4/13: Revelation

4/13: Revelation

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  1. Listening and feeling gratitude-thank you.

  2. I don't think I ever understood the principle behind division, oh, but I never even tried to be patient and persistent with it, I felt so unable to continue that I didn't even tried.
    The years passed and I got through technical school in a completely different state of mind, this time I knew my connection with God.
    I had learn in Christian Science that God communicates His ideas constantly and that He had given my, His image, the capacity to understand all I need to understand every moment.
    Creo que jamás he entendido el principio de la división, oh, pero yo nunca traté de ser paciente y persistente con ella, me sentía tan incapaz de seguir que no siquiera trataba.
    Pasaron los años y terminé la escuela técnica con un estado mental completamente diferente, esta vez yo conocía mi conección con Dios.
    Había aprendido en la Ciencia Cristiana que Dios se comunica con Sus ideas constantemente y que me había dado a mí, Su imagen, la capacidad de entender todo lo que necesito entender cada momento.

  3. It's that "AHA" moment when we really "get it" ... our connection to God that is so glorious. Thank you for the great lift, Marie. And, Pam, beautifully read.
    Good day to all....

  4. Thanks for this great description of the excitement of an epiphany when light dawns on a new idea. I have been so helped by a previous lift about Magic Eye images and looking beneath the facade. I saw the shark in the image presented with the lift and it was exciting. I have shared this idea with young Christian Scientists at a recent Adventure Unlimited Easter Camp. It was fun to share in their moment of revelation when they saw the embedded three dimensional image within the flat picture, for the first time. It is a wonderful analogy for looking deep into spiritual reality.

  5. I have found that when a solution to a problem becomes apparent - maybe after working for a long time to find it - it seems so simple, whereas before it may have appeared to be insurmountable. Once we have grasped the principle of that idea, we know that when we persist we will find the answer to every challenge, knowing that the answer is coming from perfect Mind, or God. Whenever there is a problem to overcome, the answer is already present - we only need to listen for it, and follow through each step which leads to the solution. Eureka! "I will listen for His voice, lest my footsteps stray. I will follow and rejoice all the rugged way". H.304. (MBE)

  6. often !! I find myself in this situation ! However always we find our way clear by listening ! such a revelation it is when our path has the green light !

  7. Thank you.

  8. Thank You...

  9. Marie,Pam and all at the Daily Lift,Thank you for these inspired Lifts. Marie this "That's it" moments were absolutely most inspiring for me going through Christian Science Nursing Training College in London many years ago.I was finding it challenging from an acedemic standpoint,but as I continnued in prayer I awoke to the importance of "Listening" as in Hymn 304 of The Christian Science hymnal"I will listen for Thy voice,Lest my footsteps stray;" I realised the importance of the academic study but also the need for continued listening for inspiration..

  10. Thank you, yes we do need to listen for God's voice to show us the way. It may be hard at times but it is the best way. Have a great weekend to all.

  11. THANK YOU!

  12. It is such a joy to see how the 'inspired thoughts' are guided to the same revelations! Just imagine how many 'aha' moments Mrs Eddy must have had during her years of studying the Bible until that wonderful revelation that uplifted her thought to a clearer perception of Life and led her to give the world this wonderful way of life called Christian Science.

  13. This reminds me a a favorite observation a Christian Science practitioner friend would make, after one had told her all the burdensome details of a problem. With one eyebrow slightly lifted, she would calmly ask, "And where is God in all this?" Instantly, one's thought was calmed as the circumstance was perceived as solveable, healable. And before long, it was.

  14. If you read book about God behaviour the same author titles one "God is bad" Then, in other book put in its title "God does not exist". Is a bad entity that do not exist?. Evidently, this guy does not have the Revelation. Thanks a lot, Marie

  15. Thank you for this powerful message. I love how truth cuts to the core and sings of the depth of God's love and care for us. So many busy thoughts I jump into right away in the morning....all the little things that draw attention and then the pure message of the daily lift cuts through all the business with a deeply felt truth to bring my attention to what truly matters today and always. "This knowing is prayer and all I have to do is to listen and joyfully accept God's desiring of me."
    Thank you to all that go into creating and providing the Daily Lifts for this spiritually listening community. And thank you Pam Schumaker for a lovely reading and Marie Talliefer for the chosen message. Much appreciation.

