dear Elise for this message and all the interesting comments it raised. Our situation is very similar to Italy´s , but I must say that I feel much gratitude to be able to pay my taxes and to have God´s provision to do so . As to the corruption in my country, I pray constantly to know that God´s government is supreme and all-reaching, and I trust that the healing of this situation will come through.

  93. Yes, this is a beautiful take. Who would have thought of taxes as Love reflecting love.

  94. It's interesting to note how many Daily Lift listeners are associated with the IRS. Good to know this team is helping to uplift thought as well as raise revenue. Now if we could just tax people's inspiration (Spiritual Sence) and redistribute it like we do their perspiration (Dollars and Cents), what a wonderful world it would be.

    On this day of sharing, I'm grateful for the spiritual contributions of each comment, for the Daily Lift Team and the contributing Lecturers worldwide who bless the whole world with their words and uplifting inspiration. Now that's the way to share what the world needs most, Love,

  95. Extremely difficult for me to pay some taxes this time around .... I had no choice but to use my credit card. I prayed to know what to do and I randomly received some money yesterday from an unexpected resource which helped me pay everything!!! It was not easy, it was a large amount, but prayer was answered as I turned to God. I was shocked, (should not have been) but when forced to radically rely, the outcome was a blessing. Thanking and being grateful for a very powerful resource/supply and the realization that our true Father is taking care of all. I am still feeling the awe of the wonderful power of prayer!!! Thanks Elise for your sweet and timely message! I love the DL !

  96. Please forgive this negative comment on today's Lift. Many of us pay our due to the countries we live in. If we also have the misfortune of being US citizens, we also must file in the US (only country in the world that taxes non-resident citizens) and the US tax return is so complicated that it requires expensive assistance to fill out correctly --- even if what we owe the US government is zero. It is naive to talk about US tax policy as a reflection of "loving our neighbor". Sorry !!

  97. Thank YOU...giving such broad strokes
    to paying taxes...happily.

  98. Thank you for the helpful perspective. If God is rich can I be poor. I will try to rejoice in being able to pay.

  99. Thank you, I wish everyone who complains about taxes could read this, it has given me food for thought about loving our neighbors.

  100. After listening to this helpful lift I first thought of the disciple Mathew and how so many must have loathed him. But Jesus loved him. Jesus must have been grateful to have him as one of his students to show him what Kingdom he really lived in. So then I looked up in the Glossary in the back of Science and Health on the top of page 590 where Eddy defines "Kingdom of Heaven. The reign of harmony in divine Science; the realm of unerring, eternal, and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme." Then I looked up the word "Tithe" in the same Glossary; "Contribution; tenth part; homage; gratitude." We all can be, no matter what country we live in, so grateful that we are indeed a needed and worthy part of Gods Kingdom. What blessings we receive from being part of that divine Kingdom! Thank you # 91.

  101. Yes, Elise, thank you!
    "And the government shall be upon his shoulder" (prophecy about the Messiah in Isaiah) This of course refers to ideal government, which in our hearts and prayers, is real already, rather than hidden or long overdue.
    Love to you, all Lifters, and all!

  102. What a perfect inspiration for today! This gave me a whole new perspective on paying taxes. Thank you!

  103. Nice! Thanks Elise.

  104. What a cool thought behind our tax system!
    Also, may I add, cool music, as well. Thank you!

  105. Thanks, Elise. Focusing on what is right for me in God's sight is my prime concern. Governments and individuals may falter but Divine Principle is governing. Error destroys itself. "I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him," is my motto regarding taxes (Ez.21:27).

  106. Excellent.

  107. While this is a thoughtful way to look at paying taxes, I have to agree with some of the comments about the use of those taxes, subsidizing dependency in huge numbers, for example, or wasting billions in irresponsible spending when the taxpayer may have made great sacrifice to pay them--I wish it had been a Lift with ideas regarding that issue since I think it's much more relevant. I and almost everyone I know are eager & willing to help others, but when I see the terrible outcomes associated with the use of tax revenue, it's very difficult to be happy contributing to them or to truly believe those tax $$$ are 'loving my neighbor' instead of enslaving them.

  108. I rarely read all the comments to Lifts. But today I read every one, and I feel very rich with blessings. Thank you, Elise, and all you Lifters!

    In my very first job after college, a senior colleague with a small income would often say when there did not appear to be enough, "Oh well, our Father's rich!" And somehow there was enough.

    To Nan, #107, I totally agree that we need to uncover and correct waste and corruption wherever it is. For me that has best been done when I remember that God has all the power and that God is in control, even when my eyes tell me that isn't so. God has had better answers than I could think up.

  109. Very thought-provoking Lift, Elise. Thank you for your inspired take on taxes. I read, with great interest, all the comments so far, and am grateful for them all. I too, as Tobias #49 pointed out so eloquently, am thankful so be a student of Christian Science, where each and every "problem" has a counterfact in spiritual Truth. All that is needed is to see the material claim for the unreality it is, reverse it and understand and claim the spiritual fact where God, good, is always active and present. Just as mathematical principles and laws are used to solve math problems, the laws of God are continually available for our use to solve any problem that would try to assert that God is absent, powerless or anything less than infinite Love. I really appreciated the links to articles that expand on the theme of this Lift provided by Margaret #48 & John #76. Read them both and highly recommend, especially to those who offered comments of concern for uses of taxes, corruption, etc. Thanks also to #54 Deen for the comment. Loved the last paragraph in particular.

  110. A new and inspiring outlook on paying our taxes! Thank you so much!

  111. Living the Golden Rule by paying taxes. That never occurred to me before; but how true it is. Thank you, Elise. Sharon :-)

  112. What a perfect message for Tax Day!

  113. A wonderful way to look at taxes. Thank you!

  114. The comments of David about his encounter with the wild animal and subduing it are very inspiring -- showing that nothing is too aggressive for God to handle --- immediately. Thank you, -- L.M. from the Washington, DC area

  115. Thank you Elise. At EasterCamp in South Wales, U.K we were together with neighbours from all over Europe. We weren't thinking about taxes but the Organisers made sure everything was done in accord with Principle. This is one of the synonyms for God in the Holy Bilble which Mrs Eddy explains in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Thanks, again

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