  16. Just as understanding the principle is necessary to the study, revelation, and demonstration ( the working out) of the solution to a "problem" in mathematics, so is it necessary to first know the Principle, the only God, to the study, revelation, and demonstration of the Science of Christ, that which Jesus delivered, with final proof, for mankind. "Jesus of Nazareth was the most scientific man that ever trod the globe" ( S & H, p. 313:23). So, Mary Baker Eddy revealed, demonstrated, and again proved with mathematical principle, the one true Science, known to many, throughout the world, as the Promised Comforter. This Comforter, indeed, is based upon unwavering, well-defined, Principle/God.

  17. I love these thoughts about "understanding." I know we have all had them, but it is good to have it put into words. Thank you, Marie. : )

  18. Thanks for the delightful Lift. Funny how sometimes we fret and struggle for an answer, but when it comes as a revelation, we forget the struggle and rejoice in how much we have grown.

  19. Thank you so much!!!

  20. Thank you for this morning reflection Marie. Sometimes to do nothing is to do all and this can be a challenge for a busy self driven mind. When we stop, close our eys and listen for that small still voice we gain the peace, clarity and wisdom we were seeking out there . When we go within and listen to Divine Mind, we are reminded that "Thou wilt be held in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee." Peace be our day.

  21. Me he esforzado pero no he entendido mucho del mensaje, igual trataré de dar mi sentir.
    Revelación, y escuchar son expreciones que estan muy relacionadas, si no escuchamos a Dios dificilmente nos será revelado, pero va mucho más allá que esa simple ecuación.
    Alguna ves me he preguntado porque Dios me había sido revelando tan claramente en cierta circunstancia hace ya un tiempo, que sería largo relatar, ahora lo comprendo y no hay misterio ni don en ello, hay sí un sentir de confianza y amor a Dios absoluto porque aun sin comprenderlo podemos sentirlo en la fidelidad y reconocimiento que le debemos y que es lo que abre la puerta que de otra manera parece cerrada.
    "He aquí, yo estoy a la puerta y llamo; si alguno oye mi voz y abre la puerta, entraré a él, y cenaré con él, y él conmigo" Apocalisis
    "La aspiración al bien celestial nos viene aun antes que descubramos lo que pertenece a la sabiduría y al Amor. Lo que amamos determina lo que somos" MBE

    Muchas gracias Marie Thank you so much

  22. Fantastic lift!

  23. Headlines broadcasting to the world, television relaying up to the moment vision, iphones ipads, non-stop texting. . . but man is conscious of his inseparable relationship with God, and since God is Mind, everpresent and omnipotent, all are at once aware of good and Truth. Saul, who took for his example in life the evil King Saul who persecuted David, was struck blind with his recognition that God was the Source of his thoughts. He changed his name to Paul, which means small, since he was only 4' 6". Mrs Eddy says in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, "When the truth first appeared to him in Science, Paul was made blind, and his blindness was felt; but spiritual light soon enabled him to follow the example and teachings of Jesus, healing the sick and preaching
    Christianity throughout Asia Minor, Greece, and even in imperial Rome." Paul's moment of understanding Principle, filled pages, and books, and most of the New Testament. His enlightenment enabled him to heal the sick and sinners, to raise the dead, and he converted thousands to Christianity. Today Paul is recognised as a giant among those who search for understanding and are rewarded when his words awaken revelation.
    Thank you Marie and Pam; the BoL and lecturers; thank you Nathan and the team; and our family of Daily Lifters.

  24. Thank you soooooooo much, Marie. Your Lift today on Revelation has inspired these thoughts..."in the twinkling of an eye"...the realization that "all is well!"...immediate healing!

    "You have come to be weighed; and yet, I would not weigh you, nor have you weighed. How is this? Because God does all, and there is nothing in the opposite scale. There are not two, — Mind and matter. We must get rid of that notion. As we commonly think, we imagine all is well if we cast something into the scale of Mind, but we must realize that Mind is not put into the scales with matter; then only are we working on one side and in Science." (Miscellaneous Writings, pg.280)

    Thanks again, Marie, for this inspiring Lift.

  25. Merci Marie! Very helpful.

  26. Thank you so much Marie! And a lovely reading, Pam! I am noticing more and more how "addicted" I am to the habit of listening to the false, mortal mind, made-up self! I wake up in the morning and I hear, "I'm getting old, I'm fat, I'm stuck, I don't know where to go or what to do next, I'm tired, I'm unsatisfied with life, I'm in a rut" - and on and on anonymous! As Jean #13 said, "Where is God in all this?" I think I remember Mrs. Eddy saying something like, Christian Science is really all about solving the problem of Being. Then I remember, "Oh, yes, I am here to discover what God has created and known all along about my Being!" That's the problem I am here to solve every day and I can listen to God's revelation of Truth coming through the C.S. Bible Lesson and all of Mrs. Eddy's writings and on the Daily Lift and on JSH-Online! Thank God for Christian Science! It may not always be easy, but we definitely have the tools to solve the problem of Being through Mrs. Eddy's revelation of our ever-present divine perfection! Happy Weekend to All! And Happy Revealing! XOXO

  27. I just love those AHA moments! Thank you so much for this beautiful lift Marie and Pam. Listening is such a beautiful harmonious act of humility and love it blesses one and all!

  28. Many thanks Marie for this great reminder. "Patience and persistence in prayer..." Then the light bulb comes on!! "On the path that has no turning,/ Patience, courage, meekness learning." (Christian Science Hymnal #85)."

  29. Love the concept of Principle! It is absolute, nothing can change it. Thank you!

  30. Yes! Thank you. I had the same experience with Algebra when I was in high school. I just didn't understand equations. My dad would help me each evening after dinner, until one night, voila! I got it! And after I understood the principle of it, I never forgot it.

    Later, when I learned of Christian Science in college, it was wonderful to realize that we all can turn directly to God for answers of solve every life-problem. It is invaluable.

    I love the confirmation of this today.

  31. How to find our way, how to understand the way out? The Bible gives examples of how. We may resist evil silently as Jacob at the frontier Jabbok (Gen.32;22) or defy evil audibly as David defied the giant in the valley of Elah (ISam.17) or hide from evil as Elijah at the brook Cherith (IKings17) or put up the sword, as Jesus commanded in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matt.26). There is always a way out of whatever is tempting us to believe a power opposed to God. Paul said, "God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above what ye are able; but will with temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. (ICor.10;13)
    Thank you for this interesting proof in Mathematics, and thanks for translation, too. I am off to the Reading Room for my Friday shift on duty.

  32. Thank you Marie for your loving Lift today. Those God given "AHA" moments are ever lasting Blessings for me also. Thank you js and Nomvula Cape Town, South Africa for your kind suggestion on H 304 (MBE).
    Blessings to all.
    Joan P. New Jersey

  33. The lifts are so helpful! Its easy to fall in to a pattern as indicated by #26. Error just talks, talks, talks, until one feels the "double-minded" self. We have to speak vehemently "get thee behind me, Satan". Then we are free to recognize what has been true all along. We are the image and likeness of God and we cannot be separated from Him. The principle of division had been there all along...the little grandson just had to awaken to what was true. Thank you very much Marie and Pam!

  34. I love that. Thank you. That hymn verse, that Bible snippet, that phrase from Mary Baker Eddy's writings, that unexpected question inside thought, that sense of overwhelming gratitude - that's the solution!

  35. This was fun to listen to! Thank you!

    What is the principle that was understood?


  36. Bonjour Marie

    Merci pour ce lift si limpide, merci de nous rappeler qu' à chaque moment de doute, il y a " l'Antidoute"
    la divine connection bienveillante , omniprésente et omnisciente, l'antidote a l'inquiétude,l cette confiance en Dieu père mère , si apaisante.

    Thank you Marie, thanks to remind us that behind each moment of doubt, there is the "Antidoubt"
    The divine connection protective,benevolent,everpresent and omniscient, this uppermost trust in Father Mother God so soothing...

  37. Merci, Mme Taillefer! Ecouter, c'est plus important, vraiment!

  38. 36 Sally, The principle is that God is all, he created all, and he created Man in his own image. Man therefore is God-like and perfect. All the answers are there for us as we see God more clearly and come into harmony with him and his creation. The errors that we call sin, disease and death are but illusions. That is the Ah-ha moment!

  39. Thank you.......that's it! amen, hallelujah, so be it! Thanks everyone for responding and sharing with one another and thanks DL team!

  40. Thank you Marie and Pam. I am grateful for all the comments.
    We actually live in God's universe of Spirit but because of the five physical senses we can't realize it. So we must deliberately be quiet and listen for this divine intelligence operating in this realm. Einstein once said," We cannot solve our problems on the same level of intelligence we created them." As we meekly and humbly pray for guidance, this healing power hidden in the invisible realm, beyond the five senses, can be heard and we can understand the infinite Principle of Life, Truth and Love, read God's will and claim our heritage. .

  41. Division! Di-Vision or seeing opposing contrasts (blurred or double vision). Separation! Divide and Conquer! Reduce to the smallest components! Find the Lowest Common Denominator! Etc.

    This function of Math is a bit confusing. On the surface, its goal seems to break things up or tear thing down. But the real benefit is getting to the spiritual base of things. We should not be intimidated when something seems too large to handle, but must recognize things often look big because we have allowed them to “pile up”.

    Mrs. Eddy talks about mothers teaching children math (My 235:5-13) including the statement “Straining at gnats, one may swallow camels.” (It’s worth reading paragraph). So how to you swallow a camel? One bite at a time.

    Divine Principle is always at work helping us understand bigger errors, like bigger numbers, are just complications of the smaller ones. Error is nothing, zero and its contribution to size is an illusion. When we learn to whittle things down to size we find the only “primary” number is One. One God, one Mind, one infinite Principle that always leads us home.

    The commandments teach us there is one law, not many. It is to love God and our neighbor. We end a sentence with a period, but in math, whole numbers end with a decimal point. We don’t write it. It is always assumed to be self-evident.

    Revelation is self-evident when we “unpile” our accumulated debris.

    Move the mass (bit by bit), let the light in and declare Ah Ha! I understand.

  42. The role of revelation in healing cannot be overstated. In fact that is always the healing itself. I am ever grateful that my teacher never talked me out of sickness sin or ignorance. After a brief conversation he would pray... Undoubtedly defending my right to the revelation of truth in divine science. The results have been glorious.

  43. Thank you Marie! I had an AHA! moment when my dad endeavored to help me understand fractions when I was 10 years young. What a revelation! Love all the Lifts!

  44. We are taught things in school, and we are constantly exposed to theories on TV and in magazines, that turn focus away from true being and perfection. Saul was a student of Gamaliel and well versed in material law and science, but that knowledge fell short of Jesus' teachings and demonstrations. Impressed with those teachings and results the people asked: "How knoweth this man letters, having never learned?" That verse, in this week's Bible Lesson, reminded me that Mrs. Eddy grew up in a time when girls did not receive much schooling. But her thought and teachings were beyond those of the schools and continue to amaze scientists and scholars. When the truth of Jesus' teachings dawned on him, Saul felt it, was healed, changed his name to Paul, and "straightway he preached
    Christ" - - - "throughout Asia Minor, Greece, and even imperial Rome." I think we can say that Paul was the greatest missionary of Jesus' teachings. All it takes is a clear view --- a revelation --- and then the inspiration and commitment to share and help others.

  45. If I may add another comment to this interesting lift on "Revelation", Ralph Wagers, in his article "Spirit not Matter is Substance", he writes, "You are looking at the universe through the lens of your belief that is material, the lens of material sense. I am looking at it through the lens of my understanding that is spiritual, the lens of spiritual sense..." (Anthology of Classic Articles ll).

  46. Thank you Marie, Pam and daily lift team for the inspiration this morning that appears to have helped me and a ton of others.

  47. Thank you Marie and Pam for this lovely lift. It reminded me of a time my little daughter was trying to master the cartwheel. She tried again and again but just could not accomplish it, correctly. She became impatient, and thought she never would get it. I kept explaining to her that there is a principal behind the techinique and that God had already given her all she needed to know. Her part in all this was to listen for God's voice, practice patiently, expectantly, and enjoy the task of learning.....Knowing the outcome was good. I will never forget the look on her face the day she did it correctly...she got it, the right idea that is, and with that right idea, it was quite natural to complete a beautiful cartwheel. That was that! The spiritual lesson learned that day was the Best lesson though. She/we can always count on God to lead us in His plan which is the Perfect Plan. It is as if God gives us His Spiritual Tool Box, FIlled with all right ideas, and the knowledge we need to use each tool......all we need to do is open it and USE those tools, or spiritual ideas, and to be happy and joyful in our work!!! Then when the question is asked "where was God in all this?" we can say....He is right here with me!!!!
    Beautiful thoughts to take us through the weekend from all the Daily Lifts this week and the love of all the commenters! I am so very grateful for Christian Science and it's Truth!!
    Hugs all around, caydee

  48. What a nice reminder, Marie, of the many "Ah ha!" moments of "that's it," in my own experience. Some came quickly, but most were the result of genuine study, or research, or prayer, and often all three. Your example of working with your grandson, makes it easier to accept the admonition to allow ourselves to become "as a little child," and to accept that there is a blessing here that is 'findable' when we become calm and grateful that God is talking to us, and supplying us with every right idea.

  49. Thank you, Marie, and Pam. This is a friendly Lift that helps to encourage us to keep at it, when a physical or other problem seems to persist. The moment of understanding can come in different ways. Years before I found Christian Science, I was frustrated when I could not grasp fractions introduced in 4th grade after the teacher carefully went over the whole subject. That night, I dreamed about school and the lesson. Suddenly. in my sleep. I got it!.Next day, I had the needed understanding to participate in classwork. Needless to say, I can well understand when an angel speaks to someone sleeping in our Bible stories. Since finding CS, I've had break-through moments on many spiritual concepts. Some relate directly to a healing I'm working on, or come simply when I'm reading our lesson and taking notes, with no specific effort or any need prompting me to dig for more out of a verse or story. I've never seen a light bulb, like in illustrations, but some revelations, not all, come to me with a thought picture bathed in shining light. The difference after revelations when reading the same passage, is like after one finds an optical illusion in a picture, which changes how they see the picture. This is a mental, spiritual insight, and one I can use when it would affect situations I'm facing. Often the new way to see these will, in turn, light up completely different Bible verses or stories, including Christ Jesus' teachings and works. So many interesting comments above!

  50. Thank you for the beautiful message in today's Lift. Earlier today, I was struggling with a problem that was slow to yield. This line in the lesson quickly resolved the problem: S & H p. 304 "Divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation."I treasure the Lifts.

  51. Loved this Lift! Thank you, Marie and Pam!

  52. Thank you for this simple truth. I am listening and joyfully accepting God's communicated ideas. Nice comments here too. Thanks.

  53. Thank you, Marie --- this reminds me of schooldays, where CS prayer helped so much!

  54. What a great reminder that the principle is always there. We simply need to accept its truth and have the patience to explore the meaning until it unfolds for us. We cannot change the principle, we simply need to understand it and apply it. Simple truth. I am always working to know it doesn't take effort or hard work to "get it." It takes quiet, patient thought. The acceptance of the principle comes first, then the answer. Thanks for the story that keeps reminding us that math and CS have so many common elements.

  55. I never thought of Revelation like that. I always thought of the book Revelation as something that was going to happen as opposed to something (a revelation) that came to Jesus. I like that. Thank-you.

  56. Thanks Marie---Your DL inspired me to try once again to see that shark----it worked!!! I've been trying for days to see that shark---Today, "I got it!" Soooo happy!

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